a lot of bad spelling and grammar


It’s autism acceptance month so I thought it was a good time to do another one of my doodles. Functioning labels are something that’ve been bothering me for a while.

As always, I’m sure there are spelling/grammar mistakes, despite checking it 3 billion times I’m sure something will have escaped my notice.

This is a very popular view in the autistic community but I don’t claim to represent the views of all autistic people.

Going from memory I think @butterflyinthewell @neurowonderful and @autisticliving have a lot to say about functioning labels so I’m just gonna hopefully wave my bad doodle from a tiny blog at the cool kids :D

how the paladins type

shiro: makes a lot of typos, just let’s auto correct do it’s thing, tries to use correct grammar, tries

lance: ALL CAPS or no caps, can type without looking at the screen, lots of ??? and !!! also lots of these babies ;)

keith: no caps all the way, sometimes does this . instead of this. uses the fuck out of the knife emoji, uses these a lot ¡¡¡¡

hunk: LOTS OF CAPS, emojis every 3 seconds, lets auto correct capitalize his i’s, :^) and :D

pidge: Random Capitalization, button mashing, so many fucking typos, has given up on correcting them

allura: perfect grammar and spelling, makes you feel bad about your own typing, lots of happy emojis

coran: uses speech to text, half the time it doesnt know what the fuck hes saying, he still uses it

Those Pesky Cabinets

Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1500

Summary: Living in a dorm with your famous younger brother Sanha and his friends wasn’t easy, but at least you had someone something to look forward to after a tiring day…

Author’s Note: (I’m so bad at titles omg I’m sorry) Hey guys! this was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash and I’m actually really excited about this because I LOVE this idea, and because this is my first time doing a request!! Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors that I missed! Hope you like it! :)

- Admin Bekah

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Phoenixtale Project not a Au Facts and Changes

Heads up: Sorry for bad grammar/spelling, so on and so forth…

Firstly: A lot of people will assume anything, and I mean anything that has the word ‘tale’ in it is a part of the Undertale fandom. Now I must make this fact very clear: My Phoenixtale Project isn’t an AU, it is a story based around OC’s and the multiverse. In fact, over the last 2-3 months I’ve been debating if I wanted to keep all of the multiverse in and as time went on I’ve seen many things happen in our fandom, in our very community, and much like many others I’ve started to question if I really want to keep my characters here.

So let me explain: Out of all of my characters there are just three which have caused a misinterpretation on purpose to hide what they really are. Emperor isn’t a Sans. He looked like one to hide what his species was since they were hunted to extinction. So due to me wanting to stop the confusion and to move my characters to what they were meant to be the whole time, these three will change appearance: Emperor, Vortex and Gabi (but not much).

As for the project; it will be called Phoenix Project or Canon Multiverse. It’s still a work in progress. Why Canon you ask? Simply because the characters that appear will be based on and will act as they were meant to be. The best example for this will be Paperjam, since PJ and my own characters have something in common. Just like mine, PJ isn’t a skeleton. He has his own species. Mine are not the same species as PJ though. The biggest clue was in my name and the project’s name. Many didn’t pick up on it. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

All characters who will appear in it will be kept to their canon personality and story. That goes for pairings too. This story has nothing to do with Frisk or the Undertale that inspired so many people to create their own characters. This is something very different. I will be focusing on my side blog where Artic and Valor are, along with some others. I will be revealing what they are over on Artic’s blog. Yes, the project will still feature the multiverse but none of mine are from an AU and they are not skeletons.

Some facts about my characters,

  1. Should you touch their head, you’ll find it is soft and has very small thinly placed fur/feathers to it. It isn’t really made of bone, it just looks that way.
  2.  Never poke their eyes. They do have eyeballs, but the white of their eyes is always black. They do not have magic eyes like skeletons. They glow for another reason and do have eyelids, so they do have to blink.
  3.  They can bleed and do have organs but they will not die easily. You need to destroy something first, along with two other important organs.
  4.  A skeletal form is much easier to make than one with flesh. To gain that ability they would need to devour something living before their body can create an illusion that looks like a living thing.
  5.  They can get what is called 'blood rage’. Their species is forbidden to devour blood or kill any of their own kind, as it can turn them feral and they will not be able to tell friend from foe.
  6.  They only mate/bond once in their lives. They will never bond with anyone else. Once mated, you’re stuck with them. A special bond is made which, if broken, can kill them. They only give their heart once and can die if it’s broken.
  7. All of their kind have wings. Even the halflings do but a rare few can hide them. Any and all feathers and fluff are sensitive, since it is a part of them, not some decoration on their clothes. The floof itself is a part of their true form, so try not to be too rough with it.
  8. They cannot lie. If they do, they will bleed. Only corrupted ones of their kind can do such a thing without getting physically affected.
  9. Should you bond with one, your own appearance will change and you’ll become a halfling, gaining some of their abilities along with wings and a crest. This varies between pairings depending on how strong the bond is or how they affect each other.
  10. they may look skeletal but are not. They are a completely different species. I would say what they are but that would be spoilers. I’ll let Artic answer that one. 
  11. All of them have tails, including Artic. The tail will sometimes look like a part of the outfit, but as I said: nothing you see is what it seems, this is just an illusion. If you touch the part that looks like a tail it will move. It can also bleed and will react to you. 

These are just some of the facts about them, not all. I will make a full list at another time.
Either way, here are just some of our non-skeletons. They may look like skeletons but they are not what they seem. 

Valor & Stardust (Canon Ship/ Pairing) -Bonded 

Much like Galaxy Stardust has always had his head markings and his wings that is nor from bonding 

Stardust his appearance before he met valor -  https://ladysuika.tumblr.com/post/156444978702/missladytale-i-rarely-draw-new-skellies-because

Artic & GalaxyLight (Canon Ship/Pairing) -Bonded

please note this here is Galaxy has always had wings and the diamond markings on his head this lead Artic to first mistake him for one of his kind. 

GalaxyLight how he first appears before he met Artic  - https://ladysuika.tumblr.com/post/156002666587/i-need-to-draw-a-better-picture-of-stardust-to?is_related_post=1

Blizzard (no spoilers youll all have to wait for him to show up)

Precious  @purlywhite colored this one for me (She has yet to appear but will) 

These are just some examples Artic and Valor can be found over on  @articfrozenstar so you can ask them questions.

Artic , Valor ,Blizzard  & Precious  belongs to @twinklephoenix (me)

Stardust & GalaxyLight belong to @missladytale

Paperjam mentioned  belongs to @7goodangel

Also thank you to @purlywhite  who helped with the grammer and spelling XD 

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That is all from me all hail the post i  was working on for over  2 days seriously took 2 days to make this and find the right words,Anyway hope that finally clears up some stuff.  My characters are not from an AU Emperor has been lying the whole time and will be getting a redesign thank you everyone for all your support and for all the adorable fan art ill also be hoping to return to doing videos before long a lot has been happening in real life. 

Ill be making a brand new blog for the gang soon. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me also hoping paperjam was a good example to explain what im trying to say. 

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I hate when fanfics obviously weren't loved enough like the grammar needs a fixing and the spelling could use a check and it's even worse when the story is good but like personally the grammar can be just too bad to where I can't read it anymore and I feel bad Bc it's good

I’ve been there. I’ve had to stop reading fics because they were so badly formatted that I just couldn’t continue. I’m very bad at reading on screen sometimes so I need lots of paragraph breaks and stuff haha I always feel bad about it too because I know how hard writing can be and I don’t ever want anyone to stop writing just because I didn’t read their fic or it wasn’t really my jam or whatever. I’m still more cinnamon roll than sinnamon roll lol

Guide: Attracting Readers on Fiction Sharing Sites

batsintheshadows asked:

Dunno if this is really your department but after many months of writing I’ve finally finished a story and put the first chapter on ao3. How do I raise interest in it? I’ve never shared my work online before and hell, I made an account just so I could publish. I know it’s not likely that I’ll get huge renown because I don’t have a fan base and stuff, but the idea of being completely obscure worries me.

1) Quality Matters

The most important thing you can do is make sure your stories are well written and highly polished. No matter how good your story is, people aren’t going to appreciate it as much if it’s riddled with spelling errors and bad grammar. Likewise, if your story is boring or confusing, all the polishing in the world won’t save it.

2) Write First, Post Later

I realize that “posting as you go” is a pretty common method on fiction sharing sites, but it leads to a lot of problems for a lot of writers. For one thing, unless you have a very clear vision for your story, where you are by chapter ten could be very different from what you had in mind at chapter one. This can force you to do a lot of retconning and can result in poor continuity, both of which can lose the reader. Posting as you go also puts a lot of pressure on you as a writer, because you know there are people waiting for the next chapter. This can be very motivating for some people but tends to be demotivating for most of us.

3) Post Consistently

If you’re posting chapter by chapter, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to post consistently at reasonable intervals. Once a week is a great interval because people are already accustomed to it because of episodic television. If you post too often it can turn people away, but if you post too infrequently, people can lose interest.

4) Reciprocate

Some of the most frequent users of creative arts sharing sites are the people who share their work there. In other words, a lot of your readers will be writers, too, and they also want people to read their stories. If someone leaves you a comment, a kudos, a favorite, etc., click on their profile and see if they have any stories you might enjoy. And, if you’re not already, make sure you’re reading and commenting on other stories in your fandom. If those writers see that you have stories, too, they’ll be more likely to check them out.

5) Be Friendly

If someone takes the time to comment on your story, comment back! Thank them for their comment and remind them to check back next week (or whenever) for the new chapter. If they say love a particular character you included in your story, tell them what you love about the character. If they say they liked a particular element in your story, tell them what inspired you to include it. Communicating with your readers fosters a sense of kinship that will keep them coming back for more and may make them more likely to share your story with others.

6) Tag Effectively and Appropriately

If you’re not already, familiarize yourself with the tags in your fandom. Tag your story with as many of the tags as you can, but only if they’re relevant to your story. Incorrect tagging can upset readers, but using tags that are even the slightest bit relevant can open up more avenues to your story. Don’t forget to tag for elements, too, like “angst,” “unrequited love,” “family,” “military,” etc.

7) Marketing Matters

Online fiction may be free, but the reader still pays a price in time spent reading. That said, you need to market your story as you would a published book, starting with creating a compelling title. Choose something that has impact but is relevant to the story. For example, if your story centers around wildfire, you might call it something like “Falling Embers.” If you can find a title with dual relevance, that’s all the better. Just try to avoid titles that are overly long or contrived. Simple titles with impact are always best.

The next place a reader’s eyes go after the title is to the blurb, so you’ll want to create one that hook’s the reader’s attention and makes them want to know more. There are a lot of helpful articles online that can help you craft a compelling blurb.

Finally, don’t be afraid to promote your story on your blog, tumblr, etc. There are lots of creative and non-annoying ways you can do this. One is to create quote or lyric graphics on a free site like Canva. Since you’re not actually selling anything, you can get away with using pictures from the show, movie, etc.–as long as you’re not using someone else’s art or manipulation without permission. Be sure to put the name of your story and the site where it’s posted somewhere on the graphic (noticeable but not excessively prominent), and also put in a link. Then post it on tumblr and tag it appropriately. This is a way people from the fandom can learn about and find your story.

8) Be Patient

This is by far and away the most important thing you can do. Building an audience takes time and effort, so if you expect to wake up in three days with three-hundred readers, you’re going to be disappointed. Even if your story only gets a few comments, kudos, etc., don’t get discouraged. Keep at it. When you get to the end of that story, start a new one. The more stories you post, the better you’ll get and the more likely people are to see your stories. If your writing is good, time and a little extra effort will do the rest. :)

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Hey! I just found your fic "The Mind Cage" and let me just say, it is SO GOOD!!! I love it!! The plotline is interesting and I never know where it's going to go next. The descriptions are well-written and chilling. I really love Bill's backstory so far! Not to mention, it's a breath of fresh air from all those fics that have bad grammar, spelling, you name it. This feels like a published novel with the characters I know and love! Thank you for writing this amazing fic(and hearing out my rant)!!!

Aw, thanks a lot! I’m glad you’re enjoying the read so far - hope the rest won’t disappoint!

(Bill’s backstory is heavily based on another fic I wrote, but I tried my best to make sure this one could be understood without having to go back and read that one as well, so I hope it won’t be a problem!)

hesaidbanana  asked:

Im kinda new here i just finished making my account today mind if i have a headcanon or scenario about straw hats+law and doffy finding their dead s/o's devil fruit inside a pirate's hideout is this to much im sorry is the spelling and grammar bad im sorry and im sorry for using so many sorries sorry im bad at english and im socialy awkard km sorry

No you’re perfectly fine. No need for so many apologies. Says me who says sorry almost 2/47. But English is hard it’s fine you’re pretty good regardless what other may say! I hope you can understand what I’ve written for you!

This was a little much but honestly it’s a lot funner than I thought it would be thank you for requesting! Also let’s assume no pirates are there at that current moment!

Luffy: He falls down and down hard. He never wanted to ever see the Devil Fruit that once was his s/o’s life essentially. He takes it and holds on to it for some time and finally let’s it go. It may be risky but what else could he do but drop it in the ocean of blue. Something he wishes he could keep but there would be no point.

Zoro: Flabbergasted to even have found such a thing as a Devil Fruit let alone it being one that was owned by his partner he had lost not too long ago. He’s annoyed that it’s being held as a possession and he just simply takes it and leaves it be in an area desolated but yet calming.

Sanji: Despite what many would probably think him to do, he does not. He does not cry and kneel down to the Fruit. He stands there, unfazed and a face full of angst. He is annoyed by the fact of where he found it but that was the least of his concerns. He’s upset no doubt but not in a way you’d think. He’s calm and reflective of the good times they had together. He loved them yes but how are you to move on if you bind yourself to one who cannot ever come back. He takes the Fruit and when far enough in the sea, he drops it. Not to forget it or anything but to hopefully prevent anyone finding it soon or maybe ever.

Usopp: He doesn’t understand why he must be reminded once more of someone he loved whom now ceases to be. Inevitably he takes it and far from where he had found it hidden only to leave it as a (another) tombstone. No one would suspect what would’ve been buried aside from a lifeless body. Grave-robbing, possible but it’s unlikely for that it’s in an extremely obscure place. He leaves it be from that day on.

Chopper: Poor child hasn’t have a clue how to react. He’s pulled down by weakened legs and with eyes that seeps with tears. He’s leaves the Fruit be and thinks nothing more of it.

Nami: What’s a cold-hearted witch to do but cry, a witch that she’s not. Mistaken as someone who is rather reclusive and harsh. But her heart melts, she’s only human she feels just like any other. She couldn’t have cared less for potential treasures within the hideout. She truly cared about them but was what she perceives herself to be, a burden. She’d bury the Fruit under some rich soil and plant what would be a beautiful tangerine tree if given enough time.

Robin: it’s not the fact that she sees the Devil Fruit of one she once called a lover, she’s angry because of where it is. Granted they must’ve not had know who was the previous owner but still rage fills her and leds her to take the Fruit and holds back her temptation to destroy the hideout. She keeps the Fruit, partially because of her fomer s/o but also curiosity.

Franky: This could go two ways. One either he is rather calm and grieving or angry and doubtful. He’d see that Fruit one that looked so full of life and dreams but it’s not. It’s just the Fruit that couldn’t even protect his loved one, well not that he could complain cause he too knows very well that he could’ve saved them. He’s most likely to leave it be and serve another.

Brook: What’s he to do, mourn? He’s become wary of grieving he’s been around long enough to accept death as if it were a relative. It’s not that he isn’t sad or anything but a tad upset that of all places it’s within a place the reeks of greed and blood.

Law: He’s not surprised… he’s lost everyone important to him once so why not again. Seeing their Devil Fruit would bound him to his knees. He’s not upset or sad or really anything, he doesn’t know how to feel about this. He’s willing to take the Fruit but would remain locked away.

Doflamingo: Seeing the Devil Fruit that was possessed by someone he held as a possession, as his lover. He’s infuriated that he once again must be reminded of his former partner. Even more so that it’s within a pirates hideout so it’s safe to assume he wrecked havoc within the hideout. But regardless he’d take it but hid it away from everyone and even himself.

Once again I hope you enjoyed and able to understand! 


Please excuse my lazy colors and names and bad grammar/spelling, i have a LOT of these to get through. Thanks for all your submissions! 

Stiltzmin- suggested by @beemite regular bug type based on a daddy longlegs. Mine is more based on the harvestman name, it’s legs blend into tall grass and it cuts down the grass to find prey. Probably fairly frail.

Spleeader- suggested by @familiaralien a smol cute jumping spider bug/ fairy because I really like fairy types. Probably a speedy version of aromatisse, whom i pretty much based the design on.

Seedsect - suggested by @erindecker a bug/grass type based on the Brazilian Treehopper. My original design was basically budew with a coconut tree growing out of it’s head, then I thought it would be cute to do a mimic of budew, but it’s pretty boring to have a pokemon that just marginally looks like another pokemon. It’s a neat concept but I just think it’s lazy for a game like pokemon. I stuck with the coconut tree theme but made it more buglike. I think it would be neat if it could have different berries instead of the generic nuts I gave it. Maybe different berry forms would have different stats, but you could only find them in certain climates.

Kissant - suggested by @siryl a bug type based on honeypot ants. This was originally gonna be fairy type since it’s support. It basically heals it’s charges by kissing them and transferring it’s fermenting honey in their mouth. It’s butt was suppose to look like those cliche moonshine jugs, but it looks more like a pastry.

Vermorm and Vermattox - suggested by @crimson-leaves-sensei a bug/poison type based on hammerhead worms. I was trying to avoid doing evolutions but I designed Vermattox first and I liked it’s design so much I just had to keep it. Vermorm’s got the amphisbaena thing working for it, and it’s lacy “foot” is it’s pharynx. Vermattox just wraps it’s body around prey and digests them.

Buzznaw - suggested by @cerothenull a bug/dark type based on a wheel bug. I did a wheel bug  fakemon before, if anyone would care to check the tags, but I decided to push that design further and make a fakemon based on a buzz saw that can tuck it’s legs up and ride on it’s butt-saw like a unicycle. 

Excuse My Rude - Nate Maloley

Hey guys! I’m thinking about starting a story on here… It;s about Skate :D Before you read the intro, please know that if there is someone with the same kind of story on here, I did not steal your ideas. I just sat in class one day and the idea just kind of popped into my head. So if you think I stole your ideas, I’m sorry but I didn’t, and I hope you don’t mind this story :) Also, please keep in mind that I’m from the Netherlands and English isn’t my first language, so I’m sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes :D Enjoy!

Bad boy, good lips. If you’d ask around my high school, you’d probably find every girl uses those words to describe the school’s notorious bad boy, Nate Maloley. He’s your typical badass: Failing every class, getting into every girls panties, covered in tattoos, getting into lots of fights, and of course, smoking hot. Every girl drools when he walks by, and every guy curls his fists in jealousy. He and his minions are the nightmare of every teacher, but the fantasy of every girl. Too bad his personality sucks ass.

Now when you go around the school and ask about Lenore Dillinger, they’ll probably tell you something along the lines of “Who?” “Oh, I think I have an English class with her.” “Don’t know her very well…” That’s Lenore for you. Just another, regular girl. Pretty normal grades, abnormal friends and probably the only girl in Omaha Central High that has never hooked up with Nate or one of his friends. 

So what happens when those two opposites are forced to spend time together? Will love sparkle? Or will they become arch enemies?

A/N: I’ll update this story once in a while. Please tell me what you think, I’d love to hear all of your opinions! XXXLonneke