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1) Name: kaitlyn,,, but not kaitlyn liao i wish lmao

2) Nickname: catlyn 🐱

3) Zodiac sign: cancer!

4) Height: 5′5 

5) Ethnicity: vietnamese owoW

6) Orientation: straight with the occasional wifey

7) Favorite Fruit: watermelon makes me pee a lot

8) Favorite Season: summer but the heat kills

9) Favorite Book: idk all i read are fanfics but umm the help or great gatsby!

10) Favorite Song: as of rn…. stigma by bts (ive fallen into the dark hole of kpop and im trying to pull myself out xcuse me sry)

11) Favorite Scent: ARI BY ARIANA GRANDE IS MY EVERYDAY PERFUME IT SMELLS SGUD, any cologne on a hot guy tbh, vanilla, mint, and strawberry (last 3 i feel like im listing toothpaste from a dentist office lmao)

12) Favorite Color: anything holographic (colors i wear are a different story aka black)

13) Favorite Animals: COWS, CATS, AND BIG DOGS!!!!!

14) Favorite Beverage: lemonade, sprite, and water……. stay hydrated kidz


16) Favorite Characters: DICK GRAYSON AND JASON TODD!!! (batman), thomas hunt (hwu), max and mia warren (hss), chris powell (the freshman), kenna rys (tcatf), and gaby teller, illya kuryakin, and napoleon solo (tmfu)

17) Blanket Number: like 5 in the winter and 1-2 in the summer idk it depends

18) Cat or dog: um cats duH,,,,, bc catlyn… lol

19) Follower number: 292

20) Blog created at: march 2015 (aka the golden ages of the hss/hwu era)

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I know a lot of fansies can’t get newsies live because they don’t live in North America or don’t have enough money so while I’m not really comfortable sharing my file, I’m more than happy to stream it for you guys!

I’m streaming later today at 4pm pacific time (links gonna be posted on @ilovemoritzstiefel tho lmao) and since I know that doesn’t work for everyone, if you want to stream with me later this week/this weekend I’d be more than happy to set something up!

Just like,, reply to this or message me or something, tell me what time is good for you if you’re interested and I’ll try to pick a time/make a schedule that works for as many people as is possible!

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infodumping about the ocean


Cassandra and Ezekiel looking fine as hell in And the Fatal Separation

Dapper Prom!Owls and Cats from @silvercistern​‘s fic Character Development  

If you haven’t already read this fic, do yourself a favor and read it. If you have, then please re-read it haha


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

Growing up as a Hindu I’ve always admired Vishnu for his kindness, charisma, beauty, mysteriousness, and fluidity of gender and expression. I’ve never properly sat down and drawn him, so here he is today, with somewhat of a modern aesthetic twist I suppose. 

  • Mako: You know that time when we went out after seeing your friend's terrible band and you ordered french fries, and I ate all of them because I was wasted? When I think of myself doing that I am… That was so selfish of me. And I'm sorry.
  • Asami: Wow, I'm really glad you reached out about that.
  • Mako: You are?
  • Asami: No, I don't remember that at all, but I will take your french fry apology and apply it to other stuff.

Fanon Langst is so…………. like, I understand that everyone experiences low self-esteem and struggles with their worth in different ways, but fanon Langst is really bad lmao. It’s so one note to me? And a lot of the time it feels like just an excuse to beat on Lance.

If you want your blog to be filled with pics of Lance crying, go ahead. But it is disturbing how Big this trend of ‘Lance being hurt, Lance crying, Lance dying’ is in this fandom. It’s…. weird that I can go into the tag, either here or on ao3, and know with 100% certainty that I’ll see something about Lance getting hurt/killed.

Many people have been quick to point out that all this excessive Langst content ties into racism. And I won’t lie, I agree with them. Lance is a confirmed brown, Cuban, character of color. And there is a history of brown lives being less valued than white lives- a history that is in fact still happening now. It’s important to remember and acknowledge that fact, and therefore reexamine Langst content with a more critical eye.

HOWEVER, I also understand that Langst is a popular thing because Lance is relatable to the audience. And because Lance is so relatable, it’s easy to project on him. But I gotta………. look, I’m not a psychologist or a therapist, but to every person reading this post- if you treat Lance as a sort of vehicle for every negative thought or fantasy you’ve ever had for yourself, you need to take a step back and just…. look at what you’re doing. Because I did this sort of thing when I was younger, too. I took my favorite characters, the ones I related to most, and I beat them to all hell and made them wish they were dead. And looking back on it now, I’m alarmed by how many Warning Signs there were.

Making angsty content of your faves is fun, but not to the extent that you use them as punching bag stand ins for your own issues. I’ve realized now that I wailed on my favorite characters because I wanted to hurt myself. It wasn’t a healthy way to cope then, and it’s taken me a long time to recover from that mindset.

So yeah. Maybe it’s time we start shifting away from hurting Lance.

  • Zero : Yuuki, blink if you love me.
  • Yuuki : ...
  • Zero : [blows air on her face]
  • Yuuki : [blinks]
  • Zero : Yes.

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*flies in like a bat out of hell* What about a fusion between all three? Idk if you watch SU but it's totally possible and makes for super powerful beings with extra limbs or senses. (Usually eyes tbh)


a Disaster™

“I could tease you a little…like this.”

The sauce train has reached the finale that is V Sunday on MM Valentine’s Week, the event hosted by @mysticmessimagines​! WE MADE IT! OMGOSH I can go to bed now and sleep for a week XD Thank you so much for hosting this event. Originally I was only going to participate on the first day but then I thought, ‘Why not do all the days?? It would be good practice.” And it was. I felt myself improve a lot and I can now draw faster (a week ago something like this would take me a whole day but I even managed to do 3 crack posts, one of them being the infamous V chain lolol, as well as this V drawing) so I’m pretty proud of myself ^-^

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting in the tags about my art :3 It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have other stuff planned for drawing but first I’mma take a nice break with Baehee (on her route atm <3)

Much love, D.Pigeon

Okay so like I know there are already semi-canon Penumbra designs but shush. If you wanna use these designs that’d be amazing and I’d honestly cry go ahead, as long as you credit/tag me!

Alternate looks below the cut!

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so i heard there’s an exquisite enbies thing happening?? well here’s ur favorite gray/quoigender bean (not sure of pronouns so any I guess)

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do u think he only married her because they had jolyne? that makes me kinda sad if they weren't actually in love but it would make sense that he divorces her, and wasn't really ready for the responsibility of being a dad bc hes... bad at that.

tbh……i mean that’s what i’ve been thinking for a while now?? none of the “marry have a kid” thing really seems to be in his ballpark……i would LOVE an ova about how him and mrs.kujo met or like….just something explaining his past with her and how this all happened because we know absolutely NOTHING about jolyne’s mom she literally only appeared in 2-3 panels, spoke once, and doesn’t even have a name lmao??? like at least with joseph and jonathan we get to see them meeting their future wives but with jotaro we have nothing….which is kinda disappointing because just finding a girl ect. ect. isn’t a given for him as a character lmao……ANYWAYS i know there was really no place to put it in stone ocean or any previous parts but i hope it gets explained sometime, and i would’ve appreciated a panel or two about it in stone ocean