a little white shadow

Like Smoke - 1

Prologue here - general fic tag -> #LikeSmoke

Pairing: Mafia!Dazai x F!Reader
Warnings: canon typical violence - language - adult situations - sexual situations 
Genre: Romance - Angst - Canon typical drama 

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The living weren’t expected in heaven. That was the only reason Baldr could, in the rushed moments after his capture, he could explain the treatment he received. Either that, or Metatron’s word of being a guest meant something different in this ethereal world. 

The shackles that held his arms tightly, almost uncomfortably, were not of a metal or material he could fathom. At their atomic core, there was no flexing he could feel, no lock for which a key could enter. Freedom seemed to be only within his captive’s hands, and they did not seem so forthcoming with release in those moments. 

Hastened along, near-blinded by the all-compassing light of heaven that seemed thick enough to chew, Baldr attempted to find some normalcy in the situation. Figures, whether near or far, were little more than shadows a shade greyer than the white surround, shapes unknown whether they looked to or away from the prisoner being jostled onward. 

The walk seemed to end abruptly, in a place that seemed no different from the entrance or the rest of the journey that the stag could discern. Yet it was here his guards suddenly decreed to give an unexpected blow, a force great enough to shake the barely-balanced Áss to fall to his knees, dishevelled hair covering the front-tipped head. 

Though his vision was mostly white, filled with the substance he could only assume was the ground, the seething brown eyes caught sight of a tesseract’s corner.

‘’This,’’ Baldr dared to speak, despite the hand, appendage at his neck clenching in a warning grip, ‘’was not the welcome I expected, Metatron.’’

Sounds of Reverie|| Elena

Stefan swayed along with the wind that whipped off the horizon. All the neat little houses stood strong against the shadows. All the white picket fences and comfortable little patches of perfectly crisp grass. Jenna had done everything in her power to give Elena and Jeremy the life they deserved. Life hadn’t been kind to the Gilbert children or the unsuspecting young aunt awarded custody. The road only rose up to meet them with more strife as the days narrowed; you added to that strife, you idiot. Stefan thought to himself. Maybe if he’d stayed far away from Mystic Falls none of this could have happened. 

His hands jammed into the soft lined jacket to beat the cold that nipped at the backs of his hands. Sure, it wasn’t unbearable but he didn’t need to be any more irritated than he already was. @todayitwillbedifferent


Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Genevieve
Words: 1451
This is The Fourth of July installment of my “Holiday” series 

Christmas Party Embarrassment, New Year’s Kiss, I Love You, Just Kiss Me, Easter Sunday. I’m A Fool For You

Warning: Smut

You smiled at your reflection in the mirror. You loved getting dressed up for holidays, especially when it wasn’t one where you had to be fancy. This time, the Fourth of July, you got to wear a really comfortable, casual outfit.

           You had paired a pair of white shorts with a red tank top and a blue, sheer cover. Your flip-flops were red, white, and blue. You had red, white, and blue earrings. And you had even done a little red, white, and blue with your eye shadow.

           “Well, look at my little American flag,” Jensen smiled when you walked downstairs in your outfit.

           You posed and giggled, “You like my outfit?”

           Jensen walked over and put his hands on your hips, “I love your outfit,” he smiled, kissing you.

           “You like it because I’m showing skin,” you teased him.

           He skimmed his fingertips over your thigh just under the hem of your shorts, “Yeah? So?”

           You shrugged, “Just pointing out a fact.”

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