a living mannequin

★*.✧ some random plot ideas for adult things ★*.✧

       'okay we used to be best friends and we promised we were gonna get married when we got older but we drifted apart after high school and now i got an invitation to your wedding and wait that’s not how it was supposed to go’ au

      ‘we promised we were going to write a tv show one day but we never did it because we grew apart but wait – didn’t i just hear these kids on the bus talking about a tv show that sounds a lot like our idea? wait, you are the one writing it? you do realize that story was half mine, right? i wANT MY MONEY’ au

       ‘you and i used to date but we broke up and it was really ugly and we stopped talking and now we bumped into each other after ten years and wow that kid sure does look a lot like – wait, how old is your kid? ten? oh. OH’ au

       ‘you are my new boss and fuck i feel like i know you from somewhere. wait, did you just say you are from said city? oh shit, you are the person i used to stalk when i was in high school. fuck please tell me you don’t remember me. oh damn you just used my high school nickname – i am fucked, aren’t i?’ au

       ‘we bumped into each other on the supermarket after several years and we were both dressed fancy so we assumed we were both wealthy so we agreed to go on a date but i am not rich, i actually work as a living mannequin on a store and i was on my break but i don’t want you to think that i am a loser so shit how do i pretend to be wealthy when i don’t even have money to – wait, you are not wealthy either?’ au 

        or the same au above except ‘wait, you are actually a multimillionaire and you are terrified about people using you for your money so you are happy to have met someone who gets it? shit now i can’t tell you the truth’ au

      and just – yOUNG ADULTS / ADULTS THINGS.

Lawful Good: Show this to someone who’s only seen DBZ/Naruto/Bleach

Neutral Good: Show this to someone who knows what anime is, but hasn’t seen any

Chaotic Good: Show this to someone younger than you/impressionable

Lawful Neutral: Show this to someone who’s just started watching Gintama

True Neutral: Show this to a fellow Gintama fan

Chaotic Neutral: Show this to someone who’s never heard of anime

Lawful Evil: Show this to someone who hates anime

Neutral Evil: Show this to a close friend who might not know you watch anime

Chaotic Evil: Show this to your parents

t a g  a l l  w h o  a p p l y


I haven’t posted a SINGLE picture of this on my Tumblr (and ill probably post my progress shots up in a separate post later for anyone interested) but here was my big project for Akon28.

150 hours, no sleep and lots of tears resulted in one of the most, if not THE most, amazing cosplay I’ve yet to produce.

Special thanks to @ravenousflyingbears for letting me use her as a living mannequin for The Boy.

Les amis as shit i've tweeted
  • Enjolras: sorry i'm BS deaf I can't hear your bullshit
  • Combeferre: There needs to be a designated scream room for students to go into and just. scream. for hours at a time maybe
  • Courfeyrac: *waking up my partner at 3 am* babe- yes i'm sorry but it's important- who do you think the hottest member of team rocket is?
  • Grantaire: my favourite shape is a downwards spiral
  • Marius: might as well be living in a mannequin warehouse with how many fake friends i have :/
  • Jehan: *me reading my child a bedtime story* and that's why karl marx, father of communism, wasn't such a bad dude
  • Bossuet: oh yeah? you thought YOUR friday was lit?? well did YOU almost DIE??? i think not. check and mate, rasin brand
  • Feuilly: for your consideration: y'ain't've
  • Bahorel: *wearing fruit-roll-up boxes as shoes* before you ask...yes they are real
  • Musichetta: no offense but zendaya is the most beautiful woman to ever exist
  • Eponine: fcking hell i don't have a pretty girl to kiss me when i'm sad,,,i have to do everything myself around here
  • Cosette: *sees a picture of two girls kissing* /sigh/ i wish i was gay. wait
snipper lance au hcs!

I love reading all your tags on my au so I decided I’d share some more HCs I have about it that I will hopefully get around to draw when the sem ends (or if i miraculously get the free time during sem) 

- Lance works at a fancy hair salon and is a senior stylist (the place has junior stylists, senior stylists and master stylists - the price of being served goes up depending on the ranking of the stylist (this is based on where I go))
- Allura is one of the master stylists at the salon and she was also the founder. She works on big celebrity photoshoots and model shoots etc and has an insane reputation
- Shiro knows about the salon because he’s done modelling work that Allura was styling for and now he goes to her for his regular hair (and she gives him a discount and they totally both have a crush on each other that they think is one sided)
- Shiro talks about Keith (his younger adopted brother) to Allura and somewhere along the line the fact that Keith needs a haircut gets brought up and Allura books him an appointment, which ends up being with Lance

- Lance mucks around all the time – im talking dancing around while he cuts hair, blowing off the tip of his scissors like they’re a gun after he finishes a cut, sneaking the volume of the salon music up really loud – but he never lets it get in the way of his cut and he’s damn good at what he does
- Lance also flirts with everyone
- Old ladies love him

aaand there’s more if you want more because i couldnt stop myself once i started

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New Product!

“Free samples, get your free samples!”

Heads turned left and right towards the small stall, set up outside the local gay sex store Yoratoy. On display were a full range of products from lube to dildos and apparently, they were all going free! Over the day many products were purchased and given away, it was getting to closing time when a nervous straggler, Shaun, wandered up to the little table, he had been pacing up and down the street all day waiting for the crowd to die off.

“W..which are the samples?” He asked trying not to blush, he wasn’t very experienced with these sorts of shops.

Eric, the owner, looked him up and down and smiled sweetly. “All you see is a sample! one per customer but, hmm, you know what, I was just about to close up and it really would be helpful if you would want to take a few items, saves me having to put them back inside.” He smiled and reached under the table picking up a few boxes and putting them into a black carrier bag, ignoring the products that were on display on the table.  Shaun looked inside and gasped as he accepted the bag off the man.

“A…all this? F..for me??? This must be hund…”

“Hundreds of pounds of products?” Eric laughed, “Yeh it is but it’s a new stock launch and this is the only giveaway, just to get word going.”

They both stood in silence for a moment as Shaun rummaged through the bag, lube, a cock pump and a dildo made up the contents along with a few odd pieces, pens, keychains and vouchers.

“I can’t accept this!” Shaun blushed trying to hand the bag back.

“Nonsense! It was going to be given away anyway, and it saves me room don’t worry!” Eric smiled softly as he finished putting the last of the products inside the door of the shop, “hmm, tell you what,” Eric took the bag back and pulled out the pump and the odd pieces, putting them inside the shop, handing back the dildo and lube, “You can take these for now but the pumps yours too, you can come try it sometime in store.” He winked at the now bright red Shaun.

“W…I can’t try them out in store!”

“Couse, you can, your welcome any time day or night, we are always open if you need a place to crash or kill some time, anyway you should head home, last train is in ten minutes, and you don’t look too local”

Shaun looked down at his phone and gasped, it was nearly eleven o’clock and his last train home was just after. He hastily accepted the now lighter bag back from the owner, thanked him and quickly dashed off back up the high street. He walked as quickly as he could, checking his phone every few minutes as he turned into the station…and watched with horror as his train closed its doors and pulled away.

He was stuck.

Shaun sighed. This wasn’t the first time he had ended up stranded, no one even worried any more if he vanished for months, he was known for getting lost but he always turned up eventually and he kept in touch with his phone. Shaun opened his browser and started searching for hotels, he had to find somewhere for the night.


He searched for what seemed like an hour till he gave up, sitting on a bench by the road he resigned himself to roughing it for the night. Then he remembered the offer from Eric. A warm store would be better than the cold outdoors, and it looked like rain soon. Slowly he stood up and made his way back through the streets until he arrived at the shop. He knocked quietly, almost hoping no one answered, this was so embarrassing. He inhaled quickly as the door opened and he blabbered about missing his train.

Eric laughed, “Well I didn’t expect you back so soon, but come in, come in, your welcome to sleep here for the night.”

“T…thanks but I’m happy just sitting and playing on my phone, if I can charge it?” Shaun stepped inside as the door was closed behind him and nervously shuffled round.

“Nonsense, follow me” Eric patted Shaun on the back and lead him past the counter into a large back room which looked like a workshop, to the side was another door which lead to a small bedroom housing just a double bed and a small table. “You can sleep here, it’s a guest room I have for friends, don’t worry about anything, you can charge your phone by the bed.”

“W..wow, thanks Eric, y…your awesome, but I don’t have much money…” Shaun looked a little scared, he worried he might be thrown out on the street.

“Don’t worry about money hun, I’m just helping out a customer, and I’m certain you’ll help money roll in soon enough!” Eric grinned, almost sinisterly.

Shaun looked round, “You mean by telling people about the products?”

“Of course, you’ll be a big help for product sales, anyway I’ll leave you to sleep, if you hear a slight static noise it’s just the server room next to you, don’t worry about it. Well goodnight man.” Eric stepped out the room, leaving the door open as he headed off back into the store.

Shaun closed the door slowly, placing down his small bag onto the side table, he turned off the light and climbed into the bed, it sure was more comfortable than he expected. As he started to relax he noticed a dim hum. “must be the server” he thought as he tried to ignore it. He tossed and turned for a while, all the time hearing that low distinct hum. As he lay on his back he suddenly realised he was gently rubbing himself, fuck he was getting quite horny, but he couldn’t play in some stranger’s bed!  Shaun pulled his hand away from his crotch and tried to fall back to sleep, but as the hum continued his hornyness just continued to build.

Eventually he slowly began to play with his hardening cock, but after stroking for a while he didn’t seem to be any closer to cumming, he looked round for something that may help him out as his eyes fell upon his small black free bag. He sat up and pulled out the dildo and lube, well if he was going to do this he may as well enjoy it, just be careful not to mark the bed. He quickly threw off his clothes and opened the packaging.

Drou-z was the branding on the dildo…and the lube. “Huh, Dro-zed, odd name” he thought as he started to lube up the toy, it wasn’t the biggest dildo he had played with, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him. Gently he lay on his back, lifted his legs and started to slide the toy into his hole, as he expected it went in no problem, and boy it felt good. He started pumping slowly as he used his other hand to stroke his rock-hard cock. He pumped rhythmically in and out but over time started to slow down, he shook his head and sped up again but soon found his body slowly, it was late…and he was getting so tired suddenly.

Just as his eyes started to close the door suddenly opened as light from the next room spilled in. “Well I see you like the products.” Eric said, smugly. Shaun tried to cover himself, but his limbs didn’t seem to respond, he was so tired he just couldn’t move. “w…whaa theee hell…” he slurred, his speech drowned with tiredness.

Eric stepped into the room, carrying a bag and sat down on the bed. “Aww is someone tired? A little bit too…Drowsy? Drou-zee.” He smirked as he grabbed the base of the dildo still inside Shaun’s hole, pumping it in and out a little before he removed it and set it down on the table. “Well then boy, now your all relaxed and sleepy we can settle the payment for the room, after all its only right you help out the store for helping you!”

Eric reached into the bag, pulling out a small roll of white industrial wrapping. Slowly he begun to wrap it round Shaun’s limp figure, starting at his left arm. “We have to get you looking the part, don’t we?” He moved on to the right, “Now you’re probably wondering what your payment will be.” Eric stood up and straightened the boy’s legs and begun to wrap them individually. “Now you’ll know by now that dildo and lube were designed to make you sleepy and weak. But those were one of a kind…” He continued his wrapping as he smoothed out the wrap. “But I do need help in the store, with products, which is where you come in, you’re going to help with my number 1 most needed product.” Moving up the body, Eric wrapped the boys stomach and torso, leaving only his still hard cock exposed, being careful to lift and lower the boy gently with each loop of the wrap. “Now currently I have two boys in my store, but they don’t really help with sales, they just model the merchandise and…enjoy the rewards of my clients… but you are going to be much more important to me!”

Eric finished his wrapping, by now only Shaun’s crotch and face were left exposed as a gag was slipped into his mouth and securely fastened beneath several layers of more wrap. Eric reached under the bed and pulled out what looked like an elaborate hair dryer, which began to blow warm air onto the wrapped boy. Shaun looked down groggily as he saw before him the loose wrap thickening and hardening into solid plastic. “Now, now don’t worry ill look after you, and you’ll feel so so good after this, when you wake up fully. “Eric moved his hands over the figure slowly as it hardened into a living white mannequin, adding small pieces in places to highlight or thicken areas until the whole boy was immobilised in plastic. Eric put the dryer down and pulled out a small syringe from his pocket, “now, this won’t hurt but you’ll feel a small prick.” Eric gently pressed down on the boy’s dick and quickly administered the injection to just above his member. Slowly, Shaun’s cock and balls, and the small patch of skin surrounding it, grew paler and paler until it matched the colour of the plastic. To the naked eye, the skin looked no different to the plastic now, but it was still soft flesh.

“There..there” Eric smiled as he started to stroke the hard snow white dick of Shaun. “Have to get your hormones going now for the next part to kick in.” Shaun looked down his body best he could, wide eyed as the syringe seemed to have woken him up, but that wasn’t the effect Eric was waiting for. Shaun moaned helplessly, the gag blocking almost all sound as Eric stroked him expertly, folding his balls too which slowly started to swell, bigger and bigger. Eventually Eric stopped stroking when each of Shaun’s Balls were the size of tennis balls. “There, all done, now to get you in the store!”

Eric picked up the boy with ease, and carried him out into the store front, stepping up a small ladder, Eric placed the mannequin of Shaun upright on a bracket in the wall. “Now you see I am planning a new product launch, but for that, I need product.” Eric stepped down a second before lifting a large tube with two pipes attached. “This little thing, is going to milk your cock Shaun.” Eric grinned up at the helpless wide eyes of the boy as he slid the tube over his hard dick. “See, your new package, will now produce cum for several days, non-stop, and thanks to my injection it will be much more like lube like than ordinary cum. You are going to produce my new line of cum lube.” With that he started up the machine which began pumping back and forth along the white dick. “As soon as you cum, you won’t stop, you’ll have one never ending orgasm as cum pours out of your cock, and collects in a nice big tank below you. Lube on tap, which customers fill their own bottles, that’s definitely a new product!”

Shaun looked down horrified as he felt himself building quickly to an orgasm. “Don’t worry.” Eric teased. “There is a small feeding tube in that gag, you’ll be fed and maintained, the system I’ve set you up in could maintain you for years! But I’ll let you out after your payment is finished, about a week…” Eric quickly attached a few straps to ensure the pump stayed in place and gently slid a mannequin mask over Shaun’s head, sealing it in place.

Eric quickly slipped a large fake prosthetic dick over the vacuum tube, linking the outlet to the tip. Stepping back, he admired his work. A large display, laden with empty bottles ready to be filled by customers. A large tank in the middle complete with tap and what looked like an elaborate mannequin fountain, complete with large dick and balls soon to be pouring cum into the tank, no one would suspect the supplier was a helpless Shaun, and while the balls were the only accessible part, they looked like plastic and were too far out of reach for a physical inspection.

Over the noise of the vacuum you couldn’t hear the moans as the first drop of cum erupted out of Shaun’s cock, followed by a slow steady series of continuous never ending squirts of cum which flowed down a small tube and begun to drip out of the end of the prosthetic dick and into the tank below. Eric grinned as he headed off to his bed, that tank should be reasonably full by morning, and he would let the boy out after a week, if the product didn’t sell well. Although…he already had several thousand pounds of orders and that was at least several years of supply…