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PG Unicorn Gundam (Part 1 - Accessories)

After approximately 10 days of cutting, shaving plastic, painting and assembling, I’m finally done with my the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. For Part 1 of this review series, I’d like to present the accessories for the mobile suit. The base colour for the bazooka, beam magnum rifle and beam gatling guns were spray painted with Tamiya gunmetal, while selected areas were later, or separately coloured with Tamiya silver-leaf. Custom painting the bazooka muzzle with silver was the most time-consuming and challenging as I had to individually mask 20 of those holes after a coat of gunmetal before painting it silver. 

Despite being a PG kit, the weapons and shields are generally scaled-up versions of the MG kit with not that many individual or elaborate parts, which would otherwise make custom painting a lot easier. 

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Hii sorry, could you explain (briefly!) what a "fall guy" is? I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you <3

A fall guy is the same as a scapegoat, or someone that is set up (whether or not they know it) to take the blame or blowback for something. In this case, I think there could be two possible reasons for being so obvious with who was tweeting from the 1D account.  

First of all, one of the 1D fandoms at large favorite thing to do is villify someone, and giving the fandom a specific name and face to villify for their constant screwups wouldn’t surprise me. Because for a ton of this fandom it is a lot easier to villify one specific person or a couple of people rather than organizations and corporations as a whole.  So complaining about how incompetent a specific person running an account is strikes a lot harder than complaining about how incompetent a faceless social media team from the Rye Social or Syco is. With that said for the love of god don’t send anyone hate. 

 It also could be an offshoot of Syco, etc trying to save face in the long run and humanizing the account again.  

Those two ideas are pretty diametrically opposed and I don’t know what it means but pulling the curtain back to the extent it was is notable.

  • Interviewer:How hard has it been to stay true to your original ideas now that you have become more famous?
  • Andy:When we started out we could have gone to a major label but we wanted to build a fan-base rather than buy one... Nowadays the internet helps a lot. It makes it easier to stay in touch with fans. We have blogs, we have meet and greets at every show, and on our website the bassist answers a question every day from the kids.

honestly I’m so confused abt my sexuality bc sumtimes I’m not sure if my feelings twrds boys is forced or not ? like . constantly in school I Wld look at a boy n be like .is he attractive ? shld I be attracted to him ???do I have a crush on him ??? whereas w girls it’s just so . easy ?n that’s
Where i get so ???


i keep track of how many words i write daily and like….can u tell which page is from when my rps were active?


Testing in game to make sure the textures are working as anticipated. I run them through UVMapper first to test different combos until I find something I like - now that I have them tested I need to find EA meshes that are close in size to steal the thumbnail dimensions …

I generally now work in S4 to test completed textures. It is a lot easier to finish something at I want it to look and then reconfigure the texture for S3. If I make something for S3 first, I feel like I have to make it twice - hence the S4 previews.

Still loving that S4 you can have groupings of pictures with ease. S3 needs a mod that would allow the same … desperately. These frames are finally shown how I actually hang a real life wall of art. Resizing some of these meshes is also nice in S4 … another cheat that S3 could benefit from.

S4 will see Japanese Woodcuts I & II, SFMagazine Origins Frame I & II, Patterns I, Patterns II, Moths, Comets, Insects, Butterflies, and the two large canvas.

S3 will see a revamped/Resized Japanese Woodcut (I & II), SFMagazine Origins Frame II, Moths, Comets, Patterns II, Buterflies, and the two large canvas. While the insect and pattern I frames are updated, they are not significant enough to re-release.

There might be more … but this is actually a huge relief to have art again for S4 and new for S3.

Hello, friends!

I have a cool update.
Where I’m gonna be living for good now, in Oregon, it’s a lot easier to change your name legally.
This means that the time and money cost of changing it again are much lower, if for some reason I later hate the name I spent months choosing.
For that reason, I’m officially declaring that my timeline is being moved up!
I can go to City Hall on October 15th if I’m still set on Nathan Phoenix Lane, and have my name legally changed by the end of October.
This is really exciting! But it is also a big change, and I’m sure there are things that would happen because of it that I haven’t thought of. So I would love to hear any reasons you think I shouldn’t do this.
Here’s a caveat though: This is my decision. Of course I’ll let your opinions influence mine, that’s why I’m asking. But I will not let anyone else’s opinion make up my mind for me.

One final note, let me know if you think I should keep my birth name because it “was the first gift your parents ever gave you,” or if you think I should pick a gender neutral name because I’ll surely change my mind about genders eventually. I have a couple of middle fingers that have been underused lately and could use the exercise, and my Block button is getting lonely.

so at the store where i work we sell some items in bulk, and each bulk bin has an item number. and you’re supposed to write the item number on a label and put it on the bag so the cashier can just type in the item number. otherwise we have to look it up and its a whole process so its a lot easier if the customer just does it. but pretty much half of all customers just dont do it. so when i ring those customers up i just let them know how to do it next time. i said that to a guy today and by way of explanation for why he didnt do it he said “im a man.” HA HA HA. men are too dumb to handle the most basic tasks while shopping so its fine, just make the female cashier work harder!! that sure is convenient for you, being a stupid man!! its fine!!

then his wife was paying for the purchase, and we just got in this new credit card machine that’s terrible and has 100 unnecessary steps and she was struggling a bit to figure it out, and he decided to explain this with “shes a woman.” HA HA HA. what a comedian, that guy.

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Hey. I'm kind of wondering why you're still living at home if your dad is so horrible to live with? I know that won't solve the problem, but it'd likely make everyday a lot easier on you to not be around someone who belittles you.

Because it costs money to live somewhere else and money is something I don’t have and I still haven’t managed to even apply for a job because anxiety™ like literally the thought of having to do a job interview makes me want to die. We had to do mock job interviews when I was at school to prepare us for the real world and instead of going to mine I had a panic attack and cried in front of like half my year even though the interview was literally just gonna be with like a teacher or something I hate myself. 

Anyway on top of that I’m at uni right now so I live up there most of the time, but if I got my own place I’d want to stay close to home so I can see my mum all the time so even if I did have money it wouldn’t make sense to pay rent on a flat or something down here when I spend half my time in a different county. 


Have 3 of the same drawing. Left to right: original, adjusted by instagram, super bright to where the only thing that looks okay is Cola’s hair. That’s what color it should be. And yeah I ended up drawing Souda cuz I wanted to use my brighter colors.

look at Cola’s shoes, I needed to try out all the bright colorsI DID shade Souda with a yellow green and it’s a lot easier to see in real life trust me

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how do you manage to post such good smut? I get flustered like even asking my friends to read a make out scene I write oml you are my goals

Once you get past the initial awkwardness of writing a sex scene and break down that first barrier of reluctance, you can just go with the flow. I try to think of it like a normal imagine, just with a bit more…smut. I think the hardest part is getting over the embarrassment. Sex is such a taboo subject to talk about that sometimes it can feel awkward and uncomfortable to write about it. When you’ve allowed yourself to let go and just write, you’ll find it comes a lot easier. Or, at least, that’s how it is for me!
((Also, reading smut and/or watching videos can really help too. If you’re unsure on any bodily functions (y'know what I mean) there’s blogs and articles you can find to help you out!!)

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Good thing you don't have to drive right now! The weather sounds awfull... And yes, I just laughed at this road name!

I don’t know why. But I had three thoughts when I thought I read “Dangit road”.

1) @7goodangel because when she says “dangit” it’s flippin adorable. I just imagined her yelling at the road. X’D
2) DANGIT SKOOP SKOOP. ( @skoopskoop)
3) Also @feth came to mind but usually I just yell “GDI FETH” or something of that nature X’D

Ahhh and yes. Bless the fact I don’t have to drive this fuckin tank of a car anymore. It handles so weird compared to my little box car. Blep. So handling weather is just euuuugh. My car wipes away pouring rain a lot easier on my car. This van does not. Minx is not pleased with the van. XP

but first, some music

casual reminder:
  • It’s okay if you don’t actually like being touched.
  • It’s okay if hugs, even with your friends/family, make you uncomfortable. It’s okay if hugs with strangers make you very uncomfortable. It’s okay if you only want to hug people for a very short amount of time. It’s okay if it’s a lot easier if you are the one in charge of how long hugs go.
  • It’s okay if spooning or snuggling with a partner is not a goal.
  • It’s okay if you need personal space. It’s okay if you are the friend who will sit on the armchair while everyone else snuggles on the couch. 
  • It’s okay if you don’t even like when people type *hugs* or *pets* or *boops* or anything like that to you because even the thought of it just makes you squirm a little. 
  • It’s okay if it takes you a very long time to want to share personal space with a friend or partner. It’s okay if you never really want to share personal space with someone.
  • It’s okay if you have to be in a very-happy, very-rare mood to crave physical contact. It’s okay if you only want physical touch in very sad times. 
  • It’s okay if you prefer high-fives and fist-bumps because that’s the right amount of contact for you.
  • It’s okay if you want to cuddle or touch your romantic partner but not anyone else. 
  • It’s okay if this is because of past trauma. It’s okay if this is because you are neurodivergent. It’s okay if you just don’t like it for no particular reason. You don’t have to explain or justify this to anyone if you don’t want to.
  • Basically, tumblr can be a very touch-positive, everyone loves snuggles!, hug all your friends! place and I want you to know that you are okay if you don’t like that. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about your friends. It doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of love. It doesn’t mean you are broken. It’s not something you have to try to “fix” or “get over.” 
  • Some people need/want/prefer personal space. That’s okay. 
  • You’re okay.

In Fitz’s briefcase everything has its own place

I had this headcanon that Fitz is very well-organised when it comes to work and engineering, but I couldn’t recall anything from the show to support it. 

And look, it was in here the whole time!

Byun Bacon apreciation post.

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Ok, so there’s a lot to apreciate about Byun Baekhyun and i’m so serious that it hurts.

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Ok let’s starty with him being the funniest man alive, because oh my god kkaebsong. and this gif is from when he presented bangtan to the tv in na event that i forgeted rn tbh. So just look at his expression. and have fun

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TH WAY HE DANCES IS SO GOOD WHY KAI AND LAY ARE THE MAIN DANCERS? I mean if they dance like baekhyun would be a lot easier and funny to do and more perfect

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Xiumin hyung is Always fucking all his plans AND YOU BETTER BACK THE FUCK UP OR YOU’LL GET SMACK THE FUCK UP.

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and the way he sings, is so beautiful, his love for the fans is so wonderful!

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he’s so stylish that i dont know what to say about it, argh

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My life got a lot easier when I learned to take it all with a sense of humour. When I started to laugh at myself people stopped making so many jokes about me! It’s almost like I’d made the joke first. It’s interesting having the first two singles off this album be tongue in cheek. I don’t know if people understand how tongue in cheek Blank Space is. It’s really fun to be able to play around with humour for the first time.