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I'm sorry, what do you mean with your tags?

people are acting like they know what harry’s been doing with his promo or what he wants from his solo career when he hasn’t said anything and all he’s done is release is an adele-like commercial. so these long analysis posts abut who he wants to be as a solo artist when nobody knows anything are….weird.

(due to the success and participation from this week, I defintely think I’ll be doing this next year at the same time, and hopefully it will become an annual thing for as long as the Silmarillion fandom survives. Since i’ve got a year to plan, I’ll definitely try to reach other platforms (DA, livejounrnal, fanfiction, etc.) so in futures to come, it will be a very large Tolkien event (not that it wasn’t large to begin with), and as always, i’ve you have suggestions hmu). 

Anyway, keep posting! your works are all so amazing! And don’t be afraid to bug me if i’ve missed you! The tags aren’t working as nicely as I’d like, so a lot of people are coming into my inbox and letting me know! Feel free to do just that! 


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I'm so happy for Ed and all the success he has but with this new album he got even more famous and with that comes hate from others.When I go to twitter and search through his tag there's a lot of hate and I'm constantly blocking people.I'm just tired of it.He's such a good hearted person. I dont listen to e.g. to Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga but I'm not hating them just because I'm bored.I'm like whatever about them. Not my fandom so I dont care.What's the point of hating just for the sake of it?

Posting hate online just for the sake of it is a form of trolling, and many trolls have certain mental and emotional commonalities that predispose them to that type of behavior. Tons of studies have been done about why trolls exist and what they get out of it, but it seems like the most popular answers are that they want attention and they like the thrill of provoking an emotional response from someone who is passionate about whatever subject they’re trolling – which by design isn’t something they themselves actually feel passionately about. It’s an act to get a response. Whoever attacks Ed on Twitter isn’t someone who actually cares much one way or the other about him; they’re doing it because they know you care. One troll described it this way: 

Basically, yeah, it sucks that some people lash out because their lives have no meaning. The best thing you can do is ignore it and make sure the things you post yourself are positive. And I would add that blocking is a form of attention, which trolls crave, so a better solution would be simply to mute them. They don’t know they’ve been muted, so they end up just screaming into the void, and you still don’t have to see it. :)

there are so many things in carry on a lot of people dont realize. baz’s casual internalized homophobia, simon’s suppression of his feelings for baz until they hit him in the face.

i think the almost complete desexualization of them in the fandom is a giant problem. baz talks about trying to “wank out” his feelings for simon, probably attempting to think and look at girls (and straight porn). and this is sad but true, and we have to talk about it. this is how so many young gay people feel, and just the fact that rainbow WROTE this is legendary, because no one ever talks about internalized homophobia.

this was the point in which we see baz is most definitely a sexual creature. if i see anyone try to headcanon him as ace or demi ill rip my eyebrows out. he’s a neurodivergent gay man of color, dont desexualize him, dont desexualize the struggle many gay people (ecsp gay ppl of color) go through. internalized homophobia has everything to do with sex.

not to mention to fandom doesnt seem to think simon has any chance of being sexual in any nature other than baz’s wet dreams. yall completely infantilize the boy who was totally trying to get some of that vampire ass as soon as possible. and this probably has something to do with how he’s heavily coded as autistic, but im not gonna get into that.

you guys seems to forget simon and baz are adults but also still teenaged boys. theres more porn for keith and lance- two underaged boys- than simon and baz.

OCD and Politics

TW: OCD pedophilia thoughts, suicide

Disturbing intrusive thoughts are one thing that no one ever talks about when they discuss OCD. Yet for many people it’s at the core of their OCD symptoms. One type of intrusive thoughts that a lot of people get is where they get intrusive thoughts that they’re a pedophile. This person is actually not a pedophile and often performs compulsions to assure themselves that they are not a pedophile or prevent themselves from getting these thoughts.

I’ve dealt with OCD suicidal thoughts, where my OCD tells me that I’m going to impulsively commit suicide. At the time I was not suicidal. I was so scared that I was going to kill myself that I performed so many compulsions I couldn’t function and avoided everything that I could possibly use to harm myself.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a different type of intrusive thought. My OCD has been telling me I’m a Trump supporter and giving me intrusive thoughts about it. Let me be clear: I am not a Trump supporter. I hate Trump as much as I can. But my OCD likes to make me question this and force me to do compulsions to prove to myself that I am not a Trump supporter. If I walk by people I know to be immigrants, my OCD tells me that if I don’t count right or move a certain way, I’ll shout something xenophobic. These thoughts really disturb me and cause a lot of anxiety. It’s even worse because I know I can’t share them with anybody besides my therapist because people won’t understand. I’m even scared to post this here because I’m afraid people who don’t know what OCD is will think I’m a horrible person. OCD can be really isolating sometimes.


Don’t let people discourage you from fanart because sometimes that’s really the way you get noticed!

I do a lot of fanart of wrestlers. Mostly WWE, but sometimes indy folks that pop up in my local scenes. One wrestler, a while back asked me to do a shirt design for him after I posted a silly little fanart of the ref quizzically looking at part of the guy’s gear. Another wrestler, just today, asked me to do a drawing of him and his tag partner after I did some fanart of him doing a double wristlock with a pair of other guys..


If you want to draw fanart, draw fanart! If you want to stick to your original stuff, stick to your original stuff!

Either way, enjoy what you do and put your best forward.

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Hey, I don't know if you just accidentally used the wrong term or not. Just in case you didn't, I wanted to say that age regression isn't a kink and a lot of us use it as a safe coping mechanism. It's non sexual, plus a lot of therapists actually recommend it for trauma survivors. On the other hand, ddlg and age play are kinks since it stems from bdsm and is used sexually, unlike age regression! Of course you have the right not want people tagging your things. Sorry if you already knew this ❤️💕

ah i didn’t know it could be used seperately from dd/lg, thank you for letting me know


I think a lot about my Fantasy™ oc’s but I don’t post about them much so here they are

  • Barbera is a werewolf who hunts evil werewolves to exact revenge for a werewolf carrying off her baby sister and turning her (Barbera)  into a werewolf. She likes to help people but is very obsessive about werewolf revenge and has probably killed some not-so-evil werewolves (like herself) along the way
  • Boof is Barbera’s long lost baby sister (her given name was Susan) and she got rescued and raised by wolves and she just wants to maybe stop people from being a butt to nature, maybe make some people friends too, that would be cool
  • Fluggo is a rich boy™ who lost an eye to a witch because of peer pressure and is trying very hard to have a humbling spiritual journey of self discovery but he’s not really discovered anything yet
  • Scarf is a pyromaniac and an anarchist and his girlfriend died while they were trying to overthrow a government and he’s on a journey to find the perfect scarf and burn all other scarves

aaand fuck I forgot my evil cuttlefish politician

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tbh if we were dating i would tag you in memes and shit but i would be really really shy and awkward and i mumble so??? do with that what you will. also!! I would send you sappy ass songs and the caption with literally jsut be "u" bc what are words. also lots of awful puns! and really long good night messages because i have zero self control! and constantly telling people about how!! Freaking!! awesome my date mate is!!! because! I'm clingy!

people like u actually exist?? what??

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can u rec some mx biased blogs that talk a lot in their tags?

hi!!! yes of course <3 i’m not sure if most of these qualify as talking “a lot” but here are some of my favorite people who seem to ramble about the same amount i do if that’s what you’re looking for :^) sorry this is such a short list i still don’t follow a ton of people :(

@93kihyun @94wons @ckyun @jooheonypup @mxrays @ki-hyunie @honeyvevo @kihyunsgirl @bunnywonho @channkyun @beautifulmv 

I truly feel bad for people who spend so much time hating on a character/ship, enough to go to their tag, post anti stuff, and even write anti fanfics (yes, I’ve seen it multiple times, and it’s not pretty). Because, I mean, I love Karamel so much and coming on Tumblr, looking at their posts, commenting on the relationship, and writing fanfictions take about 2 hours of my day and I have to sacrifice a lot of my time for that (and a lot of other things I can do). And like I have a really busy schedule with school and APs and SATs and sports and homeworks and all that stuff; I don’t have any time other than those 2 hours to spend on fandom things. I can’t imagine any other shipper being in a much different situation, even if they’re not as busy as I am. It’s sad that haters spend so much time hating on something when they could spend it on something that they love and supporting it. It’s just sad. 

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

i was tagged by @yoongsoftie!! thank you perla!!

  1. interlude - wings (bts)
  2. lost (bts)
  3. she’s dreaming (exo)
  4. not today (bts)
  5. half moon (dean ft. gaeko)
  6. paradise (got7)
  7. fire (bts)
  8. nice very nice (seventeen)
  9. lucky one (exo)
  10. lie (bts)

i will tag: @sunshineminsuga, @shlmadas, @kingkimnamjoon, @puppyoongs, @crownoftae, @taengelwings, @velvethoseok, @jiminliess, @thxhobi and @sugakookiessss !! you don’t have to do this if you don’t feel like it!! 

 tagged by @deersovereign and @mintsugarjinjin ily guys :’)

Rules : you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people

1) Jaymes young - what is love?
2) Arcangel - Intros los favoritos
3) Zico - eureka 
4) Astro - innocent love
5) Pocahontas - Just around the riverbend 
6) BTS - awake
7) Ruelle - live like legends
8) BTS - introduction: youth
9) Sleeping at last - mercury
10) Astro - polaris

tagging: @mystic-astro-trash @liashinigami @holding-on-to-touken @puppycat-eyes @biahblue @knockinknk @bseokjin @arohawe @hoshimybabe @squishyprincejiminiex

wow there sure is a lot of fucking kallus hate in the tags right now. I just had to block a bunch of people so I don’t see their crap in the tags. Look I get it if you don’t like a character, that’s fine, nobody has to like him, but don’t go acting like you’re fucking morally superior and pure because you can’t deal with a character who changes their ways. Man I feel sorry for y'all who have such a simplistic black and white view of morality that you can’t comprehend the fact that a character can change. Tbh turning a Nazi into an antifa is probably the most anti-Nazi thing that can happen so do NOT go acting like you’re morally superior for not liking him ffs

music shuffle tag

thank you @littlestudyblrblog and @hittingthebooks for tagging me!! i did this a while ago but it was a long time ago so whatevs i’ll do it again :)) also, sorry this is super late!!

Rules: set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional people to do this. 

1. shape of you - ed sheeran
2. view - shinee
3. wild - troye sivan
4. curtain - suho
5. youth - troye sivan
6. chained up - vixx
7. don’t recall - kard
8. bite - troye sivan
9. highlight - seventeen
10. runaway - galantis

the last time i did this (here) idk what was going on with the list, a lot of songs i don’t listen to anymore came up lmao. this list ^^ is pretty accurate (lots of troye sivan and kpop) 

i’ll tag @mango-studies @einstetic @biolcgy @unicorn-studying @dragonstuudiies if you want to + anyone else who wants to do this!! (you can say i tagged you)

Music Shuffle Tag~ ♥️🎶

Tagged by my faves @glowingjinjin and @arohawe (i think you guys are so cool and nice and deserve so much happiness mkay)💜

Rules : you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people

1.) My First and Last- NCT Dream
2.) Boom Boom- Seventeen
3.) Trumpets- Sak Noel & Salvi ft. Sean Paul
4.) Boombayah- BLACKPINK
5.) Will Last Forever- AKMU
6.) Cold Water- Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MO [Joe Maz Remix]
7.) Growing Pains- ASTRO
8.) Very Nice- Seventeen
9.) Breathless- ASTRO
10.) Oui (You & I)- Jeremih

I honestly have no idea on what kind of impression this would make on me but I think this is a good selection of songs 😂

Tagging *you don’t have to do it if you already have or don’t want to do it :))*💕:
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What are the worst acting moments for each actor on poi?

Omg anon this is so negative! Imma put in best acting moment as well just to balance it out.

Hey people who can’t handle any criticism whatsoever of their favs – you might wanna skip over this!

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I think all girls have a dont fuck w me today hairstyle… for instance, if my hair is in an absurdly loose ponytail and falling off the side of my head? dont fuck w me. for a lot of people its messy buns. some have a braid w half the hair coming out. identify the girls’ in your life dont fuck with me hairstyles. nd dont fuck with them