a love of shared disasters

I Fell Hard

I love you

I, who have seen your heart,

Every fiber that was put into soul

I love you

I love you for every fault

Every disaster, every sin

I want to share every moment

Good, bad, high, low

I’ll take your anger

Your frustration, your disappointment

As long as I can hoard everything else:

Those rare grins you give when you find something amusing

The even rarer smiles when everything is right in the world for one irreplaceable moment

When you laugh at your own jokes, even if no one else does

That infuriating smirk you think is attractive but isn’t

(It’s beautiful, it’s all beautiful, you’re beautiful, and I wish you would hurry up and realize it because maybe then you would love yourself as much as I do)

You are my hope

My faith

The dream I never knew I had

All the pieces—messy and bent and cracked and perfect—that that form the person standing before me

I love them all

I only wish you loved me too