a living mannequin

My favourite thing this year (so far) was when the MMA ‘Album Of The Year’ was announced and Tae and Yoongi were looking up at Namjoon like, “Whaaaaaa?” And Namjoon looking like he just saw flashes of the Afterlife. And Jin crying for himself and his family. And Jimin laughing his ass off because he’s actually delirious. And Hoseok totally understanding the situation right away but playing along politely while waiting for his dumb group to catch up mentally and emotionally. 

And Kookie doing the mannequin challenge live on TV. Boy, stand up. You’re embarrassing us again. 


WAITINGROOM LIVE: PENTAGON’s Mannequin Challenge - Can You Feel It


“A living doll? A living mannequin?? Whatever it is can’t I talk to it?? I wanna talk to it.”

Most of the time it’s very apparent when the text box is for dialogue or a description in Undertale, but this was one rare moment where my mind thought there was a typo or something in a description :x

Back when I was taking prompts in January, an anon wanted to know how Bacon would react to Mad Dummy.


China! Today’s Chinese women. [From right from top] 1. A woman officer. 2. Chinese townswomen on a walk. 3. A woman-peasant with her baby. 4. Girls following the newest fashion trends. 5. Women students collect money to help fight the war against Japan. 6. In student’s room. 7. Parisian perm. 8. Live mannequins in a boutique in Shanghai.

Di panorame, No. 5, 1937, Warsaw

I like the quasi-Chinese Yiddish-Hebrew font. 

sirinial  asked:

hello! i do some hobby armor work and was wondering where you get your forms and mannequins? i'm just now at the point where i'd like to have something to form a breastplate and pauldrons on, but i haven't found a successful method of procuring something of the sort yet. (also your work is awesome and your cats are cute!!)

Matteo, the bondage mannequin who lives in my hallway, was a chance encounter at a Berkeley junk shop called Urban Ore, but craigslist is your friend! Mannequins pop up on craigslist with surprising frequency. When I moved to a larger place and I had the space to finally get a female mannequin, I made a google alert for mannequins in my area on craigslist until I found a good deal, and, well… that’s another story, but hey! I’ve got two lovely (and VERY useful) mannequins now. ^_^


The search for who Charles is has lead me on a search to uncover who the mysterious mannequin family could be. Well, I’ve got a feeling they’re the key to figuring out who Charles is and I’m really excited to share what I’ve uncovered so far with all of you.

We all remember those infamous little blonde twins that appear in flashbacks, Ravenswood and even in Hanna’s house. In the Halloween flashback episode Ally tells Hanna and some poor little boy the scary tale of a girl who killed her sister and was sent to a facility for the criminally insane (presumably Radley). In this story Ally says the girl has just escaped from Radley and is out for blood. It sounds like a pretty good horror story to scare kids with, but was it more fact than fiction? I believe so.

Later in this episode the girls are walking down the street after being invited to Noel’s party. They stop outside a very old, run down and abandoned house and discuss it’s creepiness. But there is someone inside this house, we see a curtain move and are shown a view from inside the house looking out, like someone is watching the girls from inside the house. But what’s really interesting here is as the scene is ending we see a car pull up outside the house and it’s marked with a Radley Sanitarium logo on the door. Is the person inside the house a Radley escapee?

Ally’s scary story is really starting to ring true to me now. I think this old house could have been the house where the girl murdered her sister in and she did in fact escape from Radley and went back to her home.

Now, let’s take a look at that mannequin family again, shall we? See the mother is wearing a pearl necklace and a very old fashioned dress? Now, let’s go back to that Halloween flashback episode and look at the mother of the two girls – Wait! Is that pretty much the spitting image of the mannequin mother in Charles’s vault? They have the same coloured hair, the same style outfit, the same necklace and the same body shape. Pretty darn similar if you ask me. And the little blonde girl mannequin, boy she looks a lot like the girls in the flashback hey?

So, what do you think? Could the mannequin mother be the mother of the twins in the Halloween flashback? And could the little girl mannequin be the girl who was sent to Radley for murdering her sister? It’s looking like a really big possibility to me.