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Thoughts on jaeyoons blackface?

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1. Juho literally painted his face as a car on a street , I watched it live and he even explained what he painted by pointing out the headlights and tires etc. (his face wasn’t even completely black at this point because there was lots of red yellow and white as the details of the car) and Jaeyoon was not imitating a black person at all and wasn’t painted to look like a black person like other idols have done in the past (not gonna mention any specific names but you can use google to see what they did and compare it to this and see that it’s completely different situations). 

HOWEVER , going on to point #2 I still feel like Juho shouldn’t have used black paint as the base specifically for this reason because it was so uncomfortable to watch and I was so on edge and I actually was offended before he added the rest because I thought he was gonna leave it black add some lips or some shit and I was ready to come back here and start dragging (until I saw the finished product). 

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ladies Appreciation | Day One: Anything and everything Daisy Johnson

S.H.I.E.L.D. was the closest I ever came to having a family. I belonged there, saw what I could be. Even that ended with agents hunting me through the woods.

SU Theory: Why They Came To Earth--Pink Diamond’s Role

I have no idea if this has been said or speculated anywhere else in the fandom, but I was looking at those murals of the Diamonds again, and something struck me. Something big. This starts off bizarre but I promise it ties together smoothly.
White Diamond’s mural depicts her with this giant halo behind her head, a large circle with what I think is supposed to be rays of light shining down. In her hands safely rests Homeworld, secure and strong in her possession. Above her are other planets we assume she conquered.   

Now on to her sisters, Blue and Yellow Diamonds. They have lots of planets around them but look at their heads.

They have much smaller halos. Why? 

Y’know who else has the only other giant halo? 

We can deduce that all that fancy stained glass jazz behind them is what they’re wearing; YD’s huge shoulders and skirt/leg cape…thing, BD’s dress and WD’s full on royal robe. So we can assume that everything shown in these murals means something.

Why are White Diamond and Pink Diamond shown as seemingly more important than the other two? Because they are/were. 

Why? How? Well…

Peridot shared a very important bit of info; Homeworld is running out of resources. Now because of how the show presented it to us, we have no idea for how long Homeworld’s been in that situation. For all we know, it could have been bleeding out for eons now, they live for such a long time. 

By “running out of resources”, consider instead that Peridot meant Homeworld is dying. Considering Peridot came from Homeworld proper and not some colony planet, we know they actively make gems on Homeworld. Safe to say, that’s probably what’s draining it dry. Gemkind is a warring race, they conquer other planets to add to their empire, supposedly so they can make more gems.

Now this may seem like a really stupid question but, I always asked myself, why so many? Managing control over that many colonies on a scale like this would be a nightmare even for them with all their power, even with all of their subjects being loyal. Not to mention what it would take to conquer them in the first place. There had to be a driving reason behind it beyond power lust.

I’ve seen a theory floating around that thinks it’s because the Gems are at war with another, more powerful race. But I don’t think that’s why, Peridot just told us why; her lack of skill, the resources problem;

 The kinds of gems they can make depends on the planet, what it’s made of and how much of it there is!

Out of every planet they own within their empire, I’d bet my Nintendo collection Homeworld is the planet not only with the most resources, but with the most varied kinds of resources! And that’s why Era 2 Peridots are weaker, smaller and have a harder time using abilities and skills their era 1 counterparts would have been able to use easily.

They conquer so many planets so they can make all sorts of gems! This may even explain why certain gems are common af and some are rare! 

Let’s say they only had one or two planets that could produce Sapphires. I’d be resistant to making too many of them at once too, since gem production destroys planets–and less resources means Gems with less prowess over their powers… 

Peridot having a hard time with metalbending is one thing but ehh.. wouldn’t want a Sapphire with faulty Future Vision. Imagine how disastrous that would be. All it took to throw our Sapphire off was a sweet non-conforming Ruby.

And here’s an even bigger bombshell; who’s to say the homeworld Peridot is talking about isn’t the original one?  Maybe Gemkind has had to replace their Homeworld many times. They live forever presumably or until they’re shattered, and even then. I can easily see how one planet alone wouldn’t be nearly enough to keep up with demand.  Blue and Yellow Diamond must have been made somewhere too, anyway.

So that explains the planet-hogging, lets get back down to Earth. Remember the giant halos behind White and Pink Diamond? Yeah, how does any of this relate to those, you ask? Once again, Peri, if you please:

“Resources unique to this world” There it is. Unique enough to make tons of different kinds of gems? Maybe even unique enough to turn the Earth into a New Homeworld?

Yeah, see that sounds like a stretch until I went back and found this.

That’s an Atom. The building block on which all matter is made! Like the matter that makes up the resources they need to produce a full range of gems!! I think Earth Colony wasn’t just a colony. It was going to be a New Homeworld. There are no coincidences in Steven Universe.

We know Blue Diamond was on Earth to fight the rebellion, but maybe she was the original antagonist they had to fight. If Pink Diamond was newly formed when the rebellion started, she’d need someone to guide her. Gems pop out of the ground knowing their place and purpose sure, but this is a Diamond. I have a hard time believing they’d just send a quartz soldier to lead the expedition.

Speaking of the rebellion, that’s another thing. If those planets on the murals are anything to go by, Homeworld has tons of colonies. If the Earth was only going to be a colony, then… here, look at this for a sec.

All of that. For one colony?? Just a colony? Really? No way. This planet was more important to them than that. Either that or the Diamonds are ridiculously psycho.

Finally, lets not forget, a Diamond was made here. That has to hold some significance as they obviously don’t make a new Diamond on every colony they get. Look at Pink Diamond’s pose. The other Diamonds look powerful and in control, she’s bursting from the ground reaching for the Earth, as if she and this planet were some great hope for them.

In Conclusion

That’s why Pink Diamond has the same halo as White Diamond, that’s why they fought so long and hard for the Earth and Pink Diamond; Maybe she was going to be the ruler of a New Homeworld, and our solar system would have become her line of conquered planets. 

Now think of Jasper’s unrelenting self-hatred for failing to protect her Diamond, the Cluster, the fused gem experiments and Yellow Diamond’s utter contempt and hate for the Earth. Yikes. Homeworld is fucked up.



Something I really really love is how Hunk handles the knowledge that Keith is actually Galra.

He doesn’t act uneasy around Keith, as if now Keith is someone scary who could attack at any moment, forgetting the fact that this is the same Keith everyone knows and loves and acting completely different. But also, Hunk refuses to act like nothing’s changed, because living in denial would also be terrible for not only him, but Keith as well.

What I love about Hunk, really love, is that he acknowledges the fact that Keith is Galra, but in a fun, non-threatening, non-judgmental way. He cracks jokes about it, he teases Keith about it in a friendly way, letting Keith know that Hunk is completely fine with everything. Hunk wonderfully shows that he knows Keith is Galra, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still Keith, and still his friend. The way Hunk cracks jokes about Galra Keith also helps Keith come to terms with the notion that he’s one of the aliens they’ve been fighting. This entire time, Keith had obviously also been stressing about it, and Hunk picks the perfect way to tell Keith he still accepts him, and he doesn’t need to worry, while also being very low key about it and not scaring Keith any further with the notion of a deep heart-to-heart.

Hunk is such a good friend, and honestly he was the best one at handling the Galra Keith situation because he not only reacted in a way that helped him come to terms with it in a good way, but also Keith


I meant to make a bunch of edits replacing the contents of the blackboard, inspired by this post, but me being me, it didn’t take long before I switched tracks to replacing Peridot’s face.

I apologize for nothing.

Another page from @pjocoloringbookproject, this time from the amazing @indigonite. I chose yellow roses because you never see them associated with Aphrodite (who is usually depicted with pink or red roses), and since Piper rejects a lot of her connection with Aphrodite, I thought it suited her. Also, yellow roses are symbols of friendship, and Piper is an amazing friend to everyone. 

Hope you like it!