a lot of touching is going on between these two

Dean flirts with girls all the time.

Sometimes it’s because he thinks she smells good, or he likes the way her earrings sparkle, or he thinks she has kind eyes. Sometimes he doesn’t mean to, it just happens when Dean’s natural charm takes over, and she’s giggling before he realizes he’s made a joke.

And sometimes, Dean flirts with girls because he likes what it does to Sam. He picks one who’s Sam’s exact opposite, someone short, nothing but curves, who’s more interested in finding out if Dean owns a motorcycle than having a real conversation. Dean wouldn’t mind that kind of girl in his bed for a night, in all honesty, but Sam isn’t having it.

“Let’s go, Dean,” Sam snarls, not touching, but close enough at Dean’s back that Dean can feel his heat. Close enough that the girl backs away as her eyes widen in fear, or understanding, or both.

Dean follows Sam out to the Impala without a word, just a small graze of his fingers on the back of Sam’s neck before they get in the car.

Two seconds after they pull out of the parking lot, Sam’s sucking at Dean’s neck, fingers shaking with pent up aggression as he fumbles with Dean’s belt.

It’s all Dean can do to keep the car between the lines when Sam leans down and sucks Dean into his mouth. Dean doesn’t have to ask. He can feel it with every confident slide of Sam’s tongue, can hear it with each of Sam’s labored breaths.

“She didn’t have what you need. I do.”

And Sam’s silent words are right.

No one else can make Dean rock hard with a look. No one else can pull Dean away from a truly spectacular pair of breasts.

And no one could ever make Dean come as hard as he does when it’s Sam’s lips drawing it out of him.

Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister and dating Isaac would include..

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  • The relationship was first a secret.
  • When Stiles found out though….ooh he wasn’t happy.
  • “I’m gonna fight him.”
  • “Stiles he is a werewolf…you think you can beat up a werewolf? Also he ismy boyfriend so please refrain from going WWE smackdown on him.”
  • He says hes cool with the relationship, but he still kind of want’s to punch Lahey every time he sees you two kiss.
  • You and Isaac would sneak little kisses when you passed each other in the hallway in school.
  • He will shyly hold your hand when he is nervous.
  • Always has his arm around your waist or shoulders when you two sit next to each other.
  • Loves it when you touch his hair.
  • Stiles sits between you and Isaac during pack meetings ‘accidentally’.
  • When Scott and Stiles see you and Isaac giggling by your lockers Stiles asks Scott to use his werewolf hearing so he can eavesdrop.
  • Scott doesn’t do it.
  • Isaac spends a lot of time at your house.
  • Stiles tells you to keep your bedroom door open when Isaac is there.
  • “No funny business.”
  • “Go away Stiles!”
  • Isaac sneaks into your house at night when he has a nightmare.
  • Lot’s of cuddles.
  • Cuddles in your bed.
  • Cuddles in the living room couch.
  • Cuddles in the car.
  • Cuddles in front of grossed out Stiles.
  • Basically all the damn time.
  • “I think i die a little in the inside every time you two act all cute.”
  • “Aww, Stiles you think we are a cute couple.”
  • Isaac will hug, kiss, cuddle….basically touch you purposely sometimes when Stiles is around just to annoy him.
  • Stiles would never admit it, but he thinks you and Isaac are good for each other.
  • He would rather have you date Isaac than Liam.
  • Isaac protects you from any harm when danger is coming.
  • Isaac being a shy little puppy when he meets your dad for dinner.
  • Stiles just sits at the table enjoying the view of Isaac nervously answering Mr Stilinski’s questions.
  • Although Isaac is a shy little bean he can go from cute to a flirty hot jerk in 0.2 seconds.
  • “You want to just watch movies and cuddle in pj’s…or do you wanna take the pj’s off and do something else.” *wink wink nudge nudge*

this is all I could think of. I hope its good

Royai: Possible ‘Secret Relationship’ Implications

I talked about this on a tag meme I did, and I liked my analysis enough that I figured I’d edit it up and add some pictures.

I’m going to talk about the reasons why Roy and Riza having a relationship in the manga could possibly be a thing. I am 80% sure that despite how clearly they loved each other, Roy and Riza did not have anything going on between them in the series. However, there are some points I want to make that lean toward them possibly being together in a romantic sense throughout the manga.

My main point is how comfortable they are around each other. Comfortable enough that she’s the only one he cries in front of. He holds back his emotions throughout Hughes’ entire funeral and only lets himself be vulnerable when they’re alone in front of Hughes’ grave.

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A lot of people say there’s a lot of unresolved sexual or romantic tension between them throughout the series, but I honestly don’t see that. I see two people who clearly care about one another a great deal, who, with one look, make it obvious that they’re in love. But I don’t see them really pining for one another or anything like that. They act like an old married couple. They don’t seem to act like they want to kiss or touch each other desperately. Which, to me, says that perhaps it’s because they already do. (This could be because I’m Ace, though, and I do not go looking for sexual implications in my OTPs, so maybe it just goes over my head all the time, but…)

Case in point, I knew my husband for ten years before we got married. In the first four years or so, we definitely were a couple of teenagers in love. We pined for one another when we couldn’t see each other. When in public, we stared at each other silently wishing we could go somewhere to be alone, we made out as often as possible. After about four or five years, the feeling of “I need to touch this person because I have a lot of pent up sexual and romantic tension for them” pretty much died down and we became very comfortable with just being around each other. If we didn’t hug or kiss for a while, it was no big deal because we had each other and we knew we could arrange to be together to do those things whenever.

My point is, Roy and Riza act like that around each other, which tells me that perhaps the reason they aren’t desperate to touch one another all the time is because they already do. They already do all the things normal couples do. They’re used to intimacy so why would they itch to touch each other 24/7? If they were as in love as they appeared to be, but couldn’t be with each other, I think they’d show more signs of yearning for one another. This, of course, could be because we just don’t see it since they were not the focus of the series and their relationship had no huge importance to the story (and Arakawa has said that she does not include anything that doesn’t need to be in the story), but I feel like, even with the amount of time they had been together, if they had never touched each other or kissed or hugged or whatever, they’d have a hard time masking the want they would have for each other. Their comfort in each other’s presence could be more than just them having spent a long time together.

My other point is the Barry the Chopper scene where Roy gets super jealous of Barry touching Riza and prepares to burn him to a crisp. Riza stops him and seems absolutely unfazed by his jealousy, which could indicate that he’s acted like that multiple times in the past and she’s used to telling him to calm the hell down.

Roy also gets annoyed again after they’re done interrogating Barry to see if he’s the real thing. Barry flirts with Riza again calling her ‘Missy,’ looking at her with hearts over his head. Roy is visibly annoyed in this scene as well.

My next point isn’t exactly evidence, but Roy and Riza did change clothes in a car together and didn’t come out of that looking flustered or blushing or anything like they might have if they were unused to seeing each other in various states of undress. I mean, yeah, Roy learned his alchemy from her bare back, but it’s not like he saw anything else. I feel like he’d still get flustered if he saw her without a shirt on, even if it was just her back, because if they weren’t together, if they weren’t touching each other on a somewhat regular basis, he’s just a guy in love and he’d want to touch her and he’d blush about it or get embarrassed easily when seeing her. Think about Ed in that scene where he was in the room when Winry was changing. He was flushed and embarrassed because he was a kid in love who had never touched the person he loved intimately before. So this one kind of goes back to my ‘comfortable with each other’ theory.

Oh, and also, that scene where Madame Christmas asks why Roy doesn’t just go play with Elizabeth. What kind of ‘play’ is she insinuating? And why does she know this is something he would do? And why do the other girls think they have a ‘chance’ now that Elizabeth has been taken by another man? What has Roy been telling them about her?

Anyway, these are all minor things. It doesn’t necessarily point to them being in an actual relationship. It’s probably more just evidence that they care for one another beyond that of superior and subordinate, but these are the things that do make me question whether or not they were actually in a secret relationship.

Side Note: I’m talking post Ishval relationship here, not young royai. I’m a firm believer that nothing happened between them pre-Ishval, not even when Roy studied flame alchemy from Riza’s bare back. What I’m talking about here are all the things that make me think they might have had a relationship during the series, in the time after Ishval and after Riza becomes Roy’s subordinate.

Thoughts on Chapter 863

Almost everyone was looking forward to see how Oda would handle Sanji and Pudding, after the mental breakdown she had when Sanji complimented her third eye. However, we got nothing but Sanji’s (expected) chivalry:

I say expected because the moment I saw the wedding cake being destroyed, I was sure that Sanji would land Pudding safely, since they were at the top of it (I actually spent the whole week discussing it with friends and everyone agreed that it was the likely case). He would never let a distressed woman fall to a possible death, he isn’t like that at all. Sanji’s chivalry was there from the beginning, it doesn’t matter age:

Or if he doesn’t know the victim, like in this recent episode:

Pudding’s case, however, is more like Kalifa, since she is an enemy. The CP9 lady also had that benefit, as Sanji refused to kick her. I understand why many people doesn’t like Sanji doing this with Pudding, but I believe that Sanji simply doesn’t see Pudding as a threat anymore, especially after her current state (but that could be proven wrong!). I already discussed with @namibean about how Sanji seems to perceive Pudding as just another woman now, because he never took her insults as something personal. He never had strong feelings for her to begin with and saw her as just a possibility (ray of hope) of having a less painful future without his friends, but that never really sailed as he discovered her betrayal soon enough. 

Given his forgiving nature, it doesn’t make sense to have Sanji heartbroken or hating her. So, no hard feelings and we can see by Sanji’s expression this chapter, that the acting is over and so are his pervert faces (which is another hint that Sanji was only struggling with his primal instincts). All that matters now is Luffy and his friends. Perhaps Oda was really giving a message with the latest chapter titles (Consummate Actor, Consummate Thinker, Consummate Gentleman). There is nothing about love, just a plan that involved Sanji being an actor and a gentleman, that touched the evil bride’s heart by chance. 

We don’t know what will happen between the two but Oda could have focused a lot in Sanji carrying Pudding (like he focused with Sanji carrying Nami in Thriller Bark), but he didn’t. The focus is on Sanji worried about the plan.

It’s also interesting that Oda didn’t show any sign of Pudding’s reaction. I believe it was on purpose, since he knows the audience is dying to know if she will switch sides or not. He wants to create mystery, and now there is a possibility that he will go for a twist (like Pudding backstabbing Sanji despite his kindness) or the expected (Pudding changes sides or remains a ‘reluctant’ enemy). Of course, your interpretation of what a twist and what the expected is might be the complete opposite. Honestly, I think everything could happen now. ^^ 

The exciting part is that my girl Nami is really taking her role seriously and she seems to be going at Sanji (and Pudding?) direction, acting as leader of the rescue team:

Last chapter she was also the one who reacted after the gunshot:

By the way she is acting and how she is holding her weapon, my hopes that she gets a real fight increased a bit after this chapter.

It’s not a bad thing to remember how Nami was really eager to fight the enemy as long as Sanji would come back with her:

We also know that the Vinsmokes are really a complicated bunch, Nami could be targeted by the Vinsmoke brothers, especially if they misunderstand things and believe that the Strawahts shot the priest and are ruining the wedding. If something like that happens, I hope that Sanji intervenes for Nami’s sake and, perhaps, he finally gets his revenge (let’s not forget that Sanji is covering his injured face and Nami doesn’t know it). If Sanji and Nami get to work together here, it would be great to see how their relationship develops as they didnt talk since Nami told him she was going to put things aside until the situation is resolved.

If things go in the opposite direction and the Vinsmokes revolt against Big Mom, there is the possibility of Pudding being kidnapped by Judge as he said he would do something like that if Big Mom threatens them. Also, the flashback Pudding had with Lola, possibly ties her story with Nami (as Lola’s sworn sister). In short, I can see both the Vinsmokes and Pudding having a lot to do with Sanji’s and Nami’s personal arcs in this Tea Party, maybe it could even happen at the same time (or maybe it won’t happen at all). But if Pudding becomes a damsel in distress (I hope not), it would be really interesting if Sanji’s chivalry is explored with Nami there again, like the conversation they had in Enies Lobby. 

The possibilities of Sanji and Nami interacting in this final part of the arc are really interesting and I hope Oda delivers it. ^^

There are a lot of indicators of just how healthy/happy a relationship is, but in my opinion, one of the most telling is the body language between a couple. This form of nonverbal communication, that includes facial expressions, body movements, eye contact, hand gestures, touch and space, speaks volumes about the state of any given relationship- how content the couple is, how well they communicate, how well they handle conflict and resolution…

Can you guess where this is going? 

Let’s compare two separate relationships from Avatar: The Last Airbender - one that displays unhealthy body language by both parties and tells of an unhappy pairing and one that displays healthy body language by both parties and shows potential for happy relationship. 

First up, Zuko and Mai, sharing an emotional conversation… or rather, attempting to share. (I’ll be including verbal communication here just for some context and reference of the body movements).

After supposedly being shut out of his father’s war meeting, Zuko is upset and spends the evening with Mai, who tries to console him: 

Mai: Zuko, it’s just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko: I don’t.

Disregarding her words for a moment, look at what his face is saying in the first image. He won’t look at her. He’s staring off into the distance with furrowed brow and a set jaw. He has literally built up a wall between himself and her. This shows that he has stopped listening entirely, he’s done emotionally and he’s already trying to plan an escape from the dialogue. 

But Mai doesn’t pick up on this cue, and she continues to throw out reasons why he shouldn’t be sad: 

Mai: Well, good. You shouldn’t. I mean, why would you even want to go? Just think about how things went at the last meeting you went to.
Zuko: [Sighs.] I know.
Mai: You know what will make you feel better? Ordering some servants around. I might be hungry for a whole tray of fruit tarts. And maybe a little palanquin ride around town. Double time. 

Ugh. So much ugh. Using a painful experience from someone’s past does at all help coax the “sad” out of them. In fact, the comment only seems to make things worse. 

The sigh, first of all, displays resignation. He doesn’t want to talk anymore, at least not with her and certainly not about the scar on his face when the conversation centers on a war meeting. He still refuses to look up, wearing a glazed expression, and Mai literally has to pull his face up to hers. 

Then she offers him his escape- distractions. 

But he hardly even reacts to that. This is perhaps the most dangerous sign: no sign at all. He’s showing disinterest. He’s disengaged from her and whatever she’s saying - and the issue they are really fighting about (his regret/resentment for himself & the Fire Nation) will likely never be resolved.

Oooh shocker… when they are shown together the next morning, Zuko’s emotional disconnect seems to be even worse. Again, we see the glazed expression, the refusal to look at her, and now, his entire body is pulled away from her. He’s probably still reeling from that comment about his last war meeting, Mai. Good one. 

And you might be sitting there, screaming at your screen, ‘Well, Zuko and Katara fight too! Doesn’t that make them unhealthy?” 

Funny you should ask, because I’m actually prepared to show you how well the couple communicates with each other, how they handle a fight, and beyond an angry situation, how they handle their emotions.

Ah… the Crystal Catacombs… The first moment of real interaction between Zuko and Katara. We start with Katara raving at Zuko about his inherent “evil-ness” just because of his parentage and his element. She also goes so far as to tell him that he’s the face of the enemy, directly tying his scar to her hatred.

Yes… Zuko did have his back to her during this conversation, which one may argue is a sign of disengagement, but I would argue that it’s not. Or, at the very least, his resulting interest in and apology at the mention of her mother shows a re-engagement.  

Zuko turns around to face her - his shoulders are relaxed, his face is calm, his stance is trusting. All these signals are reflected by Katara and they end up having an open, honest conversation despite only knowing each other for five minutes. 

More telling, is the end result of the relented emotions. After Zuko and Katara are free to open up - Zuko, about his scar and his journey, and Katara, about her mother - they come together. They are quiet. They are listening. They are trusting each other. 

In fact, Zuko closes his eyes in the face of his sworn enemy, a girl he knows can sit his ass down faster than he can say honor, and lets her touch him. And Katara reaches out to him, within seconds of using her spirit water on him, a boy she knows would likely stop at nothing to hurt her and her friends just to redeem himself. It’s beautiful. It’s pure. It shows something that could easily be a redemptive, whole-hearted, wholly-open relationship. But Brkye doesn’t think functional is funzies.

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Taking emotional situations a step further, let’s dig into how these pairings actually fight. For the first example, we have Mai and Zuko in the Boiling Rock. Mai is upset -some might she’s justified, but she’s mostly not- because Zuko left and informed her through a letter.

Well… the fact that he couldn’t face her only confirms my point that he is emotional closed off from her. If their relationship was a healthy, open one, Zuko would’ve had no issue informing Mai of his decision in person. Instead, he chooses a nonverbal form - a letter and a disappearance. 

Furthermore, Mai is literally looking down her nose at Zuko, her partner, her boyfriend, some she loves doesn’t hate, and sending the signal that he is inferior. She’s rolling her eyes, blowing off his answers, throwing things at him. Her signals actually say, “I’m not going to listen to what you have to say, because it’s worthless.”

He believes it too. He believes he is worthless in her eyes and nothing he says matters - just look at how he’s sitting. He’s hunched over, he’s silent, he’s completely shut down and disengaged again. 

And before you get in my inbox, blabbing about how any fighting could be seen as unhealthy and healthy couples don’t fight, (because Kataang never fought post-war and that ship was totally healthy right?) take a step back. 

Fighting has nothing to do with how healthy a relationship is. Fighting can actually be healthy and productive if it is handled, then resolved, correctly. 

A couple may, for instance, look enraged, but they also look emotionally engaged. (See first image) A couple may, for instance, be furious with each other, but their torsos are facing each other. (See second image) A couple may, for instance, see no resolution, but they are making eye contact. They are talking. They are trying. They are working through it. (See third image)

It shows a lot of respect to A) Face someone you know is livid and B) Turn around and give the person you are livid with the time of day. It takes an even greater amount of respect to trust that person on a life changing field trip, to trust that person with a side of you no one has really seen, and then offer that person forgiveness.

You know what shows a huge lack of respect? Finger pointing!!! which we see from Mai several times when arguing with Zuko. This gesture signifies the accusing partner’s conscious or subconscious attempt to threaten the other into submission. That, coupled with the clenched fists on both sides in the first image, and the look of contempt on Mai’s face in the second, only furthers my point that Maiko’s body language alone tells a story of a very unhealthy, unhappy relationship. 

But if you need more proof, what’s the end result of both scenarios? 

Well, following the first image, Zuko explodes on the beach in front of Mai and his other friends. While this outburst isn’t necessarily Mai’s fault, it goes to show that he doesn’t feel comfortable or safe being open with Mai. If he did, his internal debates would have arisen in a calmer setting between the two, long before Zuko was pushed to a breaking point by toxic drama that Bryke throws in for funzies.

After the second scene, Zuko is coronated, works to maintain peace while his nation is threatened, and Mai dumps him. And you might try to blame Zuko, to pin the fault on him and justify Mai’s behavior by saying “Oh well, Zuko was closed off and Zuko didn’t talk to her,” but why would he when his first attempt to be open and honest was met with “I just asked if you were cold. I didn’t ask for your whole life story.”

Right… becuase that’s conducive of a healthy, happy relationship

And this isn’t:

High Tensions - Eleven

I guess I should offer up a flood warning of sorts?

Reid x Reader

You led the way to your bedroom, still not feeling 100 percent sure about this. You trusted that Spencer wasn’t trying to trick you, but you didn’t trust yourself not to beg for him. Still, it was reaching the stage where you really didn’t think that was a bad thing. 

You’d already decided that you were giving yourself another two weeks to break him, and if you couldn’t then you were admitting defeat. It was too exhausting being this on edge around him all the time. 

And you wanted to try to progress your…. well whatever was going in between you two, and you couldn’t do that by constantly thinking about having his mouth between your legs evertime he licked his lips. And man, the boy did that a lot. 

“Problem,” you’d just had a thought. Sitting on your bed, you patted the space next to you. 


“Yep……  if you start touching me with that thing, I’m likely to try to touch either myself or you. And then I lose.” And you didn’t want to lose just yet. 

Spencer looked sheepish and you realised he’d bought his bag in with him. “I kinda already thought of that but I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

Raising your eyebrow at him you indicated for him to continue. He rummaged in his bag, pulling out two of his ties. 



“My this has all gone a little fifty shades all of a sudden,” you laughed trying to dispel the atmosphere that seemed to have surrounded you both. 

“It was just an idea. I also have this.” He pulled out a soft looking feather. 

“What’s that for?”

“Well I can’t exactly jumped straight in with the vibrator can I?”

No but you could jump straight in with your mouth?


“Good point. So then Mr Grey, how do you want me? Clothes on, off? Lying on my front or back?” You tried to look coy.

He gave you a look. “Don’t call me that. It was just a thought. And…… It’s up to you. However you’re comfortable. Also, just to clarify here; obviously I can’t touch your breasts or down there with my hands or mouth, but your neck, legs and tummy aren’t off limits right?“ 

“I guess not. This is your loophole Spence. You make the rules. Just…. I assume we’re not mentioning that this has happened to the others?”

“You assume c-correctly.” He seemed nervous, it was rare Spencer stuttered around you now. 

“Spencer, we definitely don’t have to do this you know? I can wait until you cave.”

“Then you’ll be waiting a long long time Y/N. I’ve got the patience of a saint. And I want to do it. I want to see the look in your eyes when you come without me actually touching you. I’ve just never done it this way before.”


You slipped out of your shorts and vest leaving yourself in your bra and panties. They didn’t match but who cared. You caught the look on Reids face as he quickly looked you up and down. His tongue poked out between his lips.

Leaning back on your bed you teased, “Sure you won’t be caving today Doctor?”

He groaned. “New rule… Don’t call me Doctor either. Not tonight at least. Now….” He waved the ties at you. “Are you going to keep your hands to yourself?”

“Probably not. Sooo, go for it. I trust you though Spencer, don’t abuse that trust.“ 

“Never Y/N. Never.”

And you believed him wholeheartedly. Spencer would never hurt you. Not unless you asked him to.

He reached for your arm and you made a snap decision quickly unhooking your bra as well. His breath hitched and his tongue flicked out over his lower lip. 

“Fuuuck, you’re beautiful Y/N." 

You smiled lying back down and watching as he raised your arm to the head of your bed, wrapping his tie around it and binding you, not to tight but not too loose either. He repeated the step with the other arm. 

"Okay?” he asked. You nodded, suddenly feeling very nervous yourself. 

“Can I light the candles on your bed side table instead?” You nodded, watching him light them and then turn the overhead light off, the room now bathed in a soft glow.

He lay next to you on your bed, propped up on his side. “I really didn’t think this through enough Y/N. Nearly naked, beautiful, sexy girl lying next to me. And tied up…..There’s a good chance you’ll be crowned winner tonight.” He tone had lowered into one you now recognised as signalling he was turned on. Quieter, slightly raspy. Sexy as fuck. 

He placed his hand on your tummy, just laying it flat and not moving it. Just the contact alone was enough to make you breathe in sharply. 

“If you want me to stop tell me. If you want me to do more, tell me. I’ll happily oblige, and if it means I win, then even better.”

“Okay. You won’t win though Spencer,” your voice was a whisper.

His hand started moving in small circles, tickling you, the tiny downy hairs on your body prickling up in anticipation. He expanded his circles and then bent his mouth to your arm, slowly kissing a line down the underside of it until he reached your torso. 

Your eyes involuntarily closed as his hand stopped shy of the edge of your underwear and then retracted from your body all together. You kept your eyes closed, knowing you’d struggle to watch him doing this to you without those words you couldn’t say slipping from your mouth. 

Seconds later you felt a feather light touch trailing over your body and you felt his weight shift on the bed. The feather trailed up and down your legs, causing you to shiver and a small whimper escaped your mouth. 

“God those noises you make are much sexier in real life than in my dreams, Y/N.”

The feather skimmed over your stomach, fluttering up to your breasts. He started to direct it in a circular motion above your breasts, the light breeze it made causing your nipples to harden. 

“Oh… Uh!”

You bit your lip trying to contain your excitement as the feather moved directly over your nipples, flicking at them gently. 

“I wonder what they taste like? They look so hard and pink Y/N." 

Please shut up Spencer, you thought. You definitely weren’t going to be able to handle this if he started talking dirty as well.

You sensed something else hovering above your left nipple and your eyes opened just in time to see Spencer’s mouth, only centimetres above it. You watched as he pursed his lips and then a trail of saliva left his mouth, hitting you directly on your sensitive bud. 

Fuck fuck fuck. The cold wet fluid making you clench your legs together. Just…. Ugh.

You needed friction, needed something down there. He smirked at you, seeing your legs clasped together as you moved gently on the bed, your wriggles pulling your underwear tighter against your centre. 

Spencer moved again, you now hearing the faintest buzzing. "You okay?" 

"Uh huh.”


You flinched as the vibrator made contact with your skin and you watched as he moved it slowly. The sensation going straight to your core even though he was no where near it. 


“You’re killing me here Y/N. You have no idea how sexy you look right now.”   

He began teasing you, moving the object all over your body, occasionally leaning forwards and and adding a kiss to the areas he was allowed to touch, his mouth warm and damp. He own breathing was ragged and you could tell he was finding this as much of a turn on as you were.  

When he brushed it against your chest, lightly tracing it against your nipples the feeling was indescribable, and you shuddered, bending your knees up and placing your feet flat on the bed. 


“More than…… Fuck Spencer.”

“Was that a fuck me Spencer?” He held it over your nipples again, moving it slightly and applying more pressure, making a flicking motion with it. Oh jeez, you juddered. If he kept that up, you’d be screaming his name in minutes.

“Stop…..stop trying to cheat…ugh.” Your moans were getting louder and you were desperate for him to move it lower, your hips now bucking off the bed, your body writhing. You were so glad to be restrained right now. If you weren’t, well you’d either be fucking yourself or fucking Spencer.

He fidgeting, groaning himself and adjusting his jeans. Sliding down the bed, he stopped when he was level with your hips. Moving the bullet lower, he traced it over your panties, gently pushing your legs apart with his hands. 

“Y/N,” his voice was gravelly. 

“Mmmmm?“ You were tense, anticipating him moving the object over your warm core. 

“You should see how wet you are. You have no idea how much seeing that dark patch on you underwear is turning me on.”

You couldn’t respond, you were too busy trying to stifle the loud groan building in your chest as he drew the tip of the bullet right down your centre.

“I bet if I licked this thing now, I could taste you.”

Oh my fucking God, if he licks it that’s it, it’s over.

He continued moving it up and down, you whimpering evertime it passed over your clit. 

“Panties on or off Y/N.”

“Huh?….. Whatever……. Just….Oh fuck.”

He paused his movements, reaching up and pulling your underwear down and off, the cold air feeling soothing against you. Pushing your legs back open, he placed the bullet directly against your clit. Your leg spasmed at the direct contact and you were suddenly scared you were going to kick him. 

You could hear him chuckling to himself and he pressed on your leg lightly, placing his arm over it to keep it from moving too much.

You were starting to feel light headed, the room now filled with the sounds of your panting as he pressed a bit harder with the vibrator, dragging it down your slit. The tip slipped inside you and you could could see Spencer biting his lip as he manoeuvred it. 

“Spencer…… Higher.” You didn’t want it in you. Not tonight. If anything was going in there, it was going to be him. 

He glanced up at you, his eyes dark as he slid it back up, pressing it to your sensitive bundle of nerves. You jolted again and he began moving it in small circles, his eyes flicking between your face and your clit, his tongue poking out between his lips as he concentrated. 

When he found the area that made your squirm the most he started to slide back up the bed, his hand maintaining it’s motions on you. As he slid, he kissed and licked his way up your tummy, pressing himself against your side as he did. The friction of him sliding up against you whilst in his jeans made him moan and you wished you could hear that sound on repeat. Constantly. All day, every day. 

He increased his pressure on your clit, sliding the bullet on to a higher setting making you almost lift off the bed. You pulled against the ties on your wrists as the quivers he was causing made you grind on the bed, almost as if you were trying to sink into the mattress. 

Spencer’s face was level with your’s now although he kept glancing down to watch his hand moving. He was so dangerously close to actually touching you and you were so dangerously close to begging him too. 

Your gasps were coming quick and fast and you could feel yourself slipping into oblivion, the throbbing in between your legs taking over your entire body. 

“Open your eyes Y/N, I want you looking at me when you come.”

You hadn’t even realised they’d close again, but you followed his command staring into his hazel eyes as his hand adjusted itself minutely and hitting something that sent you over the edge. 

“Spencer……  Oh fuck. I’m coming….. Oh… Ah.. Fuuuck.”

He didn’t smirk, didn’t even grin. He just watched you intensely, his own lips parting into an O, his eyes fascinated on you. His hand didn’t still until your gasps had slowed into pants and your shudders had turned into gentle trembles. 

You let your legs fall flat onto the bed and Spencer removed his hand, switching the vibrator off and tossing it over to his side of the bed. He reached up to your arms, moving to untie you, you presumed but then he stopped. 

His face hovering above yours, he moved one of his hands to your face, softly caressing your cheek. Leaning in, he brushed his lips against yours slowly, pulling away as quickly as he’d leant in leaving you feeling dazed and confused, wanting his lips back on yours so you could kiss him properly. 

He moved again tugging the ties loose and freeing your arms which you immediately bought close to your body, crossing them over yourself, suddenly conscious that you were naked. Reid seemed to sense this and grabbed the blanket that was folded at the foot of your bed, letting it float down over you and settling back down next to you. 

After a few minutes of silence, you not knowing what to say, Spencer spoke. 

“Was that okay?”

You swallowed hard. “Okay? Spence that was more than okay. I swear I saw fucking stars exploding and all that crap.” You tried to make a joke off it, but it seriously was one of the most intense orgasms you’d had.  And you knew it was because he was the one indirectly giving it to you. “Are you okay?”

He fidgeted. “Not really. That had to have been the most beautiful and sexiest thing I’ve witnessed Y/N. The noises you make, the way your lips part and your skin flushes.”

You could feel yourself blushing. You’d had the "fuck me you’re beautiful” line tons of times during sex, but never after. And this wasn’t even after actual  sex. 

“Is there something I can do for you? Aside from the obvious breaking of the rules.” You felt bad, you’d come. It was only fair he did. 

He shook his head, “It’ll go down in a minute.”

Raising your eyes brows at him you asked, “You’re still hard?”



“Take your jeans off Reid.”

“Huh?” He looked confused. 

“Just do it.”

He pulled a face but unbuttoned them and wriggled out. 

Emerald green boxer briefs were fitted snuggly around him, his hard bulge straining against the fabric. The fabric was slightly darker around where you estimated his tip to be. Pre cum. Well at least you weren’t the only one to get a bit messy. 

Sitting up, you leant over him grabbing the bullet, it still slick with your own juices. Wiping it on the sheets, you flicked it on. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” alarm penertrated his voice. 

“Just…. Trying something. I read about it once.” You bent closer to his groin, carefully pulling his briefs away from his body and having a quick peek before lowering the fabric again. 

“Like what you see?” He was trying to be cocky but you could still hear a note of worry in his voice, curious about what you were planning. 

“Uh huh,” you confirmed. Taking the vibrator you moved it to his bulge, pressing it against it and moving it up and down.

“Oh fuck!”

“Good or bad?”

“G-good…. Very good… Jeez.”

You played around, dragging it up and down the fabric covering his length, slowly moving it around where you knew his balls were, pressing lightly. His leg kicked against the bed when you ghosted it over the head, seeing the already damp patch grow bigger. 

“Fuck that’s good. Press harder and move it faster.” He groaned and you smirked following his instructions, hearing him start to pant quickly, his breath coming out in small whines. 

Moments later his hips bucked, once then twice and his hand grabbed at your wrist stilling you as a low guttural grunt left him. 

“I don’t normally come that quick I swear.”

“Spencer as long as you make me come I don’t care if it takes you thirty seconds or thirty minutes.”

You flicked the bullet back off, pulling your pajamas on and curling up next to him. 


You handed him the box on your bedside table, averting your eyes as he slipped his hand inside his briefs to clean himself up. 

You lay there together, his hand searching on the bed and taking yours wordlesly. You felt relaxed right now. Sooo very relaxed. Your eyes started to close and before you knew it, you were both asleep.

When you awoke a few hours later the candles had burnt out and you were cold. Spencer was still next to you, snoring softly. 

You pushed down the covers on your side of the bed, him waking up as you were doing so. 

“Shit… Sorry. I’ll call a cab,” he whispered sleepily, his eyes half closed as he moved off the bed clumsily. 

“Spencer, just get back in bed. It’s late.”

“You sure?”

“Yes it’s fine.”

You both settled back in, getting comfy, you rolling onto your side. Moments later you felt him roll over behind you, his body so close you could feel the heat radiating from him. 

You inched backwards until you were flush against him, feeling him move his arm and wrap it around your torso. 

“Night Spencer.”

“Night Y/N.”

Snuggling into him, you fell fast asleep.

NDRV3 Transcripts: Ouma’s Prison Mode Ending

So, many people have asked me about Ouma’s prison mode lately–the ending in particular! I’d like to get around to actually translating all his prison mode events if possible at some point, but for now @shinjiroaragaki and I are bringing you all the ending!

They provided me the transcript and I’ve translated the full thing to English. Since it’s a relatively short event, I’ve included icons for all the sprites in the formatting. There’s a Google doc version as well, although this time around it’s pretty much the same as this post, just minus the Japanese text.

Google doc link!

More translated transcripts.

Since we both worked hard on this translation, it’d be great if people could spread it around and reblog it if possible!

Although it’s bonus mode content, this ending is highly insightful to understanding Ouma’s character. It provides glimpses as to how Ouma behaves in a scenario where no murders occur, what Saihara thinks of him when he’s not putting on such an antagonistic act, and how even Ouma doesn’t really fully understand himself all the time.

I hope you all enjoy! Here’s Ouma’s prison mode ending, alternatively titled “Saihara decides to hold Ouma’s hand until he stops being such a bratty liar.”

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No More and No Less

[No Angel] [No Comebacks] [No More and No Less]

pairing: rafael casal x reader

request: many many (very…enthusiastic) requests for part 3 of no angel

summary: rafa has been teasing reader while she has work to do, then reader returns the favor

warnings: swearing, smut, dirty talk, face fucking, D/s

word count: 4,938

a/n: part three of the “No Angel” series. will make sense without the first two parts, but i suggest you read them first. this is mostly just smut, and i would say sorry except that i really am not. it goes without saying that i still want rafael casal to bone me. happy reading.

“There’s no way that Professor Hopewell expects this paper to be completely coherent,” Ava groans, a hand threading into her hair in frustration. “A comparison of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov? It’s apples and fucking oranges.”

“They’re both Russian,” you offer up meekly. Truth be told, you have no clue how you’re supposed to tie them together. All you know was that this paper is worth thirty percent of your grade, and you can’t afford to get anything less than a B.

“They’re from different time periods,” she huffs, flipping angrily through the pages of Anna Karenina.

You don’t respond to her, instead sinking back into the novel open in front of you. Thoughts of your lazy morning flood into your head, and you struggle to tear your mind away from the way Rafa had woken you up by slipping under the covers and settling between your naked thighs. You’re marking a particularly interesting passage with a sticky note when your phone buzzes on the table.

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“Home” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: In a world where Carl was the victim of Negan’s killings, reader recalls her relationship with Carl throughout the years with a series of flashbacks, leading up to her current day predicament.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

In honor of TWD new episode premiering in an hour!!

Flashbacks are in italics.

It was Carl’s eyes that attracted you first.

You two had met a long time ago, back at the farm. You were sitting inside your house, playing with your sister Beth when his dad carried him in. You remember the first time you had seen him for real was after your dad, Hershel, had performed surgery on him and everyone was sure he was going to be ok. You were so excited to have another person there around your age. When you looked at him, you thought he was so cute. His eyes were the most beautiful blue you’d ever seen. Of course, you never told him that.

“Daddy, who is that little boy?” You remember asking your dad after he finished the operation. “Is he going to be ok? Who are all these people?”

“His name is Carl. He was shot on accident, but he will live. He might like to meet you after all of this dies down. I don’t think their group had another little kid in it.”

“Boys are gross.” You had crinkled your nose.

A few days later, you happened to be walking into the kitchen when you caught a glimpse of him. He was still in pain from getting shot but he was doing better.

“I’m Carl.” He had told you. He had eyes just like his fathers did, only his were prettier. Freckles were covering his face, and he was wearing a sheriff hat.


The two of you were just little kids back then, and an instant friendship hit off. The two of you were inseparable, doing everything and anything together. You were there for the death of his mom, being the only one to comfort him since Rick had gone off the deep end.

You watched as Rick started crying once Maggie and Carl told him the news. The baby was born, but Lori died. You couldn’t help but shed a few tears yourself hearing of her death. She was such a nice woman to you and had always treated you like a daughter of her own.

Rick left, and by doing that he had left Carl completely by himself.

“Carl?” I had gone up to him in his cell one day.

“What do you want,” He had asked you dryly, as if he hadn’t spoken in days.

“I want absolutely nothing from you.” You had sat down next to him. He had looked up at you with tears in his eyes, but nothing ever fell. You pulled him into a hug, and the two of you stayed like that for hours, embracing each other.

The two of you had kept it strictly friendly until you arrived in Alexandria. Between being separated for months, to Terminus, there had been too many bad events after the governor blew up the prison for the two of you to explore anything different. But as soon as you got to Alexandria, and things calmed down, everything changed. When Carl saw you all dressed up at the welcoming party, he couldn’t deny his feelings for you any longer.

You pulled the dress over your head, looking at yourself in the mirror. You looked nice. Someone had lent you a dress to wear, which felt odd wearing since you hadn’t worn a dress since you were twelve. The fabric was comfortable but still beautiful, and it felt like a luxury. You had on makeup for the first time in your life, and your hair was down for what felt like the first time in ages. You always kept it up in a ponytail.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” Maggie had told you. “You’re going to be the star of the show.”

“Doubtful.” You had laughed. “I’m still not sure how I feel about being here.”

“Me neither.”

“I wish Beth and Dad were here.” You had said quietly.

The party was awkward for you at first. Everyone seemed to know each other very well already, and you being a shy, quiet person did not help your socialization skills. Carl had seen you by yourself in the corner when he came up to you, linking his arm with yours. He looked really nice, and you couldn’t deny it. He was an attractive guy.

“Don’t be a loner,” He had said. “I met some people here around our age. You should give them a chance.”

“I’m never a loner, Grimes.” You smiled at him. He loved your smile, it made his heart weak every time he saw it.

“You look really good.” He gulped, sounding nervous.

“You don’t look too bad yourself. We clean up nice.”

He introduced you to everyone, and they all seemed nice enough. But you weren’t interested in spending time with any of them, not really. You just wanted to be with your best friend.

At some point during the night, you pulled him away to get away from the stuffiness of the room.

“Too many people,” You had said after the two of you got outside. You were walking around the streets, something that you hadn’t got to do for a long time with a sense of safety.

The two of you were holding hands as you walked, something that you always did. Both of you always said it was just a friendly thing, to other people and each other, but the both of you had felt inside that it was more.

“This is nice. I kinda like it here.” You told him. “I’m not exactly comfortable with it yet, but for now, I decided I’m going to enjoy it.”

“Y/N, I like you.” He had blurted in response, something completely off topic, but you hadn’t cared.

“What?” You wanted to hear him say it again.

“I like you.” He said it more quietly that time.  You looked into his eyes, bringing your faces together.

“Well it’s a good thing I like you, too, Grimes.” You whispered, and brought him into a kiss.

Things had gone well for a long time. The two of you were officially together, at least as together as you could be during the state of the world. The only problem had occurred when Ron decided that he liked you, too. It was a big deal- Carl was very protective boyfriend, and seeing Ron try to break you too up did not go down well.

“I’m going to kill him.” Carl growled, pacing back and forth inside of your room.

You had just told him about how Ron had come up to you earlier during the day and attempted to make a move on you. At first, he was just telling you how beautiful you were. This wasn’t a big deal to you- it was just a compliment, nothing to make a big deal about. But then he mentioned something about how Carl couldn’t make you happy like he could. And then he tried to kiss you. He almost got close to touching your lips before you realized what was going on and you kneed him in his weak spot.

You had debated whether or not to tell Carl. You knew that there was a lot of friction between the two of them, and this would just make it worse. But you also knew that if someone had made a move on him like that, you would want to know.

“I already put him in his place, please don’t.” You had begged.

“Too fucking bad. He doesn’t get to touch my girl.”

You watched him as he stomped out the door. You were going to follow him out the door, but decided that you would rather not see Carl beat someone up.

Turns out, you didn’t get that choice, because Ron happened to be walking by your house when Carl got outside. You could see it all from your window.

Carl didn’t even say anything as he went up to Ron and punched him in the face. You gasped as Ron stumbled slightly, but before he could hit back, Carl clocked him again.

This went on for what felt like forever, although you’re sure it was only a few seconds, before Rick came and broke it up. You thought he was going to yell at Carl, but surprisingly, he just gave Ron a stern look and told him to go home.

When Carl came back into your house, he had started kissing you with more hunger than you had experienced from him before. Sure, you’ve made out before, but it was usually quite innocent as the both of you were very inexperienced.

“You are mine.” He had told you, picking you up and setting you on the bed.

“I’m yours, Carl. Only yours.” You moaned as he started kissing your neck.

Things picked up after that. Ron never messed with the two of you again. The two of you were undoubtedly in love with each other- everyone could see it. Besides the sneaking around to have sex, the two of you were well accepted by the group and no one protested like you two had thought they might- especially Maggie. Being her only living relative left, she was quite protective of you.

“So, we need to talk.” Maggie had come up to you one day while you were washing clothes.

“Okay.” You set down the shirt to give her your full attention.

“You and Carl are getting serious, right?”

“I guess, yeah.” You had shrugged.

“I’ve heard some… Rumors about the two of you guys. I just wanted to make sure you’re being safe.” Maggie looked uncomfortable. She loved you with all her heart, but she also knew that she couldn’t stop you from doing anything.

“Where exactly are you hearing this from?” You had questioned her, starting to panic. You thought that the two of you were being sneaky and no one had known that you took your relationship a step further.

“Daryl might have seen you two hooking up while he was on night watch. And I might have heard you guys before when you thought you were alone.”

“Oh my god.” You had blushed, embarrassed.

“We didn’t want to make you guys feel embarrassed. We just all want you to be safe, Rick included.”

“Rick knows?!” You had basically yelled. You wanted to die right then and there.

“He might have also heard you guys a few times when you thought you were alone.” Maggie looked like she was going to start laughing at any moment.

“Please kill me. I can never face anybody again.” You had groaned.

Besides the relentless teasing you experienced after that, you two were happy as you could possibly be. You two would be with each other at every given moment of the day, except for at nights when you were forced to go home. But half the time you would just sneak out to see each other, anyways.

When Alexandria came under attack, you thought you were going to die. Carl was the one who kept you calm and collected as you walked through the walkers. He kept squeezing your hand in reassurance the entire time. But then the plan went to shit when Sam started freaking out. Sam got bit, which made Jessie get bit. Which lead to Carl getting shot in the eye.

For a while after that, Carl refused to talk to you. He wouldn’t let you see him, no matter how much you told him that his eye being gone would not change your opinion of him.

“Don’t come in here.” He had warned you from his room, you standing in the hallway.

“Carl, you can’t avoid me forever.” You sighed, leaning against the doorway.

“I’m ugly. You’re not going to want me anymore. I’m hideous.” He sounded choked up.

You had enough. You walked into his room, and touched his shoulder, him still standing with his back to you.

“Let me see.” You whispered. Carl turned around slowly, showing you a bandage wrapped around his face, his eye socket covered.

When you didn’t say anything, he turned around quickly and pushed you away.

“Get out of here.” He whispered, tears forming in his eye.

“Carl,” you turned him around. “You’re the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life, regardless if you are missing an eye or not. I still want you. You are not, and never will be, ugly.” You poured you heart out to him.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiled. You pulled him into a kiss, making sure to be gentle as you didn’t know his pain level.

“I love you.” You finally said. You had been wanting to say that for a long time, but were waiting until the right moment.

“I love you, too.”

Things were finally going smoothly after that. The walls of Alexandria were rebuilt, Carl’s eye socket healed (he looked the governor, but you would never tell him that- he was already insecure), and your group was doing well after everything that had happened.

Carl was coming to terms with the fact that he lost his eye, but it was still hard for him. He acted like he didn’t care, like he was this big, strong man, but you knew better. He was insecure. But things were getting better.

That was until you met Negan.

You can remember that night like it was yesterday, all the events of what happened. They’re fresh in your memory, leaving you with nightmares every night of what happened.

You were all forced to sit on your knees in a line as you met the leader of the Saviors.

You were scared, although you wouldn’t admit it. You kept glancing down over to Carl, waiting in anticipation for the man to show up. You knew something bad was going to happen. Rick had killed a bunch of his men, and now he has your entire group in his lineup- it wouldn’t end nicely.

The era of power surrounding him was like none you had ever experienced before. He was immediately directed towards Rick.

The way he spoke to him, it was so condescending and power filled. It terrified you.

Then he started taunting everyone as he chose who he was going to kill. He turned a child’s game song into something entirely different, very sadistic.

It landed on Abraham.

Nobody dared to say anything. Especially not you, once you heard Negan’s threat to cut out Carl’s other eye. You cried, the tears blinding your vision, but you could still hear the whack of his bat bashing in Abraham’s skull.

You thought it was over. He said one person.

But then he dragged Carl out.

And started bashing in his head.

You couldn’t control yourself this time. You started screaming and reaching out for him, but one of Negan’s men stopped you. You sobbed and screamed as Carl’s head eventually turned into nothing, just smashed brain and blood.

Negan was laughing at this, at all of this. You tried your hardest to escape from their grips, but you couldn’t.

“You, what’s your name?” Negan came up to you.

“Y/N.” You spat. The group watched you, looks of terror filling their faces. Maggie started crying, thinking she was going to lose you.

“I thought I said not to fucking get up, what the fuck happened to that?”

“You just-“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence, you were crying too hard.

“Oh, were the two of you together? My apologies.” He laughs. “Not.”

“If you weren’t so fucking disrespectful and you knew how to listen, I’d make you one of my wives. Goddamn shame.” Negan continued.

You thought he was going to kill you, but instead, he just moved on to keep talking to the group. Taunting them, tearing them down.

You still missed him to this day. He was the love of your life, and he would always be in your mind. You would never forget about him.

“What’s up, Y/N? You look like you’re about to cry like a little baby.” Negan showed up. He snapped you out of your thoughts, your memories of what you and Carl were.

“I’m good.” You smile weakly, hoping to fool him. You don’t show weakness around him. You can’t, not if you don’t want to be punished.

“Great, ‘cause I need my good girl right now.” He snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

That night, he didn’t let you free. He took you in as prisoner, but his lust for you outgrew his anger. He was never going to let you leave, he let you know that every single day. He refused to make you one of his wives, and although he still claims that he doesn’t fuck anyone outside of them, he makes some pretty bold moves on you.

The only thing that gets you through the day is reminiscing about Carl, remembering the good times you had with him.

You tell yourself every day that you will get out of here. You will go home, you will see your sister again. But the longer you’re there, the longer you give up hope that you’re ever get to leave. You’re watched every moment of the day, whether it’s by Negan’s minions or by Negan himself.

Negan takes you to the bedroom, but doesn’t stay in there with you. He just slaps your ass and walks away, locking the door behind him. You walk over to the desk, grabbing a pen and writing out a couple simple sentences, letting a tear fall onto the page as you slammed the journal shut afterward. The person it was directe to wasn’t ever going to see it, and Negan would kill you if he saw it, but it gave you hope. Hope that everything would be ok.

‘Rise up, Rick. Save us. Bring me home.’

Don’t make Daddy jealous

I’m going to hell because of this…and I need to bath in holy water

Reader x Christian Yu

Type: smut

Warnings: swearing, rough play, daddy kink

Words count: 2966

Summary: You had to go to your bff bday party instead of spending time with your boyfriend, but the night won’t be as boring as you thought when you’re noticing Christian stalking you in the distance [cannot believe that his pic is totally fitting into this story]

- Christian I can’t go today I told you I have to go to Silvia’s birthday party, I promised her last week.

- Ahh I cannot believe this, finally I’m free a bit but I can’t see you, I really miss you baby girl… - he was whining in the phone and it seems he was grumpy too.

- I promise I will call you after I get back home, okay? I miss you too Christian so so much but I can’t skip this party.

- Okay, you promised me, don’t forget what you said! There will be guys too? – yes, he was definitely whining.

- Of course there will be, we’re going to a club, so …

- Jesus…to where? Fuck… don’t you dare to flirt with someone or let some fucktards to dance with you or or anything… ha?!

- Christian please chill a bit, it’s a lil’ party nothing serious and why would I flirt or dance with another guy when I’ve a smokin’ hot boyfriend?

- Smokin’ hot? Aye babe… he’s definitely lucky for having such a great girl like you!

- Honey I gotta go, I’ll call you when the party is over!

- Take care of yourself or I’m gonna kick your sexy butt!

- You idjit, I will, I love you!

To be honest the last thing you wanted to do is to go to a party, getting drunk and whoosh dumbass guys away, but it was your best friend’s party and you had no other choice. The club was pretty fancy and the VIP section was all your crew’s for tonight. Your bestie was mega-happy and already drunk after half an hour. Not to be a partypooper you also cheered for yourself in your mind and you went to get some drinks. After four gintonics you definitely started to feel the party. However your phone started to buzz and you saw the worried texts from Christian. Trying not to mess up you txted back that you’re fine and stop worrying about you. But it turned out you misspelled your sentences and of course Christian noticed that you’re drunk.

- Y/N, put the fuck down that phone you bitch and come dance with me – Silvia, your bestie yelled at you and rushed you to the dance floor.

After an exhausting hour you two were still dancing and felt like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you started to dance on the table and singing like true party-queens. Your hair was a mess, your tight black mini-dress was way too up as it should be and also your black lace bra showing a little. Then there was the moment when you noticed Christian in a dark corner with his friends and with a glass of whiskey in his hands. You got caught, you fuckin’ got caught…

- Silv, Christian is here, and I think he’s gonna kill me, don’t look there but he’s sitting in the corner with a couple of his friends and he saw me – you yelled into your friend’s ear.

- Goddammit honey, then we should put on a more heated show than before, you should play with him and I guarantee your night will be hotter than this party – she shouted back to you.

- Are you crazy?! He’s gonna kill me, you can’t imagine how pissed off he will be…

- That’s more fun, trust me and show him that you are the sexiest hoe in this club, shake that booty honey!!!

So you decided to play. You got off of the table and poured another shot. And went to a more crowded area, but you still saw Christian in this distance. From this point the game finally began. There were two guys who were watching you all night with hungry eyes and when you smiled at them they got closer in an instant. They looked really good and they weren’t bad dancers. Now all you had to do was wait to Christian noticing this whole mess. But you knew he was watching you from the start and had to control himself. The bad thing is that you wanted him to lose control and make a move. So you let the two hottie to get closer than should be. When one of them put his hands on your waist and the other was definitely wanted to kiss you here and there, you caught Christian’s death glare and saw him rushing towards you in the crowd.

- You think it’s funny? What the fuck are you doing? Are you playing a game? You two get the fuck outta here until I beat your asses – he was way too mad, but also way too sexy.

He grabbed your wrist and walked you out from the club. When you stared back you saw Silvia sending thumbs-up in the air.

- This silly idiot… tomorrow I have to tell her everything… - you giggled.

While you were waiting for the taxi, you tried to save your ass a bit.

- Christian, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you mad, I drank too much and wasn’t in the right mind.

He turned his head, still grabbing your wrist strong, and whispered in you ear:

- You did this on purpose baby girl, both of us know this and pray for God to be gracious with you from now on, coz when we finally get home I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up.

You got chills. And your whole body got goosebumps too. Plus you felt that guilty pleasure climbing up in your core.

- Christian this is bullshit I didn’t…

- Shut up, just shut up baby girl don’t make the things worse, no fuckin’ words until we get home!

So you didn’t say anything until you two got home…

The stairway was dark and quiet, you barely see anything but somehow you managed to get into your apartment. The second part of the game started.

- Christian are you still mad? Please don’t misunderstand this whole situation I was just… partying, those guys didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know them… - you started innocently when he pushed you to the wall, grabbed your wrists and put them above your head.

- Oh stop talking nonsense Y/N, and better stop with this fairytale story too, now you should start thinking how you gonna redeem this mess… - his gaze was no joke that lustfilled eyes didn’t guarantee mercy and he was close. Too close to you, pushing to the wall with all of his weight. And he smelt so good. His fragrance always killed you and you could differentiate this smell from thousands of other parfums. It was his, only his. You decided to play another card.

- Please don’t be mad at me, I will do anything daddy… - you bited your lips and looked into his eyes.

- You lil’ shit… - he kissed you roughly, grabbing your hair with one hand while with the another he was still holding your wrists firmly.

- Daddy is fuckin’ so pissed right now baby, you teased me a lot… - his mouth was all over on you, started from your neck, down to your collarbones and now between your breasts. He let go your wrists, squeezing your butt with both of his hands. You can’t help but let out a moan.

- Christian, please… I want you so badly.

- Oh really? Those two can’t fuck you that good like me, ha? – he didn’t wait for your response when he kissed you again and pulled down the zip on your dress. You were also in a rush unbuttoning his shirt, touching his bare chest, his tattoos, his arms down to his abs until you found his belt and unbuckled it. After that you unbuttoned his pants too, letting it fall while he took off your bra and your panties, a nipple went straight into his mouth, sucking it passionately and caresses the other with his hand, drawing circles and pulling it until both of them were hard. You were a moaning mess, your fingers were digging in his hair wanting more and more.

- Daaad enough, please it’s too much, I can’t… I can’t… - you whined.

- Enough?! Oh honey look, we’re still in the hall, and I didn’t even touch you there yet… hands up like before! – he ordered and you put up your arms. He grabbed your wrists again with one hand, and the another started to wondering between your thights. He kissed you again, biting and sucking on your bottom lip, his tongue twirling everywhere until you moaned into his mouth.

- Baby girl, you’re so wet for me, you’re dripping – he said it teasingly while his fingers went up and down on your folds at a really slow pace. His eyes never lost contact with yours and seeing his wanting-gaze turned you on more.

- Tell me how much you want me baby girl, tell daddy how much you want his cock inside your dripping pussy – his voice was deep and raspy, and his fingers started to move faster and faster on your clit.

- Fuck Christian… I want you, please… I want you inside me, please daddy fuck me I’ll be a good girl just fuck me for the fuck’s sake… - you were in daze, your whole body was about to explode.

- Mmm… my baby you want me this badly? Well, I told you I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up… - he inserted a finger into you, and you just moaned into his neck grabbing his hair.

- Ah Y/N you’re so fuckin’ wet – he pumped his finger in and out at a slow pace, adding another digit and catching up a quick speed.

- Maybe I should taste why are you this wet? Am I this good babe? Tell me… - he purred into your ear sending chills down your body.

- Christian please… I can’t take this anymore, it feels good, it feels sooo good – you mewled.

- Oh no no, the morning is still a bit far away darlin’ you have to bare with me a little more – he smirked at you, letting go of your hands and kneeled down in front of you closing his mouth on your wetness. He was licking your folds up and down, finding your clit and sucking on it while his fingers were pumping in and out. He was always eating you out like a dessert, enjoying it so much.

- Daaad I really can’t take it anymore I’m gonna cum… - you arched your back and moaning loudly.

- Then cum for me babe, moan for me until the neighbors will come over.

This pushed you over the edge, your orgasm washed everything away, you screamed out his name, cursing out loud, while he was still fingering you and licking your pussy until your last pleasure wave ended.

- That’s my baby girl – he kissed you with his plumped lips letting you taste yourself. You hooked your legs around his hips and he took you in the bedroom and dropped you on the bed. You sat up immediately, watching him taking off his boxers. He was so hard and sexy as fuck, you gulped and licked your lips while he started to jerk himself up more, his fingers running slowly on his length, looking deeply into your eyes. Without any words he moved closer to you, touching your lips with his throbbing cock. You wanted to suck him badly, you were literally drooling.

- Aye, babe you want me this much? – he let his tip into your mouth. You started to lick him, twirling your tongue around him, earning a hiss.

- Christian, please I want you in my mouth… don’t do this to me – you begged him with no shame.

- Mm you were so so bad to me today babe, what should I do with you, ha? – he kissed you with passion, gathering your hair into a ponytail. And he put his cock in your mouth. He started to roll his hips, moving his member in and out while his hand was holding your hair. He tasted so good, your mouth was full with him. You had no control in your movements he was harsh, fucking your mouth mercilessly almost choking on him but you didn’t mind, you were still burning for him, your pussy aching for some skinship. Also his deep moans turned you on more, seeing his wavering abs, his sweaty chest and arms made your womanhood even more wet.

- Fuck, baby girl you’re so good, but I can’t take this anymore – he clenched his teeth, moving out quickly, really close to cum but he didn’t… he was testing his limits.

- Turn around honey, turn around for daddy – he said, and you did as he told.

His cock was eager to find your entrance, pushing it deeply into your core, stretching you out and fill you completely.

- Shit, babe you’re so tight and wet for me, you feel so good – he was pounding into you roughly, one hand on your waist and one hand pulling your hair. You can’t help but moan with all your heart, shouting out his name over and over.

- Fuck Y/N, if you continue this loud mess I can’t hold myself back for too long – but you also couldn’t hold back yourself, his thrusts were getting deeper and deeper bringing your next orgasm close. You arched your back, grabbing his thights, while he was covering your mouth and started to rub your clit.

- Ah babe I’m so close, fuck I can’t hold back, you’re so wet, I wanna cum all over on your tits baby girl – his husky voice filled your ear pushing towards your edge, when he took out himself, turned you around and came on your breasts. He spreaded his cum with his cock on your nipples, putting his thumb into your mouth and you sucked it while watched his rosy and sweaty face.

- I’m sorry baby, I didn’t plan this way, maybe I need some fuel to refill my energy – he went to your drawer getting some wet tissues.

- You know Y/N, you look utterly sexy like this – he was wiping up the mess, after that he kissed you softly, carressing your hair.

- But my girl didn’t get everything before because of me, come on princess spread those legs for daddy – he went down on you but he was much more softer and sensual this time.

You put your feet on his shoulders, spreading your legs allowing him to eat you out again. He loved licking your pussy in every way possible, your moans fuelled him as his tongue got faster on your clit.

- Cum for me honey, I wanna hear you scream – you didn’t know how you always managed to cum to his order but with Christian everything was possible. He held your waist in place, still sucking on your wetness until you ride out your high.

- Good girl, but I’m afraid I can’t let you sleep yet – you looked down and it seemed he refilled that energy somewhere already.

He moved you to the center of the bed, laying you down and hovering over you. He kissed your lips, and slipped into you slowly. You bit your lips from the overpowering sensation, your womanhood was totally destroyed by him. However you loved the feeling when you were full with him, feeling every inch of him inside of you.

He looked into your eyes with love, quiet moans coming from his mouth. His forehead was on yours, when you kissed him and dig in his hair. He was moving at a stable pace, adding deep thrusts frequently. You were so in love with this sensual Christian, the only goal of his was to please you no matter what. He started to massage your clit, giving sloppy kisses on your neck and you felt you’re getting closer and closer again. You were holding onto his shoulders tight, your nails digging into his skin probably causing bruises because of the overhelming stimulation. He quickened his movements to catch up with you.

- Christian, I’m… I’m coming… oh God you feel so good…, fuck Christian… - you tightened your walls around him, pushing him over the edge, while you also felt your pulsating orgasm giving you nothing but trembling thighs and body. You screamed out his name, your hand clenched with his until he collapsed on you breathing heavily and pulled himself out of you. You kissed his head, carressing his back and he tried to catch his breath rolling to the side.

- Y/N this was so fuckin’ good, I love you baby girl.

- I love you too Christian. But to be honest you destroyed my pussy, so no woohoo at least for a week.

- Are you serious?! – he popped up from the bed quickly and looked at you with puppy eyes.

- You bastard I only mean sex to you, ha?! – you kicked towards him jokingly.

- Slow down, lil’ girl I’m gonna hug you to death and cuddle you until you fall asleep, but before lemme close the curtains it’s already too bright outside – he raised his eyebrow and winked at you.

With your last drop of energy you threw a pillow towards him.

The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 4

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 9.5k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Series: 1. Lust2. Gluttony |  3. Greed (1) |  4. Greed (2) |   5. Sloth |   6. Wrath 7. Envy

Comment: Just like with the first part of Greed, it came out so much longer than I expected it to! Still, I hope you guys are able to get through it an enjoy it <3

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Some lovers, some friends, some enemies, all of them left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


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The Princess and the Demon - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  an imagine about young Damian Wayne falling for a girl in a pink princess costume at the Wayne’s Halloween Gala

Damian stood in the far corner of the ballroom, seething at the costumed people around him. They fluttered around like deranged birds, ignoring him in favor of their own selfish socializing. 

He fidgeted in the ugly prince costume Alfred insisted he wear. It itched like poison ivy against his skin, but he refused to scratch, believing it to be a sign of weakness. Damian’s scowl grew even deeper.

“You don’t have to look like you’re going to kill someone, Damian,” Bruce reprimanded gently, having escaped the hoard of single women trying to entrap him to find Damian’s sulking in the corner. “This is part of the job.”

“Yes, I know, Father,” Damian grumbled. “We must play the part in order to ensure our secret.” He rolled his eyes as Bruce’s hand rested on his shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.”

Bruce sighed before adjusting the collar of his own prince costume. The entire family decided to attend the ball in prince costumes if only to add to the family’s flamboyant image. “Well, it will only be for a few more hours.”

“If I last that long,” Damian mumbled as Bruce slipped back into the crowd. Damian crossed his arms, slumping against the wall. The band started to play as some of the costumed people in the center of the room began to dance. He frowned when he saw his father dancing with a lovely woman dressed as a cat. 

Suddenly, it happened. A group of people separated, heading towards the buffet table, and you stepped into view. Damian’s heart stopped in his chest as he found he could no longer draw breath. 

You were dressed in a puffy pink dress with a sparkling mini tiara on your head. While Damian would normally think the dress was ridiculous, on you it was magnificent. He noticed you appeared to be as uncomfortable as he was. 

For a time, Damian watched you from afar. He moved only when his view of you got blocked by groups of guests. Eventually, Damian felt the need to approach you, though he didn’t understand why. However, you beat him to it.

“Hi,” you began, appearing at his side. Damian jumped, surprised at your sudden presence. He only lost sight of you for a second. “I noticed you were staring at me.”

“I was not staring at you,” Damian replied hurriedly, doing his best to sound uninterested. “You just happened to be in the direction I was looking.” You laughed, knowing he was lying.

“Right…so do you want to go do something?” you asked, gesturing towards the door. 

“What?” Damian was startled by the bluntness of your words. He couldn’t believe you were talking to him, it almost felt surreal.

“Well, I figured since I am bored, and you look bored, we can go do something else.” You looked at him curiously as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. “You do live here, right? So, there is something fun we can do, isn’t there?”

Damian’s brain took a long moment to comprehend what you said. “Yeah,” he stammered, speechless for the first time in his life. “There are lots of things we can do.”

“Great.” You smiled cheerful, taking his hand. “Let’s go.” Damian’s hand burned at your touch. A shiver ran up in his spine as if your touch was magic. He lost his breath again.

You pulled him out of the ballroom and down the hallway before he recovered enough to take charge. “We can go to the game room,” Damian suggested, guiding you through the halls. An uncomfortable silence fell between the two of you as you walked. Damian cleared his throat before meeting your eye. “Your costume is nice.” He winced at his weak word choice.

“Yeah, my dad picked it out,” you explained, smiling at the awkward complement. “I wanted to dress up as Freddy Fazbear, but he said I had to be a ‘proper lady’.

TT,” Damian huffed, not wanting to admit he had no idea who Freddy Fazbear was. “Nevertheless, you look lovely.”

“Well, thank you. You look handsome as well,” you commented back, smiling at the blush growing on his cheeks.  You both reached the game room with Damian opening the door for you.

“Wow, this is so cool,” you gasped, running in to check the assortment of video game consoles and other things in the room. “Now, I see what you meant by lots of thing we could do.”

TT.” Damian entered the room after closing the door behind him. He watched you in fascination as you struggled to kneel down to look at the collection of games. Damian knelt down beside you, loving how bright your eyes were as you took in the titles. “Which one do you want to play?”

“You have a Super Nintendo,” you exclaimed, noticing the Super Nintendo games lined up on the shelf. You started to look through them while Damian wondered what a Super Nintendo was. He vowed to learn more about this room if only so he could understand what you were talking about. Actually, this was the second time he had been in this room. The first time was when Dick tried to force him into some brotherly bonding. It didn’t end well.

“Do you want to play one?” Damian asked, trying to hide his ignorance.  You gave him a excited look, making Damian’s heart skip a beat. 

“Yes!” You pulled out a game, holding it up for him to see. “Ooo, you have Super Mario World. This has good co-op, so we both can play.” You looked at Damian, waiting for a response. Damian nodded quickly in response as you struggled to your feet in your puffy dress. You moved over to the console, putting in the game. 

Damian grabbed the remote to turn on the television as you booted up the system. “I must admit…I am not completely familiar with this…console.” 

You gave him a bright smile, stuffing a controller in his hands as the main title popped up on screen. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” 

TT,” Damian huffed, his face remaining blank as you struggled to sit down on the couch in your puffy pink dress. He glanced back at the cartoon man running on the screen before looking back to you with a smirk appearing on his face. Maybe this party wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Have you seen Damian?” Bruce asked Alfred after searching the emptying ballroom for ten minutes. He had planned to grab Damian and sneak away to go on patrol, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I did see him sneak out of the room with a pretty young girl about two hours ago,” Alfred informed as he gathered scattered glasses from various places in the ballroom. 

“What?!” Bruce’s mouth dropped open. The possibilities forming in his head.

“Oh, don’t worry, Master Bruce. Master Damian has not reached the age where that would be a concern,” Alfred reassured, frowning at a chip in one of the glasses. “I believe they are in the game room.”

Bruce’s frown deepened as he headed towards the game room. The closer he got, the louder the laughter grew. Gently opening the door, Bruce was shocked by what he saw.

Damian and you were laughing while they both played the Mario game Bruce remembered playing with Dick once or twice. A smile broke onto his face as he saw Damian just as bad at it as he was.

They were having so much fun, Bruce almost felt bad about interrupting. “Damian, we have to say goodbye to our guests.” Damian jumped to his feet, a embarrassed blush burned onto his face.

“Of course, Father,” Damian answered, raising his nose into the air. He held out his hand to you as you got up from your seat.

“Oh, I better go find my dad,” you said, straightening your dress while taking his hand to stand up. “Thanks for making this party fun, Damian. I hope we can do this again.”

“You’re welcome,” Damian mumbled, blushing even brighter when he heard Bruce chuckle at him.  Suddenly, a different voice distracted the three of you.

“Excuse me, Bruce, but have you seen (Y/N)?” a deep voice called out from down the hallway. Bruce smiled at the man before gesturing into the room. 

“She’s in here,” Bruce answered as the origin of the voice appeared at the door. You smiled while Damian’s jaw dropped open.

“There you are, (Y/N). I was worried,” Oliver Queen, your father, replied. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed you were in the same room as Damian. 

Damian turned to look at you with a stunned expression. “Oliver Queen is your father?” he gasped. He couldn’t believe someone as wonderful as you could come from someone as incompetent as that.  

“Yeah,” you admitted, raising an eyebrow. Lowering your voice, you leaned over to him. “He only found out two months ago.” Damian nodded slowly, understanding the situation. 

“(Y/N), we need to get going,” Oliver reminded, not liking how close you were to Damian. He turned to shake Bruce’s hand, thanking him. 

“So,” you began, shifting around uncomfortably. “It was nice to meet you, Damian.”

“Yes, it was nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Damian replied. His face was redder than his Robin suit. You looked at him for a moment before getting a playful smile on your face. Suddenly, you leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. 

Time stopped for Damian, his skin tingling from the pressure of your lips. You seemed to know the effect you had on him. Grabbing his phone from the table where he had left it after taking it out of his pocket earlier, you typed fast as the gaze of your fathers burned into you.

“Call me,” you whispered before running towards Oliver, who frowned at you. You both said goodbye to Bruce, walking down the hallway. Damian could hear Oliver’s scolding echoing down the hallway as you went. 

“Damian, let’s go,” Bruce said, grinning like a mad man. “We need to get on patrol.”

“Yes, Father,” Damian coughed, trying to recover from your kiss. He walked out of the room stiffly. Bruce rested a hand on his shoulder, guiding him down the hallway. “Father?”

“Yes, Damian.”

“You don’t need to tell Grayson about this,” Damian demanded, his cheeks burning. 

Bruce smiled, swallowing his laughter. “Don’t worry, Damian. Your secret is safe with me.” 

Lightwood-Bane family # 3

It was the middle of the night, everybody was at sleep. In one room Magnus and Alec were sleeping side by side. Magnus on his back and Alec by the side, showing his back towards Magnus but his front towards the door. In the room beside them was Raphael, who was sleeping profoundly, not sign of waking up at any moment.

However, on the room in front of that one, Max was moving frenetically and with a sudden movement, he was awake, scared and sweating.

-Papa? -He asked in a murmur, looking around and seeing dark- Daddy? - he asked again, this time a little louder. He looked around scared and decided to go to his brother room to check on him, afraid of the unknown.

Max walked towards Rafe’s room silently, reaching towards his brother’s bed. He tapped on his arm, murmuring his name and trying to wake him up. Unfortunately, his brother did not wake up, after all he had soccer practiced and he was too tired to wake up. Max decided to not disturb him, at least his brother was fine. Now he needed to check on his dad and papa, his heart still beating uncontrollably.

He walked slowly towards his parent’s room, slowly moving the handle of the door, not wanting to make any loud noise. The door opened and Max walk towards his parent, to Alec’s side, and with his small and blue hands he touches Alec’s leg and sway him slowly-Daddy? -he called.

Alec, as a true warrior, woke up immediately, looking down where his son was with a confused face and expecting the worse. He calmed down immediately, it was just Max in his start-onesie pyjamas, looking at him with scared eyes.

-Max, whas’ wrong? -Alec asked, rubbing his face. He had a late mission and he hasn’t sleep enough, but he wanted to be there for his son.

-I got a nightmare, I am scared-Max moved closer and Alec picked him, putting his son on his chest. Max was taller for a 5-year-old but he did not weight enough to be uncomfortable.

-Wanna talk about it? -Alec asked in a whisper, not wanting to wake up papa. Max lower his head and placed it on his dad’s chest, his arms not long enough to hug him completely.

- I think Papa woud’ be da only one who can helpe-Alec furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and moved his head to the side, looking at Magnus while softly touching Max’s hair- I see…

-Love…-Alec whispered to Magnus, using his other hand to caress Magnus’ cheek. Magnus murmured incoherent words, not waking up-Magnus…-Alec called again and Magnus contracted his eyelid and open his eyes with confusion, he was showing his cat eyes, no glamor.

Alec smiled at the sight but whispered again-I think Max had one of those nightmares again-He murmured, looking at his husband with worry eyes. Magnus closed his eyes and sight, Max has been having this nightmare and no magic can stop them, it is part of being a warlock.

-Papa, I am scared-Max said, raising his head from Alec’s chest, hand in fist, Alec still stroking his blue curls.

Magnus shifted opposite to Alec, leaving small space between them. Alec shift to his side too, placing max to the space between them, stretching his arm to get the blanket and cover all of them to keep them warm.

-What was it this time? -Magnus asked softly, trying to stay awake, stretching his arm to Alec’s thigh, caressing it slowly.

-I used my magic and everyone was gone-Max explained, shivering at the memory. Alec shifted closer to him, kissing his head with love- I checked on Rafe and he is fine-he continued. Magnus placed a hand on Max check stroking it.

-Of course, he is fine baby. There is no way something like that would happen. You are good warlock blueberry, you are strong and you have improved a lot with your magic. I think that you are capable enough to control your powers. After all Papa and Daddy will be here to protect you-Magnus looked at Alec, who was smiling, looking at him with love.

-Always? -Max asked with eagerness and hope, feeling better in the warm between two people who love him so much.

-Always-Magnus said back, looking at his son intensely-Now, let’s go to sleep sweetheart, I will make sure to make those dreams disappear-He moved his hand to Max head and touch his forehead, sending sparks of magic.

-Can I stay? -Max asked and Alec moved closer, placing his head on his son head sniffing softly.

-You don’t have to ask kiddo-Alec closed his eyes, ready to sleep. Max did the same, feeling better. Magnus looked at both of them and realized how lucky he was.

Movie Date

Pairing: Dolph Ziggler X Reader

Word Count: 1,620

Contains: Smut! Also kinda cutesy in places, but smutty! The reader’s boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, really isn’t interested in the movie they’re watching. In theatres. And he has a better idea… It’s not even 8am on a Saturday morning because this is how I roll, also because I work from 1-9 and am probably going straight to bed after work. So here’s my contribution for the thirsty party, thanks @wweimaginesandoneshots for reminding me (AND FOR BEING PRO-ZIGGLER EVEN IN THESE DARK TIMES) and tagging @hardcorewwetrash because it be smutty for the thirst party xD I don’t normally thirst party because I’m never prepared but TODAY I AM!!!

Originally posted by oncetwiceandoveragain

“Do we seriously have to go see a cartoon?”

It was perhaps the hundredth time that you’d heard your boyfriend Dolph Ziggler whine about going to see the new Disney movie, but no matter how many times he complained, you weren’t going to give in.

“Popcorn and candy, baby, popcorn and candy,” you replied. “You don’t even have to pay attention, but seriously, the Rock is in this movie, we’ve gotta support him. Besides, we already bought the tickets, bought snacks, and we’re already here.”

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RFA + Saeran Headcanon

You meet your Ex boyfriend

* A little nervous
* “Hi I’m Saeyoung! I’m her BOYFRIEND OKAY.”
* stands right in between you both
* tells him how lucky he is to have you
* insults him with memes
* “You’re such a pepe lol.”
* Drinks his Dr. Pepper, watching you two talk
* touches you a lot

* kisses you all the time
* tells him how rich he is
* “So, do you own any company?”
* shows him pictures of the house you two own
* asks him a lot of rude questions
* “So did you make Y/N scream your name every night?”
* “Oh, excuse us, we have to go, our private jet is coming.”

* anger pure
* ready to beat the fuck out of him
* “He did not just look at- wait did he just wave at- no he’s not coming over is he?”
* jealousy much
* “So, you’re the douchebag that broke my girls heart aye? You know what will be broken next? You’re fvcking face.”

* quite + scared
* “He’s way more handsome than me…”
* blushes when you tell him that he’s the only one you love and that no one can be any more handsome than he is
* confidence level rises from 0 to 1000
* “I bet you never had sex while playing video games with her did you?”
* regrets everything he said as soon as your ex is gone

* “Why don’t you just go back to him, I don’t like you anyways.”
* actually quite scared that you might actually leave him
* “Lol he looks like a loser, just like you, the both of you would be cute together.”
* cries on the inside for making this joke
* freaks out as soon as you agree (as a joke)
* freaks even more out as you wave your ex over
* “Get the fck off mate, she’s mine, I love her and she loves me so don’t even think of getting closer to her”
* acts as if that never happened afterwards

#24: Jealousy

Requested: Yes

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Swearing, Crying 



The feeling of having him gone all the time not only hurt her body but her soul as well. There were days that felt like they just dragged on for ages, while others went by rather quickly. Luke had been gone for three months this time promoting the bands album, going to award shows while she was stuck back in Australia at University. If Y/N could, she would drop out of school and be with him all the time; however, that is not how her family raised her and a university education was a good thing especially in this day in age. Y/N would get a few text messages here and there during class or late at night when she would be studying or trying to sleep but the time difference was always hard. 

As she was getting ready for a night out with some friends she didn’t realize all the texts coming through from Luke. It’s not like she had her phone on her at all times of all hours of the day, so she was a little stunned to see six unread messages. 

From: Luke  

Hey Y/N!

What’s up? Wanna FaceTime?




Are you alive? 

To: Luke

Hey, sorry! I’ve been getting ready to go out with friends. 

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The Game

So, I did a thing for my favorite little assassins.  I apparently love Karma x Nagisa so much that I had to write another thing for them, instead of doing something for my other two stories. Priorities, right? 

Anyways, uh, Karma convinces Nagisa to play a game with him, and fluffy stuff happens.  Anyways, forgive any mistakes, it’s 1 A.M.  Let me know what you guys think? Yeah? No?

“Let’s play a game.” A smirk appeared on the devilish teen.

“A game?”  The bluenette replied hesitantly, as if waiting for the other to reveal his hidden intention.  

“Don’t sweat it, Nagisa.”  The redhead wrapped his arm around the smaller boy, pulling the teen closer as he lowered his voice, causing Nagisa’s face to heat up as a blush appeared across his cheeks.  “I promise to play fair.”   Karma purred. 

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Long post alert, the reasons are two fold and explained beneath!

Left to right…

Stage one - reference
Stage two - paint on a different layer messily for anatomy/scale but make it look more like Levi than ref man
Stage three - tidy up using smudge/blend brush and sort that damn nose out
Stage four - finishing touches like eyes and lip highlights and done!

In between stages two and four comes a lot of time, screenshots and nervous messages to friends (‘whats wrong with it?! Why does it look odd?! Halp!’) and the unfortunate souls who get bombarded regularly are life savers - to @kittyboo8015 and @erwinsalive you are fantastic and so patient, thank you.

I have two reasons for posting this. One is that I have a couple of anon asks about how I do my pics, something I’ve answered verbally before but I decided to go for visual.

Secondly, I’ve been having a distinct lack of confidence recently and thought it may be good to see the process end to end, have a view on where I started and where I ended up. I began this last week along with other pics which were all abandoned so I wanted to pick it up again.

I know that many many of us suffer the same ‘what am I doing?’ question, and will this help me? I don’t know yet. But what ever it is that you do, try to take pride in it, no matter how small it may seem. Everyone has self doubts. Some days, shit just doesn’t work. We’re all the same, we all need validation, we are all insecure in certain parts of our lives.

To anyone who read this far down, thank you, and you aren’t alone.

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I saw the one where the s/o is tol, but what if their s/o was smol yet had long ass legs. I do I'm 5'1 and next to my friends my hips reach their waist and I don't have any room for my legs

A/N: god damn i love legs wtf ~Admin 404


           -Aawww smol MC!!


           - okay but not by much my sweet summer child

           -He feels so bad because you always hit your legs on  the table when you try to get up


           -He likes to try and be gentlemanly, pulls out chairs for you!

           -NEVER PULLS THEM OUT FAR ENOUGH you have to struggle to get your legs under the table

           -He has to avert his gaze all the time, basically refuses to look at your legs because??? L e g s

           -LOVES when the two of you sit on the couch and you just toss them across his lap

           - has to fight not to touch them i am a goOD BOY, IM A GOOD BOY, I WONT TOUCH MC’S LEGS


           -Constantly resting his chin on top of your head since you’re shorter

           -He likes to carry you around a lot and it’s totally not so he has an excuse to touch the legs??

           - contain the beast

           -He can literally pick you out of a crowd by looking at your legs

           -Which can be helpful because you’re small and he loses you more often than he likes to admit

           - okay but zen if you can recognize MC by their legs how is that gonna help you in crowds

           -He’ll legit drop to the ground and look through a sea of legs he has no shame, he is gOING TO FIND HIS MC

           -Nobody says anything bad about you because??? He’ll fight them

           -The height difference between the two of you is his aesthetic, he takes so many selfies accentuating it


           -Short Squad

           -She’s short and has long legs too!!!


           -Pants are probably hell to find because ya gotta get them big for the length but then they’re loose i mean i wouldnt know i just have problems finding pants long enough

           -The two of you have to hem your clothes all the damn time but at least y'all can take turns

           -She’s just happy someone knows her pain

           -Which means the two of you are very conscious about each other’s leg room

           -It’s so hard to sit at a table at the coffee shops because your legs bump into each other and sometimes one of you hits the table with your knee

           - you’RE GONNA SPILL THE COFFEE


           - Y E S

           -L E G S

           -Meet Larry Long Legs, you’re now his mini version

           -There’s always leg room at tables, in the car, you name it

           -Because they’ve already been adjusted to his long ass legs!!! thank the lord

           -He can have any type of clothing made for you, so guess who doesn’t have to struggle with pants anymore? That’s right- YOU

           -Not to mention he gets things that’ll make your legs look even better calves calves calves

           -Thinks you’re so cute because you’re small, he feels like such a protector, come here and let me hold you MC

           -Cuddling is a mess sometimes though because of those god damn legs jumin put your leg here, no, here, i’ll put mine here, im soRRY I DIDNT MEAN TO KICK YOU


           -Hooooo boy

           -My dude

           -Ya thought Jumin worshiped the legs?

           -10x WORSE

           -If he’s able to, a hand is always running up one of them

           -You’re so cute and small, you can sit on his lap and both of you can cuddle up in his jacket

           - and he’s closer to the legs hell yeah come here MC

           -Begs you to wear some outfits with high heels maid costume

           -Foot massages end up with him kissing his way up your leg wink wonk

           -Hates when you use them against him. You can’t kick me away from you MC pls


           -So small, so precious

           -Kisses to the top of your head are expected and unlimited

           -He’s always looking to make you comfortable, so he makes sure there’s leg room no matter where you go or what you do

           -Otherwise he doesn’t treat you any different??

           -It’s just your body, he loves it of course, but he’d love it no matter what

           -He does like giving you piggy back rides though

           -That way you can see a lot more!!!!

           - he’s a gentleman he won’t admit that it’s so he can hold onto your legs

           - okay he’s told you like once or twice with no shame but you just block it out of your mind because??? ya gotta keep your innocent image of him


           -Damn, hello there legs

           -Has absolutely no shame?? He’ll touch them all the time, in public, at home, whenever wherever

           -He loves sitting on the couch with you in his lap since you’re smaller than him

           -Likes to lay his head on your shoulder and nuzzle his face against the crook of your neck

           -He forgets sometimes that you also need leg room??

           -Like at restaurants, he takes all the leg room because you’re small

           -Painfully reminded that you also need the leg room when you kick him in the shin

           - mc what the fuck don’t kick me

           -If he can’t sleep, he mindlessly draws shapes up and down your legs because the movement can help him relax

I wish the Miraculous love square would have just a touch of promiscuity pre-reveal

Adrien kissing Marinette and Chat Noir kissing Marinette…Ladynoir kisses and Ladrien kisses…just everyone going kiss-crazy and feeling guilty about it and torn between these two attractions. Lots of angst, lots of fan-fic fuel