a long walk put things into perspective


Hello everyone! We are happy to introduce Molly Kogan!

What is your field of study and thesis project?

Analytical chemistry: Electrochemical detection of metal nanoparticle used as biological tags in a paper based point of care device. 

What is your favorite blog post?


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What keeps you going when times get tough?

I put grad school in real life perspective.  The worst case scenario of grad school is you fail out.  Unless you explode yourself, grad school will not kill you, and there are worse things in life than an irreproducible experiment. 

Any advice to pass along?

Take grad school an experiment at a time.  If something does not work take a walk, grab a drink, calm down, and try again. Sanity is key to survival so do not overwork yourself, and try to have a social life.  

Anything else you want to include?

The successes in grad school outweigh all the horrible days.  Although it is stressful and exhausting, the end result is worth it. 

WSWGCS, say hello to Molly! You guys are everything, rock on.

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I’ve found whenever I’m stressed, or anxious, or upset, or confused, or anything that can bring me down. If I go for a long walk, somehow it all dissipates. I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air, the time alone, the exercise, or even a combination of them all. But it really helps me to put things into perspective, reevaluate what’s getting me down, and allows me to sort things out enough in my head to feel better.

I’m not saying it’s a solution for everyone, but I hope that everyone is able to find their own thing that makes them feel better, it may not be completely better, and it may not permanent, but you deserve time to breath. And you do deserve to be happy. Even if it’s a fight.

I wish you all the best. Stay strong 💕