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I posted about getting my managers keys a few weeks ago to get into the store as no keyholder was scheduled. This seemed to be taken negatively by a lot of people and I can understand why but I wanna clarify why I was happy about it!

We have three managers and two keyholders, so, in all, five people with keys. One of our managers was closing that day,  one was opening (the store manager who gave me his keys) and the other was off. One of the keyholders was on holiday and the other was only doing a  lunch cover(11-5) on this day and couldn’t come in any earlier. We open at 10 and I was meant to be in at 7 with another member of staff so we could get the delivery from the day before all out by the store opening (as well as other tasks).

Nothing major, so, like in previous times when a keyholder hasn’t been scheduled we could have changed to start at 10. My store manager could have also came in. Which he said he would have done if it was anyone else but me in at 7. He has done this before because of scheduling mistakes/sickness but must have just thought, screw it. There’s literally no point in hin subjecting himself to 3 hours more work when he doesn’t have to.

On the issue of pay I am, in fact, working towards a pay rise, however, not for a keyholder position as outwith the summer I’ll only be working evenings and weekends. Mostly for merchandising and communication. I’ll be getting the same rate as keyholders so if there needs to be a time (which I doubt) that I need to be in the store outta hours I sure don’t mind doing it.

My work is really great to me - I always receive recognition and great feedback. A few days ago I had to (well not had to but wanted to for my own peace of mind) stay behind for two hours to finish a task and the next day the closing manager let me leave an hour before close and said she’d still process my extra two hours and the hour she let me leave as a thank you.

I understand a lot of people have had ba experiences with managers fucking them about and being lazy but in all honesty my three managers are amazing and I feel very valued and respected at my place of work!

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Getting attached to fictional characters IS a talent, actually! Most 'normal' people that I've met (I travel lots) either don't read/watch much or just don't feel the attachment. The fact that you do may not seem incredible to you because of your friend circle (who probably do the same thing) but believe me, it's much more uncommon than you believe! You see life in places most don't, and you fall in love with it. It's one talent that is impossible to learn as a skill, and it's incredible.

Damn I’m in love with this! I’ve never thought of it that way and yeah you’re absolutely right! Falling in love with fictional characters and fictional worlds is indeed something beautiful

I wish more people could see this!

Thank you so much hon! 

Never underestimate the power of pandering to the female gaze

You think I’m talking about Dream Daddy but I’m actually talking about one of the reasons Kingsman is one of the more popular film franchises in the action/spy/comic book genre

Two attractive men in suits, one young and confident and limber and the other older, well mannered, cool as a cucumber even as he throws down and beats the shit outta people–

Straight out of the fantasies of straight women and LGBTs who are into men, which gives it some of its power as a film. Not most of its power, but a lot more than people seem to notice.

Why do you think they cast a man who was the leading sweetheart heartthrob from romcoms to be one of their leads?

I just want to radiate warmth I want to feel it I want to give it off I want to spill it out I want so many things I can’t have I ruin things by daydreaming them into non existence my dreams have been so vivid lately like some scary swamp between my bedroom and the woods and I’m so sad but I don’t know what the point in saying it is and I’m so scared but I don’t know what the point in saying it is and I’m so confused but I shouldn’t be so confused and I shouldn’t be upset with people who aren’t me for where I am but I am realizing I was raised to never argue with men or question the authority of men or speak to men unless spoken to and you know I just need to do a lot of unlearning. I can’t stop thinking about the way I was raised and how I’m always so bitter about the fact that my parents never seemed fully committed to the idea of being my parents and my mom put a black woman on this earth without any realization of what that even really means and I’m just here with no fucking clue what I’m doing and she taught me so much fear and I don’t have a reference point to what being like myself even is I feel like I never have enough time before the nurturing stops I feel misunderstood always always always always and I’m mad at myself for not being able to cope w the cards I’ve been drawn I just want someone to wipe my tears away and I just want to be alright and I don’t ever know what the fck I’m doing

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Ive got like a negative amount of spiritual power?? and idk what to do?? like i cant feel anything or do anything and i feel very blocked all the time. sorry i just dont know what to do. I hope youre having a good day <3

Deary I hardly ever feel spiritual. My definitive spiritual experiences have been few and far between. We live in a time where for a lot of people, spirituality is suppressed or ignored - whether because it seems impractical, or because the mundane world holds too much importance or grasp on our lives. Not necessarily even by choice.

The purpose of having a daily or consistent practice is precisely for this reason. Even if you don’t feel anything profound deep in your soul, practice opens you up to these experiences.

Sometimes I look at the cards laid out and just can’t do anything except that. Sometimes nothing sticks out to me. Sometimes I’m too tired to contemplate spirituality. Sometimes magic seems superfluous to me. Sometimes I think I’m just imagining things.

But that is the magic, isn’t it? Imagining and creating a world for yourself and manifesting your desires by realizing them. Don’t force it. Just be present. You don’t need to be making progress every day. You don’t need to feel anything either. You just need yourself.

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Hobi! Why do you wear a mask? Also would you mind doing a close up of that forehead?

Hobi : aha lots of people seem to like my forehead for some strange reason. But that’s fine with me!

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Hi snodes, Thanks for feeding my Bechloe/Brit fix on the regular. Two random questions for you: 1) Why does everyone seem to 'know' Chloe Beale's birthday is supposedly yesterday or today? 2) In many fics, Beca says something along the line of "Chloe will be the death of me" when our fave redhead is doing something particularly adorable or hot. Where did this line originate?

1) Elizabeth Banks posted all the characters bios with their birthdays on her official site back when the first Pitch Perfect came out. Chloe’s birthday was listed as July 22nd. Beca’s birthday is listed as November 5th.

2) There is no origin for that line, a lot of people just happened to use it I guess.

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I don't know why but I really get the feeling that you're like the perfect person for people to just talk to or rant to. I feel like you'd actually pay attention and listen no matter who it is. I dunno why I feel like that I guess it's just something I picked up since I started following you! You seem like such a lovely and open person!

I’m as lovely and open as I can be safely on the cruel playground that is Tumblr. I’m not a large blog, so I still have the capacity to spend time answering most of the asks I get, and a lot of them tend to seek advice. I don’t know why people come to me for that because I’m not an advice blog, but they do, and usually I’m concerned if I don’t answer they’ll go to their much less-informed peers, so I just go with it. Thanks for your message! <3

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Why do so many SU-Crit blogs keep insisting on neutering episodes for their "better versions". They claim the episode conflicts are "contrived" (and I'm willing to admit that some are), but their solution is basically turn them into 4 minute shorts as opposed to offering better plot devices.

eh, i feel like i have to agree with ya there bud

a lot of times people try and fix su but they end up completely missing key elements in favor of what they want. you cant expect to write a completely un-flawed and perfect rendition by yourself when su has an entire team.

i mean if your serious about rewriting eps as something you wanna do by all means go for it, but at least proof-read it or have people working with you so it doesn’t seem like some weird fanfic

okay people talk a lot about jandi and jyrus but not a lot of people really talk about muffy other than to say they’re cute. but what i love about muffy is that marty seems to know what he’s doing. he knows he’s flirting with buffy a little. but with buffy i think it’s funny how the whole season she’s like “what’s a boy ??? i only know COMPETITION” until the season finale when she’s like “oh shit i know what a boy is and this ones kind of okay. i don’t want to crush him and now i don’t know what to do”

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hey can i be honest with you. i really really dislike dennis, and by that i mean as a victim the way he acts towards women really terrifies me and i just feel so alone in this fandom because of the way everyone stans him and i don't know what to do about that. like i want to make friends but it seems so hard when everybody loves the guy

hi, thanks for sharing 💜  i’m really sorry to hear that you feel so alone, and i apologize if i or my blog contributed to that in any way. however, i recommend that you do more digging for sunny blogs to follow because i know for a fact that he’s not everyone’s favorite. (here’s my blogroll as a starting point!) also, i would argue that compared to other communities, the sunny community is a lot more welcoming and respectful of people’s ideas (even if they might not be popular), so even if someone might be a dennis stan, i hope i’m not just speaking for myself when i say that they’d be willing to befriend people who might not agree!

but also, block whatever posts you need to block and unfollow whichever bloggers you need to unfollow. no point in exposing yourself to things that cause you distress! sending love xx

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Do you find the word of "Griffith apologist" annoying?

You mean like, people throwing around the phrase as an accusation or insult? bc if so yeah lol. I try to avoid a lot of Berserk fandom other than my awesome little tumblr circle here so I don’t see it happen a lot thankfully. It seems like it’s mostly an accusation thrown at Griffith fans by people who are bad at nuance, compartmentalization and/or the concept of fiction and therefore believe everyone else is too, and so they think if someone likes Griffith as a character and/or empathizes with him then they must support all of his choices and actions.

Idk if it’s meant to include Femto’s actions or not lol, but either way it’s a meaningless buzzwordy phrase that doesn’t describe any kind of Griffith fan I’ve ever seen.

Answerbox #74

Q: Reading through your SIT! series, and I read some of your other stuff around the command as well, but I really noticed how Rumiko used the command a lot like a parent would with a child that misbehaved. A lot of the times it seems like when Inuyasha would get the command it was usually for a reason that would make me think of what a lot of kids (I’m guilty of it) did as a child that wound with them getting punished. Things like lying, or being rude to people and such, I think you mentioned that at some point, but if not, what do you think about that?

A: Pretty much. That was the general idea Takahashi had in mind with it, she went with the irony of the commands name just for the sake of comedy, but the meaning and reason for it was established right at the beginning. Basically if a kid would have gotten punished for it, the command was going to happen, attacking people, lying, insulting people, anything that would push people away from him, or make them fear him in some from.

The end result was that Takahashi wanted Inuyasha to fit into society, Kagome wanted the very same, she wanted to open the world to him, his circle of friends and Kagome was a good thing, but the idea was always to open the world, and cause the world to accept who Inuyasha is rather than what he was. Being accepted was a very big deal for Inuyasha for this reason, but he didn’t know how to do that, he’d been conditioned to believe all humans are bad, and that to protect himself he has to push people away with fear and anger. Kagome was a crucial piece in showing him otherwise, but she couldn’t completely open the door for him, unless he was willing to walk through, he wasn’t, so he had to be “re-conditioned” to how the world works and how to act in society. Though I hate using that word, that’s basically what it is, Kagome isn’t out to “change” him, she loves the person that she’s come to know, however she’s out to help him get rid of the bad habits that hinder him from what he wants, and that’s Takahashi’s goal in the long-run as well. Needless to say, without the command, Inuyasha probably wouldn’t have made the progress he does throughout the series, yeah he would have had his circle of friends, but he wouldn’t have found the comfort in himself and the world around him, especially with other humans around him, without the command.

Yeah, the anime screwed it up, yeah, because the anime screwed it up, more people have a very bad misconception about the command, and yeah, it’s sad, but what Takahashi was going for will always be there to be read, all that needs to be done is grab a volume and read through it, and read how important and crucial the command was not only Inuyasha’s growth in maturity, but allowing him be more accepted by the world around him due to that.

Quite honestly, given the circumstances, there wasn’t really any other choice based on how Takahashi wrote it. Inuyasha at the beginning of the series was the subborn, hot-headed and hard-headed demon, he was never the kind of person you could just tell “No” or that would listen to reason, unless it went against his morals. When that changes, what happens? It stops. Coincidence? No chance. That doesn’t even take into account that it doesn’t appear in the manga nearly as much and is incredibly infrequent at times.

Thanks for the question! Will be getting back to that series really soon.

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Hey Dads, I've been having a rough time lately. I'm very tall and masculine for a girl (partly because I have messed up hormones), and I just get so discouraged. If I go out without makeup or wear comfortable clothes I will 100% be called sir. All my friends thought I was a guy or butch lesbian the first time they saw me. I don't know what to do, and I'm tired of pretending to be okay about it. I hate that the only option I seem to have is to "girly" myself up. That isnt me... Advice?

When I was a kid, I was a very tall girl and remained so for a long time that a lot of the people I surrounded myself were shorter. As a guy, I wear make up sometimes because I like the way it looks and still get called ma’am, and I get just as frustrated as you do. 

It’s normal to feel the way that you do. Part of me wants to say, if you want to be seen as you are, then make the effort to continue with the make up, but that’s not fair if you don’t want to do it, and you shouldn’t have to. You should just be happy to be you, and people should think before they mistake as you as someone you aren’t. You’re allowed to not feel okay when you’re mistaken for a guy. You can also politely correct them, but that gets exhausting.

I really don’t know what else to say, but I leave the floor open if anyone else wants to try and help out my sweet daughter here. 

- Dad Michalis.

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Why do you think people like angst? I mean, in general it seems people do whatever they can to avoid things that upset them but then we go watch/read things that we know will upset us? 🤔

My guess is that angst is always extreme, so we read/watch angst so that we feel better in comparison. Also, in a lot of cases, I think the worse the angst the more we want our favorite characters to pull through it. <3

aight, with Sploon 2 being released a little bit ago, I wanted to make a handy dandy guide for new players (and experienced players, too). here’s some tips and tricks I want y’all to know!
  • Be vocal and communicate with your teammates. This is something I see a lot of people not do, whether they’re new or not. Although it may not seem very important, it really is in a lot of cases. “This way!”s can help your team group up and coordinate an attack, and “Ouch…”s you can use to let your team know that hey, this dude that got me is good, be careful. The ↑ and ↓ buttons on the control pad aren’t too hard to reach, so use them!
  • Don’t choose gear only for style. The abilities on your gear will have an effect on your game! Style yourself up, but also strategize with the abilities on the gear you’re choosing.
  • When someone Super Jumps to you, protect them!! This is really important!! Don’t leave your teammate to fend for themselves when they land, especially if there’s other enemies nearby!! People will camp when they see that Super Jump landing point just so they can get a krill (ha), make sure that doesn’t happen! We all hate Super Jumping somewhere and just ending up dying again.
  • Don’t rush into the battle. This game isn’t solely about how many krills (should i stop?) you get. The main point is to ink as much turf as you can (or defend the objective, in Ranked). Ink up all that turf as soon as the battle starts! It charges up your special, too, so you can have that ready as you work your way towards the battle!
  • Use your Sub and Special weapons strategically. Try not to launch your Tenta Missiles when they’re locked on one player. Don’t stay in one place while using your Inkjet, as it makes you an easier target, especially for chargers. Take a second to aim before throwing out your Sub weapon. Using your Special or your Sub in the last few seconds of the game is a really good way to score a few extra points (for yourself and your team) in Turf War!
  • Speaking of using Special weapons strategically, when you activate certain Specials, use it quickly or find a place to hide before doing so. I’ve had too many times where I’m aiming my Special and someone sneaks up on me and kills me before I can use it. Tenta Missiles and the Sting Ray are a couple you’ll want to hide first for. The Ink Storm is one you should use immediately, since the time you take aiming takes away from the time the cloud is active. The Bomb Launcher and Ink Armor are also ones that can be used immediately.
  • Talk to Judd and Lil Judd in the square. They’ll give you tips that will help you in battle! Seriously, I’ve learned so many things from Judd in the first game.
  • INK THE AREA AROUND YOUR SPAWN POINT ON TURF WAR. I’ve played with so many people who don’t do this!! Whether it’s just a little area like on Moray Towers, or a big area like Inkblot Art Academy, it still counts!! This should be like the first thing you do.
  • Don’t ink walls unnecessarily. Soooo many new people do this. Only ink the path on the wall you’re gonna climb. Walls don’t count as points toward your special or in the final results of a Turf War. For Turf War, always remember that everything that’s seen from a direct, overhead, birds-eye view counts!!
  • Suction bombs stick to trees. Careful when you’re aiming them, you wouldn’t want to waste that ink on a tree. 
  • Keep your guard up the whole battle. Even if you’re winning by a lot, there’s a chance the other team can come back while you relax a bit. Even if you’re losing by a lot, don’t give up! Fight aggressively and push them back!

feel free to add anything!! stay fresh, y’all

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Hola Bri! So, I have a friend who I know for a fact has never had sex, but he's got an awesome sense of humor and doesn't look half-bad. He says he's been waiting for the right woman, even though he is almost 28. Now, why is it that women seem to go into a frenzy when they find out similar guys like him are still virgins? Any insight?

There is a societal idea that all men just want to fuck (and don’t care much about the emotional significance) so women are suprised when men are virgins, especially in their twenties and above. People never assume that a man could value his virginity as much as many women do. It’s never something that’s talked about, shown in the media, or even given a thought. A lot of women also like/expect a man to be expierenced so that plays another role.
I think its a mix of societal expectations and personal preferences.

The Downfall of The Signs
  • Aries: you don't run away from your problems, you run toward them.
  • Taurus: you treat people as though they are your homes, and when they leave you are homeless.
  • Gemini: you cannot differentiate between friends and those who wish to hurt you.
  • Cancer: nothing can take that one person off of your mind.
  • Leo: you waste time over and over until there is little time remaining.
  • Virgo: you want to save everybody, but you cannot even save yourself.
  • Libra: you think you have all the answers, but you're proven wrong over and over.
  • Scorpio: you love so deeply that you forget to live.
  • Sagittarius: you try and disregard the pain, therefore never truly learning from it.
  • Capricorn: you toss people aside, only to realize you need them later down the line.
  • Aquarius: you do a whole lot of yelling, but only a little bit of re-thinking.
  • Pisces: you seem to have forgotten that reality can often become just like your dreams.

Hey children, Did You Know?
Representation isn’t exclusively important for the people being represented!!!
White kids need to watch POC being heroes too!!! It shows them that people can save the day regardless of their race!!!
Boys need to watch girls being strong and powerful!!!! It shows them that people deserve respect regardless of their gender!!!
Slim kids need to see confident and adored fat characters!!!! It shows them that everyone can be loved and love themselves regardless of their body types!!!!
Cishet kids need to watch queer kids falling in love (or just not falling in love!!!) and having happy endings!!! It shows that everyone is valid and everyone deserves to be happy regardless of sexuality or identity!!!!
Representation isn’t just for minorities, it’s important so that kids can learn that yes, they can be whoever they want to be and they deserve good things, but so do people who aren’t like them!!!!