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Recently I realised that my need to make “good” art was boxing me in, and I was losing my imaginative flair.

When we were kids we drew and scribbled whatever came to mind, and we coloured it however we wanted, and we went outside the lines, and it didn’t matter if the things we drew were totally two dimensional, because they had character. I used to draw these silly little cartoon crocodiles with one line and they were very very not what crocodiles look like but my dad loved them and I showed him every single one, with no embarrassment. I was proud of them. 

So I’ve started scribbling again. I mean really scribbling. A lot doesn’t make “sense” and sometimes turns out “ugly” but I’m letting my imagination control my hand and not worry about the “quality” of it. And it’s So. Much. Fun. I’ve drawn aliens and landscapes and spaceships and old men and viking helmets and crystal earrings.

So if you’re an artist and you’re getting frustrated about not being “good enough” (because I know I was), then try to clear your mind and let your hand go wild, who cares if it ends up wonky, it’s your special brand of wonky.

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Y'all are too kind, I cannot believe I now have 200+ followers! I never thought people would like my blog so much, it means the world to me, thank you!

To commemorate how kind you guys are, I’m going to link y'all some amazing blogs (reactions and ships) to check out! Here you are~








Thats all I can think of right now! I hope you guys like these blogs~ Thank you, I love you guys❤❤

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16 with you and Earnest? :o ~ selfshipprincess

16. things you said with no space between us

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Hi! I'm starting to make a Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency blog and was hoping you could offer some recommendations of blogs to follow. The blog is rowdywallenthusiasts (shameless self promotion)

Well @rowdywallenthusiasts, here are some of the dghda blogs I follow: 

@tirkbrotzly @armadabrontzman @olympain @farahs-girlfriend @ltofoceania @gentledirkly @holisticy @farah-black @hammerheadkitten @holisticfuneral @princessparadoxical @thekittenshark @dirkly @everythingsconnected @holistically-dirkly @mphokoaho @holistick @cooldadoropher @holisticbb @toddbrotzmen @toddbrotzmans @holisticdetectives @optimistdirk

Here are the more network type blogs: 

@dirkgentlynetwork @dailydirkgently @dailydghda @dghdabigbang 

Also for finding people I recommend browsing the tags. Especially the ones like #dailydghda #dghdaedit and #dirkgentlyedit, it’s a good place to find high quality gif makers to follow! 

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hiveswap is hussie’s redemption arc

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Do you think Jean's words to Floch in chapter 90 were an intentional regression of his character? Perhaps one that he'll realize and try to change? Sorry if you've already said something about this! Also the amount of people that turned on Jean when he said this and hated him for it bothered me, like, these kids are still KIDS and are going to be hypocrites. They've grown a lot and are exceptionally mature for their age, but they're still only 16 at most. some fans need to cut them some slack

Chapter 90.

Hi there, anon! I actually don’t think Jean’s words to Floch are hypocritical or a regression of his character development, so I agree that people should cut him some slack! My apologies; I’ve had to put this answer under the cut because it got away from me again, and I don’t want to take up too much space on people’s dashes! As a quick preview, I think a lot of the hatred of Jean for what he says to Floch stems from a mistranslation!

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I’ve seen a few headcanons of symmetra/her family where she was given up to vishkar not just willingly but gratefully, as in, her parents didn’t want her because they did not know how to manage her or did not want to.  

and I just

I don’t want that to be the world 70 years from now?  overwatch is such a weirdly hopeful game to me and like.  I just don’t want that.

I don’t want us to be there in the future, I don’t want us to not have progressed–at least not in certain areas.  there absolutely is a ‘bad guy’ or she wouldn’t have ended up where she did.  but I don’t want that bad guy to be the ableism/abuse of anyone in her family.

I want her to have had a family that loved her and cared for her.  that did everything they could have possibly done for her, even with limited resources.  that wanted the best for her despite of or maybe because of her differences and was taken advantage of by an evil entity outside of their control.  I want her to have been raised, at least, with hope and love.

maybe that’s more cruel in a way I don’t know

SO. i’m randomly feeling kinda down/lonely??? something?? i’m seriously not sure why, it’s just one of those random af mood drop things?? who knows! anywho, i’m working through all my blogs as per my weekend usual ( and i’m lowkey crushing it like it’s 8:30 rn and i just got two blogs left counting this one! ) – THAT being said, the mood drop is getting me down so, i’m gonna power through my rick grimes replies, but i’m not 100% sure if i’ll be up to write/queue my stuff here by the time i’m through. just wanted to let you guys know!! it’s nothing against any of my drafts ( i love them aLL ), i’m just feeling kinda gross and think it may be a good idea to shut this down early and get a good night’s rest :3 i’ll 99.9% get to mr. o’connell next weekend tho!

AND i’ll be lurking here from my phone like usual ( and most of you guys know how to reach me mobile anyway ) *BLOWS KISSES* i love you all so, so much and i just hope you know how bright all of you make my dash?? like i have so much love and respect for all my mutuals like….you guys are the real heroes tbqh xoxoxo OH. and someone write jonathan.

a vignette: well, first, background: we had a good week for flowers, sold almost entirely out at market. So, no big arrangements came home. Those are the ones my sister decorates her house with because what else do you do. 

another background: as we were arranging flowers Friday afternoon (and Friday afternoons are a bit exhausting, because it’s quitting time for everyone else, and we’re stuck there still working, and it looks like fun because it’s flowers but it’s sort of mournful because everyone comes by on their way out for the weekend and looks so happy, and we still have eight… seven… five… two buckets to fill, endlessly…), the vegetable manager came by cradling an eggplant in his hands. It was a beautiful eggplant. He just wanted to show it to us, I suppose; he’d seen it, unharvested, in the field, and it was so perfect– the surface was slightly flawed in one spot, but it was a beautiful shape, a perfect fullness, a classic eggplant. What will you make with it? my sister asked. (She took his portrait with this exemplar of his craft and Instagrammed it, and it looks like a professional shot.) Oh, he said, probably eggplant parmesan, I haven’t done that yet this year. oh, I said, I love eggplant parm so much. i never make it, but it’s like, my favorite. you should make it for all of us. oh, he said, ha ha, i’d need more than one eggplant. I’m kidding, I told him hastily, Lord, I wouldn’t actually demand that you cook for me, I’m not an animal.

Well. He comes to my sister yesterday and says, I’m making eggplant parmesan for all of you Sunday night, and in fact he did, and he also made tiramisu, including making the ladyfingers himself, so.

Anyway. Such a nice dinner needs flowers on the table, my sister decided, so she rediscovered that place inside herself that does actually enjoy making flower arrangements, and went out and harvested just a handful of flowers, and made herself an arrangement for the dining room table, since she’d already set the table with a cloth and napkins and the good china and all– because, being an adult, she owns these things, and so why wouldn’t she break them out for every Sunday dinner?

So, it’s 5 pm, Veg Manager is banging pots around cheerfully next door, periodically coming by to borrow very promising things from my sister’s much larger kitchen. Sister has her flowers laid out on the kitchen counter and is arranging directly into a vase.

She trims all the stems, picks up the flowers, is placing them one at a time into the vase.

A little cloud of insects and spiders go scurrying off across the kitchen counter, having been on the flowers when they were harvested, and now seeing an opportunity to jump ship.

I watched this, and she watched this, and she said, “I’m just– going to let this happen,” because what else was she going to do?

I don’t know what gardeners do; we usually harvest into buckets that chill in a fridge overnight (if you see “conditioned” flowers for sale, that’s what that means; it does prolong their bloom period significantly), and we arrange on a table in a barn, so we notice bugs once in a while but it’s nothing like this little scatter pattern of many-legged refugees was. It was impressive. 

Hours later, after a sumptuous repast (made of that perfect eggplant and some of its friends!) and much conversation, my sister hastily drank the dregs from a water glass on the table and put it down on the floor inverted. “What,” I said, and then I saw the spider, a goldenrod crab spider I’d seen run off a zinnia, clamber up the side of the glass. She took it outside and put it into the hostas. We felt better. 

Take a shot if you refuse to mention ur honest-to-the-gods PTSD triggers in any form online because you’re positive some anti fuck would probably spam you with it to induce panic attacks and flashbacks if you did.

*takes a shot*


                                                   LEARN YOUR HISTORY.

I wanted to create a short, simple guide to the history & origins of the pride flags and get people to learn more about the symbols of our community. I know this isn’t the complete list, but I wanted to start this off with these 7. Hopefully, in the future I will update and add some more. This has been a long research & creation process. I’m open to suggestions.

And please don’t leave hateful comments.