a lot more yelling and cursing

Monsta X reacting to their girlfriend swearing a lot.

[Seventeen Version]

He’s sitting in front of you, working on a new song for their upcoming album when he suddenly hears you cussing out the person on the phone. Shownu’s eyes widen by the more curse words that escape your so thought innocent lips.

He slowly turns his head to you to see you almost yelling into the phone. When you hang up and sit back on the couch, Shownu looks at you in a shocked manner. You raise your head and look at him frustrated, 
“What?” You almost yell at him. Shownu shrugs and quickly looks away from you to avoid you from getting even more angry. “Nothing…You look lovely today.”

Everytime you swear, Minhyuk comes back at you with a strong comeback, leaving you puzzled.
You’re swearing again out of frustration of not getting your work done and Minhyuk quickly enters your work room, forcefully turning your chair around. His mouth is only a hairs-breadth away from yours, a smirk tugging on the edge of his lips.

“Say that again.” He growls into your ear.

You’re at loss of words and just stare at him blankly. “Swear again, babygirl. It’s so fucking hot.” He whispers teasingly.
You push him off you strongly and roll your eyes at his behavior, clearly annoyed by his reaction. “Get out, Minhyuk.” You say, focusing back on your work. Minhyuk giggles at your words and leaves the room, smiling satisfied. “Don’t swear again if you don’t want me to jump at you like a horny rabbit, I mean it, Y/N.”

You’re sitting in front of him, your legs crossed in front of your body as you tell him about what happened to you on the street today, using the word ‘fuck’ every time you can. 

Hyungwon sighs at your words and quickly jumps up, leaving you to yourself. You still feel the anger inside of you but your face drops immediately when Hyungwon comes back into the room, holding a cup of water.
He stops in front of you and reaches out his hand for you to grab it. 

“Here.” He says. You look at him sternly. “For what?” 
Hyungwon giggles slightly before putting it on the table and turning around. “To wash out that dirty mouth of yours.”

As long as he’s been sitting in his work room, you’ve walked past at least twenty times, constantly swearing under your breath.

By the 21st time, Jooheon has enough and jumps up, opening the door in time to make you jump. You turn to him, your eyes meeting. Jooheon points his finger at you and shakes his head. “Honestly, if I get a coin for every time you say ‘fuck’ I’d be long gone.” He says and shutting the door in your face again, making you blush slightly.

“He called me a fucking whore and this mother effin’ dick thought I wouldn’t react to it.” You say, your voice raised as you talk about your day at work. Wonho has already stopped listening by the third swear word that escaped your lips. When you finally catch your breath, he looks at you. 

“Did you actually say those things to him?” He asks, raising his eyebrow. You look away from him shyly, shaking your head.

Wonho hisses at you and gets up, throwing you a water bottle. “Always pretends to be though but the smallest bunny in reality.”

“And then he fuckin’ thought he could just talk to me like I’m some kind of fuckin’ idiot and-” Kihyun is patiently listening to your moaning and nods along to your words. 

Suddenly he cuts you off. “Did you swear at him as much as you’re doing right now?” He asks curiously. You shake your head, stopping mid-sentence to look at him.

A smile tugs on his lips. “Because if I was him, I would’ve run before you ate me alive.” He answers teasingly. You deliver a painful slap to his arm, making him hiss under his breath. He looks at you with a pleading look, pouting. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. That was too much.”

He just looks at you in silence, hearing you swear under your breath. A smile plays on his lips by the amount of swear words you’re able to put into one word.

When you’re done complaining and sit down next to him, Changkyun turns his head towards you and playfully hits your thigh to get your attention. “You’ve actually managed to fit 25 ‘fucks’ into three sentences. Think you might have hit rock bottom.” 

Love, Youngmi~

Damn, Those Shoes

Original Imagine: Imagine Sam fucking you from behind while you’re only wearing heels and this prompt: I have an idea for a Sam one shot! So, the reader has been hunting with the boys for a while and it’s pretty obvious that she and Sam like each other. There’s a lot of flirting but nothing more than that. Then one day, after a successful hunt, she kisses him. Sparks fly and the sexual tension grows bigger. Day later, they all go to a bar to hang out, reader wears something sexy that drives Sam crazy and eventually they go back to the motel and then smutsmutsmutsmut! Dom!Sam is very welcome! @cursed-miss-winchester 

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 3134

Warnings:  language, nsfw, smut, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male and female receiving), bossy!Sam, unprotected sex

Author’s Note: Sam has been yelling at me that he needed some lovin’ too. So to shut him up, I wrote this. For my favorite Sam!girls: @fingersinsamshair, @climbthatmooselikeatree, @balthazars-muse, @anotherwinchesterfangirl, @winchestersinthedrift

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Sensory Overload | Part II

Pairing: Bucky/Reader, Reader/Boyfriend, Steve/Nat

Summary: Bucky is jealous. And has an overnight outburst when he hears you with your boyfriend.

Warnings: Smut; curse words (lots); jealous Bucky

part I


Steve had explained Bucky how he went off. After he yelled at you and your boyfriend, bucky fell asleep in Natasha’s and Steve’s room in the middle of the bed. He woke up to Natasha looking straight into his eyes. “Get out of my bed.” Natasha said coldly, which made Bucky wake Steve up and Steve proceeded to explain after he got him out of there how he went off on Y/N.

“I really couldn’t sleep last night.” Bucky said as he walked,  “But I also was more jealous than I was sleep deprived.”

“Oh, trust me, I know. Natasha knows. Mark knows. Y/N doesn’t know.” Steve laughed.

Bucky looked at Steve as he spoke, “I want— what do you do when you can hear— how do you think it feels when you can hear the woman you love have what it seemed a very pleasurable, vigorous and rigorous sexual encounter with the man who is her boyfriend, who happens to not be you?”

There was silence between the two of them as they walked through Central Park. “When I went this morning by her room. She wasn’t there. She must have meet up with that bastard. You know what annoys me the most?” Bucky asked, “You introduced them.”

“Because it was the cordial thing to do.” Steve said, “I was talking to him. You came with her. I introduced the two of you.”

Bucky sighed, as he reached for his buzzing phone on his pocket. It was F.R.I.D.A.Y announcing that you had just arrived to the compound.

“She’s there.” Bucky said, “ I gotta run. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Wish me luck!”

“You don’t need luck. All the help you need is from the Heavens, Bucky. Nothing else will help you.”

Your stereo was turned on. Your favourite track playing while you either danced or did sit ups or just fixed your closet which was in a constant state of chaos.

Three knocks sufficed to alert you that someone was there. You stood up from doing nothing and went to the door and opened it.

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When you saw that it was Bucky you wanted to do two things: slam the face to his nose, and second to kick him in the balls. You just did the first one.


But you could play at this game, and you were indeed mad at him. He constantly took matters into his own hands and yes, the walls were thin and you obviously heard him. But you brushed it off. It was kinda hot to hear him.

“I’m sorry. I really am. I know I said rude things. I didn’t really mean them.”

“Go away Barnes!” You shouted, “Not fucking interested in hearing you.”

Bucky grunted as he allowed his head to fall against the bedroom door. He proceeded to knock once again this time in a pattern. “I’m not going anywhere until you open the door for me. I literally have nothing to do, and you are gonna come out. Wanda is cooking.”

But you were very good on the silence treatment, he was just as good in insisting. Yet, once you decided to come out you saw him in front of your room. He quickly stood up, but you accelerated your pace.

“Doll, I am honest when I say that I am sorry. I couldn’t sleep, and the two of you were not helping being very loud, and it was kinda disgusting to hear you and him, going at it.”

“Disgusting?” You asked as you nodded not believing what he had just said, “Disgusting?”

“Y/N, I–”

“You know what’s kinda disgusting? Hearing you every night jack off.” You said poking at his chest.

“ You aren’t quiet about it, Bucky! At first it was hot and interesting to listen to. So as payment, you’re gonna have hear and listen all the loud sex I have with my boyfriend in my room and if you have a problem either move out, or shut it because you don’t complain with Rogers and Romanoff going at it, and they are both kinky fuckers.”

Bucky couldn’t help it but laugh.  

“Why the fuck as you laughing?”

“Did you just say that it is hot to hear me jack off?” Bucky asked. You instantly rolled your eyes.

“That’s not what I said.” You quickly pointed out, trying to change your subject. But it was true. You could only imagine how would Bucky looked like as when he rocked and pounded his dick. You had seen him naked a couple of times. ALL accidents, and you knew that he was very well endowed in that department and that there were nights in which you had fantasized about him at the same time he was thinking about you.

“Why are you blushing?” He asked you.

“I’m not blushing. You are just making uncomfortable, and you’re being a dick about this. You should be the one saying sorry, begging me to forgive you for actually being a big dick to me and my boyfriend last night.”

“I’m really sorry about that.” He said, “You know that sometimes I cannot sleep, and the two of you weren’t helping.”

“Mark says that you want to be with me. That you’re jealous and you faked the “I can’t sleep thing”.” You said, “He is wrong, right? You wouldn’t do that to me, right?”Bucky froze. Of course he was jealous. You caught his eye the minute he saw you in Bucharest while Steve was trying to get him out, and T’Challa wanted to cut out his throat with his cat claws. “You said that I am your best friend, right. It is just that.”


Should he lie? This could be a good moment to say, ‘I’m mad for you, darling. And yes, I am very jealous of him because I know things about him that you do not know thanks to Stark who has given me levearage but I m too afraid to act out on it and see you react to me. “You’re my other bestie. That’s the word you use, right? Bestie? Look, yesterday, I just couldn’t sleep. I needed to sleep but I just couldn’t and everything felt heightened. Every sound, emotion, everything. I could hear the springs of my matress, I could hear the AC, steps from the room up. Everything. And I could hear the two of you and I just needed to stop thinking and feeling. Just be.”

“Why you didn’t tell me anything?” You asked him, hitting him in his shoulder.

“Well, you are with that bastard, which I truly don’t like for you. I believe you can do better.” Bucky said, “Like me.” He thought.

“Fuck off. You sound like Stark.”

“Don’t fucking insult him.” Bucky laughed. “So are we good?” Bucky asked, “You no longer mad at me?”

“We’re okay.” You said touching his cheek, “But you gotta say that to Mark. He’s pretty pissed at you.”Hell no Bucky thought. “Will you do it?”

You gave his that face that he hated so much. “Will you?”

“We’ll see.”

feedback is always appreciated :) | let me know what you think! 2nd part?

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Note: Got this request earlier today and had an idea that I just had to write! Hope this fit the request! :)

Request: Would you want to make a oneshot with Crowley x Reader based on the song ’S&M’ by Rihanna where, like, the reader gets turned into a demon and is Crowley’s girlfriend ? Basically, lots of witty remarks, sarcasm and badass reader. Thanks and love your blog so much :3 from anonymous

Word Count: 1125+

Pairing: Crowley x Demon!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, killing

“Where is he?!” You yelled, sending a punch to your victim’s face.

“I-I-I said I-I don’t know.”

“Bull.” You spat and grabbed the front of his shirt. “I’m going to ask you one more time…Where. The. Hell. Is. Crowley?”

“Even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you.” The man tied to the chair spat. You harshly let go of his shirt. “You’re gonna kill me anyway.”

“Oh, I won’t kill you.” You chuckled. “Honey, you are going to wish you were dead by the time I’m done with you.”

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anonymous asked:

What about injured/sick Lance in galra prison, stuck with Keith or hunk. Or both.

The differences between how Hunk would react verses how Keith would react are (to me) crazy, lol. I feel like Hunk would be panicked but in a controlled manner. He would do whatever he could to make sure Lance was as comfortable as possible, including lots of cuddling to ensure Lance has a cozy place to rest. When he could, he would try to reason or plead with the Galra to let them out. (I just have this headcanon that Hunk is AMAZING in a crisis, okay?)

However, Keith would let his panic show more. He would yell and curse at anyone who came by to let them out. He would be visibly freaked out while trying to reassure Lance that everything would be okay and that he’s going to get them out of there as soon as possible. He would be incredibly worried and incredibly anxious, and Lance, at times, would forget his own ailments in favor of calming Keith down.

Lance’s best bet would be to have both, lol. Hunk to make sure he doesn’t die, and Keith to get them the hell out of there.

A+ situations all around, anon!

have-some-kookies-deactivated20  asked:

"Person A is oversleeping, so Person B is jumping on them, stealing their blanket and it leads into a hunt with yelling and cursing (Person A) and a lot of laughing (Person B). It ends with both of them on the floor, making out and being even more late." TaeKook

Dear Lord, Senjuti, so many ship fic requests, omg… but anyway, hope you enjoy! 
- Devi °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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[warning: swearing]

five more minutes

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Too Early, Too Late (A Stingue fanfic)

Note: For some reason I woke up in a really good Stingue mood so I spent about 4+ hours writing this just cause I felt like it. This is my first LGBT pairing I’ve ever written so I’m very pleased about this. Enjoy.

Rating: T because it gets kinda steamy at the end.

Pairing: Sting and Rogue (Stingue)

Words: 1,456

Prompt: Person A is oversleeping, so Person B is jumping on them, stealing their blanket and it leads to a hunt with yelling and cursing (Person A) and a lot of laughing (Person B). It ends with both of them on the floor, making out and being more late. // Got the prompt here: otp–prompts

Summary: Sting crossed his arms and studied his dark haired partner. He’s never had this much trouble getting Rogue out of bed before. Thing is, Rogue’s always gotten up by himself, he’s never needed anyone to wake him up.


“Rogue,” a knock on the door awoke the sleeping dragon slayer’s senses. “We’re gonna be late, wake up already,” The dragon in question did not wake, but rather, slept on in the comfort of his bed.

“Rogue,” said the sleeping dragon’s partner, Sting, as he entered the dark room. He met nothing but pure darkness and zero light. Walking up to the bed, Sting felt irritation tick into his mind at the sight of Rogue’s still form. The sheets covered his lower body, exposing his toned shoulder and back muscles hidden from his black tank top. Rogue had idea to head for the guild early today, something about getting the paperwork finished so they could go on a mission for food money. The least he could do is stick to his word.

Glancing around, Sting grinned to himself as he spotted the reason for the room’s darkness. Special Edition: Black-Out curtains Sting had bought for Rogue last month after he grew tired of the shadow dragon’s complaint for the sun.

Sting walked up to the curtains, feeling envious of just how much sun the damn things blocked out, and ripped them open, filling the room with a blinding bright light.

Still, the shadow dragon slept on, he had simply turned his head away from the window. Grumbling to himself, Sting gripped a handful of blanket and tore it from his partner’s bed, exposing the rest of the said man’s pajama clothed body. Rogue muttered something in his sleep, and cuddled his pillow closer. Sting literally smacked his forehead. It slipped his mind that Rogue always tosses and turns in bed, to the point where sleeping without a blanket doesn’t bother him.

Sting crossed his arms and studied his dark haired partner. He’s never had this much trouble getting Rogue out of bed before. Thing is, Rogue’s always gotten up by himself, he’s never needed anyone to wake him up.

Sting felt a shit-eating grin crawl upon his lips as he crouched down and slipped off his shoes, placing them off to the side for safe-keeping, before he leaped onto the bed, engulfing Rogue in a jumping fit.

“Time to get up, Sleeping Beauty!” Sting straddled the back of his partner and shook Rogue’s shoulders roughly, knowing that would get him up. “Lodi-dodi, everybody! Wake up!”

“Get off!” Rogue turned and pushed Sting off the bed, but that only hyped up white dragon slayer more.

“We’re going to be late! Get up!” Sting crawled back on Rogue, who shoved his head under the pillow. “Roooogueee, it’s time to get up!” He rolled on his partner and continued to pester him by jumping on his back.

“Go away,” Rogue growled.

“Not until you get up,” Sting replied. “I’ll steal your pillow if you aren’t up in ten seconds.”

Judging by the way Rogue gripped the damn feather sack closer to his body meant he wasn’t budging and Sting took that as a challenge. Luckily, Sting knew Rogue’s weak spot.

Straddling his backside once more, Sting pinched his partner’s side, right above his hipbones. Rogue immediately gasped, jumping up in reaction, and releasing his death grip upon the pillow. Sting took his chance and stole the feathery pillow, escaped from the bed, and took off down the hallway, laughing the entire time.

“Sting!” Rogue’s roaring voice echoed through the house. Sting laughed as he raced down the stairs, taking two at a time, keeping the pillow close to his chest. Sting heard a thump and glanced back at Rogue, who had tripped over the blankets wrapped around his feet. “Fuck! When I get my hands on you, Sting, you’re going to regret this.”

“Sounds like fun, come and get me,” Sting bowed at the waist and ran off after seeing Rogue crawl down the stairs.

Rogue eventually caught up to Sting, and he proceeded to chase the blonde around the house; through the kitchen and down the hallways, through every room.

“Fucking get back here, you chicken-shit!” Rogue was pissed off. He took forever getting to sleep last night, only to be woken up this early, and by Sting no-less.

“Catch me if you can~,” Sting laughed Rogue countered him around the kitchen table. Sting was ultimately trapped, he couldn’t move one way without Rogue tackling him.

“You’re mine now,” Rogue said in a voice so low it even sent shivers down Sting’s spine.

“Nu-uh,” Sting made for a mad dash on one side, nearly escaping Rogue’s grasp. “I won’t lose!”

Sting underestimated Rogue’s speed and agility so early in the morning, and cursed at himself when he felt a huge force from behind tackle him to the ground. The pillow suffered between Sting’s chest and the floor, but none of that mattered. Rogue had captured him.

Flipping the blonde over, Rogue pinned his partner to the ground with a glare so intense, Sting wished he was the pillow itself, soft and unnerving.

“Give. It. Back,” Rogue growled, pushing his face closer to the blonde’s. Only now did Sting realize how worn out Rogue appeared, panting loudly in his ear.

Beads of sweat covered his pale skin, and the black locks previously held up with a ponytail, looked wild and unruly. Most of it held together, but his bangs and random strands of hair stuck out from either all the running, or from his bed-head. Rogue had Sting trapped by the waist with his legs, and his hands held down his profile on either side of his head. All in all, Rogue looked heavenly. He looked delectable. Sting wanted nothing more in that moment than to devour him. Sting knew it was wrong to feel this way, but when has he ever done something right?

“You’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead, hands,” Sting challenged, nudging his nose to bump against Rogue’s.

“That can be arranged,” the dragon slayer breathed.

Moments passed with both parties just staring at each other, neither moving, neither daring to breathe. No one really knew who initiated the kiss when they found themselves tongue-deep in a tight lip-lock. Sting held the back of Rogue’s neck while the shadow dragon gripped Sting’s shirt in his fist.

Kissing Rogue hadn’t been the initial plan to begin with, he just needed him awake so they could head to the guild on time. He didn’t anticipate this, but at the moment, he couldn’t find himself to care. Not when he had Rogue’s rough lips on his, the bottom stuck in between his own. His lips held no taste, and his breath tasted stale, but in that instance when he inhaled the same breath Rogue just released, he sighed in pleasure. There was nothing more intoxicating than his breath, the very essence of his existence. Sting mewled when Rogue’s sharp fangs bit down on his lower lip, drawing blood. Sting watched with half-lidded eyes as the dark haired man above him licked the crimson life with his tongue, then proceeded to lick his own lips before descending on the blonde with another heated kiss. Rogue’s tongue traced his teeth and clanked his own fangs against Sting’s. Sting regained control over the steamy battle and flicked his tongue out to meet Rogue’s. The two drank in each other’s very beings, neither winning nor losing, neither side backing down.

Blessing his own ability to breathe longer than normal humans, thanks to his dragon parent, Weisslogia, he and Rogue were able to have a very heated make-out session in the middle of the floor without breaking for air as quickly. In fact, Sting felt positive they could’ve kept it up for another half-minute, had Rogue not stopped so suddenly, releasing his lips with a smack.

“I win,” Rogue sat up, straddling the white dragon slayer, a familiar pillow back in his grasp, a hidden smirk upon his face.

It took a few seconds to grasp what had just happened. “You cheated!”

“I did not,” Rogue crossed his arms. “I simply distracted you long enough to regain what was originally mine.”

“You can’t use your body against me!” Sting protested, sitting up, wrapping his arms around Rogue’s waist, keeping him there. “That’s considered cheating.”

“Let me go, we’re going to be late,” Rogue said to his partner.

“Oh no, forget about paperwork and food money, I’m not letting you leave his house knowing you can kiss like that,” Sting smirked, brining his face closer to his partner’s.

“Sting—,” the said white dragon slayer simply attacked the dark-haired mage’s lips with his own. “Oh, forget it,” he thought, knowing he’d never get Sting away from him now.

They were late anyways. What’s a few more hours?


I think the “chasing each other” part could have been stretched out a bit, but I couldn’t think of anything else to put in there. Hope you liked it.


Sorry, not sorry guys.  This little disaster has been brewing since I purged Africa by Toto all day Saturday…and Sunday…and, no shame, today.  It’s smutty Dean and I love it.

Warnings: smut, very light bondage (hands bound), cursing, and Africa by Toto.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to the song HERE

Words: 2590

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“IT’S GONNA TAKE A LOT TO DRAG ME AWAY FROM YOU!!!” You belted out as you jumped on the couch, remote controller in your hand as your make shift microphone.  “THERE’S NOTHING THAT A HUNDRED MEN OR MORE COULD EVER DO!!!”

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