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Do you perhaps have a link to a video or an audio (or more) where Minho's lisp is notable? Preferably Korean :) I find his lisp more notable in English, which makes sense, but I've never noticed it when he speaks Korean. I just kind of adore it and I've gotten curious about it after your BN post <3

Of course! Let me put together a compilation for you!

(image included cause you can actually see him lisping…so cute…so pure…admin m is crying)


There’s several instances of it here, in his cover of ‘Good Day.’

In a lot of his raps, his lisp is more pronounced than it is in his singing! In this rap compilation, you can hear a lot of rap-lisps.

Minho being teased for his tone of voice while trying to MC.

Here in a soundbite from his cover of In My Room, you can hear it.

Minho introducing Candy Jelly Love on Music Core.

Minho in 2009 doing the dibidibidis rap has the most cute lisp!

Lispy rapping in Destination.

Lisping while reciting poetry.


This is Japanese, so not exactly what you asked for, but when he is rapping in his cover of キセキ(Miracle) you can hear that pretty lisp.

Actually, now that i think of it, he does tend to lisp a lot in Japanese! Most of it is likely that he is concentrating so hard on speaking a foreign language that the lisp is more pronounced.

A collection of Minho in London, with a lot of lisping to boot.

Minho’s lisp is simply the cutest! He seems to mostly do it while rapping, talking quickly, or speaking another language. One source claims he went to speech therapy for this as a child, but there is no confirmation of this. In our eyes, it’s just one more reason to love Choi Minho!

-Admin M

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Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…

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For every ✍ I get in my inbox, I will reveal a pet peeve I have about rp.


1. i can’t stand a lot of small things personal blogs do. i don’t even mind them following me as much, but at times where it’s either mass-liking content to where i can’t find anything (i mean like, more than ten things in like two minutes), or freaking reblogging threads or stuff that specifically says *mutuals only*- u gh. honestly, i have gotten to the point where i softblock a lot of blogs who are multiple offenders, or immediately softblock if they don’t reply to me when i ask them to delete a reblogged thread or whatever. it’s made me want to block personals altogether several times.

2. people telling me how to play my muses. holy shit. i’ve had this happen maybe twice in my life- and i’m not talking constructive criticism. i’m not talking ‘hey, i think it might make your muse closer to canon if you do x thing’, i’m talking like- extreme. someone who basically wants to rewrite the entirety of my muses, all of my headcanons, etc. if it bothers you so much, why don’t you write them yourself? or, even better yet, simply… don’t follow me or write with me? again!! i love constructive criticism. i don’t like “you fucking suck because you don’t play x muse specifically like x!!!”

3. not. being. able. to. read. seriously. i love fancy themes. i don’t have fancy themes, but i did on some blogs (in example, @starvedshark). but i think there’s a point where you gotta step back. if there’s stuff floating over your text posts that are 150px big in size 8 font, it might be best to consider changing. yeah, mobile themes exist, but it can be more difficult to find some things under them. if a blog is completely illegible, to the point that even highlighting over the text does nothing, i don’t follow it. i try to be careful with my own themes, and have changed them before when people have issues reading it. 

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do you have a list of your favorite zutara fics? i've been having trouble sorting through them all. i just finished his majesty prefers blue and i'm on spring break and need reading material. thanks if you get time to respond to this!

Alright, so I’ve actually been meaning to make a fic rec list of Zutara stuff for a while, but haven’t gotten around to doing it. So here is my compilation of Zutara fics that I have read over the years and absolutely adore. There are definitely a lot more than is listed, but for the time being, this is what I’ve got.

Also, while I was making this, I realized I have an affinity for angst, so if you are looking for super fluffy fics, this is definitely not the place. Lol, my bad.

The italics are the author’s original summaries. Don’t ask me why I didn’t just put them on all of them. I guess I just felt like creating more work for myself. 

Okay. Here we go.

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Hey mod, I really want to start making comics... Until I actually start making a comic and then want nothing more than it to be done already. Which usually leads to a lot of cut corners and poorer quality art. I've never gotten this feeling while doing lengthy lone illustrations, just comic pages. You've always been an inspiration of mine so I thought you might have some sort of advice maybe? Should I just stick with it and keep trying?

Sorry to hear that man, and yeah ngl comics can be draining! Especially the first few times of making them, but really it’s a wonderful medium to tell stories and is so, so worth sticking with; and that’s the best way to learn. Make! Read a lot of comics too, see if you find any in particular compelling- why? Do they experiment with panelling? Is it the dialogue? How do they use colour and backgrounds? Pose the characters? Use dramatic angles? Lighting? Is there something in the work of those you love that you can extract and inject into your own? Find something that excites you about comics, and hold that excitement, try to get it into your own work- be enthused by the potential of your own ideas! Sadly the finished image is almost never going to be as good as the picture in your head, hard fact but true of every artist’s relationship with their art- someone once told me that your head is three years ahead of your hands, and it rings true. What you can do is try your best, take satisfaction in that, and get as close as you can. Make a game of what you have to do- can you make a page with panels all the same? A whole page which is only one panel? A set of panels that make a picture? Another thing is to do something completely different- make a short comic of a totally different story. The reason I do derail into fancomics is not just because I get stories that I want to do for them, but because I know that every time I have I’ve come back to my own with new insight and excitement for what I can do with it. Sometimes a change really is as good as a rest! Anyway, hope some of that helps, but yeah pal if comics is what you want to do you just have to keep keep keep making them happen.

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your most recent video was very different than other stuff i've seen! the thumbnail was misleading though because i mistook it for a 20 min animation which would've been impressive with the particular time frames. i think i loved the video more than if it were to be an animation! maybe it's because i like making fun of anime, idk. i've been following y'all since 2012 and i'm glad y'all have grown like i have! <3

Thank you so much!! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback so far and it makes us really happy. With the way youtube’s been lately, it’s just become harder and harder to make the channel solely about animations only, especially if we want this to remain our job. So we’ve decided to try out some new things while still incorporating animation at the same time, even if it’s little skits inside of a bigger video. c:

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I'm going into my junior year in high school, and I'm on the treasurer of my drama club, paint crew head of the set crew, front person of my school's electric orchestra, in the highest classical orchestra at my school, taking 3 AP classes, dance classes, and working 4 jobs. On top of that, I'm auditioning for both the play and musical, which I've gotten leads in in the past. Am I biting off more than I can chew here? I'm terrified if I do too much, my grades will slip. Any advice?

I applaud you for taking on such an incredible undertaking. Some people work wonderfully under pressure and feel at their best when they’re busy (myself included), but some people prefer to focus on a few things and devote a lot of time to them, while giving themselves the breaks they need to stay under control. You know best which kind of person you are. If you do go for all of this, it will be important to manage your time properly– especially when it comes to performance season, because the rehearsals will likely conflict with at least one of your job schedules. In high school I personally did go the AP route, and I played in the orchestra while working ~25-30 hours per week, but I didn’t have the theatre aspect in addition to all of that. If you manage your time, I believe it can be done (except for maybe the tricky scheduling with your places of employment), but I certainly don’t think you need to MAKE yourself do all of this. If you find that you’re stressing out or not enjoying any part of what you’re doing…then I encourage you to stop doing that. If theatre starts to get to be too much, then it is perfectly okay to step away. If you are finding orchestra practice more stressful than enjoyable…you don’t have to keep playing. I know you probably want to do it all, but remember that you do not HAVE to do it all. You can still be successful even if you quit something. Good luck. xx