a little turbulence

Separate Rooms

request: When you first start dating Shawn and you visit him on tour his crew would make you guys sleep in separate room and you wouldn’t really care but Shawn would be protesting it

a/n: um i start my classes at uni today um ??? new things??? what ???? omg ????

You laughed as you followed Manny to the baggage claim, since Aaliyah had fallen asleep on the plane and had a red mark on her forehead from where she was leaning against the side of the cabin. “Shut up,” Aaliyah joked, blushing.

“Aw, Liyah! It’s so cute!” You poked her in the side, falling into one of the chairs to wait for your luggage.

The carousel started moving not too long later, and the three of you grabbed the suitcases pretty quickly, and you sent a sent to your boyfriend, letting him know you were on the way to the hotel.

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last updated: 14th september 2017

a/n: do let me know if any of the links are wrong or not working :)

scenarios & aus

✏  love shower  

→  fluff, boyfriend!seungcheol

✏  stayover

→  nsfw, dom!seungcheol, overstimulation

✏  bad fame 

→  some fluff but mostly angst, idol!reader, idol!seungcheol ft. seventeen

✏  the muse  

→  fluff, artist!reader, muse!jeonghan

✏  first time 

→  nsfw, virgin!reader, fluff

✏  roommate!au

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  emergency

→  angst, fluff, boyfriend!jeonghan ft. chairperson!joshua

✏  assassin!au

→  fluff, bulletpointed, violence, a little angst, assassin!jeonghan, assassin!reader, partner!jeonghan

✏  sick model [ mini series ] 

→  fluff, model!reader, ceo!joshua

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed, guitarist!joshua

✏  anxiety

→  (a bit of) angst, fluff, reader suffers from anxiety

✏  soulmate 

→  timer soulmate!au, idol!joshua

✏  assassin!au

→  a little angst, fluff, violence, bulletpointed, assassin!joshua, doctor!reader

✏  roommate!au

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  assassin!au

→  fluff, bulletpointed, assassin!jun, trainer!reader

✏  present 

→  fluff, extremely short oops

✏  redamancy

→  fluff, a little angst, arranged marriage

✏  bookshelf 

→  fluff, library scene, bookworm!reader, a little of bookworm!wonwoo

✏  cheating

→  angst, break up, cheating!wonwoo

✏  insecurities

→  fluff, angst, insecure!reader

✏  cuddles  

→  pure fluffy fluff, morning cuddles

✏  kittens

→  mildly jealous!wonwoo, fluff, raising kittens together

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  soulmate 

→  fluff, soulmate!au where whenever one’s soulmate gets an injury, the other party would feel the same pain and glitter would appear on the exact same spot 

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  soulmate 

→  fluff, angst, soulmate!au where the male would continuously vomit flower petals every time he falls in love with someone who is not his soulmate

✏  cooking class 

→  fluff,  partner!mingyu

✏  soulmate 

→  fluff, highschool!au, soulmate!au where the first words that your soulmate says to you is tattooed onto your wrist

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  i’m sorry [ mini series ]

→  angst, a bit of fluff @ pt. 2, vulgarities, fight with boyfriend!mingyu

✏  assassin!au

→  fluff, bulletpointed, assassin!mingyu, reader was the wrong target

✏  infatuation

→  fluff, love at first sight

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  hero

→  fluff, reader tries to help a victim of bullying, bullies hit reader and minghao appears

✏  lullaby 

→  pregnant!reader, seungkwan sings to your baby

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed, bestfriend!seungkwan

✏  soulmate 

→  fluff, soulmate!au where soulmates would have the exact same tattoo on them

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed, ft. seungkwan

✏  sick 

→  fluff, sick!reader, chan comes over to take care of you

✏  soulmate 

→  fluff, soulmate!au where soulmates are connected by their sense of taste

✏  roommate!au 

→  fluff, bulletpointed

✏  turbulence 

→  a little bit of fluff, mostly angst, boyfriend!chan, plane crash, reader falls into coma

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anonymous asked:

Boys when their s/o accidentally turns them on please? (Sucking on a popsicle or shifting in their lap on accident, or moaning when stretching?)

A/N: I can’t do all the boys cause my hc limit is three. So, I chose Junkrat, Solider, and Hanzo. If you want other ones you can ask for them again when requests are open. ^^

Also NSFW-ish?


  • The base had been extremely hot that day, Jamison noticed. 
  • Lucio had been the one to offer everyone Popsicle as a means of cooling off. So, when you found one in your preferred flavor, you took to it quickly before going back to your ‘cool down spot’.
  • Jamie finds you sitting on the ground by a fan, your hair pushed back as a sweaty blush paints your cheeks. 
  • There’s sticky Popsicle juice dripping to stain your fingers as you sloppily lick it clean  before moving back to suck and slurp at the melting icy treat.
  • Jamie practically giggles in excitement at the sight while he moves to sit next to you. 
  • He simply watches you go about it, a giddy smile on his face as his mind wanders much to dirty for how hot it already is. 
  • He lets out a series of giggles, peppering kisses on your bare shoulder. “Ey, love.” You hum, letting him know your listening. “I got something else you can suck on.” He remarks, eyebrows wagging while you practically choke at the perversion. Junkrat laughs at your reaction while you smack him playfully on the arm, telling him to save it for later.

Soldier 76

  • Soldier is very punctual about stretching before working out. Reminding you to do so as you join him for training. 
  • He continues his sets of weights. Resting an elbow on his knee while watching you do as he instructed. He sees as you lift your arms over your head, bending backwards while your chest curves upwards.
  • However, his head nearly jerks when you moan loudly. It was loud and sensual followed by a relieved sigh as you release the tension in your joints. 
  • Soldier is practically glowing red under his mask, grateful no one else was around to hear it.
  • He feels where the heat of his face travels down his body while you move to stand and look at him expectantly. Eyes wandering why he’s stopped lifting weights to stare at you.
  • The blood from his face rushes straight down to his crotch and he’s on his feet in seconds. A sudden lost of control coming over him.
  • You watch with curiosity as Solider marches over to you swiftly before grabbing a strong hold on your arm. His face is close enough for only you to hear what he demands with a growl. “Showers, now.” His tone surprising you by how commanding it sounds. Though, it doesn't deter a smirk from appearing on your face as you follow him.

Hanzo Shimada

  • The drop-ship had been unusually bumpy due to turbulence. 
  • However, little did that do to stop you from standing up in order to reach something from across the table. 
  • Almost immediately, a huge pocket of air forces the plane to shake, causing you to lose your footing. 
  • Hanzo immediately rushed to grab you, pulling you to topple into his lap rather than the floor. Your butt ends up meeting rightfully onto his crotch as the ship’s shaking added pleasant friction through his pants.
  • He stiffens immediately -in more ways than one- before wrapping his arms around to keep you in place. 
  • The ship continues shaking enough that you think he is holding you so you don’t fall over once more. Finding it cute as he tucks his forehead to the back of your neck almost affectionately.
  • However, it takes you a moment to realize whats going when the shaking of the ship makes you sink further into him. His growing erection poking at your ass.
  • “Hanzo…” You begin before he cuts you off. His face is kept in a controlled scowl as he mutters “Not a word” into the crook of your neck.  You chuckle. Shifting a bit more than needed in order to sit comfortably, if not a bit more teasingly. 
AI | Mile High Club

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic that I’ve posted so please be gentle! Feel free to give prompts etc through my ask if you want more. Only read if you’re 18+.

Warnings: Smut

You didn’t know why you were so scared so flying. The irrational fear didn’t seem to have an origin as far as you were concerned but butterflies continued to flood your stomach every time you even considered stepping on a plane. Deep down, you knew you were being over dramatic but that didn’t settle the swarm or make the anxiety as less real or present.

As the taxi you’re in pulls up to the airport, you feel your boyfriend, Ashton, give your hand a gentle squeeze. He understands the turmoil attacking you so knows that there isn’t much he can do but be there. Part of him felt guilty for putting you through such a stressful situation but you insisted on attending the award ceremony in L.A. as his date. Your relationship was still very new and this appearance would be your first one as an official couple. This fact filled Ashton with nerves even though he was certain he’d found someone special.

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when you’re on a five year mission in space with the half-vulcan love of your life and things are a little turbulent and you’re not sure yet how he feels but you’re hanging in there and flirting all you can

rmedy09  asked:

I was wondering if you have any voice responses for Driver like if she/he dominates someone or is healed

Haha, I loved this idea so much that I went and banged out a few. Not sure how the mechanics of Driver’s game mode would work RE: domination, assists, and such, but whatever!

Run down more than 1 enemy in 20 seconds with McMANN:

  • Whoop, I think I hit something!
  • [honks horn]
  • My other car is also this car!

Runs down more than 3 enemies in 20 seconds with McMANN:

  • RRRRRRRK BOOM PKOW [short laugh]
  • [singing] Takin’ care of business!
  • [honks horn repeatedly] Outta my way! I’m bigger than you!
  • Ugh! Somebody get a hose!

Kill assist:

  • Yay! Go us! I mean, uh, [sniff] good job.
  • [singing] Lookit this guy all dressed in red, iko iko, un-day! Betcha five dollars he killed ya dead, jack-a-mo fee na-nay!

Kill more than one enemy with any weapon in 20 seconds:

  • Haha! Didja see that?! I… TOTALLY meant to do that!

Run down an enemy with at least one passenger:

  • Did anybody else feel that?
  • Just a little turbulence! Stay frosty back there!
  • Speed bump!


  • [breathless giggling] Oh sorry, I just remembered this really funny joke? YOUR FACE.
  • How EMBARRASSING for you!
  • Wow, are you okay? JUST KIDDING! I don’t actually care!

On fire:

  • So THIS is what it feels like to be on fire! Gotta say, not a fan!
  • Anybody else smell burning hair, or is it just me?
  • [screaming]

Healed by Medic:

  • Thank you, scary German man!
  • Ahh, I needed that…
  • So, uh, you doing anything after this?

Under effects of ÜberCharge while driving McMANN:

  • Guess what! This ain’t a firetruck!

That was fun! Maybe I’ll write some more and do a longer post about it later.

Once Prisoners - Part 2 [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I request a voltron imagine where the reader was rescued from the galea because when shiro “disappeared” he was transported on the reader’s ship and they travelled the galaxy together, messing with galra bc she was a prisoner too, and trying to find voltron. Then when they find voltron, the reader keeps getting hit on by everyone and lots of jealous shiro. (I love your work and change this if you want just something x shiro i love him)”

A/n: Here’s part 2! Sorry it took so long, I was having a bit of trouble with it. There will be one more part (probably), so I hope you guys look forward to that. I appreciate any feedback and I hope you guys love it! <3

Tagging: @batty4dc

Part 1 - Part 3

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers


Ever since you and Shiro escaped the Galra, you had become close. It was just the two of you while trying to find his friends. You’d had to have been searching for at least 3 spicolian movements. Though every transmission from Galra ships ended up with no Voltron. You and Shiro had taken out many Galra invasions due to your fighting and flight abilities and his experience with Voltron. Each planet was eternally grateful and would offer you supplies or some sort of upgrade to your ship. Which doesn’t resemble much of a Galran fighter anymore.

However, Shiro was beginning to feel the pressure. The Galra were still around and he can’t find his team. Where are they? You should’ve found them by now.

You noticed his discomfort when boarding the ship but didn’t point it out. That was until he lost his temper and hit a toolbox off the table. “Whoa! Shiro!” You yelled, he didn’t look at you. Just leaned against his hands on the table. Seeing the tightness in his shoulders, and entire being.

Expression softening you walked over to him. “Shiro” you called quietly. He didn’t budge at your words. Seeing this you placed a hand on his arm, “Takashi, please look at me.” You begged, lightly tugging on his arm. He did turn to you this time but didn’t look in your eyes. Moving to where he had to look at you.

He had been looking at the ground, so, you had stepped very close to him to catch his dark grey eyes. “Takashi” saying his name once more. He finally looked at you, “What’s the matter?”

Sighing he answered, “What if this is hopeless? What if we don’t find them?” You could see the panic in his eyes. Reaching up you cupped his face, forcing him to look at you. “Takashi, we will find them. I promise you, I will get you back to your friends. Your family.” Saying while brushing his bangs out of his face. His eyes caught yours, staring into them he lost himself.

Shiro had these growing affections for you for a long time but just couldn’t find the courage to tell you. “[F/n] I-” He began but was cut off by another Galra transmission. You left his side and rushed over to catch it.

“It’s close. We should go.” You said going to your seat and setting the coordinates. Shiro nodded and took his seat. He watched as you flipped switches, you noticed his eyes in you. “Hey, it’s gonna be alright. We’ll find them.”

He smiled gratefully “I know. Thank you.” Nodding you turned to the controls again, beginning the flight to the planet the Galra was targeting. “Buckle up, igniting boosters in 3… 2… 1.” Saying while flipping a few switches and Shiro doubled checked his belt.

Feeling the rush from the boosters, it didn’t take super long until the planet of interest was in your sights. Coming closer to the planet’s atmosphere you took a glance at Shiro, he was sitting stiff and nervous. His Galra hand was gripping the armrest tightly, never loosening in the instant.

Taking a deep breath you thrusted toward the planet, entering the atmosphere, feeling the force from the pull of the planet’s gravity. “We’re comin in hot” You said while pulling back on the controls, trying to ease the nose of the ship up. Shiro grabbed hold of the dashboard as you hit some turbulence making you laugh. “The top pilot of his class can’t take a little turbulence?” Teasing over the sounds of the ship.

He rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his lips. “Just keep your eyes on the sky.” Yelling back to you, making you chuckle again.

Fully entering the atmosphere you saw the Galran ships, one being a large battleship. “Shit” you cursed, “how are we going to take that down?” You cry exasperated. “Maybe one of us can infiltrate, but right now we have company.” Shiro pointed to the Galra fighters coming your way.

Gritting your teeth, “hold on!” Crying before thrusting your controls forward. “Pay attention I’m gonna line them up for ya.” Saying to him but keeping your eyes locked on the ships headed your way. Flipping a few switches and a jerk of the controls you had the ship going in an upward spin. “Ready?”

Shiro gripped his controls, “Ready!” Hearing that you pulled back the ship looped around and the ships were right under you, “NOW!” That’s when Shiro engaged the blasters and took out all of the ships following you. Smiling you glanced at him, “Nice shot!”

He grinned back, “Nice flying, but we’re not done yet. Look.” He was pointing toward the main ship where more of the fighters were flying out. You sighed, but all of a sudden the both of you heard a loud roar.

Shiro immediately recognized it. “Did you hear that?!” You nodded looking toward the atmosphere, where four of the Voltron lions appeared along with the Altean castle-ship. A smile bloomed on your face.

“Get me near the castle-ship, maybe I can get to the black lion.” He looked at you. “You got it!” Saying before flying toward the castle. “We have to get there before the barrier’s up!”

You sped up but shooting from Galra fighters diverted your course. “We’ll never get there with these fighters on us. Though Shiro got an idea, “If you can fly over the ship before the barrier goes up I can jump down there from the hangar door.” He explained while unbuckling his belt.

“What?! Are you insane?!” Yelling at him while seeing his belt unbuckle as he stood. “This is the only chance we have, if I can get to the black lion and we form Voltron, I can end this, and they’ll know I’m okay.” He looked at you sincerely.

“It’s too dangerous I won’t let you.” Right then a fighter hit one of your engines. “Agh! One of the engines are damaged.” You assessed the damage. “[F/n], we have to do this now. Do you trust me?” The way he said that sounded like the same way you asked when you first met.

Sighing you turned back to the controls completely and flipping the switch to the hangar door, “You better come back to me Shirogane.” The way you phrased that made him blush, but he smiled and nodded, “I will.” Saying before running to the door.

He held on to the walls, waiting for your signal. “We’ll be over the castle in 5… 4… 3… 2 “ he heard you say through his com. You flipped a final switch, opening the door, “…Give ’em hell.” After hearing that Shiro jumped from the ship, engaging his Galra arm. Falling toward the ship he caught himself with his enhanced arm and pulled himself up onto a part of the castle. “I’m on” he informed you, making you sigh in relief.

Inside the castle Coran and Allura were trying to figure out, what the quiznak just landed on the castle before the barrier went up. Though as soon as Shiro was in range the black lion activated. “What’s going on with the black lion?” Coran asked, looking to Allura. “I don’t know“ she answered.

In response to his presence and bond, the lion flew out of the ship, right to where Shiro was, catching him in it’s mouth. The other paladins were looking toward the ship in shock when they heard, “Did ya miss me?”

“SHIRO!” They all yelled. “You’re okay!” Pidge was the first to ask. “More or less but let’s deal with this. I can explain later.” He smiled while joining the other paladin’s sides.

“[F/n]” Shiro called, leaving the others rather confused. “At your service”

“How’s that engine?” he asked, a bit concerned. “Sputtering but operational.” You laughed on the other end. “Sounds like you’re fine then, keep’em off us and we’ll take down the main ship.”

“Can do” Answering while accelerating in front of them, activating your blasters and clearing them a path. The other paladins just stared at the ship in awe. “Shiro who’s that?” Lance asked excitedly.

“A friend” he simply answered, “now FORM VOLTRON!” Shiro called, initiating the transformation.

“All yours” You informed them while flying underneath the main ship. Witnessing as the giant robot began to cut through it like butter. It wasn’t long until all of the fighters and main ship was down.

You witnessed nervously as they all landed, including the castle-ship. Watching the reunion from the safety of your ship. ‘Maybe I should just go. They have such a good dynamic, I don’t want to disrupt that.’ You thought, nervous at the thought of seeing your old friends along with meeting the new paladins.

Hesitantly you landed the ship and Shiro noticed with a smile, “Guys there’s someone I want you to meet.” They all watched as the hangar door opened, and you walked out.

“[F/n]?” Allura asked recognizing you. “Allura” You smiled at her while walking up. She held a hand over her mouth before running over and pulling you into a hug, “I thought you were..” she paused. “Dead?” you laughed, one of relief. She nodded, “Can’t get rid of me that easy.”

Pulling away you saw Coran. “Coran” you greeted approaching him. He stared at you in shock, “I can’t believe it! Oh thank the heavens” he cheered before pulling you into a hug as well, very very tight. “Coran. Air. Please.” Saying that he released you with a chuckle.

Turning to Shiro, you noticed the other paladins. “Guys, this is [F/n]. [F/n] this is –” Shiro began but was soon cut off.

“Heey, beautiful!” A tan boy jumped at you, “the name’s Lance. Paladin of the blue lion, respected leg of Voltron. How you doin?” He cocked his head at you, of which you just rose an eyebrow at. Giving Shiro a ‘is this guy serious?’ look. He just shrugged as you stepped away from Lance. “Anyway, this is Pidge, Keith, and Hunk.” Shiro introduced the others.

“It’s really nice to meet you all.” You smiled at them all. Pidge held up a finger pointing at you, “You’re really really pretty.” She said and the others nodded, making you blush. “Oh, um, thank you.” Scratching the back of your neck nervously. Shiro finding your bashfulness rather adorable. He’d never seen you like that, only your badass side.

“[F/n], are you going to join us?” Allura smiled at you excitedly. “If all of you will have me.”

“Oh I’ll have you, have you for –” “LANCE!” Shiro cut him off, pinching the bridge of his nose. You chuckled, but Allura soon grabbed you arm and pulled you into the castle. “Come, you must see the improvements we’ve made.” She cheered while pulling you, the others right behind you.

Glancing back you saw Shiro conversing with the other paladins, who were asking him all sorts of questions about you and what happened. Though soon his grey eyes met yours and he smiled, a genuine joyful smile.

It made you heart skip a beat. Your hopes of them accepting you are relieved, but now you have other hopes. Hopes that maybe now, you and Shiro could be more than just partners, more than just friends.

Series: Daddy’s Little Girl


Description: Bringing Shawn back to your rural life for a few days to meet your parents. 

A/U: I might have grew up in a ‘rural’ area but I don’t know jack shit about farming. Please don’t come for me. ALSO first time writing in third person, so i’m sorry if it’s inconsistent. 

Word Count: 4,356

Her phone buzzed in her hand and she quickly read the message as she stood outside of the international arrivals door.

Just going through customs. 

She smiled at the information and got giddy. It had been a month and a half since she had seen Shawn as he was busy on the World Tour.

She continued to wait, hoping that Shawn would just appear out of nowhere so she wouldn’t have to deal with the anticipation any longer. But that, of course, was not the case.

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Thank You - Negan x Reader

Words: 3300K

Warnings: NSFW, smut, oral, public sex, swearing, blood, inappropriate use of Lucille

Summary: Teaching Negan a lesson doesn’t quite go as planned.

A/N: My attempt at a submission for @negansmutweek. Hope you guys enjoy! Of course, I had to throw in a bit of Simon x Reader on the side ;)

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anonymous asked:

Trevor prompt bc I had scary turbulence today? Reader's flying to Europe with AH for one reason or another, literally everyone she's flying with upgraded to first class, it's her first time flying overseas/on a plane for that long, and really rough turbulence in the middle of the night makes everything start to get overwhelming and either she goes up to Trevor in first class or asks a flight attendant to get him to bring him back to her and it's some comfort hugs/cuddles after that?

A/N That must have been awful, hope you’re okay! I’ve not had a lot of experience flying, literally one 1 hour flight, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in my writing!

Pairing: Trevor x Reader

Words: 1615

Warning: Flying, Turbulence, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks

Planes were never your favourite means of travel. Cars you were great with, the ground was always a nice place to stay. Boats were alright, you weren’t fighting against gravity or high in the sky, just sailing on water. But planes, they were your least favourite. It wasn’t just the fact they weighed a couple of hundred tonnes, wasn’t the fact you could see the ground from thousands of feet above. It was more the fact that mother nature never liked you being in the air. Every time you have got on a plane, you’ve either had to make an emergency landing or the turbulence had been awful. It didn’t help that you had a large fear of death, and the amount of ways you could die on a plane terrified you. This meant you avoided flying as much as you could. But, this time you couldn’t avoid it.

You were now waiting to be checked in at Austin Airport, most of Achievement Hunter and a few other editors were off to London for a convention as well as having a few meetings with business partners. You kept saying to Geoff that you shouldn’t go, but he insisted,

“You’re being over dramatic, you’ll be fine”
He rolled his eyes at you every time you came up with excuses not to go.

The whole time in the airport you were a nervous wreck. You had your headphones on, curled up by a window as you watched multiple planes taking off and landing, hoping that you flight would be delayed for hours.

“That’ll be us soon” Someone said from behind you, it being muffled by your headphones.

You smiled as you saw Trevor sat next to you. Pulling off one headphone, you turned and faced him.

“Can’t wait” You said sarcastically with a smile.

“Guessing you’re not a fan of flying” He lightly chuckled,

“I mean I don’t like the large possibly of death… but nature doesn’t really like me flying either”

“How so?”

“Well every time I’ve flown the turbulence has be horrific, I’ve been in 3 emergency landings due to weather. Mother nature doesn’t like me” You laughed but out of seriousness,

“That’s stupid, you’ll be fine. Anyway, every time I’ve flown it’s been perfect, so maybe I’ll counteract her hatred for you” You laughed at his attempt of comfort.
“Thanks. I mean, I don’t love flying, even if it wasn’t for the weather. I just get anxious about the what ifs, you know?” you admitted.

“What seat you in?”

“B27, you?”

“Hey, I’m in D27, maybe whoever’s in C27 will swap so I can sit near you, just in case you start feeling anxious” He stated like it was nothing.

A blush crept up on your cheeks and you smiled, “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that, I’ll be fine” You laughed. He nodded, muttering an ‘alright’ and carried on scrolling on his phone as you went back to your music.

Soon you were boarding the place, handing your ticket and passport to the desk you smiled at them before heading towards the plane. Before you, you had heard them mention to Gavin and Geoff that they had been upgraded to first class. You weren’t surprised, they both flew a lot. Then behind you, you heard the same sentence repeated to Trevor, and then to Jack. You rolled your eyes, typical that you’re left out of the upgraded crew.

“Hey, you sure you’re going to be alright if I move up?” Trevor ran up to catch you, even though you were all stopping in line before boarding.

You smiled up at him but nodded, “yeah, go have fun with all the business people, make sure you throw a peanut at one’s head for me” You joked,

“For you, I shall consider it” He teased,

You waved off to the crew going to first class, going to your own seat and putting your bag away. You got yourself comfortable pretty quickly. You were glad to have remembered to bring comfortable clothes for the 10 and a half hour flight.
The first 4 hours were not as bad as you expected. There was a little bit of turbulence but nothing like you’ve had before. You were happy enough, watching new films on the screen in front of you, your neighbours all keeping to themselves and no kids to annoy you. It was almost enjoyable. Almost being the keyword.

As soon as you flipped to the next film you saw the seatbelt sign go on, making your chest tighten. You pulled out your earphones to hear the piolet speaking over the speakers.

“Please all fasten your seatbelts. We will be enduring some heavier turbulence in a few minutes, just a small storm over the west coast of Europe. Please stay seated until the light it off.”

Your hands gripped onto the arm rests as you tried to control your breathing. Thoughts of death ran through your mind, not calming you at all. What if lightening hits us and we explode? What if survive the explosion and plummet to the ground? What if we crash into the ocean and get eaten by sharks?!

You wished Trevor hadn’t moved up to first class now, having a friend near you could calm you. The air hostesses were still moving about so you knew it couldn’t be too bad, that was how you were trying to convince yourself. You waved one over,

“Are you okay?” She asks politely,

“Is it possible for me to go to first class? I really, really need to talk to someone” You quietly pleaded, your hands shaking on your lap as your anxiety started getting the better of you.

“I’m sorry ‘mam I can’t allow that. Would you like a brown bag to breath into?” She could tell you were going into panic, and it did not help that the plane started shaking.

“No. Please, I need to talk to him” You said again. She looked at you sadly before shaking her head, then she looked behind her and back to you,

“Do you know what seat he’s in? I could pass on a message”

“I don’t know, he was upgraded from D27..”

She gave you a piece of paper and pen, “I’ll go look on the system”

You quickly wrote a message, as readable as you could in your shaky state.
She came back within a few minutes, trying her hardest to keep her balance through the turbulence. She told you she’d come back in a bit if he sent anything back. You thanked her as she was doing as much as she could, but you were still mid-panic attack.

You tried staring at the screen, pleading your mind to focus on the film playing but your body refused. You ended up as curled up as you could be in your seat. Thankful that the seats were a decent size so you weren’t on top of the person next to you. Out of nowhere you felt a hand place itself on your shoulder.

“Hey, y/n. Look at me” The voice said calmly to you. You looked up and smiled slightly seeing, the newly blond, Trevor crouched in front of you. “It’s alright, you’re alright”

His hand moved to hold yours, gripping it and gently rubbing his thumb over the top. Already you felt calmer, his eyes and smile distracting you. “Just breathe slowly, you okay yeah?”

“I don’t know what happened, I just-” You started, your voice coming out shaky, “I just started to panic”

“Well I’m here now” He said softly, looking up at you slightly,

“How did you get back here, I didn’t think we could move” You muttered, realising he was in coach not first class.

“The hostess let me back here, saying I had a friend in need.”

“Thanks” you couldn’t help the blush rising from your cheeks, “You must think I’m so childish, it’s just wind pushing the plane” You tried to laugh it off, even though the thought still panicked you.

“Not at all, we all have fears we’re embarrassed about, just glad I can help you through this”

The man next to you said he would move to Trevor’s old seat so he could sit next to you. He held your hand so gently, keeping you calm, you were sharing headphones so you could enjoy a film together. But you couldn’t help but feel like a burden to Trevor, he should be enjoying first class, not be stuck here with you.

“You can go back now, I don’t want to keep you from enjoying the high life” You laughed, not meaning the slight pun, still gripping his hand.

“Oh please, it’s not that special. Plus, I think the man next to me may have it out for me” He admitted, making you chuckle,


“He may or may not have had a peanut hit his eye…” Trevor trailed off, attempting to look innocent,

“Aw, you did it”

“Yeah, half for you, half because Gavin dared me too”

You just rolled your eyes, a sudden yawn escaping your lips. You landed in a little under 5 hours’ time, that being mid-day in the UK but the very early morning of Austin.

“Sleep, I’ll be here if you wake up panicked, okay” Trevor insisted,

“I’ll be fine, I’ll have a nap when we get to the hotel” You replied, trying again to focus on the film but failing as your eyelids slowly kept closing. Soon you found yourself falling asleep against Trevor’s shoulder, it much more comfortable than you expected. What you didn’t see in your sleeping state was Trevor’s blushing cheeks or a gentle kiss against your head.

There Is No Escape - Part 5

Note: Another chapter for all my lovely followers! I am so glad that you are enjoying this. I am having so much fun writing it that I am not planning on ending it anytime soon. With all the muse I have for it at the moment too it won’t be long before another part is up for you to read! <3
Also if anyone would like to be added to my tag list for this story then message me and your wish will be my command! There’s plenty of room :D

Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 2072

As the hilt of the blade touches the palm of your hand you decide there and then that this boy really must have lost his mind…either that or he had some serious belief that you wouldn’t do such a thing to him. It hadn’t been your initial intention, the weapon was only there for protection should you need it, but now that he had put the idea into your mind it was certainly becoming a rather enticing thought. At least then you might have some chance of getting back to the ship.

“Why on earth would you allow me to kill you? Don’t demons have a knack for self-preservation?”

A dark look enveloped his eyes at your words. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been called a demon before, in fact he knew all too well who had used that specific description of him with you, but to hear it coming from someone like you only stirred up the simmering anger inside of him.

“Don’t call me that [y/n]. That scumbag of a pirate can for all I care but not you.”

He stalked closer to you and out of instinct your grip on the knife tightens in preparation.

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A Whole New World

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 2,125ish
T/W: None! Just some fluff.
A/N: Inspired by @justfangirlingaround​‘s ask! You said Disney so I thought Disney! I think I’ll make a part two in M.K. (But don’t worry there’s some Philip fics coming soon!)
Tags: @justfangirlingaround ✨

It was another quiet night in your apartment, nothing big or special was going on, just you and John curled up on the couch. You had tucked yourself under a blanket that the two of you were supposed to be “sharing” and snuggled up against John who was lazily flipping through channels on your T.V. You weren’t really paying attention to what was on the T.V. until he scanned across a Disney movie.

“Wait, wait, wait!” You reached a hand out towards the T.V., “Go back!” you waved a hand the the left as if you were trying to change the channel.

He went back a couple channels until you told him to stop. It landed on the classic Disney movie: Lady and the Tramp. You had always loved Disney ever since you were little. 

“What’s this?” John asked yawning.

“It’s Lady and the Tramp,” you wrapped your arms around John, smiling.

“Hmm, never heard of it.” he placed the remote on the edge of the couch and rested an arm around your shoulder.

“What?! You’ve never seen Lady and the Tramp?” You looked up at him.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a creampie sasuke itachi and madara ?plz😌

Today is going to be Uchiha Tuesday, my dudes. Get your extra pair of undies ready.

I hope this is okay– I added quite a bit more since you gotta have some cake with ur frosting right lol delete me ~V

Sasuke Uchiha

  • Sasuke’s teenage years were… a little turbulent, and as a result he never quite grew out of his horny-sixteen-year-old-in-the-back-seat-of-the-Honda phase. As stoic as he may act, he loves making a mess of his partner. Since he gets so pent up, multiple rounds are generally in order. He enjoys cumming on different places each time, but ultimately craves burying himself deep inside his S/O and filling them up to the brim. He cums a lot and likes to make his S/O lay in a puddle of fluids for awhile.
  • He’ll put his S/O on their hands and knees to take them from behind. As he’s fucking them– hard, fast, and with his usual, quiet recklessness– Sasuke will use one hand to press down on the center of his partner’s back. He wants to see them fucked into the mattress, shouting into the pillows, and their back bent at some arching, aching angle to take him deeper. Sasuke always cums with a deep groan, but on occasion he’ll let out a louder moan that’s higher and less dignified than he’d ever admit. He’ll keep his S/O face down in the bed while he pulls out– he likes to watch his own cum drip onto the sheets so he can complain about it later.

Itachi Uchiha

  • Itachi– ever out of step with the rest of his nightmare family– does not enjoy making a mess during sex. He prefers intimate, passionate sex with his partner and he often finds the sweat and cum embarrassing distasteful. However, finishing inside of his partner is something so wholly personal for Itachi that the pleasure overrides any discomfort he has. Unsurprisingly, Itachi loves the idea of having children with his partner– watching them drip and cleaning them up with a warm cloth brings that familial glow to his heart.
  • He has always been an avowed missionary man– but it’s because Itachi love teasing and touching every part of his S/O and relishes their every reaction. His partner is eternally grateful as well. Watching Itachi get lost in the moment is rare, but the little changes in his face make all the difference. When he’s getting close to climaxing, the noises he makes are small, breathy, and hitched. Itachi will thrust himself as far as he can into his partner as he cums, often hiding his face in the crook of their neck. While he does take a moment to enjoy knowing how much he filled up his partner, Itachi truly loves cleaning up after them. The sweetly flush and vulnerable faces his partner makes as he gently washes them may just get Itachi hard all over again.

Madara Uchiha

  • Madara’s partner better keep their mouths shut, but between you and me, fam? … This man is filthy. Filthy and angry in possession of some thick thighs that’ll pound you straight into the ground. Madara loves entirely dominating his partner. Like Sasuke, he enjoys getting his cum everywhere– but he definitely prefers cumming in his S/O, or pulling out just enough to completely ruin the undies that they’ll have to wear home. He doesn’t particularly care for children, but there’s something possessive in leaving himself inside of his S/O, as if he’s reaching that much farther into their bones.
  • He wants to stretch his S/O into positions that let him plunge into them so hard it hurts. Madara particularly enjoys having his partner on their side, one leg hitched up over his shoulder, while he fucks them. He’ll give light slaps across their nipples and make them cum with rough, irreverent hands. Madara growls and snarls as he cums, pulling and pushing his partner in order to completely satisfy himself. After pulling out, Madara will give his partner’s leaking hole a final smack and smear his cum over their stomach. He always ends with rude comments about how lewd and filthy his partner is, but in such an endearing, sleepy tone that it’s almost inherently sweet.
Reckless - Part 7

Part 7/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: Sexual content

Previously: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Check out the Master List

Tag Squad:  @llowkeys | @the-geekgoddes | @horcruxhunter5972 | @zombiexbody | @imtoldimbabe | @vebner37 |  @nickysmum1909 | @taryndibiase | @justtrey19 | @alexahood21 | @lunaticqueen7 | @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues | @styl3sl0v3r | @kingslayers-angel | @womderland-fandom | @blondekel77 | @florenceivy | @lonewolfgirl17 | @florenceivy | @meghanannexx | @skrillexslays13

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Title: A Vision, A Person, A Promise

Universe: Icarus & I

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa

Syn: Questions of both the past and future plague Eren and Mikasa, who toe the line between fear and exhaustion with the recent loss of their best friend.

“He almost died.”

The awful, bitter, sharp truth retched from Eren’s throat and onto the ground. He sat on the hood of the van, his long frame curled in on itself, post-rain droplets soaking into his shorts. His knuckles stung terribly- they were an awful, brutal shade of reddish-purple where his skin had hit the asphalt. Bruises lined his jaw and cheeks, as well, where he had hit himself. His throat was dry and coarse, enough so to cause near-pain when he talked, but the words fell, anyway, because they were so purely real that they had no other choice but to be released into the air. Mikasa watched him, silent.

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