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Do Blake and Faolan ever cuddle each other?

I thought today is an excellent day to share a massive onslaught of cute cat pictures for… reasons. So to answer your question, let me present you:


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hey blaine ! in your opinion, what's the BEST way to plan out fanclans for a story or for a comic or something?

hey there!!

to me, the best way to plan out fanclans is:

- take a while to think about the clans you want, the number of clans you want, their names, and their history. were they all created together? how are each clan different from one another? do they use different words/terms for one another? do they have different dialects? which clan is the newest, if any? which clan is the oldest? are their naming systems different from one another? do they view each other as allies or are they constantly at war?

- make sure to map out your territory in a way that would be realistic/make sense; basically, if you want to have a forest that’s set in reality, make sure you do some research on different plants/trees and streams that could be there!! if ur making up a territory thats not grounded in reality that’s totally fine and u can do whatever u want, but make sure to make that distinction!!!

- make sure your clan names are descriptive and make sense for the clan. a clan named waterclan likely wouldn’t be a clan who doesn’t hunt near water or swim, a clan named marshclan wouldn’t be a clan that isn’t in a marsh. go a little weird w/ clan names!!! maybe there’s a clan named jayclan who was named after a boastful leader and has no attributes, maybe there’s a clan named lightclan who veiws themselves as better than everyone else. what i mean is, clan names dont HAVE to be natural things - you can give a personal history that makes a fanclan seem a little prideful rather than grounded in their natural settings.

- it’s likely that a clan will have a certain #look to them and perhaps are based off of a certain breed; in canon, we all can sorta guess that msot windclan cats are small and lithe and perhaps based off of oriental shorthairs; thunderclan cats are big and brawny and probably have a lot of maine coon heritage. do that for you own fanclan!!!!

- how does your clan act towards outsiders??? how do they function as a whole???

- BASICALLY, remember to give your clans their own personal histories!!! go deep into the lore of them; if you want them to be completely separate from each other, let it be that way!!! if they’re extremely codependent on each other, write them like that!!!

grinnys cat breed changes a lot like he starts off as a maine coon cat, 

probs look something like this

and then after letting the injection take its full effect on him he ended up looking like a really big sphynx cat but with the fur bits


anyway, his Monster (furry) Form is an oriental short hair

he thinks he is a handsom boy

Are they a cat or dog person?

Just my own little headcanon about the boys~


  • Doesn’t really have a preference honestly 
  • Enjoys dogs for their energy and loyalty 
  • Likes cats for their independence and (usually) quiet nature 
  • When he finally gets his own place he’d prolly get a cat 
  • He’d be a busy man and would want a pet that would be okay with being alone for a bit
  • When he isn’t busy though he spoils the cat like it’s his baby 
  • Doesn’t let anyone know that the cat has him wrapped around its paw
  • Later on in life he would definitely get a dog when he is able to give them the proper amount of attention they need 
  • Probably a bully breed ‘cause he knows all too well how it feels to be judged unfairly 
  • Pupper would also be a rescue dog 
  • Because Akira is an A+ guy and is too good for this world
  • Him and S/O would go for evening walks with the pupper
  • Wearing matching outfits including one for the dog while they powerwalk around the neighborhood


  • Dogs all the way (before the Phantom Thieves) 
  • And not little yippy dogs 
  • Huskies, German Shepards, Great Danes, Mastiffs… 
  • Manly dogs because Ryuji is manly and tough
  • Also likes Greyhounds 
  • Would want to get a dog that could be his running partner once Akira moves away 
  • The dog would most likely 1000% be named Doggo or something just as silly 
  • After the Phantom Thieves, he finds himself tolerating cats a lot more than he used to 
  • Thinks Maine coons and hairless cats are pretty cool 
  • Would only have a cat in his future home if his S/O asked for one 
  • Because how could he possibly say no to them?
  • He’d pretend like it’s a huge annoyance
  • But is secretly excited that S/O would be happy about the addition to their little family
  • He’d start looking for a kitten for them ASAP


  • More of a cat person than a dog person
  • They’re graceful, intelligent, mysterious, elegant…
  • “No wonder the Egyptians worshiped these creatures.”
  • Has a soft spot for strays
  • Left out bowls of food at night for the neighborhood cats when he lived with Madarame
  • May have kept a stray or two hidden in his room during the harsh winters
  • Named his first cat Da Vinci since it couldn’t be his code name for the Phantom Thieves
  • Lets the cat sleep in his bed and on his pillow because they just look so comfortable in that spot and he doesn’t want to disturb them
  • Would be the person to sit in the same spot for an hour because a cat fell asleep on his lap 
  • He would introduce S/O to his cat right away to make sure they loved them just as much as he did
  • Has a few sketches of S/O holding the cat because they’re the most beautiful things in his life
  • Would be slightly reluctant to bring another cat in the house
  • Da Vinci is the king of the house and Yusuke wouldn’t want him to feel threatened
  • Relents after much pleading from S/O on the condition that the new cat be named Mona Lisa

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I not only haven't seen Timmy in a lot of the trailers, but token, tweek, and sometimes Stan are also missing in a lot of the scenes where the rest of the kids r together-and I realize they're all apart of freedom pals, but mysterion is rarely missing-I wonder what's up?maybe nothing but yeah I've made this observation in a lot of trailers

i think they keep making a point to show coon and friends bc cartman is the face of the fanchise and they’re your starter team– however i think mysterion is another recognizable character within the superhero canon so despite him being freedom pals (which sadly takes a backseat in advertising) theyre making a point to show him