a lot of thought went into the appropriate gif

h e   l e t   t h e   c a g e d   b i r d   s i n g   i n   h i s   l a n d

Mini story time! So while I was signing up for the Darling Pan Secret Santa, my first thought (and I do not kid) was “wow, what if I was assigned someone super talented or artistic, like bombxbomb? I’d go crazy trying to impress them” and I dismissed the thought because hey, what are the odds, right? Well guess what! Haha so basically I freaked out and I wanted to do something crazy big (3D sculpting for a modern AU to be precise) and then I realized I suck at it so I’m super sorry but this is plan B which means I didn’t clean it up/color it appropriately! I still hope you can enjoy it anyway - as you can probably see, I went from the modern AU to the crime syndicate one ‘cause I had a new idea (which I thought was cooler) during the process. I’m no writer, but I did want to complement this with something (because you’re rEALLY COOL), so enjoy the various puns I made under the cut and the sketchy picture that accompanies it! :P

I ramble a lot, but the bottom line is, Merry Christmas, bombxbomb! Hope your holiday is as amazing as you are! (This is for the Darling Pan fanworks exchange, for those of you who don’t know!)

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