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I just had a discussion with someone that called Haechan talentless and ugly. Did I do the right thing?

Uh, ugly?


Like serious, ugly and talenless?

I think that person definitely mixed him up with someone else cause I know Lee Donghyuck of NCT who is also know as Haechan is very far from ugly and talenless. In fact, he’s full of talent and visuals. idk what that person was talking about. 

i can’t take how in this scene the other four are glaring at each other but shiro’s looking down like he regrets every single decision in his life, number one being escaping from the galra prison


overheard on Capitol Hill:
middle-age white woman, in an anxious stage whisper: there are a lot of… strange people around here aren’t there? I mean like, just out on the streets, I don’t really feel safe.
waitress: ………….uh…
woman: All these color–
woman’s adult daughter, in an equally worried tone: we’re from a small town, Anacortes, you know, we’re not used to seeing these types of people!
waitress, looking hunted: I’ll… I’ll just get you that smoothie, ma'am. [flees]

News, Baby and Blue [OQ]

Another three-word drabble prompt from @belleoftheballpoint​, and another exercise in not over-thinking things as I so like to do. Thank you Jess for basically shoving me outside of my own head! ♥ It was much appreciated.

Word spreads fire-like, here in Storybrooke.

Regina’s hardly surprised by their staring (Snow never was one to keep secrets), though the smiles and well wishes puzzle her, more than she cares to admit.

Still, her waistline would’ve given it away, and Robin – well – his joy is uncontainable too.

Almost clumsy in his eagerness (and so very dazzling to her), with half his hours spent in aisles of rattles, and onesies, and strollers too large to need just yet, Robin paints their home blue, then pink – ”Purple for royalty, after all,” and Regina (smiling, too) can’t argue with that.

damn Mufasa, back at it again with the laying as close to my face as he can get away with

Jes: Hey - so as I have been informed it is apparently Tedromeda Week. Any Tedromeda head cannons you wanna send my may?

i’m fascinated by these posts discussing the field of the cloth of gold and look at all the ladies in waiting in attendance

alright so I’m fucking like half asle ep in my bed right now but I have to say something. ultron said “there’s only one path to peace, the avengers’ extinction.” which STEVE then explained to us as ultron saying he wanted the entire human race gone, and everyone took steve’s word as the truth, bc steve’s a smart and trustworthy character… but there’s one problem: steve had only met ultron for like 2 minutes, he fucking misinterpreted what ultron said.

I’ve always had this nagging feeling that ultron didn’t originally want the entire human race gone, with his relationship with the twins in consideration it just didn’t make sense, especially not the ‘ask noah’ and ‘they’ll understand. when they see they’ll understand’ lines.

ultron didn’t want the human race to go extinct, he wanted to create a new world where a team such as the avengers would be… impossible. and this aligns with the idea that ultron wanted to be God, he wanted to rule humanity.