a lot of people done something like that






Fun story, someone tried the anime hand wall thing on me once. It worked for precisely two seconds before I ducked under it and kept going. 


For a moment I thought he was sitting on a giant fortune cookie and I was incredibly excited. 


She’s not going to be able to do it, but more importantly, damn Yuuko what are you wearing that’s incredible.

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whats with all the tweets by zelo? :(

Fans were rude, said something bad about him and the members. Junhong got upset, addressed those vicious comments, saying how it hurt him to watch the members get dissed like that. And plainly asked people to keep their nastiness to themselves amen.

Last, he apologised for creating drama before their comeback, taking the blame like all of B.A.P usually do whenever there’s a conflict, even when they’ve done nothing to deserve hate.

Yeah, that’s the gist of it. Just send him lots of love, so he doesn’t feel bad. It’s not his fault that there are toxic fans that thrive on negativity.


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I don't see people making a big deal over the fact that Mon-Ew's family was actively involved in the slave trade?!?! And like he says he didn't like it but HE WAS THE FREAKING PRINCE OF A WHOLE PLANET THE MAN COULD'VE DONE SOMETHING IF HE WANTED

hey he told Kara he didn’t agree with it that’s enough. he’s good. just like when he didn’t drink for 7 whole days. what else do you want him to do? not say things like “Things were a lot easier on Daxim when I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone.” come on that bar is WAY to high for any straight white man to climb over

dragon-cyn replied to your post “what the fuck Mutsuki”

I can’t believe people didn’t see that coming though, I mean seriously?

I’m not surprised Mutsuki would do something like that considering they’ve already raped Torso. 

And that it seems like they’re hurting/eating humans behind CCG’s back.
And used to torture/kill cats when they were a teenager while collecting their tongues.
And enjoy butchering ghouls during missions like it’s Christmas Day.
And attacked their own teammate while disregarding any emotional attachment (and probably due to jealousy).

Yeah not really surprising at all pfft

Now I’m just curious how the TG fandom is reacting (I have 0 TG on my dash now) considering a lot of people put their LGBTQ hopes and dreams on them and thought of them as a cute sweet kitten who could do no wrong. They’ve definitely escalated into something with a horrifically debauched lifestyle.

I’ll go through the TG tag once I’m done with this study session :D

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Is it just me or are you a lot less active with liking and reblogging fanart than you used to? I remember when haft my shitty art got likes from you and 1 in 10 would even be reblogged! I only use myself as an example because I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like there is less fanart on your Tumblr nowadays.

Lots of reasons. There’s a lot of repeated stuff in the tags so I don’t want to constantly reblog the same or similar things because that would get annoying to see for people who follow me. 

I’m also super busy outside of the internet so sometimes I don’t get time to check and sit and reblog/like for as long as I’d prefer. 

Tumblr has also been screwy for me on mobile, not showing what the actual “recent” things are or something similar so I don’t always get to actually see everything. Most of my browsing of Tumblr is done on mobile. 

Still trying my best to remain as active as I possibly can be but sometimes it’s going to dip and other times it will be more, as is life :)


About half a year ago, I reflected on my life and decided that I spent a lot of time alone, behind my computer. It’s where I feel safest and get the most work done. I felt like it was time for something new - to go out into the world, meet people, and share knowledge in a new way. So I attended Abunaicon here in the Netherlands. It was my first time showing up at an event of that size as “Loish”, to do a live demonstration of my drawing process and to sign books. I was so terrified! I was literally shaking as I walked in. Although I knew it would be ok, deep down inside I was scared that everyone would be disappointed.

But it was amazing! The people I met were kind, supportive, and genuinely interested in how I work. So then I went to FACTS in Gent, to draw on a massive stage with a microphone attached to my head. It was so scary but so rewarding! Soon after, I did a live drawing session at KLIK animation festival. I realized that participating in events like this was not only a career move, but also to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. I just returned from CTNX, my fourth event, and I’m just so sad that it’s over. It was so incredible and I don’t think I’ve ever made so many new friends in such a short amount of time!

I’ve heard people say that the internet isolates people and keeps real friendships from growing. I’ve experienced the opposite. I’ve made so many friends online, and now I’m meeting these friends face-to-face. I have to say, the experience is just.. incredible. Thanks so much to everyone who came and said hi in these recent months, and who shared their story with me! I couldn’t be happier right now, or more grateful. And to those I haven’t met face-to-face yet, I look forward to someday meeting you - your support on the internet means so much to me! You guys are the best!!!

today has been a long day. i spent most of it locked out of my body. this year has left me speechless a lot. last night doesn’t feel real. i went to work. when people asked me how i was doing i said i was fine automatically. the sky was very grey and inside of me i feel nothing. like a light has gone out. like i’ve scrubbed down my organs with ashes. 

what do i say under the walls of this. my fingernails hurt from trying to claw out of the grave. we were so close. i was starting to feel brave. like it just might work. like if we fought hard enough we could get something done. i really believed, for a moment.

there’s nothing to write. what are words when our actions meant nothing in the end. when all the pleading in the world didn’t stop them. when our protests, when our stories, when our existence wasn’t enough to them. or maybe too much. i’m uncertain. over ten thousand people vote for a dead gorilla. i wonder if they feel the weight of him sitting on their chest at night. over half the electoral votes go to trump and i know, terribly: at least one person quietly took their life that night.

i am reassured clinton would have been bad, too. i have looked up new zealand real estate in the last twelve hours. i was named after a political writer in my family who wrote under a false name, who sought asylum in america. who didn’t make it to america. will i be her shadow, will i make it to new zealand? 

there is nothing left in me. i am burnt out. nothing i have done mattered to them.

for some reason: this is where the good comes in, that it never stopped them from hating me. everything i said and did in the name of hope will never reach their ears and that’s okay, maybe.

it did reach one person. or several people. who needed me to say something, even if it would never change someone’s mind.there was someone who needed me to stand up even if i’ll never make it above their shoulders. someone who needed me.

we have learned such awful things about our neighbors. which is why we must become each other’s wing guards. listen, you who are sitting on aching feathers, bone-picked and with fresh wounds and nothing to turn to: turn to each other. be what they need, let them be the same in return. be their voice, be their steady hand, be the diary. be alive for them. be alive for me. be alive to save a life, to be present on the bridge the day we burn it down, to light the fire, to warm your hands in it. be loving, be the gentleness we have had torn from us, give quilts of yourself and look up. when they push you down you keep your eyes on the stars and you whisper that you’re not doing it just for yourself anymore. you’re doing it for trans girls trapped under eighteen wheels, for the brothers we lost in nightclubs, for the latin children and the laughter stolen out of their mouths. we are doing it not to feel our own blood pumping but so that the blood of others may never be spilled again on this soil so help me, if i live, if i get through this. and we are doing it for you, who are reading this, who deserves to live a life so full of sweetness that you get drunk on it. fly with me. i know the myth of icarus. you can be my daedalus. if you get there safe, at least that’s one of us. or maybe, in this story, we both land, with blessings from the sun. fly with me, look up.

there are a million places i have never seen and a million things you haven’t done and a dozen bones we must break before we see morning. we may never change their minds, never stop feeling helpless or broken or tired.

but look up. we might save a life.

and that’s good enough.

I love how Delirious looks after people in games. 

What reminded me to put this is after Gorillaphent’s newest video of Guess Who which he has never played before. 

He was using all of his powers and shit to show Gorilla who he was instead of using them to get anyway from anyone. It was very endearing to watch him help him out like that, even telling Gorilla where Bryce was. 

He has done it a lot in the past too with his other mates, especially Vanoss, who were either new to a game or didn’t understand something.

I think a lot of people don’t give him enough credit for being the guy with the ideas, who shows people the glitches and even just the controls for a new video on top of being the Delirious we all know and love- the giggly, outgoing, crazy dude he is. 

Tbh I don’t really know why I wanted to share this, I think I just wanted to remind everyone how amazing he is, even without a face. He truly is a role model, even with the swearing and the gay jokes mixed in.

I’m glad to be part of the Delirious-army and I can’t wait for it to grow bigger!

Sorry for this cheesy-ass post. 


Quirky Collage Art by Kurt Cobain

Kurt was fascinated with meat. He cut out numerous color pictures from magazines, which he used to make collages like this one here. There’s also The Visible Man and Kurt’s beloved Chim Chim -monkey, which is also pictured on the back cover of the Nevermind album. (Source: Cobain Unseen by Charles R. Cross)

“He had an outlet. His creativity. And if you look at it, it’s dark, and then there’s always some, like, mutilated body, some kind of organ, some kind of anatomy going on. In a lot of ways, it’s very beautiful. I mean, it’s well done. But something’s not right. It’s all off.” - Krist Novoselic

“He had a big collage on the wall with pictures of diseased vaginas and then, like, people or just random things that he made. I was just, like, "oh great”, you know?“ - Tracy Marander (Kurt’s ex-girlfriend)

"It’s all anatomy. Like, supermarket ad fliers come in the mail, and there’s all that meat. He’d cut that out, you know, and just make these collages. I don’t know. The id is driving him, like, underneath the surface. It’s anatomy, or it’s just meat.” - Krist Novoselic

Source of quotes: Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck -book, (2015)


Hello there! I’m Cofvy! Although I’m new to tumblr, I’d like to share a youtube series I’ve just began working on!

RWBY Volume 4 Abridged!

I love watching RWBY spin-offs, parodies, and so on. But as a voice actor and a director, I’ve never organised an abridged series (I tend to stick with animations and fandubs) and I didn’t want to abridge something that had been done numerous times…

But now Volume 4 has begun!

I’ll be directing, editing, voicing a major and a few minor roles, as well as managing pretty much everything, But of course, I’m looking to cast people to voice the characters, and I’m also on the look out for anyone who’d like to write scripts for the series!

If you’re happy to help out with scripts, just send me a message, I’m friendly! Secondly, if you want to voice act, you need to try out! I’ve set up a page titled how to audition, that explains the different ways you can audition :D

But to get to the point, I really wanted to make this blog to promote the whole project.  While I’ve already received a fair amount of auditions, I’d like to reach out to more and more people, and make the project known in the fndm and the RWBY community!

So I’d appreciate it if people could share this post around and tell other fans about it! Thank you to anyone who auditions or supports!

Phanfics vs irl

Do you ever think about how if a lot of real things DnP have done over the past couple of years had been written in a phanfic, people would have dismissed it as unrealistic? Like, if someone had written a fic about Phil receiving a solo award but calling Dan up on stage to share it with him I would have thought it was a really cute idea, but too soppy and cliché for them, and yet here we are…

Inktober 010: Sugawara Koushi, whose face you should definitely not trust because he’s obviously plotting something.

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (100, W3, B23), Staedtler Triplus Fineliner (blue), Strathmore Bristol Board

Just FYI...

I have no interest whatever in hearing or otherwise entertaining ‘the other side’ of the Pewdiepie story.  He’s a racist, antisemitic piece of garbage.  If you comment or send me messages and try to defend him to me, I will block you, because I have neither the time nor the patience for ignorant children or obsessive stans who will defend him to the death, no matter what kind of heinous bullshit he pulls.

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Hi, I saw one of your recent reblogs you tagged a post of a (black) person in a golden mask as #art #fashion #monsters, I'll be honest, I don't know exactly what you picture when you think of a monster but I think it'd be good to let you know that you can challenge the idea that dark = scary, evil and white = angelic, pure. I understand you might have done the association subconsciously and I have also been following you for a while to know you try to be as respectful of everyone in your blog...

The photo is of a woman in a terrifying eyeless mask that looks like something from another dimension. I use “monsters” as a general tag to collect things that inspire surreal, otherworldly uneasiness so that I can easily find inspiration for my own art and writing. If you were to look at my “monsters” tag, you would see consistent examples of runway fashion, sculptures, a circle of fire, lots of white peoples in similar masks, and artistic depictions of angels, among more traditionally fearsome creatures. The woman in the gold mask was added to this tag on account of the intentionally unsettling and eldritch piece of art she wore, not because of her skin tone.

Previously, I would have used the tag “weird angels” but was told that this was insensitive to Jewish interpretations of angels, so I retired that tag.

I’m generally going to refrain from reblogging photos of humans in the future. I only reblog pictures of people that fit a certain surreal aesthetic, but the potential for misunderstandings and unintentional offense is too great, and choosing to only reblog photos featuring white people feels very low and cheap.

{Reaction} EXO’s child coming out to them.

Hi!! 😁 Can you do like a reaction from EXO of their child coming out to them? I am not sure if you have done it before. But, Thank you!!! ☺️ 

Note: Ahh this was a sweet request. This request was very personal to me and I hope you enjoy it a lot. I know I may not have their reactions accurate, I’m not sure how homosexuality is presented in Asia either, so this is purely based off how I see them as people and how I think they would react to something like this. Anyway, please enjoy. Fighting!~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chanyeol knew something was wrong by the way his child as looking so nervous. As he watched his child nervously stood before him with shaky hands, he could feel his own begin to tremble as his mind wondered to what could possibly cause his child so much anxiety. He hated how uneasy his child looked, so vulnerable and afraid, it made Chanyeol’s heart clench in his on messed up worry and anxiety. But as his child confessed that they were attracted to the same sex, Chanyeol found himself more confused than anything else, his lips smiling as he thinks that was all they were worried about?

Chanyeol: “That is just fine, {child}. Did you really think that it was an issue? It doesn’t change a thing, and all I want is for you to be happy, okay? If you bring home a girl, then that’s fine, if you bring home a boy, that’s also fine. But don’t think you’re going to get away with me not bringing out the baby photos.” *Grinning as he opens his arms up to give his child a hug.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by overdyosed

Since Kyungsoo doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality, or anything like that, his reaction wasn’t very eventful. He doesn’t see why his child should feel the need to come out, and it makes him somewhat annoyed that the word is this way, why can’t people love and accept? But at the same time, he is happy for his child, and will do everything to make sure they find ultimate happiness in the end.

Kyungsoo: “I don’t care if you bring home a boy or a girl, if they break your heart, tell them to sleep with one eye open.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Baekhyun would be thrilled when his child opens up about their sexuality. Mainly because he thinks it’s a good thing his child feels confident enough to open up about this kind of thing in the first place. While he is extremely proud of his child and will be supportive all the way through, he would also tease them the same way if they were heterosexual. Basically, he would be the best father in the world and would be supportive whatever his child decided to be or wanted to be with.

Baekhyun: “Now I don’t know much about sex between two-”

{Child}: “Dad!”

Baekhyun: “BUT, if you need anything… lube, protection, anything. You just let me know, okay?”

{Child}: “You’re so embarrassing!”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by xehun

This usually sassy man would change attitudes completely when it comes to something like this. When he found out that his child was homosexual, he would soften, and he would reassure them that it is perfectly okay with him whatever kind of person that they wanted to be with even if they were a girl or a boy. While being a little bit teasing and sassy, he would make sure that his child knows his sincerity and that he will always be there for them whenever they need to talk or be supported.

Sehun: “Never don’t mind about a thing~” *Literal meme*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by wooyoung

Yixing may find the concept a little strange at the beginning. Since he isn’t used to the culture (and often tries to call EXO manly after they show strong affections for one another) he might find it a little bit confusing and may not know how to handle the news at the beginning. He wouldn’t be unsupportive, and he would never criticize his child for feeling this way, he would just need some time to adjust and understand. But when his child brings home their partner for the first time, he falls in love with the couple, and instantly decides that this development isn’t going to change a single thing.

Yixing: “I know I was unsure at the beginning, but now I understand why you love them, and I am happy that you’ve found someone that can make you feel this well. You compliment each other well, I give you my blessing to be with them, not that you needed it anyway.” *Grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Chen was making dinner when his child came out to him, it wasn’t the fact that they were gay that made him drop a pile of hot plates on the floor, it was the fact that his child had been seeing someone for the past few months without him knowing that really startled him.

{child}: “I’m sorry, please don’t be upset.”

Jongdae: “I demand you tell me about them at once and call them over for dinner. I’d like to meet them immediately.”

{child}: “So you’re… not mad?”

Jongdae: “Why would I be mad? Love is love, right? Now come on, I want to meet them so I can finally play the embarrassing father role.”

{child}: “Isn’t that what Uncle Suho is for?”

Jongdae: “Let me live this moment, please!”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by oppa-smiles

Minseok’s reaction was actually pretty underwhelming. Even though his child had taken him out to coffee to reveal the news, Minseok played it off as if it wasn’t anything at all, mainly because he didn’t mind, and didn’t think that his child should be so stressed to tell him something like this. Minseok is very open and accepting, so it doesn’t upset him in the slightest when he finds out this information about his child. If anything, he is happy for them, because he knows that they will eventually find someone to love. He prefers it when his child tells him things like this instead of pretending. The last thing he wants is for his child to be with someone he doesn’t love just to make others around them happy.

{child}: “I’m gay…”

Minseok: “And I’m thirsty, can you get me a black coffee?”

{child}: “Aren’t you upset about this?”

Minseok: “No, why would I be upset? As long as you find someone who is good to you, I will be happy for you.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by e-x-o-s

When his child first told him about this, he was a little confused about it and seemed a little dismissive. He went on to do some research about it (AKA he asked Kris what he should feel about this) after talking through his worries (he was anxious he wasn’t a good enough father because he doesn’t know how he should support the child) he realised that it wasn’t all that hard, and that he was more proud of his child than ever before for being so bold and speaking his mind. When his child came home that eveing, Tao approached them and gave them a hug, explaining that he was proud of them and that he hopes they will find someone good for them.

Tao: “Remember that I need to make sure they are suitable for you before you can date them.”

{child}: *Laughing* “Of course, Dad.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by wintershower

Suho doesn’t care if his child is homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or any other sexuality. He doesn’t care if his child dates someone of the same sex or if they are foreign. As long as his child is happy, then he is too. Suho is literally the most chilled and accepting man and possibly the best man for a father role because he would be the most supportive person on the planet.

{child}: “I just need to tell you that… well, I’m gay.”

Suho: “Hi gay, I’m Dad.”

{child}: “… I hate you so much”

*All joking apart, Suho would be so proud, and would probably cry tears of happiness knowing that his child is finally showing their true identity and are a step closer to finding happiness.”


Originally posted by wetsekai

Luhan chuckled as his child revealed this new information to him. He looked over at Minseok who was sat beside him and held his hand out, a smirk playing at his lips as he asked for the money he was owed for the bet they made. The child watched in astonishment as Minseok handed the money over and Luhan explained they had made a bet on when the child would finally come clean about their true feelings. This is probably where I should also add that Luhan is chill about it, and proud of them for making this big step.

{child}: “You… knew?”

Luhan: “You think I was born yesterday? I know that ‘we’re studying’ excuse is a lie. Since when did you study?”

{child}: “… okay yeah, fair enough, you got me there.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kai smiled as his child told him about their sexuality. Even though it isn’t always socially accepted, Kai doesn’t see a problem with it at all. In the moment, he was sat with his child downstairs at 3am with cups of hot tea. He feels a tear run down in emotional happiness and chuckles as his child begins to cry as well. As the two of them sit in an utter moment of true emotion mixed with love and happiness, he reaches over and pulls his child into a hug, reassuring them that he is always going to be proud of them.

Kai: “You were and always will be the best thing that ever happened to me, {child}.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

Since Kris has done a lot of travelling and has many friends over the world, he has seen many different perspectives and lives. So when his child tells him about their sexuality, he is less than bothered by it. Not in a bad way, but it just doesn’t matter to him if his child is gay or not, in his eyes, if his child is happy then he is too and that is all that matters.

Kris: “Angry? Why would I be angry? I think it’s good you’re closer finding your true identity. I hope that one day, you will be able to find someone who will make you very happy.”

This is Why You Can

I have been thinking in this idea for a while its a Jared x Wife!Reader, hope you like it “Imagine Jared having an emotional breakdown and the reader shows him all the good things he have done and how much he means for a lot of people” - @bemyqueenofdarkness

Pairings: Jared x wife!Reader Mentioned: Jensen, JJ, Misha, Mark & some crew

Warnings: Emotional breakdown and angst!!! with a fluffy ending

Summary: I took this story from personal experience. My mom did this for me a few years back and I have since lost the video but it meant so much to me.


The moment you walked into your house, you knew something was wrong; the air around you felt heavy and thick as if it was almost suffocating. You stopped dead in your tracks when you could finally hear the faint sounds of music floating down the stairwell and as your mind wrapped around the melody; your heart stopped.

“Jared!” You yelled as you dropped the bag of groceries on the floor in the entry before you tore through the house toward the stairs knowing exactly where he would be. You took the steps two at a time and with every step, the heart breaking music got louder. Sure enough, when you pushed open the door to your bedroom, you could see the large lump of your husband’s body under the blankets, curled in the fetal position in the middle of the bed. His eyes shot up to yours and you felt your heart break as a fresh wave of tears poured from his blood shot eyes.

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sth i get asked a lot is whether i know any german youtubers whose videos have subtitles and tbh i dont like having subtitles because i think theyre a distraction from the video itself and they also hinder my learning how to understand spoken language so its not something i ever bothered to look out for BUT ive noticed people have recently started adding german AND english subtitles to julien bams videos (einige davon haben auch untertitel auf schweizerdeutsch wie geil ist das denn bitte??)
the english translations arent perfect because theyre obviously done by german speakers who arent necessarily able to write perfect english but theyre still very understandable. im currently working thru them to fix some of the little translation errors and grammatical/spelling mistakes just to make it a bit easier to understand but ye anyway if ur learning german and are looking for some quality content™ defs check out some of the newer videos on his channel. he mostly makes humour videos/sketches and song parodies and uploads once a week :~)


I’ve seen several people in tags saying that Magnus acted OOC in the scene with Izzy, and that he should’ve done something to prevent her from going on search for yin fen. But like… He did what he could? He scared off that Rufus drug dealer away, he approached Izzy as a friend, warned her about how dangerous yin fen is. Yet, in return Izzy, being under the drugs infuence, turned a full “holier-than-thou” Shadowhunter mode on him, and on top of that dropped Aldertree’s name. Obviously, that was the drug talking, rather than Izzy, but what could Magnus do in that situation? It’s his, the downworlder’s, word against the word of a shadowhunter. He had no real proof, save for his hunch. Even Alec might have not believed him. Not to mention that Aldertree tortured Raphael just a few days ago.

The way Magnus says “Apologies” – his whole body language shows subordination. No matter how old, wise and powerful Magnus may be he’s still a downworlder, and Izzy’s a shadowhunter. 

I’m sure you can’t talk much about the plot, but–

No, but (laughs), it’s very intricate. I mean, you know (Kojima). He’s a very brilliant man. I mean … the stuff he told me? I only understood some of it. There was a lot of (mimes being baffled) “What?” I have to see it before I understand. Because with (Death Stranding), he’s creating something completely new.

Were you familiar with Kojima before you got the call? I mean, are you a gamer?

Not as a gamer. But then people told me and showed me things, and I was like, “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that before.” And when I told my son he was like, “What?!” (laughs)

(Laughs) I bet. “You gotta do this!”

Yeah, absolutely. But I also saw the trailer he had done with Norman Reedus, and I thought that was spectacular just from the standpoint of an actor. The emotion, the feeling of it, the sensuality in what he does. Without even being a gamer, I was like, this is crazy, what he’s doing. I loved it.

I almost feel like I just want Kojima to make the leap to making films, y'know? I know that’s not interactive, so it’s an entirely different medium, but–

Well, in a way, he is making films. He’s creating his own worlds.


And he’s letting us be the director, in a way.

Most, if not all, of your work in Death Stranding is going to be motion-capture.

All of it, yeah.

[Mads Mikkelsen about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding]