a little too specific to be believable bro

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You know what would be great? The bros giving their s/o piggyback rides! That's what would be great.

I like the way you think, anon! 😌 The bros giving their s/o piggyback rides would be great. The innocence of it makes my little heart soar. I specifically included plenty of fluff for your sweet self. Enjoy ❀

{ P.S. Music reccomendations are included for each individual heacannon if a tune is what you need to achieve optimal immersion }


Song: “Northern Wind” by City and Colour

  • Although Noct’s laid back attitude would lead you to believe that he isn’t too thrilled with any kind of interpersonal intimacy, whether it be emotional or physical, it turns out that behind closed doors our sleepy prince is quite the closet cuddler
  • He can’t get enough of the fuzzy feeling he gets from holding or being held by another person (I wonder if he prefers being the big or small spoon..)

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Do you believe the Fell bros have any mental illnesses?

Mhm, not really actually. Or nothing too explicit, anyway. Of Course they tend to be a little possessive about  eachother and all that stuff you know, but I never thought about anything too specific when I build up my headcanon for them

Let's Talk About Those Veterans.

Hey there, gang!  Guess what?  Today we’re going back into the depths of the archive to pull out another handy-dandy…

Today’s subject is going to be the age-old Axe Lists, which we used to dictate which characters were due to get tossed out, and which ones were not!  But it wasn’t that easy this time.  Now that there’s three of us, EVERYONE wanted to get in on a piece of this article!

Each of the three ChallengerApproaching moderators came up with their own lists, ranking every remaining unannounced veteran and how likely they are to be cut in comparison to the others!

With Wander’s patented fancy magical spreadsheet science maths, we’ve found an average.  Captain Falcon is the safest, and Squirtle the most in danger.  Pretty fair, if we do say so ourselves!

Ohhhhh, but that’s not good enough, now is it?  No no no no no….friends, it’s time for us to get down to the nitty-gritty of this highly requested Retcon.

Who should stay….and who should go?

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