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Relax (Jack x FemReader) short

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Request:  Hey hey! Firstly, your writing is amazing! I love your fics so much and I’m jealous of your talent. Secondly, can i ask for a story involving jacksepticeye x reader? Where they have a lazy day after a hard week and not being able to see each other?

Warnings: I believe there is swearing???


Saying you didn’t love your job would be a complete lie. You do; you do love your job. Like, more than life. But at times, it was both physically and emotionally demanding.

Being a (genre) youtuber was ninety percent hilarity smudged with experience and ten percent taxing. Though, you would never complain. If you didn’t have your youtube career, you also wouldn’t have half your cronies, humour, or your beloved boyfriend.

At times like this, you felt yourself submerged in that ten percent.

It’s been exactly nine days, fourteen hours and thirty six minutes. You hated yourself for consciously keeping track of the technical numbers. It was a disruptive habit of yours; a habit that would bleed through every time you were nervous, compressed, or antsy.

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One of my pet peeves in reading erotica, (particularity professional, I’m willing to forgive fanfic some things) it’s the inauthenticity of the physical mechanics involved. Like I get what you’re trying to say “bent over backwards” but unless you’re a contortionist, that isn’t very likely and neither is the multiple hands thing where seemingly everyday Chad goes from having two hands to a terrifying innumerable amount.

And I know I am not alone in this because I get so many messages asking me how to real “better” sex scenes and when I talk about including communication and the inclusion of safe sex (use lube, for god sake use LUBE, spit is not a good substitute and water most certainly is not) invariably people say “no, how how do you write those scenes, how do you make it more natural and fluid” and, like, I want you all to know, it’s not spur of the moment, it doesn’t come naturally to me to write certain actions, I have to sit down and think about them in terms of what is feasibly physically possible. And if I can’t wrap my head around the dynamics I want for it, well, ETD puts up with a lot of my shit lmao

time slip (prequel)

Synopsis: Destiny has a funny way of working, even going so far as to bringing two unlikely friends together.
Member: Taeyong + Reader
Word Count: 3,414
Notes: I got tired of this sitting around in my drafts so here’s this shit. This is a prequel to an even bigger fic that’ll be posted eventually, set in the same universe as this fic so ;)), ye. enjoy.

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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptation is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 //

Part 8 is here~ 

More Parts: 

Part 9 //


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“listen to me.”

i let out a sob, pressing my hands to my face. not yet. not now. i can’t.

“you have to listen to me.”

i shake my head. i’ve been trying to listen; to clear my mind; to focus on something else. but every time i’m silent, the thoughts in my head get louder, and then everything gets… worse.

“you can’t fucking do this to yourself,” connor says, bending down to where i’ve collapsed on the floor. his words are harsh, but his tone is… soft. and understanding. because if anyone understands what i’m feeling, it’s connor. “you… you gotta let me in.”

but i can’t. i can’t hardly hear anything but the voices in my head, telling me i’m not good enough, never good enough, that i’ll never be good enough, and that i might as well -


i peek out from behind the slits in between my fingers and watch his face. his brow is furrowed; his mouth is stuck in a frown; and his eyes, too, are swelling with tears, the way mine had been just minutes ago. he doesn’t know what to do. he knows how to cope with himself when he has these thoughts, but he doesn’t know how to try and heal another person.

to heal me.

“i know that… i know that it’s fucking hard, okay?” connor begins, sitting down and stretching out his legs in either direction. “i know that it’s hard. i know that you feel like you can’t breathe and you can’t think and that… well, that you deserve this.”

i press the heels of my hands against my eyes and hold my breath. i need to try and listen. i need to try.

“but you don’t.”

i feel him wrap a gentle hand around my ankle and drum his fingers against my jeans.

“you are… so fucking good,” connor murmurs, lightly shaking my leg for emphasis. “you are so talented, and - and you’re so pretty, and you’re way too fucking kind - way too kind for me. and you’re, just… good. you are just so fucking good in every goddamn way and you don’t deserve to feel like this.”

i poke out from behind my hands and look at his face.

“i love you.” a smile has found a way onto his lips, now, and his head is cocked as he shakes my ankle again. “and i know shit sucks right now. and it’s going to suck - it’s gonna suck for a long time. but beating yourself up only makes it worse.”

“coming from you,” i mumble. 

connor chuckles and runs his other hand through his hair. “but you don’t need to. i can be an asshole - fuck, i’m almost always an asshole. and i do need to feel bad about shit a lot of the time. but you… i just hate seeing you upset. you don’t deserve to feel like this. i would take all this pain and shit away from you if i could - i hope you know that, by the way. i wouldn’t even fucking hesitate.”

“connor,” i whisper out, but he shakes his head.

“i would do anything to take this shit away from you.”

and then, even though i can hardly see through my tears, i crawl forward, wrap my arms around his neck, and bury my face into his collarbone, crying softly against the fabric of his t-shirt. and i don’t say anything. and he doesn’t say anything - nothing else needs to be said, really. at least not now.

right now, i have him. i have him and his heavy heartbeat and his hands moving up and down my back and i have him.

and, for now… that’s all i need.

My Discordia

In many ways, Religion is kinda stupid, right?

but instead of leaning away from it

let’s dive in 

head first

Let’s exercise our right to be wrong

Let’s juice the religious experience for everything it’s got.

Because IF beliefs are sacred, even the stupid ones,

BOOM, a bunch of really stupid shit is now sacred.

A lot of atheists come into Discordianism because it’s this great joke on religion. 

And then

when you feel where this headspace is, 

you can see there’s something else 


and you don’t need to go to church for it,

you don’t even need to really believe in a god to tap into it,

 it’s this chaos inside

which can become anything

and listen–if there are things in this universe

that are irrational

then our rational minds deceive us

into thinking that whole Enlightenment routine

can bust down any wall

but hey, you try reasoning with the clouds

I’m sure they’ll come around.


some stuff in this world is sacred

and I don’t know what sacred means except 

    a connection between

     heaven and earth, 

       the conceptual and the material, 

          the body and the spirit

and some stupid shit is sacred now


finally the bibles are molding on the shelves

finally the traditions have worn out

finally the parade is over

finally god is off the pedestal

finally we are in the driver’s seat

finally a roach will save me

finally, flying baby shit

Request: Deadpool x Reader

Authors Notes: Hey so this is my first request so I got kinda carried away haha! But I love writing and I’ll defiantly do more requests if you guys have any!


There was something in the city lights that made the shadows of dark alleyways and cloistered buildings nostalgic. Even during the harsh aftermath of the winter tundra, [name] still found the city in a lapse of its own beauty; broken and riddled with familiar architecture as she passed numerous high rises and liquor stores. That hardly meant she wasn’t well aware of the area she crossed as she let her brown boots tap against light grey sidewalks. If she noticed anything though, it was that people stopped walking the streets at some point when they crossed into the part of town that she lived in. A place of unreportable chaos in the time prior to her actually moving in (that’s what she was lead to believe), the guy she hired to find her an ‘economically affordable’ place said that the crime had dwindled significantly when she was looking into the apartment she currently lived in.

That never stopped the numerous shouts and screams outside her window, which lead to the fire escape, which then lead to the sketchy back alleyway. She bundled in the coat she’d purchased a month ago for the cold winter temperatures, but it was hardly doing anything for her at this point as she trudged on past the winds… Her eyes were focused on the edge of the apartment complex she lived in, only a block away. A solitary shatter was heard from behind her as a glass beer bottle nearly missed her from the roof of the building she was walking by. It spooked her, earning a shrill sound from the female as she made her way towards her apartment quicker. If there was one thing she’d been taught in the whole time she’d been living here it was to NEVER walk home alone… If anything her new boyfriend had already joked about it a few times because she told him she never walked home late… but then again that was a lie seeing as she didn’t want him worrying about her.

[Name] was a fully grown woman with mace and a switch blade in her bag seeing as she knew better than to trust the moral standing of anyone in this city. Walking faster she started to hear footsteps across the street… walking faster she as she heard the steps across the way growing faster as well, she gradually began to walk faster before making it into a sprint, getting her key to the gate/door that was in place as her heart picked up at a thousand seconds per minute. She could only pray silently that it was coincidence as she fumbled with her key, snapping it in and turning the lock, the tumblers turning when she finally unlocked it. A set of hands grasped her shoulders though, pulling her back…. “What’s a cutie doing on the street at this hour, isn’t it past your bed time?” Sighing she turned and lightly hit the young man holding her, “What’s wrong with you Mark!” She spoke as she pulled the door open, him holding it open for her. “I thought you were murderer, psycho path, slash weird solicitor…” As she spoke they walked inside together. Mark was her next door neighbor, very friendly, stayed to himself at times, but nice.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with solicitors, especially good looking ones…” [Name] rolled her eyes as they made their way upstairs to their designated apartments. “So what are you doing tonight, you don’t have that boyfriend of yours coming over do you?” He asked as she unlocked her door and stepped inside, “Nah, he has work or whatever… I was planning on just sleeping anyway. I have work tomorrow and after today I need the rest.” She yawned, eyes drooping as she was about to say goodnight, back to the other she started making her way inside more. “[Name]…” She barely had time to turn around before an arm was around her neck and she was pushed inside her apartment, door closing behind her. She let out a sudden sound before it became muffled at the fact her neighbor was chocking her. ”M-Mark…” She’d remember the half hour self defense class she had when she was in high school… Don’t let your head back, stay awake, nails, teeth, stay awake, STAY AWAKE… she was struggling to keep focus with air being denied to her. [Name] had easily drowned out the sound of Marks voice as he told her to stop struggling.

He grasped tried walking, taking her towards her bedroom… no. no, no! Her legs wrapped around his as he tripped and with that let her go. “You little bitch!” She ran towards her bedroom, him right behind her. Closing the door behind her his hand got caught before she had the chance to slam the door shut. A string of profanities left his mouth as he banged and kicked the door. The young woman was dazed, lost, eyes darting this way and that as she gathered herself…That’s when she remembered the dagger taped under the desk. Running towards the wooden furniture she quickly ripped the weapon off and made her way towards the window. A loud bang was heard as the hinges started to come undone, she could see his face coming through the cracks as she panicked trying to open the window. Her heart was beating off the charts when the door was about to give and she couldn’t open the window…with a rash decision being made she bashed the glass with the butt of the dagger and cut her self stepping out onto the fire escape and making her way down. From there she was going to run, she saw the street, but as she started running someone grabbed her.

“Mark really picked a good one this time…” That’s when she noticed the other two guys with him, they began to look her over, hands behind her back as Mark made his way down. Her mind was racing and sure enough she was panicking, but she stayed composed as she tried to break away from the other. Mark had to laugh seeing her like this, making his way towards the other he took a good moment to give [Name] a solid punch to the stomach, she coughed, knees buckling as she tried to speak… “M-Mark… what are you doing?”  For the hassle he’d give her he let the other men start to grope her as he spoke. “The last woman that lived in your apartment, she didn’t move to Washington… I had her shipped off to Vietnam. She had a nice mouth on her, but goes to say she wasn’t as pretty as you [Name]… you’ll make a nice toy for a good bidder in maybe like Japan, China, Mexico… doesn’t really matter. But don’t worry about that boyfriend of yours… I’ll tell him you wanted to start over… put her in the car.

With that they grasped [Name] and began stuffing her into a car they’d brought around the corner. She was stuffed into the backseat, screaming, about to get trafficked if she couldn’t think of something soon… the leather seats and heavy scent of the men on either side of her made her uneasy as they pulled her coat off while she struggled to keep it on. They ripped her pants while her legs moved uneasily to keep what clothing she had on on her… That’s when the car began to move and they started driving for a while before one of the guys in the front seat said something. “There’s something in the middle of the road…” It came up quick as Mark swerved past it. The two groping at [Name] having paused. “What the fuck! Who would leave a whole fucking box in the middle of the road like that?!” As soon as it happened he swerved and something landed on the hood of the car. It caused everyone to pull some kind of weapon out on the alert, mostly knives… though it was useless given [Names] point of view.

“What the hell!” A gun easily came into contact with the glass before a single shot was heard, the glass shattering to scatter over the inside of the car along with a lot of blood. A gloved hand came in to undo the door before it opened and the dead body was allowed to roll out, everyone in the car was in a panic, the driver only accelerating to get this new threat off of his car. “Say, what’s a guy have to do to get a ride around here?” The familiar voice crept up as he made his way into the car, Deadpool, Wade Wilson had seated himself where the, now dead body, used to be. “I could always give you a ‘blow’, already got one satisfied customer back there… but I’ll warn you there to die for.” He directed to the guy that had fallen out of the car way back there as his gun pointed at Mark’s crotch. “So funny story… I bet you’ll love it. So a guy comes home t-“ That’s when one of the guys in the back tried to choke Wade by pushing his arms up to reach the other, tough wade easily stopped him with a shot from the other gun he had on hand. “Rude! You really can’t find good henchmen these days there’re all rude.

[Name] could only look at the suit clad hero while she pushed herself away from the other man, still panicking internally. “So like I was saying…” Another shot was quickly fired as he killed the other man near [Name], the gun still pointed at a panicking Mark’s crotch. “I come down to visit my girl, surprise her with an awesome night in, because what girl wouldn’t be dropping panties to spend a night with me, when I see some guy come along….” And just like that he let off a shot and the car swerved violently and Mark cried out. “God! Fuck! Are you fucking kidding me right now! Shit!.. You want the girl-“. The gun was instantly placed at his head. “Pull over.” Soon enough they stopped and Wade had a lot of demands for Mark once they were parked on the side of the road; from drop your pants all the way to ‘lick that guys shoes’. Though eventually he finally killed him, a single shot to the head when mark was trying to apologize, telling his he didn’t know [Name] was dating him. But [Name] knew that wasn’t going to work as soon as they got pulled over… as soon as it was all over Wade was quick to get to her side and help her once all danger was avoided.

His arms around her as she just clung to him. “I told you your neighbor was a tool.” His arms kept her close as he spoke, he wouldn’t say it but he was mad. Not at her, but at her neighbor and the guys who’d taken her. [Name] didn’t say anything as she kept her head down. “… I know.” She knew what he wanted to say, she could feel it just from the way he was holding her. He wanted to say ‘what if I hadn’t been there’, ‘what were you thinking’… and so much more but he settled for something simper. “…I love you.” And with those words she felt a wave pass over her. “I know…”

some thoughts

now that i have a moment to breathe

inktober was really, really fun. i am surprised that i kept up with it because honestly i rarely do with that sort of thing. my biggest problem with writing is have absolutely no discipline (see also: the novel i have been working on for literally the past three years). the structure is what helped me i think, as well as having an audience and that immediate reward of getting likes and whatnots. so much of writing for me is a solitary endeavor, where i get stuck in my own head, and being able to just put something out there was nice. it honestly, and i mean this in the nicest way possible, reminded me of when i used to write fanfic back in high school. i wrote a lot more back then. maybe because i didn’t know how bad i was? i don’t know.

with all the shit going on with work right now, the stupid long hours and the petty drama and all the things that come with having to work with other people, having a daily writing session was a wake-up call for me. my job, when it’s not the holidays, is fine enough but it isn’t what i want to be doing for the rest of my life. i want to write. i want to be published. i want the freedom to do what i want. and i think i have it in me to be able to do that. you all have told me that you like my writing and even the editor i sent my manuscript to said it was a very strong start. (if i think about that for too long it makes me tear up; validation!) i don’t believe much in like fate or anything, but i feel on some level that being a writer is what i was meant to do.

so like? where do i go from here? i’m not doing nano because i know that it will end in failure because nano was not conceived for people who work in retail and also like to sleep sometimes. and i need to get back to work on The Book. as i have said every year for the past three years, i want to get it done by the end of [next] year. i want it to be on the shelves (or webpages, i intend to self-publish through amazon) by next year. i want all three people who have been following along with it since day 1 to be able to read the whole big mess. i want you guys to be able to enjoy it as much as i have.

it’s a daunting task. what made me fall off the wagon was realizing exactly how big of a task editing was going to be. for some ding-dong reason when i finished draft 1 back in april i thought it was only going to take two or three months to get the thing into shape. and that was with knowing that i needed to basically rewrite vasily’s half of the story. like me @ myself: why are you like this. but when i got down to it, i came to the sinking realization that this was basically going to be like writing the book again. it’s going to take two more years! it’s impossible! despair! also the anniversary sale at work, which is functionally a second christmas season but in july/august. and also also let’s be honest, depression. 

in my moments of clarity, i like to yell at myself that it will never get done if i don’t sit down and do it. but if it isn’t written yet it can still be everything i want it to be. it can still be perfect and poignant and relevant and beautiful. but once i start writing it, i see all the flaws and weakness in my own writing, and if i sit with it long enough that’s all i can see. so what i need to do is push through this. what’s that quote that’s like “here’s the perfect book you will never write” or “perfection is the enemy of progress” or whatever. you cannot edit a blank page.

i have two more weeks of two-day weekends, and then my work will switch over to 10-hours/6 days and you all probably won’t see me online very much. my sinking fear is that after christmas, we still won’t be off 10 hours (because honestly we don’t need to be on it now so why would they relent after the busy season when we also don’t need to be on 10s?). i’ve been looking for a new job but it seems like a lie, because whatever that is, i will want to leave too. i’m just trying to get things in order, to refocus and figure out how i can get from where i am (sad, tired, crying, not published) to where i want to be (neutral, less tired, sometimes smiling, published).

if you read to the end of this, bless you. 

tagged by @petty-petty-petty-petty ! Basically, answer the questions I added at the end, then come up with your own 10 questions and tag people :)

1) if you could hug one celebrity or fictional character, who would it be? Well, okay, I’ve been lucky enough to hug a lot of my favs, so I’m gonna go with anyone in the Falsettos cast.

2) the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen? I have no idea. My memory is the worst. But I live near Venice Beach so I see a lot of weird shit. Doesn’t really phase me anymore.

3) imagine you have to make a dnd character RIGHT NOW from what comes up in your head first, what will it be? race, gender, class, appearance, alignment, a quick background story? I HAVE NEVER MADE A DND CHARACTER HELP ME, Um… okay human?, and female, idk, um like okay short with that perfect wavy shoulder length pastel pink hair and gray eyes and cute and kind of chubby, idk what that means, just a really rad warrior woman who fights injustice cause why the hell not. no tragic backstory, just an empathetic person who is taking a goddamn stand. Also, on the side she dyes people’s hair cause she needs to make money somehow.

4) what’s your favourite song/track at the moment? I never have one favorite but probably just like Bill Finn songs. I really love Your Lips and Me from In Trousers rn.

5) five really famous/acclaimed movies you haven’t ever seen? Titanic, Apocalypse Now, Kill Bill, The Shining, Fight Club

6) favourite snack? POPCORN

7) the most obscure food you’ve ever eaten? I eat a lot of weird vegan shit but idk 

8) a classic: what would you say to a younger you BUT you can’t give them any warnings, predictions, anything about the future? Self-depricating jokes are unhealthy. Think positively always. Work hard always. Never be ashamed of what you are passionate about. You can get through all of the shit life throws at you. I promise.

9) an odd hobby you want to try? These questions are so hard omg. um um um… unicycling. Like that seems like so much fun.

10) a thing everyone likes and you hate? A lot of things tbh, but pizza.

My questions:

1) If you could go back in time to see any one concert, who would you see? 2) Do you have any collections? If so, what do you collect? 3) What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal as a kid? 4) Which Winnie the Pooh character is your favorite? 5) What do you watch to cheer yourself up when you’re stressed or sad? 6) Which is more satisfying: An ice cold drink on a hot day or a hot drink in a mug on a cold day? 7) Favorite part about the holiday season? 8) Would you rather a small apartment in the center of the city, a three-bedroom house in the suburbs, or a mansion in the country? 9) What’s your preferred form of public transportation? 10) Describe the best trip you have ever taken. Who was it with? Where did you go? Etc.

I tag @itbethelegs @broadjay @maisyshoodies @galaxy-dragon123 @dearevanhansendmylife @stvdy-bees @jasonsbarmitzvah @thewonderfulwizardofgauze and anyone else who wants to do this!

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Back when I was in elementary school, our principle for some reason got Richard Steven Horvitz and Candi Milo to come to our school somehow when the school is located in a place no one gives a shit about and in a town called fucking Indian Head. They brought a lot of Cartoon Network stuff which they let us choose to take like t-shirts, posters, comics, Billy and Mandy head pillows, etc all for free. They also signed them if you asked. Would you like me to send you the stuff I got?

🔫This is a stick up. You give me that stuff right now

here’s my PO BOX

I cut

Oops I cut. I guess I have to cut again cuz now I hate my self a lot more..
Shit I cut again I guess I’ll cut one more time
Fuck it hurts but I deserve it
Only a few more time swear and I’m done
Looks at arms I’m a such a fuck up now everyone is going to stare at me no one will understand what this is like no one will understand why I dot his to my self no one understands how hard it is to stop I cucking hate my self I can’t do shit right I’m a fuck up no one likes me no one cares they say they do but they talk about me behind my back I already no they talk about my cuts about how I’m different I no they talk about how I tried to kill my self and failed cuz I’m a fuck up. I am such a fuck up I am and no matter what anyone says or what they say it won’t help me and it won’t change me I’m a fuck up

That moment when I post exactly how I feel like sometimes when it comes to cutting I feel alone Bc I feel like a lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to stop how hard it is to hide your cuts how hard it is not to loose it and try to kill your self I hate feeling alone and I hate feeling like this stuff only happens to me I hate it so fucking much I’m tired of feeling alone.

But yea sorry I just wanted to post what was going through my mind and just the shit I’m struggling with right now


               “I think that Root is longing for that and the question for Shaw is, how damaged will she be when she comes back. How much will she even remember Root and where they were? She’s been through a  lot. When Shaw returns to the show, it’s a fight for her just to come out and stay alive. What we have to do is, we have to be honest with the audience but we have to take heed of where the story is in terms of the stakes. Right now, Shaw’s character is captured by Samaritan, and they’re doing some fucked up shit to her head.”

           — Greg Plageman on return of Shaw in Person Of Interest S05

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please do gekkan shoujo nozaki kun style Aomine with his s/o in the rain, where Aomine is trying to reinact romantic shoujo scenes of holding the umbrella for his s/o but due to the height difference it fails horribly

Hope you enjoy this, my dear anon~

The sudden downpour caught him by surprise.

Aomine stared at the drops of water hitting the ground, mentally cursing himself for not listening to Momoi again. She had told him to bring an umbrella before. But then again, he never listened.

He browsed trough his bag. Maybe he could try to use his jersey to cover himself while he ran back home. His attention was diverted though. The bright yellow color of your umbrella worked like a flash sign for him. Suddenly every romantic scene from those boring chick flicks Satsuki made him watch flashed trough his mind. Not a bad idea he thought as he approached you. “Oi, _____. I see you got an umbrella there. Do you think we could share? I’ll walk you home.”

Before you could reply, he took the umbrella from your hand. Holding it up as he nudged you with his elbow, gesturing you to lock arms with him. A soft chuckle left your lips. That cute smile that made his heart skip a beat appeared on your face, “Sure, Why not?”.

As you began your lazy stroll your body clinged to Aomine’s side. The rain continued pouring and the umbrella was held a little too high for coverage. The tanned male’s smirk only grew bigger, enjoying the proximity. However, despite the closeness the water managed to soak part of your uniform, “Aomine-kun do you think you could move the umbrella a little more to my side?”.

“Ah sorry.”, he apologized, as he did what you asked. “I didn’t notice you were getting wet”.

Thanking him after readjusting the umbrella, you kept going on your merry way. However, it didn’t take long before the drizzle made you wet once again. Tugging on Aomine’s arm, he turned his attention to you, his eyebrow quirking up. “Do you think maybe I could hold the umbrella?”

“Of course, here you go.”

His hand brushed softly against yours. In that moment Aomine could’ve swore he felt a spark inside him. Of course he would never admit that because it sounded extremely ridiculous in his head and just by thinking of saying something like he felt embarrassed. His cheeks turned pink just by the sudden thoughts and he cursed himself in his mind. ‘Oh great. Now they’re gonna think think I’m embarrassed just by touching their hand’

Which was a ridiculous thought.

They’ve been walking arm in arm the whole time. That’s way more contact than a simple brush.

The brainstorm in his mind was interrupted by the thud of his face hitting the plastic fabric above the two. You were too short to be holding the umbrella. But even then, the young boy thought he would be fine. It’s not like he needed to see where he was going. As long as he kept walking next to you.

He was wrong.

A sharp pain hit him as his shin made contact with some sort of rock standing in the middle of the road. What the hell was that rock doing there?!  Sudden flashbacks of Midorima’s poorly placed lucky items surfaced on his mind but those didn’t matter. This hurt like hell.

“Oh goodness. Are you okay?” You asked concerned after seeing him stumbling forward while trying to caress his leg.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine…Just…”

Roughly, he pulled your arm towards him. Now he could clearly see in front of him; However, he failed to realize the stream of water coming down directly above them from some rooftop. The stream slid graciously down the umbrella before landing right on your now exposed head, soaking you quite a lot.

“Oh shit _____! I’m so-”

bllgh blllgggh blllllgggghh

A car zoomed right past, completely soaking the both of you. An angry scream escaped Aomine’s lips as he threw the umbrella to the floor; Angrily stomping on it. A string of courses being chanted almost as if he were reciting a satanic summoning incantation.

“You’re gonna have to pay for my umbrella.”

Higher Love // J.J.
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Can I please have a Johnson imagine where he comes home late and Y/N can tell he’s high and tries to be angry at him but he’s being really cute

As my eyelids began to droop and the images on the TV screen grew blurry, I sighed and rubbed at my eyes before deciding it was time to hit the hay. Jack promised he would be home in time to watch at least one movie with me, but here I am, three movies later, with no boyfriend present. Looking over at the clock on the DVR, I told myself that if he wasn’t here in ten minutes, I’d go to sleep.

Those ten minutes were quite a haze, as I hadn’t even realized I almost dozed off until I heard the door open rather loudly.

“Shh! Y/N might be asleep.” I detected Johnson’s voice and Gilinsky’s incoherent mumbles of opposition. They walked into the living room, and I sat up, startling both of them when Gilinsky turned the lights on.

“Fuck, don’t do that!” He complained as he pressed his hand to his chest. I honestly couldn’t bother to be the slightest bit amused by their fright. I was tired, cranky, and a little bit peeved that they came home so late. Not to mention that an overwhelming stench of marijuana came trailing in the room after them.

“Where have you been?” I questioned instead, pushing a hand through my hair before crossing my arms. The pair looked at each other, and Gilinsky shrugged.

“I’m off to bed. Peace.” He threw the deuces up whilst kicking his shoes off and heading up the stairs. My gaze reverted back to Johnson, who seemed pretty silent this whole time. He stood there staring with half-open eyelids, his lips parted in the slightest bit.

“Jack, really? You blew off our movie night to go smoke. How high are you?”

“Uh– 5′9″, I think.” He answered, and I almost laughed. This boy’s gone like the wind. Still, I had to scold him for blowing me off, in a way. I stood up and walked over to him, pulling on his arm so he’d follow me back to the couch. “Don’t move so fast, Y/N.” He mumbled, blinking a ridiculous amount of times.

“You’re high as shit. Do you even understand what I’m saying right now?” I looked at him, and he stared back, and I took it that my words were just going in one ear and coming straight out the other. “God, what am I gonna do with you?” I shook my head, sighing as I leaned my chin on my hand. “I really wanted to watch movies with you tonight, Jack. I know this is silly, but our alone time means a lot to me.” I mumbled despite the fact that it was like talking to a brick wall. I just kept staring at the ground as a source of comfort. All of a sudden, Jack reached his hand over and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“What’s wrong, beautiful?” I looked up at him in disbelief, intending to stay angry, but I didn’t stand a chance against those blue puppy eyes. Even when they were glazed over and red, they still had the same affect. Damn him.

“I just told you, dummy.” He didn’t seem to be listening to me as he played with the ends of my hair. 

“You’re so pretty.”

“You’re so high.” None of my comments seemed to be affecting him one bit as he continued on in his own little world. My hair took the place of being the most interesting thing to him at the moment.

“Your hair is so soft.” He whispered in awe, his eyes growing wide for a moment before dimming back to their normal size. “What kind of conditioner do you use?” I allowed myself to laugh this time. It was hopeless, and not to mention almost impossible, to be angry at him.

“It’s from Lush.” I answered as if he’d understand.

“So that’s why it’s so luscious!” He started to laugh, and I admit it was contagious. I watched as he gradually doubled over in laughter, landing his head in my lap. “Ahh…” He let out a breath. “I’m so tired, baby.” He groaned, his muffled voice vibrating against my thighs and eliciting slight chuckles from me.

“I bet. You and Gilinsky were out late.” I told him as I played with the hairs on the nape of his neck. For a couple minutes, he laid still in my lap, and I thought he had fallen asleep. However, he started tapping his fingers against my leg and then came the disoriented humming. “Is that a new song?” I questioned, just to keep his thoughts going.

“How did you know?” He asked in amazement as he turned onto his back to look up at me. I laughed softly, brushing my fingers through his hair.

“Just a wild guess.” I shrugged.

“Oh babe, you’re so smart.” He gave me a lazy smile then reached his hand up to pat my cheek a little too hard. I’m not sure of it, but I think he thought he was hallucinating. 

“Yeah, okay, thank you.” I laughed uneasily whilst cupping his hand into both of mine.

“How did I get so lucky?” With his meditative tone and concentrated eyes, you’d never guess that he’d be so under the influence of weed. His words brought a small smile to my lips, and I leaned down to kiss his forehead. “You’re so beautiful.. I love you.” He brought his hand back up to my face, much gentler this time as he caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers.

“I love you too, Jack.” I resumed the routine of playing with his hair until at last his eyes began to close.

“Will you sleep with me?” He slurred through the struggle of trying to keep his eyes open. He held my hand close to his chest as if to cling to me.

“Of course, baby. Just close your eyes now.” I cooed, brushing my fingertip down the bridge of his nose, and he closed his eyes on instinct. I waited until his breathing grew deep and he no longer held a grip on my hand to settle back in the couch. As uncomfortable as it would be throughout the night, I was happy to have my alone time with him, finally.

ok, so this is a little shorter than what I would usually post, but I couldn’t think of any more things high!Johnson could say aha I hope it was cutesy enough for you though!

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Twinkle Toes - Ten

Alright, I’ve made you wait so many months for this, I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum! Finals are over and I’m back for now! Hope this chapter lives up to your expectations! We’re nearly at the end stages of Twinkle Toes! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing review & sweet messages! This is for you! x

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The socks felt scratchy and tight against my legs, just tickling the tips of my knees and I wondered how I’d last the rest of the night in them, not to mention my neon coral pumps per Robyn’s request.

That’s right.

The hen-do was themed.

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Limits // N.M.
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Can you do a Nate fight imagine where Nate is really stressed over music and he yells at Y/N, but it’s okay in the end

“That’s not it either.” 

I heard a complaint followed by some grumbling for about the hundredth time in the last thirty minutes. He was frustrated; everyone in the room could feel it, yet no one was willing to suggest a break. I looked over at Sammy and received a shrug before he nodded towards Nate as if I had to be the one to soften him up. With a huff and a roll of my eyes, I got up from the couch and hesitantly padded over to Nate, carefully placing my hands on his shoulders as I stood behind his seated figure.

“Baby…” I cooed, starting to brush my hands down his arms. His body was tense, and it didn’t seem like he’d be letting up any time soon. Without a response, I leaned down and tilted my head to face him. “You’ve been at this for hours, Nate. Maybe a little break will help. We can hit up Panera Bread or something then come back?”

His large hands rubbed feverishly at his face as he shrugged my hands off him, shaking his head. “No, I need to get this shit done tonight. The deadline’s on Monday, and we’re not even halfway done!” He spoke sharply, not even bothering to look away from the scribbles of lyrics in front of him. Once again, I looked over at Sammy for some support, but all he did was shrug like before.

Seeing that the soft and careful way wasn’t working, I finally settled for a different approach. I walked around to stand in front of him and promptly took his phone and the notepad out of his hands, placing them on the table. With a firm grip, I took hold of one of his hands and attempted to pull him up. “Alright, Nate, I understand that there are due dates and you wanna get this music out, but–”

“Will you fuckin’ quit it?” He snapped, yanking away from my grip with a stern expression plastered on his features. His harsh force mixed with that tone caught me a little off guard. “I said I need to finish the song, and we ain’t gonna get anything done with your goddamn nagging ass in my ear the whole time.”

“I’m just trying to help–”

“Well you’re not! All you’re doing is distracting me and making the situation worse! Life’s not just some game, Y/N. Some of us have actual work and goals to meet. We can’t just sit around and do nothing with our lives, like you do.” Ouch. I had to admit, that stung a little, but I was getting heated up and the adrenaline prevented me from focusing too hard on the fact.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I have a job and things to do like everybody else in this room, but instead I’m here supporting you because you’re my boyfriend!”

“Maybe I don’t fuckin’ want you here! Ever thought of that?”

Whoa– Okaaay, so how ‘bout that Panera Bread?” Sammy cut in, standing up and gently taking hold of my forearm. “Come on, Y/N.” At that point, I no longer had anything else to say. I thought I was being a good girlfriend by coming to the studio and watching Nate do his thing, but apparently even that was too much. Pursing my lips, I turned and grabbed my satchel before walking with Sammy out of the studio.

As Sammy and I sat at the table outside of Panera, all I could do was stare at my drink, too upset to really do anything. Nate’s words were constantly running through my mind, and no matter what I tried to distract myself with, his voice managed to break through.

“Hey, come on, Y/N. Don’t fret too much about it. You know he didn’t mean that shit; he’s just got a lot in his head right now,” advised Sam. I just shrugged, because I knew how Nate was feeling, but that didn’t make it sting any less. I was a big girl, and I’ve certainly heard much worse from other people. It was just particularly difficult to receive such harsh words from someone I cared a lot about.

We spent at least another hour just sitting and talking at the table, giving time for Nate to cool off and me to feel better. I admit, it was refreshing to have Sam reassure me, but I was nervous to get back to the studio. I didn’t know how Nate would be feeling or if he’d even wanna see me at all. As we were walking back to the building, I suddenly lagged behind Sam, nerves getting the best of me. He just shot me an encouraging smile before opening the door and walking in with me. The room was quiet, and it didn’t look any different from when we left – except that Nate was now pacing. It wasn’t until the door closed that he looked up, noticing our presence. For a moment, I wanted to turn back and wait in the car until they were finished. But Nate’s gaze had a strong hold on me, and my body suddenly decided to forget all its functions.

I gulped, and finally willed myself to take a few steps further into the room. “How– How’s the song going?” I mumbled dryly, glancing at the empty recording booth rather than at Nate. I was prepared for another spiel about how it hasn’t even been that long since I last asked, but instead I was greeted with familiar strong arms around me.

“Fuck the song.” I heard Nate’s voice near my ear, and I was too stunned to figure out how to respond. “I’m sorry about earlier, lil’ mama. I was hella stressin’, and–”

“I know.” I said quietly, slowly returning the embrace as I nuzzled my face into his chest. “It’s okay. I’m sorry for being a bother.”

“You weren’t bothering me, and I do want you here, alright? Look– I even scrapped together a lil’ somethin’-somethin’ for you while you guys were gone.” He pulled out of the hug but kept his arm around my shoulders as he brought me towards the soundboard. He pressed a few buttons and the new song began blaring through the room. It was impossible not to smile then. I’d gone from being a distraction to being his muse within one hour. As the song came to an end, I giggled and hugged him once again.

“So, you gonna mention me in your thank you speech when this wins a Grammy?” I teased, smiling up at him. He mirrored my smile, giving a shrug as as he chuckled.

“We’ll see.”

Ahh, I hope that wasn’t too shitty! This is my first time ever writing an imagine, so feedback would be very much appreciated! Hope you like it, anon. Requests are still open as well!!

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Cant you just stay in your room?

i’m runnin the house alone for the past week (while my parents have been out of state to be with my grandpa while he was sick/passed away) so unfortunately, i gotta talk to all the repair guys

and theres lots of repairs for some reason and i dont know why theyre all scheduled for right now but it’s awful and im drowning i literally dont have enough money in my bank account to cover all these fees until my dad gets back to take over

what happens when one of em comes to me for payment and my card is empty like that’s how porns start my dude

MIX gets me down...

You know what gets me down in the world of Paper? Mix. More precisely ‘people’ remixing stuff I’ve placed on Mix and shitting all over it. It’s kinda infuriating y'know.

I mean, a phoenix wouldn’t have a penis that big. Come on!?!

Joking aside, it really messes with my head. And to be fair the guys at FiftyThree took the offensive remixes down, but still… it hurts and the remixes that basically doodle over the initial idea that aren’t overtly offensive are still there. And I know it’s not just me, as I’ve seen others get this abuse, but I thought I’d just post about it because it’s on my mind right now. Whine over.

As a lot of us are finding, Mix isn’t for everyone and I’m fine with that. I’ve just got to commit to whether it’s for me or not :).

Accidental Chemistry - Ch. 46

“You buckled in Naya?” I quickly skimmed over her body, reaching over to tug on her seatbelt before I started up the car. “I brought this small trashcan in case you need it.” I set the small plastic trashcan on the ground beside her feet.

“Thanks Dem.” Naya curled up against the passenger seat as I pulled out of her driveway and started off towards the hospital. Thankfully it was in the middle of the night, so there were barely any cars out on the road.

“You doing okay? We’re almost there.” I kept glancing over at Naya worriedly as my knuckles went white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. I knew that being sick while pregnant meant that complications could arise. I wasn’t informed enough about pregnancy to know the specifics, but from the little research I had done I knew that it was never easy being sick while pregnant.

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