a lot of ppl followed me this week


hey my lovely followers and mutuals, these past few weeks/months have been quite odd for me; i haven’t been in the HAPPIEST of places but i’m feeling a lot better, far better than i have in what feels like forever. i’m currently just over 350 followers, considering i only made this account a month or two ago i’m SHOOK. so i thought i’d make a little post with some news at the end !!

           @prepaids  ——  you deserve the number one spot, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. we have 3 ships that we constantly talk about, all of which are beautiful and i can’t be thankful enough for, you followed me over from my last multimuse, and have been there with me through so many shitty nights, you have heard me break down and heard me bitch about people. you’re more than just a mutual to me. thank you so much for giving me your time and love;

          @selaphicl​  ——  it’s odd how we became friends, i’m pretty sure i joined an rp you were in and around the same time we started having a ship on my old indie, i made fun of you for being in-love with all my muses and then we just instantly became friends. you suck at holding a snap streak, but it’s okay i guess because marleny is my literal child and her with preston gives me so much joy. i was reading over our initial thread with aidrian and god am i glad we started talking.

          @khcleesis​  ——  you’re my wife, what can i say. despite all hell that breaks loose you’re here for me, and i hope you know i’ll be there for you too. i’m pretty sure we’ve never even interacted but we talk a lot, and your such an amazing friend. i’m hella jealous that you’re living in MY city, when i’m halfway across the world. i really want to interact with you at some point, but regardless i know i’ve made a lifelong friend with you.

          @iivorys  ——  we have ONE ship, only ONE and i’m already addicted to you. your writing is flawless and i can’t get enough of it, we started talking like last week and i already feel like we’re such close friends it’s freaking ridiculous. 

         @demcntia​  ——  it’s been even less time with you and i’m hooked, we talk whenever we’re both awake and it’s about the most obscure of things, ezra and ana give me life like no tomorrow and it sucks that you’re in exam season right now because i want you all to myself. 

         @labiteme​  ——   you’re my minion, literally you live in my pocket and it’s weird i haven’t heard from you in quite some time. we used to start things with 1 word starters and end up with 3-4 paragraphs of replies for the other person, you’re one of the only people i can write with so easily as if our replies just write themselves. it sucks we haven’t written in quite some time. 

we’ve just started talking/plotting and i need to thank you:

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the news !

my muse has been MIA for a few weeks now, and most of the characters on this account aren’t characters i have fun writing anymore. SO, i’m scrapping them. i’m going to hold onto a few, others will be made into private but pretty much for the next few hours i’m uploading a new theme, new muses and with stats !! hope you all dont hate me yet. 

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i asked u for some penumbra blog recs like two weeks ago and i was just sending this to see if u maybe forgot abt it? its ok if u dont wanna do it i know blog recs can be hard to do dw, just if u wanted to do it i wanted to remind u <3

i did god bless u for resending this. also disclaimer i don’t really follow anybody who solely posts abt penumbra and i can’t judge whether sb posts a lot or a little abt it bc i don’t pay attention so this is my List Of Mutuals Who Listen To Penumbra And Maybe Post About It

@wastrelwoods, @mickmercury, @antimalvie, @williamanderly, @junosteeles, @weaselproficiency, @dykerose, @letpapersleep, @raimijenner, @imjusthereforthepodcast, @sapphicminkowski, @connoisseurofhugs, @cecilos-trash, @goshdarnglowclouds, @codenamemaximus, @smash-mallow

this is so short im very sorry i got lazy/i was trying to find people who maybe post semi-consistently,,, some people i follow listen but only really post when it updates (i could probably update this in a couple weeks, for example, but rn everybody’s blog is so oversaturated w/tbs content that it’s really hard to find anyone lmao). i am probably not the best person to ask bc 98% of my dash is people who really like tbs and who sometimes listen to other podcasts as well. i hope this helped anyway!!

june hiatus

Firstly, thank you for following this blog.
i said it many times already but i’ll keep saying it - that it really means a lot to me, every reblog/like/retag people leave on my posts, i read them all and i really appreciate them

anyway for next month, i will be away at 修羅場 (lol)
lately i don’t feel confident in my work, so i’m going to do a bit of grinding away from social media (here + twitter)
(so if you have any messages for me, please drop it in my askbox and i will read it when i get back!)

but i’ll be back in time for kunikidazai week (which btw is gonna be super awesome and i’m super excited for)

Thank you for reading, and see you in july!!

Tagged by @kitkattae: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you want to get to know better. im sorry u tagged me like weeks ago and i didnt get round to it til now aaa

Name: molly

Nicknames: mol, mer, + some ppl used to call me charlie but not so much anymore

Zodiac sign: pisces 

Height: 5′4″

Orientation: im a massive lesbian

Nationality: english

Favorite Fruits: pINEAPPLE but also raspberries

Favorite season: summer!!!!!!

Favorite Book: idk i like we are the ants a lot recently, also discworld + magnus chase!!

Favorite Flower: orchids!!

Fresh Scents: lemons, grass, the seaside, cinnamon, fire, vanilla, ginger

Favorite Colors: blue, also orange and yellow, greens p cool

Favorite Animals: CATS dogs and ducks and yea cats

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: all??

Favorite Fictional Character: hmm idk maybe alex from magnus chase??

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: one!

Dream Trip: idk there are so many places i wanna visit!! i’d love to see everywhere in the world? circumnavigate the globe maybe? go to the moon?? who knows man i wanna go everywhere

Blog created: i think like 2015? maybe?

Number of followers: like 200-ish maybe idk i don’t check

I tag: @ilovepcy @tentacleauxiliatricks @cosmictooru @gayradwhitedad @sugaen @clannads @jeonghankun @parkjonqbin @haikyuroo @jimintellect @hobismixedgf @hopi-hobi @tsukkii-keii @pastel-lime @lgbtseungkwan @yconmins @jinderela @suga–wara @b0kuroo @matsvhanas @aidenmoo if u wanna do it <3

So im just seeing this now but where did i say id blackmail you? Like??????? I never said that and two…Joe, sweetie pie, i already went through therapy. And you know what my therapist said? That i was in a good place n i dont need to see him every week now. Me standing up for myself for ur bullshit or me letting ppl know what youre capable of isnt bullying. Im not gonna apologize for making jokes about you because you caused me and mak a lot of pain and its not my fault you cant push it aside. You dont need to look at it. I didnt bring u up until i was informed you were blaming me for anons. You visit my page frequently every day. Ive blocked your ip 5 times now. You reroute.
Idc what ur followers think about me, i really dont becauae they dont know what you did first off, and second my “obsession” isnt an obsession. Obsession is when you literally visit someones page 8 times a day, reroute ur ip 5 times and even admit to ppl ur gonna see what ur therapist says about ur infactuation with me. Me saying i want nothing to do with u means i dont want you on my page. You say u want dignity well buddy maybe if you quit fucking up and posting ppls houses and saying u wanna rape me we wouldnt have issues. It was nice those two weeks you wouldnt send shit to me, ill be honest. But lemme make this clear: i dont send u anons. If i wanted u to know something, id tell u on here because you look at my blog frequently. Scoff all you want, but when i told u u were hiding behind ur symptoms and then you say i need help when ur therapist is the one who called u out for self diagnosing….and mines finally happy to see im not cuttinf myself and relapsing…no im not sorry what i say about you, no im not gonna stop talking bad about you because youre hurt by it. Literally everyone realizes sooner or later what youre capable of so im not worried what ur little cringy friends think of me. At least i dont feel the need to try to fuck a married woman cuz its “hot” or get upset when ur ex hooks up with someone when u were in an OPEN relationship…yet u were in love with me and mak and sturmgeist, and were startig to like xena. So…..ya. u contradict urself. Alot. And this isnt even a call out post (meaning urs) it looks like some note my old roommate would leave on the fridge n crack her room door open just to see when id read it. Also, what you did to that drunk girl was assualt. And you hacked into a girls camera or tried to…..doesnt matter if she forgave u that shits creepy. :)

hi ! so i’ve finally reached 500+ followers on this blog and i’m just so so happy. it’s just a personal little milestone of mine and i feel like over the last few weeks i’ve been back over here much more after over a year of neglect and i just want to thank all my old followers and my new ones. this blog has been a just whatever blog, to a one direction blog and now a 5sos one and its so cool to be able to look back and see the shit i used to post.

this is me showing appreciation for all my favorite blogs  (✿╹◡╹)  ☆.。.:*・°
(mutuals are bolded ! if you’re a mutual and not bolded, im v sorry tumblr was saying lots of ppl didn’t exist smh)

# numbers !

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So like ik you've answered this before but could u tell me real quick what ur like workout & skin care routines are? Cuz I'm tryna get into this self care stuff & I like hearing abt it from ppl like you who don't view bein fat n shit as a bad thing so yeah! Hshsjsbhz ily btw

yea no problem!! love u too
oqay for skin:
- exfoliate once a week with egg whites and one ply tissue paper on top of the egg whites for 20 min and then use the yolk as moisturizer and to not waste the whole egg!
-this optional I also use a hydrating mask or even if I think my pores are too musty one week i do another exfoliating mask but this time store bought wit like bamboo or somethin u kno!
-once a month i do a African black soap mask also normally in the beginning of the month I get them from wal-mart for 3 for $4 something like tht
- I use a biore charcoal pore less face wash 2-3 times a week like I SED depending on how UGLIE they are
-I mix honey and cinnomon for black heads on my nose or if I’m TEW lazy a biore blackhead remover strip but don’t do them often cuz it turns out they’re bad 4 u rip
-I use a cleanser my dermatologist gave me every night and every morning and I plan on getting a vanity planet face scrub brush ting but I’m broke RN but I KNO it amazing 2 use with a cleanser
-wash ur bed sheets and pillow case once a week so ur face doesn’t get nastee dirt inside !

ok 4 m'bodie:
-I exercise 4-5 times a week depending on how busy i yam or how tiredt I had 2 delete the nike training app and the swork it apps cuz no space n I didn’t wanna delete my memes djdjtj anyway I use the pump up app it amazing my user is fatimeme if u wanna follow me 👀 and u follow ppl who also exercising and getting healthy and there’s workouts a LOT of them and u can even make ur own that suits u u know u gotta be patient with ur body and u gotta listen to it !
-I run a mile 3-4 times a week also like if I do a mile Monday i don’t on Tuesday and then I run on Wednesday u kno it great I lov running it great to clear ur mind while doin it so u not only physically getting in shape but ur mindt too!
-i also take metabolism gummies from wal-m'art theyre so good they’re like $4 and they help wit my digestion and food and u gotta eat ur food slowly cuz like I said it better for digestion
-I eat like normal TBH jus a smaller amount like beans/frijoles are so good for ur muscles after u exercise so I’m like MAMA where my frijoles pls after I exercise djdjf and I eat that with salad rice chicken/meat/pork grilled !
-DRINK 👏🏽📢💦 DET 👏🏽📢💦 WATER 👏🏽📢💦 i love water i drink like 7 water bottles a day which is almost a gallon 😁 but yea I suggest u start with 5 water bottles if u not used to that much if u love water stick with 6 and ye u pee a lot but ur skin is like thnk u master so it worth it my kid!

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lmfao now akmu is your 2nd yg artists ? since when ? they won't have a chance against bts and you know it, you talk about how fans with underrated special snowflakes faves and now you're rooting for akmu just because they're coming back same with bts please stop

tsk tsk anon u’ve been a bad fan of mine, just cuz i don’t shove akmu down everybody’s throats doesn’t mean i don’t love them ^___^ , it’s not like it’s any of ur business in the first place i can root for whoever, and good luck for bts and akmu with their comeback now go play.

also, i think i’m mostly offended that you called akmu special snowflakes as if their music need protecting or else it will fail

Akdong Musician’s “Play” LP also feels overseas love with a No. 20 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album chart, meaning a Billboard 200 bow wasn’t too far off. Plus, a No. 2 debut on Billboard’s World Albums charts.

Akdong’s chart dominance continues as follows:
No. 1 “200%’
No. 3 “Give Love”
No. 8 “Melted”
No. 12 “Artificial Grass”
No. 13 “Starlet”
No. 15 “In the Subway”
No. 20 “Galaxy”
No. 21 “Hi”
No. 22 “Which Road”
No. 26 “Garma”
No. 31 “Material”

Songs from the group’s 2014 debut album Play have more than 6.1 million total downloads.

On 10 October, Akdong Musician released a digital single, “Time and Fallen Leaves” written and composed by Lee Chanhyuk.The song made an “all-kill” two consecutive days after release by ranking number 1 on nine major real-time music charts.It also ranked number 1 on the weekly Gaon Digital Chart the second week of release.

and that’s their debut album boo

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Did u hear about ppl posting dylans hotel address?? That's so creepy man. Plus there are lots of group chats about how to find him they assign each other streets to look for him at and alert each other if he's spotted. They callin it hunting season for dylan like they playing fuckin pokémon go. Why are ppl like this 😩

I did notice this idk if you follow me on twitter but im usually on there more. This is typical situation of stalkish fans, a part of me understands that they’re doing this because this is literally their only chance on meeting their idol and another big part of me totally disagrees with what they’re doing because a) he had one free week to be a tourist and free of work and you are ruining it by stalking him. b) you’re taking advantage of him because y’all know damn well he wont turn down a pic and c) he is not an animal, period. It really amazes me how far you guys go to meet your idol but to leak his hotel address, stalk him and violate his privacy like that? not cool. I’m aware he’s a celebrity, hell, he’s aware that he’s a familiar face but that doesn’t give you the right to treat him like a toy. He’s human and if y’all continue this behavior he will be forced to stop taking pics with fans or talking to them in general (which im sure he wont, unless y’all take it to the max) Dylan is nice, he’s extremely sweet and he respects his fans 10000% more than any A list star out there for sure, don’t take him for granted. He deserves respect and better fans. 

ok so uh. after thinking it through for a bit i’ve decided to remake??? i’m just feeling now is a good time for a change, as well as a fresh start

if you’re so inclined, i’d love if you followed me on my new youtube blog mrkpler, as well as my new personal (and main blog) helladani (follow 4 personal posts, misc posts, and lots of cartoons anime and gaming) !! u should see a lot of archive blogging at first before i get into the swing of things

this post if gonna be set up to queue a lot for about a week, so u can post block/unfollow if u want? but this blog will not be deleted, and will serve as an archive

finally, i’d really appreciate if ppl would promo my new blogs by reblogging this? since i am starting over

:o alright thanks!! i rlly enjoyed running this blog, it’s just time for a change. hope 2 see u guys over there :D

ok so uh. after thinking it through for a bit i’ve decided to remake??? i’m just feeling now is a good time for a change, as well as a fresh start

if you’re so inclined, i’d love if you followed me on my new blog which is still helladani ? basically the exact same content, and i also remade my youtube blog which is mrkpler!!! u should see a lot of archiving first tho :o

this post if gonna be set up to queue a lot for about a week, so u can post block/unfollow if u want? but no this blog will not be deleted, and will serve as an archive

finally, i’d really appreciate if ppl would promo my new blogs by reblogging this? since i am starting over

:o alright thanks!! hope 2 see u guys over there :D

ik a lot of radfems are into h*lsey right now and like thats cool thats fine whatever but once she was so upset about being mistaken for me,, an Evil Horrible Terf (with one on-thousandth–if that–of the internet following that she had) that she threw a very public tantrum on her very public twitter that resulted in me getting death threats for weeks and harrassment to this dayso forgive me if i complain about her bad tattoos and man-pandering feminism from time to time

AL quote & a bunch of unpopular thoughts

“In the premiere, it seems that Jessie is doing her own thing and she’s become independent of Rick. Would you say that that love boat has sailed?

I would say she’s listening to Rick so that doesn’t necessarily mean… She’s taken on board what Rick has said which is, “You need to educate, you need to arm, you need to train.” So, she’s heard him. She’s also, I think they both are reeling from what has happened recently. I wouldn’t rule it out by any means. The mere fact that she’s taken on board what he’s asked of the citizens of Alexandria is a good indicator that she regards what he’s done and what he’s trying to do as good advice. I would say watch out for what Alex Breckenridge is doing because you see a transformative performance from her which is extraordinary. And I think that there are certain parts of each other and there’s obviously a physical attraction to each other. She’s hugely important to why he believes in Alexandria but dating in the apocalypse is kind of tough - especially when you kill the husband of the person you kind of like.


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