a lot of people thought it was real tho

Bathing With Taeyong

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Suggested: ‘Showering/Bathing with Taeyong scenario? Please and Thank-you! xoxo’

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  • Cute™
  • It’d be utterly adorable
  • Even tho the both of you would be naked, awkwardly fiddling with your positions in the tub, it wouldn’t be sexual at all
  • It’d probably make you giggle, hearing his whiny tone as he plays in the water, dick in plain sight
  • He likes it when people take care of him- therefore, you’re going to be doing most of the work
  • He’d whine for you to wash his hair for him, enjoying the free scalp massage
  • He’d whine for a lot of things
    [He’d do that thing where he drawls out his voice, his brows furrowing slightly as he tries to hide his grin]
  • He’d raise his voice in irritation when soap got in his eye and would sulk in the tub, splashing the warm water upon his face
    “Ah! It stings!”
    “Stop! You’re getting water everywhere-”

  • He’d do a lot of cute shit, brushing his nose against your own as his affectionate gaze meets your own and he thanks you for preparing a bath
  • It’d be a social event most of the time, the two of you sharing stories about your days and so on
  • If he could, he’d spend hours in the tub with you, soaking in not only the water, but also one another’s presence 
  • He’d pull the ‘I’m tired’ card a lot and try to take a nap while leaning against you, your back pressed to the smooth ceramic of the tub, your chest flush with his back as he rests his head upon your shoulder
    “…You’re heavy-”
    “You’re comfy”
    “I mean it-”
    “Just stay like this for a little while… Then we can switch~”
    “This is something out of a shoujo manga-”

  • Usually the baths would just be ordinary baths, but on special occasions he’d add to the mood, adding bubbles and a few candles
  • Sex in the tub isn’t common, but it does happen on occasion; his cheeky remarks and playful gaze turning to low murmurs and the eyes™ his scrubs turning into gropes, etc…
  • After playing around for a while, whether innocent or not- he’s always the first to get out
  • He gets out first and wraps a towel around his slender waist sloppily before unfolding your towel, holding it open for you
  • It’s cliche, but he enjoys it and proudly thinks of himself as a gentleman as he drapes the towel around your shoulders, drying your arms gently
    “…Your towel fell-”
    “Ah, whoops”
    “Don’t look; who knew you were such a pervert-”
    “Says you”

Ok real talk here tho

When I see all those growing up with strict parents things, I realize that I can relate to every single one of them. And I almost cried because of all the things I missed out on because of it. But I realized that I didn’t really even know just how strict and controlling my parents were over my life. I just thought it was commonplace or normal parenting for a lot of these things. My parents are toxic people in my life and they have pushed our relationship to the point where when I’m an adult, I’m getting as far away as possible from them and talking to them as little as possible. #growingupwithstricparents

Voltron S4 Thoughts...

But for real tho I was gripped with emotion for that entire season (except for that episode ya’ll know what I’m talking about). 

Like from the get-go I was 100% invested in the plot that has seriously been built up and carried out so well. It’s been a long time since I just genuinely enjoyed a series as much as this one. The narrative and the characters were just brilliant and when the credits for the final episode rolled I found myself devastated realising that was it until the next season. 

I know a lot of people were hoping for more shipping interactions - I’m all about Klance myself so I get it. But let’s just appreciate how good of a season that was, storywise. There doesn’t need to be romance or shipping to make a good show or a good season. 

I cried multiple times throughout that season, and I don’t cry often! 

Brilliant storytelling. Brilliant character development. Brilliant animation. 

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I created my simblr maybe 3 months ago.. but now i haven't been posting in 2 months bc of school and that i'm stuck.. i'm realising how i'm kind of losing followers even tho i try to not think about it. but yeah i wanna post something but idk what. Should i start a legacy story, is it hard? Or just regular gameplay? but i want it to be good and thought through you know.. realistic like a story is, idk i just wanna post.. i also really love to write so yeah story is nice but ugh

i’m sorry to hear that hun! i know a lot of people start to unfollow based on activeness unfortunately. If your schedule is real busy you could always start off with gameplay and who knows, it might develop into something more. ik for my sparks fam i played them for fun for about a year before deciding i wanted to create a legacy based off of them. Just have fun with it sweetheart and don’t stress yourself out too much! followers will come and go but what’s important is that your posting gameplay you enjoy and not stuff you feel obligated to post bc of others you know?

CRAIG: Pretty alright.
CLYDE: Oh yeah, I heard about that giant crush you have on him.
CRAIG: Is this “reveal all of Craig’s personal thoughts and feelings on the internet” day.
CLYDE: No? You’re the one who said it.
CLYDE: You told Kyle, and five thousand other people, that you had a crush on Stan.
CRAIG: That was in, what, October.
CRAIG: I’ve had time to think since then.
CLYDE: About what?
CRAIG: That I idealized a lot of it.
CRAIG: Yeah, he’s hot and nice and genuinely cares about people. So what.
CRAIG: It was all timing. I was fucked up and I thought he was going to snag me on the rebound.
CRAIG: When really, Stan’s the same asshole he was in the fourth grade. Only now, everyone feels bad for him.
CRAIG: I’m just pissed he got me to fall for him.
CRAIG: Kyle can keep him for all I care.

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Hey. Firstly, I have to say I absolutely adore your blog. And secondly I was wondering if you had any advice on improving your writing style. I feel like mine is just...bleh.

thanks ;o; but ah,, as for improving writing style,,, i really,,, idk? When I’m really enjoying my writing and it’s flowing well, a lot of it is almost instinctual? It just kinda comes out :v one thing i do a lot tho is I’ll give my main character some pretty sassy/snarky side thoughts? Like they’ll reply to someone one way, but then in their head be mentally screaming? does that make sense lol 

what i mean is like,, you gotta make your characters feel real! There’s a lot of help and examples floating around, but ones I usually do on my own are like, say what they’re saying Out Loud, to see if it sounds real or not. Sometimes dialogue gets bulky and real people just dont talk how they get written, especially with stutters and vocal quips like “umm, errr,” and “th-thats weird!” instead of “t-thats weird!” you usually wouldn’t stutter on the t, since the phrase is thhhh, little stuff like that makes dialogue more realistic, and that can help make writing more interesting i think :0 

Another thing would be describing scenery and stuff. Once i really get going i tend to forget to describe things myself lol, but one thing i’ll do is put emphasis on how the character feels when describing something. “that tree” turns into “that stupid, dumb tree” if they’re frustrated, or “the walls themselves looked like they were staring at me out of pure spite” if the character is worried or anxious about something? Idk :v

i could go on and on but idk what else you really need ;A; i hope this helps?


I like that there’s actually an option to have a casual one night stand here, that’s weirdly uncommon even in like.. the more unhealthy ubersexualized games. Those ones tend to demonize casual sex even more than others, along with demonizing like EVERYTHING ELSE about sex and sexuality and gender and… hoo boy, just it sucks a lot when people use ‘but teh hot’ as an excuse to write a really bad game. I was talking about this with my friend Summon-Daze yesterday!

Tho this game does kinda still paint this as negative? Apparantly if you take this option to say yes with Robert then its impossible to get his ending, the correct option to raise his relationship points is no.
Tho I mean, you find out that Robert in particular has issues in his past with someone ‘throwing him away’ after a relationship he thought was real but (apparantly) was only about the sex for the other man. So i can understand why Robert would both feel reluctant to commit to a relationship and also not believe that anyone else would want to commit to one either. I guess its just that doing one thing that ‘proves’ you’re noncommittal is enough to sway him away from trusting you, rather than really being any sort of statement on like.. Smokey the Bear Says Casual Sex Is Bad.
I dunno lol.

Anyway my dadsona character would have been way too shy to say yes, and I’m not really interested in seeing more saucey scenes or anything so I don’t care lol. Apparantly you get an achievement tho!
(oh and for anyone considering getting the game who wants more info: there is no nudity, it’s just text descriptions and fade-to-black and stuff. I would say its probably a 15+ rating?)

a stray thought

remember the mysterious door at the final rest in kh1 and the disembodied voice that spoke to him? i know it’s a common theory that voice was mickey’s, which never made a lot of sense to me, but now that we know that mickey and aqua go to the destroyed destiny islands, maybe they’re the ones who left the door for sora

i think it’s a really nice touch of the staff of ERASED that before satoru lost his memories, his inner thoughts were naturally voiced by grown-up-satoru, because it was the real satoru, trapped in his 11 yo self. but after he lost his memories due to the car accident, every time he talked to himself, it was in 11 yo-satoru’s voice, because he really thought he was a kid who was in a coma for 15 years and forgot about the revival.

anyway, i think a lot of people are missing the point of this series. it’s not about who the kidnapper is, because it was obvious *for us*, not for satoru tho. the plot is much deeper than the identity of the murderer.

a thing i especially like in the plot is that, in satoru’s “first life”, he was kinda bitch towards his mom, he complained when she visited him and was bothered that she wanted to sleep in his home, to the point where he tried to offer her money to sleep in a hotel instead. he basically forgot everything his mom did for him and didn’t want her to take care of him - cause hey, he’s all grown up now, why would she?

when he got trapped in the revival, he realized how much she cared about him, loved him and sacrificed everything just for his sake. all these memories and little details unfortunately get washed away as we grow up - kinda sad but true in most of the cases.

and i still think the only one who didn’t get their “happy ending” in this revival is his mom. at least satoru did live those 15 years in his “real life” - he didn’t miss out that much. his mom on the other hand, didn’t get to see her only child grow up like any other kid. instead, her life became dull and meaningless, living only in hope he would wake up one day. but hey, at least he woke up..

On the real tho,
Like, realest of reals,
blackfairypresident you woke me from ignorance. Seriously tho. You had answers to questions I’ve never thought to ask on subjects I never knew existed. You made me a lot more tolerant and educated on the many types of people around me and I thank you for that. I’ve probably learned more social issues from you than all my other life experiences combined.

You the realest.