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best of 2016  → top 8 new books

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter
Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach
The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
A Tangle of Gold by Jaclyn Moriarty
Once was a Time by Laila Sales
Dead Presidents: An American Adventure into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation’s Leaders by Brady Carlson
Games Wizards Play by Diane Duane

Please Don't Go

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 In answer to this particular request: I just want you to break my heart tbh please make a credence imagine that takes place after his ‘death’ and the girl he loved is heartbroken, yet he watches her and wants to let her know he’s alive but wants her to be safe from him at the same time:(

A/N: I’ve been so busy these days, I can hardly find the time to write…but as promised, I am going through requests. Again, do let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write!

title: Please Don’t Go

warnings: angst, mentions of abuse, angst, mentions of violence, and more angst

     Credence meets you at one of his mother’s rallies.

     He notices you by the glint of panic in your eyes, as you’re jostled from all sides by the rough and uncaring morning crowd, so when you’re eventually pushed towards him, he chances a sideways glance to his mother, fully occupied by her speech, and tugs on your arm.

     It’s not that much, but it’s just enough to pull you free from the unrelenting grip of the crowd, and you exhale, smiling gratefully. “Thank you,” he hears you murmur. “I couldn’t see where I was going at all.”

     He opens his mouth to form some reply, but a reminder of his ma comes in the form of one of her hands on his shoulder, and as if he’s been shocked, he tenses all over, ducking his eyes down to the ground.

     “Credence,” his ma says, smiling at you. “Who is this?”

     He can see your eyebrows knit together, perplexed, but you laugh it off, leaning closer to peer at one of his flyers. He hastily hands one to you, but in his haste, sends everything else fluttering to the cold, snow covered ground. He can feel his ma inhale disapprovingly, can feel the phantom pain of his belt whipping across his palm. Wasting, he can hear her say, is a sin.

     But to his utter shock, you join him on his knees, scrambling to gather the crisp flyers before they can fall victim to the ruthless footsteps of the crowd. “Here,” you offer, handing him a damp pile of papers. You brush off bits of snow clinging to it. “It’s a bit wet, sorry.”

     He thinks he manages to stutter out a quiet thank you, and his ma turns away to greet another one of her followers, leaving him alone with you. Well, not entirely alone, but certainly more alone than he’d like. “Are you okay?” you inquire curiously, just barely close enough so that he can notice the blooms of red on your cheeks, both from cold and fading panic from the crowd.

     He hesitates to answer. When he does whisper out a “Yes”, it’s much more unsteady than he thinks ma would like. You note the way his eyes, wide and fearful, dart toward his mother. Setting a hand on his arm, you steer him slightly away from the crowd, leaning in closer under the pretense of examining the flyers more closely.

     He’s seized by an immense need to say something, to thank you properly for something he can’t quite put into words, and he makes do with a “Thank you. For helping me,” he clarifies, at your puzzled gaze.

     “Oh,” you smile bemusedly, “It was nothing. And really, you helped me first, so we’re even there, aren’t we?”

     Credence pauses to ponder your words. Is there such a thing? He wishes there was.

     “It’s just a bit of snow,” you say, already turning to slip back into the mass of people. Credence can feel the tiniest prick of emotion, something surging up within him, something buried miles within, and he cannot bear the thought of your fleeting smile being swept away in the current of the crowd.

     Wait, he wants to say. Please, don’t go. But instead, he turns to smoothen out his flyers as best he can, and drags his eyes forcefully to a man who seems faintly interested in what his ma has to say.

     Please, he wants to say, please please please, later that evening, when his stomach is aching from being denied his supper, as he draws his belt across his own hands, retribution for a sin he cannot name.


     Credence falls in love with you during the winter, under the polluted night skies as you pretend you can see the stars. He thinks, for a moment, that there is no need to seek out distant, dying echoes of light when he can stare at you.

     He finds that winter is not the best season to love in, and perhaps a pretty, mellow summer would be better suited for loving, but he would not trade it for anything else. He finds that the sting of cold against his vulnerable fingers make the beatings worse, that when the feeling returns to his chilled skin, it will hurt and burn and roar with a pain that will make him curl into his bare mattress.

     He doesn’t quite remember when or where, but he remembers a puff of air escaping your lips as you struggle to rein in a laugh, and he remembers wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips, to claim that mouth - he thinks that claim is a too harsh word, but there is no other word he can find for it, for the spike of emotion that follows your smile and laugh and words.

     Please, he wants to say, please please please, when he is kneeling, palms proffered silently, bracing himself for a pain that has become familiar, I love you.


     Credence dies in front of you during the night.

     Well, he amends, he doesn’t die, but it feels that way, to be ripped apart mercilessly at the very seams of his existence, to be pulled to pieces and shoved back together like nothing more than clay. When he finally gives in to the insistent tug of the world, he finds a certain peace in it, to the act of surrendering his entire being up.

     Mr. Scamander and Miss Goldstein are very gracious with him; they allow him to stay in their home, and when it is time for Mr. Scamander to leave for London, the city he is told he will be accompanying Mr. Scamander to, they let him say his goodbyes privately.

     But be careful, Miss Goldstein reminds him. Be careful, because he could be dangerous. Be careful, because he is supposed to be dead. Be careful, because he must not let anyone know he lives.

     He can see you weep, watch you cry, observe you dissolve into tears. He has been told that you were there when he died, only a moment too late. He has been told that you fell to your knees, clutching at the remnants of a shattered boy who loved during the winter.

     “Please,” you whisper, “please, please, please.”

     For what you are begging, you do not know.

“Look around look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

I know you were getting a lot of hate recently so I made this to help cheer you up! I hope I did your art-style justice, Im sorry if it doesn’t look good, especially with the hands.  @galactibun

Tips on Coming Out as Asexual

Okay, so I recently had someone ask me for tips on coming out as asexual.  However I wanted to keep them anonymous, so I answered them privately.  So I’m going to share my five tips with you here!  Hope you enjoy!  I have a lot of fun coming up with these, especially the last one!

~Mod Elise

Five Ways to Come Out as Asexual

1) The Joke: This one is using a joke to lightly introduce the topic.  For example, while at dinner, mention how this food you’re eating is better than sex.  That can open the door to further discussion on other things better than sex and basically how most things are better than sex for you.

2) The Blunt Approach: With this one you bluntly bring up asexuality.  Just ask them, “So, have you heard about asexuality?”  When they inevitably answer, “Isn’t that something to do with plants?”  You can then proceed to educate them and tell them how you are asexual.

3) The “Oh I just read this article!” Approach: You don’t have to actually read for this one.  Just bring up in casual conversation that you “Just read about this study where most Millenials would prefer to have a nice dinner rather than sex.”  You can gauge their reaction from there and proceed as necessary.

4) The Super Blunt Approach: When you’re with your partner, and you’re snuggled up on the couch together watching a movie… wait for a quiet moment and just say, “So I’m asexual.  What about you?”

5) Passive Aggressive Hint Dropping: For this one, use the word “ace” as much as possible.  Make jokes about how everything is better than sex.  Let your partner know how much you love dragons and wish you had one.  Tell them the only thing getting nailed at your house is that new bookshelf that you have to put together.  Tell them that you take “Netflix & Chill” literally.

anonymous asked:

I've been rereading the Young Wizards books recently and, while I'm grateful for the ace representation, I've been wondering if you have any intention of introducing a trans or nonbinary character? (Also, am I the only one who thinks Nita is aro?)

Re a trans character – you mean besides the one we have already? (Granting you that that one’s not human. And temporary. And the fiction’s not in the main sequence…)

No, but seriously: the thought has crossed my mind. But my immediate response is that I need to be a whole lot better educated on the whole subject before I’ll be ready to have this happen.

The reason for this is that I don’t sit down and say “Now in this next book, who will be X…” (X standing for whatever characteristic of diversity we’re solving for) – not least because that would be perceived by a lot of people as a cynical box-checking exercise. No question that representation is important, but the character has to be someone who is going to help drive the series – who in terms of their personality and their gifts (besides whatever their quality-of-diversity is) will be around for the long term and serve both the series’ ongoing arcs and the complex of personalities that makes up the mix.

The way it goes for me is that I’ll be working with a character and then suddenly realize, “Oh, wait a minute, [character name] is X…”  (And then I usually wind up going back over everything I’ve written about that character so far to make sure everything correctly expresses whatever follows from this realization – sometimes changing things significantly when necessary.)

The education, of course, is an ongoing process: I keep my eyes open and do my best to learn things. And then at some point some character pops out who (while doing entirely other things as well) expresses what I’ve learned. So yeah, this is almost certain to happen eventually. Don’t ask me about time frames, though, as I couldn’t begin to predict.

Also, as for “Am I the only one who thinks Nita is aro?” – answering that would require mindreading on my part, and I gave that up a long time ago. I don’t see her as aro, but I’m just the author: what do I know?  :)

Anyway, thanks for asking: hope this helps.

Cleaning Candle Holders

Cleaning candle holders is probably one of my least favorite things to do, but recently I’ve started collecting left over wax to use in other projects (a post for a much later day) and I was entrusted with a few extra candle holders to clean so what better use of chore than to make a blog post about how I get it done.

There are A LOT of ways to clean candles. This is just the way that I like doing it and I prefer to do things in batches anyways because I’m all about saving some time. 


  • candle holders that need cleaning
  • a large pot or bowl
  • a knife (or something you can poke wax out with)
  • paper towel/something to wipe the candle holders down with
  • hot water (I boiled my water in my tea kettle and poured it into my bowl)


  1. Use a knife to cut slashes into the wax still in the candle holder
  2. Place candle holders in a large pot and pour hot water into candle holders and around them. Leave sitting for about 15 minutes.
  3. Leftover wax will either float to the top or be soft and cool enough to pull out with a knife
  4. You can either soak them in a fresh batch of warm water or you can wipe off the excess wax with a paper towel (I used the paper bags we save from last minute store runs)
  5. You can set aside the wax for a future project or toss it!

anyways I’m starting a fic rec on this blog because I have nothing better to do with my life!! i’ll do weekly ones, monthly ones, lots of different things, but these are my most recently visited fics: (✳ means my favorites)

long hair don’t care (by ballsdeepinjesus):  harry is sheltered and louis is a thief. or, a tangled au. (20k) ✳

everything comes back to you (by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Harry owns a diner, and Louis’ been coming in at 2am the past two months. Cue pining, mischievous friends, and a lot of fluff. (6k) ✳

only thing that can quench my thirst (by eyesofshinigami or @hazandlouwho):  Louis wouldn’t exactly call it a thing, his newfound fascination with the curly trail that starts below Harry’s bellybutton and disappears into his skinny jeans. It’s definitely not a thing. It’s just… Alright, maybe it’s a thing. And that’s okay. (6k) ✳

not heartbroken (also by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Two months since they had broken up. Louis is just trying to get over him and move on. Bumping into him on the street doesn’t help. Or “we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realize i’m wearing your shirt” (2k)

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hey guys! this year kind of sucked but a lot of you were able to brighten up my day and make things a bit more bearable. i’ve seen a lot of these going around recently and i don’t think i’ve made one since last year, so i decided why not?! i hope you all have a wonderful 2017 that helps you heal from this year and that you’re all able to finally have a little peace ♥

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soo I read aisle 10 recently,,, and I just had to draw something for it because oh my gosh is it amazin g (srsly if youre a creek shipper you should read this if you havent already-)

there were a lot of scenes that stuck with me and this was one of them so i just did it and it was really fun (at one point the last one just kinda disappeared but its better not to think about it haH)


theres the thing and i hope you kinda like it ;w;

girl group masterpost

there are lots of girl groups out there that are just waiting to be stanned, so here’s a list of groups to check out

there were too many groups to organize it perfectly by concept, but here’s a small key:

bold - well-known groups

italics - recent debut (2015-16)

** - disbanded listen to the disbanded ones so you can see how much better they deserved

(reblog this to get girl groups more love + feel free to add on with more groups or song recs!!)

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my blog became one year old this month and it’s overwhelming how supportive this fandom is and how much fun i’ve had with you guys. i’ve been meaning to do this for a few days but to say that this last week of 2016 was trying is simply not enough. i almost didn’t make anything but i feel like we need a lot of support and love to start off a new year in a better place. so this isn’t really a follow forever – more like, i’m very happy to be able to follow these people and i hope 2017 is a great year to us all 💓

please excuse the graphic, i did not have time to make a proper one today and i wanted a badass leia to go with this

💞 ultimate favorites or i’m sorry but every now and then i stalk your blogs: 

@mlder @hanspolo @cleverdistraction @praisethelourrd @rufustfirefly @becketts @leiasalonga @leias @poeedamerons

💞 i really like following you guys:

@18tpaz @a-nakinskywalker @amidalaspadme @binarysunset @bisexualeia @borderlineanakin @carriefishr @cassianandrr @cloepatra @cvssiansandors @daisyrid @dixonsolo @ffinn @fisherford @han-leia-solo @hanslo @hansoilo @hansolo @hvnleia @hvnsolo @isaccoscar @imwechirrut @jynersoandor @k2so @kanjiklubs @kaydel @kcenobi @leiasreys @leiaorganavevo @oikenobi @oncloudcity @organasrey @otterandterrier @p-andore @peppperpotts @senatorgana @titasjournal @thefirstorders @vesperlynds @xwlng  

💞 special mentions to the blogs i’m a member of:

@fycarriefisher & @harryandcarrison


gayamericanoutlaw  asked:

Hi! Do you have any recommendations for detective/crime/noir-type novels? (YA or Adult is fine)

I will eventually go back to making these pretty and graphic BUT I want to just do some when I have time. You are awesome for being so patient! I love this genre of books, but I am a bit old school in that I haven’t read a lot of recent ones. Here are some of my favorites, though! I hope some of these spark your interest! 

1. When the Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman - Alex Delaware series- definitely gets better from the first one on, but I love this series. I especially love listening to John Rubenstein reading it! 

2. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King - I didn’t really think he had this one in him, but I really enjoyed it! Great detective novel! 

3. Catch Me by Lisa Gardner- I love her books for fast, quick mysteries! I really enjoy the detective in this series. This is actually number 6, but I didn’t read them in order. 

4. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - This one is a bit popular now due to the movie and bestseller nature of it, but I would definitely check it out if you haven’t. I really enjoyed listening to this one on audiobook. 

5. Night Film by Marisha Pessl- This was a really interesting book from a really interesting author. Definitely recommend it! 

6. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler- This is my favorite classic/noir type book. Lovee it! I haven’t read the rest of the ones in this series, but I need to. 

Who has others they want to recommend?

A bit of positivity 🌤️

We had a tough therapy session today but when we came home we had a cuddle in bed with my partner (and one of our furbabies joined us!) and it just felt so nice, it was the safest I’ve felt recently. 

I know we’ve been struggling but we’re also looking after ourselves better than in the past (on the whole). 

Managed to go to the dentist for the first time in 4 or 5 years and has a teeny filling done (which Helen fronted for). 

We had our hair cut earlier in the week which lots of us hate. 

We’re going to the opticians tomorrow because it’s been over 2 years and our glasses kind of need replacing after a lot of people dropping them and whatnot.

We’ve booked a health check (need frequent blood tests and things due to underactive thyroid etc) and meds review. 

We’ve managed to put together a detailed disability benefit form and collect a load of supporting evidence so that’s been sent off and we just have to wait for their response now.

Tuesday is our birthday, well most of us, which is always weird. I’m not a fan of birthdays, they’re anxiety provoking but the littles get excited. Little One in particular is so excited already, bless her, because she will “officially” turn 4 (she’s always been 2 and is the first alter to age apart from my twin Chris who ages with me and obviously Cory and Sarah are age sliders). I want to make it special for her.

Sorry this is random but i just wanted to post a mini update and remind myself that we’re doing okay even though we’ve been struggling! If that makes sense.. I’m over tired, goodnight Tumblr 😴

anonymous asked:

Have you ever looked at a subscriber/follower and found them attractive? Or wanted to get to know them better? You've posted a lot about being single recently, and you never know, a sane, calm and mature follower could be a good confidence boost if nothing else!

I have posted a lot about being single. 99% of it is because it’s good comedy, but the 1% where I’m like “FUCK THIS BRIDGET JONES LIFE” does sneak through now and again.

If Selena Gomez is one of my subscribers, please tell her to make herself known to me. Otherwise, it’s a whole weird abuse of power thing and I don’t like the idea of that.

It’s not a hard and fast rule, the love of my life might already be following me on Twitter and I don’t know it, we could be the same age and have the same interests and she might just find me funny but not actually look at me as someone to look up to, all of that is entirely possible. But it’s a little…messy and dangerous and I don’t think any relationship should be subject to any sort of balance of power.

Which is why my relationship with Selena Gomez would work out excellently - she hasn’t a fucking CLUE who I am. It’s perfect.

anonymous asked:

I would love if you could post screen shots ! Like how you choose colours or how you make it seem v blendy ! And how you get the yellow to stand out well!

Well I can’t rly do much in the way of screenshots for how I choose things bc that’s like. in my head. but I can sort of attempt to explain I guess here we go

Basically it’s a lot of trial and error learning how to colour things, the hue/saturation adjusting tools are your friends. Also if you colours have hints of the hues of others (like, adjusting the RGB bars slightly in the colour select) they tend to work together better

As for making colours blend,,, layer modes basically. They vary based on program so keep in mind that I only have GIMP & the only program I’ve used recently was Photoshop for a whole, like, one hour at my friend’s house.

These are the base & shadow/highlights colours on this

You can experiment using diff colours or layer modes for shading & highlights, generally I use colours on diff sides of the spectrum for each??

Multiply is a good layer mode for shading & I think a lot of art programs have it, there’s also others like Hard Light or Grain Merge, & modes like Overlay / Soft Light are good for highlights (Grain Merge is stronger, I think Sai also has a mode called Luminosity which looks nice for bold highlights?). Experiment with them, a lot of layer modes work differently depending on program.

Also when I finish smth I tend to just… make a new layer from what’s visible, blur it & and set it as an overlay so that the colours stand out more haha (& also add gradient overlays w the shading/highlight colours, keep in mind which direction the light is coming from)

I’m not sure whether this answers your questions or not but hopefully it does!! <:’’

anonymous asked:

my art seems to have just bombed? like, from 96 notes to 6 and 3. and i know i shouldn't do it for the notes but i can't help being a little upset and i don't know why? i think the more recent ones are better too so:/

Honestly that’s happened to me too - on a different scale - if I go back through my archives a lot of my phanart had >10k notes, and now the most they’ll get is 4k or 5k (with rare exceptions) (and i’m not complaining either, just observing it like you are). It’s the same for me as well - I think my newer stuff is way better than my older stuff. 

But you know what - you know what content gets social currency feedback - is “funny” stuff. Like, comics and stuff. I’ve noticed that realism and “well drawn” art doesn’t really get as much feedback for some reason. I’ve definitely noticed that if I post something silly or “stupid” (like an event-based phanart for a video that I spent 10 minutes on versus a realistic portrait) it gets like, 10X more notes. So. I know it’s hard but don’t focus on the notes!! It’s okay to feel upset at the numbers, but don’t let it discourage you - there are still 6 or 3 people who enjoy seeing your stuff <3


April redesign, because why not?

So, I’ve seen that there’s this cute trend of turning April into a black girl, since the original comics featured a black April and the idea appealed to me immediately.

I want to say, first and foremost, that I don’t like the 2012 version of April. 

I’ve just recently fallen into the tmnt fandom but I’ve already watched the 2003 series, the 2014 and the 2007 movie. WELL I liked THOSE Aprils a lot more. Heck, I’ve liked Megan Fox BETTER than this one, wtf.

Anyway, no one cares about my ramblings about April NoPersonality O’ Sue, SO I’ll get straight to da point.

Black Teenage April.

Red hair: check. Who said she has to be a natural redhead?

Yellow something: check. 

comfortable clothes to hang out with mutants: check.

Also, I have to add that being a caucasian italian girl, I can’t really hope to portrait a black american girl correctly, so yap, I’ve just mixed the idea of living in a city such as NY with the image of the african people I’ve met here.

This April of mine is a nerd in her own way and she doesn’t really care about most of the things that should matter in the life of a 16 years old girl.

She loves comfy, large clothes that won’t get in the way no matter what she is doing, be it walking around, reading, playing videogames or doing the shopping. As the tomboy she is, she doesn’t fit really well in the world of her fellow teenage female buddies, hence liking male company a lot more.

As the black women I’ve meet or observed in Italy, this April takes no shit from no one. She’s not physically strong, she’s not a fighter and she doesn’t train or really care about sports, BUT she will try her best to land a punch or a kick to defend herself or someone else, and won’t wait for anyone to do it for her. She speaks her mind and stands her ground even when she is scared. And she DOES feel scared quite often, but tries her best to fight it. She’s got a complex personality, given by her natural cheerful nature mixed with the discomfort she often feels.

Overall, she’s focused, funny, daydreaming, and can be really sweet and protective. However, as flawed as every other human being in this world, she’s also stubborn, cynical, a bit moody and sensitive.

Being a bit of an outcast and having hard times falling in any kind of human category, she doesn’t really have the brighest self-esteem ever. She often feels like she really has no real places to go or to belong to, and that something might be wrong with her.

For the same reason, she feels like helping people a lot, trying her best not to judge them for their choices and for what or who they are, but rather trying to understand what might have brought them to make some choices or live in a certain way. She loves to talk a lot to strangers :D

That’s exactly why she would immediately fit the tmnt family like a fucking tetris piece.

From Leo, she’d learn how to be someone to be looked up to and how to be reliable when needed, and it would be a fancy clashing of asian and african culture.

Mikey would be her hakuna matata buddy. Period.

With Raph, she would have someone who understands her in almost every possible way. The burden of feeling inadeguate, unworthy, different, and the desire of correcting the wrong in the world by doing small things. The love for desperate and messed up people. And he would totally try to train her in some sort of way, some basic defence moves or stuff like that.

With Donnie, she would have the weirdest relationship ever. Unlike the canon 2012 April, they would have little in common to speak about and he would NOT have a crush on her. And that’s why their relationship gets funny and absolutely out of the ordinary. He would be his usual scientific self, and she would not understand a single word out of his mouth; she would even try to learn something but wouldn’t be able to take it seriously. Whetever he’d try to give a logic answer to something, she’d just reply back with a spiritual/phylosophical one.

One of the things I like to think about tmnt being set in New York, is that you can mix all of those cultures that have basically never met each other and “force” them to interact.

And meeting them would surely help her grow up a lot. She’d finally understand that she can cut her own place in the world, and would most probably choose to become either a police officer or a psychologist. 

Dunno, I might be putting too much time into this, but I’m really having fun c:

The final necessary apologize cuz I’ve surely made at least ONE mistake with my fancy English.

I did a very therapeutic exercise in my graphic expression class…
we had to draw with eye closed, the lights dimmed, and with relaxing piano music in the bg, draw how your childhood, teen years and the present felt
what was it, how do you see it in your mind, in the form of somekind of timeline
the drawings I did where like the ones from a lil kid, but they say a lot apparently
my teacher mentioned that it looked like there was a lot insolation and insecurity in these memories, which is sadly true
I like it
the last drawings which are the present are really soft and happy with a lot of smooth curves and flower pattern because these days recent years are the happiest compared to all of the shit from highschool and I didnt noticed that until now, Im a way better place compared to that
Im happy, Im glad we did that exercise, I love my teacher

anonymous asked:

Would you give me suggestions on what anime's to watch? I've watched Ouran High School Host Club and recently started Fruits Basket as a random find, could you recommend some good ones? Thanks in advance!!!

 … I have watched A LOT of anime so recommending everything good might take a while! Try checking out my list on myanimelist! Everything on there rating 8 or higher comes with a definite recommendation!

If you want something more specific I would highly recommend Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun which is very like Ouran but better in my opinion. For non slice of life/comedy stuff Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was my first anime and it’s an excellent show both for beginners and in general. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Revolutionary Girl Utena are my other two favourites. Utena’s not very accessible for newcomers and Madoka is very dark but both are excellent.

Also if you haven’t watched any Studio Ghibli films you should! Spirited Away is my favourite.

Beyond that, if you have any particular genres or preferences hit me up and I’ll give some recommendations.

20 Months of Programming!

DAY 608

How it’s going:

I sent off some applications during December but whether it was due to the holidays, or just bad luck, they all vanished into the void. I’m gearing up now for another round of applications, and I’m hoping to get my first onsite.

On my most recent project, I’m trying to do a better job of software design, including OOP. I’ve got a lot to learn there, but at least I’m not writing straight procedural code anymore.

I got some feedback from my interviews last month, and it sounds like I just need to continue practicing my algorithms as well. One person was very encouraging and said that I’m almost there.

Longterm planning:

At this point there’s not much left to do but keep applying and studying and working on projects. I finally signed up for meetup.com, and joined a million groups, so hopefully I can gain some useful info and meet some cool people there.

Projects I finished:

  • (Project still WIP)

The main things I studied:

  • Object Oriented Programming

What I’ll do next month:

  • Keep applying for jobs
  • Keep studying OOP
  • Keep studying Algorithms and CTCI-type interview questions
  • Attend my first meetup