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you probably get this question a lot, but why did you start shipping dramione? as in, how did you know that they are like an otp for you?

It was Simply Irresistible. I’d been reading mostly Harry-centric fanfic because I just couldn’t believe a kid could be as functional as he seemed to be after that horrible childhood. And then I opened that one up just by accident and I was charmed. And then I read a bunch more, and, well, here we are. I don’t actually read a bunch of it anymore – only really short fluffy things – so I’m not really sure it can count as an OTP anymore because there are a bunch of newer, long stories that I haven’t even opened.

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How about Superman for the ask thing?

-Favorite design:

I know I know I’m 90s trash! 

-Least favorite design:

I hate everything about that image, also I’m a big believer in the red undies, sorry it’s not the Super suit without them 

-Favorite ship:

Lois Lane

-Favorite friendship:

him and Batman (sorry Jimmy Olsen)

-One thing I’d change:

um, I don’t know I’m pretty happy with things, that said I want Ma and Pa Kent back a lot, if Batman’s dead parents is the center and rock of his heroism, Clark Kent’s living parents are Superman’s center and rock, them being dead doesn’t make sense for the character

-A random headcanon:

He was a full Eagle Scout and now is Jon’s Scoutmaster 

-A story I’d write for them:

I like a lot of what’s being written now for him but I’d love a kinda “Superfamily” comic were Clark puts up with the extended superfamily, visits Ma and Pa, is dad to Jon (and Chris), is dad/cool uncle to Kon, Cousin/older brother with Supergirl, Cousin/little brother to Power Girl, maybe Earth-2 Superman and Lois live on a farm in the Fortress of Solitude

Favorite Destiel Fic Survey
What are the most popular fics in the Destiel fandom, based on a survey of people currently active in the fandom? Let's find out!

Apropos of the post I put together yesterday, a couple people mentioned that a “fan favorite” list would likely look very different from a top AO3 list like the one I compiled. So, I thought I’d make a survey.

I’ll leave this open, say, a week? Until the end of February? Unless I’m still getting a lot of replies by then, in which case I might leave it open longer. (I’m posting this on 2/22/2017)

Please respond and/or signal boost! Fics that have Destiel as the primary ship only, please!

Once replies stop coming in, I’ll compile and share a list of our favorite fics! I’m really curious if it’ll be different from the “top” lists as listed on AO3.

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

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yo i haven't seen pd2 in like YEARS but yuuri and victor in your little drabble had me weak and i don't even know what kinda factor they play in the movie or if there's anything else you can give us but i'd love to see more of them because. yes @ them being all over each other in front of everyone when people have shit to do, i.e. important ruling a kingdom stuff

well, the dynamic between the queen and joe in the movies (can’t say much about the books bc it’s been years since i read one of them lmao) is that they’ve got a will they won’t they tension going on and literally the entire damn country ships them (the friggin bishop or…. whatever religious leader officiating the wedding was like “finally” when they did get married in pd2 lolol) and yea that’s probably what i’d be going for. but with a couple tweaks since a lot of details have been shifted around in this au to make it work better with the yoi cast lol

Viktor’s never seen anyone as stoic as Mr Katsuki before in his life. He runs a tight ship, getting all the other security officers into line and smartly suited up. He obsessively goes over every possible breach or flaw at every venue, even drawing up blueprints and maps of the buildings Viktor sets foot in just so he knows the weaknesses of each wall, the locations of each ventilation shaft. He knows the precise details of Viktor’s schedule down to the minute, coordinating with Lilia, his chief advisor and assistant, until everything around the King seems to flow like clockwork, the well-oiled cogs of a machine designed to protect his every step.

“Why are you doing this?” he asks Mr Katsuki once, a couple months into his tenure as chief of security, and Mr Katsuki only smiles a tight, brittle smile that doesn’t reach his calculating yet sparkling eyes.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you were hurt, Your Majesty,” he replies.

Viktor laughs at just how earnestly serious the man looks. “My life is in your hands already, Mr Katsuki. You might as well call me Viktor.”

There’s a little chink in Mr Katsuki’s armour at that when his cheeks flush visibly pink. “I don’t know if I could, Your Majesty,” he says, his voice quiet, soft, and Viktor immediately realises he’d do anything to see this sort of expression on the man’s face again.

Mr Katsuki is a reassuring shadow at his side, watchful yet protective. Viktor values his work and dedication. Admires his bravery and honour.

But he doesn’t fall in love, though, until one fateful afternoon when he’s leaving his motorcade and a gunman opens fire, and Mr Katsuki is on him in an instant, tackling him onto the asphalt and shielding him with his body. As his heartbeat rings loudly in his ears, Viktor looks up into the wide-eyed expression on his chief of security’s face, and realises that the man is genuinely terrified of losing him.

“Yuuri,” he breathes, reaching up for him. The light haloes Mr Katsuki, making him almost angelic. The noise and commotion fade away with each blink of Mr Katsuki’s long lashes, and then the world fades to white.

When Viktor wakes up, he is in a hospital bed, and Mr Katsuki – Yuuri – has fallen asleep with his fingers inches from Viktor’s own. 

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do you have aus where Killian is Emma teacher/professor?

hold me in this wild, wild, world by @themmaswan [one night stand with the teacher which leads to some delicious bedsharing. i rec it a lot and you’ll see why]

Ship It by @lifeinahole27 [henry ships his teachers and vice versa. there’s a sequel and it’s steamy as hell. i have an unhealthy obsession with this two shot. hope there’s more someday]

The Busy & The Tired by @blessed-but-distressed [ Emma is a long-term high school sub and Killian offers to give her pointers. She declines, but realizes she needs it like 5 min. Into her first class]

Canon In D Major by @i-know-how-you-kiss [‘Hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my child’s teacher’ told in a sexy, delightful way. there’s a smut outtake too. liz, you’re a gift]

I don’t usually do this by @emmaofmisthaven (my title)

We Got Us by @lifeinahole27 (professor x teacher. their professions don’t play a role in the story, but read it and you’ll thank me)

Impression Soleil Levant by @princess-emma-of-misthaven 

Something There by onceuponacaptainswan  

Find Your Quarian Name

Somebody asked for a Quarian name generator in the Asari name maker tags, so here you all go :) Quarian names are way more complicated than Asari ones, so this is a little longer.

Given Name:
- First syllable of your preferred first name or nickname
- Middle(ish) syllable of your birth city (first if the name is short)

Clan Name (separated from given by apostrophe):
- First syllable of your mother’s first name (or other important person to you)
- Last syllable of your current city’s name (spelled phonetically)
- NOTE: “Tasi” means “no one” in Quarian. If you don’t like your clan name or don’t want to make a clan name, then Tasi is an acceptable replacement!

Are you vas or nar?
- Vas means “crew of [ship name]” and nar means “child of [ship name]”, so this is really just up to your preferences.
- But if you can’t pick, then choose vas if your age is an EVEN number and nar if your age is an ODD number.
- OR you could choose vas if you feel that you’ve gone through a “pilgrimage” (experience, milestone, or event) that you feel separates you significantly as an adult from your childhood self. 

Ship Name:
- First syllable of your fav video game character’s name (spelled phonetically)
- Last two syllables of your tumblr URL
- NOTE: “Nedas” means “nowhere”. So if you don’t like or don’t want your ship name, then Nedas is an acceptable substitute! 

So for example, my Quarian name could be Shadi’Sulees vas Mahrian (because my favorite game character is also the last word in my URL lol). But it could also be Remay’Tasi nar Nedas, or any combination thereof, depending on my choices.

Put your Quarian name in the tags/reblogs! :D

Anti-Shipping vs. NOTPs

I think a lot of problems boil down to terminology … 

I’m seeing some anti-shippers confused, as they feel they have to drop shallura, because they’re anti-shaladin … they can’t ship one without feeling hypocritical, as they’d either have to use the same arguments as shippers or participate in a double-standard with one ship okay and one not okay.

See, we didn’t have anti-shippers when I grew up.

We had NOTPs.

It meant that - for example - Shiro/Keith could be a person’s NOTP, because of a variety of personal reasons … maybe they see Keith as too young, or dislike the perceived power imbalance, or just not think they have chemistry … but they could still ship Shiro/Allura … they might headcanon Allura as an adult, or think they have chemistry, or just enjoy the aesthetics.

There was no ‘discrepancy’ or ‘hypocrisy’, because it wasn’t made into something about morality or right/wrong, but just … what’s right/wrong for the individual. If Sheith’s not right for you, Shallura may be right instead, so one is your NOTP and one may even be your OTP. It’s all good.

In anti-shipping, it becomes more about ‘morality’ and an objective ‘right/wrong’, so a few people paint themselves into corners … if you dislike shaladin only because it involves a teenager, then proceed to base all arguments upon that fact, and then you can’t then like another ship with a teenager without seeming to contradict yourself. 

If a lot of people return to the NOTP system (“it’s not for me, but it may be for you”) as opposed to the anti-shipping system (“it’s bad for everyone, so it’s right for no one”) … we’d probably all be happier, as everyone would be able to enjoy what they liked.


I have a Headcanon that when the other paladins can’t sleep, they’ll always end up in Lances bed or Lance in theirs.
Since he grew up with a lot of siblings, his younger ones would probably climb in with him sometimes so he’d know how to help people sleep and he’d probably learn specific things to help each paladin.

Hunk: probably has a song his mamma used to sing him, so Lance goes out of his way to learn it and sings it to Hunk when he can’t sleep, playing with his hands to help him relax.
~ship addition~
He’d kiss his knuckles and the pads of his fingers gently while he fell asleep.

Pidge: she’d probably curl up on his lap, right beside him while he recited pi or.some other calming sequence while playing with her hair.
~ship addition~
He’d probably run his hand down her side gently to, pausing after so many numbers to place a kiss on her temple or elsewhere.

Keith: he’d lie beside him and play with his hair, either singing/humming or just talking about random things in Spanish.
~ship addition~
He’d pause every few seconds to just place a small kiss some where, he’ll make sure Keith is covered in kisses before he falls asleep.

And for Shiro, I don’t think he’d go to the others for being unable to sleep.

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Hi! Can you rec some bagginshield fics, please? 😊

I sure can^^

Here’s a fic rec masterpost I made a while ago (most fics are Bagginshield, I read almost exclusively Bagginshield, there’s a lot of it)

and here’s a list of newer fics that I haven’t recced yet:

The Took’s Arrangement by snowmissus (soul_of_blaze) (T, WIP, arranged marriage au, just the first chapter has been published so far but it’s already so good)

Working Up An Appetite by anopenvein (Not rated, one-shot, sexy times, fem!Bagginshield)

Everything Stays by snowmissus (soul_of_blaze) (G, one-shot, canonical character death, but for once in a good way and it has a happy ending <3)

The Service by rutobuka (E, WIP, fem!Bagginshield, sex work, honestly read the tags, this fic is so goddamn hot, hottest thing I’ve ever read, I love it)

Ever On and On by yubiwamonogatari (G, one-shot, fem!Bagginshield, retired in the Shire, super duper cute <3)

Tamâmebrulu Id-Mudtu (Lullabies of the Heart) by rutobuka (T, comic, everyone lives/nobody dies, Bilbo in Erebor, words can’t express how much I love this comic)

The Sons of Durin by KivrinEngle (T, modern au, sorta crime family but idk that doesn’t 100% descibe it, doesn’t have a lot of romance but the action is good)

The flowering stars, on crowns they hung by alkjira (M, one-shot, fem!Bagginshield, Bilbo stays in Erebor, married life)

Consort’s Control by honorablementioned (E, one-shot, light d/s, light bondage, very sexy)

A Literal Roll in the Hay by GayForWerewolves (E, one-shot, trans male Bilbo, Dwarves have sensible gender concepts i.e. everyone is what they say they are so being trans is no problemo)

Hearts Will As Hearts Must by determamfidd (G, one-shot, also Kiliel and Gigolas, Gigolas is kinda the main ship here but Bagginshield has a big role, this is just such a sweet and good lil fic) (lil fic my ass it’s 10k)

and then a fic I always rec bc it just is so damn good:

Sansûkh by determamfidd (T, WIP, long as balls but honestly it’s the best fic ever, it’s the biggest blessing ever to grace this fandom, and I have so many feels about it and I want everyone to read it because it is so so so so good)

and for good measure some of my own works:

Amnâs, akrâg, rumush mudtu (T, WIP, Frerin lives au, my opus magnum tbh)

Asshân (T, WIP, fem!Bagginshield, arranged marriage au)

The One in the Waiting Room (G, one-shot, modern au)

Of Stubborn Sons and Fussy Fathers (G, one-shot, Thrain lives and is too old for this shit. what shit? all shit.)

So this is inspired this adorable art of Kylo holding his baby by @jeusus. I fell in love with it instantly. 

Their quarters used to be relatively peaceful. Ren worked easily alongside Hux when it was just the two of them. They planned upcoming battles and proofread each other’s reports during their sporadic caf breaks. They wouldn’t be bothered to go to bed so they’d fuck on the couch. If it was early enough they’d force themselves to stay up with more caf and cold showers. Unless they were fighting, it was quiet and straightforward. 

That was all before their screaming bundle of joy. 

Quinn cried a lot. Loud and shrill, demanding attention they couldn’t always give him. After consulting with one of the doctors on the ship, they found out their child was crying a normal amount. They were both just irritated easy. 

As soon as Ren stepped into their quarters, his attention was immediately drawn to Hux bouncing Quinn in his arms while he stood at his desk. 

“If you don’t stop this, darling, I’ll put you to bed and call back your damn nanny droid." 

The child wailed and whined while Hux shushed him. The general’s lip curled and his brow twitched but he never once lost his patience with Quinn. 

"Has he been up all night?" 

Hux didn’t turn from his holoscreens. "The little shit won’t sleep. Can you heat up a bottle for him?" 

"Can I get through the fucking door first?” Ren leant against the arm of the couch and shed his boots. He peeled off his gloves on the way to the kitchenette and tossed them on their two-person table that was covered in caf mugs and baby bottles. He took a fresh bottle from the conservator. They had a small appliance designed especially for heating bottles of milk. Ren truly didn’t understand why they needed all of this but then they had a child who fussed if the milk was too cool. 

While that was heating, Ren came over to Hux and received an armful of their son. 


Quinn wriggled in his arms but he wasn’t throwing a fit anymore. Ren sat on the couch, dipping his head, plush lips kissing the crown of Quinn’s hair. He was overly conscious of how gentle he was trying to be. The infant was dwarfed in his hands, swallowed up completely. Ren could barely do the buttons up on his onesies. 

Quinn shoves his little fingers in his mouth and stared up at Ren. He kicked his legs and Ren arched a brow. "What’s gotten you into such a mood, hm?" 

He didn’t receive an answer. He and Hux had this habit of taking to Quinn like he understood them. They both despise baby talk. 

"He missed you,” Hux said, crossing the room to fetch Quinn’s bottle. “Typical. He stops crying when you’re back." 

"I’m his favourite." 

Hux came to Ren with the warmed bottle and joined him on the couch. "He likes you because you’re warm.” He slung his arm around Ren’s middle and rested his head on his shoulder. 

Ren shifted Quinn into the crook of his arm, more careful than ever with Hux watching him. Quinn pulled his spit-slick fingers from his mouth and slapped them on Ren’s chest. 

“What was that for?” Ren murmured, nudging the bottle against the infant’s lips. Quinn opened his mouth and let out an impatient little whine before sucking on the rubber top. 


“Finally,” Hux said, face half-hidden in Ren’s cowl. 

“Weren’t you working?" 

"You’re the one who tells me to take more breaks." 

Ren’s lips tugged up. "After his bottle, we’ll put him to bed so I’ll make sure you fully enjoy your break." 

"That’s if he falls asleep." 

"We’ll make it work." 

Hux stifled a yawn against Ren’s shoulder. "That would be nice…" 

Ren didn’t reply. After a minute or so Hux’s breathing even out and his arm around Ren loosened. Ren obviously wasn’t getting up anytime soon. He drew Quinn close to his chest and let his head fall against Hux’s.

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For the OTP Drabble Challenge: #52: “32?” - “I’ll prove it!”

From this prompt list :D Thank you so much for the prompt, nonny, I apologize for the wait on this one but I hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this one :) Some rebelcaptain hurt/comfort + angst for your monday evening.

The ship roared to life around him as he breathed a sigh of relief; Kaytoo had finally managed to break the planet’s atmosphere.

At least something was finally going right. Cassian made the mental note to never accept a job from Han Solo again.

He muttered obscenities to himself and braced Jyn against his chest, — her weight heavier than he’d wanted to admit —, then propped her against the ship’s wall, trying to stabilize her head without success.  

“Jyn,” he whispered, then shouted when she didn’t move. “Jyn! You have to stay awake.”

“Mhhhm,” she groaned, in-between struggled gasps. “Hurts.”

“I know, I know, just breathe, okay? You’re going to be fine.” One hand held her steady while the other fished deep into a nearby med-kit.

He brought a palm to her cheek, running his thumb along the gash lining her temple. It was shallow, no sign of shrapnel, but that wasn’t what worried him. She’d been too close to a grenade, and it was the damage he couldn’t see that scared him.

He just hoped Kaytoo could get them back to base before it was too late.

Swallowing back panic, he smoothed a bacta patch along her hairline, not missing the way her face twisted at his touch. He wiped her blood from his hands and pulled back, settling in next to her as he pulled her down gently to rest in his lap.

“There, you’re alright,” he lowered his voice, trying his best to comfort her. “I’ve got you, we’ll be back to Yavin before you know it, alright?”

She was quiet, for a beat too long and Cassian shook her shoulder lightly.

“Jyn, you can’t go to sleep.”

“Mmmmnot,” she slurred, her head lolling against his knee. “Just — just keep talking.”

Her nose brushed his thigh, as if nestling closer to him, and he dug through his mind, — think, Cassian, think, just keep talking —, searching for a memory not tainted by war, something comforting.

There weren’t many, so he went with what had come to mind first.

“How many planets do you think I’ve been to?” he started, pushing a strand of blood-stained hair behind her ear as she tried to shrug. “Thirty-two.”

“Thirty-two?” she mouthed into his leg.

“I’ll prove it, when we’re back on base. I’ve kept all my data-logs. ”

She hummed against his leg in response, of course he had saved them, and her hand sought out his still tangled in her hair. He gripped it tight, squeezing her fingers before lacing them together on top of her chest.

“Cassian?” Her voice was small, barely there.


“Which one — was your favorite?”

Whichever one I’m on with you, he wanted to say, but thought better of it.

“I’ve never thought about it before.”

“You can now,” she struggled to piece together her words. “You can tell me about them.“

“Okay,” his thumb rubbed idly along the back of her wrist, thinking of where best to begin.

He held onto a breath as he listened to hers, letting it go slowly while his thoughts traveled back to his home world, to the happier times in spite of the cold, before his sixth birthday. They were in there, he could reach those memories for her.

“Fest,” he squeezed her hand tight, surprised when she returned the gesture. “Let’s start with Fest.”

Dating Daehyun Would Include...

Originally posted by ssonqs-archived

  • Late night conversations 
  • Childish banter
  • Shipping Daejae
  • Really hard
  • “Babe, I swear, if you ever want to break up with me for Youngjae just let me know. I’d be totally okay with it.”
  • Coming to terms with the fact that your boyfriend will always be prettier than you
  • Lots of selcas
  • Stealing his hoodies
  • Giving his hoodie back after it no longer smells like him just so that he can wear it before you take it again
  • Lots of teasing
  • Especially about your height compared to him
  • Getting made fun of by the members
  • Especially Jongup and Himchan
  • Always being told how beautiful you are
  • The best kisses in the world
  • They would be so warm and sweet and passionate that you’d literally melt on the spot
  • Him whining for your attention whenever you’re super invested in a T.V show
  • Him being hesitant to leave you alone with the members
  • He’s the jealous type
  • “So, what did you guys do while I went to the store?”
  • “Oh, we just did random stuff.”
  • “And?”
  • “And watched some T.V.”
  • “And?”
  • “Made some Ramyeon.”
  • “And?”
  • “…….breathed.”
  • Hand holding
  • Slight PDA
  • Never going a day without laughing 
  • Always feeling loved

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So like I caught someone's previous post about a poly relationship between gai/kakashi/Gemna and my head was just; "yes of course I bet most high level ninja (especially those not in a clan) would be in some form of a poly-ship because I mean how risky to throw all of yourself into one person? And like more people is more support and more protection and it's easier to trade off watches and if you get to kids it's a lot easier to balance missions with more people and I just (1/2)

I just don’t know why I’d never thought of it before. I mean sure maybe clan heads have to limit themselves for the sake of a clear line of inheritance but especially in Konoha with how they emphasize team relationships and depending on your fellow villagers I just. I just can really see a complex culture where poly relationships of all kinds is actually much more common than single pairs.

This makes lovely sense tbh. I know not everyone can work with a poly relationship, but for those who can it’s really logical. 

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one piece !!!!!!!!! !!! ( you knew that was coming )



Bonus (because I’m a sinner and I could actually ship Luffy with any living thing on this Earth):

Wayward Souls - Bea Santello/Mae Borowski - SFW

Title: Wayward Souls
Author: Daisy
Fandom: Night In The Woods
Setting: Fort Lucenne Mall, Bea’s Car
Pairing: Bea Santello/Mae Borowski
Characters: Bea Santello, Mae Borowski
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rating: K
Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 1187
Type of Work: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Warnings: Gay, Femslash, Yuri, Fluff, Unbeta’d
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Mae was the worst guide ever.

AN: So, I’ve been on a NITW kick lately, I love the game so much. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can’t stop writing these. xD I love this ship. I love all my ships for this game. Hope you guys enjoy!

Wayward Souls


“Is it even possible to get lost this many times in a two storey parking lot?”

The tone in Bea’s voice was enough to tell Mae that she was getting frustrated. Of course, the shorter girl huffed indignantly, crossing her arms.

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AAAHH, you ship Logurt too, this made my day! :D I love them both way, as best friend buddies and having more between them. And now, thanks to you, I only see Kurt grinning wildly like an idiot when it comes to Logan :D (like Chris did) Thanks for the picture! :D

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys that idea!  I think one of the reasons why the idea came to my mind was because Kurt has a LOT in common with Chris Traeger (optimistic, excessively kind and cheerful, relentless people-pleaser, uses his charm to hide insecurities).  Granted, Logan and Andy have very little in common, but the whole scene feels very true to Logan and Kurt to me. XD 

One of the things that I enjoy most about Logurt is that every now and then, Logan does or says something that seems as if he’s lowkey hitting on Kurt.  And Kurt it totally oblivious to it, haha.

miscellaneous weston school headcannons
  • this school may seem pristine and perfect on the outside, but boy, it’s a mess on the inside
  • half the time the students don’t even know where they’re supposed to be
  • the most infamous of them being from Edward Midford, who, halfway through latin class got up and brokenly whispered: “this is not maths”
  • people sleep everywhere
  • it’s gotten to the point where no one really speaks louder than they do in the library, because usually someone is around and asleep
  • mcmillian once climbed up a three meter high tree and slept there because people were “too loud” in his room
  • “God damnnit Joanne get down from the windowsill you’re gonna get sick - how did you even get up there it’s like four meters up–will somEonE wAke hIm uP? GET ME A FUCKING LADDER!”- Maurice
  • Maurice and Joanne are in a love- hate relationship
  • Like they “pretend”to hate eachother but people have found them studying together, reading from the same book, looking out for eachother and on one rare occasion, even sleeping on the benches/tables in the common room
  • They both deny it
  • finaly s week is another hell
  • if gregory didn’t already have eyecircles, he now has racoon eyes. Literally
  • “Dude your eye make up is on fleek. teach me”- Cheslock
  • “what” “oh nvm”
  • people sleep during class and the teachers don’t mind anymore
  • random screaming is heard, mostly with someone responding “I KNOW SHUT THE FUCK UP I’M TRYING TO STUDY!”
  • Joanne started screaming in the cafeteria, no one minded
  • herman joined
  • burnouts are also a regualar occurence
  • sources say lawrence once recited his latin phrases to a squirrel
  • joanne: “I’m going to be a stripper fml”
    Cheslock: “that’s the dirtiest thing you’ve said so far, I’m proud of you”
  • Maurice, after the last final, picked up a chair and screamed in joy
  • A party was held after finals week, even the young ones got wasted (On soda and caffeine, not on alc)
  • green house hosts sports contests, espeacially ones where you have to form teams: So far its: -edward and herman(BUT THAT’S UNFAIR!-Cheslock. “Aight you change with herman” (Edward and cheslock are close friends now))
    -joanne and maurice
    -gregory and herman (Were you always this light, greg? Yes shut up)(Gregory only begrudgingly agreed to this)
    -lawrence and clayton
    -edgar and mcmillian
  • the teatre group rehearses in the cafeteria like no ones buisness
  • most of the students now know ‘a midsummer nights dream’ by heart now
  • edgar approached joanne while he was reading, got hissed at, before joanne screamed in embaressment( edgar thought it was funny, no hard feelings there)
  • mcmillian writes everyone really detailed valentines cards
  • edward and cheslock can d a  n  c e– they can move thier bodies, it’s unreal >Joanne can sing so high it’s kinda creepy
  • cheslock consoles people very well, so he knows everything about everyone, but won’t use it as blackmail, he’s not sunken that low, his momma raised him well
  • edgar and herman give the best hugs
  • Everyone else is trying to get them to hug eachother
  • Gregory, Cheslock, Maurice, Mcmillian and, surprisingly, Joanne are the cryptid team
  • They go into abandoned buildingy together and look  for cryptids and ghosts
  • ghosts they’ve found
  • a lot of them
  • in this school, there’s not really that much rivalry, no harmful one anyway
  • Everyone just does their thing, as long as they stay in their lane, no one minds
  • s l e e p o v e r s  a n d g o s s i p
  • at the end of a school year, everyones crying in eachothers arms