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Mirrorbright, shines the moon, its glow as soft as an ember
When the moon is mirrorbright, take this time to remember
Those you have loved but are gone
Those who kept you so safe and warm
The mirrorbright moon lets you see
Those who have ceased to be
Mirrorbright shines the moon, as fires die to their embers
Those you loved are with you still—The moon will help you remember

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😊 Hi, I think you're amazing and one of the nicest simblrs, those anons that sent you hate are either jealous or think that internalizing their insecurities and taking it out on you for whatever reason will somehow make things better for them but really they are just wasting their time by spreading hate. I'm really sorry that you've been under so much stress and I hope you feel better, and just remember that even if it seems like your stress is going to overwhelm you, things will get better 🙂

a perfect example of why I’ll never disable anon 😍 Hiya! I think you’re amazing, and one of the nicest lil anons! Thank you for sending me this sweet ask! It’s true, I have been very stressed lately, but you’re totally right; things will always get better! Luckily, I’ve been given a 4 day extension on my biggest project, so a small weight has been lifted 🙂 In celebration, I’m going to take some time tonight to finish off a pose pack for you all!! Thank you again nonny; it takes a very special kind of person to take time out of their day to write an encouraging message like this!! 💗

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Please draw Jehan #148? But like a normal boy not nonbinary or girly looking XD

Dude, man, pal, boi
gender isn’t real

here is manly man jehan
(“longest jehan boy ever” -anon)

Is it okay if I...?


Rated M:  Smut

Word Count:  1400~

Warnings:  Daddy Kink  (BUT probably one of the mildest daddy kink fics ever though…)  

When Jinki realizes Taemin wasn’t asking to be considerate, he was asking for permission.  

“I had a really good time tonight.”  

Jinki was just about to start the car when a hand landed on his thigh.  The street lamps in the empty lot left just enough glow to see each other in the car when he looked over at Taemin.  

“Me too.”  Jinki smiled widely.  “I’m really glad you agreed to come out tonight.”  The grip on his leg tightened as Taemin leaned over the console.  

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calendiles day fic links

@angelandfaith inquired about the calendiles day fics being on ao3 this morning, so here’s a masterpost of sorts now that i’ve put some up!!

missing (the angsty one)

conscious choices (the one told through emails & phone calls)

mermaid magic (the mermaid jenny au!!!!!)

grand romantic gestures (possibly one of the best fics i’ve ever written)


Lots of headshot ( and DTTale spoilers - ramblings)

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my mom literally told me i "act like an old lady" and "need to get outside more." i walk a mile for exercise every day and that's the most i can do bc of my extreme agoraphobia, paranoia, and chronic illness, and i guess her saying that i don't act like a kid hit me hard because i *want* to. i'd love to run around outside, mom, i just physically and mentally can not.

for my pre-production assignments we’re breaking down scrips and I found like the 4th?? draft of Batman vs Superman to work on. 

they were going to have Mera+Arthur included in the beginning, trying to stop an oil company because it keeps poisoning the earth/their home =\\ they weren’t going to hurt the “hostages/workers” either just hold them long enough to destroy the oil machines that were going to inevitably spill and then let them go. 

and Superman showed up too, thinking they were the terrorists/bad guys when they’re just trying to keep their home clean!!