a living mannequin

My favourite thing this year (so far) was when the MMA ‘Album Of The Year’ was announced and Tae and Yoongi were looking up at Namjoon like, “Whaaaaaa?” And Namjoon looking like he just saw flashes of the Afterlife. And Jin crying for himself and his family. And Jimin laughing his ass off because he’s actually delirious. And Hoseok totally understanding the situation right away but playing along politely while waiting for his dumb group to catch up mentally and emotionally. 

And Kookie doing the mannequin challenge live on TV. Boy, stand up. You’re embarrassing us again. 


WAITINGROOM LIVE: PENTAGON’s Mannequin Challenge - Can You Feel It


“A living doll? A living mannequin?? Whatever it is can’t I talk to it?? I wanna talk to it.”

Most of the time it’s very apparent when the text box is for dialogue or a description in Undertale, but this was one rare moment where my mind thought there was a typo or something in a description :x

Back when I was taking prompts in January, an anon wanted to know how Bacon would react to Mad Dummy.

The Tailor's Touch

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Warnings: a small, needle stab wound. (I don’t take anything seriously) this is also pretty short and crappy.

Summary: Y/n is Herc’s live mannequin. Fluff ensues.

Bam: heeyyy. It’s me again. Here’s some mediocre at best Herc fluff. Herc doesn’t get enough love! Love him! Anyway, love always.


You were making your way over to your freind Hercules’ dress shop. He made all the dresses himself, and since he practically begged you, you agreed to be his live mannequin. For some reason, he hated plastic ones.

You strolled through the door, but with the little bell, Herc was there in a matter of milliseconds. You chuckled.

“Y/n! Come on today we’ve got a lot of work to do! I’m working on prom dresses since that time of the year is coming up.” You groaned. Today was going to be a long day.

You stripped into leggings and a sports bra and stepped onto the tailor’s podium. Hercules brought out every type of blue fabric you could think of. He strides over to you, and gently put the base on your form. You had to suppress a shiver as his hands grazed your midriff. You had been suppressing a crush on Herc for a while, but it turns out doing that only makes it ten times stronger.

He went to work on the dress, his hands moving almost melodically as he placed the pins. His face was fixed in a concentrated glare, and you found yourself staring. There was something that was just unmatchably beautiful about him working. He looked up at you, breaking his concentration.

“You ok still?”


“HERCULES!” John barreled into the back.

“OW!” Herc flinched when John barged in and stabbed you with the pin he was placing.

“John! I’m sorry Y/n!” You quickly removed the pin and his handiwork so to not get blood on it. You placed it on the table and turned around to see a blushing Herc frantically grabbing for some medical supplies. He sat you down and dabbed alcohol on the wound, which was still bleeding by the way.

“God, Y/n I’m sorry. But guys you should have seen it! Alex destroyed Jefferson in debate club today.” You shot him a glare. Apparently, your face must have been red because John just glanced between you and Hercules and backed out of the shop, smirking.

“What was that look for?”

“John’s a very observant person when it comes to body language.” You deadpanned.

“W-what do you mean,” he fumbled with the bandage in his hand while you were tense and blushing.

You made eye contact with him, and he scooted closer to you. His hand rested gently on your hip, sending electricity through your body.

“Y/n…” he whispered.

You gently pressed your lips to his, a gasp escaping him. He pulled his body flush to your and wrapped a protective embrace around you.

When you pulled away, you notice that there was blood all over his jacket. Your face contorted into what probably looked like a regretful face.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Ummmm….. I bled all over your sleeve…” you nervously laughed. He glanced down at his hoodie and let a low chuckle escape his lips. He proceeded to patch your wound up, his touch still sending little shocks through your body. The Tailor had an electric touch.