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007•100 [22.02.17] 📖💻

I made a digital collage today which was nice, but I was really hoping for a more energetic day. I am glad I decided to have a calming bath though, it is good to take time out.

Don’t Dream It’s Over - Crowded House

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I seriously can't wait any longer!! I want the second album already and new mvs

I don’t just want MV’s. I want HIGH QUALITY, EXPENSIVE, OVERSEAS MV’S! My boys deserve to spend and invest, that money they earned for the company, for their comeback!

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Has Chris ever met Beardie?

Of course.  She was handed a role filming bts on glee so there could be on set photos and she could babysit Darren.  I think this picture perfectly sums up how he feels about her

And if that doesn’t tell a thousand stories. The characters of Ezmia and Morina sure do.  

Honestly. Chris is around a lot more than people think.  I think he and Darren are not separated nearly as often as people think and I believe  he has been present for many a bearding trip.  

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What do you do when Ech0gaming starts liking your art and your afraid she might steal it?

Block her?? lmao I blocked her cause I didn’t want her to steal my art anymore. Maybe on the next art piece you make put down “don’t steal my art without permission/credit from me”  Or you can post your art in other places like Deviantart. Put your name on your art, that’s a habit you should get as an artist. For me I usually ignore art thieves now, but that’s easy for me to say seeing how I have a lot more followers and more people know what’s my art. So just  pay more attention to yourself then what others are doing. You’ll be too hard on yourself if you pay attention to others too much.

But don’t stop doing art please, I seen so many artists stop drawing cause of people stealing their art. But don’t let other people make you stop, if they are trying to steal your art you gotta be doing something right. Keep your head high and be strong. Cause you can be happy knowing you don’t have to steal art to be an artist. So don’t worry every good artist had to go through people trying to take their art so your not alone. I hope this was helpful and I hope for the best for you dude!

Theories and Headcanons #1

you know how people are always like “durr hurr zoro stopped laughing when sanji joined the crew! that has to mean something riiiiight?” which either hints at zosan or god knows what but actually… in my opinion…

well what else happened at the time sanji joined? what, zoro was fighting mihawk and almost died? he lost to the person he considers both greatest enemy and goal to overcome by defeating him? im sure that wouldnt have ANY effect on his motivation and determination, riiiiight? (/sarcasm.)

I dont think Zoro really stopped laughing anyways, but hes not shown laughing after the baratie arc very much, or at least not like before. I think that maybe, losing to mihawk and making a vow to both his captain and his enemy to never lose again made him take things a bit more seriously. He probably also realized that there are a lot more dangers in the world they dont know yet (see: people cutting ships in half) so I think he started watching out more both for him and his captain amd crew, because he knew luffy isnt exactly danger-aware at all times. maybe that made him more serious and I guess, mature?

and not, you know, luffys Random Crew Member Recruit Of The Week™.

Dr. Doe + Wellesley

2/23/17 I will be speaking at Wellesley College in the Student Center at 7 PM. I hope you’re there because it’s a lot more fun when I get to learn with people who get me. 

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Hello!! Sorry if you've already talked about this before, but do you have any thoughts on Tenko? o/ I love your blog!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually answered a question just about Tenko herself! Thank you so much for asking, anon!

As with fanart, it’s hard to find content of Tenko just on her own. I love, absolutely love her with Himiko as a ship, and I find her interactions with some of the other characters very fun or sweet, but I really wish there were more appreciation for her on her own. It’s true that she perhaps doesn’t get the most time to stand alone even within canon, but still. I love Tenko, and I feel like with characters who make similar sacrifices like Kaede and Momota, it’s important to remember Tenko as being really great all around and appreciating her as a character in her own right.

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I'm a Scorpio rising and Scorpio dominant, and I stare a lot. Not because I want to scare people but more that I focus on people a lot and think really deeply and sometimes I forget to move my eyes lol... sometimes I stare people right into their eyes and they get scared and look away just out of fun. I've also stared at my dog and he barks whenever I do this and then goes crazy and runs around the house. I must be pretty scary with my eyes huh ?

I mean, it’s scary and creepy but like, I’m deeply intrigued by it? Not everybody can have laser sharp focus for a long time lol.

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I just saw someone blaming Reylos for being responsible for 9/11 and Columbine. I'm sure Adam Driver would be disgusted to hear that, considering he became a Marine because of what happened on 9/11. They probably think Adam is directly responsible since he plays Kylo Ren. I don't understand how people became like this over movies and fictional characters. I'm starting to get turned off by fandom culture. It's becoming too extreme. Star Wars fandom is probably the worst I've seen so far. :(

Star Wars fandom is pretty bad, but outside of tumblr it’s a lot more comfortable and even if people don’t agree most people won’t be calling you a nazi for it. I think I saw what post you were talking about and part of me hopes they’re just trolls looking for attention. The thing that makes it so hard is that people have wrote serious posts like that so that makes it hard to distinguish trolls.

Birthday Girl - Bucky x Reader One Shot



Originally posted by little--batman

You were literally punching the bag with all you had. It was a great way to relieve yourself after finding out that your douche of a boyfriend was too busy with his shitty job to come hang out with you on your birthday. Whatever, you had the Avengers to hang out with you. What was better than a birthday with the Avengers?

Apparently, everything. Natasha and Clint were on a mission, Wanda and Vision were going on a date, Dr. Banner and Tony were hard at work on their experiments, Steve was training, and Thor was in Asgard. So now you were alone in the gym, punching the absolute shit out of a punching bag, and moping.


You nearly hit the ceiling when you jumped. Glaring, you spun around to see Bucky. 

Oh, yeah.

You had forgotten about him. Bucky was a nice guy and all, but he was quiet and usually kept to himself. Conversations with him were always extremely awkward, so you tried to avoid him when you could. Besides, he was really only awkward with you and fine with all the other Avengers, so you had just assumed he didn’t like you, and that was that.

You were pretty wrong.

“Holy fucking shit, Buck, you could knock once and a while,” you spat, wiping sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand.

He almost shrank back to the doorway, and you saw a brief look of hurt cross his face, so you mumbled a sorry, and he nodded to acknowledge it had actually been audible. “So… uh… what are you doing? You were being so loud that I thought Steve was in here.”

Oh, that made sense. He had only come in because he thought you were Steve. “I broke up with my boyfriend today. The douche bag wouldn’t even take a day off work for my birthday. He never hangs out with me anymore. I had always questioned if he actually even cared anymore but… anyway, that’s not what you asked. I’m punching a bag.” You shook your head and tapped the bag.

The punching bag’s cover literally split and sand poured out onto the floor. Oh Lord. How hard had you been punching?! “Jesus Christ, (name). Tony will never believe that you did that. Now I’m going to have to take responsibility for it,” Buck joked, the corners of his mouth tugging up. He let out the smile that had been bubbling to the surface. And he even laughed.

Your jaw must have dropped to the floor, because he stopped.

“What?” He asked, as if seeing him smile or laugh or do both at the same time wasn’t a totally rare thing that happened once every seven decades. 

“You just smiled… and laughed…” You told him, as if that explained the stunned look on your face.

“Uh… yeah. I do possess the ability to do that, you know,”

“Oh…” You turned back to the bag… that was now just casing flapping around. “Wow… okay… I didn’t know I was that strong… alright then.”

“Steve probably used it before you, so it was already weak.” Bucky explained. He saw the questioning look on your face, and he raised his hands in exasperation. “Or it was just you! Jesus!”

“What about him?”

“Haha. Funny,”

“So… I’m going to clean this up and then go celebrate my birthday… alone.” You shrugged, heading for the supply closet to grab a broom and a dust pan. 

“Okay.” Buck said, and then left.

What an asshole! Had he not heard you! You felt angry as you snatched the broom and dust pan out of the closet and walked back to the mess. You took a few deep breaths. Whatever, who needed him on their birthday anyway? He was a jerk, just like your loser-of-a-boyfriend.


Finally, the huge pile was now in a trash bag. Sweaty and covered in sand, you walked to the elevator and headed for the lobby. If you were going to celebrate your birthday alone, you might as well celebrate it at your own apartment instead of Stark Tower. 


You unlocked the door and was surprised to see a man sitting on your couch, a birthday cake on the coffee table and balloons everywhere. You whipped out your gun, but after seeing that it was just Bucky, you put it back in it’s holster. “I don’t recall giving you a key or permission,” you scowled.

“Happy birthday, (name),” Buck said, ignoring your upset tone. He got up and walked over to you, closing the apartment door behind you and locking it. “Sorry that I was a jerk earlier. I couldn’t let you suspect anything.”

You looked around. It was set up for a party. You smiled. “Is anyone else here? Were they all in on this, too?”

“Uh… no,” Bucky told you, brushing a stray piece of hair behind his ear. “I kind of did this at the last second on my own. I hope you like chocolate cake. I will admit, I kind of got it for myself, I’ve always liked chocolate cake and I haven’t had any for a while.”

“Buck… you did this on your own? For me?”

“Y - yeah…”

You pulled him down and kissed him on the lips. He held your face in his hands, making it even more passionate. It lasted for a while until he pulled back. “Let’s eat cake before we continue this, birthday girl.” He teased, heading for the couch.

jilliechansimagination replied to your quote “Don’t just think of them as pathogens, think of them as friends!”


there are actually loads of bacteria that serve important & beneficial functions! one example is gut flora, which are in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with humans (and other organisms). the human microbiome is actually huge, bacteria do a lot more for us than most people think

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I made my own prompt blog called letmehelpyouwrite. Do you have any advice for me on running a prompt blog?


-Tag your stuff! It’s kinda tedious but you’ll have a lot more people noticing it 

-Consistency! Try to post regularly. Queue things up too! I had a routine where I’d wake up, post three prompts, and then get ready for school and stuff. (Don’t have this routine anymore because I suck haha) 

-If you want people to send in requests for prompts make sure your ask box is titled “asks or requests” or something along those lines 

-If you start adding other mods make sure they introduce themselves 

-Make your blog unique! Start a series of prompts in a certain style (i.e. our set of three prompts) people like things that are different and they won’t find anywhere else! 

-Don’t be discouraged if it takes awhile for people to notice your blog you’ll get there 

Good luck! 

@letmehelpyouwrite <—- psst, hey, you reading this, follow them! 

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

tips for writing Star Wars fanfic/Star Wars roleplay things

  • it’s not concrete; it’s duracrete
  • viewports are the windows on ships
  • not a plane; ship or speeder
  • it’s not steel; it’s durasteel
  • books are rare; holorecords or datapads
  • it’s not a glass pane it’s transparisteel
  • caf is the equivalent of coffee
  • it’s not paper it’s a flimsi
  • medcenter is a hospital

Star Wars can be very similar to things we’re already used to, but getting familiar with some of these terms can make your writing really fit in with the universe