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Since I'm stuck spiraling in Austenland, request for The Difficulties of Making Flynn Accept Human Contact (featuring one smol historian and a grumpy garbage king)

Frankly, it starts as a joke.

It’s sometime after they actually manage to stop Rittenhouse cold: it’s taken a shitload of fits and starts and miscommunications and other tragedies as they are trying to play as a team of four, but they finally ensure that no sir, Rittenhouse will not be interfering in the Spanish-American War of 1898. They get back to the present feeling almost goofy, grinning, forgetting that they hate (or rather, there are some Very Complicated Feelings among the trio and their new plus-one) each other for a bit. It appears on the whiteboard as a joke. Challenge for the Day: Hug Flynn.

(It was probably Rufus, and he certainly wasn’t intending to do it. Wyatt, likewise, would either be caught dead or rooting for the latter in the Army-Navy football game first.)

Therefore, the task falls to Lucy. She doesn’t want Flynn to bite her head off, especially when they’re finally on speaking terms again, but she also wants to show him that she appreciates what he’s doing for them, even in his usual bull-in-a-china-shop fashion. Plus, she doesn’t want him to think they are just using him for the muscle, and don’t care at all what happens as a result.  So the next day, she does it. Steps up from behind and hugs him quickly.

Flynn freezes up. Gets a “that did not just happen” look on his face. Frees himself in a hurry, and walks around the rest of the day with an expression as wary as if Lucy tried to pull a gun on him.

(Hey. At least she tried.)

Still, though. A few weeks later, after a mission in 1873 nearly goes horrendously wrong, with Rittenhouse trying to kill Victoria Woodhull and other early suffragettes, and Flynn somehow saves the day, Lucy hugs him again. That is what the Time Team does: they hug. She hugs Wyatt, she hugs Rufus. Why shouldn’t she hug Flynn too? He looks like he could use it, and he did – well, surprisingly decently. So she does.

Flynn doesn’t pull away quite as quickly this time. He still gives her a look, however, as if he will charitably not mention this episode of momentary insanity, as if she has lost her mind and done something embarrassing in front of him, and he will not talk about it to be polite.

But then, even Wyatt gives him a casual slap on the shoulder. Says, “Hey, man. Good job back there, all right?”

Flynn looks warily at him. Nods. Glances back at them for a long moment, as if he’s going to say something, but doesn’t. Goes on his own way.

(Nobody said this was going to be easy.)

Lucy keeps up with it, though. She knows Flynn still might not believe half of what she has to say, and the only thing he really trusts in is action, in consistency, in results, in practical and demonstrative empirical evidence. She told him there was a better way, that not everything is going to be solved by shooting, that it matters that he’s chosen to fight with them (even if the alternative is rotting in jail, she’s still promised that they will do right by him – doesn’t think he really believes it, and it hurts her). They’re not going to treat him like another cog in the machine. He’s one of them now. Part of a team.

The team hugs each other. The team cares about each other.

Lucy stubbornly keeps at it.

Her nose fits between his shoulder blades when she hugs him from the back. She can feel him tense when she does, but now, at least, he doesn’t push her away. Sighs and seems to decide that fine. He’ll tolerate it. There are worse things that she could be doing. There are worse people than her.

(Rufus and Wyatt bet each other $20 that the other will hug Flynn first and live to tell the tale. Wyatt must either be really hard up for $20, or he too may like Flynn a little more than he lets on, because he wins. They’re both rather drunk, which probably helps.)

Finally, when Lucy goes for her usual quick hug, expecting Flynn to patiently ignore it like he does by now, he turns around instead, and catches her, pulls her against his chest, and holds her there for a brief, fierce moment. Doesn’t say a word, because, well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But as she glances up, she’s certain she catches the flash of a smile.

“Thank you, Lucy,” he says, half under his breath. Almost shy. As if he’s looking at her, and finally seeing the Lucy he knew, his friend, the one who trusted him, comforted him. Gave him the journal. The woman he’s been looking for, in his disastrous way, all this time.

She smiles back.

“Hey,” she says quietly. “You’re welcome.”

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What do you play Overwatch on? Also who do you main?

i play on pc!! and this might sound silly but i main hanzo (at everybody’s great despair) when i play vs ai, but in quick play i lean towards support (esp. mercy recently!! but lucio is also a fav)

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On your ask about shipping real people: my rule of thumb is to ask if publishing their diary makes me a historian or an asshole. If they've been dead long enough that their diary would be of historical interest and not be looked at weird in Barnes & Noble, it's fine to ship them or write fanfiction about them or whatever. If they haven't been dead long enough, or they're not dead at all, and publishing their diary without their go-ahead makes me a douche, then it's not fine. Just my thoughts.

This is… actually a really brilliant way to think about it WOW. Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts with me I’m gonna adopt this line of thinking ahaha.

This is literally my go-to dessert every night! Every!!! Night!!!!

I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do some random intakes so here is today:

Pre-track workout: a banana and 1 graham cracker sheet

Post-run: Kodiak Cakes pancakes with some maple syrup and coffee

Lunch: 2 slices of whole wheat toast with PB & J, spinach & red bell peppers, baby carrots, and Greek yogurt

Snack: an apple & Combat Crunch protein bar

Dinner: salad with grilled chicken, croutons, tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, and some Ranch dressing, side of broccoli as well

Dessert: this mug-cake! It’s the “Beltsander brownie” recipe (you can look it up on Instagram for more ideas)…it’s just 1 scoop of protein powder of choice, ½ tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, Truvia, and ¼ cup milk of choice– microwave it and omg it is so good!!!! I doubled the recipe

Well well well looks like Steven’s going to learn to swordfight!

I really don’t think that’s a good idea, but it would be pretty useful since his abilities (shield and bubble) are all defensive.

And, that’s a new very beautiful rainy title card, i like it.

The title cards reflect the time/weather of the day the episode takes place on? That’s really neat!

Screener note: Lots of people have been pointing that out in the asks, but i wanted him to find it out himself.

Lion you fucking cat.

But i must admit, i love staying under shelter outside on rainy days, it’s really calming to just listen to the rain.

That looks like some exceedingly edgy anime. I want to watch it now.



The fact that Steven is using Garnet’s majestic hair as an arm rest and head rest is priceless.

I Am Still Doing YouTube (and I’m sorry for the wait)

Hi everyone. I thought I would post this here because a lot of people have been messaging me asking why I have not been uploading.

I still have every intention to upload YouTube videos. I have fallen off schedule and been struggling to share content due to increased perfectionism due to an increase in viewers and decreased energy as a result of taking on multiple projects. (I live stream three times a week and am working on an album of music that I plan to release at the end of the year.)

I’m happy to have all these projects and I you don’t need to feel sorry for me or worry that I have been driven away. I have plenty of creative ideas and I will try to make them happen. I’m extremely sorry for the delay; I promise I have not forgotten about my channel.

In order to cement this promise, from now on I will commit to uploading at least 2 videos a week, on Wednesdays and on Fridays. Hopefully you will still enjoy my content. Thank you~

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I follow a lot of otayuri art blogs and they're all lovely but you are without a doubt my favorite. Your art is just so sweet and pure it makes me feel all fuzzy. Keep it up you beautiful soul you.

OUIJPASO;KLCONLE THANK YOU SO MUCH AHHH this made my night omg <33333 ;O;

ever since i made that post about being on T and having casual interactions w/ another trans guy a lot of people have come to me asking about T and it feels really awesome? to know shit? and to be able to help people. like a year ago i wouldve laughed at the idea that i, right now, would be on T… and here i am helping people with their journey. its amazing

if u hate ayahina here are a few reasonable things to do

  1. block tumblrs users who blog a lot of it
  2. blacklist the ship tag/ask people to tag said ship
  3. ignore it
  4. compain to others who agree with you (privately)

things not to do

  1. whine about it like children in the tag (especially during a week dedicated to it)

I almost feel like passing the blog on to someone else right now tbh. I know I’m not really that active and this year has been hard for me so far IRL so the hellsite doesn’t really help. I don’t want to give up on doing my critique thing because I have a lot of fun doing TV live blogs and answering asks and helping people out with their writing but I’m sick of tumblr lmao

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll put the blog into an archive or just mass delete my old posts and let someone else take over as a fresh start. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do this forever but I feel bad just dropping it without warning.

there’s a lot of people sending kin-against-aphobes legitimate asks and trying to show them how to turn off asks / telling them the same thing we’re saying but in nicer terms and all they can say is “f u c k o f f” and “leave us alone!!!!” like this is your own fault buddy you made your bed now lie in it

Addressing concerns

So I saw a lot of people asking about emails in the notes on our previous post so I thought I’d clarify. A reminder email went out to writers on March 10th about the Summary/Excerpt deadline (May 1st). If you have joined the bang since that time we have not sent out another email since then and we’re sorry for making you panic, you are signed up if you talked to us about it. To anyone who should have gotten the email but didn’t, uh, whoops, sorry. Feel free to send us an ask or an email if you are unsure if you are signed up.

We do now have 3 open spots for writers so if anyone wants to join feel free to PM us and we’ll get you signed up!

Sorry for the confusion!

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

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I just got out of surgery and feeling a little weird and in pain. Would you do me the honour of drawing some recovery Bokuroos? I totally understand if not. Have a nice day!

He tried Anon… he tried.