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I just recently started coming out to close family/friends as non binary and only one of them have been... ok with it. How do you deal with people who don't think it's real and/or don't care? Especially family members that you live with?

I don’t come out to everyone… which isn’t the ideal response from me, I’m sure, but I struggle with that issue a lot actually. When people call me “he” the word screams at me. Whenever I talk to my mom about my date mate I always struggle because I want to use their correct pronouns, but my mom doesn’t understand nonbinaries in a way that almost feels agressive. I’m getting anxious as I type these words, because just thinking about all of this it’s stressful. That’s why this blog is so necessary for me. People aren’t always going to accept us because not everybody in our culture is ready to accept people that identify the way that we do, but people like you reaching out to me makes me feel better about myself. You, and other people like you help me. I’m sorry that our families and the people that we considered friends don’t always accept us, but we’re not alone, and sometimes that’s enough for me.

I just do my best to live with the fact that people will disagree with my identity (even my family), because I understand that eventually I’ll have the means to put myself in a more open environment, and I’ll have the freedom to surround myself with people that except me exactly as I am.

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I'm sorry, what do you mean with your tags?

people are acting like they know what harry’s been doing with his promo or what he wants from his solo career when he hasn’t said anything and all he’s done is release is an adele-like commercial. so these long analysis posts abut who he wants to be as a solo artist when nobody knows anything are….weird.

The Festival Struggle

A long time ago I made a forum post on Flight Rising. It was about how frustrated I was losing over and over again in the festivals. 

I remember always being bitter because I never knew what it was I did wrong. I always wanted to desperately be a part of a bigger aspect of the site.
Today I finally won, a few days after my birthday with an older submission and I I’m so thankful, although I knew there were probably a lot of entries that deserved to win that just didn’t make it.

It’s a bit stressful because I like seeing people happy and the reason I entered was because I really wanted to contribute to the site, make something everyone could get.

With this is mind, artists who are struggling I want you to remember that not getting chosen for a festival isn’t a failure or an indication that your art isn’t good enough.

I think most artists find it hard not to compare their work to a winning entry and feel as if they’re not good enough or that their art doesn’t suit the style of the site. 

Some users get a little mad sometimes because an entry they like doesn’t win too. 

But truthfully, even if you don’t win your should be proud of your work, who you are and the courage you had to enter it. Sometimes even if you do win, you still don’t know if people really are happy with it too. 

I can tell you I worry that there’s probably an entry people wanted more then mine, since what I entered is also a skin and they aren’t as popular. Or maybe it’s to saturated, or perhaps it just doesn’t suit the style people like. But it’s okay because eve if one person like’s it? I’m thankful, and I hope all of you artists who didn’t win keep on trucking. 

I didn’t think I’d ever win, I mostly gave up. Don’t let all those questions bring you down, do what you do best.

Here’s almost every I made for contests. Each entry takes 7 to 10 hours, I’m terribly slow!



Sorry, I didn’t have a plain dragon to try it on. This ridge accent was my first ever accent made for a festival!




Modeled on the dragon, just the tentacles are my accent!




After all these different accents and skins, here’s the won that finally won.

I’m not going to tell you to give up or to try harder, I’m not gonna say I even deserved to win.

But rather that what you create and how gorgeous it is isn’t defined by just the world, it’s also you, making something only you could make.

This is pretty long for something that probably wont get many notes or views. I just wanted someone to see this and stop being so hard on themselves, or on other artists. 

For people feeling bad about their eating

I know I just reblogged that post about calories and stuff but I thought I would just say this to people struggling right now. Even if you feel like you eat a lot and want to restrict, remember that even 1000 calories counts as restricting, so really you are still doing a good job. 

listen as someone on the autistic spectrum, I can’t express how happy I am with Billy Cranston as a character.

A lot of the representation of autism/Aspergers I’ve seen in the media has been people who are typically cold/casually insult people/being pushed away or looked down on/overall just pretty negative.

But Billy Cranston..he is a beautiful soul. The biggest stereotype of people on the autistic spectrum is that we “don’t have feelings” or are “really apathetic”. Yeah a lot of us have difficulty understanding other people but that’s because our brains just function differently like a lot of us really do try to understand others because we want people to understand us! And when we see characters that have autistic traits (a lot of the time we don’t get characters that are canonically autistic so we have to look for our representation through characters with traits) being rude and deliberately dismissive of other people’s feelings (a certain detective and a scientist from two highly overrated shows come to mind😒) it’s really harmful to us and supports those stereotypes.

Billy Cranston is not dismissive and rude. He is full of love for his friends. He tries to understand the people around him, probably because a lot of people in a small town don’t try to understand him.

Yes his “quirks” are played for laughs a lot but it’s in no way offensive and is genuinely funny (I mean to me anyway, there were a lot of things he does in the film that I’m guilty of, like not understanding social queues and keep talking and not realising I’m repeating things).

And finally Power Rangers does something with Billy Cranston and his autism that a lot of movies/TV shows don’t do with their autistic characters (if there are any) and that is unapologetically celebrate him. To me, Billy was the heart and soul of the movie.

So can we please have more autistic characters that aren’t rude white man-children who’s disabilities are played for laughs, thanks.

I’ve been posting spells, but I was wondering, do you want some help learning how to write your own spells? I always write my own and if I use someome elses, it is always tweaked. I could write a series of posts on how to write and implement different kinds of spells. It would be a lot of work, so I am only going to do it if people are interested. Let me know if that sounds helpful and I will get write on it!

Honestly Zuko has had a lot of iconic lines in ATLA but the single most hilarious line is when he’s captured at the Boiling Rock and is being interrogated by the Warden, Zuko seems completely surprised that the Warden was able to identify him as the renegade Fire Prince.

The same Fire Prince who, in case you may have forgotten, has been on countless wanted posters for months and is the single most distinctive looking character in the series with that big ass burn scar on his face. Only Aang, who is literally tattooed from head to toe proclaiming he’s an Airbender, is a more obvious presence.

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Who are some people you follow that you would love to talk to more/ become friends with?? Just curious :)

this is a good question!! honestly!! I consider all my mutuals/followers my friends! heeh! but here are some people I’d like to talk to more !! 💕


this was just off the top of my head!! there are SO MANY amazing people whoi follow me that I want to be friends with !! these are some people who I see in my my notif’s a lot but I don’t rly privately talk to!! they still manage to make me feel loved!! tbh !! 💕

also!! @simsomedia !!! ik we talk like all the time, but that’s not enough for me! 

It’s my last week of being 19 and I thought I should make a follow forever because why not? A lot has happened to me over the last few years but I have to say that I’ve never been more happier than I am now. I’ve found a lot of people who truly care about me and aren’t fake (I’m looking @ u all of my mutuals, you are all perfect). I’ve found a community that are so kind and supportive of each other so thank you. And I stan 7 beautiful boys who inspire me daily and make me feel better about myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve probably forgot some people on this but if I follow you, know that I love you and want the best for you.

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so Richard Epcar is seriously throwing my emotions for a loop right now. this tweet of his last week got some attention

particularly when someone responded to it with “TERRA” and a gif of Terranort, which Richard retweeted with no other response. a lot of people on reddit assumed he was working on an upcoming KH3 trailer or even KH3 itself, but being the biased rebel and hopeless dreamer that I am, I tweeted at him with

just for the heck of it, not really expecting anything to come of it but because I WILL KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE.

I check twitter this morning and find that Richard just favorited my freakin tweet.

before thinking too much of it, I scanned the rest of the comments to see if maybe he’s just a nice guy who favorites EVERY reply he gets just to say he’s listening to his fans – but the only other tweets he favorited were those suggesting Ansem and Terranort. Not the ones suggesting KH3. Or Streetfighter. Or Injustice. Or any other role. Just Ansem, Terranort, and my own suggesting Terra DLC.


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i just want to say that the ending to your auror!derek fic still fucked me up like the ride was awesome but the ending was so sweettt and satisfying i still think about it from time to time

thank you so much!

 this fic was a long, long, time in the works. i’m not really sure what happened but there was a lot of life stuff that happened in the middle, and then i just got stuck, really terribly, and almost gave up but awesome people who kept leaving supportive comments and i was inspired again, so i’m really glad you enjoyed it. thank you for the sweet message and i hope you’re having a great day  ❤ ❤ ❤

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people from tumblr also screenshot twitter posts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The difference is that the boys, their families, and their friends, and people they work with almost all have Twitters. and a lot of people on Tumblr generally have no interest in interacting with those people or having them see posts (hence why we make those posts on Tumblr, not Twitter or Instagram), so when people from Twitter screenshot said posts with our usernames and then talk about those people so they can see it in their mentions or directly @ people, Tumblr bloggers are getting attention that they never asked for and often never wanted. It’s one thing if the boys or people associated with the boys actively seek out our blogs themselves and it’s another for people on Twitter to send our shit to them without permission. You may have noticed that doesn’t happen with Tumblr screenshots of Twitter.

See the difference, honey? :)

I have so much anxiety about growing old and dying like I want to live in this moment forever. I don't want to have to grow old and see people I love die too.

Idk why I get so wrapped up in these thoughts sometimes. All it takes is small thought about old ppl, especially dementia, and I start thinking about when my parents will get that old. And how will I feel and what will I do about it

I’m also just stressed a lot lately about a lot of things so it might just be displaced stressed. 

Most of the time I’m just like eh we all have to die one day but hopefully its a long time from now but then sometimes I think like one day that this’ll all be over and I cant go back to being 17, or 25, or 42 or 57 and relive that year. All I have is now. 

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I really love Beauty and the Beast meihem au! I've seen some people already do it (my self included) but I want to see your take on it!

The library scene will always be my favourite <3 Please full view for all the details!

Thank you so much for your ask, I had a lot of fun with it! :D 

If someone of you has a SFW Meihem drawing OR writing prompt as well, you all are more than welcome to leave it in the Meihem Mailbox! There are more I am dedicating myself to in the next few days, but I am always happy to see more of them coming in! :) 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Teacher:</b> I heard you've been saying 'KMS' a lot lately and I was wondering... what's wrong?<p/><b>Me:</b> you really wanna know?<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Yes, please tell me...<p/><b>Me:</b> *bursts into tears* SEOKJIN IS ART AND ALMOST EVERY ARMY IS TURNING A BLIND EYE TO HIM AND THEY WON'T ACCEPT HIS TALENTS EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNOW HE HAS SO MANY TALENTS! I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY AND HAVE MORE PARTS IN SONGS AND HAVE MORE PEOPLE WATCH HIS EATJINS!<p/><b>Teacher:</b> *wipes away his own tears* I know girl! I know!<p/></p><p/></p>
My thoughts on Arc-V's ending

It’s fine. Look I can understand people being mad that they didn’t separate in the end and that’s ok. But I think they went the middle way, each of the counterparts are alive and if we learned anything from Yuto and Yuya they can switch places. But like Yugo said they were one person originally and by fusing this gives Zarc and Ray another chance at life in a way. And logically the show was building up to this with how Jack said Yuya are the Dragon’s true master and how he bonded with each of them and logically there really isn’t a way to separate them anymore. The only way to do so are the En Cards and you need to card a lot of people do that. And this does remind us we don’t always get what we want. Arc-V tried to be optimistic while realistic so this ending is perfect for it. The show was never perfect but I’m glad they tried and made this great show. Like Yuya said the fun is just getting started, I hope you all have great lives. Side note not getting into VRAINS personally cause yeah Yoshida

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Smoking weed has to be the most disgusting thing a girl can do. People want you to believe its good just so you can slowly kill yourself.

Im sorry you feel this way and I’m almost like 85% sure youve never even smoked weed because if you did you would probably understand why people smoke it and no one has ever died from smoking weed. If you smoke a lot of blunts you could definitely over the years get some sort of lung issue BUT WE SMOKIN DOOBIES/JOINTS/PAPERS OUT HERE foh

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signs as drugs and why?

hahaha… here goes….

aries - meth, it makes you hyper and can make people act more mean, confident, powerful, and pushy (please never do meth, not even once, I personally would like it to remain illegal…)

Taurus - diet pills, they love comfort food and loafing around so much that they don’t want to control what they eat and exercise

gemini - Adderall, they’re so scatterbrained that they want something to focus them so that they can concentrate on reading and writing more!

cancer - weed, it numbs emotions (for some people). it makes people day dream. however it does harm your memory and cancers tend to love memories.

leo - cocaine, it makes you energetic, and quiets feelings of insecurity. it is expensive and a leo’s pride thinks they’re worth spending a lot on something (it’s so unhealthy, please don’t do it)

virgo - speed, so that they can get stuff done at a rapid pace, virgo being the sign of self improvement, some people find themselves motivated to work on necessary tasks and zone in with precision. Then again, maybe Virgo would be so discerning, they’d pick out the finest wine!

libra - valium, it’s mellow, dreamy, and makes you feel painless (please don’t ever do this unless it is prescribed to you!)

scorpio - bath salts, they want something so intense and they kinda like being self destructive… (not even once)

Sagittarius - alcohol, it makes you feel excited, adventurous, more outgoing, people tend to act more preachy when they’re drunk

Capricorn - coffee! it is an antidepressant, making Capricorn more capricious and less gloomy. I read this online so idk about accuracy, but supposedly humans discovered the effect of coffee because goats ate the red berries before they become beans, and the little goats would jump around all happy, so humans were like, let’s try this!

aquarius - acid, it unlocks new mental pathways, it can bring out someone’s brilliance, it can give a sudden inspiration that revolutionizes your view of life

pisces - shrooms, people I know who have done it say it connected them to the spirit world, apparently it can make you see colors and it can open your heart.

Disclaimer: I do not condone substance abuse, but what you choose to do is none of my business. I am not encouraging any illegal behavior with this post. Please don’t take this post seriously, it’s just a joke.

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What part of Homosexual Sex is sinful? if my vagina meets another vagina, and penetration with fingers is involved isn't that technically like straight sex? Its easy to say something is a sin if you dont understand it

Jesus dealt a lot with the Pharisees, religious leaders who had this same attitude toward sin. They wanted to find the loopholes, so they wrote all of these extra rules beyond what God said in order to convince themselves that they were following the Law. They even dictated how many steps you could walk on the Sabbath.

When people asked Jesus for clarification on the Law concerning adultery, He didn’t give them a loophole. He made the Law stricter so that people would understand how hopeless it was to think you could follow it perfectly. He told them that even looking lustfully at someone who wasn’t your spouse was as bad as committing adultery.

If you’re sitting there trying to figure out how far you can go without breaking the 6th Commandment, you’re doing it wrong. The Law shows us our sin and shows us how badly we need Jesus’ forgiveness.

You know if you’re engaging in sexual activity with someone who is not your spouse, and God knows that you know. He also loves you, and sent Jesus to die for you so that every sin, including that one, can be forgiven.