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Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!

i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

so to say thank you, i’m doing follow forever and i’ve tried to include as many people as possible because i really love all my mutuals

(also idk how to make banners so just have a beautiful face of harry)

firstly, a big shoutout to these amazing people. i love you so much and i’m so happy i’ve had a chance to get to know you and talk with you ❤

@magnuslightswood - where do i even start :D our conversations are like 90% harry thirst and sharing our love for this perfect human being. you are the nicest person i’ve had a chance to meet here and i’m so happy we started talking because of your harry gifset that basically killed me haha and all your gifs kill me because they are amazing and so are you ^_^ love you lots ❤

@thirstyalec - you are absolutely the sweetest and by the sweetest i obviously mean the most thirsty haha i love how we always expose each other because apparently we have a reputation haha i love talking to you and i still have no idea how you put up with me haha i’ve said it many times but i love you a lot ❤

@daemonya - ahhh, you are my biggest motivation to continue writing my fic and i have no idea what i’d do without you. i love our talks about others fics because you always have the best recs. and i love talking about literally anything with you because we can never run out of topics :D bonding over healthy relationships is the best way to become friends ^_^ looove you! ❤

@lightwoodclan - MOTHER! should i be worried that my mother is younger than me? :P our convos are sometimes so wild haha but i love you and i love talking to you ❤ even when you’re trying to pretend that you’re innocent haha we know better lmao

@jacehvrondale - i have this huge urge to just send like 5 million hearts because i love you so much ❤ you’re such a sweet and cute person and i’m just so happy that we’re friends. you’re one of the best people i have ever had a chance to get to know

@mrspotterblack05 - it feels like we’ve been mutuals forever and i just love you a lot? ❤ i love talking to you about sh, freaking about literally anything. when something happens, i always go to you because we can analyse literally everything and anything haha you’re always so nice (or salty when there’s a reason :P). i’m so so happy we’re friends ❤

@magnusandalexander - you enjoy way too much exposing me all the time haha but i love youuuuu ❤ you’re so smart and funny. you’re sweet but also super salty (but it’s always justified :P). i have no idea how you put up with me lmao also, your gifs give me life ngl aaaand writing our smut fest was amazing so we should probably go back to it at some point :P

@malecisright - i love writing with you! i love exchanging those cute (or smutty :P) prompts with you. (not so) casually screaming at each other when magnus or alec did something and we just needed to write a short story because we always need more and more :D you’re one of the best people and i love you ❤

@magnusfray - you’re such a sweet person and i love our conversations ❤ your edits are so cute and i’m always in love with them. i even reblog clace for you because they’re just that good haha

@jacelghtwood - bonding over the magicians even though we’re sh blogs? sure, why not :D i love analysing every episode with you ❤ especially when we both can’t stop talking about how amazing eliot is :P i’m so happy i replied to your post that one time because we started talking because of it and it was definitely one of the best decisions :D

my other lovely mutuals who i love so so much (absolute faves are bolded)

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Maybe we’ll meet again, who knows? When we’re older, when we’re more mature, when we’re right for each other but not meant to be.
—  And you’ll forever wonder why did you ever let go of a woman like me  
Top 7 Kenny McCormick moments

I normally post these lists on my other blog but posting here instead.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. In honor of his birthday here are my 7 favorite Kenny moments.

7. His letter from Hawaii to the guys 

I know this episode is celebrated by Kenny/Butters fans and that happens to be one of my NOTP, but I actually really enjoy this one. Kenny’s letter and Trey’s voice-over while the boys are reading it kills me.

6. Defeating Hell with the Holy PSP

Just Best Friends Forever in general I love. Kenny is the chosen one and saves the day, how can you not love it. Archangel Michael’s reaction to Kenny defeating the armies of Hell with the Holy PSP is great. Like oh come on show me it!, haha. Damn you Trey and Matt. Also at the end when he’s given a Keanu Reeves statue, Kenny’s blank reaction always has me wondering is he thinking “what the fuck is this?” or “hell yeah!”

5. Kenny as a sketch artist 

This whole episode is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more like these again. The boys being boys. The part that I enjoyed most by Kenny has to be him being the sketch artist. Plus Kyle’s “Dammit Kenny, that’s not what she said!” added so much. Oh can we appreciate Kenny’s handwriting being Comic Sans.

4. Real life Kenny in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining 

Okay, so I know the actor they cast isn’t canon to how Kenny looks, and I’m pretty sure it’s been established that’s part of the joke. I fucking love the guy they cast regardless. His delivery on the lines are perfect. Kyle and Cartman doing their usual bickering and when Cartman demands Kenny say who’s fault it was for going zipling, “I dunno. I don’t really give a shit.” and later “fuck you, Cartman.” I think all the boys were cast well but Kenny’s my favorite.

3. Betraying Cartman and joining Stan’s side in Black Friday

I know a lot of people would’ve picked Kenny becoming a Japanese princess from the Black Friday trilogy and I almost did. However, I just really love this scene. Stan’s speech, taking out his sword and everyone chanting “to the Princess” and then revealing Princess Kenny. The camera slowly moves in and  ends on her rat screeching. Also, looking back maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the SOT twist, lol.

2. Mysterion 

I’m not picking a particular Mysterion moment like I did with Princess Kenny because I can’t. Princess Kenny is Kenny having fun with make believe and dressing up but with Mysterion we really get to explore his character further than before. Mysterion is Kenny. Kenny is Mysterion. We learn more about his experience with death and that his feelings towards it. Later, we see he still keeps the mask on for Karen and is her guardian angel. I can’t even begin to think of a top moment for Mysterion. This was going to be my top pick for Kenny until I remember what is now my first choice…

1. Kenny giving Karen the doll

God, my heart. I can’t handle how much I love this. Both Kenny and Kyle’s love for their siblings are just another part of South Park I love. My friends and I have argued who is the better older brother and I believe it’s impossible to pick. I remember watching this episode and thinking “not bad…but meh…” and then the ending came and I lost it. My heart melted into a thousand pieces. Thinking back to the earlier episodes and all the shit Kenny would do for a dollar and he finally makes some money and uses it to buy his little sister a doll.

Happy Birthday Kenny!

An early birthday gift for ma sis @lilias-amell

Happy Birthday! 

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Heartbroken at the terrible loss of Chris Hemsworth.. 's hair! Forever crying!

Hi anon!!

DuUUuuUude! I really love his new haircut! Ok, he was amazing with his long hair (omg, I love the picture below. The lighting ♥___♥ It looks like a painting. And I cropped it to post it in this ask)

…but I really dig his short hair in the promo pics we saw. He looks tougher, like a warrior. No, really, I like it! ^^ A new Thor, with a new haircut :D

Don’t cry anon, you still have 3,4 movies where Thor has long hair and maybe his long hair will come back in Infinity War.

I will forever love Mako defending Usagi by taking on an entire gang of street toughs by herself, but Mako plucking Usagi out of the car’s way in one arm and running with her like she’s a fucking football will take a worthy second place.


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I wish I had your confidence... Advice?

This’ll sound selfish as fuck but start doing things for yourself.

Why? Because how are you meant to feel confident in yourself if you can’t even acknowledge yourself? It’s all well and good to care about the things around you, but start doing that after you start caring about yourself. Like it peeves me when people say it’s selfish to do things that only benefit you because if you’re struggling to fit in your own body that last thing you need is to do things for other people to look good in their eyes when you really need to start wanting to look good in your own eyes.

For example, I only started editing because I wanted to edit and it made me love editing and my style of editing. If I started editing because I wanted to try and impress other people then I’d forever be stuck in a cycle of hating my own editing since I’d think it wasn’t impressing anyone. However, because I edited for myself, I can now work on editing to try and make other people happy since I’ve come to love my own editing.

(I know that may sound really confusing but yeah that’s the best advice I can give you)

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@cumberbuddy because she's been around forever and she still loves Ben and is always there for people

@cumberbuddy IS awesome and i agree with this. and yeah she’s been around forever; since the beginning of time. before the internet. she was just there. with her pictures of benedict. lurking. waiting for a forum like this to be invented. x

I’m getting sick of all the hate Mon-El gets. He’s with Kara and he loves her. Respect their fans just as (most of them) respect you. Not all Karamel shippers are nice, I get it. But most of them are and tbh I’ve never seen hate towards Lena vom Karamels (not saying that it’s not there!). It doesn’t matter who Kara is with and no one says that Karamel will last forever. Just let the people who ship them enjoy this time. You’d like to enjoy your ship too.

[fancafe update 170322]


Here is Choeun Entertainment.

We would like to announce 24K official Fan-club’s 24U Official colors.

From now on 24K would shine with their Official colors which are ’GLITTER GOLD
and graduation between golden and yellow, which give us ’YELLOW GOLD’.

We want to tell ‘Thank you’ to each 24U who helps our members to shine whereever they go.
Please, give 24K all your love and support them forever.

Thank you.  

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What are your favorite btob group interactions? I know about btobap and now I have witnessed gotob show me more beauty.

btoapink is my personal favourite…. they trained together and they are really like real brothers and sisters changsub and chorong are known to be the best friends of best friends i can go on about them forever ilhoon and bomi cohost weekly idol together and they are so cute and they are really good friends minhyuk and chorong are best friends too bomi and eunkwang minhyuk are the best hayoung is close with changsub nayoung and ilhoon are family friends lol namjoo is the only girl in sungjae’s 95line and they argue so much lmao and hyunsik is the only one who remember and congratulates everyone in apink on their birthday lmao 

every time they get together its just a chaotic super noisy out of control mess and i liveeeeeeeeeeeee for that

honorable mention 

  • btobeast/btohighlight (do i even have to explain this lol)
  • btob1a4 (simply the best this post will never end if i have to say some of my fave moments of them just look them up the best sandeul are btob’s fave and they wont stop arguing funny and pure af also changsub and jinyoung are best friends)
  • btosuju (minhyuk and eunkwang are ryeo-line and he invented all of them to go watch world cup in the suju dorm…. heechul and eunkwang are close too uwu)
  • btoboyfriend (sungjae’s 95line 😭👌🏻 “we see each other 8 days in a week” “they are the friends that i can call and meet up with anytime”)
  • btoinfinite (do you know changsub and hoya are bffl)
  • btoivxx (hyukyeon coparenting the 10 chaotic kids with minhyuk eunkwang, changsub wont stop putting booger on ken, ilhoon and ravi the bestie)
  • btobangtan (ilhoon and namjoon were in the same fashion club in high school 😂 taehyung and sungjae’s toilet friendship, angel jimin who is the #1 angel eunkwang fan)
  • btosf9 (eunkwang and his 189cm son rowoon)
  • btoblockb (P.O. whose eyes gleamed upon meeting eunkwang and keep saying he wanna befriend him)
  • btomx (have you watch that monsta x show where btob guested 1 ep…. funniest…. they are all so close but peniel & minhyuk? eunkwang and shownu? minhyuk & minhyuk?💯)
  • gotob (peniel always introduce bambam as his son and he said he raised him since he was a baby in which bambam said i am still a baby how cute is that, have you seen peniel helping jackson to wear his namtag in isac most pure most wholesome, mark and peniel who are best of friends, eunkwang and jj projects, changsub and eunkwang are always spotted eating with jackson, yugeoum who has been adopted by eunkwang)
  • btomamamoo’s collaboration are always gift from gods (also changsub and solar are coffee friends)
  • btoredvelvet (red carpet had red velv5t shooketh & just watch that bbyu @ amusment park wgm ep… dumb meets dumber…. i love btorv )
  • bto9muse (chorong apparently introduced changsub to 9muses and they become friends and you can see them taking selfies together in isac)
Just wanna say that

Jack’s NITW series will be in my heart forever, like literally one of my favourite series on the channel because there were actual times when I started crying because of how much I related to it in my real life like it was actually scary how relatable it was to me but at the same time that made me love it even more


So uhhh yeah. Hi…

Sorry I have been absent and took forever to update. Things just came up and I got busy. Also, I’m sorry for saying I will update and then like I never do. 

I’m sure you have heard this enough on this blog, but I’m gonna work on it. I’m gonna try and update more.

I’m also doing a side project with my friend, @elvenrain (btw check out her beautiful art), where we will have partner ask blogs. Even though I will have another ask blog I will keep updating this blog. This blog is my baby and I will not ignore it. The other blog is gonna be more for relaxing or if I wanna just mess around. (I’ll probably reblog the opening post here once just so you guys know)

Now I’m just rambling, sorry about that.

The main point is-

I am gonna work on updates for this blog, and hopefully do one of the M!As sitting in my inbox.

Also, I just wanna thank you guys for sticking around so long! I figured a bunch of you would have left by now but omg you have stayed and it makes me so happy (*´꒳`*)

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Mark, I have been following Blogatog for what seems like forever, and it's finally my birthday. I would really like some trivia about the first card that I truly loved: Primordial Hydra.

The last ability (gaining trample of power 10 or more) was added late. It was added to give a list quest to the card.

Happy Birthday!

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Because of monsta x's comeback I feel like I'm cheating on exo and because I discovered I.m Changkyun I feel like I'm cheating on yixing. Help 😭 exo is ult and Yixing is ult but mx is creepin creepin creepin into my heart n I am scared my lists will change ya know? I've never before stanned more than 1 group it's has always and forever been only exo and yixing

hey man if you wanna love others you can love others it just means you love more it doesn’t mean you’re betraying

now it’s when you jump to a new group and start shitting on the group you previously liked and saying “they ain’t all that” is when you’re betraying and also just being a downright asshole.

So you’re not betraying at all dear you’re just opening your heart to more love