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What if galrans with tails are female? What if female galrans have deeper voices. Antok was a lady!

ANON!!  Do you realize what you’ve done?!

You’ve solved the riddle some of the finest meta minds in our fandom have been puzzling over (cough @radioactivesupersonic )

Seriously though, how much do I LOVE this idea? 

I love this idea.

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Yes.  Because it turns all the speculation right on its head and honestly, how many times in nature is the female of a species the larger one?  Like lots!  Why wouldn’t it be that way for the Galra? 

Plus I just love the idea of super SUPER buff Galra women with the ability to sling their guys under their arms and carry them off the battlefield when necessary. 

I vote this idea.  Let Antok be the first Galra female we’ve seen and then give me more purple warrior women.

lmao don’t take this too seriously, I just want to explain how Fracture can be Megascream’s kid and whatevs

Okay so, this is my theory on how Fracture is primarily purple even though both Starscream and Megatron’s main colors are gray with minor colors of purple and red.

(Photo credits: @dragonasis​ )

We can see here how Fracture carries a lot of physical traits from both Megatron and Starscream. But why is his main color purple?

Well because both Megatron and Starscream had inserted dark energon/the blood of Unicron into themselves. And the main color of dark energon is purple.

And as Unicron explained, Megatron cannot join with the Allspark..

Thus meaning that the dark energon changed both Starscream’s and Megatron’s biochemical structure.

And that is why their kid is purple.

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Extract from one of your wips?

AH. OKAY. UHHH. After much debate, I decided to post a piece of a long highschool au thing I’ve been working on for about six months now (whoops other fics got in the way and i’ve kind of moved it to the back-burner rn but. I definitely intend to get back to it once I’ve finished my other two projects). This is about 1k, and Also. Halfway through the fic lmao  it’s just a part I thought was kinda good so. voila I guess.

(also vis a vis first part,,, Ty was just being a pervy asshole but. Minor warnings for consent issues maybe.)

When Steve had decided to wait on after school for Tony that afternoon, he definitely hadn’t been expecting events to unfold as they had.

Not that he was complaining, mind.

Of course, a part of him was still irrevocably angry. In the deepest, most primal sort of sense. He wanted to rip Tiberius Fucking Stone limb from limb for daring to lay a hand on Tony. In the heat of the moment, as he’d caught them; Tony struggling to get out of Ty’s grip as that scum had pressed his face into Tony’s space…

Steve had seen red. 

Everything else had been blocked out as he zeroed in on Ty and lunged. And it would probably have ended a lot more seriously if Tony hadn’t stepped in and snapped him out of it, his shaking hands tugging at Steve’s collar and dragging him back. 

Jesus… Steve didn’t even want to think about what might have happened if he hadn’t been there. It made his skin crawl and his blood boil with fury.

One thing was for sure, though- if Ty went anywhere near Tony again, Steve would kill him.  Without hesitation.

Glancing over at Tony as they drove slowly through the New York traffic- his eyes dark purple bruises, and a general look of illness about him that made Steve want to just bundle him up in his arms and tell him to just rest for once in his goddamn life- he felt a fierce burn of protectiveness surge over him, and a brief, manic desire to turn around and hunt Ty down all over again. To punch him bloody, until he could barely remember his own name, and he couldn’t physically lay a hand on Tony again without losing his balance.

He’d reached for Tony’s hand before he was even aware, winding his fingers around Tony’s own and gripping tightly, focusing intently on the warmth that lay between them in an attempt to distract himself from his own fast-spiralling thought process.

Tony glanced over, his brow creasing in concern as he looked Steve over. “You okay?” He asked.

Steve smiled a little, and let himself relax against the expensive car seats. Tony was safe. Steve didn’t care for much else. He could save the over-analysing what could have happened until he was alone- for now; he needed to concentrate on more important matters.

“You really had a crush on me 3 years ago?”

Tony paused, and then jerkily turned his head back to the road, blushing a delightful pink colour that Steve wanted to follow with his mouth.

“I… basically? It’s embarrassing. You… you punched a guy I hated, one time, about three years and one day ago. It was- well, thirteen year-old me was very impressed. And turned on. Yeah,” Tony mumbled, and Steve laughed, playing absently with Tony’s fingers as he leant his head against the seat and watched Tony, who kept glancing nervously at him through the corner of his eye.

“Who’d I punch?”

“His name was Justin. You clocked him on the nose because you caught him while he and his friends were running some kid’s work under the sink in the boy’s toilets. Then Justin’s buddy punched you into the wall and gave you a concussion.”

Steve stopped, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to remember the scene. “Are you sure that was me? I don’t remember ever doing that.”

Tony shot him a look. “No. You don’t. Because Justin’s buddy punched you into a wall and gave you a concussion.”

Steve ahhh’ed in understanding. 

“It’s not normal how casual you are about that,” Tony said, shaking his head amusedly.

Steve shrugged. “After the tenth time being told you got concussed, you stop caring. Anyway- sounded like the asshole deserved it- that kid might have spent a long time on whatever work they were doing, and it was getting ruined all because of a few jealous assholes. I stand by my actions,” Steve said proudly; chin jutting out a little as it always did when he talked about his fights.

Tony paused, before looking at Steve and smiling a little. “It… it was my stuff, actually. That’s how I saw it all. I was gonna go over there and try get it all back, but you kinda got there first. And by the time I reached you, you were already sprawled all over the floor with blood pouring out of you head. I thought they’d fucking killed you,” Tony’s brow creased a little in dismay, and Steve squeezed his hand in reassurance. 

“Hey, I’m tougher than that, Tony, come on, what do you take me for?”

Tony laughed. “An idiot who got into way too many fights. Anyway, yeah- I ran over to you and asked if you were okay, and you know what you said?”

Steve raised an eyebrow. 

“You stared at me for a creepily long time, told me ‘it’s lucky I have my library card on me, because I’m totally checking you out,’ and then laughed hysterically for five seconds before passing out.”

Steve’s mouth dropped. “No way.”

“Totally did.”

“I… I wasn’t even out then! I didn’t even know-“

“Guess your concussion must have just knocked your level on the Kinsey Scale up a bit, then, because you totally said that to me, and of course, I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with you after that. It was a great pickup line.”

Steve stared straight at Tony, before dissolving into helpless laughter, his face scrunching in incredulously as he stopped low and brought his hands up to cover the blush that was now crawling up his own cheeks.

“What the hell are you laughing at, Steve, that’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me! I’m not even lying!” Tony yelled, his own face stretched into a broad grin as he turned down into Bucky’s road.

Steve paused, lifting Tony’s hand up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss against his fingertips. He was still getting over the kind of overwhelming shock that Tony had wanted him before he was Captain Rogers, the handsome quarterback, and instead had just been Steve, the skinny asthmatic. 

If Steve had still had any doubts about how he felt for Tony, they’d immediately evaporated upon hearing those words. God- he still couldn’t quite believe it.

“Well, we’re gonna have to see that gets changed then, aren’t we?” He spoke softly against Tony’s fingers, before letting his hand go and grinning again. “Trust me, I have a whole array of pickup lines from Bucky- he tries to make them as cheesy and weird as possible- it’s probably where I picked up the library card one, actually-“

“You know what, I don’t think I want to hear the type of pickup lines that Bucky Barnes has told you. They’ll almost certainly scar my delicate sensitivities,” Tony said, wincing as he pulled out the keys from ignition and opened his door.

“Are you my appendix? Because you give me a funny feeling in my stomach and make me feel like I should probably take you out,” Steve followed, getting out of the car and jogging around to meet up with Tony, who had a look of horror on his face.

“What the hell was that-

“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you’ve just got the sweetest ass,”

“Steve, stop it, oh my god,” Tony was blushing harder by the second, and it only spurred Steve on further, grabbing Tony’s hand and skipping around until he was walking backward, face to face with that adorable smile.

He kissed it, just because he could. And because he hadn’t in over ten minutes, which was honestly too long to wait, in his eyes.

Tony reciprocated immediately, his smile exposing teeth that Steve’s lip scraped against, before his mouth closed again and Tony pushed forward, hands coming up to hold Steve’s neck

“The human body is 70% water and I’m feeling thirsty,” Steve muttered against Tony’s lips.

Tony yelled in horror, and fell off the sidewalk. Steve only helped him up once he’d finished laughing.

We’re Starting At The End [ch.4]

edit | art

Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isn’t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.

a/n: You guys glad it’s Wednesday? I am! I’m super excited about this chapter and the next few. There isn’t a lot of action, but there is a lot of development, so pay attention! Lots of new characters coming atcha, so get pumped and click the read more. When you finish, come see me in my ask and let me know what you’re thinking! Thanks, sweethearts!


Percy is still staring up at the walls of Camp Jupiter in awe when they open. Reyna pulls the car through quickly, and the gates close back behind them as soon as they enter.

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Playing Primetime Adventures is what made me a better storyteller for Tisquantum, so I owe a lot to this game.

TV shows I’ve made with PTA:

  • 1930s Shanghai martial arts + night club shenanigans.  Starring Chinese Marius and very suave gangsters.
  • Let’s Pretend the Star Wars Prequels Didn’t Happen and make our own, where the Jedi is more of an ad hoc mystical order and the clone wars were about cloning ethics.
  • 1980s style mecha space opera. Russia vs. US!  Uber-weird aliens!  Mecha that combine into a shuriken!  Getting thrown in the brig 3 times per episode!  (Green pilot was Sikh, Orange was Brazilian, and purple was Japanese)
  • Space station as seedy gas station + strip mall
  • Superheroes and supervillains are roommates and don’t know it.  They have trouble paying rent.
  • Firefly but with Actual Asians.  Starring Space Taiwan and Chinese Edward Snowden.
  • Magical girl is now starting college and still stuck with the same magic charm bracelet and cute animal companion from when she was 10.  It’s all Horribly Embarrassing.
  • “Fresno Heat” – sleazy awkward cop show set in Fresno, CA.

Seriously though – it’s easy to set up, lots of fun, and I’m always amazed at the awesome stories that come out of 2 hours.  (Much easier than writing fic or drawing comics.)

(Full disclosure: we play Primetime Adventures 2, which we like more than version 3.)

5 Seconds of Summer -- You're more punk-rock than them

My friend helped me write this because I simply didn’t manage to write anything. Huge writers-block. And she told me to write the nicknames for the boys, so please don’t be mad about their nicknames. It’s just a preference… I love the boys, but some people don’t understand jokes… Sorry if this offends any of you beautiful unicorns (I was born a unicorn. Not kidding. I had a birthmark that stuck out on the front of my head like a horn). Be unicorns with the boys now :3

You pulled your light blue hair into a ponytail, groaning silently when the layers in your hair simply didn’t like you today.

“Are you coming, Y/N?” your bandmate called.

“Calm down, for the love of Mother Nature,” you grumbled and got off the couch and walked down the hallway to where your bandmates had gone.

“Hey, I’m Ashton,” a guy wearing a ripped Nirvana sweater smiled. His hair was a soft brown colour. The other three stopped with whatever they were doing. It looked like two of them were messing with the tall one.

“Eh, hey. I’m Y/N…” you looked at the four guys. One guy did catch your eye though. Purple hair that was untameable. That’s a fitting name for him.

“Hi. I’m Michael,” he smiled. You just gave him a small nod, looking at the two other boys who introduced themselves.

“I’m really sorry, but you guys can’t be backstage. Only singers and performers backstage,” you mumbled. They all looked a bit puzzled.

“Oh, eh, we are performers,”

“You guys are performers? You do know this is a punk-rock festival, right?”

“We are so punk-rock,” the tall one said in a much more manly voice than he usually would have, and the other guys puffed their chest out. Nirvana broke out in laughter which made Asian and Tall laughs as well. Purple chuckled and turned around to look at something before looking back at you.

“Yeah, sure. But honestly. You guys can’t be backstage,”

“No, seriously. We are performers. We are 5 Seconds of Summer,” that made a bell ring.

“Oh, yeah. Your dressing room is down the hall,”

“We know who you guys are though. We are big fans,” Asian smiled. Or maybe he wasn’t Asian? Whatever. As if I hadn’t heard that before.

“Though, we are a lot more punk-rock than you guys are,” he said. You just smirked.


“No doubt. I mean, can’t you see our beautiful colourful clothing? Any punk-rock-thing you can do, we can do better” he smiled. Maybe it was worth learning his name?

“Was it Colton?”
“Calum,” he smiled.

“Alright, Colton,” you smirked, making his smile fade so he just glared changeling. “If you’re so ‘punk-rock’, as you call it, why do you need to prove it so badly?” That made them chuckle.

“Because we are horrible at being punk-rock. We are actually unicorns,” Nirvan– Ashton? Ashton said. That made you laugh. And not many things made you laugh. Lately, you had been pretty far down. You were just tired of everything and in a need of sleeping for years.

“You know what? I’m a better unicorn than you are,” you laughed. Michael laughed.
“Yeah, right! Blue is SO not unicorny. Purple is. And pink,”
“You coloured your hair pink?!” you laughed.

“I have dyed my hair in the colour of the rainbow. But I regret the blue though. I couldn’t fly when I did,” he mumbled with pout.

You couldn’t stop laughing at the four guys as they continued saying a bunch of stupid stuff. In fact, you and the four guys were eventually chilling in their dressing room. They would occasionally ask you how you guys had gotten the reputation as ‘punk-rock’ because they actually wondered, but you just laughed at them when they did. You had forgotten all about your bandmates right now. 

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baby miyani!!!!! so precious ^_^ awhh

i was so cute holy heck look at this 

this is 2 or 3 year old miyani I was just being a butt

and then my first day of preschool I was 4 

i was like 5 ish here i think 

and then around 6

here I was 11 and I started taking jumping photos with my point and shoot pink kodak camera because of highschool musical

then jumping forward to when i was 13 this was a hard time 

then 15 oh my gosh I don’t even recognize this person, this was around the time I first started exploring my gender and stuff because I hadn’t been taught about it at all until I made a tumblr at 15/16

and then my first hair cut when I was 16 

then I dyed it blue for the first time 

and then green

 and a few different shades of blue and grey and purple 

and then prom and graduation 

and I got a second hair cut last week, 

and have much much more to go, but I am working on being happy with who I am and stuff.  But I guess the point of this long transitiony post is not only to show off how cute I was oh man, 

but also, on a serious note, I was really really unhappy when I was 15 years old and so so confused about my gender and sexuality, and though everything isn’t perfect now, I am a lot happier than I was then, and things have seriously gotten a lot better. Stuff gets better. So wherever you are right now, just remember, it gets better, and it gets easier, and you will end up figuring yourself out. I am genderfluid and I came out on facebook two weeks ago which was a really big step for me but yea. [they/them pronouns]

Young Folks - John

Alright, you pansies. Have some totally fine, happy johnkat eating cookies together at the asscrack of dawn as an apology for Kill Your Heroes. THEY’RE FINE. GEEZ
(you can thank orangelemonart for this)

You wake up in the cool haze of pre-dawn to the song of birds chattering and soft breathing. Blinking makes your eyes ache, like you had a bucket of sand poured into them before going to sleep. Tired. Strangely awake, too. Weird. The air is cold. Enough to nip at your lips if you breathe in through your mouth and leave your skin cool and damp, like a mist of dew settling on grass. The blue tarp overhead has drops of condensation scattered across its surface.




Not alone. 

You tip your head slowly towards your left.

Karkat. Still asleep.

You don’t have that clichéd flood of last night’s events rushing back as vivid memories. Instead you just quietly go oh

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tumblr made the quality even grosser than it already was but the roughs for Kaworu and Shinji’s Magical Boy designs. i cannot believe i put this much effort into this silly heartbreaking au but i’m taking it so seriously i have a lot of fanart started already sighs.

Please ignore the gross shoes i cannot draw combat boots for the life of me so i kind of half assed that.

Kaworu has a theme/basis of Unconditional love/hearts, and Shinji has a theme of acceptance/protection/stars. Do not take this AU the wrong way though it’s actually painfully upsetting despite the frilly dumb outfits.

Color schemes are still being figured out but Shinji is looking like pink/blue and kaworu would probably be like purple/red or something like that.

Asuka and Rei are next !!