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Can we have a comic like Sans's introducing the askers?

Sure thing ;D

Sorry for not doing this sooner x’D no internet land and commissions are certainly something ;P


When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

people thinking kindly of tyrion lannister
(happy birthday @alayneestone ♥)

very relatable overwatch #feels

bad shit edition | good shit edition

  • five skulls in front of you while playing a non-mercy support
  • five skulls in front of you while playing mercy but not having res ready
  • chokespam
  • chokespam from the enemy junkrat/s
  • mei walling the choke
  • not being able to push past reinhardt’s sheild
  • just barely missing cover during d.va/pharah/reaper/etc.’s ult
  • killed by the enemy flankers as mercy/lucio 
  • killing exactly one person w/ your ult
  • being the only person to die to an enemy ult
  • killing no people w/ your ult
  • holding the point solo as lucio
  • seeing in the killcam the person who killed you was definitely not aiming for you
  • seeing in the killcam mei doing her freeze/wait/headshot
  • the killcam
  • being friendly w/ an enemy but then someone comes and kills either one of you
  • nailed by hanzo halfway across the map
  • nailed by mccree halfway across the map
  • retreating for health w/ 3hp and getting chipshot by tracer/genji
  • chipshot killed by a faraway reaper
  • three widowmakers on your team
  • three torbjorns on the enemy team
  • trying (nd failing) to stealth while enemy widow’s ulted
  • bastion snagging the potg when your play was totally viable
  • torbjorn potg where he’s definitely not doing shit
    • or he’s dead/coming back from spawn
  • unboxing three dupes
  • unboxing white blue blue white
  • unboxing white blue gold white and getting that legendary you hate
  • wishing trading was a thing
    • but also being glad we aint have to deal w/ the tf2conomy here
  • your ‘one more game’ turning into your 2nd last game because you’re 20 xp from lvling up
  • your ‘one more game’ turning into 20 more because you’re in hell and you’ve accepted it

feel free to add more


Alright, I went to the Cal Academy of Sciences yesterday, located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Now, this park has a LOT of memorials and statues, so there are a TON of Pokéstops. If you want to make your Pokémon adventure worth it and you’re in the SF Bay Area, PLEASE go to Golden Gate Park. It’s the biggest park in the bay, and there are gyms and Pokéstops galore. There are also lots and lots of Pokémon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rustling grass. Even while I was in the Academy of Science, there were Pokéstops inside the museum and aquarium. I leveled up twice while there.

i think centi’s gem looks a bit like a trapiche emerald ! i see the similarities with the maw sit sit too and itd be so cool if gurgle click click meant that

Emerald, especially trapiche emerald, is a very popular suggestion for Centi’s gem, yeah! Thanks for the neat photo.

Okay, I have to go on a little rant. I get so frustrated when Rose Tyler is dismissed as being, “just a teenager.” She didn’t stay a teen forever! Come on!!

She was 19 when she met the Doctor, and she traveled with him for approximately two years. (I give it 18 months-3 years, and personally lean towards the higher end.) That means she was 21-22 when she was trapped in Pete’s World.

Then she was there for about three years–just judging by how old her brother was in SE/JE. So now she’s AT LEAST 24.

Plus she saw and did a lot in traveling with the Doctor. She was an average nineteen-year-old, but by the time they were separated, she’d matured far past her 21 years. On Krop Tor, it was Rose who took charge and got the Sanctuary Base crew working together–not Zach or Jefferson. Rose probably had more experience with dangerous situations than Zach, and she had more experience getting people to see their potential than either man.

So can we stop dismissing her as just a teenager? She was an adult woman who learned a lot travelling with the Doctor.

And just to say it–her feelings for him were not a teenage crush. They might have started as infatuation (because hello, most romantic love does!), but they deepened into something real and long-lasting. It was not puppy love.

Improving Your Aim in Overwatch (for PC)

I’ve been watching videos, reading articles, playing flash games and tinkering with settings for the past week, and I decided to make a post summarizing what I’ve taken away from it in case it might help anyone else.

1. Safety and posture
This is important enough I’m putting it first - take care of your hands. Take care of your wrists. If you are in pain while you play, STOP. It’s far more important to rest and heal than to keep playing and risk permanent injury. It’s also easier to aim when you have good computer posture.

Move your arm, not just your hand, to move your mouse. Don’t rest your arm on the table and pivot just from your wrist if you can help it. The wider the range of motion you have available without changing position, the better your reaction time and aim precision. 

2. Settings
This is pretty widely known already, but it can help your aim a decent amount just to turn off mouse acceleration. I don’t know how to disable it on any other system, but in Windows you go into your mouse settings, go to pointer options, and uncheck “enhance pointer precision.” Most of the videos and articles I’ve found also recommend setting your pointer speed to the sixth notch here.

There are other mouse settings to mess with if you have a gaming mouse and you can adjust the DPI, but if you have a gaming mouse you probably already know how to do that.

Within the game itself, under controls, it’s important to tinker with the mouse sensitivity setting after you’ve done the previous and see what feels best for you. Lower is better, so only go as high as you need to to feel comfortable with your range of motion.

It’s also helpful to try out various reticle settings to see what works best for you. For me, a green reticle set to short crosshairs works the best - the green pops more for me than any other color, and the short crosshairs is just preference. I also like the dot sometimes.

3. In-Game Aiming Practice
From this video - basically, set up a custom game and fill the enemy team only with Anas on hard.

Then go into the settings and change the following:

  • Rule set from Quick Play to Skirmish
  • Damage modifier to 200%
  • Healing modifier to 25% (optional, preferable for practicing with heroes who won’t one-hit kill Ana with a headshot like Tracer, because Ana’s biotic grenade will still heal her).


  • Headshots Only to On

What this gives you is a playground for the next 30 minutes filled with a bunch of grumpy moms plinking at you uselessly for you to practice getting headshots on with no risk of taking damage yourself, because Ana cannot headshot. She’ll dance around you, shoot at you harmlessly, and occasionally punch you or throw down a biotic grenade, which also will not harm you (though you’ll still see the poison effect on your screen.)

My favorite heroes to practice like this are McCree and Widowmaker, but you can do it with any character whose basic attack can get headshots.

These characters’ basic attacks DO NOT headshot:
Pharah, Junkrat, Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya, Ana, Symmetra

Note: Mei’s primary fire does not headshot, but her secondary fire does.

4. osu!
osu! is a rhythm game a lot like Stepmania, but instead of pressing arrows on your keyboard, you click bubbles to the beat. This is apparently a very popular practice exercise for MOBA players. Download it here, play the tutorial, and then download some beatmaps and see if you like it.

5. Flash games/apps
Aimbooster - The one I’ve seen the most often, this is specifically made for aiming practice and has a bunch of different modes and options to try out.

Shoot - Follow a moving target and shoot it, get scored on your accuracy at the end. Very simple. For the love of god, turn off the sound.

Cursor Invisible - Click on plates to break them, except that after the first few seconds, your cursor becomes invisible. You need a good awareness of where your pointer is at all times and a good awareness of how far the cursor will move when you move the mouse. A single misclick will end the game.

Curveball - 3D Pong, basically.

Why not just play the game? You’ll learn better aim as you go!
You will, yes, but you can speed this improvement by also doing aiming practice outside of matches. Writers do writing exercises and drabbles, artists sketch and do speedpaints, musicians practice their basic chords and scales - there’s more than one way to improve your talent in an area, and spending some time focusing solely on aiming and getting a feel for it unhindered will improve your aim in matches far faster than just doing matches alone.

Feel free to add more resources if you have any!

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Hey friend! You're amazing, beautiful and adorable, and you deserve to be happy - never forget that! I love you! <3

Shhhh no shut your mouth annon im not you stop that uwu.

Here are some people you SHOULD love, they are all amazing and deserve that love and more followers and kind messages <3.