a lot of disturbing things

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Honestly though, it's similar to how people get a kick out of shipping abusive and manipulative relationships but knowing and being disgusted by that thought in real life. I've seen enough people here who would condemn shipping age gaps with minor while defending their taboo kinks as something they enjoy in fiction but not in real life. People need to chill. They're not the only ones that separate fiction from reality. I hate to be gagged during sex, but holy shit yes, gag them.

omg i love this response so much thAT LAST PART I LOVE IT. Some people just seem to understand/interpret these likes as “being okay with it in real life” even after explaining that that’s not the case. Honestly they’re free to think that, but it’d be nice if they also tried to see our side. 

(just a random addition LIKE okay I personally enjoy reading things like Harada’s works (which as many people know, contain abuse, rape, lots of kinks and frankly disturbing things), because their art is great and I like the way it looks in their style. among other things >w< but i fucking hate actual real life abuse, rape, victim blaming, and the like, for personal reasons and otherwise, but hey I’ve read doujins where kise or makoto or gintoki get gang raped and i’m literally the doof going ‘damn that’s a well-drawn dick and ass’ ‘dick in ass. well.’ and ‘that’s a lot of splatters…’ or ‘that expression is so good look at those abs’) 

If anybody needs someone to talk to please, please, BIG PLEASE talk to me,okay???

I will listen to you, I will talk to you. I’m here for you, okay!? You can msg me ‘I’m down’ or ‘This bitch did that’ and I will respond. Please don’t ignore this. I’m an average soon-to-be 22-year-old girl who’s been through a lot, went through disturbing things and trust me, I swear to one and only God I wish you all out there who suffer from depression and similar nothing but the best. Please contact me and I promise I’ll listen to you. Please, let me help you ❤❤❤