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Goals vocab

An anon asked “ Since I’m slowly trying to incorporate French in my bullet journal, a ‘goals vocabulary’ would be very useful! Maybe the usual goals people have ( lose weight, get more friends, idk) with the appropriate verb that usually goes with the action?” 

Genial idee, anon! Here’s your goals vocab list!

About goals

but- goal

bonne résolution- New Year’s Resolution

engagement- commitment

réalisable- attainable

résistance- resilience 

encourageant- encouraging

Some Goals 

1. perdre du poids- to lose weight

2. se faire des amis- to make friends

3. bien faire un test- to do well on a test

4. gagner un match- to win a (sports) game

5. être diplômé- to graduate( college)

6. écrire un livre- to write a book

7. trouver le grand amour- to find true love

8. voyager autour du monde- travel around the world

9. avoir de bonnes notes- to get good grades

10. rejoindre un club- to join a club

11. jouer d'un instrument- to play an instrument

12. parachutisme- skydive


super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

The rasp, the passion, the guitar, his nose bopping the microphone, his neck vein, his ring, his eyebrow dance, his smile, his dimple, his lips on the microphone, my cause of death :)


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while