a lot of feelings about characters that you have already killed

I think the thing that consistently bugs me about Heroes of Olympus is how it ended up sort of..gently demonising Percy?

Like, Percy has already learnt that he can’t always be the hero. That is the whole point of The Last Olympian. Annabeth does her badass thing fighting Kronos, and Luke kills him. Team effort a+ good job everyone. Percy plays his part, but he doesn’t dominate.

Re-hashing this in Heroes of Olympus as though Percy has been strutting around stealing everyone’s moments is disingenuous, and unfair to the character. Like, maybe you could swing him being too protective of his friends or something, but even then I believe @greenconverses pointed out that. That’s what Mark of Athena is there for. Percy puts aside his protective instincts so Annabeth can do her hero shit alone. It’s been addressed. It’s not even a glimmer of a problem anymore, but we’re still supposed to believe that Percy is some glory seeker whose big sacrifice is stepping aside for the others to kill Gaia?

It’s also…not his fault that Calypso remains on the island. He asked the gods to let her go, and there’s no real reason he should think they wouldn’t do that? More than that, it’s not some gross error on his part that he hadn’t thought about her much in the time between getting off the island, and Annabeth getting cursed (and don’t even get me started on the bullshit that is cursing ANNABETH for something that Percy supposedly did).

Percy gets taken by Hera only a few months after TLO. That’s barely enough time to breathe, let alone start to wonder if the gods whose butts they just saved were really serious about keeping their promises. Then his memory is wiped, and then he’s thrown into the middle of saving the world all over again. It might feel like a long time because it took five years for the books to come out, but the actual timeline between the end of PJO and the point where we’re told Percy is some huge asshole for not thinking about Calypso is actually pretty short, and he doesn’t have his memory for. Most of that time.

There’s also this judgment in the narration of Percy not giving a fuck about Bob before they run into him again, which…why would he? Literally I’m so confused, just because Bob is nice now doesn’t mean he wasn’t a Titan who was trying to take over the world. Bob might be nicer than the other Titans even as Iapetus, but he and Percy were still enemies. There is zero in-universe reason why Percy should have somehow tried to be friends with him after his memory was wiped. The fact that Hades and Persephone treated him as a janitor is not Percy’s fault at all, and is tbh probably kinder than what Iapetus would have done to Percy if he hadn’t become Bob.

Also with the whole Bob situation, that happened in a short story that a lot of readers probably wouldn’t have read, so there is an additional reason why it never came up in the main series until Riordan decided he wanted to use it. Like it’s technically canon, but it’s not a canon that a lot of people have read, so having Percy muse on the fate of a memory-wiped Titan would have been super jarring for a large chunk of readers. Which is probably, out-of-universe, why that didn’t occur.

Basically I’m super pressed about Percy being treated like an asshole by his own author, when his author couldn’t even go to the effort to make him act like one.

To Come Back (A Dorian fanfiction)

This was originally posted in an ask, and I wanted to repost it because i couldn’t find it in the tags.

I wrote this because i felt like there are a lot of fanfictions about Aelin having nightmares, and i feel like Dorian needed one as well. I am very interested to see what SJM does with his character, as she has already said he will have to deal with the repercussions of killing his father and the pain of what he went through. Sorry I had to write you all sad Dorian, but i wanted to explore that side of him! I tried to focus on his friendship with Aelin, who might be the only person (at the moment) that he knows that he can relate to (besides maybe Aedion and Rowan, but he isn’t close to them). Let me know what you think! I love all criticism, good or bad!

To Come Back (Dorian)

Dorian! Your name is Dorian!”

“Not anymore,” the darkness smiled.

It was in his ears, his head, his throat, his lungs, his soul…he couldn’t breathe. The darkness was overwhelming, crushing him, burying him, killing him.

He was going to die

Screaming and the low chuckle of the darkness was all he could hear as it overcame him.

Dorian Havilliard sat bolt upright, awoken by the sound of his own scream. Sweat glistened from his brow and his limbs were trembling, a crook in his neck for falling asleep on the couch in his large suite (the bedroom felt too empty, so he remained out here most nights). He heard the sound of the guard bursting into the suite, he held up his hand to stop the question before it could escape the man’s lips.

“I’m fine, go back to your post.” He didn’t turn around, didn’t want the man to see the sweat and tears on his face.

“Your Majesty, should I call for a nurse, I-”

“Really, I’m alright.” Dorian glanced down to the pile of books on the floor next to a glass of water. “I-I just dropped something, and it startled me. I’ll call you if I need you, don’t worry Braden.”

The guard mumbled a “Yes your Majesty” that let Dorian know he wasn’t believed and that Nesryn would probably be paying him another visit. Once the door clicked shut, he slumped back onto the couch, his hands to his face. He must have fallen asleep reading again, afraid of the nightmares he knew would come.

Slowly his hands moved from his face to his neck, where a thick scar resided. A scar left from the collar…but no collar could be found now. It was gone for good, he reassured himself and took a deep breath. Just a dream. He saw the shaking still hadn’t stopped when he tried to pour himself another glass of water.

The dreams were becoming more vivid, and Aelin had only been gone a few weeks.

He almost smiled at the thought of his friend, but the feeling of panic inside was mounting. He wished she was here more than anything. He knew why she couldn’t be, but her court had brought a small ray of sunshine into the palace.  Her different, new, court. Strange though it had been, but the good kind of strange. The kind where Dorian felt as if he were among friends, rather than polite politicians with an agenda.

He stood and crossed to the window. More than her court however, he wanted to see her. More than anyone else, he felt she would understand. He knew what she had been through, and knew she had to understand the mess inside him. They’re first talk alone upon being reunited had calmed some of his fears and eased his grief if just for a second, because she knew the words she had needed to hear when it had been her in his place countless times over. She would understand him now.

Understand the nightmares, the relentless nightmares that embodied his worst fears, made him relive them, for he had heard her speak of her own dreams. She would understand the burden, the burden of now being responsible for an entire country and feeling completely inadequate to deal with it. After all he had done, how could he rule?

She would understand the loss, the unbearable grief, of losing that one person who you held onto at a time when you felt trapped and alone…to see them die. She had lost Sam and he had lost…he couldn’t even think her name.

He had backed himself up into the wall, he slowly slid down it as the panic set in somewhere deep. His whole being shook, his heart rate increased, his breathing became strained and blackness crept along the edge of his vision.

When he began to think he could do it, that he could rule and begin to piece back together his life…he always remembered something. He started to remember things he had done to someone when he wasn’t in control of this body, the screams he had caused. He would remember the monster that had broken down every memory, every part of his being, and destroyed it. Mocked it. Told him why he was weak, and pathetic, and alone. Lost. He would remember the look on…on his father’s face when he had titled his head back and screamed for the world to hear. To know. To know his pain. That memory was such a tangle of anger and grief and shame, he had no idea what to feel. He killed his own father.

He couldn’t do this. The panic attack took hold, replacing reality. The tears and sweat mingled together as the sobs shook his shoulders, his hands reaching out, but to what? As always, whenever the panic took root in his chest, he could hear the thump again. The thump of her head…the head that had just been on his chest not even a day before. The thump of her head as it was severed…and his heart is was cleaved in two. It was his fault.

He could feel the darkness, this new darkness in him; different yet just as dangerous as the one brought by the collar, grinning as if it was still happening, and he felt himself slipping. Slipping all over again.  Who he was…he no longer knew. He had killed…killed his own father. Killed all those people…so many people. The room felt cold. He was slipping further down…he had no idea who he was. Who the darkness had left for him…it felt like the darkness hadn’t even left.

“I can’t do this”


“I can’t do this”

Dorian, remember

“I can’t do this”

Remember Chaol, remember Sorscha. Remember me

“I can’t”

Dorian, we get to come back from this loss. From this darkness.


We get to come back


And I came back for you.

The darkness rescinded from his chest as Aelin’s words to him that night the darkness was chased away echoed through his memory…and he slowly opened his eyes. He gasped as he took in the room, his hands outstretched before him still. Cold flowed from his hands, he could see his breath as the wind and ice blew around him through his chambers. His heart flew in his chest.

She came back. And she had promised him…promised him he could come back to. She knew what it meant to be at the bottom, surrounded by darkness. Alone. She knew. And she had come back. And said he could too.

The panic eased as he remembered of Aelin. Of Aelin and Chaol and Nesryn and Aedion and Rowan and Lysandra and…and Sorscha. And how they were going to change the darkness…that he wasn’t alone. He remembered that too.

Thank you,” hewhispered but he didn’t know to who. “Thank you for coming back with your fire…thank you for being my friend. For saving me. I’ll remember”

As he felt the last of the panic leave him, he saw something strange happen. The ice flowing through his hands lessened, turned color. From blue, to green, to yellow, to gold.

He gasped.

A flame, a flame was incasing his hand.

He slowly brought his hands up towards his face and studied the fire. It did not burn him, but it warmed him. They reflected in his eyes as they slowly curled around him, and he felt his power shift. A change. Something in him changed from cold…to warmth.

As the flames went out, and the night grew still again, Dorian stood.

A small smile graced his handsome, yet shaken, features.

It turns out there was fire in him too.

Some Facts that LIS Fandom Ignores

. Warren is the only Character who saved Max’s ass and got a black eye 

. Warren Spied On Max in order to make sure she is okay.because he was worried about her 

. I Bet 20 bucks that you would shit your Fangirling panties if you saw Chloe spying on Max instead of Warren  i can see through double standards 

. Max was almost killed by Nathan the same psycho dude who shoot and almost shoot Chloe with a Gun.

. Warren Also sends her a lot of Text messages to make sure she is okay and safe.

. Meamwhile you find Chloe Adorable when she sends a lot of text Messages to Max 

.  If it wasn’t for Warren stepping up For Max, Nathan would have already killed her.

. Warren doesn’t mind being friendzoned and he never pushes Max

. Warren always jokes around and they are not ment to be taken seriously. (you people really dont get sarcasm do you?)  

. Warren comforst Max At the end of Episode 2 when Kate dies

. Warren does everything he can to make Max feel better after Kate Dies 

. Warren is The only Character who comforts Max while others tend to put a lot of pressure on her.

. Stop making him look like a bad Character 

i’ve been thinking about this a lot and i figured i’d test the waters a bit and see how you guys feel about it!

the recent trend of popular media killing off lesbian characters has made me really, really sad. there is a cold hard reality for us beyond the piss-poor depictions of us in the media – we face astronomical rates of suicide, murder, mental illness, homelessness, addiction, and abuse. we are already suffering and the media does nothing but reassure us that we’re unlovable and marked for death.

straight people have proved time and time again that they have no interest in truly telling our stories or telling stories about women like us.

so i thought… why not tell our own stories?

i’m no filmmaker though. i’m not good with this stuff and don’t even know where to begin…. but honestly? why do i need to be? this doesn’t have to be an academy award winning documentary. that’s not what i’m aiming for.

i just want real life accounts from real life lesbians talking about our experiences & lives. i want to take it all and compile it into a single video and make it available publicly, for free.

i want to create something that young, confused, unsure lesbians can see. i want to make a compilation of our stories and voices and make it available so that every young lesbian will know they’re not alone. i want to create something that will help unify us and amplify our voices and stop letting straight people attempt (and fail) to tell our stories for us.

i want to amplify the voices of all lesbians – old, young, married, single, lesbians of color, lesbian parents, mentally ill lesbians, trans lesbians, etc. i want to truly make something that will encompass our reality and our lived experiences.

it’s gonna take a lot of hard work and organization to create something coherent – but i’m willing to attempt.

would anyone be interested in that? does anyone else think something like this would be beneficial? do you think this is possible?

my mental health is really poor right now (obviously) and it wouldn’t happen right away. but i would like to start this project someday in the future, and i figured i’d see if anyone else would be interested in something like this.

Someone has to say it

You know what? I fucking commend Eliza big time. She’s brave as fuck. Not many high profile people are as open and supportive of the LGBTQ community. She knows what happened with Lexa hurt a lot of people. I was one of them. It was during a time when I was emotionally unstable and already severely depressed. It almost tipped me over the edge, I’ll admit.

Lexa was a huge thing for me. She was the first gay female character I’d seen with such power and strength. It gave me someone to identify with. Someone who empowered me. I remember the feeling in my gut when I watched her get shot. It honestly felt like I took a bullet, too. I shouldn’t have been so shocked now that I think about it, since killing off LGBTQ characters seems to have become a trendy trope. 

 Killing her off said so much more than the writers even bothered to think about. It drilled in the message that once again the LGBTQ are expendable and weak. After a while, that’s how it starts to feel. As if it’s not hard enough growing up constantly fearing judgement and hatred on the basis of sexuality. 

 I remember the day it happened so clearly. I remember seeing the posts on Twitter and tumblr… People distraught, heartbroken, angry, helpless. It was a mess. This wasn’t just another forgettable hetero couple. Clexa was hope for a generation of people tired of fear, tired of hiding, tired of being judged, tired of hatred. 

 So yeah, fucking props to Eliza for standing up for something that meant a shit load to a lot of people. She could’ve chosen to be silent, she could’ve chosen to play it safe. But instead she chose to be compassionate. She understands the severity of what’s happened. She knows it was unfair. It means a lot to at least have recognition for what we were put through. 

 For once, a f/f couple are getting the treatment that every single hetero couple have ever gotten. Except for us, it’s so much more than something to thirst over. Eliza could see the pain and outrage Lexa’s death caused and instead of becoming impartial and politically correct, she chose to call out the bullshit. She gave us hope again. 

 So yeah, maybe for once the typical m/f couple didn’t get their happy ending. Maybe for once you could fuck off with all this hetero entitlement bullshit. And maybe for once, realise that there’s more important things to consider other than your boring ass hetero ship.

frank castle looks like he can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll who can still kill you