a lot of ppl followed me this week


okay so i reached 700 followers this week and its a Big Number and to thank you all i thought a lot about different stuff i could do to celebrate and finally settled on this. 

What it is:

  • a fanfic giveaway
  • ie if you win i write a fic for you based on a prompt you give me


  • my writing/headcanons tag is here
  • my ao3 is here
  • if you win i will contact you via ask box so please have that open
  • there are a number fandoms/ships/characters i will write, there are a number of fandoms/ships/characters i will not write but we’ll figure that out depending on your prompt
  • i will not write anything nsfw


  • this is a present for my followers so mbf me
  • you can signal boost this and not enter it, just write ‘signal boost’ in your tags
  • one reblog per person
  • likes don’t count
  • the winner has one week to respond or i choose someone else
  • ENDS: June 15 2015


this is not my main account so activity will vary a lot and currently it is down

i recently got a new job so study for that and just in general stressing about it will take up most of my time i think for at least two weeks before i get into it, but i’m positive i will return after that on this account so thank you for sticking with me! i do love danel a lot  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

anonymous asked:

Right.. a lot of people like it long n layered like in s8. Well yea we could talk abt it if you feel like doing it, the networking. Maybe you can start it since you must have a lot more followers than me (I wasn't really active in the past, I don't know a lot of ppl here, plus my blog is a little multi-fandom). Hm yea I'm aware abt the stylist change.. can Jared just cut n layer it in a saloon by himself XD. Btw the 'chill time', definitely not gonna happen this season.. /is nervous

aah there are always people interested in networks. I won’t be able to set something up for the next two weeks or so though, because right now I’m still busy with uni (or should be..) and as soon as I finished this shit I’m basically already on my way to Rome.. and then more uni stuff, ugh. but I try to remember this :D

I’m sure if Jared could go to a hairdresser himself he would. But they’re not allowed to change their hair cuts during the hiatus, soo…

no, no chill time… have you read that article where Jensen said that Sam will cry the most in this finale? I kinda don’t want to see him cry, but on the other hand he is so pretty when he’s hurting. :D anyway, now I’m really scared about the finale (even more than before) because WHAT will make Sam cry so much? does he have to kill Dean?? what could be more traumatic than that I dON’T WANT IT