a lot of tears went into the making of this gifset

A bunch of Yuzu asks

Anonymous said:

Could you tell us a little about what happened in the 2012-2013 National? I know that Yuzu won, some people did not like it and something made him very upset, but I only know that. I tried to look for some information in the GS but I did not find anything.

I think you summed up the chain of events pretty comprehensively there. It was the first Japanese National title for Yuzu, which did not go down well with some people. Most of those unhappy folks were supporters of Daisuke Takahashi, who was at the time the top male skater in Japan and a very, very popular figure with lots and lots of fans. I did not witness it firsthand, but I heard that those disgruntled fans took it upon themselves to make a ruckus during the medal ceremony. Plus after that there was plenty of talk circulating about how Yuzu’s win was undeserved. All of which, of course, made Yuzu quite depressed. I think I read somewhere that the backlash extended further when he didn’t medal at Worlds that year. His performance at London was affected greatly by his injury, and his comeback free skate was, by all accounts, an extraordinary effort, but well, die-hard fans just can’t be reasoned with.

Anonymous said:

Do you remember your reaction to the cup of china 2014?

Oh my lord, yes, only all too well. I’m actually having the shivers just from typing this. I remember being confused at first and then worried and then full-blown panicked and hysterical as Yuzu kept lying there on the ice and no help seemed to be coming. I remember thinking that it was at the same time one of the bravest and the most foolish things I’ve ever seen when he insisted on skating his program. I remember biting my nails and practically hyperventilating every time he went for a jump. I remember feeling, I don’t know how to describe it, emotionally overloaded, I guess, when I watched him break down in tears at the K&C. 

I remember vividly that it was the day I decided that this incredibly brave and foolish kid is my most beloved athlete on the face of Earth and that I would forever support him in whatever he does.

Even now I still get the anxiety whenever I see him in warm-up. Why did you do this to me, anon, why?

Anonymous said:

yuzu’s 4S is the scariest thing, like you never know when he’s gonna land it, and when he does, it’s so insanely beautiful?? I was rewatching seimei at aci and his 4S combo was so fast his quad looked like a triple???? this isn’t a gif request or anything but I just wanna share my admiration at his speed in the air and I know you’ll get it

I totally agree with every of your points, have gone ahead and make a gifset for it, and have gushed my heart out about it too in a lengthy and largely redundant love letter to His Majesty :D If there’s any positive takeaway from that disastrous free skate at SCAC, I’d say it’s the confidence he seems to have gained on his quad Salchow, or as I like to joke:

that awkward moment when you fell on your best jump popped your second best jump and nailed your least reliable quad 

#just yuzuru things 

Anonymous said:

i feel like yuzu sometimes changes his biellman to an a spin if he’s not doing well in the program? does the biellman take effort apart from flexibility? or does the a spin allow him to think like, oh what should i yolo later   

The Biellmann position is quite taxing on his back and shoulder and Yuzu doesn’t really need it to hit level 4 on his free skate combination spin, so yes, when he doesn’t feel well enough he will skip it. Like at 4CC this year, he said he was feeling a bit stiff, so he didn’t do a Biellmann in either his free skate or the gala after. Another advantage of switching to an A-spin is that it’s an easier position to hold, so it would allow Yuzu to slow down or speed up accordingly to bring his choreography back in sync with the music, in case he missed a beat or two earlier due to a flubbed jump :)

Anonymous said:

I know you mentioned you’re currently working on skating skills/spinning tech posts, so if you kind of cover my question in those, please ignore this ask!! there seems to be a varied consensus on yuzuru’s spins - some say he’s the best in the field at the moment, and I wanted to know if you agree/disagree/other, and if you think his technique has worsened at all in recent years? (thanks for all the magnificent posts btw, i live for them <3)

I wouldn’t say Yuzu is the absolute best spinner in the men’s field right now. He’s one of the best though, that’s for sure :) In a post which has been in my draft since dinosaurs walked the earth, I’m comparing his spins to Jason Brown’s and when I eventually post it (hopefully later today if I manage to make all the gifs I want to make to go with it), you’ll see that my position (no pun intended) is that they’re on the same level.

As to the development of Yuzu’s spin technique over time, I’d like to recycle these gifs:

SP Étude in D-sharp minor, 2011-2012 season:  

SP Let’s Go Crazy, 2016-1017 season:

Doesn’t look like his spin is becoming any rustier with time: flexibility, control, balance, musicality, everything is still there. If anything, he’s been getting better at gaining speed, especially during sit spins, plus both his flying entries and jumps within spins are becoming a lot more stable:

(appreciate also that smooth transition out of the Biellmann - it’s a new feature developed just last season, you know)

Bran Stark Positivity week: Day 1

I was going to gif the prompt for today but when I went to do it I realised I couldn’t fit all I wanted to express into a gifset. So I’m going to write about the Bran quotes that make me feel, and there’s a few of those.

“Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?”

It’s an amazing thought for a boy of seven. Robb says the man died bravely, and Jon says he was afraid, and they are both right, and Bran and Ned are the ones to see this. It’s even more important when we think of what Bran is facing, that he goes beyond the Wall, and will play such a vital part in the war against the Others.

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Okay so I don’t know if someone has talked about that yet but this morning I thought about it so here it is.

From what I know and remember, it has been said, by the Russos and/or Renner, that Clint had mostly joined team Cap because “he was the first to ask”. It had always kind of bugged me, and now I’m convinced that Clint had actually been against the Sokovia Accords all along.

The gifset I made is here to proove my point. First I want to say that I know most people think Clint was already retired, and I agree that it might be the case. During Age of Ultron, he says, through a metaphora about house renovations, that battling Ultron is his “last project”. Then, he went back to his family and hasn’t been shown to come back, though being still in touch with at least Natasha.

But remember when Laura says “Then you’ll find another part of the house to tear apart”? Sure, Clint says after that that it’s his last project, but the fact that Laura mentions that she knows he’ll find something else after the current situation means he’s done that already. The very fact that he comes out of retirement to help Cap is a proof that he can’t stop, he always needs to help. But yes, maybe Clint went into retirement back then, right after Ultron. Makes sense considering he was to be a dad not long after. But then… Why would Steve ask if Clint signed the SA? If he’s already retired, he isn’t an Avenger anymore and don’t need to sign them. So this is where my theory (because let’s face it, that’s a theory and no less) lands, Clint didn’t retire after Ultron. He took vacations, some paternity leave maybe, but didn’t leave the Avengers for good.

Now I’d like to come back to the gifs. In the ones on the left, Secretary Ross mentions that if you don’t sign the Accords, or if you do something that doesn’t please the ones in charge, then you’re send to retirement. And on the right, Natasha mentions that Clint “says he’s retired”. Now if we consider he was already retired, there’s nothing about it. But if you consider he wasn’t, then it means something else entirely.

Clint says he’s retired. What a strange choice of words from Natasha. She doesn’t say he consider it’s not his business, nor that he puts his family first. She doesn’t say he’s signed nor that he hasn’t. She doesn’t say “You know he’s retired”. No she specifically quotes him saying “I’m retired”. Exactly what happens when you don’t sign. Now one can only imagine Clint asking Natasha what happens if he disagree, and upon hearing the answer, saying something like “Then I’m retired.”

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Wanda is the reason he’s team Cap and I agree with them, but I also think that he wouldn’t have been that involved if he hadn’t share Cap’s opinion. Getting out of retirement, compromising himself, risking not to see his family (including a baby possibly not one year old yet) only because someone “asked first” doesn’t makes sense to me.

(++ When Tony comes to the Raft, Clint welcomes him with a great speech that includes “He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not”. Wait a minute. Knowing what’s best for someone, making them do things they might not want? Doesn’t that sound like what the Sokovia Accords are proposing? Yes it does. That’s a clear criticism of Tony agreeing with the Accords and what they imply, that would seem a little off coming from someone who came because “Cap asked first”. Clint isn’t some guy you feel with your opinion and he takes it, he makes his own opinions and he’s clearly against the Accords.)

So yes, things works well without this theory, but it had always bugged me, and I think it had always bugged some other Clint fans, so I tried to think about why it bugged me so much. I think I might have found it. At least it works for me.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a primer on julien/pl? I'd love to write fic about them, but I just know bits of pieces from your hcs. But they're both so big and soft????

Hey! So when I started writing we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over), I didn’t think PL/Julien would be more than a one-off pairing that I’d write once for fun, so it’s been thrilling to find that people are interested in them!

So there honestly isn’t much interaction between the two of them, I’m sad to say. They’re friends, and they’ve been teammates a few times, but the part about them together is gonna be fairly short, sorry! I’d love to tell you about them anyway, bc I love them. I’m so sorry for how long this is. This isn’t a primer, this is an essay with pictures.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you with a bit of a dumb question...but I've been seeing the phrase "the story became the story" a lot in the past few weeks on my dash, and I never understood what exactly it means? I think it was mostly on some other blog but I can't seem to find it. Just very confused ^^'

It’s from 9x07:

So, what was that all about, ‘Dee-dawg’?

You remember when we were kids that spring in upstate New York? Dad was on a rugaru hunt. We, uh – we crashed at the, uh … the bungalow colony with the ping-pong table?

Yeah. Uh, y-you disappeared. Dad came back. You were gone. He shipped me off to Bobby’s for a couple months and went and … found you. You were lost on a hunt or something.

THAT’S what we told you. (as if Sam’s story refreshed his memory) Right.

I’m sorry? That’s what you told me?

Truth is, uh… I lost the food money that Dad left for us in a card game. I knew you’d get hungry, so … I tried taking the five-finger discount at the local market and got busted. I wasn’t on a hunt. They sent me to a boys’ home.

A boys’ home, like a … reform school?

Yeah, more or less. It was a farm, and the guy who ran it – Sonny – he, uh, you know, he looked after me.


Hey, Dean … I mean, why didn’t you just tell me you went to a boys’ home?

I don’t know. Uh, it was Dad’s idea. And then it just – you know, the story became the story. I was 16.

I copied most of the exchange (that’s the end of the scene, with Dean using that last line to end the argument) because I think context is sort of important… Basically a lot of meta writers since this episode have picked up on it as a really important phrase to explain a lot of things all round the show, where people have been holding onto ideas and stories which helped but really aren’t that great long term for their development and all. 

This one exchange summarises the entire point of this episode before you even get into it, and basically anything where they were holding onto an idea for safety or denial out of their childhood. Most John Winchester focused episodes have an element of it, this is just the most overt (I think it’s the key episode really for all Carver/Dabb era John-related stuff) so it gives us this great line to explain everything.

Now Mary’s back it’s even more critical because it’s basically explaining everything where there’s difficulty communicating, and Mary was still in the “story” up until Toni told her to her face that there was a different truth to the one she’s been clinging to. (I just scrolled past this great gifset with some side by sides

Essentially the entire story of Mary to Sam and Dean has been, well, a story. She has a whole history of being their tragic saintly mother, they never got to knew through anything but hazy memories and stories. Ever since then her image has been challenged, I mean, like, in 1x09 she apologises to Sam for what happened/will happen (not that she remembers this now) - but at the time it showed there was maybe something more to what Mary knew. Still, going back in time and meeting her, whatever we learn that she’s a hunter etc never changes who she IS to Dean and then Sam - they both look at her like she’s a flawless angel and permanently with tears ready to fall just to be in the same room as her. 

As much as John stuff has stories that became the story - the things they say to explain how bad it was to themselves, that they can focus on him being a great hunter, a hero who sacrificed himself for them, who had his noble tragic quest to avenge Mary, doesn’t really cover that he neglected them and raised them poorly, messed up, with too many expectations and dangerously. Which again is a theme since season 1 - if nothing else shows it clearly, then 1x18 with John sending Dean to clean up his mess with the striga… Which John blamed Dean for despite him being a kid, it was his fault for messing up the hunt not John’s for expecting this tiny child to protect his brother with a shotgun from a terrible monster. And I’ve never been certain he wasn’t using them as bait if he had left them alone in the same town as the monster knowing its pattern was to feed on kids.

So they have their stories about John - stuff where Dean accepts the blame or things where they can kid themselves it wasn’t all as bad as that, because they DID love him and he loved them and all that stuff is apparently what family does for each other - all the selling their souls etc.

Of course then it turns out Mary was the one who started it not John, which is the narrative asking us to question her, to allow her to be more human, as messed up as them, etc.

But actually having her back is difficult to get over the image, so for them the hurdle with Mary has been seeing past the story that became the story, that she is miserable and human and messed up as well (hence all the drama she’s put them through so far)… And they’re struggling with the image of John, where the story became the story and they haven’t exactly conquered that yet EITHER so asking them to be upfront and comfortable discussing it with Mary? She’s been folded into their perception of John and though they very very gently poked at the idea to start with, she was making essentially the same error as Henry Winchester:

You’re also Winchesters. As long as we’re alive, there’s always hope. [DEAN and SAM look at each other.] I didn’t know my son as a man, but having met you two… [HENRY takes DEAN’s hand with his right hand and holds out his left hand to SAM] …I know I would have been proud of him.

He ALSO read all of John’s journal and was horrified by what had happened to him, but for his own sanity drew a nicer picture of John as a hero and a good man (because, on a cosmic level, he was and his actions were good and he saved people and sold his soul for Dean and didn’t even break in Hell when Dean did, like, what a great guy). Mary as a character with a full season long arc has a chance to learn more and get past that same introduction to what she missed while skipping ahead in the story to what to both Henry and her is essentially after the story ended, and to understand what’s underneath the story - that this upbringing by a crusading hero was not exactly a story of great parenting when it came to her sons. And even the only thing she doesn’t know yet after Toni’s attempt to tell her a version of the truth to upset her is that cupids connected her and John, and that her whole story THERE is also a half-truth because unlike the story Dean told her in 12x01 about how she met John, there is no cute love story - there’s manipulation from Heaven and in the end the same love that made her make that deal wasn’t all her fault because it came from a cupid’s arrow not just from her own heart. And it all “had” to happen because of the apocalypse.

Anyway, that’s the sort of thematic thread that has been running through the entire show but since 9x07 had really easy words to put to it to mean anything where this messed up family has constructed an easier truth over its darkness. 

(I have to say as I just watched 10x05 last, I really hated the Winchester Family Story as presented there with them all singing Carry On Wayward Son, and I think it was meant to be fake because Adam was there and they had to ask who he was… But the whole take away from the episode even for the actual Sam and Dean was a very very glossy idea of what they do and how their family is. Works great as a 1 off episode completely in isolation to actually celebrate the show and fandom as we love it, but in context 2 episodes after demon!Dean was laying into Sam about how they were raised and the real dark heart of their family, before trying to kill him…. it’s so fake, and watching those 2 episodes side by side like I did, without the werewolf melodrama in the middle… It’s so obviously a “the story became the story” to smooth over the whole demon!Dean incident so they can function for most of the rest of season 10… If you need another example of seeing it in action :D)

Finally watched the Still Star-Crossed finale

I’m like more than low-key irritated because the intrigue went to new levels and Escalus finally grew a spine and Isabella was back and my ship FINALLY FREAKIN KISSED AND THERE WERE VIOLINS AND TEARS AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

…and now the show’s canceled. I really wanted more and that sucks, but they threw A LOT into the last episode and I made the most of it! Some reactions:

- I love how Benvolio’s utter trust in Rosaline is paralleled to Escalus’ doubt. All she had to do was explain the situation to Benny and he believed her, and he was willing to die on it. Benvolio in this episode was the hero Verona needs because his character, his nobility, his integrity shone

- Rosaline straight up defended her man, clapbacked to Lady Capulet, and got Escalus to see sense so high five to you girl you were amazing as always

- Isabella would have ruled Verona by the end if this show had more episodes. She just gets how to rule and keep the peace and she has impeccable style just let her have the job

- I still love Lord Montague’s smug face like Anthony Head is just having fun and Lord Capulet actually showed layers while also being my kind of petty

- I’m not going to miss the city zooms and cathedral plot. Moving on…

- I knew that servant was shady….

- Livia nooooooo don’t go with that snake Paris noooooo sweetie

- I want to rip Paris’ fancy gelled wig off his head

- I can respect Lady Capulet finally doing something non-threatening and helpful for once I guess



- ooooooh a coup and now Livia knows the truth thank goodness

- Sidenote: everyone’s outfits look incredible in this episode


But that kiss was so beautifully shot and felt so organic because these characters have worked on overcoming their prejudices to become comrades and friends to the point where they can have this intimate moment. That her trust in him holds more weight than any mere romantic chemistry or even the “logical” choice of Escalus is so beautiful and it makes their dynamic so believable. I wish I could’ve seen (on the screen) what their relationship could’ve become

Aaaaaand then it all ends in a cliffhanger and now I weep into my hands and reblog every kiss gifset that exists

Well, I enjoyed what we got of the show, utterly and unexpectedly fell for Rosaline x Benvolio, and I’m waiting on y'all to write a hella amount of fanfiction to ease my mournful soul

So… Today’s the last time we’re ever going to hear ‘Previously on Pretty Little Liars’. and today’s the last time we’re ever going to tag our posts with ‘pll lb’ and today’s the last time we’re ever going to freak out over PLL together, live. Today’s the last time non-American fans are going to be desperately looking for good livestream websites so they aren’t behind when the episode airs, and today is the last time we’re ever going to see our girls try and find out who A (or, A.D) is. Today is the last time we’re gonna spend all night pacing around our rooms, trying to figure out what just happened. Today is the last time we’re gonna cry over a new OTP moment, and today’s the last time we’re gonna rewatch the whole series to make up new theories about who the fuck A could be. Today’s the last time we’re gonna gif the crap out of the new episode and our OTP’s new scenes. Today’s the last time we’re going to see parallels between episodes and gif them, or try to get what they could mean.

It’s been seven years and nineteen days since the pilot episode aired. These seven years were a roller-coaster. We definitely wanted the show to be cancelled more than once. And we sure as hell hated this show to death for more than one season (cough, 5b, 6a, etc). But we also grew fond of the five liars, and while all of them have made terrible (and terribly stupid) mistakes, we love them. It’s been such an eventful journey. There’s no possible way to count how many tears and laughs we’ve shared together. How many times we’ve yelled at the screen because of how frustrated we were with how stupid the characters acted. How many times we’ve spent on Tumblr scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through a shit ton of theories, gifsets, and funny text posts. How many times we’ve been disappointed with the writers, and how many times we’ve been disappointed with how badly the characters were being treated. This show doesn’t have good LGBTQ+ rep, and basically almost everyone in Rosewood is white. This show has got more than a hundred plotholes that probably won’t be answered. This show has been my enemy at times, and I have to admit, I’ve thought about quitting more than once. But, as this old proverb I saw on twitter says, I can’t help but love my enemies. I truly love this show to Pluto and back. It’s the first (and probably the last) show I’ve ever been this attached to. I can’t thank this show enough for everything. It gave me something to look forward to every week. For me, this show was my safe place to land.

I sometimes truly think I lived in Rosewood for the past 7 years. I love the twisted people in Rosewood. I love the liars. And I love the amazingly talented, gorgeous women portraying our favorite characters. Lucy, Sasha, Shay, Ashley, Troian, Janel, Torrey, Vanessa,Andrea… This show wouldn’t be the same without them. As ridiculous and as cheesy as this sounds, PLL really taught me a lot. From friendship to how to hide a dead body properly (I learned from their mistakes). From love to knowing that I should always call the cops if I ever get threatened by an anonymous person. And, I want to take a moment to talk about the most legendary ship in Rosewood, as well. Emison. 

Emily and Alison are the most amazing characters for me. If they weren’t, this blog wouldn’t be dedicated to them. I don’t have enough words to describe what I feel towards them, and in fact, I don’t have any words. Emison is the most legendary ship out there. They have been through so much - separately and together - and they never stopped loving each other. Their relationship is nothing but love and loyalty towards one another (although both have made mistakes in the past). Emily never stopped caring about Ali, and Ali never stopped caring about Em. The connection they share is absolutely astonishing, breathtaking, and stunning. The Emison fandom has survived a war, literally, in 2015. I’m not going to remember all the details, but if you’re an Emison shipper reading this, you know. And we still never lost hope. Legends only. And the way Sasha and Shay portrayed these two great characters is just hypnotizing. And although both Alison and Emily (and Sasha and Shay) are sometimes the source of my pain, They’re both extraordinary and have a very, very special place in my heart. I’m gonna stop talking about them now because if I don’t, I’ll die.

Even though I have been watching PLL for about six or seven years, I only made this blog in 2015, I think. And I definitely don’t regret it. I have so many amazing memories with this fandom. I have made so many amazing friends that I’m never going to forget. Ever. Every single one of you have changed me as a person. You’ve shaped me into someone I never thought I’d become (a lazy ass hoe who doesn’t leave her room). And I’m forever grateful. Thank you to every person who has ever reblogged my posts. And thank you to everyone who has followed my trashy blog. I didn’t expect this post to be this long, but never mind. 

It’s done. Tonight we find out who A is, and as much as I want to, we won’t see a promo for season 8. You might think the game is over, though. But, to quote Sherlock Holmes, the game is never over. But there may be some new players now. And the new players will never realize how hard it was to sit around and wait for a new episode, how much suffering we went through when there were hiatuses, or how much we hated I. Marlene King sometimes. The soundtracks, the webs of lies, the plotholes, the characters, the church, the brew, the people, the radley, I’ll miss everything so much.

The characters that made us love them so much, they will always live in our hearts. Rosewood will always exist. We’ll always go back to rewatch the show, and re-read the books, and we’ll always remember them. We’re stuck. Forever and ever and ever and ever. And that, is immortality, my darlings. ;)

Excuse me for this very, very, very cheesy letter. 

But, for the last ever time… 

Happy Pretty Little Liars day! I love each and every one of you. :)

you’re doin’ great, sweetie ~ Peter Parker Drabble

Prompt: Imagine that Person A is bi/tri/whateverlingual, and Person B eventually shows interest in learning whatever other language(s) they know. After a few basic lessons, B starts to get the hang of it, and starts to use the language(s) more casually. One day when A and B are doing a regular thing for them (whether it be washing dishes or watching a movie), B tries to say something completely innocent, but messes up the pronunciation so much they accidentally say something incredibly dirty.


SFBONVEFNGI okay, in case my followers didn’t know, I’m Romanian, so I’m OBVIOUSLY familiar with the language, but I’m not quite fluent in it? I’d say I’m proficient. But this sometimes leads to me fucking up pronunciation, and I end up saying something extremely wrong and my mother starts yelling at me-

So if it isn’t obvious already, the language that will be focused on in this lil drabble will be Romanian, and I can’t say I’ve made this mistake before, but I feel like it could happen, I dunno

Shoutout to @otpprompts for coming up with this iconic prompt, it is genius, the rest of their prompts are a blessing to this world, so PLEASE take the time to check them out if you ever want a fun - or incredibly angsty - subject to write about.

Quick Romanian lesson before we start:

Pută – pronounced poo-tuh, it means “it smells”. I know. Funny, when you take into consideration how I described its pronunciation.

Puță – pronounced poo-tsuh, it’s a slang word for “dick”.

Woop woop, okay now that that’s done, let’s get on with the prompt.

 pairing: peter parker x (gender neutral) reader

type: drabble

word count: 964

warnings: swearing, fluffiness? i guess? and embarrassment in peter’s case

summary: (Y/N)’s family can speak Romanian, which has provoked Peter to learn the language, too. The poor bub really tries, but sometimes he just can’t get it right.

Peter, God bless his soul, might just be the best boyfriend the universe has ever created.

“Wait, you can speak Romanian?” He asks one morning when you greeted your mother in your native tongue. You could feel his eyes piercing the back of your head as you spoke, and when you turned around, they were practically bulging out of his head.

“Yeah. You didn’t know?” you question, and Peter fervently shakes his head in response.

“No, you didn’t bother to mention that.”

“Oh. Well,” you raise your arms and do jazz-hands. Oops. “Ta-da…”

And Peter’s lessons began.

As far as you could tell, he was doing extremely well. He caught onto the grammar quickly, the vocabulary shared some similarities to Spanish – which he already excelled at – and before you knew it, he was able to formulate sentences in the language almost perfectly. You even taught him an insult here and there just to make his learning more entertaining.

The only thing that wasn’t slightly up to par with his other skills was his pronunciation.

Which, yeah, okay, to be fair, Romanian is a fairly difficult language when it comes to pronunciation. It’s read like Italian, but when the Slavic accent is involved, it can be a mouthful.

So you try not to laugh too much when he mispronounces a word and ends up saying something completely different than what he intended, and you try to tell your parents to be patient with him.

Because after all, he is the best boyfriend in the entire world if he dedicates so much of his time learning something that holds a lot of identity and meaning for you.

Peter does try to downplay it, though. “I have to find some way to impress your family! I don’t have the body to do that, and I’m pretty sure my brain isn’t enough for them.”

“That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. You’re Spiderman,” you whisper into his ear lovingly. Just to be a tease, you make sure to run your hands run down his torso. Delightful shivers run up his spine at your touch. “You have the body. And they’re very impressed by your intelligence. They wouldn’t want anyone else but you dating me.”

His lips turn up into a bashful grin, one that you can’t help but kiss.

Today might just be one of those days where Peter learns a very valuable and important lesson when learning languages, which is to never try to impress someone for the sake of looking cool because chances are, you’ll fuck up and look like an idiot.

There’s a not so pleasant smell wafting throughout your apartment, and you have a clue as to who might be the perpetrator.

“Peter?” you call out, and from around the corner, your boyfriend’s head peeks out in the hallway separating the living room from the kitchen.

“Um, hi (Y/N),” he squeaks, mussed up hair and what looks to be tomato sauce spread on his cheeks, and if there wasn’t the smell of death in the room, you’d probably start cooing at the adorable sight.

“What did you do?” you cross your arms.

“Oh. Yeah, um, I burnt the spaghetti. Puță,” he says, feigning nonchalance as he puts his arm up against the wall and leans his body forward. There’s a knowing smirk on his lips, and you can imagine that cockiness is the cause of it since he’s happy he’s learned a new word in Romanian, but all you can do is stare, dumbfounded as you process what the hell just came out of his mouth.

There were a lot of things in life having Peter as a boyfriend prepared you for, but that slip-up was not one of them.

You immediately burst into cackles, clutching at the wall next to you because you just wheezed so hard your vision went spinning. Peter’s grin promptly sinks to its grave, which makes you laugh even more, and goddamn, you might have popped a fucking blood vessel in your head from laughing too hard.

“Wait, did I say that right? Hang on – “ He’s about to pull his phone out of his pocket to check when you slide down to the floor, unable to hold yourself up any longer.

Your boyfriend immediately runs towards you, trying to pull you back up to your feet again, but it seems gravity is on neither of your sides today, because it results in you yanking him down with the rest of your body.

“What’s so funny? Did I screw it up that badly?” Peter whines, clutching onto your shirt as tears of laughter cascade down to your neck.

“You,” you can barely contain herself, your stomach is convulsing with laughter, “you just said ‘dick’ to me!”

Peter’s face flushes red so much the tomato sauce on his face is practically indistinguishable from the blush on his cheeks, and that just springs on another bout of giggles from you.

“Oh, wow,” you say after recollecting yourself, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I think I’ve just seen Jesus. I nearly died laughing. Did you see me?”

“Stop!” Peter moans, drawing out the word. “I thought I got it right!”

“In my book, I think you nailed it,” you tease him, giggling once more when he sends you a pitiful pout.

“Aww, don’t worry. It was an honest mistake. Anyone could’ve messed that up.” You lean in and wipe the tomato sauce from Peter’s cheek, licking it off your fingers, then unceremoniously plop your head down on his shoulder. As much as you loved teasing Parker, you couldn’t bear to see him too embarrassed.

Most of the time.

“Just don’t repeat that word when my parents are around, got it, babe?”

“I’m breaking up with you.”

I really enjoyed writing that lol

Feel free to request! I’m not really working on anything else, sooo

I’d like to add that 3 days after I post a work on here, i will remove all generic tags such as “peter parker” or “marvel” because I really only strictly use those on my blog for gifsets/reblogs/stuff along those lines, not fanfiction. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this drabble!

Stitchers 2x01: YOLO

When I was in my early 20s, there was a guy I was really excited about. Whenever we were together, it completely consumed me: the world around us became blurred, I was unable to discern what the people around me were saying, and I got a tingling sensation every time he was near. Incidentally, I feel the exact same way about Stitchers. Naturally, I was anything but thrilled when the show went on hiatus what seems like a thousand moons ago. I just really missed it,. But after weeks of checking tumblr for new gifsets and googling the show to see if there were any news about the Season 2 premiere date, I decided to move on. I wasn’t gonna spend my life waiting, you know? Of course, just like with my former flame whom I ran into unexpectedly on the way to the supermarket that was when I heard that the show was coming back on March 22nd and all those feelings came washing over me again. Here’s what I thought of the first episode…

Welcome back to the Stitchers programme

I am embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten just *how* good the acting is. I mean, that first scene at the stitch lab, when Cameron was presumed dead, everyone on the cast really gave their performance their all. If I hadn’t known that Cameron was going to live, my heart would have broken not just for Kirsten desperately clutching on to Cameron’s lifeless body, but for Maggie, who looked utterly guilt-ridden, for Camille, who looked shaken to the core by the tragic demise of her friend and co-worker, as did Ayo, and for Linus, who real man that he is, didn’t bother holding back his tears. My GOD, what a flawless welcome back.

A whole new world

Of course this near death experience was going to leave a mark. Linus decided to make some changes to his life because it was time to grow up. And the first step to this resolution was to apologise to Camille and admit that he was wrong not to believe in her back at the lab. I for one am psyched to see him become more responsible and mature – although I sincerely hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop taking Zumba or wearing kurtas to raves. Camille, too, was deeply affected by the events at the lab. Witnessing her dear friend’s near-death seems to have further enhanced the protective and caring side of her that we’ve previously seen in the lock-down episode for instance. But I think she also tasted blood when she got to take the reins during the stitch. Clearly she will become more involved in the process now and I personally can’t wait to see her tap into her full potential this season. And then there was Maggie: after almost losing a protégé, she demanded more transparency for the sake of the team: if they are going to risk their lives on the job, they deserve to know what the real purpose of the Stitchers programme is. Turner disagreed and – entirely non-regrettably – was murdered a little while later. To be honest, a part of me was hoping that Maggie was the one who pulled the trigger. The asshole had it coming. So now Maggie’s going to take over as director of the programme, you go girl!

In other good news, Deputy Handsome McSweettooth, also known as Fisher, was doing well and enjoying all the attention. Maybe I’m seeing things, but did anyone else think that something could happen between Fisher and Camille? I should hope not!

Camsten: will they or won’t they?

With Fisher still out of commission after getting shot, it was up to the artist formerly known as Cautious Cameron and his sidekick Queen Elsa of Arondale to investigate Turner’s untimely demise. While their relationship has always been the best part of the show – due to Kyle and Emma having great chemistry and the writing for these two in particular feeling very organic and real – their dynamic has completely flipped: having slipped through Death’s fingers in the nick of time made Cameron realise that life is short and we better carpe the fucking diem if we want to make it count. So he went right ahead and did what everybody would do if they had just gotten a new lease on life: he took up bouldering, mischievously locked two policemen in a panic room, and indulged in punching a dude for being uncooperative (and tasering his girl). 

By contrast, Kirsten, who was feeling all the emotions for the first in forever (k, gotta stop with the Frozen references already), was suddenly the careful one. Frankly, I am very invested in seeing her struggling with real feelings over the weeks to come. It was really gratifying to see her trying to process everything she’s learnt from stitching into Cameron and weighing whether or not she should be upfront and let him know that she knows about his feelings for her. I don’t, however, care too much for Cameron’s dauntless shenanigans.

In fact, I believe that his carefree actions are going to cause a bit of a rift between him and Kirsten. After all, he used to look up to her because she was fearless and brazen, something that he in his cautious disposition could never be. Only now he is, so how is it going to affect the way he sees her? That being said, I get what the writers are trying to achieve, at least I think I do: so far, Kirsten and Cameron have been polar opposites in terms of their personalities and priorities. Now, they’re still polar opposites, but they are seeing the world through the other person’s eyes for a change. I reckon it’s just a matter of time before everyone’s favourite otp finally finds common ground and gives in to their feelings. And boy do we have a great fandom to help us get there.


Residual emotion from this week’s stitch:

-          Kirsten’s father is alive and murdering, should have seen that coming, really.

- “Badges? We don’t need no badges”

- “He watched a lot of movies when he was a kid…”

anonymous asked:

Yeah, i'm trying not to speculate too much either, but I agree, I feel pretty certain that the Cas that healed Dean and later died was definitely our Cas. I think the differences in him people are pointing out are due to the ways the nephilim is subtly controlling him as you said. AU cas seems to be a very popular theory, but I just don't get it. Also, i don't know how AU Cas could manage to look like exactly like our Cas when Bobby said the AU angels are very different.

Hi! Yeah, the not wanting to speculate part makes this something I don’t want to particularly talk about because it’s almost all dead ends where we run into speculation. 

What I saw was in 12x19 a very competently executed episode with callbacks and symbolism and framing to suggest Cas was moderately-to-severe fucked up by the nephilim but with the end scene, in a very ambiguous way about his concern to the Winchesters or sense of free will being impacted - just that he had a new “right” to follow. In 12x23 he’s basically Cas except he’s having key Destiel conversations with Kelly (using “of course” to her is SUCH a tell I feel like I should get one of the compilation gifsets of it and slap a gif of that at the bottom :P) and saying he would die for the nephilim but also raise her son - totally contradictory but he was explaining his deepest heart and motivations at that point. THOSE were changed, Cas himself was not any different than a regular tuesday in how he felt and acted and treated Kelly and his duty, and then when Sam and Dean showed up, how he treated them. 

He WAS defensive of Jack to the point of knowing the rift was made by him, that Sam and Dean would flip and treat it as a bad thing. Objectively, “this baby tears holes in reality” is a horrifying statement, but Cas calmly says that of course Jack will close it and he has faith. They don’t and Crowley dies to close it, and Jack is never tested on if he would have done it or not despite what Cas thought. I suspect if this is his main horrifying new power we’ll get it tested again and find out how Jack feels about doing it but since I hate speculating, whether I think he’ll do that for good or bad is totally up in the air to me and I genuinely don’t have a stake in it because any which way will tell an interesting story and serve his purpose in the narrative on what they choose to do with it.

Cas also then could act normally and fight with Sam and Dean to protect Jack when Lucifer showed up at the front door, but I think when he charged into the rift, it was at that point purely to spite Lucifer (see also: endless Cas n Crowley parallels) and to see what was going on as Sam and Dean still hadn’t returned from the rift and it was still open and he had full freedom to be worried about them, so I don’t think he did that for Jack, the more I think about it, although if he WAS being controlled, a rage to kill his father would be thematically fascinating and I feel Jack did reject Lucifer in 12x19 already.

I also think Cas could in no way have been replaced the first time he went in the rift as we saw enough to him meeting Bobby and that was all Cas, and no way in HELL Bobby would let AU Castiel come near them (and he would not look like our Cas) and Bobby only didn’t shoot Cas immediately because he looked so harmlessly dorky. I get that him coming out the portal unharmed seemed suspicious at first but once we knew all the details and that Cas had been under Bobby’s watch the entire time I can’t see ANY room for AU Castiel to swoop in and take him, because Cas’s first trip in Bobby was there the whole time, and the second time in, Lucifer was a much bigger problem, and as I said I think he made Cas leave the portal because Lucifer urgently wanted to NOT be stuck in the AU and it was more fun to kill Cas in front of his friends. I think that was probably Cas’s angel blade and he walked Cas back to the portal, shoved him through, and then killed him. So again, total character continuity for Cas, and there’s no room for it to be anything else, and no implication in the story that put a MASSIVE neon sign on rat Crowley to swap Cas out.

They also showed a flashback of Cas filling with the power when he was talking to Kelly earlier in the episode, about Paradise, and spouting all these lines that go right back to season 5 and what Dean got told over and over about what the angels wanted and how they’d make paradise on earth, which goes hand in hand with the neon sign that Cas having faith is a bad thing because it confirms Jack’s vision of the future is equally as bad as the one Cas fought in season 5, and what he lost his original faith over, so even while showing Cas fully in control of his actions and feelings, his motivation and purpose were clearly derailed and we were shown Cas being overtaken with that power before he said all that so… I feel like it was a visual demonstration of the power going into him and Cas’s heart being borrowed to protect Jack’s paradise.

These are all things I see in the events that actually happened this season, and as I’ve been talking to Mittens today about not caring about speculating, I’m genuinely 100% content, Destiel went canon in that last shot of them together, I have nothing to ask, I’m sitting back and letting whatever happens in season 13 happen, and for me trying to outguess the plot is no fun. As a meta writer I’ve always most enjoyed playing with established canon and thinking deeper into what we already have to expose the truths and feelings underneath it, rather than treating it as a puzzle to explain what’s happening next - in that respect we have like 3 puzzle pieces from 2 different games, while with the whole canon we have a 8mil piece puzzle and every one of us analysing the show is only ever going to manage to put together a few thousand pieces in some random corner of it, and a few patches here and there elsewhere :P But at least I can build a hell of a lot more of the puzzle than I could trying to speculate because if I get one piece wrong, I’m attempting to build an entire puzzle connected to the wrong thing, and the next thing that happens in the show might take the one bit I was sure of and unhook it from the entire seemingly finished picture I tacked onto it without realising I had the wrong bit of sky from another puzzle :P 


Cora finds out that she is pregnant with Stiles’ baby, she doesn’t really know how to think about it. 

She becomes really stressed and unsure of what to do about it. She didn’t think they were ready for it all. She was scared to tell him, and she isn’t scared of much of anything.

She became sick with worry and confusion, mixed with happiness,just so many emotions, she just can’t handle it alone, but she couldn’t tell Stiles yet. 

Soon Stiles started to see she was ignoring him,He becomes really worried about her, she wouldn’t talk to him, wouldn’t even look at him.

Stiles was very confused, he thought he did something to make her mad or something. 

He doesn’t know what to do either, he trys to call and text her every chance he gets, but gets no reply. He goes home and she is never there like she use to be. 

He was very worried about her, he didn’t know what to do though. He still tried to contact her but gets nothing back. 

Cora ends up at a bar, she doesn’t drink anything, she just wanted to get some fries, she gets into a fight and someone had called 911 and an ambulances, which who called Stiles. 

So, Stiles drove as fast as he could over to the bar. 

He see’s Cora sitting on the ground with a neck-brace around her neck, she see’s him and takes it off and gets up. 

He walks over to her, “Cora?” He asked, hoping she would talk to him. 

She looked away. She still didn’t know if she could do it yet. She’d ever felt this before. 

“Cora?” She heard Stiles repeat, tears appeared in her eyes. 

“Cora, please. I’m sorry for whatever it is that I did, now please just talk to me” He said, his voice was filled with sadness and worry. 

“Corrie, please talk to me" 

Cora turned around to face him, her face was a little bruised and she had some blood on her forehead. 

Stiles licked his thumb and whipped off the blood. 

"Stiles.” Cora finally said, she finally said something to him, she finally looked at him. 

“Cora, I’m so sorry for whatever I did.” He said, he grabbed her hands and held them tightly. “I love you" 

"Stiles, we need to talk.” Cora looked down at the dirty ground. 

“Is everything okay?” Stiles asked her, worry came back to him. 

Cora didn’t know how to answer, so she didn’t. They walked over to Stiles’ jeep and Stiles drove home. 

They went inside and sat down together. 

“Cora, what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, he wasn’t going to joke around right now, he knew something was really wrong.

“Stiles.” Cora paused..

Stiles started to shake from being worried, he didn’t have any idea what she was going to say well,the idea of her wanting to break up popped in his head a lot

though, but he couldn’t lose her, he didn’t want to lose her, he couldn’t. 

“I should have told you sooner but, I..” Cora paused again. 

“Cora, whatever it is. It will be okay, if you want to break up…W..W..We c..” Stiles couldn’t even say it. He didn’t want to lose her. 

“No, Stiles. I don’t want to break up, that’s the last thing I ever want.” Cora said, she had a sight smile on her face. 

“Then what’s wrong?” Stiles asked, he could breathe now that she said that. 

“Stiles…. I’m pregnant” Cora looked up at him when she said it to see how he reacted. 

At first it he had a blank look on his face, it was like it broke him for a small second, but then he got a huge smile on his face. 

“Are we ready?” He asked her as he grabbed her hands again. 

“Not at all but we have to be, unless you want to..” She started to say but Stiles caught her off. 

“I want to raise this baby with you, Cora. That’s all I want now.” He said, he had tears in his eyes. “I can’t believe it, I’m going to be a daddy, and you're going to be a mommy!” Stiles’ worry faded a little.

Cora had the biggest smile on her face, just seeing Stiles’ joy made her feel much better about it already. “I know, You are going to make a great daddy!” She spoke with tears falling down her cheeks. 

Stiles had tears falling as-well, he took his hand and whipped the tears from her cheeks and kissed her on the lips “You are going to make an amazing mommy, Cora!" 

"We are going to need a bigger house!” Stiles said looking around! 

Cora giggled, she couldn’t believe she was scared to tell him, that whole week she spent worrying about it, she wished she could change it, and have told him sooner.

She wished instead of worrying herself to sickness. 

“So this is why you wouldn’t talk to me?” Stiles asked, he didn’t care, he was just wondering. 

“Yes, I..I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner, I was just worried you’d be unhappy an..” She didn’t even get to finish her word.

“Unhappy? I’m the happiness dork in the world right now! This is crazy but wonderful!” Stiles said, he kissed her forehead. 

“I’m sorry Stiles. I just was overwhelmed, I guess.” Cora said, she was mad at herself for being selfish about it before.

“Cora, Don’t be sorry, I understand..Are you okay now?” He asked as he cuddled with her, they both still had tears in their eyes. 

“Yes, I am now, knowing you are happy about it makes me feel much better!” Cora smiled and cuddled against him, she kissed his ear.

“I don’t know if we are ready but all I know is that what ever happens we are going to be okay, cause we have love for each other and love for this baby” Stiles said, he put his hand on Cora’s stomach.

“Yes, we will be okay!” Cora laid her head on his shoulder. “I love you Stiles!" 

Stiles’ leaded his head on her’s. "I love you too Cora!" 



anonymous asked:

can you recommend your favorite harry potter blogs? :) ones with nice tagging systems and that update frequently?

Sorry it took me so long to answer this. I went through my Following list three times to make sure I didn’t forget anyone. To avoid listing half of the people I follow, I narrowed it down to my favourite TEN blogs who make Harry Potter edits of their own, not just blog about the series. They all have organised tagging system and update reasonably often, as well. (In no particular order.)

  • seerspirit: She’s one of my favourite gif-makers ever. We also have a lot of similar tastes when it comes to fancasts, colouring, font usage, favourite characters etc… so I never once regretted following her, and I doubt you would either.
  • foundersofhogwarts: A blog dedicated to the founders of Hogwarts (obviously) that I love.
  • asheathes: She’s so incredibly talented and creative. Just her Wizarding Schools Around The World series is enough to follow her, if you ask me. 
  • nevillles: Her gifs always ooze so much quality that I’m beginning to think she’s found a way to download movies 107482037217392p HD. 
  • wandkeepers: Ariele is the reason why I’m so fond of the doomed ship of Fremione. I’m still mad at her for that, even though it’s been over a year. (Because this path can only end up in tears and pain.)
  • pragmatique: Her manips are simply art. She doesn’t post edits very frequently but when she does, you can’t decide if they’re manips, or if she actually kidnapped the actors and forced them to have a photoshoot or something.
  • ohremus: She’s always been one of my favourite Harry Potter bloggers, but her colourings of late especially are killing me here.
  • ophelies: I always have mad respect for people who can make good graphics, because I just can’t pull them off. And hers are really cool.
  • aaronpaules: Just another person whose gifs look so crisp and quality that it makes me want to cry.
  • buckbeakisback: I absolutely love her Colour Palette gifsets. Most Colour Palette stuff (including the ones I’ve attempted) look awkward and forced but somehow she manages to colour them perfectly. Witchcraft.

This is an add on to the previous gifset that I made (x)

I just want to empathise how important Damon’s choice of words were. Bonnie sacrificed herself so he could come back (something that he struggled to wrap his head around). After all, Damon is used to not being the first choice, to not being placed first, but more than that, the idea that Bonnie (judgemental, do gooder Bonnie who has never let his crimes slide) would think his life worth, not only saving but, sacrificing herself for is mind blowing. And this is after she learnt what he considers to be his darkest deed (killing a pregnant woman).

It’s perhaps the greatest, most selfless thing that anyone has ever done for him - and there was nothing he could do to return the favour, to show Bonnie just how much that meant to him. Instead, whilst he was able to reunite with the people he loved, Bonnie was stuck in 1994, first with a murdering psychopath, and then, even worse, all alone. He tries to save her and that fails. 

(’I’m over here and she’s over there and I hate myself for it’).

He hates that he gets to be home whilst the person who really deserves it is suffering. He hates himself for leaving her. That he wasn’t able to stay behind. That no matter what he does he can’t make that up to her, can’t make himself worthy of the sacrifice. 

When he finds out that she’s going to commit suicide, again he’s powerless to do anything. 

And when she does come back it’s through her own actions. Bonnie Bennett saved herself, again. And he can’t forgive himself for that. And worse, even though he tries to be a good friend (and let’s face it Damon has always sucked at this in the past), he fails again and again. His selfishness rears its head, first when he brings Kai to her and again when he tries to take the ascendant from her. 

And he’s aware of the price she paid to send him back. She makes him aware. She tells him what she went through, what it was like, and clearly it tears Damon up. But still he can’t do anything about it. He can’t make it up to her.

He tries, giving her the opportunity to trap Kai in the other world, but that’s not enough, it even backfired.

And I guess what I’m trying to say is that season 6 for Damon has been a lot about his guilt and inability to forgive himself (which we don’t see a lot of throughout his run on the series). First, it’s presented with the pregnant woman he killed 

(Bonnie: You remember it, don’t you? You make pancakes every day.

Damon: ‘Cause I’m bored.

Bonnie: No. 'Cause you’re punishing yourself. You call this place your hell, and it means you feel remorse.)

and then with his self loathing for leaving Bonnie behind. 

And so by the point where Damon has to choose between Bonnie and Elena, I’m sure he’s already promised himself that Bonnie was never going to be alone again, that he was never going to leave her alone. I doubt waking Elena a few decades early at the price of Bonnie’s life was even an option for him. 

And I think it’s real character development for Damon, because we’ve seen him do terrible shit, we’ve seen him throw a tantrum over said shit and, occasionally, feel guilty about it, but we haven’t seen him try to make amends, we haven’t seen him really work to make up for it. And the beauty of it this time is that it wasn’t even Damon’s choice to come back, this wrong that he is trying to make up for wasn’t even something that he chose - bonnie did. 

And I think what they’ve both needed for so long is a person who will put them first, who will choose them. And they’ve become this for each other. Bonnie sacrificed herself for him and she was the first person she ran to see upon coming back. And Damon, more than anyone else, focused his attention on bringing her home from the prison world, he risked ruining his friendship with Alaric in order to this also. And, in the end, he chooses her over Elena.

So I’m interested to see where this goes in Season 7

And i’m tired and kind of lost where i was going with this so i’m going to leave it there. This is just what I took away from it anyway. Bonnie’s my favourite so i’m more used too analysing her but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark here. Maybe. what do you think?

Lets talk about the meeting between Hook and Dark Swan on the Jolly Roger.

When I first watched it all I saw was how Emma was manipulating Hook. How she was being vulnerable in a bid to draw him in and get what she wanted. Yes she was looking for something that touched Spinner!Rumple but she was also trying to convince Hook (once again) that they could still be together. I saw all that and more but on rewatch what struck me was that Hook was also manipulating Emma for his own purposes.

When Killian attempted the TLK and nothing happened, not a flicker or anything, he knew that the answer to saving Emma didn’t lie in changing Dark Swan. She has accepted the Darkness, she doesn’t want to let it go. So now he is looking for something, anything, that can thwart the Dark One’s plan and possibly lead to him helping her.

Killian came into Granny’s and went right to Robin. Not because he wanted to help him with his phone or hear about his troubles but because he wanted to enlist the help of a thief. Hook isn’t hanging out with the Charmings or researching with Belle and Regina but making his own plans and executing them. He is about to make his pitch for a little light B&E when Granny plonks down the bag. It’s clear Hook doesn’t want to go, that the idea of lunch with Emma does not appeal to him in the slightest. But he goes anyway NOT because he loves pain or wants to see her but because he wants answers.


Emma makes a surprise magical entrance. Hook responds with a power play. He scolds her for her use of magic which tells Emma he is both unimpressed and unhappy with their meeting. This puts Dark Swan in an apologetic and placating position. He knows based on the food and the note that she wants him for something so by aggressively displaying his anger he puts the pressure on her to offer an olive branch. Which she does immediately, first by apologizing and offering to return to old times. When Killian still doesn’t budge she goes further with the table setting and the wardrobe change. This screws with Killian’s emotions but it also tells him that whatever she wants is worth a lot of effort. She asks for his trust and he sees his opening.

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Why I’ve (basically) Left the Fandom

I’m sure that a lot of you have noticed that I’ve been pulling away from the fandom for a long time. I haven’t made gifs since Daniel’s passing, and even before that I hadn’t made gifs regularly for a few months.

I haven’t been in the mark*iplier tag for a LONG time because of the utter chaos it contains.

First it started with the stealing of gifs and fanart. I’m very aware that it’s a widespread problem across tumblr and the internet, but the constant thievery and then resulting refusal to either take down the piece of work/gif or the rudeness over even being asked to take it down just finally got to me and I stopped. Making gifs takes a lot of work. I have gifsets that took me days, even more than a week at some points, to make. I got tired of having my stuff and other’s stuff stolen, so I stopped making things.

The tag is a whoooooooole ‘nother ball-game. When I joined the fandom in March of 2014, you could go into the tag and see tons of beautiful fanart and gifs and things people had created for Mark or about Mark, and it was awesome.
And then it turned into a shitfest.
Posts that have nothing to do with Mark or anything related to it would show up, like “i just had breakfast lol”, or just random selfies. It would be bursting with comments like “fist me daddy” and other grotesque things. There is so much stolen artwork in the tag at this point. There’s so much vitriol in the tag as well. It’s damn near impossible to have Mark even come close to seeing what people have made, or for anyone else to see it either because it’s turned into an absolute clusterfuck. Not to mention when something bad happens people fucking flood it with pictures of cats and whatnot. If the tag is negative, people should stay out of it. Spam is spam, dude, and it’s intensely annoying when someone is looking for fanart and other things to reblog and all there is is 300 pages of cats.

The biggest thing that has me leaving, though, is the utter fucking disrespect some of you have for each other and Mark. People have been chased out of the fandom by people sending death threats and telling them to kill themselves, and that they’re useless to the fandom. Someone speaks up about something that they don’t agree with (in a respectful manner a lot of the time, too) and people jump on them with such ferocity that it makes my head spin. I’ve had it happen to me, even, and it’s not cool. 

Another thing that happens a lot is that when something controversial happens (which is gonna happen because this is fucking tumblr and if you fart the wrong direction someone is going to be offended ffs) people who are legitimately offended by something Mark has done, everyone crowds together to drown them out. Someone spoke up about how Mark’s recent sassiness went too far in some points and was kind of mean, and the offhanded anorexia comment in one of his ‘would you rather’ videos, and people told them to go kill themselves and that anyone who was offended needed to grow a backbone and fucking suck it up. I have a sense of humor very similar to Mark’s—sharp, teasing, and kind of insulting—and even I found some of it to be rude or over the line. 

Here’s the thing: When someone says you (or something) has hurt them, you don’t get to say that it didn’t. That’s not your place.

On the other topic, the blatant disregard of respect towards Mark is disgusting and appalling. Ya’ll preach it but you don’t practice it.

Yes, we know that Mark is an incredibly attractive man. I know it, you know it, he knows it, but that does NOT mean you get to talk about him like he’s a fucking piece of meat.

You talk about how treating women like they’re sex objects is wrong, but you turn around and do it to Mark. It needs to fucking STOP. He is a HUMAN BEING and he deserves respect. Catcalling him on the internet is just as fucked up as a man catcalling a woman on the street. 

I don’t care if you want to fuck him. I don’t care if you want to grab his ass, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. DON’T say it to him. Don’t TAG him in stuff like that. It’s fucking harassment and I don’t understand what part of that you people don’t get.

He’s also a human being who makes mistakes. There is no goddamn need to try and label him a pariah every time he slips up on something. He’s not perfect. The pedestal some of you have put him on is unhealthy. He’s just as flawed as you or I am. The only difference is that he has nearly 11,000,000 people scrutinizing his every move. 

There’s a reason he kept his past relationship a secret—the second you guys even thought he might have a girlfriend you tried to find her and attempted to fucking tear her apart. It’s sickening. He’s lived in LA for almost two years and he’s had to move three times because people kept finding his house. Respect his privacy. 

Don’t get me wrong—I still love Mark from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t love this fandom anymore.

TL;DR: the disrespect is out of control and all I do is get angry when I interact with this fandom at this point. I’m incredibly disappointed because this used to be my safe place, but now it’s just toxic as all hell.

The Exception

Bit of Swarto is good for the soul sometimes. SFW, SFF, 2,345 words.

The three of them mention the Hangout a lot. It’s one of their many running in-jokes, the kind that she has learnt to just laugh along with because as close as they all are, she knows she’s never going to quite get what they’re talking about when it comes to stuff like this. It’s hard not to be jealous of them sometimes, the easy rapport they share making her feel just occasionally excluded. Once in a while they’ll be hanging out, the four of them, and one of them will mention something and all three will laugh and suddenly it’s high school all over again and she’s longing to be part of the clique. Hannah always notices though and she’ll lean over and kiss Sarah’s cheek, whisper something in her ear that is so cheesy it makes her blush even as she laughs and pushes her away.

But the Hangout is different. They don’t mention it too often, but whenever they do it involves a lot of side glances and blushing and she can’t help but wonder because she’s seen the GIFsets on tumblr and they all look suitably silly.

So a few days after Vidcon, during a rare day off sick, she drags her laptop close over the bed and scours through the internet until she finds the two hour video. It’s ridiculous and drunken and pretty damn hysterical, but there’s nothing too bad in it, although she would advise Hannah not to embark on something so reckless now, what with her rapidly growing popularity. She feels her stomach clench just a little when she hears Hannah call Grace “sweetheart” and “darling”, but she knows about her girlfriend’s long ago crush on her best friend and knows there’s nothing to it now.

What really sticks with her is Hannah’s comment, over an hour in.

“I don’t like white girls- no, I don’t like blondes either.

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Okay so, as promised more like pressured into lol I’m just going to talk a little about the Klamille scenes in 2x21. I don’t know about you guys but this episode just really fucked me up on all accords, most specifically the Klamille scenes. I literally had a freakin’ meltdown that I initially missed some really amazing Klamille moments because I was freakin’ out so bad lol. So, let me just get right to it.

I just have to start with the least expected thing I thought we would get this episode. Confirmation that Klaus has feelings for Cami too. I just really love the fact that it came from Rebekah. Keep in mind that Rebekah has not seen Klamille interact much, especially not this season because she’s been gone. But it’s SO evident to her that her brother (whom she knows better than anyone) actually likes Cami. All season long we’ve been getting confimation that Cami has strong feelings for Klaus. “He just got under my skin” “You cared about him” “While half in love with another” and most recently “Your feelings for my brother” so the show has been telling us that she 100% loves this guy pretty much all season. Klaus’ feelings haven’t been as visible though. Yes, we know he cares about her a lot, I mean he practically died for her, but we’ve always had to practically draw our own conclusions regarding if it was romantic, especially during the drought we had in the second half of this season.. Hell, I mean even Joseph Morgan thought they had given up on the ship himself. 

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