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I want to have Words with whoever made sure that the ONLY way to access that damn door was by climbing, in plain view, up a well lit wall.

I ran around like a fool trying desperately to find a door that would lead me to a little hallway or something that would take me up to the second floor where I could access it without shaming Josephine, but no. Besides, I am pretty sure that I would have been stealthier just stepping out from another balcony and edging my way around the building.

What me and @ooyuu were yelling and crying about and it got out of control and i cant believe i did this

thoran baby twins

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Guys, we’re so proud

most of the recent things that i’m seeing in the gency tag are so positive, whereas before it’s seemed like it’s mostly been filled with hate or hate rebuttal. i’m so proud of all of us and let’s keep it up!

October Skeletons - Vic Rattlehead (Megadeath)

Conversation that happened awhile ago:

Bro: So, for the skeleton-thing you’re doing. Were you thinking about adding music band mascots?

Me: I’m…not actually sure. Wait…isn’t Megadeath’s mascot a skeleton?

Bro: Yup. He might be kind of cool to add. Were you thinking about drawing him?

Me: …I am now.

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i’ve decided to rework the entirety of my lore. and most of my clan tbh. here’s some info :}

the clan no longer dwells underground entirely, rather they’ve moved to a rather large ‘crater.’ surrounded by high mountains, the clan has spent much time learning the routes and secrets in order to travel swiftly in their new home. they’ve built tents from bones, skins, old cloths, basically anything they come across in their daily scavenging. 

the tents are built into shallow pits to reserve warmth during the night. nests are made of fur stolen from animals and tundras (no tundras were harmed, these tundras just shed everywhere!)

the soil within their tents is hard, cracked dirt. using this as an advantage, they (specifically, the ridgebacks) have burrowed underground in each dwelling, creating a massive system of tunnels. these tunnels are lit by candles made of animal fat, securely placed within hollow bones hung against the walls.

these tunnels have many dead ends, and even members of the clan get confused. they ultimately lead far outside of their territory.

rogues often slink in thinking the tunnels are an easy challenge. this doesn’t usually go as planned. even if they did manage to find a way out, odds are one of the clan members found them first.

the shoddy topography of the territory. the highest points are brightly colored. the white dots are bone spires and the green blobs are lakes of..plague water

I’m sorry I’ve been very inactive this weekend, but I do have some really amazing news regarding my personal life atm…

As of tomorrow I’ll be putting in my 2 weeks notice for my current somewhat shitty job, and transitioning to a private owned cupcake shop where I’ll be hired as full-time and trained to not only in baking but also cake decorating.  I just had my interview on Friday and everything about this place just feels like it is where I belong.  This is probably the biggest movement in my (dare I say) career life I’ve made because baking and pastry has always been something I felt most passionate for in the culinary industry, and now I’m finally being given the chance to pursue it!  I’m finally going to feel 100% proud and comfortable in what I’m doing, and I’m so excited to experience this.  I just wanted to tell you all since the last few weeks you’ve seen how stressed this current job has made me.  Wish me luck with tomorrow since I’m kind of anxious about the 2 week notice mention;; but I know it’s gonna pay off tremendously.  

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is feeling well~ <3

spaghettixpuzzles  asked:

(US-Pap) "Yo... Blue... Happy asked me to pass on something..." He passes him a envelop with tickets to NTT's latest show. "Perhaps its something to keep your ~spirit~ high."

“Mwehehe? What is it?” Blue asked as he took the envelope from the tall skeleton and huffed a little at his pun. “Papyrus, not with the puns again.” he said, looking over at him before opening the envelope. When he saw what’s in it, he squealed in happiness.

“OH MY STARS!!!! PAPYRUS!!!! CAN WE PLEASE GO????????” he exclaimed as he hugged his brother and looked up at him with starry eyes. “Please, please! Can we go????? You’re gonna come with me right?????”