a lot of people are complaining that he taunts his opponents too much but i love it

Elsword Chars playing Elsword

What if the Elsword characters were real people, discovered the Elsword game, and started playing it? Who would they play as, and how would they play it? This is sort of like my own “Elsword imagines” kind of thing. I’m not sure if this has been done by Elsword Imagines yet (if so, I promise I’m not trying to steal your idea!) Hope you enjoy!

Elsword discovered the game when he saw an online ad for it. He tried it out and thought it was pretty cool. He joined back when there were only three playable characters, and as you might have guessed, his favorite character was Elsword. He has all three Elsword job paths, but his new favorite is Blade Master. Elesis is also not a bad character, in his opinion.

He doesn’t really care about which skills are the best; he just takes whatever looks cool. As a result, his characters aren’t as good as they could be. Still, he fares well in PvE and PvP.

In PvP, he is A or S rank on most of his characters, namely the ones that use swords. However, he’s an extremely salty player. He rages every time he loses, goes crazy when someone spams a combo or skill, and calls you a sore loser whenever he stoics with his Elswords. And don’t get him started on Add. Not a fun guy to PvP with.

Aisha joined after Elsword pestered her to play with him. She thought the game was a bit silly at first, but now she likes it. Her favorite characters are EM, IP, and GA, though she gets upset now and then when she sees GA’s in-game model. She cares a lot about what skills and equipment sets she gets for her characters.

She’s pretty good at PvP, holding a solid SS with many characters. She hates playing with Elsword, since he’s always so salty. Instead, she likes to play with Rena or Ara, who are a lot nicer.

After seeing Elsword and Aisha constantly fighting with each other (in real life) whenever Elsword lost a PvP match, Rena made an account to see what all the fuss was about. Nowadays, she logs on occasionally to play with her friends if she’s bored. She’s not that great at the gameplay; she can’t combo well, her reflexes aren’t fast enough to dodge attacks, and she often asks random questions in the middle of dungeon runs or PvP matches, resulting in her losing time or losing the fight. However, she enjoys the background designs of each map. Sometimes, she’ll sit in a random field and stare at the scenery for a few minutes.

Rena has all the Rena classes, some Aishas, one Raven, and an Ara. She spends most of her time on GA and WS. You can usually find Rena doing dungeon runs. She doesn’t like PvP much, since everyone is so salty, but she’ll team up with her friends.

Most of Rena’s PvP ranks aren’t that spectacular, but her WS is at S. Elsword always accuses her of cheating, arguing that there’s no way she could be S with her terrible gaming abilities. Aisha just reasons that WS is a really OP class, and even a bad gamer like Rena can still get S with WS.

Raven joined back when the game first started. He made a LK, played for a few months, but then stopped playing. He returned a while later, and by that time, there were several new characters added. He now has Renas, Ravens, Eves, and Adds.

Like Aisha, he pays special attention to what skills and equipment sets he obtains. In addition, his strategic skills are off the charts. He’s great at catching opponents in PvP and can make spectacular comebacks by playing carefully (no, he doesn’t run)

He’s got a few SSS characters. He sometimes teaches PvP techniques to Elsword, who really appreciates it. Still, Elsword has a long way to go before his ranks improve. Oh yeah, he married his BM to Rena’s GA. Isn’t that cute?

Eve is an expert gamer. She’s awesome at literally every video game out there. People often chat with her online about video game things and she likes to post video game guides during her free time. She enjoys Elsword as well, and she even edits the Elwiki with new updates and information when she can.

Eve has every single character and job path (she has multiple accounts). She’s a master at all of them, though her personal favorites are the Raven and Eve classes. She can solo Henir runs, grind through secret dungeons with ease, and defeat most people in PvP, even with minimal equipment.

Most of her characters are SSS, and some even have the star rank. She doesn’t know many people in real life who play Elsword, but she’s online friends with many people, including Elsword, Aisha, Rena, and Raven (and everyone else). Sometimes, she’ll spar with them if she’s not busy trying to get more secret dungeon sets. 

Chung joined the game rather recently, and he’s a little bit confused about all the crazy game features. The character systems, the combo techniques, the story line… everything is a little daunting to him. Still, he does his best to learn about the game and get better.

He likes most of the female characters, and he also likes to buy costumes and accessories for them. Rena thinks it’s a little silly to spend real money on video games, but everyone else really likes his costume choices. They say his characters are the most beautiful characters in all of Elrios!

Don’t assume his characters’ pretty looks mean they’re weak, though. He can be a rather tough opponent to beat in PvP. Since he just joined, he’s only at ranks B and A, but his rank is rising pretty quickly. He likes playing with Raven and Aisha a lot. He’s also in the same guild as Eve and he really looks up to her, despite not knowing her in real life. 

Ara has a few characters, but most of them aren’t even level 30 yet. Her main, a Sakra Devanam, is close to level 50 and is the only character she’s gotten to the second job class. She’s not that good at fast-paced video games, so she doesn’t play that often.

She joined because her friends suggested it to her. She tried it and liked the visuals, which is pretty much the only reason she continues to come back. Like Chung, she likes to dress up her characters, but she usually just looks at the costumes in the Item Mall and doesn’t actually buy anything.

She doesn’t play PvP. She did the 10-match quest with her SD and ended up with D rank. As for skills and equipment sets, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She just takes whatever looks nice (kind of like Elsword)

Elesis is a very enthusiastic gamer. Once she gets into a game, she’ll never stop talking about it with her friends in real life. She chats with her brother and his friends frequently, telling them about new items she’s obtained, cool updates, and funny moments that occurred in-game. In fact, she rarely discusses anything aside from video games with people…

Elesis started playing the game pretty early on. As a result, she loves to reminisce about the old days. The first skill tree system, the lack of OP characters like Add, etc. The classes she plays nowadays are the really fast ones (like Eve, Add, and Ara) She loves quick gameplay and despises party members who are slow. Her friends get a little annoyed when she complains about them not being fast enough, but generally, she’s a fun person to play with.

She PvPs quite frequently. Many of her characters are rank S or higher. She loves to challenge her real-life friends in sparring, and she usually beats them. She can get a little salty when she loses, but she’s not nearly as bad as Elsword. Actually, she usually reprimands him whenever he gets really salty after a match.

If there is one person who can give Eve a hard time in video games, it’s Add. Eve still beats him the majority of the time in PvP, but their matches are always pretty close. He doesn’t actually know Eve in real life, but he keeps pestering her to meet up with him in real life. Of course, Eve declines every time.

Add is a super hardcore gamer. He built his own computer (by that, I mean he literally built a computer from scratch. He invented a whole new operating system too), he has a special gaming keyboard, and his desk setup optimizes gaming performance. In addition, he’s got the best skills and weapons for his characters.

He’s great at PvP and has SSS or star rank on all his characters, but he’s very salty. If you thought Elboy was bad, wait until you see this guy. He always taunts you when you lose, accuses you of hacking or being laggy on purpose when you win, and will continue to yell at you after the match ends. One of his accounts got banned once, but he just simply made a new one.

Lu and Ciel are more casual gamers. They like the game, but they don’t devote their whole lives to it. They joined because they were bored one day and wanted to try a new game. They searched for “anime mmo” and came across Elsword.

The two of them always play together. They party together for dungeon runs and they do 2v2 matches as teammates. As for classes, Lu prefers the slower, hard-hitting characters, while Ciel goes for characters that are cute. When the two of them make the same class, they always buy the same costume set for their characters.

The two of them are unstoppable in 2v2. Their teamwork and strategy are absolutely amazing. They could probably reach star rank if they really wanted to, but since they don’t play that often, their characters’ growth is a little slow. As a result, they hold S and SS ranks.