a lizzy post

After that post, it feels totally appropriate for this one. Dad’s been staying with me while I’ve been sick and tonight we watched TV separately (it was a football night, and unlike him I don’t want to watch every single game of the round, regardless of whether or not my team is playing!).

So I’m in the family room and he’s in my bedroom and I went to take him something and he’s this pile on the bed, with the blanket all wrapped around him and just his face sticking out, laying back on a pile of pillows.

So yeah, just like that puppy dog.

Stairway To Heaven (Poem)
Lana Del Rey
Stairway To Heaven (Poem)

Lana Del Rey shared a video of her singing this poem on her Instagram account, today, April 17, 2017.

Download this poem from our masterpost.

  • Tommy: I'm a very bad person. I'm a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.
  • Polly:
  • Ada:
  • Arthur:
  • John:
  • May:
  • Lizzie:
  • Alfie:
  • Tommy: "No you're not Tommy, we still love you, Tommy."