a lot of times it makes me end up like this but i never learn otl

Just a random confession about myself

When I first was introduced to Bigbang back in 2011 Im not gonna lie but I found GD the most interesting. Especially after watching his ‘Heartbreaker’ MV 😂 My friend had emailed a list of links to Bigbang vids and also the solo projects for each member. GD was first on the list so I guess maybe that was why??? Then I watched T.O.P’s 'Turn It Up’ and I was pretty meh about it the first time around (it eventually grew on me). She didn’t send anything for Daesung, Taeyang’s was 'Wedding Dress", and for Seungri she sent 'VVIP’ MV because she thought I would like the concept (at the time I was really into J-Pop and stuff. Even then I ended up not liking VVIP. OTL). Based on that email I became very GD & TOP biased. Then 2012 rolled around and I became greatly interested in TOP mainly because I related a lot to his personality and his deep booming voice, mayn. I also took the time to research a bit more about Bigbang as a group (at this time their solo works didn’t particularly catch my interest) because their music really got to me.

It was then when I attended Bigbang Alive concert in LA that I realized I was wrong all along. The moment Seungri graced us all with his presence and his fun and friendly personality and his incredible talent I fell in love. I left the venue head over heels in love with Seungri. I sat at home for weeks feeling beyond upset that I had never given the boy a chance based on my impression of one video. I didn’t take the time to research more on his solo projects back then. I never knew 'Strong Baby’ or 'What Can I Do’ and all his other songs of his freaking album existed until that concert! I felt like a blinded dumbass.

Although each of the members have their talents and their own charms, it didn’t compare to how I felt about Seungri. After reading more about his life, his struggles, his will to learn and to live life to the full extent, I felt admiration. I don’t care what people say, he has his flaws but he has a lot of strengths that make me wish I were more like him. Seungri is the kind of person I wish to be, the kind that puts themselves before others and that regardless of his insecurities he still has a smile on his face ready to take the world head on. The kind of person that goes beyond the limit to learn and see how much more they can do.

Long story short, Seungri is my lord and savior who’s word has saved me from eternal damnation. Amen.

Ok no, but really. I feel so dumb because I was very shallow before. My mind was set on GD & TOP but their style doesn’t fit me in the least. Their music is great, they are great. But Seungri is far greater in my heart ❤️ I love his catchy beats and his sweet voice. It makes me upset when he hardly gets lines in songs. I think that was another reason why I slept on the boy before. I realized that Seungri wasn’t able to show his full capabilities. That is why I am super excited for his new album :O I want to hear my boy sing SIIIIING!!!

If Seungri ever sees this I want him to know that my biggest regret in life will forever be the fact that I thought I was a TOP stan, when in reality Seungri should have always been #1 😭👻 I will repent for my sins.

Anyways that is all I have to say :’D I don’t even know why I am doing it. 😂😂😂

[Misawa AU] Synchronous Flowering Chapter 4

fandom: Daiya no A
Characters: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya
words: 4k+
summary: Sometimes a twist in destiny can mean a closer bond from an early stage, and dragging Kazuya off to a small sleepy town in Nagano was probably one of the best things Rei could’ve ever done for him
Notes: LOOK WHO’S ACTUALLY UPDATING ON TIME TODAY. Thank you all for reading and for your general responses to this :D your support is, as always overwhelming, and I have no words to truly express how happy it makes me!!

I’m still behind on comments on AO3 but I HOPE I’ll have time to catch up this weekend OTL thank you for your patience. I’ll do my best to live up to it

They spend the day before Christmas inside, waiting out the storm. Kazuya learns that Wakana is as terrifyingly good at video games as Kuramochi Youichi, the first year shortstop from Seidou, and he wonders if it’s a requirement for the position. Sawamura, while enthusiastic, is too determined to follow unnecessary rules (“it’s called Assasin’s Creed for a reason! You don’t just jump into the fray like a madman, then they’ll know you’ve been there!”) or too impulsive, so he ends up failing most of the time (And flailing in front of the screen), much to Kazuya’s amusement.

The latter half of the day they spend cramming baseball rules. Kazuya can tell that their coach has done a proper job at educating them, given that Wakana at least knows what she’s doing. Sawamura, on the other hand, takes a bit more drilling and Kazuya can tell he’s the type that’ll need all the fielding exercises he can get since he can’t easily transform theory into practise.

Well. At least he’s good in the strike zone.

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What Lies in Wonderland // BTS’ Jungkook

In which the Mad Hatter realizes that love might possibly be his cup of tea.

Jungkook // Jin

[A/N] The first of a new oneshot series, What Lies in Wonderland.

The Hatter was a man of many things. Hats, obviously, was one of them. He had an entire closet filled to the brim with top hats, bowlers, fedoras, and even a flowery bonnet (which, make no mistake, had been given to him as a joke by that cheeky cheshire, Jimin). Tea was another. He liked to consider himself an expert in the art of flavoured leaves and steeped drinks. Of course, it helped that he happened to run his very own tea shop in the village- a quaint and delectably sweet little cafe, the townsfolk often complimented.

His credentials didn’t stop there. Riddles. Pocket watches. Jackets with neatly hemmed coattails. In all of these and more lay his knowledge and personal interest to varying degrees. His pocket watch must be wound once every two days, precisely at nine in the morning. His black coats could never be hung out to dry, otherwise the sun would fade their colours. And oh yes, a raven was quite like a writing desk in many ways (although with the last one, he still had trouble convincing the March Hare so).

The Hatter was a man of many things, but love was not one of them.

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Mitsu's Top Ten Anime of 2013

Mitsu’s Top 10 Anime of 2013

No particular rules here, these animes are ones I found were appealing to my own personal tastes and ones I recommend above others that came out this year. If something you love was missing from the list I’m sorry, but there were many of my own favorites removed from the list in favor of the ones I found most groundbreaking, inspiring, beautifully animated, written, etc etc. Some of these I haven’t had a chance to review yet! Please enjoy! (1 is the best, 10 is on the lower end (but these are the best of the best so number 10 isn’t by any means bad)

10. Nagi no Asukara

I added this anime after a great struggle to quietly push aside another anime I admire very much. Nagi isn’t done yet, but it’s shown great promise in its first half, being a show that focuses on an age group that usually is skipped over in most anime I’ve seen, preteens. It’s that awkward stage between childish innocence and adult maturity with the main characters fighting between the two while also trapped between the fight of the land and the sea. It’s about FISH PEOPLE to put it bluntly and to explain quickly (my dad cutely calls this “Fishy Anime”) that this anime is just incredibly beautiful and sweet, and paaaainful. I’m really hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me, but is a genuinely good series to carry over to 2014.

9. Silver Spoon

I love me some slice of life, and Silver Spoon is so much more. It’s educational, feel good, coming of age, and full of things I’d gladly show to anyone. It is a GREAT anime for just about anyone to get into. There isn’t a ton of action and fighting, it’s by no means supernatural, but it’s just so nice! I’m happy to see it return in January and excited to see what fun things we’ll learn next about agriculture!

8. Little Witch Academia


*coughs* I did a review on this one earlier, so much of why I love it has already been explained. Really Studio Trigger (and this little part of it) has just done so well in bringing life so such a tiny little gem like LWA. Anime is magical, and LWA takes that seriously, bringing forth animation that really stands out on its own, a story and characters (and their great designs) that bring color and light into the show and the fact that all of that, a small, half hour long OVA won itself an anime thanks to a mostly WESTERN audience! Please keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming anime!!

7. Suisei no Gargantia

The Urobutcher strikes again!! And he makes a mecha anime about post-ice age earth nicer and more heartfelt than that painful magical girl anime. He is one backwards man, but Garganita was one of my favorite surprises this year, mostly for the writing and directing. The plot twists were insane I MEAN INSANE, the character development WAS AMAZING for all characters, and the world building and animation was just perfect (SERIOUSLY LEDO GETS A TAN OVER THE SERIES HOLY HELL DETAILS) and it went out with such a wonderful bang.

I wanna say I caught wind of some sort of sequel/movie in the works (I know OVAs came out but CR doesn’t DO OVAs which kinda is their biggest fault at the moment), but I’m not entirely sure, regardless, the anime to me at least ended at a point that was just perfect and I’d be okay if no more showed up, but PUMPED if more were to be released.

6. Kyokai no Katana

A lot of people were upset with KNK’s ending, which surprises me seeing as it was a pretty heart-racing, gut-wrenching and tear jerking climax in my book. I had read the manga for AOT and knew what was coming (and what’s to come) so the climax of THAT anime was not nearly as emotionally provoking as KNK was, as I’ve never read the novel.

Overall, Kyoani has just had a great year and I’m glad they did, but I still stand by what I said, KNK deserved more praise than Free, and I’m happy to see Free returning next year, I’m just more satisfied with KNK as it had an ending that was just perfect, along with a freaking amazingly great story, characters, comedy, romance, and wow the tragedy.  

5. Eccentric Family

One of the few animes I see hardly anything about around was Eccentric Family. It was a really nice short, concise anime with some great story telling and mythology. I’ve gotta say, this one had my attention nonstop, and I came into this series late, having to watch around 75% of the anime before I caught up RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX, so I was all built up and raring to go at the bad guys and crying over the big reveal, and praying that the ending would be good and not RIP MY HEART TO SHREDS, but in the long run, Eccentric Family is a BEAUTIFUL coming of age story, and a story about family.

4. Attack on Titan

I had to put it on the list, not to pander, but just to mention it as AOT really was the anime of 2013. People OUTSIDE of anime knew what it was and it had such a great online presence…The problem is, after months, AOT actually just wore out its welcome for me. It’s already hurt me emotionally in ways you cannot imagine if you haven’t watched the show, yet I absolutely love it. I should hate it, I should hate all of the characters, YET I LOVE IT. Maybe the huge outpouring of pornography keeps me going, and my colossal titan nendoroid, but since the last few episodes of the anime, the OVA, the prequel and the latest chapters of the manga, my soul is just dying.

No anime has caused such emotional chaos since Natsuyuki Randevous or Shiki, maybe even Fruits Basket, but the problem is, those anime are what make me LOVE anime. The pain is GOOD. ;_; There is something wrong with me…

3. Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

You have no idea how important Rozen Maiden is to me. It actually had an effect on my life and I have been waiting YEARS for this reboot/special series. To explain to people new to anime, Rozen Maiden originally came out during one of the…worst time for animes based off of manga. None of them ever got an actually decent anime and because of this, fat was trimmed, and by fat, I mean STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, replaced instead by pandering and FILLER.

Zurückspulen (German for rewind) was a completely new spin on this to fix the anime the best it could and wow…I could not stop watching it. I have a feeling it had to do with Kirakishou and older Jun. Oh, and that they just kept twiiisiting that knife into my back, which as you can see, seems to keep me interested in anime.

I am such a freaking masochist OTL

2. Kyousogiga

Wowza, this was a great year for anime, artistically and emotionally. I was…mostly mad at Kyousogiga at first (I’m about to watch episode 10.5 to get to speed on what I just watched). Firstly, let me explain: this story is NOT told in chronological order! So you’re jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 different worlds, time lines, character POVs it’s stressful and hard to keep up with, but at the same time, it felt like a puzzle I HAD to put together on my own, slowly putting the pieces together and watching as the big picture came together. I enjoyed every moment of it, the reveals, the concept, and I was SCREAMING in shock in the last two episodes at my poor TV.

Beautiful animation, symbolism, story (despite how hard it is to follow) and I just…I’m in awe of this anime. IT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF ONLY FOR ONE SHOW

1. Gatchaman Crowds

It’s great to see something like Gatchaman Crowds come out of the woodwork. It’s retro, but yet it has this new, almost futuristic appeal to it. To me, this anime feels lost in time. Gatchaman itself is an OLD franchise, super popular in Japan, but not in the west, but CROWDS brings forth new technology, character types, animation and music to make this beautiful chic anime that is a treat for the eyes, ears and mind.

I say eyes and ears mostly because of the music and visuals. This anime, from the second it started to the moment it ended had the most visually appealing art style to me all season. Yes attack on titan was beautiful in its own respects (especially once you see the source material), but Crowds had this poppy, minimalist art style and soft color pallet. A lot of people HATE CG in anime like in Tiger and Bunny, but Gatchaman just pulls it off beautifully, taking a new mecha like approach on the old Gatchaman uniforms that were actually one of the main trademarks of the original Gatchaman series.

The music is an absolute treat. As soon as I heard Tutu I was blasted back to 2007 when I’d be playing Katamari Damacy, and it’s such a mix. A lot of people joke that the soundtrack is very dubsteppy, but not in a bad way at all. It takes opera, orchestral works, rock, pop, alternative music, and electrocutes it with the industrial sound of EDM and Dubstep to bring out the futuristic appeal of the Gatchaman Crowds universe.

It also broke the mold on characters. There are characters, flamboyant, masculine, miniscule, feminine, awkward, strange, angry and all in places you don’t expect. I was in awe to see a character in drag…and hardly anyone pointed it out within the series. It was nice to see a lead female character who wasn’t of your normal pick of the litter. There was little to no romance in this anime (though I won’t lie, I will gladly enjoy some when the series picks back up) and WOW JUST THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.


Regardless of what my favorites were, be it Saint Young Men, Free, AOT or whatever, 2013 was a great year for anime. The year ahead looks incredibly exciting and full of many more TBAs and a great line up prepared for Winter and Spring. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year, stay safe, and resolve to watch more anime in the coming year!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to drop me a line be it via reblog, ask or whatever :3 I’m always up for feedback!


Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 4 (Final)

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here
Part 2 about the Concert Opening and Quartet Night here
Part 3 about Shining Theatre and first part of Starish!

Posting this so late OTL I totally did not procastinate

So this is the final part! Enjoy!

Ps I wrote down notes from what I got during Starish’s talk part so I wouldn’t miss out certain things.

Mellow~ Mellow~

Yeyy it’s Mellow×2 Chu time! :D Suwabe-san was at the centre stage during this performance. Personally I quite like this song, it has such a good beat to it XD

They had pretty light displays/effects spiralling round, up and down with Suwabe-san standing in the middle, under it. It was so cool and worked so well with the song! I’ve never seen lights like this at a concert before!

Suwabe-san gave kisses during the song which killed all the fangirls haha

Subete O Uta Ni ~ Tsu
I absolutely love Syo and I also love Shimono-san, but I’m not particularly fond of this song at all. However!! His performance made me so hyped up and I was singing along! He was so cute and energetic haha
He was running and flying around in wires and did flips every now and then!
Near the end of the song he flipped for nearly the duration of the ending! Wasn’t he dizzy? LOL so fast as well! He looked like he had a lot of fun and it was really nice to watch XD haha
At the end, Shimono-san took longer than expected to get out of the wires and off the stage.
Green Ambition was just starting when he only managed to free himself, and he ran off stage XD too cute~

Toriumi was at centre stage.
I don’t remember anything in particular that happened for this, but he gave a wonderful performance as Cecil ^^

Code T.V.U.
Kikoe masuka yeah hello! Tsunagaru yorikobi wo thank you~

I love this song! While Toriumi was still on stage, Shimono-san and Suwabe-san came out from either side in carts which took them to regroup on stage.

They each stood on different rising platforms, it looked so cool!

Todoke Code T.V.U arinomama
Ya Code T.V.U hitotsu ni narou~

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anonymous asked:

so i see you enjoy neo as much as anyone else who hates themselves OTL do you have any good fic recs for the pairing?

wow that is exactly how I feel about myself and neo in general because I am the biggest SLUT for this pairing, slightly (very) bitter that I didn’t discover VIXX during neo’s golden years, and slightly disgusted at how obsessed I am with this pairing (also I hear that a lot of Starlights find the pairing cliche and overrated but I cannot find it in me to give a fuck).

But before we begin, a shameless plug by yours truly:

Grey: Taekwoon’s world bursts into violent colour (pg, soulmate!AU, fluff/angst) 

- Of Sweets and Angels: Sanghyuk wonders if an angel has come to take him to Heaven (pg13, Hunger Games!AU + girl!Hakyeon)

So anyway, fic recs. I’m a relatively new Starlight (less than half a year in) so I myself am still exploring and discovering new material for this pairing, not helped by the fact that I lost a bunch of bookmarked fics when I reformatted my phone (one of them is lost forever). Everything I read is pg13 and below because I can’t and won’t read smut (v vanila, huge prude, sorry about that). A majority of the fics I mention can be found in this masterlist here so there’s a high chance you’ve already read it. But here are some of my faves in no particular order except for the first two:

R.I.P. (Reaper In Progress): It begins and ends in the dark. (pg13, reaper!AU, fluff/angst)

  • Okay let me tell you something about this fic. I read this fic four months ago and I’ve never truly moved on. It is hands down, one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read. Needless to say, I cried, and even now I feel like crying because I allowed myself to think about it again. If you must choose only one fic to read, read this one. Not recommended to be read in public (like I did).

Paw Prints in the Snow: His first memory is Hakyeon’s face. (pg13, wizard/familiar!AU, fluff/angst, v angst, THE PAIN, one of my absolute faves)

There’s a Ghost Upon the Moor Tonight: When Taekwoon comes back to the clearing his house stands in, he’s not able to appreciate the color of the sky that comes in hues of pink and yellow, because there’s someone sitting on his porch, throwing dead leaves all around the ghost kitty. (g, ghost whisperer!AU, slow burn)

The Silence: The first time Hakyeon heard him sing, or rather the first time he would remember it, his mother died. (pg13, banshee!AU, slow burn)

Relative Destiny: Hakyeon is clueless. Taekwoon is clueless. The people they each like are clueless. Also, Hakyeon throws things at Wonshik and Taekwoon glares at Hongbin. (pg13, college!AU, very cute & fluffy, i did a lot of kicky legs while reading this)

Untitled Maniscript: So long as there’s a reader, no story will ever truly end. Hakyeon breathes life into the pages, and wholeheartedly believes their love will be perpetual. (pg, dystopian!AU, slow burn)

Little Talks: “Give it back now.” “Try and take it.” (pg13, canonverse, fluff, v cute)

Reminice: Taekwoon used to say the winter beach looked lonely. (g, cancer!au, angst, horrible horrible angst)

- Why Won’t You Return My Calls?: Hakyeon isn’t calling or texting anymore, and even though it hasn’t even been a day, Taekwoon’s worried. (pg13, canonverse, angst, horrible horrible angst, i should really learn to love myself)

- Unlock:  Hakyeon is so close to his goal, so close to his constant ache being cured, but his travelling companions are making reaching his destination a little more complicated than he would like. (pg13, magicverse+bandits!AU, subtle neo)

You’ve Got Me Chasing Promises on the Horizon:  Hakyeon decides to jump into the great unknown. (pg, psychic!AU + muggle!hakyeon)


Quietverse series

Reticent: Taekwoon’s world exists in quiet moments. (pg, canonverse, hurt/comfort, leo-centric, more about leo’s introversion than neo but I like it a lot because of how much I am able to relate to it)

Repose: Sometimes it gets harder to drown out life. (pg, canonverse, companion piece to the Reticent, with more pronounced neo)


Golden Silence series

Selective Mutism (g, childhood friends!AU, leo has selective mutism, fluff, mostly)

(In)dependence (g, college!AU, fluff)


bunny!leo series

*usually I feel kind of weird about hybrid!leo but this one is cute

Bunny Bunny:  “Woonie, you can’t eat flowers when you’re in your human form, okay?” (g, florist!AU + bunny!leo, fluff)

Sunshine (g, florist!AU + bunny!leo, fluff)

Carrot-Scented Hand Cream:   “You always talk about how other people smell, but you’ve never told me how I smell. Like you said Wonsik smells like feet and Hongbin smells like too much lotion…” (g, florist!AU + bunny!leo, fluff)


Ok so I mentioned that I don’t read smut but in certain circumstances, I force myself to sit through it. This is caused by either wips that start off as pg but then veer into nc-17 and I’m in too deep to back out or an intriguing enough plot/summary that makes me convince myself that I can handle it (I’m wrong. Every time.) I still don’t read the sexy bits though (I skim until I don’t see any “danger” words anymore, yes I’m that lame) so I can’t tell you if the smut is good or not (not that I’m able to tell even if I read it). Anyway: 

Just Can’t Control: Hakyeon’s sexuality is Jung Taekwoon’s new hair extensions for their new concept, Hyde, and the fact of that is killing him. (nc17, canonverse, hilariously self-absorbed sexually frustrated hakyeon, A+ humour)

Cream Over Moon: Hakyeon wouldn’t have guessed that a simple request to find a pet would turn out to be such a challenging job. And there’s more to his client than he initially thought- instead of just one, he ends up finding two cats. (r, urban fantasy!AU, idk the genre, adventure? mystery? whatever it is, it’s good)


also, I may or may not have finished two other vixx fanfics that I’m still building up the courage to actually publish on a writing blog I made about two weeks ago bye

edit: so maybe i made the blog now bye

Chanyeol; Imperfection

Originally posted by shin-soo-hyun

 Could you possibly write a scenario where you’re a highschool student, and you’re at lunch with your “friends” and they start talking about your flaws (frizzy hair, plain clothing, nerd, etc.) and then they talk louder on how you will never get a boyfriend, and you get embarrassed and just before you run away but Chanyeol (He’s popular, but because he is nice, caring, and a good role model?) Comes up to your table, pulls you up, and kisses you, and says something like, “I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time.” and it turns out he’s had a crush on you since the first day of highschool? Sorry if this is specific and long OTL

❝ I’M SORRY THIS IS LATE!! I love high school au’s so this is right up my street (Plus I just left high school last year lol)

▷ WARNING: ◁ bullying? Name calling etc.

1219 words // scenario;

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Happy New Year! 2017!!!

Everyonnnnnnneeeee! Happy New Year!!!! \(≧▽≦)/

Originally posted by yamaming

There were lots of wonderful things that happened!!!! Really so many….but since it’s life and nothing’s perfect, of course there were some not so great things…and some of those things might continue from 2016 into 2017…but we got through 2016 and now 2017 is here before us!!! We made it!!! Like Mamo-chan would say, we’re all human, so we’re all walking together and getting past our hardships through life together!

To everyone I’m friends/mutuals with, I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO BAD AT KEEPING UP WITH COMMUNICATING. I love all of you and wish the best for all of you ^^ I’ll try to do a better job of keeping in contact and not taking forever to reply this new year!!! To those I have yet to talk with/haven’t talked very much with, I’m looking forward to getting to know you or getting to know you better this year! Ah…! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of my friends better this year as well, of course! ^^

Messages to a few specific people!!! 

@aishiteruitsumo6 Keelllyyy-chan~! I’m so blessed to have been able to get to know you this year…AND THEN MEET YOU “IRL” AS WELL!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Though I haven’t responded to that part of our message-conversation yet, I am thankful to have grown up in the states and have learned English fluently ^^;;; because really, if I had stayed in Japan……well…it would have it’s perks!!!!! but, then, you’re right, I wouldn’t have gotten to know you…and honestly…it makes me really sad to think of that…I’m really, really happy that we found each other and that we are friends…(and maybe we knew each other and were friends in a different lifetime? :3333? I do sorta believe in that, like we’d talked about before~ X3) Thank you~ for everything! I’m so happy to know you, and I hope we get to hang out again soon~ My New Year’s resolution…(not quite sure if it counts) IS TO LIVE IN JAPAN BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! OFFICIALLY!! AND NEVER LEAVE!!!! RAWRR!!! I’ve said it before…probably countless times now but…本当に本当にありがとうー!私を待ってくださいね〜!もうすぐ戻るから。。。絶対、今年、この2017年終わる前に戻るから。。。また、一緒に遊ぼう!そして、マモちゃんとしょーたんの場所に行こうねー!☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆

@tsukinokakera Kirakira-chaan! I’m really happy that you’re in my life~ Thank you for being there to listen to me when I was, LOL, breaking down… And really just being there for me in general~ Life has gotten busy for us lately, so we’re not talking as much as we used to before, but that doesn’t mean that our friendship has suffered from that at all!!! I hope that this year, we’ll find more time to talk with each other and I really hope this year is better for you…I hope that you’re doing okay and that your family is doing okay…remember to keep breathing and to take breaks away from everything if you can when you need it! If you ever need anything, know that I’m here for you. ^^ One of these days, I hope that we’ll be able to meet each other “irl”~ I’m wishing that you have a wonderful new year, Kirakira-chan! ^^ 大丈夫だよー!絶対大丈夫になるよー!信じてるー!(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

@jennshaiel Nana-chan! I’m praying that your 2017 will be better than all other years, especially 2016. I feel like you’ve been really struggling this past year, and I’m so sorry…I really wish there was more I could help you with…but I really believe, I’m really hoping that this year is better than all other years for you. Thank you for always been such an encouragement for me…Thank you for pointing out things to me…LIKEMAMO’SARMSFOREXAMPLE, Nana-chan is the reason why I always think YUMMY WHEN I SEE MAMO-CHAN’S ARMS SOMETIMES. LIKE IN SUGER, SUGER WHEN MAMO WAS SHOWING HIS SHOULDER ATTRACTIVELY TO THE AUDIENCE I HAD A STUPID URGE TO NIBBLE ON IT???!!! AND I THINK IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE OF NANA-CHAN’S INFLUENCE????!!! ANYWAYS. I FEEL LIKE I’VE LEARNED SEVERAL ODD THINGS FROM YOU….xDDDD;;;;;;;; but really though, Nana-chan is such an amazing person, (and Nana-chan’s boyfriend is as well x,D), thank you for everything you’ve said to me, your encouragements and your findings, and your gifs and photoshops, they’re all a gift~ Thank you so much~ I’m looking forward to our conversation and what Mamo has in store for us this coming year~ (≧◡≦) 

There are really so many more people I’d like to write messages for…maybe I should make more posts with messages~ ^^; 
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I hope that we get to talk more this year and that this year is really better than all previous years. I pray that each and every one of you are able to get a little closer, if not reach your goals and dreams as well as go beyond that in this year, 2017~ I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better and walk step by step into the future with everyone! I hope this first day (or…second day…depending on where you are…!!) into the New Year was a wonderful one, and that each day you all live your fullest with no regrets~ And though it’s impossible not to have challenges and hardships, I hope that you go through each day with a smile and have lots of wonderful things happen~

Here’s to 2017!!!! (≧◡≦) ♡


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animation advice!! Ive been asked a few times what I would have liked to have known before getting into ~the industry~ so I’ve compiled a list. I definitely need to take my own advice though, I by no means follow this as well as I should. Most of this stuff is pretty damn generic but I still hadn’t considered it until I started working, so maybe you’ll find it helpful! I dunno!

work smarter, not harder.

I’m gonna cover the second half of that saying first - Do not work late every single night so the next day youre too tired to get any real work done until 2pm. 

  • take breaks
  • download a time management app
  • understand your health and your work ethic 

Breaks are necessary for better work. There will be days where you have to power through and work late, but it shouldnt be every single day. If you’re working late all the time, you’ll end up being unproductive the next day, which will mean you’re working late again, which will me youre unproductive, again. 

DONT WORK ALL NIGHT!!! its not worth it, trust me. Unless the next day is a day you absolutely do NOT have to work, a day where you can for sure sleep and do nothing, do not work all night. To work smarter you need to:

Ask questions!!!! 

  • ask if there’s quicker ways to do things
  • dont be embarrassed that you dont know stuff 
  • (thats what asking questions is foooor)
  • ask others about their workflow 
  • ask for tips and tricks and scripts/pluggins(if you’re working digitally, seriously ask for them!!!)
  • ask for clear expectations and directions
  • if youre still unsure, ask for clarification

if you dont ask questions you’ll slow down the production and people will wonder why you didnt just ask when it comes up. They hired you to know stuff already, sure, but they also want you as an employee to seek out information if you dont know it. All of your coworkers are wells of knowledge, and most are more than willing to share and to help.

Kill your ego

That sounds pretty damn dramatic, but its true. 

You wont know everything and people who are at your level or not quite at your level will often know things you don’t. Sometimes you’ll feel that the way you’re doing something will be better, or a choice you made is smarter, but your supervisor will disagree. You’ll need to learn that they are in charge for a reason.

It can (and will) be embarrassing, but this doesnt mean you should never stick up for your ideas. Just make sure to pick and chose you battles, and go in understanding, not aggressive and fighting

Done is better than perfect.

We all want to showcase our utmost skill and finesse in everything we do, but sometimes, things just wont work out. Deadlines, pipeline issues, challenging scenes, so many things will affect your timeline in your work.

This would again be a point where you’d need to let your ego go a bit. Production would love to have it perfect, but they’d much rather have it done by the deadline.

Still try to do the best work you can, but remember its the best work you can within a time frame. If you’re struggling, ask questions, ask for help!

and seriously - take care of yourself! 

  • Drink water
  • go for walks around the office
  • drink even more water
  • stretch your back
  • your arms
  • your wrists
  • Take care of your eyes
  • wear sunglasses outside
  • download f.lux 
  • or get fancy tinted glasses to combat the light from the computer  
  • Get enough sleep!! 

and take care of yourself socially and mentally too. Find people to lean on, put an emphasis on team work. Help others and let them help you. I’m only still trucking at this because I have people at the work that are like a support group. Having people like that at work makes the hard times a lot easier and makes the struggles a lot more worth it. 

Make time for you

that of course means 

  • self care
  • relax
  • socialize
  • visit friends and family
  • to go to the doctors
  • take a sick day (try not to come into work sick, pls,,)
  • keep up other adult obligations
  • (go to the bank if you need to go to the bank already!) 

but also!! make time to create outside of work. its gonna suck, sometimes youll be way too tired. Try to make something of your own everyday, but dont punish yourself for needing time or a break. It’s not shameful to be burnt out. If you can draw most days, or plan personal projects, or write, or any sort of hobby, you will feel better. 

Sometimes work consumes so much of your life that you’ll feel like nothing exists outside of it - thats when sitting down and making something for yourself Really helps.

That’s the generic stuff!! but seriously, if you have any questions about animation, don’t be afraid to ask. 

please don’t stop the music.

The only reason Emma even goes to the activities fair in the first place is to escape her dorm and her new roommate – not that there is anything wrong with Kathryn, mind you, she seems like a nice girl and all, but Emma just doesn’t do socialising. Which makes attending the activities fair all the more ironical as she has no plan whatsoever to enrol in any of the campus clubs – her plan is actually quite simple: go to her classes, study, have good grades. Easy peasy. Making friends will wait until never, because she’s obviously not here for that.

That is, until some petite brunette with doe eyes and a kind smile clings to her with big words about the Storybrooke Sirens – what even? – and how they need new members and oh you look so lovely do you sing or at least harmonize? Emma blinks, twice. First at the pixie brunette then at the banner above the stand of her club.

“Synchronised nerd singing, really? Yeah, no, I’m not your girl.”

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How would both teams teach their significant others how to cook and what would their specialties be?

(by “their specialities” i’ll assume you mean dishes the boys would consider their best v u v") 

Makoto: This boy is a complete mess in the kitchen, from knocking things over with his elbows or flat-out burning the food, and he might even forget how to hold a knife at some point. It would be less of him teaching his partner how to cook and more of his partner trying to get him to not set anything on fire. However, he’d be much better off if someone’s there to help him, and with a lot of practice, he can proudly present a bowl of onion gratin soup. (Although his original specialty would be rice balls.)

Haruka: Obviously it goes without saying that if his partner wanted to learn how to cook, the first thing he’d do is pull out the mackerel and a frying pan. He’d actually be quite good at teaching his partner how to cook, since he’s more patient with this rather than something like teaching them how to swim. He would find cooking with his partner rather fun, and feel extremely proud and smile a little when they happily show him a bowl of mackerel soup. “Good job.” (Grilled mackerel is definitely his biggest pride in his  cooking skills.)

Nagisa: Cooking is not Nagisa’s forte. That isn’t to say that he’s as big of a mess as Makoto is, but baking things like cookies and other sweets would be something he enjoys more. He’d be pretty good at guiding his partner through all the different steps, but he’s incredibly clumsy when it comes to adding or stirring things or just spilling things over, so he and his s/o might end up spending more time cleaning up than actually baking. (He can make some great strawberry cookies, though.)

Rei: Like Nagisa, Rei enjoys baking more than cooking meals, but his real talent shines in making drinks and desserts. It might be because he works extremely well with measurements and makes sure everything is exact, but when it comes to hot chocolate to coffee to even fruit punch, his aesthetic is all in decoration and making sure they look beautiful. He serves up the kind of drinks that have sliced lemons on the side of the cup and hearts drawn in whipped cream, but he would spend more time flipping out at his partner for not having exact measurements or the eye for perfection that he does. (He can make a really delicious, intricate parfait.)

Rin: Rin is pretty confident in his cooking skills, since he’s had to cook for himself before. He’s definitely above average, but like his coaching, his lessons wouldn’t be easy and he’d be hard on his partner when it comes to doing things right in the kitchen, but only because he doesn’t want them to give up on cooking if the dish doesn’t turn out well. As a coach he’s got lots of patience and will take over if his partner is struggling with something, but he’d feel a genuine sense of pride when they make something they’re proud of too. (Rin’s specialty is definitely his pork cutlet.)

Sousuke: His cooking skills are so-so. He’s never been able to call himself proud of them, but he can make a decent dish once in a while when he needs to. He’d be a little surprised that his partner suddenly wants to learn how to cook, but he wouldn’t reject them, instead smiling and offering to cook together. Similar to Rin he’d be a bit of a strict cooking teacher since he doesn’t want his partner to hurt themselves or get discouraged, but the dish would come out a lot better than expected when they make it together and he’d offer to do it again sometime. (His best dish is probably his vegetable potage, since it’s so simple.)

Nitori: Admittedly, Nitori’s skill isn’t really in cooking entrees as it is for desserts. He really enjoys making sweets, not just because he likes them, but because sweet things usually make people smile and that’s mainly why he cooks. He’d be overjoyed to know that his partner wants to learn how to cook from him, and he’d be a very careful and steady teacher, thoroughly instructing them about all the ins and outs of dessert-making but still smiling at them the whole way through. (He loves making caramel flan and considers it his specialty.)

Seijuurou: Seijuurou really doesn’t get discouraged easily, but even so, he has to admit that his finesse in the kitchen isn’t as good as it could be since most of his food ends up getting burnt even when he tries his best. When his partner tells him they want to cook, he’d give that hearty laugh and promise that it’ll definitely turn out awesome if they work on it together. He only knows the basics of cooking but would teach them the best he can, taking their hands and showing them how to move a knife and such. He’s very laid-back when it comes to cooking, too, so it’d be fun to spend a day cooking with him. (He works best with pancakes because they’re so easy and he loves piling syrup and fruit onto them, which is his main motivation to make them in the first place.)

Momotarou: Unlike his big brother, Momotarou actually did pretty well in home ec class, so he does know his way around the kitchen and which one is the salt and which one is the sugar. (He labels them just in case.) He’d grab his partner’s hands and nod with all the energy in the world, promising to be the best teacher ever. He tends to have a liking for food that can be decorated easily or anything he can add his name onto. But his teaching skills wouldn’t be the best since his instructions are so vague. “No, no, you add this stuff to this bowl first!” (His best dish is definitely his omelet rice. He loves making it just because he can write his name in ketchup on it after it’s done and draw peaches all over it.)