No offense but instead of having badass Cosette and Marius clumsily trailing behind her how about: 

 -Cosette and Marius having a thousand of inside jokes and always making eye contact and going like “EYYY” (usually internally, but not always) when someone unknowingly makes a reference one of them 

 -Cosette and Marius having secret handshakes that top all secret handshakes ever

 -Marius realizing that Cosette is actually a totally chill and awesome and nerdy person and becoming completely comfortable around her

-Cosette finding Marius to be the best friend she never had and enjoying every second they spend together 

 -Marius and Cosette being the picture perfect couple. Like, they have an elaborate picnic complete with champagne and a homemade quilt and both of them looking drop dead gorgeous and they’re like “yeah we were bored lol" 

-Cosette being super supportive and helpful while Marius deals with his anxiety

-Marius introducing Cosette to more friends than she ever had in her lonely, isolated childhood

-Marius and Cosette teasing each other 

-Marius telling super cheesy jokes and pick up lines and Cosette adores every single one and snorts from laughter each time

-Cosette and Marius being super gross in public just to embarrass their friends 

-Cosette and Marius having an open, healthy, happy, hilarious relationship

I’m so grateful that Spock’s “emotional side” in Beyond was shown as gentle and loving, rather than angry and violent as it was in the last two movies. I think that there was this fundamental misunderstanding of Spock’s emotional processing just based on how he was written, but Simon Pegg knows better and he righted the wrong that had been done while making it look like Spock was merely growing and maturing.

Either way, I absolutely adore Spock’s characterization in Beyond. He’s beginning to accept his emotions as a valid part of him, even if logic will always be at the forefront of his decision-making processes and worldview. He understands what it means to adapt and change in healthy ways, and he recognizes that his emotions require acknowledgement in order for him to develop and improve as both a Vulcan and a human.

But really, I think we all know the real reason why I love how Spock was written in this movie—his newfound caring and gentle nature simply reminds me of a certain original series counterpart we all know and love.

@people who ask why Bobby gets a Solo:’ 🙃