a lot more yelling and cursing

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you allow yourself to swear and are more direct, but skittyman is always highly 'family friendly' and that. does he swear outside of tumblr? and do you swear less outside of tumblr? I don't mean any criticism or offense, just observing behavioral differences and i'm curious.

AJSHS I swear now and then on Tumblr but I swear a lot irl, while Sally doesn’t swear at all, unless something upsets him.

This made me remember the time he came here and we got to play mk8 together and I was cursing and yelling and he said he was going to wash my mouth with soap jdhdjdjd

mafia! Mingyu

anon requested: “Could you do Mafiamember!Mingyu please?? Thank you!!”

Admin Jess: Ok so I know this is extremely late, but I wanted to make sure I could do this au correctly so I researched and rewrote, and made people edit and read this and went over it again and so yea,,, Hope you enjoy:)

Warnings: This is a bit of a ride,,, so mature themes including mentions of death, drugs, mild cursing, it’s a mafia au soooo…

Word count: A LOT MORE than usual

  • Mafia! Mingyu is no joke everyone

  • like damn

  • klutzy or not this boi can do it all

  • he knows how to dress a bullet wound faster than any surgeon can

  • knows how to make fairly powerful explosives too

  • but don’t ask the others how he practices

  • there have been too many times when Seungcheol has had to yell “COVER!!!” as Mingyu sets off one of his experimental explosives

  • let’s just say the others have flame resistant tables close by whenever Mingyu is experimenting

  • he’s still really young

  • new to the Svt mafia gang

  • not the youngest admittedly but already an indispensable member

  • he runs exports on explosives because that’s his specialty of course

  • but since that isn’t always in high demand

  • he’s in charge of the clean-up committee

  • removing any evidence of the gang and their activities from any physical place

  • which is probably why the cops haven’t caught them yet

  • there’s never any evidence

  • not even a speck of blood

  • not even a hair

  • nothing

  • it’s like they’re ghosts

  • Mingyu generally runs his own team through Svt’s side businesses

  • either exporting explosives, or cleaning up after the mess of a job

  • but other times you can find him partying with the others in some club

  • or playing some high-stakes poker with some of the other members, like Wonwoo since he runs Svt’s underground games

  • on really rare occasions for really important jobs

  • he gets called in for protection racketeering

  • because Seungcheol trusts Mingyu the most to handle these sorts of one client jobs

  • Svt specializes in protection racketeering

  • protecting people who can’t get protection through the law

  • or protecting people from the law

  • big jobs require everyone

  • but the small scale ones

  • Mingyu get called along with some others

  • which is where you come in

  • where you meet Mingyu

  • you see 

  • you didn’t like the family business

  • but hey a person’s gotta eat

  • even if that means you have to supply drugs to the criminals in this town

  • whatever it takes

  • at least you can afford some nice shoes

  • like those heels you got last week

  • the ones that are sharp enough to poke someone’s eyes out

  • quite literally

  • at this point, you’re kind of used to it

  • the whole running around with the wrong crowd

  • the feeling of your heart racing as a deal goes down

  • you’re the face of your family business now

  • your dad ran the lab

  • made everything

  • handled all the business behind the scenes

  • and you were the pretty face up front

  • making the deals

  • smiling because you know you live on the edge now

  • and the feeling is a bit exhilarating

  • your dad takes you to the lab often and shows you how to use the equipment

  • but you’re not too interested in the science behind it

  • but he shows you anyway

  • in case things ever go wrong

  • and you need to run things by yourself

  • it made enough sense to you anyway

  • things weren’t always like this of course

  • you used to be a very normal family

  • before the accident

  • and your family fell into debt from a steadily increasing hospital bill for your mom

  • and when your mom passed away

  • the law felt no sympathy

  • never showed you and your dad, who had never hurt even a fly before, any mercy

  • and in that cruel moment of time

  • your dad turned to other methods for a way to pay off the debt

  • when the law fails you

  • you don’t listen to it

  • besides

  • the drug business is good money

  • dirty but good money

  • and as much as you didn’t really want to have to deal with slimy characters

  • people too high out of their minds to give you the time of the day or what year it was

  • or how it fueled gang business

  • you welcomed it

  • welcomed the lifestyle

  • as risky as it was

  • because you had your father with you

  • and the law didn’t need to know

  • slowly your debt was repaid

  • but by then you had been done with trying to lead a normal life

  • it was boring, not fun

  • and to be honest

  • you didn’t know what else to do anyway

  • still you knew your dad was getting tired of living dangerously

  • soon your family business became the biggest in the area

  • enough that your dad could buy a nice little house in the suburbs

  • enough that you could leave this life behind the both of you

  • and just enjoy life

  • but things in the drug circle don’t always work out that nicely do they?

  • because when you deal with drugs and criminals

  • there’s always danger around you

  • and you can’t let down your guard for even a second

  • one day you head home to your small apartment in the bad part of town

  • you had been packing your stuff to move into the new house with your dad

  • everything had been going smoothly

  • but when you get home

  • your dad is gone

  • and the lab and everything

  • it’s just gone

  • everything was silent

  • you close the apartment door and look out over the cardboard boxes littering the floor

  • the picture frames of your family before you started the business

  • the various books from your childhood

  • all your memories were packed away in these boxes

  • but where was your dad?

  • you hear a knock on the door

  • it’s loud and cuts through the silence like a knife

  • you steady yourself as you remember

  • your dad had briefed you many times on what to do if he was found out

  • deals can go sour, plenty of people could have been after him

  • wanting blood for one thing or another

  • or the cops could have caught him

  • many things could have happened

  • but the first thing he told you?

  • never open the door if someone knocked

  • only those who don’t have a key knocked

  • and if they don’t have a key

  • they weren’t your friends

  • you slowly backed up to the kitchen where your dad hid emergency supplies

  • cash in ziploc sandwich bags

  • fake ID’s and passports

  • extra drugs to sell in a pinch

  • and your hand wrapped around what you were looking for

  • the gun

  • you grabbed the supplies slipping the backpack over your shoulder and steadily, calmly aimed at the door

  • and waited

  • the knocking had stopped and you could hear voices

  • “The boss said this was the guy’s house.”

  • “That old man sold us short!!! He owes us thousands, he has it coming!!!”

  • “His daughter should be home soon, let’s just grab her and get out before the cops are called.”

  • “That’ll show him for trying to mess with us.“

  • "I can’t wait to put a bullet through them both.”

  • your blood runs cold hearing their words

  • a bang shakes the whole frame of the apartment

  • you know your neighbors won’t be any help

  • no one’s here

  • you slowly back up looking for your phone and some possible escape route

  • when the worst possible timing happens

  • and your phone rings from across the room

  • “Fuck, I knew there was someone inside!!!” comes the voices outside as the pounding on your door increases

  • you dive for your phone

  • “Hello?” you curse yourself for having a shaky voice

  • “Miss y/n? Your father left you in our protection, please follow our instructions carefully.” a deep voice said calmly

  • you jumped at the sound of metal crashing on metal

  • “Great if you have instructions I’d like to not die.” you say

  • “He told us to tell you emergency code 7991 if you don’t believe us.“ the deep voice returns

  • the emergency plan number, the one your dad told you meant to throw away any inhibitions you have and to follow this plan in order to live

  • it also meant a deal went sour

  • “Ok so what do I do now?!?!?” you supply pulling both backpack straps higher onto your back and leveling the gun in your hand

  • “Someone is waiting outside to take you to a safe location, all you have to do is get out of the apartment.”

  • the front door bursts open right as you hear these directions revealing several men

  • with weapons no less

  • you frantically looked around and spot the bathroom window

  • “Grab her!”

  • quickly, you throw it open as you take the short leap and land outside

  • you take off before they have a chance to even aim a gun at you

  • you run around a corner

  • before being jerked backwards by someone who grabbed your arm and covered your mouth with a hand

  • ‘Fuck me if this is how I die.’ you think struggling to escape whoever it is

  • 'To think I was going to buy that jean jacket I’ve had my eyes on for weeks..’

  • great last thoughts, y/n

  • struggle as you might you were no match for this person

  • you twist your head to try to look at him 

  • and you stop struggling bc

  • something about him doesn’t seem all that dangerous

  • wow don’t you love having your priorities straight before possibly dying

  • the men from earlier run past shouting and you see the guy who’s holding you stare at them for a bit after they disappear through an alley

  • and the man holding you sighs in relief before letting you go and placing two firm yet gentle hands on your shoulder and looking at your face with dark eyes

  • he was at least a head taller than you and his face was handsome and his features were sharp and dark

  • his hair was lightly tousled and his gaze felt reassuring for some reason as you stare at him

  • “I’m here to take you to the safe house.”

  • 'so time to think very carefully about what your next words are, y/n, he could be here to kill you’ you think

  • “Ok.”

  • smoooooth

  • he says nothing more as he pulls you up and opens the door to a black mercedes parked a bit away

  • you stand frozen, heart racing from your too many near death experiences today

  • him dragging your arm as you stop in front of the car

  • this is why you don’t like the family business

  • if only drug dealers could retire and get a nice house in the suburbs without needing bullet proof windows

  • or bullet proof anything

  • or a heaping helping of death and danger every five minutes

  • “Who are you?” you ask

  • real smart y/n asking the stranger who saved you from a bullet in the stomach who they were, you thought to yourself

  • he turns back to face you


  • but he just tilts his head to the side a bit

  • and gives you a cute smirk

  • “You can call me Mingyu.”

  • then he pulls you into the car, slamming the door behind you, taking the driver’s seat and hits the accelerator faster than you could say “seatbelts first”

  • screeching out of the parking stall

  • racing down the road

  • you grip onto your backpack containing your few emergency supplies

  • holding the gun lightly in front of you in view of Mingyu

  • “There’s no need for that”

  • Mingyu caught your eyes through the rearview mirror

  • “If I were here to kill you, I would have done it by now.” he throws the words out casually

  • “Why thanks Mingyu-ssi, that’s super reassuring.” you huff, lowering the gun by a bit

  • he chuckles at your response which surprises you

  • guess even the mafia has a sense of humor?

  • “Soooooo, Mr. Mingyu, did my father hire you?”

  • “Yes,” Mingyu said glancing at you through the rearview mirror again, “hired us to protect you until he could clean up this mess that the deal left.”

  • cryptic

  • but you weren’t stupid

  • “He wants me to stay out of it.”

  • “He wants you to stay safe.” you looked up at Mingyu after he said it

  • “I can take care of myself just fine.” you bluff rolling your eyes

  • Mingyu just raises an eyebrow at you through the rearview mirror

  • “Does hiring the mob sound super safe to you?” you ask him in response to his eyebrow raise

  • “We take our jobs really seriously, Miss, you don’t have to worry.” Mingyu supplements

  • “Said the freaking mafia to the drug dealer’s daughter…” you mutter

  • he chuckles again

  • “Yes, the situation isn’t ideal, Miss.”

  • “Just call me y/n, Mingyu-ssi.”

  • “Then just call me Mingyu, y/n.”

  • as he drives along the back roads he glances at you from the rearview mirror

  • “Pay attention to the road Mingyu, the last thing we need is a car crash. Are you staring because I’m pretty?” You say jokingly, not really expecting a response as you try lightening the mood but also calm your own anxious nerves down

  • “And if I am?“ He flashes a grin at you one more time from the rearview mirror before staring straight ahead at the road again

  • you blush and shut right up, shaking your head to clear your jumbled thoughts

  • the short car ride ends when you both reach a hotel

  • it’s a pretty fancy hotel

  • one with full-on suites

  • “My orders were to wait here and protect you for a few days while the others figure out how to get you and your father resettled in a safe place. Then we’ll rendezvous with them at the warehouse.”

  • “We’re staying at this hotel?”

  • “Well I think it’s better than bleeding out in some alley somewhere.” He laughs while you shoot him a glare

  • “It’s just kind of fancy for a drug dealer’s daughter don’t you think?”

  • “Hey, the mafia is nothing if not fancy.”

  • he smiles brightly throwing you off

  • he could honestly pass for some college kid now that you get a chance to look at him, he can’t be much older than you are

  • and he definitely does not look like a tall intimidating man who could kill you

  • he grabs your hand pulling you into the lobby

  • “What the heck-” you start trying to get him to let go while he drags you across the beautiful foyer

  • “I’m here to check in.” he says pleasantly

  • smiling warmly at the lady behind the desk

  • you see her get flustered at Mingyu’s good looks bc of course and stammer asking him what his name was

  • “It’s under Mr. and Mrs. Kim.” 

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Monsta X reacting to their girlfriend swearing a lot.

[Seventeen Version]

He’s sitting in front of you, working on a new song for their upcoming album when he suddenly hears you cussing out the person on the phone. Shownu’s eyes widen by the more curse words that escape your so thought innocent lips.

He slowly turns his head to you to see you almost yelling into the phone. When you hang up and sit back on the couch, Shownu looks at you in a shocked manner. You raise your head and look at him frustrated, 
“What?” You almost yell at him. Shownu shrugs and quickly looks away from you to avoid you from getting even more angry. “Nothing…You look lovely today.”

Everytime you swear, Minhyuk comes back at you with a strong comeback, leaving you puzzled.
You’re swearing again out of frustration of not getting your work done and Minhyuk quickly enters your work room, forcefully turning your chair around. His mouth is only a hairs-breadth away from yours, a smirk tugging on the edge of his lips.

“Say that again.” He growls into your ear.

You’re at loss of words and just stare at him blankly. “Swear again, babygirl. It’s so fucking hot.” He whispers teasingly.
You push him off you strongly and roll your eyes at his behavior, clearly annoyed by his reaction. “Get out, Minhyuk.” You say, focusing back on your work. Minhyuk giggles at your words and leaves the room, smiling satisfied. “Don’t swear again if you don’t want me to jump at you like a horny rabbit, I mean it, Y/N.”

You’re sitting in front of him, your legs crossed in front of your body as you tell him about what happened to you on the street today, using the word ‘fuck’ every time you can. 

Hyungwon sighs at your words and quickly jumps up, leaving you to yourself. You still feel the anger inside of you but your face drops immediately when Hyungwon comes back into the room, holding a cup of water.
He stops in front of you and reaches out his hand for you to grab it. 

“Here.” He says. You look at him sternly. “For what?” 
Hyungwon giggles slightly before putting it on the table and turning around. “To wash out that dirty mouth of yours.”

As long as he’s been sitting in his work room, you’ve walked past at least twenty times, constantly swearing under your breath.

By the 21st time, Jooheon has enough and jumps up, opening the door in time to make you jump. You turn to him, your eyes meeting. Jooheon points his finger at you and shakes his head. “Honestly, if I get a coin for every time you say ‘fuck’ I’d be long gone.” He says and shutting the door in your face again, making you blush slightly.

“He called me a fucking whore and this mother effin’ dick thought I wouldn’t react to it.” You say, your voice raised as you talk about your day at work. Wonho has already stopped listening by the third swear word that escaped your lips. When you finally catch your breath, he looks at you. 

“Did you actually say those things to him?” He asks, raising his eyebrow. You look away from him shyly, shaking your head.

Wonho hisses at you and gets up, throwing you a water bottle. “Always pretends to be though but the smallest bunny in reality.”

“And then he fuckin’ thought he could just talk to me like I’m some kind of fuckin’ idiot and-” Kihyun is patiently listening to your moaning and nods along to your words. 

Suddenly he cuts you off. “Did you swear at him as much as you’re doing right now?” He asks curiously. You shake your head, stopping mid-sentence to look at him.

A smile tugs on his lips. “Because if I was him, I would’ve run before you ate me alive.” He answers teasingly. You deliver a painful slap to his arm, making him hiss under his breath. He looks at you with a pleading look, pouting. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. That was too much.”

He just looks at you in silence, hearing you swear under your breath. A smile plays on his lips by the amount of swear words you’re able to put into one word.

When you’re done complaining and sit down next to him, Changkyun turns his head towards you and playfully hits your thigh to get your attention. “You’ve actually managed to fit 25 ‘fucks’ into three sentences. Think you might have hit rock bottom.” 

Love, Youngmi~

“Rivals.” part one

A/N: This story has triggering scenes and if you are uncomfortable with them please don’t continue reading this story

Pairings in this chapter: FP Jones x serpent!Reader (for now)

Word Count: 2144 (Wow lon

Did I edit it yet?: nope

WARNINGS: A lot of angst, abandonment by both parents, a few curse words, mentions of drinking, under age relationship (friends with benefits type)

More Warnings and Important Details  (Please read important)

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The Pine Tree

A/N: Heyyy guys long time no see? Yes, writing this latest chapter was like wresting a rattlesnake while balancing a few ceramic plates on top of my head, but here it is! Plus I already started working on the new one, so hopefully it’ll be out relatively soon. In the meantime, enjoy this small detour before the plot rears its ugly head again. 

Au by @doodledrawsthings, based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“Hey, who’s the new guy? He’s kinda cute.”

Dipper tore his eyes away from the book he was reading to stare at Wendy in mute horror. She was glancing from the corner of her eye at Bill, who had taken the opportunity to rearrange all the snow globes on the shelves as a petty way to spite Grunkle Stan. Why they even let Bill into the gift shop was anyone’s guess. So far, all he managed to do was to scare away customers and give everyone a headache. No one recognized him so far, which was a good thing, but most of these people were just passing through the town anyway, and had no idea about the disaster that took place last summer.

Wendy had just come back from a hiking vacation with her family, and since nobody expected her to be back so soon, they had no idea what to do with Bill. Dipper assumed they would have to tell her eventually, seeing how she was a regular employee, and was definitely smart enough to connect the dots by herself at some point. Better to warn her ahead of time than to wait until she dragged in an exorcist or something. Not that Dipper though it would work. At all.

But Hearing his past crush call the devil in disguise “cute” was something vaguely traumatic. And it showed, because Wendy suddenly looked concerned. “Hey Dipper, are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen Stan in his underwear again.”

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Which of these do you think the UT, US, UF and SF bros would do if they wanted to get out if a job?

In order of the list:

  1. Swapfell Pap
  2. Underswap Sans
  3. Undertale Pap
  4. Underswap Pap
  5. Bonus: Chara trying to get out of school
  6. Underfell Pap
  7. Swapfell Sans
  8. Underfell Sans
  9. Undertale Sans

With this list in mind, I’d like all of you to take a moment of your time to form the mental images of Swapfell Pap with the entire first scene of Macbeth tattooed to the left side of his face like the worst Phantom Of The Opera cosplay in the world. 

Imagine Underfell Pap whipping the backs of the interns’ chairs and shouting commands as they wheel him to the breakroom for coffee. Think of his self-satisfied smirk, perched straight-backed and mighty on his rolling chair.

Imagine Underfell Sans getting fucking sick and tired of the company and the printer paper jamming was the last fucking straw. First he hits it. Then people start staring and he gets pissed.
“FUCK THIS PRINTER AND ALSO YOU.” He declares, sinking his teeth into the machine. He’s tearing it apart, shoving parts into his mouth. CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH
“SANS! What is hell are you doing?”
“paperjam.” He replies, shrugging, before promptly getting fired.

Imagine Swapfell Sans vibrating with excitement as his monster truck is delivered at the company parking lot. He teleports straight into the drivers seat as the higher ups are yelling about who the hell ordered this?
“MOVE YOUR DERRIERES, PEASANTS!” He yells down at them, starting up the roaring engine.
“Sans! What is the meaning of this?” His Boss bellows.
“MEANS I’M LEAVING!” He answers, jamming his foot down on the reverse.
“I WON’T MISS YOU!” He declares, cackling as he accelerates out of the compound. He can’t drive. The seat is too high. He slams into a lamp post. He curses. He reverses and slams into it again. Once more then he’s zooming out of the company compound, eyes bright and shining with manic energy. 

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This is Angsty Kitten anon, I just wanted to say that you're my soulmate and my kink daddy so please metaphorically marry me. And also how do you feel about an AU where Otabek has like 5 little sisters who are his biggest fans and argue with Yuri but secretly call Yuri hella pretty??

Hello cutiepie! omfg kink daddy is such a good title, thank you, i accept this proposal

……..that is so cute??? oh my gosh

  • Beka being able to easily handle Yura’s temper tantrums because he grew up with five little sisters, and they do not always get along.
  • Can you even imagine how good Beka’s hair braiding skills would be?? If he had more arms he could fishtail braid all of his sister’s hair at once.
  • Otabek LOVES his baby sisters more than anything in the world (until Yuri comes along but). He’s such a loving older brother who always helps them out with their homework, and Skype calls them when he’s away training or at competitions.
  • Yuri is a jealous baby who wants more of Otabek’s attention, but it’s hard for the poor guy to divide his time up between six people.
  • Staying in Almaty with the Altin family is always an ordeal, because Otabek is constantly surrounded by the siblings who have missed him so much as well as Yuri who wants to hog his best friend all for himself.
  • When Otabek goes to stay with Yuri in Russia, Yuri thinks he’s going to finally get some alone time - nope. Beka’s phone is blowing up most of the time with texts and calls from each sister individually. They do this partially because they miss their bro, but they also think it’s hilarious when Yuri snatches the phone and curses at them in Russian.
  • Yuri does stoop to their level of immaturity sometimes (a lot), taking their bait and arguing with them over who loves/supports Beka more. Poor Otabek usually has to take a painkiller, a huge headache arising from Yuri’s yelling and his sister’s laughing.
  • Though they torture Yuri (so he says), they actually really like him. They see the way Otabek smiles to his phone when he gets a message from the blonde, and they love to hear Otabek’s warm laughter whenever Yuri says or does something funny.
  • Plus they all think Yuri is really pretty. They’ve all wanted to play with his long blonde hair at least once.
Little Anger Ball

I’m in a writing mood again! Woohoo! 
Another Markiplier fic! Sorry if it seems short.
Hope you enjoy 

Fic Request: 
“REQUEST. Lol what about like a MarkxFem!Reader where he’s all ragey after playing something and reader has to try and calm him down while he’s all grumpy and annoyed and just being a douche to everyone? Could be angsty or fluffy!” 

Originally posted by dogiplier

“He’s doing a lot more yelling than usual,” Tyler said. 
You looked up from your phone, listening to the muffled screams from upstairs. 
“Sounds like someone is torturing him,” Ethan chuckled. “What’s he playing?” 
“A new horror game,” You shrugged as you returned your attention to your phone. “I didn’t catch the name of it, but he said something about puzzles and game restart death penalty.” 
The two boys “oohed” and went back to what they were doing. 
Throughout the next hour, the three of you heard a variety of groans, screams and curses echoing from the upstairs recording room. 
You all got worried when it suddenly went quiet. 
“Maybe he’s finished recording?” You suggested with concern. 
“Or he’s screamed himself hoarse,” Tyler said. 
You all turned when Mark stomped down the stairs. His jaw was set and his expression wasn’t exactly….friendly. 
“Hey, Babe,” You called softly with a small smile. “Everything ok?” 
Mark licked his lips, looking more frustrated than you’ve ever seen him before. 
Ethan offered him the bag of chips he was currently eating, “Want some food?” 
It was as if Ethan had personally insulted Mark. The man turned his gaze on the younger male, his set jaw unleashing a roar of anger. 
“No! I don’t want some goddamn chips!” Mark hollered. “What the hell makes you think I want some?” 
Ethan visibly retracted from Mark, retreating to the couch beside you. Where you were currently glaring up at Mark. 
“Hey, come on,” You said. “He was just trying to be nice.” 
“Well, I don’t need nice, I just need some peace and quiet,” Mark hissed venomously. Stalking into the kitchen.
Tyler met your gaze, half standing to follow but you shook your head. You let a few minutes pass before patting Ethan’s knee and standing from your seat.
There was a few loud bangs and curses as something dropped from the counter. And you entered to find Mark angrily scooping up a pan, glaring at it as if the object had attacked him. 
“Come on, we’re going outside.” You said, entering the kitchen.
“I don’t want-”
“That wasn’t a request,” You said calmly, taking Mark’s hand and roughly dragging him behind you.
He grumbled but allowed himself to be led into the sun. 

Chica bounded over to the two of you. A toy clutched in her mouth and her tail wagged madly. 
Mark plopped down on a chair and his pup cuddled up beside him, leaning her body against his leg and nuzzling his hand for pats. 
At this, you saw Mark’s anger lift a little. Stroking Chica’s fur with careful, loving fingers, Mark slowly began to calm down. 
“Not a good game?” You asked, sitting beside him. 
Mark sighed, still scratching Chica’s ear. “No, it’s a good game. I’m just terrible.” 
You chuckled, nudging his shoulder with yours. “You’re not that terrible. I mean, you did beat the FNAF games.” 
Mark shook his head, “After hours of screaming, maybe.” Another sigh. “I shouldn’t have yelled at Ethan.” 
“No, you shouldn’t have.” You agreed. “But he’ll forgive you, he understands that you’re a little anger ball.” 
He grinned a little at that. “Is that what you all call me behind my back?” 
“No, we call you dick, behind your back.” You said teasingly. “We call you anger ball only when you start to rage.” 
Mark chuckled, his brown eyes lifting up to look at you. “I’m sorry for yelling at you as well. Stress and all….actually I shouldn’t make up excuses for yelling at you guys.” 
You smiled and poked his side, “We all understand. We don’t take it to heart.” You let a moment pass before adding, “But you owe me a kiss you yelling at me though.” 
Mark chuckled, leaning towards you and pressing his lips against yours. The kiss didn’t last long, since Chica whined quietly and pawed Mark’s leg. 
The two of you separated, giggling as Chica wormed her way between you and Mark. 
“I think I have competition,” You pouted playfully, patting the pup’s head. 
“She’s a close second to cuteness,” Mark replied with a smile.

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Can we get some headcanons for a male!mc who always steals he's boyfriend clothes? XD RFA and anyone would be great :))

((How about some scenarios of them catching MC in the act? I hope that this is to your satisfaction Anon))


  • MC was kind of short, but he was in luck when he found out that Yoosung was the same size as him
  • He really liked Yoosung’s hoodies…especially his LOLOL one.
  • It just fit really well and on top of that it smelled like Yoosung
  • One day, MC got a call from a frantic Yoosung
  • “MC! I can’t find my favorite hoodie and I really wanted to wear it today!”
  • MC guiltily glanced over at the LOLOL hoodie that was draped lazily over a nearby  chair
  • “Can’t you wear another one?” MC asked quickly
  • MC heard his boyfriend sigh in irritation
  • “Lemme rephrase that. I can’t find any of my hoodies! MC, can I please borrow one of your hoodies?”
  • MC panicked as he saw his collection of Yoosung’s hoodies thrown all over his apartment
  • “Uh, sure thing babe, lemme just clean up first!” MC replied nervously
  • Suddenly MC heard a frantic banging on his door with shouts from his boyfriend demanding to be let in
  • MC decided to bite the bullet and let Yoosung in. He looked around and found his hoodies…everywhere! Including his favorite LOLOL sweatshirt ON his boyfriend,MC
  • “MC…why are all of my hoodies at your apartment?” Yousung demanded of MC
  • “I…I like wearing them.” 
  • “Just wear your own!” Yoosung complained, picking up a hoodie from the pile of hoodies in the corner or the room. 
  • “Well, mine don’t smell like you and yours are comfy” MC admitted
  • Yoosung looked MC, and a mischievous little smirk graced the blonde’s face. He dashed past MC, ran into MC’s room, grabbed MC’s favorite hoodie and pulled it on.
  • “Ya! You’re right babe! It does smell like you! Thanks for the hoodie!” Yoosung sang as he ran past MC, placing a chaste kiss on his boyfriend as he ran for the bus
  • MC couldn’t help but laugh. He probably wasn’t getting that one back. 


  • MC is about Jumin’s height so it’s rather convenient that Zen wears the same size shirts as him.
  • And MC really likes Zen’s coats, and sometimes just borrowed Zen’s jackets
  • One day they decided to go on a run together and MC didn’t have time to change out of  Zen’s jacket so he just decided to go run in it
  • They ran for a bit before MC begged Zen to let him take a break (MC isn’t too in shape yet)
  • “Come on slow poke!” Zen teased
  • MC caught up to Zen and started to catch his breath
  • “Hey, isn’t that my jacket?” Zen asked the exhausted MC
  • “Uh…maybe?”
  • Zen started to laugh, and MC’s ears began to turn red with embarrassment
  • “I thought it looked familiar. It looks better on me that it does you”
  • MC began to shed the coat, and Zen quickly pulled it back onto MC’s shoulders and zipped it up
  • “Hey, you’re gonna catch a cold if you do that! Besides, it looks way better on you than me, so you should keep it babe.”
  • MC’s eyes lit up at the idea that he’d get to keep something that smelled just like his boyfriend.
  • “Really Zen?” MC asked excitedly
  • “Yeah. On one condition though. Come here, I wanna take a selfie with my cute boyfriend wearing my jacket.”
  • Zen posted it several times in the chat room.


  • MC was super tiny for a guy, and occasionally confused for Jaehee’s sister from the back (super embarrassing for both parties when MC turned around and was clearly not a girl)
  • For some reason, he has always wanted to try on one of Jaehee’s skirts, just to see how he’d look in her outfits
  • One day when Jaehee was out shopping, MC took out one of Jaehee’s skirts and tried it on
  • Surprisingly, it fit him really well. He spun around in the full body mirror inside the door of Jaehee’s closet, looking at his appearance from multiple angles
  • He decided to go the whole nine yards and put on Jaehee’s entire suit and also put on Jaehee’s faux glasses.
  • He looked a lot like Jaehee, so he decided to pretend to be her
  • “Hello, Mr. Han. Yes sir, I’ll have the papers on your desk by tomorrow morning. Mr. Han, you have an appointment today with the department of fancy clothes at noon, and then you have another appointment with the Jerks of Korea at two.” MC joked, laughing brightly. He  then got a hilarious idea
  • “Your cat Mr. Han? She is an angel you say? Well, with all due respect, your cat is not angel in my opinion. I do believe she is, to be frank, an asshole who sheds all over my furniture without any care in the world. Sir, if I have to take care of Elizabeth 3rd one more time, I will shave it from head to tail.” MC said in his most “matter-of-fact”voice.
  • Suddenly he heard bags crashing to the ground as someone burst out laughing. He turned around to see Jaehee laughing so hard she had dropped everything in her arms, and was struggling to recompose herself
  • “H-how long were you standing there?”
  • “Since the Jerks of Korea part” Jaehee choked out between fits of laughter “Oh, my, I literally wish I could say half of that to Mr. Han. MC, you’re the best”


  • Today was the day MC told himself as he pulled out Jumin’s PJ top
  • MC was a good two sizes smaller than Jumin, so it was quite large in comparison to the tiny MC
  • Jumin rarely wore pajamas, but the one time that MC saw him in pjs, he immediately wanted to wear them and show Jumin how absolutely adorable he could be with Jumin’s oversized shirt
  • He considered also wearing the pants, but as soon as he saw long they were, he reconsidered it, since falling on his face in front of his handsome boyfriend was not on his itinerary
  • Jumin came home early, and when he went in, he expected MC to go and greet him like usual, but MC was nowhere in sight
  • Suddenly MC came out of their shared bedroom, the oversized sleeves flopping around as he ran towards his boyfriend
  • “Jumin! Welcome home dear!” MC said excitedly
  • Jumin looked perplexed, and looked to be analyzing MC as he stood there awkwardly in the oversized shirt
  • “MC, that is much too large on you. I’ll have the tailor make you a new one with the proper dimensions immediately.”
  • “Jumin…that’s not…Aren’t I cute?
  • Jumin gave MC a look as if he just asked if he could fly
  • “MC, you’re always cute, but that shirt still doesn’t fit you properly, and I’m having them make you a new one as we speak”
  • MC gives up, but makes Jumin promise that as soon as he got his, that he would wear his to match.


  • Saeyoung couldn’t find his favorite shirt, or pants, or hoodie
  • Actually, forget his favorite outfit, besides his underwear and socks, he couldn’t find any of his clothes
  • Not that he had that many outfits to begin with.
  • He couldn’t even find any dirty clothes, and he swore he did his laundry.
  • All he could find was his cosplay outfits, and so, he picked out a french maid cosplay and put it on not the worst thing in the world
  • He walked out of his room to an irritated Vanderwood
  • What the hell were you doing in there Luciel? Playing dress up?” Vanderwood shouted
  • “Nope. I couldn’t find any other outfits” Saeyoung replied, pulling up his computer chair and getting to work
  • “Then wear a dirty outfit”
  • “Can’t find those either”
  • “I just cleaned your room a week ago!”
  • “I know…I honestly don’t know where my clothes went! I’m serious Vanderwood!”
  • Vanderwood stomped into Saeyoung’s room to find that he wasn’t lying. He literally did not have any other outfits besides his cosplay, underwear and socks
  • “What the actual hell?” Vanderwood asked in disbelief
  • “So out of all the cosplays you have, why the hell did you chose the french maid outfit?”
  • “What? I’m cute and there’s no dress code! Maybe I want to look like a cute french maid.”
  • “Whatever. I don’t actually care. Just get to work”
  • Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the doorbell buzzed
  • “I’ve got this. YOU STAY.” Vanderwood demanded to an empty chair, as Saeyoung snuck away to open the door.
  • He opened the door, after looking through the security screen to MC wearing Saeyoung’s favorite outfit.
  • “Hey Vanderwood! I found where my clothes went!”
  • “Where?” Vanderwood shouted back irritated
  • “Here!” Saeyoung said proudly, showing his boyfriend off to Vanderwood


  • V could not find his warm jacket anywhere. It wasn’t where he had left it, and being half blind didn’t help
  • He really needed to go shopping, but he couldn’t see, so he called up his boyfriend MC to help him find it
  • MC looked over at a nearby chair where the jacket lay
  • He grabbed the jacket and headed over to V’s house
  • He went in and “helped” V find his jacket.
  • This wasn’t the first time MC had to “help”his boyfriend find something. Nor would this be the last
  • At least, that’s what MC thought as he walked towards the door
  • “MC, can I ask you something?” V asked
  • MC froze with his hand on the doorknob. He hoped that he was overreacting and that V suspected nothing
  • “What is it Jihyun?” MC asked shakily
  • “Why is it that whenever you’re here, something of mine goes missing? Like a shirt, my jacket, and for some reason my hats. You aren’t stealing them, are you?”
  • “I uh…”
  • “Wait, ARE you?”
  • “Maybe?” MC replied sheepishly
  • Jihyun smirked, and made a motion for MC to go over to him
  • MC did hesitantly, unsure if Jihyun was going to get mad or not.
  • As soon as he was three feet away from Jihyun, Jihyun took off his shades and softly gazed at his boyfriend dearly
  • “Is that my shirt too? If you want something, just let me know so I don’t go around looking for something that isn’t there.”
  • “Wait, you aren’t mad at me?” MC asked confused
  • “No? Why would I be mad at you? I just want to know if you have something so I know that I‘m not losing my mind yet. Besides, you look really cute.”


  • There were a lot of crashing noises coming from Saeran’s room
  • “Where the hell is is?” Saeran shouted out exasperatedly
  • “What’s wrong bro?” Saeyoung yelled back
  • “I can’t find my leather jacket!”
  • “Isn’t it in that old box in your closet?” Saeyoung asked
  • “Wow. That’s a lot of “fucks” in one sentence” Saeyoung replied laughing
  • “Shut the hell up Saeyoung!” Saeran shouted back
  • Suddenly it was deathly silent, and Saeyoung could feel the anger radiating out of Saeran’s trashed room
  • “You didn’t hide it from me, did you LUCIEL?” Saeran snarled
  • Saeyoung knew that it wasn’t a laughing matter anymore because his brother only called him by his baptismal name when he was beyond pissed off. Saeyoung got up to go help his brother, and had to dodge a box that Saeran threw at him
  • “Dude, chill. I didn’t touch your jacket. You sure that it’s not still in your closet?”
  • “I just threw the fucking box at you. Was it in there?” Saeran sassed
  • Before Saeyoung could say anything in reply, they heard a knock on the door. They were planning on ignoring it when Saeran got a text. He glanced at it, then stomped out of his room and threw open the door.
  • “Hi Saeran.” MC greeted, standing there in Saeran’s leather jacket
  • “MC. Jacket. NOW.” Saeran growled out between his clenched teeth
  • “Hey Saeran, who’s at the door?” Saeyoung shouted from Saeran’s room (who was cleaning up for his brother)
  • “My fucking nerd of a boyfriend who stole my leather jacket” Saeran shouted as he tacked his boyfriend and pulled the leather jacket off.
  • “Looks like you found it” Saeyoung laughed.
A Lover or a Fighter?? C.H.

It’s a Friday night, Y/N and a few of her friends are about to hit the town and go clubbing.  Calum is already apprehensive about Y/N’s revealing attire due to his controlling boyfriend demeanor but Y/N is not about to have any of his petty attitudes ruin her night, or at least that’s what she thinks.

Rate: PG-13

Warning: cursing?? sexual reference

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Never been good at listening

Title: Never been good at listening

Pairing: Sherlock x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1.4k

Warnings: angst, potential character death (open end)

Request: Can you do a Sherlock x reader please? Maybe they have an argument because Sherlock doesn’t want the reader helping on the case because he’s scared she’ll get hurt but she thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her. She goes on the case and ends up taking a bullet/getting hurt to protect him? Thanks!

(A/n: Totally forgot about the ‘thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her’-part. Sorry, anon. I might make a second part after I finished some other requests, I hate the ending myself. Hope you enjoy it anyway J || Gifs not mine.)

Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

“You will not.” Sherlock sounded exaggerated, annoyed with your stubborn insistence to join him on the case since John was busy. Underneath all the dramatic exaggeration however you sensed anger, which in turn angered you. Who did he think he was for telling you what to do or not to do? Simply because you weren’t John Watson didn’t mean you were a complete useless idiot.

“I’m coming” You crossed your arms staring at Sherlock with determination. You wouldn’t be left behind, actually you would proof to him that you could be as useful as John. To make a stand you even took a step forward still keeping stern eye contact with the taller consulting detective. “I am coming.”


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letjonsnownap  asked:

"Puppy," "kindergarten," "stripes," "coffee," and "stegosaurus"

Thank you for the prompt luv! (Send me 5 random words and I’ll try to include them all into a one shot.)

So I was going to do the whole ‘SingleDad!Jon’ thing - but this sprang to mind instead….(I really hope that you like it!)

“Come on kiddos! We’re gonna be late if we don’t go now!” Jon hollered from his place at the front door of his flat, scruffy jogging pants, a shirt with a coffee stain on it and a piece of half eaten toast hanging out of his mouth.

“Uncle Jon, I am not a ‘kiddo’, I’m almost 10 years old!” Rosie grumbled as she made it to his side, folding her arms across her chest. Jon couldn’t help but grin and ruffle her hair, messing up the terrible braid that he had attempted for her.

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Being a Kid

A Regular Day 🚋🏫

  Monday marks the beginning of a new week. The weekend was great but, as the saying goes: “all good things come to an end” and it’s time to come back to work, school. The old routine…

- Jimmy, hurry up! I don’t want to arrive late at school. – Shouted Marie.
- The school is not on fire! Unfortunately. – Mumbled Jimmy.
- Stop being a jackass and hurry up. I still want to clear some doubts with Pixel before the bell rings. – Stated Marie.
- Boring! – Said Jimmy.
- Jerk! – Yelled Marie.
- LOL, that’s because you’re my sister! – Affirmed Jimmy.
- Who puts up with you? … your teddy bear, oops! – Played Marie.
- Bitch! – Cursed Jimmy.
- Hey! What’s that all about? – Questioned Jasmine. – Hurry up or we are going to miss the station.
- Mom, just give me one more minute, because I am already finishing printing the book summary. – Requested Jimmy.

- Good studies! – Said Jasmine while saying goodbye to the children. - Good luck with your test Marie.


- Hi Pixel, did you put a lot of efforts on your studies of sciences? - Asked Marie.

- To be honest, no. I hate Mrs. CumpleBottom so much! - Replied Pixel.

- Tell me about it! I think the only thing she’s good at is to show off her pearl necklace of the time of Queen Victoria because as a teacher she’s the Devil herself. - Commented Marie while laughing out loud with Pixel.

- Silence! The girls are in a Library. - scolded them Ms. Belle.


- Good morning class. I hope you have studied. I only want to see over your desk a pencil and nothing else. I will provide you a draft sheet signed by me and with the stamp of our college. I inform you that I am going only to read the test once and, as you know, I will not respond to any doubt there after. That’s why you must pay attention as I read it. - Commanded Mrs. CrumpleBottom. - Silence Alexander! Stop being the class clown and let me explain the test to your colleagues.


- What a difficult test! - Thought Marie. - She didn’t include anything I studied, old witch.

Happiness Is A Warm Prince

~Ship: Prinxiety~

It was too cold tonight. Not just cold in the literal sense, more like cold in general. Everyone’s moods were bad, and Anxiety hated it.

There wasn’t much he truly hated. He hated cold, he hated the Demigorgon, and he hated being alone. He hadn’t chose to be someone living in solitude most of the time. It was forced upon him.

So on one of the coldest nights of the year, Anxiety was curled up under the blankets, hiding away from the cold in a feeble attempt for sleep he hadn’t gotten in 2 days.

It was a shock to hear quiet knocking on his door at nearly 2am. He almost didn’t go to answer it in fear of it being someone like Logan, who’d of course try and blame him for the atmosphere of tonight. Even Thomas had noticed it, having hidden away in his room with the lights on later than usual.

Alas, Anxiety crept out of bed and slowly opened the door. Peeking out, he saw the blindingly white uniform he recognized too well. Well…this was a surprise.

“Hey Anx, can I come in?” Anxiety pondered the prince’s request before opening the door fully, aware that he was wrapped up in a fuzzy black blanket he’d pulled from his bed.

“What do you want sir sing-a-lot?” Immediately Anxiety cursed himself for saying that, ‘oh god prince is gonna hate me more he’s gonna yell-’

“I wanted to make sure you were alright.” That made Anxiety pause, considering the other’s soft tone. “After the video today you just…vanished. No remark, nothing.”

The darker facet pondered for a bit before moving back to his bed. Roman, the prince, took this as his cue to join Anxiety in the room, closing the door behind him.

They sat on the bed together in relative silence, and on occasion a small yawn would come from the bright one.

It got to the point where Prince leaned his head on Anxiety’s shoulder. Anxiety was frozen, wanting to move yet not acting upon the urge. He wanted to say something, but before he could form the words, Prince spoke.

“I’m sorry.” Those two words choked up Anxiety, making a million emotions and questions run through his mind. Oh god how bad did he mess up-

“We make you feel terrible so often without even considering your feelings.” Prince sat up straight, turning to face the younger one. Anxiety as well turned, albeit reluctantly, and felt his cold hands warm up under the light touch from the Prince.

“We blame you for all of his problems but…in reality, you’re just trying to protect him.” Anxiety looked up at the Prince to see his deadly serious face. It confused him, especially since the prince was apologizing to him of all people.

“I screw up way too much to ever think I’m protecting him.” Anxiety shrugged a bit to emphasize the point, but felt himself tugged back up to Prince.

“We all screw up. That whole video was me screwing up!” ‘Yeah, somewhat true’, Anxiety thought but did not speak. “But that’s not the point.”

“The point is I am the biggest screw up here. I try to help, but…I bring everyone down.” Anxiety was letting it spill at this point, unable to help himself when someone seemed willing to listen for once. “I can’t help but be who I am, and everyone hates me for it. Even Thomas hates me-”

“You’re wrong, Anxiety!” Prince’s loud outburst caused Anxiety to jump a bit, and his tone quickly softened. “Thomas doesn’t hate you. You scare him a bit, sure, but he doesn’t hate you. He cares about you as much as he does for the rest of us.”

Anxiety scoffed, about to go on a tangent about how wrong the prince was, but before he could speak, warm arms were wrapped around him.

“You’re wanted. You protect Thomas from danger. You keep us safe. You’re important, more than any of us.” These words were whispered to Anxiety, who could do nothing but listen, too shocked to pull away. “I may be his hopes and dreams, but you’re his reality. That’s more important than any dream he might have in the future.”

“But without his dreams, he has…he has no purpose.” Anxiety couldn’t help but move closer to the Prince. “Without me he’s happier…he’s better…”

“Without you he loses fear,” Prince nuzzled closer to Anxiety, and the younger one instinctively wrapped his arms around the Prince’s middle. “Without fear, he’s reckless. You keep him safe…he needs you the most.”

This session of Prince explaining to Anxiety why he wasn’t a bad facet went on for another ten minutes. The hug lasted longer, as Anxiety managed to fall into a peaceful sleep in the Prince’s embrace.

That night was the first Anxiety had slept with no bad dreams. The cold seemed to vanish when countered with the warmth from Roman. Maybe…maybe Anxiety didn’t mind him much. He might consider meeting with the Prince more often for a hug like that.

After all, happiness is a warm Prince.

the gang slowly getting worse

I forget who came up with the idea but Liz ( @buffalowingpassion) wanted me to make these so I did. 

- with half the gang either dead or about to be dead, Pony is just angry
- he’s trying to figure out his identity and every time he thinks things are stable, they change on him
- he has a lot more outbursts and is a lot more violent

- to get out this anger he joins the football team!!
- anger = strength?? okay. and he makes the team
- he can run, he can be possessive and he can take a punch
- basically, he turned himself into Dallas
- so Dallas was a good footballer apparently
- but Pony gets red cards all the time
- he causes fights and yells at the refs and his teammates
- it’s bad, trust me
- pushing and shoving and flat out cursing
- barely listens to his coach, let alone Darry
- eventually he gets kicked off and he’s just “well shit what now”

- Darry just stops caring
- in 1965, he missed two days of work due to sickness
- in 1966, he missed about three weeks of work because he just couldn’t function
- he’s always exasperated
- he needs a break and someone to love  

- Two-Bit steals more but it’s more practical things
- he used to steal cups and spoons from restaurants
- but now he’s stealing weapons

- “Tim’ll fight fair as long as he don’t”
- everyone is scared of Two
- don’t mess with Two-Bit unless you got a gang to back you up

- with no one to talk to about his problems, Ponyboy just shuts up about them
- he hangs out with Curly more and becomes a lot more tougher
- Pone then also helps Curly suppress his own emotions
- they’re friendship used to be so fun and naive and now it’s just toxic and angsty

- Pony is constantly carrying a switchblade
- he’s smart about it though
- and he’ll hide it when necessary
- it comes in handy around Socs
- but after the incident with Bob and Johnny, they avoid the Curtis gang altogether

- they also swear a lot more
- Darry is a hell of a lot more exasperated
- Pony is just swearing constantly, hoping it’ll relieve some stress it doesn’t

- guess who’s a mess after the war !!1!1!
- that’s right: Steve
- Steve in 1964: I’ll never be like my dad
- Steve in 1967: *is just like his dad*
- drinks all the time
- Evie tries to help but it’s no use; Steve’s nothing without Soda

and that’s where I’m gonna stop because I’m an emotional mess but feel free to request more, I guess?

Another shitpost because i am ready to descend into hell by now

sometimes i like to imagine how AOMG got like,, all those talented people and like ..imagine Jay Park and Kiseok with like, giant ikea bags, walking in night clubs and little firms and just like,,, fucking snatching people? Like just consider Jaebum walking in, grabbing Gray and going “Do y'all still need this? Because,, I'mma just… take it with me now??” and just stuffing him into his Ikea bag?????? This actually happened, don’t try me

Also,, Club Eskimo ok listen i know it’s not a label but a crew but this is a shitpost if u want facts go read a book 

The concept: A group of guys, standing in front of a club, smoking, talking about music and they all look super edgy when suddenly,,, a figure emerges from the shadows: it is kwon hyuk, wearing twenty Buckethats, flyers hanging down from them, covering his face completely and he opens his oversized, ethno, tie dyed bathrobe, scattering more flyers over the confused young man…… the flyers just say: “do you Know Hip Hop? join club eskimo. free gemstone bracelets, also.” in comic sans and before anyone can say anything, dean just yells “babe, bring the ten year stradegy and more hats” and woo jiho comes shuffling, carrying a folder and dragging a whiteboard behind him with a lot of graphs on them which don’t actually mean something, they just look Aesthetically Pleasing and he doesn’t even join the crew he’s just trying to be a supportive boyfriend

A cursed concept honestly.

And then there’s HIGHGRND and as much as i like to imagine tablo held a talent show where he sang to people and if they liked him, he let them join, as much do i know that whole YG had to sell their soul to the devil for that talent tbh

Things my boyfriend has said and done while sleep talking recently😂:

-suddenly sat up, grabbed my face, yelled “the YAMS! GET THE YAMS!” farted, then laid back down.
-started rubbing his ass and lightly smacked it then said “damn thats nice”. When asked in the morning he said he remembers dreaming about MY ass and doing that, but did it to himself.
-mumbling various strings of curse words, mainly it’s a lot of “fucking shit, what the hell” followed by gibberish.
-random laughter
-an elbow to the eye and a “don’t touch my cider, you rat”.
-“I need that shit” while reaching over and grabbing a chunk of my hair
-yelling “I CANT MOVE!” While flailing around the entire bed under the sheets.
-sitting up, looking at me terrified, pointed to his dick and said “what the FUCK is this?”, shook it a little bit and went back to sleep holding it.

bakudeku ficlet for @wingedsheep-art who asked for fluff and a bit of jealousy

fuzzy inside

 It’s not that Bakugou is bad with expressing himself, it’s more of him being too good at it. His way of doing it might include yelling and cursing, a lot of it, but the message gets across, either he’s mad at something or worried, or else, it all goes fully out.

 Bakugou doesn’t hate Todoroki, not really, but the guy gets on his nerves a lot. First of all, he can wield fire which is close to explosions, and second of all, he’s close with Deku.

 “So basically, you’re jealous,” Kaminari says, a grin on his face as his eyes travel to Deku talking to Todoroki in the hallway.

 “Who the fuck asked for your opinion?”

 Kirishima laughs at this, catching Bakugou’s hand before he can start explosions between his palms.

 “Chill, man. Kaminari’s right, you are jealous,” he says, hardening his arm just in time when Bakugo hits him.

 “I am not,” Bakugo grunts. He glances at the hallway and lets out a groan, “That half-assed punk just fucking annoys me, alright?!”

 “Because he’s with Midoriya,” Kirishima mutters, and Kaminari nods.

 “Totally because he’s with Midoriya.”

 “Shut up,” Bakugo groans at them, hardly suppressing any further comments. He knows it’ll go on forever with these two, and right now he has more urgent things to do. He looks at Deku, who is smiling at something Todoroki has just told him, and feels the want to explode everything.

 The thing is, Bakugo knows he is jealous, he knows it far too well. The ugly feeling inside his chest doesn’t leave despite Bakugo telling himself that there is no need to worry - Deku would never cheat on him and Todoroki is going out with Yaoyorozu anyway. It seems, however, that Deku spends an awful lot of time with Todoroki, that he enjoys it, and Bakugo can’t shake off the feeling that it must be better than being with him.

 “Kacchan? Where are you going? The class starts soon.”

 Bakugo stills for a moment, tilting his head to look at Deku. His eyes are wide, slightly worried and fully focused on him, not that Todoroki guy, and Bakugo-

 He feels fuzzy inside.

 “Not your fuc-” He stops. His eyes fall on Todoroki, who dares to quirk an eyebrow at him, and Bakugo curses under his nose. Then, he reaches for Deku’s hand and says, “Come with me.”

 He doesn’t know where they are going, but as long as Todoroki is left behind, it’s fine by Bakugo. Deku follows him without asking anything, at least for now, and Bakugo feels both glad and pissed at this.

 The school bell rings in the halls of UA, and Deku stops, but he doesn’t yank his hand out of Bakugo’s drip. Instead, he tightens the hold himself.

 “Ka-Kacchan, what’s wrong? We’re gonna be late to class.” His eyebrows are furrowed, lips in a tight line; he doesn’t plan on moving until he gets any explanation. Bakugo thinks, that’s fine by him.

 “Nothing’s wrong,” he says, and despite the feelings bubbling inside, his voice comes out calm, softened a little bit by warmness that radiates from Deku. He clears his throat and tilts his head, pointing further away the hall. “We’re gonna skip the class.”


 There’s a twitch to Deku’s mouth as his lip corners threaten to curl upwards. Bakugo can see how he bites on his lip from inside, trying to stop it.

 “You know fucking well why. That fire-and-ice idiot annoys the fuck out of me,” he shoots, looking Deku in the eyes. Deku is looking back, as he always does, his eyes bright, glowing with some sort of joy. He’s changed a lot during the time spent in UA, but at the same time, he’s the same Deku whom Bakugo’s has met when they were still children.

 And maybe Bakugo’s not that good at expressing himself the right way, maybe he’s too brute or too rude, too scary even, but Deku always gets what Bakugo means. He’s not intimidated by cursing and yelling, and now, he laughs at it.

 He takes a step forward and another one, going past Bakugo and pulling his hand after himself, asking to be followed.

 “I get jealous, too,” he says, and Bakugo can spot a bit of pinkness painting Deku’s cheeks, “of Kirishima and Kaminari, and how much time you spend together, joking, laughing. But you enjoy it, Kacchan, and I enjoy seeing you happy.” Deku lets out a soft, silent chuckle as they turn around the corner. The sun is shining brightly through the windows and it seems like Deku’s hair burns with green flames in it.

 Bakugo opens his mouth to call out on how lame Deku’s words sound, but Deku is faster. He puts his hand on Bakugo’s mouth and smiles apologetically.

 “I know, it sounds lame, but I don’t care. Besides, feeling jealous means I really like you, huh?” He laughs again, the blush turning brighter on his face. “So… so I’m fine with that.”

 Bakugo groans deep in his throat at this and he tries to bite Deku’s finger for him to move it away. It works well, and when Deku pulls his hand back, Bakugou follows after with his body. Except now it’s Deku’s lips that he attacks.

 “Shut the hell up,” he mutters before pressing their mouths together.

 Bakugo tells himself that it’s to stop Deku from blabbering nonsense, but when Deku eases into the touch, his fingers gripping Bakugo’s jacket to pull him a bit closer, Bakugo feels himself smirk into the kiss.

 Jealous or not, he’s the one who gets to kiss Deku. Not Todoroki, and not anyone else.

 Deep inside, he feels fuzzy again.

 It’s pleasant.

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Head canons of things the Uchihas do when they get mad at s/o

Okey dokey, we’re going to assume that you pushed all these boys to the absolute edge. Also, I just did Shisui  Itachi, and Sasuke, bc that’s what people normally ask for and doing more than 3 is a lot, but if you wanted someone else, just drop me another ask with them!

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  • He’s normally very calm and very level headed throughout almost all fights, but if you somehow push Itachi Uchiha to a point where he is genuinely angered at you; he’s like a switch. He will go from being one of the most communicative people in the entire world to a complete brick wall. He will refuse to talk to you, touch you, or acknowledge you even exist. This is mainly because he doesn’t want to say or do anything in the heat of the moment that will be hurtful to you, but also because you just made him so upset that he just doesn’t want to deal with you.
  • He’ll probably leave the house for a while and just walk around, try to get rid of some of that tension within his chest. For the most part he is good at controlling his anger, but not necessarily dealing with it, if that makes any sense. He’s most certainly someone who allows it to build and build until he snaps. He doesn’t deal with it, he just pushes it away, but even Itachi has his moments when he can no longer push it away.
  • Even if he’s finally reached his breaking point, he will never yell at you, or even slightly raise his voice. He will be brutally honest, but he has never raised his voice or cursed at his S/O before. This is partially because he does shut himself away from his S/O when he is truly angered, but he also knows that he can be intimidating when he get angered  (remember that time the Uchiha hoebags confronted him about Shisui? Yeah.) and the last thing that he wants if for his S/O to be scared of him, so he has just a very conscience anger.
  • But assuming if it’s a major fight between the two of you that caused him to become like that, if he saw you cry, because you were so worked up, that anger would vanish in an instant. He may be mad at you, but you’re still his everything and he refuses to let you cry, especially cry over something that he has done. Bless his heart.

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  • His anger towards is S/O is a bit different than his general anger, because he still most definitely cares about you, but his actions and what is going through his head do not always match up, especially in circumstances where he’s upset, so he ends up coming off having a very heartless anger that’ll rip daggers right into his S/O’s heart.
  • If you specifically do something to piss him off, compared to just the situation in general angering him, then he treats you as if you’ve completely betrayed him. In his mind, you should have known better than to have done whatever that upset him, so he will treat you like the enemy or a disobedient child, depends on how badly you’ve angered him.  
  • His entire body language stiffens up. It’s evident that he’s angered about something just by the way that he acts towards you; you don’t even have to hear him say anything to know that there’s something that you’ve done that’s angered him. His back becomes more tense and he just gives you these cold glares without telling you anything at all; glares that are colder than his normal smolder. He’ll keep at least one to two feet distance from you at all times and if you go and try to grab his hand or touch his shoulder, he will either pull away or push your hand away. He’s finicky about personal space when he’s mad.
  • If you’ve angered him to a point where he’s fuming, then expect for him to throw plenty of insults your way. He becomes very defensive of himself, and with his record, the best way to be defensive is to be offensive to you. He will make it seem like everything’s your fault and that you’re too dull to see it. It’s all very shady and very belittling towards you, but that’s the best way that he can defend himself.

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  • Shisui is also very level headed for the most part, but if he is pushed to the edge and lets his anger get the best of him, he can become extremely vocal. He’s definitely a yeller in arguments, and he also ends up cursing a lot while arguing with you, but you have to push him really far to get him actually cursing and yelling. Now, he doesn’t really curse at you, like he will never call you a ‘bitch’ or anything, he will say stuff like “what the hell were you thinking” or “all of this is fucking stupid.” If he is at the point where he’s using profanity, it’s more directed towards the situation and not you.
  • Lots of hand movements. He talks with his hands a lot to begin with, but when he’s mad, he cannot keep his hands still. They’re caught up on his hair or against his temple or being flung out in the air as he’s arguing. He literally cannot keep himself still for more the 2 seconds when he’s in an argument. He paces the room and just needs to be in constant motion when he’s all riled up about whatever it is. This never translate into him being violent though. Dear Lord, that’s probably the last thing Shisui would do, but he does need to be physically moving through arguments.
  • His anger probably has roots in many things. I don’t want to necessarily say that he bottles things up, but if his problem is deeply rooted in multiple things then it’s going to work him up a lot more than just one thing. He becomes more stressed out and his anger becomes more evident if his problem is something that deals with his S/O, the village, his clan, and all of that mess. He won’t fuss over small things, but he knows all that is a serious matter, and it causes him to become angry quicker just because of the seriousness of it all.   
  • I could easily see Shisui using alcohol or cigarettes or something along those means as an outlet for his anger if he cannot immediately settle it with his S/O. I don’t think that any of these things are common practice for him, but if he’s at a point where he cannot get all of the tension out of his system at quick enough rate, he might turn to something just to help him calm down. He’s not used to be so worked up that it takes it’s toll on him and he just wants it to end and if a drink or smoke will do that, then he has no reservations.
In Repair-Zig x MC Fanfic

Hi, folks. I’m back, doing what I tend to do…writing Zig x MC fics LOL. I may try some other pairings and things in the future like I have in the past, but for some reason these two inspire me like no other characters. So for now I’ll stick with what’s enjoyable for me and hopefully not too painful for you. 

Anyway, you may remember my fic, Broken, that I wrote a little while ago. If you haven’t checked it out, you’ll want to read it here because this new story is the part 2 and conclusion to that fic. I also found a way to fit it in with the prompt for this week’s #ChoicesCreates carnival (@choicesimaginesandmore @hollyashton): “Different doesn’t mean wrong.” so yay for that. :)  

This is rated T. And I’ve added in some of my own stuff for Zig’s history so please don’t compare this to canon because I made it all up! ;)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

In Repair

She didn’t think she’d miss him this much.

She’d thought numerous times about texting him but it never felt like the right time. Or maybe she was just scared. Regardless, whatever apprehension she’d felt before had faded long ago. And now…she simply needed to touch his hand and wanted to be able to look into his eyes.

Just go to him, she chided herself. He still worked at the cafe obviously…her friends had reminded her of that fact over and over. She hadn’t been there at all since the fight and now it just seemed silly to try to make an appearance. It had only been one month since they’d last seen each other. But it was the longest month of her life.

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