a living mannequin

★*.✧ some random plot ideas for adult things ★*.✧

       'okay we used to be best friends and we promised we were gonna get married when we got older but we drifted apart after high school and now i got an invitation to your wedding and wait that’s not how it was supposed to go’ au

      ‘we promised we were going to write a tv show one day but we never did it because we grew apart but wait – didn’t i just hear these kids on the bus talking about a tv show that sounds a lot like our idea? wait, you are the one writing it? you do realize that story was half mine, right? i wANT MY MONEY’ au

       ‘you and i used to date but we broke up and it was really ugly and we stopped talking and now we bumped into each other after ten years and wow that kid sure does look a lot like – wait, how old is your kid? ten? oh. OH’ au

       ‘you are my new boss and fuck i feel like i know you from somewhere. wait, did you just say you are from said city? oh shit, you are the person i used to stalk when i was in high school. fuck please tell me you don’t remember me. oh damn you just used my high school nickname – i am fucked, aren’t i?’ au

       ‘we bumped into each other on the supermarket after several years and we were both dressed fancy so we assumed we were both wealthy so we agreed to go on a date but i am not rich, i actually work as a living mannequin on a store and i was on my break but i don’t want you to think that i am a loser so shit how do i pretend to be wealthy when i don’t even have money to – wait, you are not wealthy either?’ au 

        or the same au above except ‘wait, you are actually a multimillionaire and you are terrified about people using you for your money so you are happy to have met someone who gets it? shit now i can’t tell you the truth’ au

      and just – yOUNG ADULTS / ADULTS THINGS.


I haven’t posted a SINGLE picture of this on my Tumblr (and ill probably post my progress shots up in a separate post later for anyone interested) but here was my big project for Akon28.

150 hours, no sleep and lots of tears resulted in one of the most, if not THE most, amazing cosplay I’ve yet to produce.

Special thanks to @ravenousflyingbears for letting me use her as a living mannequin for The Boy.

snipper lance au hcs!

I love reading all your tags on my au so I decided I’d share some more HCs I have about it that I will hopefully get around to draw when the sem ends (or if i miraculously get the free time during sem) 

- Lance works at a fancy hair salon and is a senior stylist (the place has junior stylists, senior stylists and master stylists - the price of being served goes up depending on the ranking of the stylist (this is based on where I go))
- Allura is one of the master stylists at the salon and she was also the founder. She works on big celebrity photoshoots and model shoots etc and has an insane reputation
- Shiro knows about the salon because he’s done modelling work that Allura was styling for and now he goes to her for his regular hair (and she gives him a discount and they totally both have a crush on each other that they think is one sided)
- Shiro talks about Keith (his younger adopted brother) to Allura and somewhere along the line the fact that Keith needs a haircut gets brought up and Allura books him an appointment, which ends up being with Lance

- Lance mucks around all the time – im talking dancing around while he cuts hair, blowing off the tip of his scissors like they’re a gun after he finishes a cut, sneaking the volume of the salon music up really loud – but he never lets it get in the way of his cut and he’s damn good at what he does
- Lance also flirts with everyone
- Old ladies love him

aaand there’s more if you want more because i couldnt stop myself once i started

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“A living doll? A living mannequin?? Whatever it is can’t I talk to it?? I wanna talk to it.”

Most of the time it’s very apparent when the text box is for dialogue or a description in Undertale, but this was one rare moment where my mind thought there was a typo or something in a description :x

Back when I was taking prompts in January, an anon wanted to know how Bacon would react to Mad Dummy.

Fashionista pt 2

Special thanks to @sshmee for the fashion puns.

pt 1

It was just before sunset. Chat Noir was waiting on the roof of Notre Dame waiting to rendezvous with Ladybug for their evening patrol. But judging by how many bells were tolling to signify the hour, she was running late. It wasn’t something uncommon tho. She had mentioned before she’d had a summer job that may run late some days. So he waited patiently, his only company the gargoyles.

He had looked at his phone to see if there were any messages from his lady, when he heard some ruckus in a nearby park. He gave a shot at calling Ladybug, but with no avail.

“Well, milady will just have to catch up then!” And swung down on his staff to find out what all the commotion was.

He found it was a new akuma, one rather interesting looking. She looked like a miss matched ragdoll, with stitches running up and down any exposed skin. Her outfit a dark green cloak with oversized sleeves, and black high heeled boots. She also had a round bag which seemed to carry sewing or craft supplies. He looked around to see what damage this akuma was capable of. Looked like she was turning Parisians into mannequins, dressed with eccentric outfits. Except Chloe, he noted she was dressed in a potato sack on her mannequin, which had a deep scowl.

“Looks like I need to button up for this fight, until Ladybug arrives.c he said with a smirk.

The akuma turned to him with a scowl. “DON’T expect any backup this time around, kitty cat. You’re in this fight alone.”

Chat Noir jerked in recognition. “Marinette?” He looked into the blue eyes of the akuma. They were the same as those of his classmates.

The akuma rolled her eyes, brushing one dark braided pigtail aside. “I am The Fashionista. Not ‘Marinette.’” She quipped.

Chat still persisted. “Marinette? What’s wrong? Did something happen with my-at work?” He carefully approached, holding his baton lowly, at the ready if she decided to throw something at him. Then he remembered what she said. “And what did you mean by me fighting alone? Ladybug will be here any minute.”

That seemed to upset Marinette’s akuma more. “Your wrong! Ladybug isn’t coming to save Paris anymore!” She screamed, And threw giant knitting needles at him.

He knocked them both away effortlessly. What she was saying disturbed him greatly, but as he dodged her attacks there was 2 things he noticed about her. There were tears streaming from her eyes, and there was something red along the side of her face. He had to get a closer look. He took a run to her and the Fashionista smirked pulling out a large knitting needles. But at the last second he used his staff to pole vault over her, and then trap her in a bear hug.

“You’ve had me on pins and needles this fight, Princess. Especially with that comment. What do you mean by that? That Ladybug won’t be coming?”

Grunting Marinette struggled in his grip. Turning her head to look at him, she said “Give me your miraculous and you’ll find out. ”

At the angle she was giving him, Chat Noir noticed what the off putting Shiney red was. Her earlobe was bleeding. He pulled back in shock, but still kept his arms around her, “Marinette, what happened to your ear!?” He asked.

But instead of an answer, she snapped her fingers. Chat Noir felt his arms pulled from around the akuma by a pair of mannequins. The Fashionista turned around with a smirk, filled with anger… and sadness. He noted the tears threatening to spill. But the look she had in her eyes behind those tears. They were familiar in a way. But he had no time to think about why. He called out a cataclysm, and felt the power of corrosion in his fingertips. He clenched his fist.

“Now now, kitty-cat what are you going to do with that? Surely not use it on these helpless people?”

Granted, Chat forgot the dummies were people, but he’d had another thought. He kept his hand in a fist and tugged against the mannequin.

Another mannequins brought over a fallen tree branch, while the Fashionista gently took his right hand. “Now let’s just dispell that so I can get what I came here for. Right mon petite chatton?”

He had only a second to act. “Sorry to cut this short, my lady, as much as I don’t want a free akuma flying round, I’d rather have you back instead.” And ripped his hand forward touching the bag at her side. As he hoped, the bag disintegrated freeing the black butterfly from its depths. As it flew, the mannequins froze and the colorful outfit Marinette wore faded in a cloud of black smoke.

Marinette stumbled on her feet, but Chat caught her against his chest. “Are you OK, Princess?”

Marinette looked around bewildered a moment before looking up at Chat Noir. He noted that the tears were still there, quietly streaming down her face. “Marinette? What’s wrong?”

She pushed back from him, he let her, but still reached out to comfort her. She shook her head. What’s wrong? That was a loaded question. How could she answer. Her ear gave a throb and she reached for it. Suddenly remembering the fight. How Hawkmoth tor one earing from her viciously, breaking her transformation. Then threatening Tikki if she didnt hand over the other. Then taking advantage of her anger akumatizing her.

She suddenly couldn’t breath, and Chat caught her before she fell. He guided her to a nearby bench, away from the living mannequins.

“Marinette, please tell me. What happened? At work; to your ear? You can trust me.” He gave her a genuine smile.

“It’s a long story, but I think you should know. I found out that Hawkmoth is Gabriel Agreste, and he has my Miraculous.”

Chat sat stunned, his green eyes wide in surprise. His father, Hawkmoth?

“I’m sorry that your partner is just a clumsy highchooler who can’t even protect her miraculous. ” the tears started flowing again. Chat put a hand on her shoulder giving her a warm smile.

“I’m not too surprised you’re Ladybug. I actually figured that out halfway thru the fight. If anything I’m grateful that my lady is such a sweet person!” He suddenly got a serious look on his face. “It’s the identity of Hawkmoth that caught me off guard.” His ring gave warning. There was only one pad left.

“Your should go-”

“No chance!” He gave a smirk. “I’m not leaving your side one second. I had to let your akuma free, and that means it can come back. And until we can get your miraculous back, I’m going to protect you at all times. Even as my normal self.” He gave a cocky pose, just as his transformation faded.

It was Marinette’s turn to be shocked as in his place was none other than Adrien Agreste. He turned and gave a determined look, still talking in the confidence that was her partner. “I promise we will get your miraculous back, Marinette, and I swear to you. I had no idea that my father was Hawkmoth.”

Marinette looked back and forth between him and the small cat creature, who was his kwami. She shook off her surprise. “Don’t worry, I believe you.”

He escorted Marinette home, Marinette quietly avoiding looking at the mannequins around Paris. After dropping her off at her front door, just minutes later he was on her balcony. They had to plan. And, he was going to do whatever it took to make sure Marinette’s akuma didn’t come back till they were ready. But they knew they had to act fast. And getting those earrings back were the number one priority.