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i think one of the main things ive told myself to always remember for this year and from now on was the conversation tatianna and rupaul had on rupaul’s drag race. tatianna says, “never try to win over the naysayers and the haters, put all of your energy into impressing the people who were supporters of you from the beginning. 

then rupaul continued and said, “ i aint got time for the people who hate me, im too busy loving the people who love me.”

i hope you guys will remember this too for whatever you do. be with people that make you feel important, don’t chase people that wont ever give you the time of day.

When I first read this part, my immediate reaction was to sympathize with Inasa in this moment. Geez Todoroki, I thought. That was super rude of you wasn’t it, the guy was just trying to be friendly and I know you hadn’t gotten whacked with the Character Development stick yet but God, way to be arrogant and stuck-up buddy.

And then days later, reading it again, I realized something that everybody else probably figured out right off. He wasn’t being arrogant, he wasn’t being snotty, and he probably didn’t mean to act like Inasa was beneath him.

Inasa recognized him as Endeavor’s son. There are no speech bubbles telling us how Inasa greeted him but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts it was something to the effect of “Hey, aren’t you Endeavor’s son?”

And I realized that Todoroki probably gets that all the time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the first thing most people say to him the second they look at him. He’s hard to miss; there can’t be a lot of kids running around with heterochromia and candy-cane hair even in the BNHA universe. It’d be the first thing people figure out about him. It’s probably the only thing anyone knows about him at this point.

This boy, who has lived his entire life in an abusive household under the thumb of an unapologetic brute who’s nonetheless hailed as a hero by the general populace, has only ever been seen and recognized by his abuser’s name. This child, who was permanently disfigured because of his resemblance to Endeavor, has probably been recognized on the street by that resemblance for years. He’s probably been hearing those same words all his life – Hey, aren’t you Endeavor’s son? Like he needs a reminder that that man is his father.

It’s not Inasa’s fault. He recognizes Endeavor as the unpleasant douche he is but there’s no way he could possibly know what Todoroki’s been through. But it’s not Todoroki’s either. To him, this is probably just one more time he’s been identified by his relation to the person who’s made his life a living hell since the day he was born. 

No wonder he snaps and keeps walking. I know I’d be sick of it too.


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