Get to Know Me Meme: [4/10] Celebrity Crushes: Natalie Dormer
It’s always been a joke to a lot of my friends that I play these cool femme fatales who look like they could take over the world with their little finger. I’m not really that, it’s fair to say! When it comes down to it, I’m quite a loquacious, quirky, clumsy human being.

Okay something that fucks me up is how the interviewer responded when Harry said “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.” Because she didn’t hear him the first time so he repeated it, but she didn’t laugh or question it or automatically assume it was a joke. Because anyone from here to outerspace could hear the sincerity in his voice and see it in his face in that flicker of a moment where he was deciding whether he was going to answer honestly or not. So anyway, after he says Louis is his crush, the interviewer doesn’t brush it off or even sound confused, but she asks him how Louis feels about him??? Like without even batting an eyelash. And Harry is SO happy because he gets to say “It’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.” He is SO happy to be telling someone that he’s got a crush on a beautiful boy and that that beautiful boy likes him back. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the interviewer says “That’s beautiful, Harry.” She never once treats it as a joke and she SUPPORTS him because not only is it okay, it’s BEAUTIFUL. And the way his face lights up is JUST…oh my god. No matter how much we appreciate that moment, it will always be underappreciated. Find that interviewer. Find her and give her a hug or a winning lottery ticket or the world.

Ganondorf's Language in The Wind Waker

I kept threatening to write a post about how gorgeous Ganondorf’s language is in the Japanese version of The Wind Waker, but I didn’t think anyone would be interested. In the end, though, I couldn’t stop myself.

My conclusion is that Ganondorf speaks in terse yet powerful sentences, and his rich vocabulary and slightly archaic grammar give his words a highly lyrical quality, which is localized into the rhetorical flights of fancy of the English version.

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You know what messes me up if i think about it too hard? How goddamn tall Waluigi is canonically. Like you might think he’s about a head taller than Luigi, but nope. That’s just how he looks in-game because he squats and hunches over so he can be on the other characters eye level:

Seriously look; even squatting he’s still super tall. I like how in the bottom left one they just put him in the background so he fits in the scene, and in the right they straighten him out a little bit and shove him next to the princesses, but he’s still a lot taller than them even then.  

You know who he is the same size as when he stands fully upright, though?

Waluigi and Bowser are basically the same height and that makes me scared.