a lot of cumber

tir-amy-su  asked:

9-14 + 30 w/ undertale (if u say sans im Blocking you)

Favorite music genre? 

HUHHHHH probably edm??? i like lots of electronic songs in general hhj

Favorite actor? 

benedict cumber idk i never rlly put much thought into it. ig will smith is pretty funny?

Favorite actress? 

again ive never truly thought abt it hjfhjd i dont rlly have one

Song you last heard? 

this longass one because i listen to it while drawing panels

Favorite youtuber? 

cryaotic , hands down. idont really watch a lot of youtube though lately rip



Which character from Undertale would you date? 

HHHHH SANSIE…. //IM JOKING it woudl probably be … undyne she’s good


AH! Okay so since I just recently reached 800 followers (and oh my I’m so thankful wow! Thank you❤︎❤︎ idek how that happened! Eek ) I’ve also never done one of these before but I’ve been collecting together, over many days, a mahoosive list of my all time faves forever and ever and ever and for making this website amazing! Although I haven’t been here as long as most of you… (Praying I haven’t missed out anyone!) So here goes:

violindeductions ughsh martinfreemansgirl lilacked lockwatson ifollowyourvoice bisexualwatsontm johnlockisses johnwutson epmtyhearse johns-tea sherlockswatsvn martinsassman acdwatson thesociopathwith-urnumber infinitelyjohnlocked sherlockfalls surely-sherlock-holmes toomuchjohnlock cupidford theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes krispyshipper theglitterypotato vanetti wellthengameover hudders-and-hiddles bagginses lestradestrash originalhell queertectives queerjawn finalproblem bakerharrie johnlxckhell jollyanna daddy-freeman mavtinfreeman fleurdelis221b reichebach thegingerbatch martyfreethrow darlingbenny tjlcthoughts signofthreegarridebs iou-apple watsonhell fightkink thistie heimishtheidealhusband mybaeisbaymax 221backinbakerstreet piningfemlock think-solveit-savejohnwatson the-sherlock-and-john-show sherlockens sugardaddymartin thefreebeard mlndpalaces ourladyholmes bachelorjhw jamlockk martinfreemantor johnlockandwifi greglextrade consultingtiny nonbinaryjohn rominatrix highfunctioninggaybaby consultingaytective deductective jonnyluvssherlock balletlockk irrelevantbl0g kinklock addignisherlock freemantm hobbitbilbo cumbersir fyeahfreebatch sherrllocked watsonshoneybee sussexbound freebeardhell johnlovesconsultingdetectives constantlyfreemaned ishaveforsherl crimson-winter wutsun lockjawn mlndpalace sherlocksbelstaff cumber-freak johnwatsugh ladyquack-a-lot johnlockhell-221b sherlockholmestm reichenpach smollholmes martinfreemanisthebestwatsonever frustratedoctor littlebunnyisgettingfatonhoney free-martinis johnlockandstars aloneiswhatihavealoneprotects fuckoff-imacting 57circlesofhell sherlockwatsontm ughholmesandwatson cumberbuddy mindpalacewatsn martinfreetrash johnlockiseternal cumberswag queerwatsons watsonsdick captainbadasswatson jeremy-corbyn bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic fuckyeahmartinfreeman clueinglooks the-high-functionning-fangirl fuckoffwatson imjohnlocked johntective thejohnlockhell savedbyholmes johnlocktm thescienceofjohnlock freemanswife nohomo-watson notmydate deduce-my-heart seasonsofjohnlock pclyjuice wsswatson johnnlocked jqhnlock johnlocknetwork johnthreecontinents johnlockville anotherwellkeptsecret loudest-subtext-in-television sherlock-addict aconsultingdetective johnlocklives greglestrade johnandsherlocks freeman-martypants watsnn sojohnlock sherlockedwatson johnlockhell

(this took a thousand years but you are all fabulously amazing people that everyone should be following ❤︎)