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ok guys im going to be doing two post on our new antagonists in voltron. this one is comparing lotor and his generals to zarkon and haggar, and the next will be comparing them to our heroes.


overall: 54/60

strength: 18/20

intellect: 20/20

wickedness: 16/20


overall: 53/60

strength: 19/20

intellect: 15/20

wickedness: 19/20


overall: 35/60

strength: 14/20

intellect: 13/20

wickedness: 8/20


overall: 50/60

strength: 15/20

intellect: 18/20

wickedness: 17/20


overall: 49/60

strength: 17/20

intellect: 17/20

wickedness: 15/20


overall: 52/60

strength: 20/20

intellect: 12/20

wickedness: 20/20


overall: 45/60

strength: 7/20

intellect: 20/20

wickedness: 18/20

god i wish i knew how to put all this shit under a cut.

overall, lotor has the most points. ezor has the least. in order, the list goes like this:

1. lotor

2. zethrid

3. zarkon

4. axca

5. narti

6. haggar

7. ezor

right away, we can tell that these stats do not necessarily represent the true worth of a character. haggar has the 2nd to least points overall, but shes seen as dangerous by our heroes and by lotor. also, i doubt that zethrid could take down zarkon in a one-on-one fight.

now then, listing by strength, the order is:

1. zarkon

2. zethrid

3. lotor

4. narti

5. axca

6. ezor

7. haggar

 ah, ezor has risen to 6th place! haggar is last by a long shot. she’s one of two people who have a stat in the single digits, and ezor has twice as much strength as she does. its interesting to note that zethrid is only one point below zarkon (who has maxed out his strength) on this stat, and lotor is only one point behind her. nevertheless, its probably a good thing that zarkon is in a coma or whatever that shit is.

intellect is when it really starts getting interesting, because theres a tie. both lotor and haggar stand in first place, both with an astounding 20/20 points.

1. lotor/haggar

3. (is this how ties work?) axca

4. narti

5. zethrid

6. ezor

7. zarkon

ezor’s actually only a point above zarkon. its a good thing theyve both got companions. haggar’s obviously the brains of zarkon’s operation, while lotor seems to be a nigh-flawless leader so far. i wonder why he keeps ezor around. she must have a purpose. and yet shes stuck at the bottom of all these lists.

time for wickedness. weird stat to have.

1. zarkon

2. zethrrid

3. haggar

4. axca

5. lotor

6. narti

7. ezor

lotor doesnt seem all that bad since hes in fifth, but his wickedness is 16/20. nartis only a point below him, while ezor trails behind with the second single-digit stat, at only 8. seems that lotor has 2 generals who are more wicked than him and 2 who are less wicked. wonder if theyre like the little angels and devils on his shoulder. zethrid seems to be pretty wicked by these stats, but she doesnt seem more wicked than haggar so far. itll probably be made more apparent later on.

that’s all i have regarding this specific topic, but i might add moore later, and feel free to add your own observations to this! im new at this sort of thing so im not sure how well it turned out, but i worked pretty hard on it! i really love voltron.

Why does Lulu have such few voice lines? She’s been in the game longer than Jinx or quite a few other champs that have twice as many lines as her. Give us new lines! I love her current ones but they do get repetitive.

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I love Deli because she is such a sweet and generous person, but bby pls, like she needs to fix that thumbnail rn!! (only im not calling her out this time xD))

yeah this is definitely the worst she’s done……

Sad to announce that I’m giving Leopold to my reptile store friend. I don’t think owning snakes is for me, I’m constantly worrying about his appetite and he has to eat live mice, which are hard to come by where I live. I’m trying to train him to eat frozen but my reptile friend will know more about that then I do and since he owns snakes for a living he will take good care of him

i couldnt come up with an answer to the questions on my economics test for like 30 mins but in the 10 mins after the test, i used up the whole page of paper to write down ideas to a fic ive been stuck on for weeks

does anybody wanna come over and watch buzzfeed unsolved

Today, August 16th 2017, marks one whole year of this blog. I don’t think people will be too surprised, given yesterday’s news, that I’ve actually rewritten this part of this post from a very different perspective to when I put it in my drafts last week. News of the Broadway production closing next month has made me heartsick because this beautiful, clever show deserves far better than what it has received, largely, over the course of the transfer. A year ago today it was press night at the Old Vic, and the unfair irony of that fact in light of last night’s news hasn’t been lost on me. No musical has ever come to mean quite this much to me, and it would be difficult to put into words (succinctly, at least) how deep an impact it has made upon my life. I’ll likely take time closer to September 17th to talk about this in more detail, but for now I want to talk about one of the major ways the musical has impacted me: through this blog, and through you lot.

Rita is very different to the majority of the characters that I’ve written before, and it’s no secret that sometimes I’ve struggled with a degree of insecurity about my portrayal of her. But the way she’s been received - the anons sent my way, the IMs people have sent me, the reactions to her backstory and headcanons from both fellow roleplayers and members of this fandom alike… It’s honestly been one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had in this community. She’s such an important character to me, and to know that people think I’m doing her justice means far more than you know.

I’ve put this under a read more, because this is a very long post. Know that if you’re reading this, if you follow me, if you’ve ever come to speak to me about this show or headcanons or anything else, I’m more grateful than I can possibly express  ♥

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