a lot of ppl followed me this week


im taking a break from this blog - about a week
i posted that vid of me singing as a cool way to go off
its nothing you guys did that follow me and are supportive and nice
its not even anythin that people that argue with me do
i just get overwhelmed sometimes
this is the first sideblog ive ever kept up on thats lasted over a week. i have adhd and its super hard to focus on having more than one blog
you can still submit cis things and ill add them to the queue but i wont be answering asks or arguing with people
im super sorry to ppl that just followed me, this isnt some kind of normal thing that i do a lot
if you need any help with questioning your gender or anything like that, you can message me or send an anon ask to @lizrds420
see you guys in abt a week, youre all super awesome, please stay safe!!


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Thank you @sockkaeydontkno for tagging me. Love you ♥♥♥

Name: Maggie

Nickname: Maggs.

Star sign: Pisces 

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Favourite colour: Night sky blue, torquoise, gold

Time right now:  21:19

Average hours of sleep: 5 - 6 (depends if I have lots of work)

Lucky number: I think 7 (?)

Last thing I googled: my next weeks schedule 

Number of blankets I sleep under: two and they are very soft,,,,I cry 

Favourite fictional character: probably Haru from Free! (I love him)

Dream job: a manager, musician

What am I currently wearing: oversized white t - shirt with a name ‘’bodybuilder’’ ,,,,,lame,,,,,,,and just underwear 

So, I am tagging: @hope-for-wifi-in-the-afterlife @namjoonspornstash @jimin-ism @see-the-xiububblebutt-twerking @annyeongpabo @exo-be-creepin @moan-yoongi