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headcanons about eddie getting shitfaced at a party and richie taking care of him??? also maybe richie and eddie arent dating yet >:)

Wowie, 1k of us is quite a lot isn’t it, thank you so much for putting up with my bullshit content

This probably isn’t what you wanted and I’m sorry but I had a nice time writing these (sorry for any typos it’s been a long day)

- In this they aren’t dating yet but I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are or aren’t (the Headcanons work either way)

- okay so the first time Richie convinced Eddie to drink was meant to be ‘just an experiment’

- Richie just wanted to see how his beloved Eddie spaghetti would act drunk

- He expected him to just be hyper aware and cautious of everything, like an amplified version of his usual self

- boi was Richie in for a shock

- So the losers got invited to a college party (they cool in college)

- and of course Richie sees his chance to get Eddie drunk, he had it all planned out

- however by the time he gets there, Eddie is with a small group of people Richie doesn’t know and he’s already very intoxicated

- Eddie spots him at the door and instantly, points at him and yells ‘LOOK, THATS MY BOYFRIEND’

- Richie already knows he’s in for a hell of a night

- He’s also the loser’s dedicated driver for the night, he and Bill are the only ones with a car and Bill was on a mission to get drunk

- Eddie runs over to him, wrapping his arms around Richie’s neck and pulls him down to kiss his cheek

- Richie instinctively puts a hand on the small of Eddie’s back to balance him as he crashes into him

- ‘Hey Eds, having fun?’

- Eddie just squishes his face against Richie’s and hums agreement

- They hang around and talk to everyone for a few hours but Richie honestly isn’t feeling it

- so he drags Eddie outside, past the patio and into the massive garden

- He finds a nice bench just past a few bushes and decides that’s where they’ll sit

- Eddie pretty much turns into an octopus at that point, one arm around Richie’s neck and the other around his waist whilst his face pressed against his neck

- Richie thought it was adorable

- From the distance, they can hear people back in the house laughing which for some reason makes Eddie burst out laughing too

- his head falling from Richie’s neck to rest in his lap, gazing up at Richie as his laugh calms to a giggle

- 'You’re something else, spaghetti man’

- 'Fuck did you just call me, bitch! Don’t use that language’

- This causes Eddie to start telling/yelling at Richie about everything

- Eddie takes Richie’s hand and starts playing with his fingers as his continues his barley understandable ranting

- Richie just watches and tries to listen to him with adoration

- eventually Eddie stops mid sentence and looks at Richie as if he’d grown another head


- 'What’s wrong Eddie?!’

- Eddie takes a rough handful of Richie’s hair, bringing Richie down towards him and starts messing with the dark curls

- 'Where the heck did you learn to get hair like this’

- Richie’s decides to mess with him

- 'Eddie, you’ll never believe this but I grew it all by myself’

- 'Really?! That’s wild!’

- Eventually Eddie pulls Richie down even closer and wraps his arms around his neck whilst burying his face into Richie’s hair

- He knows sober Eddie would never do this in such a public place so he enjoys the moments as much as he can

- eventually he feels Eddie start to kiss his neck and just melts into the moment

- because honestly, this is Richie’s fantasies right here

- He’s just so relaxed and what Eddie is doing just feels so good

- Eddie pulls away with a cute smirk on his face

- 'Woopsie’

- 'Fucking vampire is what you are, Eds’

- They continue like that for a while, Richie ended up with his shirt being stretched down and marks covering his neck and collarbones

- however, all good things must come to an end and this beautiful moment ended with Eddie getting a headache

- 'Oh my fuck, I think my brain is gonna explode’

- So Richie decides to call it a night, he collects the losers one by one

- or in Stan and Bills case, two at a time, as they refused to let go of each other for even a second

- He makes sure they all get back home safely, Stan deciding to stay with Bill

- 'You can’t leave me billiam, not like this!!’

- Richie takes Eddie home with him, with Eddie still complaining about his headache and Richie knowing Mrs K won’t be happy about the current state of son

- so Richie wrestles Eddie into his bedroom , with Eddie clinging to him and his hair

- He’s surprised when Eddie actually changes into the sweats and tshirt he throws at him

- He tucks Eddie into his bed and hops in next to him

- He puts one hand in Eddie’s hair and the other around his waist as Eddie grabs his face and cuddles his head against his chest

- the next morning Eddie’s headache is so much worse and he just cuddles Richie closer in attempts to ease his pain

- This obviously wakes Richie up and he out of bed fetching painkillers before Eddie can even complain at the lack of warmth

- On his way back, Eddie notices the array of purple and blue marks on his neck

- Eddie is kinda angry because how dare Richie let someone else give him hickies whilst he’s drunk

- 'Who the FUCK gave you those?! I am ready to fight whoever it was’

- 'You’ll be fighting yourself then’

- Eddie just blushes and accepts the painkillers

- he doesn’t know if he’s happy or really upset that he doesn’t remember last night

Add more because I love this concept - xo

how to spot the signs
  • (usually sun or moon, rarely rising)
  • Aries: they may interrupt someone talking without noticing, may inadvertently turn the conversation into something about them or something they're passionate about, will have trouble hiding their moods, will be open in conversations and even if shy, will be fairly direct and straightforward, if you've known them for a little while they are the type to always say 'hi' first and make an effort.
  • Taurus: will seem to comfortable no matter where they are, will make witty jokes often but be more straightforward if you know each other better. complainers but also self-reliant. will talk about relationships a lot (if in one) and other than that will love discussing "pleasure" - favourite shows/food/places
  • Gemini: will talk faster than most, may tell stories leaving out important details, will be excitable and probably fidget a lot, the type to actually roll their eyes when annoyed, witty, laughs a lot, "in the moment"
  • Cancer: will "oh" a lot, ask you questions about yourself, if you ask them what's been going on for them lately they often won't hesitate to tell you everything! they complain as a way to vent but will speak highly of those they care about
  • Leo: will somehow turn the conversation into something about them, if the conversation bores them they might actually space out, will tell jokes and be very friendly. if they really like you, they'll talk about you a little more, will not care if "insulted" in a friendly way, easy-going, can sometimes inadvertently insult someone (e.g I would never do something like that)
  • , dramatic
  • Virgo: is quiet, almost docile but stern. will rarely try to make themselves the subject of the conversation, will talk about things they've overcome or believe in, will do small things "nit picky things" (e.g their locker might be a mess but they wipe the excess water of their water bottle with a napkin after very sip)
  • Libra: not necessarily shy but if everyone is talking they won't butt in, they'll remain quiet and possibly just smile. they seem to be almost easily intimidated even if they aren't, they will talk about being fair a lot (but then say something that completely isn't), they will use manners a lot and do subtle things to make sure you are comfortable, they can become very suddenly agitated
  • Scorpio: will be mostly easy going yet very intense. they will not really talk unless spoken to but once they do they can often talk for hours! they are emotional which makes them very good at telling stories/joining in with conversations - is often surprisingly comical. very "relatable" type people
  • Sagittarius: loud, friendly and welcoming. can be preachy and if given the chance will talk about their goals, they have an overall "chill" vibe. they like everything to have an element of fun so that's what they'll try to do. sometimes can seem arrogant because they "know more than you", dramatic
  • Capricorn: will seem calm, sometimes "stiff", sometimes they're breathing might even seem "stiff". they're overall friendly but are straightforward, they aren't afraid of confrontation but are usually civil, they want to have "easy" conversations and usually not too much stimulation
  • Aquarius: they zone out a lot, some will pretend to be "weird" and that's all they can talk about, others seem to have "deep" conversations while at other times seem to tell stories that are actually go nowhere leaving everyone confused, will talk about their beliefs a lot, will "argue" (debate) a lot, all knowing, friendly
  • Pisces: very relaxed vibe usually, usually great conversationalist because they talk and listen equal amounts, sometimes they seem spacey when no one is talking to them, often jokes a lot and is very fond of self deprecating humour. may even be clumsy. prone to being teary, even when laughing.

@skamisako here is part twooo <3 

  • who gives unprompted massages - If they are not together in a room (and even then, too) they are in textual contact. Unpromted? They don’t know her.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick - Hmmmmmmm, that’s a tie.

    Even is a silent sick person. Means he won’t complain so much about a sore throat until he has a 40C fever. Isak tries his absolute best (without complaining about it one bit) to care for him. He makes soup (this means he is on the phone for an hour with Noora, from grocery shopping “What even is a leek?!” - well he’s allowed to complain a bit here - to what he should add when and what spices to use “You’re sure I should not add kardemomme”). And Even melts a bit when he eats it in bed with all the hoodies and blankets they own surrounding him. Never mind the tea. We’re not talking about the tea right now. Shhhh.

    Isak when sick, is not so silent. He is not a grumpy sick but a clingy sick. And with his flushed cheeks and red eyes always looks adorably like he’s about to cry. So, Even will cuddle the sickness right out of him. Strokes his head or his stomach, lets Isak sleep on him, listens to the on going list of “Oh, and I have a muscle ache. And! Even! My ears hurt. Ah, when I swallow it stings.” Not in his usual grumpy voice when he complains but in a small and whiney voice. In short Isak needs even more affection and attention when he’s sick and Even showers him with it. 

  • who gets jealous easiest - Isak. Even tho I don’t think they get jealous very often, and if so, internalise it more than being loud about it. *looks at the explanation of the ep5 fight judgingly* 

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music - I mean. Even. Even Even Even. He is such a dork. Haha…ha… can’t relate..hah… *hits play on Gabrielle’s new album, puts sunglasses on, dances aggressively*

  • who collects something unusual - Even. Isak does not really collect anything, apart from Even’s drawings. He’s pretty minimalistic with the stuff he owns or gets, he’s messy but does not own a lot of clutter. Even on the other hand lives for the aestethic. So, if there is something he likes, like unusal or artsy beer coasters in bars, he collects them. 

  • who takes the longest to get ready - Even. Have you seen the hair. When in need, a snapback isn’t far from Isak’s reach. 

  • who is the most tidy and organised - …. [crickets chirp] …. neither. 

  • who gets most excited about the holidays - Even. Isak Nei Vilde we don’t have a christmas tree?? Valtersen does not care so much about the holidays. He will, in a few years, but for now it still sounds like arguments and disappointment for him. For Even it means home made cookies, presents, loud family dinner, fun and warmth. He and the other Bech Næsheims will make sure Isak will associate that with christmas, too.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon - Even is the little spoon. Like I said in the first part, when they fall asleep Isak has a place reserved on Even’s chest, but in sleep Even will wrap up in the duvet and curl up, being spooned by Isak. 

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports - Isak. He is the MASTER, ok? Even is just chuckling and ruffling through Isak’s hair when he is particularitly adorable (which means always tbh).

  • who starts the most arguments - Hmmm. Oooh. Hmmm. I don’t know. Probably Isak, because I think Even would be more silently hurt than get angry… Then again he does get frustrated and hmmm, ok, pass, I don’t know. 

  • who suggests that they buy a pet - Even!! He wants a puppy. (And he will most probably get his wish as you can read here.)

  • what couple traditions they have - Well, there is ‘date night‘ which - to the dismay of the boysquad - means nachos and a movie at home. Hmm, then there are the traditions of brunch at the kollektivet (not weekly anymore, but at least once a month) and dinner at Even’s parents house (pretty much every thursday), but those are not couple traditions so hmm. After a tests or exams there will be a rewarding foot massage, if that counts?
  • what tv shows they watch together - LISTEN. All the good shows. Isak may not be a movie nerd but he has binged his fair share of shows, ok? So, now that game of thrones is back on, they will defo watch it together. And if Even sometimes loads the stream and can’t resist to watch the first ten minutes and then jumps guiltily when Isak enters their flat, there will be shame *ding* shame *ding* shame *ding* foot rubs as well. (To be honest, foot massages are not just handled as a reward but its their currancy for everything). 

  • what other couple they hang out with - Jonas and Eva, duh, and now that Yousef is back, they will go on a double date with Yousana on friday, so maybe with them if it works out well. Also, well, Mags and Vilde are there a lot when they meet their friends but they don’t usually do double date stuff. (Not consciously, but When Mags finds out about the Evak + Jova/Yousana stuff they will tho)

  • how they spend time together as a couple - uuuhm, ok so 
    1) Waking up together 
    2) Breafast together 
    3) (Sometimes) Showering together 
    4) Sexy Time 
    5) Meeting friends 
    6) Working out together
    7) Gorvery Sho- ok can we just agree they spent a LOT of time together 
    The how confuses me a little to be honest. I mean they nose nuzzle a lot and theres banter. *runs away from this question*

  • who made the first move - One word. Paper Towels. … Ok, thats two. Two words. 

  • who brings flowers home - Even brings Isak flowers home allll the time. (I actually already did that as a HC … HEH

  • who is the best cook - For this question, let me just give you this look: 

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Before the End of Halloween

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Summary: Nat gives you a list on Halloween.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff

Word Count: 2,758 words

Warnings: Just a bunch of fluff, basically. Maybe a little bit of cursing but I don’t think so.

A/N: This is for the lovely @just-some-drabbles 4k followers writing challenge. My prompt was autumn, although it is more Halloween than anything else. I kept on stopping and then starting again, so hopefully it turned out okay. Enjoy! 

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Please do the drunken thing for bts too 😻 im seriously obsessed with your blog

Hey, anon, do you hate me yet? lol I took so long to get you. Please blame the stars. Not me. I swear I’m nice. Anyway. Most of these guys have a few placements talking about being depressed now and then so I’ll just write about how it’d be if they were on a good day, ok? Here we go:

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The New Doctor

Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Rating: PG
Length: Just about 2k. 
Author’s Notes: I actually finished writing something for the fytopkey challenge! lol I have a billion other things that are unfinished, but here have a fluffy little piece! 

Summary: There’s a new doctor at the hospital, and Jonghyun thinks he sounds too good to be true. 

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every time i see people whining about the sims 4 i just get so annoyed like heres my thoughts:

  1. no more open world. im not upset about this at all, because that was part of the problem that causes people to not be able to run this game properly. the open world is what made the loading screen take like 15 minutes to run. the worlds are partially open though, which is fun because you have a lot more sims in one spot. i cant tell you how annoying it is when you try to go to a club in the sims and have NO ONE BE THERE! its gonna be fun and crowded so your sim can meet more people and have more fun, plus you can still travel between the neighborhoods to do more stuff. AND this allows you to play with more than one family in a town! remember the beautiful days of the sims 2 where if you got bored with one family you could save them and go play with another, then come back to that family later and have everything be just as you left it. that was better than abandoning one family to do as they please. the open world of the sims 3 was what put me off buying the game for like over a year. i cant commit to one family in a game, and now i can mess around with more than one in a town, which is exciting!
  2. toddlers. are. annoying. im glad they put baby and toddler together cuz toddlers are so pointless, when you make your sims have a baby and you gotta take care of this dumb little baby that cant even move, then it FINALLY ages up then its just a toddler, again i cant do much with it. they cant interact with each other, they just sit there and be taken care of, and since theyve put the two life stages together (making you able to actually do things with babies) youll actually get more out of it when they finally age up, because theyll be a child who can do things on their own, instead of being a needy toddler which is hardly a step up from a baby. so i find this change good.
  3. teenager height is probably the most petty thing to hate ive ever seen. yes its kind of lame that theyre the same height as the adults, but honestly youre acting as if its impossible for teenagers to be the same height as their parents? the reason for that is probably because of all the stuff theyve put into the creative tools, it left it hard for the models to be shorter without glitching out on the body shapes, ei: stomachs and chests meshing together in blocky ways. this change is so small and insignificant, its not that frustrating at all, and its understandable in the least.
  4. no pools. yes this one is actually frustrating, but i didnt really use pools that much in my previous game and i dont think its that big of a disaster to take out? theyll probably come back with an expansion pack later on. i feel like the real reason people are mad about this is because they cant drown their sims anymore.
  5. no more create a style. alright, maybe this was just me but uhhh, create a style CRASHED MY GAME! when opened the check mark and x button were both greyed out. i had to restart my game all cuz of damn create a style. i did recently figure out how to get it to work properly by clicking on certain things, but let me just say it is FRUSTRATING. on another note, a lot of the time the stles would be ugly and flat and out of place on certain designs. in the sims 4 the colour selections on clothing items are quite varied with different styles placed into different clothing without looking tacky or out of place, so to me really, the lack of create a style is not a loss. sure maybe its a loss to no longer be able to put patterns on outfits that really werent meant to have them, but i find the selections the sims 4 has more tasteful and interesting. PLUS you can literally ORGANIZE and SEARCH for items based on colour, texture AND style, so thats pretty neat!
  6. not watching my sims go to work or school is like, not a loss for me? you could never enter those buildings and why should you be able to? theres nothing to do. if you want to actively be involved in someones job in a game you can buy those kinds of games. not watching your sims head into some building for 6 hours is not a loss, plus now you can control what they do on the way home. remember how they mentioned “away actions”? that sounds interesting and new.
  7. a lack of clothing stores/grocery stores is like… again not much loss because they give you every item in cas, clothing shopping was available in sims 2, not sims 3 because they let you have more outfits in sims 3, and in sims 4 you can give them multiple outfits for every type RIGHT IN CAS! thats so great, and you dont have to stick to whatever they give you for pjs/formal/athletic anymore, you can unfilter it out and wear any item of clothing thats available in the game, which is soooooo much better now
  8. loading screens are no big deal like…. i much prefer to wait 30 seconds sometimes to waiting 15 MINUTES to load a game and then having it freeze on me when i try to move around the world. theyre not even EVERYWHERE theyre just between neighborhoods (and changing private lots was it? im not sure) so its not that severe
  9. other complaining about gameplay…. theres still two months till this game comes out, we havent seen a lot yet but that doesnt mean its not there? we just havent seen it yet because theyve been selling the new stuff, but emotions seem fun and new and i cant wait to see how they work cuz im sure itll be fun and unique

it honestly feels to me like no one remembers all the problems there are with the sims 3? that it isnt actually a perfect game at all, i found sims 2 more enjoyable and easier to play, but what the benefit of sims 3 was was the character traits. this game puts the good stuff from sims 2 and the good stuff from sims 3 together but with prettier sims with more unique gameplay and i am just SO excited! and i get to play it on my birthday at 9, so even MORE exciting.

idk i just feel like people really gotta chill

also listen to and have a little bit more respect for the sim gurus and please read this before you complain about them taking stuff out and putting other stuff in cuz yall really dont know how this stuff works but they DO