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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #28

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Secret of the Blood by exclamation
Words: 30,685 (WIP 13/?)
Author’s Summary: AU version of season 2. When Keith and Shiro were thrown from the wormhole, they crashed by the Blade of Marmora headquarters and were captured. When the Blade reveal the secret of Keith’s heritage, Keith must decide if he can trust these people… and if he can trust himself.
My Comments: Really well-written canon-divergence AU. I love all the things that change because Keith meets the Blade of Marmora before he and Shiro can warm up to the idea of there being good Galra out there through Ulaz. It makes a HUGE difference, for them and for everyone else as well, and I love the way the idea is being explored.

The Color Of Our Planet From Far Far Away by LonelyGirlInSpace
Words: 13,942 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: A story in which Lance and the team has a lot of difficulties, because they don’t sleep and sometimes make poor choices as a result and others are forced to suffer more than they deserve due to those poor choices. Or Lance gets hurt because the team didn’t listen and everyone desperately wants to fix it.
My Comments: Lance is a little too perfect and the rest of the team is a little too mean for my tastes, at least in the first chapter, but this is a well-written and poignant hurt/comfort fic, and it’s gen, and the third chapter almost made me cry, and I’m very, very hooked. Can’t wait for more.

with quiet words I’ll lead you in by strikinglight for goukyorin (sashimisusie)
Words: 5,216
Author’s Summary: “You were screaming,” Keith tells him. “I heard you through the wall. ”That wall, Lance wants to point out, is supposed to be soundproof. It shouldn’t let you hear anything, no matter how hard you listen. What he says instead is “I can’t breathe.” “Take it slow.” Keith’s voice is steady, but as Lance’s eyes struggle to focus his face is a blur. The image goes shaky and then comes clear, shaky then clear, like looking into water. “Pretend it’s low tide. Tell me about the ocean again.”
My Comments: Klance, but reads platonic to me. Really lovely hurt/comfort fic about kids caught in a war far, far away from home.

Disappear Completely by Bandity
Words: 7,053
Author’s Summary: Lance knew something was wrong with him. He thought it would pass on its own eventually, but as time went on, and the pain continued, he realized that something inside of him must be very broken.
My Comments: Possibly my favorite fic this week. So far I’ve read it three times. Lance’s trauma is so awful and visceral, and the aftermath is realistic and carefully handled. There are no easy solutions, but things do get better, and everyone is doing their best to help.

Space Mall Take 2 by CondensationOnGlass
Words: 3,618
Author’s Summary: Shiro won’t stand for the Paladins looking like no-good troublemakers. And with the Galra Empire so spread out and with such a gripping hold, they may need more than what they have. And for some reason the mall seems like the place to get it. And it seems like a great place to have more trouble pop up. Aka: Where Shiro has to play the big brother and apologize for the others making a great big damn mess, and nearly has another one on his hands for picking today of all days to do it.
My Comments: Equal parts comedy and hurt/comfort, and a joy to read throughout. Poor Lance.

Nomenclature by Awkwardly_social
Words: 7,885
Author’s Summary: It took almost five months to find Lance after the wormhole. And when they finally do, they’re stuck on the planet until the castle can come get them. Lance takes the opportunity to teach the team a little about the planet and a little bit about himself along the way.
My Comments: Lance has had a rough time, and the gradual way the others find out is really well-handled. Plus the worldbuilding is just really neat. Also read the sequel for some great aftermath and Lance with PTSD.

It Is Enough by nadagio 
Words: 1,020
Author’s Summary: Nowhere near close to finding Shiro and uncertain what he should do now, Lance spends some quiet time with the Blue Lion.
My Comments: Really sweet fic with Blue helping Lance deal with his grief and figure out what to do next.

mostly void, partially stars by dakhtar
Words: 9,403 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: Werewolves can’t be astronauts,” Derek’s annoying voice had grumped. “Werewolves can’t be pilots. Werewolves can’t be fighter jet pilots, Lance, for God’s sake, Werewolves can’t pilot giant space robot cats that join together to become a giant space robot man and fight an evil purple bat-cat empire!” Well, he hadn’t said that last part, but Derek totally would’ve. (Alt title: seawolf)
My Comments: Teen Wolf crossover, but I haven’t seen a single episode of that show and I’m enjoying this fic very much. The worldbuilding is really cool, and I love this take on Lance and the relationships he wants and needs and is trying to build.

Going Up! by Olive_theCat
Words: 2,373 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: When Sendak is chosen over Shiro to pilot the main engine test of the new Kerberos shuttle, he’s got to take up an offer that Matt gives him: To be a camp counselor at the Galaxy Garrison summer program!Of course, herding five super-smart teenagers through some simulated astronaut training can’t be all that bad, right? What could go wrong? Well, with the help of a malfunctioning little robot named Beezer towards the end of the summer…It turns out a lot can.SpaceCamp AU (movie and real life), constructive critisism is welcome!
My Comments: Space Camp was one of those movies I watched over and over as a kid, and I can’t wait to see what my favorite space kids do in that setting. The author is having a lot of fun with it, and I am too.

Trust Fall by Pidgeon_Online
Words: 2,869
Author’s Summary: Pidge usually dealt with her issues on her own. No one needed to be bothered with her problems when she could easily deal with them herself. Especially when it came to this. There was no way she would ask anyone for help with this. Because she was fine. She didn’t need help.or
Pidge definitely needs help before her body turns completely against her.
My Comments: Poor Pidge, but I wish I had a whole team of adorable boys trying to help when I felt like this, so also not poor Pidge at all, I am jealous.

Uninvited Guest by YukiSkyes
Words: 3,375
Author’s Summary: The most interesting stories about Glasycus Mountain, said to be the gateway between Earth and the Abyss, were the ones about the black dragon that guards it. There was no end to the people stupid enough to try to find Shiro and Keith would do anything to protect him and help hide his existence. One evening, Keith comes home to someone already inside.
My Comments: This is the first of a series of nine stories so far, with the paladins in a fantasy AU, some of them not human anymore. It’s really fun, a lot of great worldbuilding, and some great character interactions. I’m really enjoying it, and I subscribed to the series.

The Once and Future Snore by hufflepirate
Words: 980
Author’s Summary: Allura and Coran think about the past. Coran can’t figure out how to tell Shiro he’s as welcome to affection as all the younger paladins. Everybody ends up in the same nap pile anyway. (Note: Everybody (on the main team) is in this, but I only individually tagged the people who do something besides trap Coran in the middle of a nap pile while he’s too asleep to know how they got there.)
My Comments: Absolutely ADORABLE cuddle puddle fic focused around Coran. And can I note how wonderful it is that cuddle puddle fic is practically a genre in this fandom? Because it is.

The Home You Make by rednight16 for psyraah
Words: 1,304
Author’s Summary: Sometimes the ones that end up close to you are the people that you least expect.
My Comments: It’s so wonderful for Shiro to have friends who he is not responsible for, who can just talk to him as adults and have conversations that don’t have anything to do with saving the world. Yet another reason I would have been happy to have Thace and Ulaz stick around on the show.

shades of blue by behestha
Words: 1,104
Author’s Summary: Eventually, Shiro’s scales reach a tipping point. OR the one where Shiro has a panic attack and Lance gently helps him.
My Comments: I love these two supporting each other in any situation, and this is lovely. Hinted Shance at the end, but reads as gen to me.

Trap by macShitFuck
Words: 1,272
Author’s Summary: Alt title: Hell or High Water You don’t consider the amount of pain and panic an animal must go through when they’re caught in a leghold trap until you’re in one yourself.
My Comments: Oh man, Hunk whump. This is brutal, but I love how he tries to calm Lance down even while he’s in horrible pain.

Turnabout is Fair Play by CondensationOnGlass for taylor_tut
Words: 7,623 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: Iconic pranks, blistering fevers, and fair play.Or, where some of the Paladins pull a joke and then get slammed with guilt about 8 hours later, and for others it is much more immediate.Based off a tumblr post by @taylor-tut. Might change the title. Multichapter, and in progress. I’m slow to update.
My Comments: Probably my second favorite fic on this list, and yes, I read what’s available twice already. It’s a very indulgent kind of hurt/comfort that I adore, and I can’t wait for more. The prank the others pull on Lance really was harmless and cute more than anything, but he just happened to be in the middle of developing a terrifying and dangerous fever, so yeah. There’s some guilt there, poor babies.

Swallow the Sun by valkyriered
Words: 1,934
Author’s Summary: Shiro has a panic attack. Kolivan tells him a story. Very background Shiro/Ulaz.
My Comments: The worldbuilding here is freaking GORGEOUS, holy smokes. Just read it.

Defying the Odds by Mists
Words: 13,562 (4/?)
Author’s Summary: *Voltron Season 3 AU* Also known as: The Continuing Adventures of Space Dad Cat! Let’s just say, a certain cockpit is not quite as empty as the paladins believe… “Highly improbable. Especially for this reality,” he haughtily said with a self important air. “The odds of which being: one trillion, seven billion, eight hundred thousand, point three, two, eight, five-” SLAV! New chapter now up! The Voltron Paladins play “Dungeons and Dragons!” Poor Hunk tries to save his campaign from Lance and Pidge. While Keith and Shiro are helplessly along for the ride. Let the craziness begin! Deep character exploration. Friendship, Humor, Team as family!
My Comments: Crack alert! This story is super fun, and I’m not just saying that because the most recent chapter has the kids playing DnD with Lance as a bard and Pidge as a rogue, nope, not at all.

The Pizza One by taylor_tut
Words: 1,268
Author’s Summary: Like four people requested an AU where Lance is a pizza delivery man and delivers a pizza to the other paladins (modern, college AU) while running a very high fever. They make sure he gets taken care of.
My Comments: This author just uploaded a whole CATALOGUE of Lance sickfics, so yeah, definitely check the author profile if you’re in the mood for a whole bunch of short fics featuring Lance injured, sick, feverish, or otherwise in need of care. I certainly enjoyed reading through the whole bunch. Picking this one out as my favorite for the way the others take in lonely, sick Lance who is just working way too hard and needs someone to look out for him. I love it.

Senmō by TheOtakuWithHazelEyes
Words: 4,399
Author’s Summary: While under the effects of an alien fever, Shiro dreams of another time when he was sick. Confused and ill, he cries out for the only person he thinks can aid him- his mother. (A moment of Shiro bonding with the paladins stemming from him being sick, and a look into his thoughts.)
My Comments: Really sweet hurt/comfort for Shiro, and some backstory that is poignant and lovely.

Day at the Beach by JackieNeedsMoreSleep
Words: 1,804
Author’s Summary: The team takes the day off to go to the beach but Pidge has to deal with Lance and some other asshole’s shit.
My Comments: Really cute, fun teamfic.

Intrinsic by buttered_onions
Words: 1,219
Author’s Summary: The first time Shiro felt the Force.
My Comments: Miss Onions just writes the BEST AUs, gah. This is full of powerful moments. I’m so proud of wee Padawan Shiro.

Lost in the Fog by oldmythologies for melonbug
Words: 2,395
Author’s Summary: Each one of them gives him something on his way back to them.
My Comments: Great take on what happened to Shiro in the S2 finale and how the others get him back.

Allura’s Twelve by windscryer
Words: 2,217
Author’s Summary: The Paladins learn that while there are a great many differences between Earth and Altean culture, movie genres are not one of them. Some things are just universal.
My Comments: Cute, fluffy teamy goodness. Just a pleasure to read.

Part of the Team by wingedflower
Words: 3,785
Author’s Summary: After a training session gone terribly wrong, Lance finally reaches his breaking point. Luckily, Coran knows exactly what to say.
My Comments: I just really really really love downhearted Lance and supportive Coran, gah, just give me all of it, just pour it over me, it’s SO GOOD.

Sweets at 7am by JackieNeedsMoreSleep
Words: 1,223
Author’s Summary: Keith walks into the kitchen to find his friends baking.
My Comments: Really cute, fluffy teamfic.

Emergency Lessons by Kalira
Words: 3,210
Author’s Summary: Pidge, Lance, and Keith land in several ‘emergencies’ and pull each other through them.
My Comments: Really lovely teamfic with a trio you don’t usually see put together. The second chapter was my favorite, but it’s all absolutely delightful.

Five Times: Keith and the Dads of Marmora by EdgarAllenPoet
Words: 4,816
Author’s Summary: [Bonus, one time it literally saved his life and he really didn’t have a choice but to roll with it]. So actually, this is a 'seven times’ fic, but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.“ 'If you want to rest more, I will stay. You are safe.’ Keith wondered quietly how the person talking to him now was possibly the same leader he’d met at the Blade of Marmora.”
My Comments: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Parts are funny and parts are poignant, but it’s all good start to finish. Favorite line: “Antok, listen. Listen, Antok. They are toddlers.”

and yet by achieving elysium (Ogygia)
Words: 1,194
Author’s Summary: After the Castle of Lions is reclaimed from Sendak, Coran finds himself left alone to his thoughts— guilt and sorrow for children who do not belong in a war. written for voltron angst week on tumblr | day one: smile
My Comments: Oh man, Coran angst always gets me in the throat. Really good stuff.

7 Times They Noticed by the_unoriginal_fox
Words: 5,549 (WIP 5/7)
Author’s Summary: Lance was alright. He was happy. He was fine. Except when he wasn’t.“Listen. Are you alright?”
“Uh…are you alright?”
“Are you okay buddy?”
“Are…are you in good health, paladin?“
Are…are you okay, paladin?”
“Hey. You okay?"His team mates, his second family - they noticed.
My Comments: It’s a genfic with Lance being supported by his entire team. I love it.

The Great Escape by Eastofthemoon
Words: 2,619
Author’s Summary: Keith did not like being cold, but he hated being chased by the Galra even more.
My Comments: The latest installment in one of my favorite Voltron fanfic series. Read it all if you haven’t before.

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Hostage(Bucky Barnes X Reader)

;Hiya guys I’m back! Thank you all for being so patient with me, I know I am not the best at updating..ever..but, you all still follow me and idk I just!! feel really grateful!! Anyway, here you goo ^~^

Originally posted by rcbbiereyez

Pale morning light filtered in through your window, nudging you awake. You stared through the slats in the blinds,momentarily mesmerized by the little particles of dust dancing in the sunlight. You sighed, knowing you had tons of errands to run, yet not wanting to get out of bed whatsoever.

Ten minutes later, you finally willed your body to get moving. You slowly removed your covers and got out of bed,getting in the shower. After getting dressed in a decent outfit and doing your hair, you left your apartment. The crisp morning hair was refreshing against your skin, as you began your walk down the city street. First order of business; get some coffee. 

There was a small little coffee shop about a block away from your apartment, and you wouldn’t hesitate to call it your second home. The owners new you, and they were some of the nicest people you’ve had the pleasure of knowing. The whole place smelled like dark chocolate and coffee beans, which has slowly become your favorite smell.

You strolled down the sidewalk towards the chipped green door, waving to people you encounter and shooting them friendly smiles. Some people in your life would argue that you’re one of the friendliest people they’ve ever met, and you like to keep up that reputation. 

Finally,you made it to your favorite coffee shop ever, cheerfully bantering with Mr.Diaz, the owner, as he got you your coffee. 

“Well, you have a good day, then, (y/n)! Be safe,”Mr.Diaz smiled, handing over my coffee. 

“You too, Mr.Diaz! I’ll be back soon,” You promised, walking out. One of the perks of the coffee shop being there, is that it was right across the street from the little local grocery store. your apartment was really in a great place, huh?

You sipped on my coffee, relishing in the warm, slightly bitter taste as it warmed you slowly from the inside out. Mentally making a grocery list, you perused the aisles. It was not a good idea coming in here hungry, because you ended up buying way too much junk food. 

There was only one person in line other than you, and maybe ten people in the store in total, including the workers. It was nice and quiet inside, the gentle singing of some top-charts artist being the background to the scene.You stood patiently, waiting for the other person to finish ringing up their groceries. Suddenly, another person walked in. They were wearing a dark sweatshirt, and a black hat, and looked tense. Instantly, you got a bad feeling about this guy.

The man moved erratically around the store, eyes never stopping on something for more than a second.You shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably,itching to get out of there and away from the guy. Just as the annoyed-looking teen at the register started to ring up the groceries, the guy circled back to the front. He held a blank stare, going to the other woman behind the counter. She smiled warmly at him, asking if he needed anything. He said nothing. 

Your heart constricted in your chest when he pulled out the gun.

It was aimed right at her, and she looked calmly down the barrel. Immediately, you started backing away, trying not to grab his attention. 

“Sir, please, could you lower the gun,” the worker said calmly, looking straight into his eyes. He only gripped the gun tighter. Suddenly, he whirled around to face you, gun pointed straight at your stomach. You let out an involuntary scream at his sudden movement, catching the attention of the other six or so people in the store. 

Just around the corner, out of the man’s sight, a terrified mother stood, clutching a tiny girl to her. The little girl was looking up at her mom, confused, sucking on a little pink lollipop. This scene made your heart sink, thinking of what horrors might happen to this mother and young girl, and to you, today.

“I want everyone down on the floor, now!”The man’s gruff voice came from behind the mask. Slowly, you sank to the floor, backing yourself up against the shelves behind you. The man took his attention from you, sauntering back over to the counter. His movements were so…calm..it was unnerving. 

Suddenly, he jerked his hand down, grabbing the teenage cashier by her hair. She shrieked, tears streaming down her face once she felt the cool metal of the gun barrel against her forehead. She made eye contact with you, silently pleading, and you knew you had to do something. 

Slowly, you moved so you were hidden behind the deli counter, scooting farther and farther so you could work undetected. Finally, you were all the way behind the counter. Silently, you took out your phone, punching in 9-1-1. You knew you wouldn’t be able to talk on the phone, so you opted for texting. You sent the simplest message you could:

56th st grocery. Robbery Hostages Gun Help

Once it was sent, you put your phone away, silently praying for help to arrive faster.

Please…please I’ll do anything, give you anything! Just let me go,” the now sobbing teenage girl begged, her heavy black eyeliner running down her cheeks. Instantly you stood up before you even knew what you were doing. 

“If you’re gonna take a hostage, take me instead. She’s so young..” you stepped forward, and the steely gray eyes of the gunman stared deep into your eyes.In an instant, the girl was thrown to the floor, and the gunman’s arm was squeezed tightly around your neck, choking you. About a moment later, voices and sirens could be heard outside. 

“THIS IS THE POLICE,COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP,” a man with a megaphone shouted.

“Shit..” the gunman mumbled, looking around. Suddenly, he began dragging you through the aisles, heels dragged on the linoleum, the occasional terrified shopper staring at you in horror.

He took you towards a big, metal door in the back of the store, harshly kicking it open. It revealed a stairwell, which only went up.He began dragging you up the stairs, choking you in the process as you tripped, trying to simultaneously keep up with him an not choke at the same time. When he reached the door at the top and kicked it open, glaring sunlight hit you in the face.

Immediately,the barrel of the gun was pressed into your forehead, and he dragged you over to the edge of the building. 

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER, OR I SWEAR I’LL SHOOT HER,” the gunman shouted, catching the attention of the police below. The looks on their faces gave away how unlikely it was you’d be saved. Hot tears started pouring out of your eyes as a feeling of hopelessness washed over you. 

One of the police radioed someone, a grim look on his face, before turning to look back up at you. He reached to the back of his belt loop, unhooking the megaphone and bringing it to his lips.

“Sir, if you please, just let her go, and we can talk about this civilly,”the officer tried,but the gunman’s grip on you only got tighter. A few minutes of him pleading went by, before the noise of what sounded like a helicopter sounded overhead. 

The helicopter landed across the street, on top of the building next to the coffee shop. It was the first time you actually looked past the police, and what you saw made you cry even harder. Mr.Diaz was standing down on the street below, a face of stricken grief taking over his features. 

Suddenly, the feeling of the gun barrel left my forehead, allowing me to look over. The gunman’s gun, and arm, were stuck in a web. I followed the web back to the one and only spiderman, who was sitting on the edge of the building.

The gunman was jerked backwards, losing his grip on you. As he fell backwards, it propelled you forwards, effectively shoving you right over the edge of the building. You closed your eyes, grimacing, waiting for impact. 

But it never came. 

A pair of arms were gripping your waist tightly, beginning to pull you up. Once you were back on the roof, you instantly turned around hugging the person who saved you gratefully.

“Oh my god,thank you thank you thank you, you just saved my life! I cannot thank you enough because I am not smushed on the sidewalk currently-”you rambled, eyes still closed, hugging the person. He let out a chuckle, and you opened your eyes. Your cheeks immediately turned red when you saw you were clinging to the Bucky Barnes. 

“Well, anything for you, doll,” he smiled, gently guiding you to the stairs. You clung to him-to your lifeline-the whole way to the ambulance waiting on the street. 

“Okay, stay safe. If you need anything, you know who to come to,” Bucky said, once you climbed into the ambulance. 

“Thank you so much, again, I don’t know how I could ever repay you,” you smiled at him. 

“How about we go get a coffee sometime?” he asked casually,taking you by surprise.

“Uh, y-yeah, of course! I’ll catch you around.”

anonymous asked:

#19 please!! Ty!!

#19, coming up!  I had a super cute idea for this one so I’m really glad you asked for it …  it also became a little more than just a scenario.  So, my anonymous friend, you get a shortish one-shot.  Hope that’s ok!  The only warning here is for fluff. :)


Prompto Argentum x Reader 
1388 words

Your birthday.  If ever there was a day to forget, this was surely it.  You’d woken up on the wrong side of bed, your mood foul, you’d had to work all day and to top it all off, not even your boyfriend had thought to wish you a happy birthday.  So all in all?  Well.  You’d definitely had better days.  The streets were blessedly quiet that evening, meaning you didn’t have to deal with the usual hustle and bustle of the city and could quietly concentrate on your thoughts.  And your hunger.  Time for food.

As you made your way home, you followed your thoughts to a bakery close to your house and stopped in to order coffee and a cupcake.  If nobody else wanted to celebrate your birthday with you, well, you’d just celebrate it on your own.  This cupcake would be your birthday cake and your own company was the only company you wanted.  You sat with your back to the window, sipping at your sweet coffee and lifted your phone, slightly surprised to see a text from Prompto. “Hey babe, where are you?”

Keep reading

Fallout OC Reactions/Dialogue as a Companion: Maddy

Maximum lines 4, minimum of 2


Dogmeat getting injured:

“Aw you poor thing! Don’t worry! We have a stimpake for you!”

“Shh shh, pup…we’ll fix you up good!”

Falling from high places:

“Oh, that’s the ankel breaker…”

“Think I heard something snap!”

Entering Power Armor:

“Lets go clean shop!”

“Looking to knock heads clean off today?”

Entering Diamond City:

“Ah, the smell of privileged upper class, paranoia, and sobbiness.”

“I could use a new set of clothes and a snack, actually..”


“Sure Nuka-Cola solves your….problems?”

“For God’s sake give hime the soda!”

Entering Goodneighbor:

“This is where the best booze is at…”

“Home, crap home…”

Meeting Magnolia:

“Hm…what a woman with great taste~”

“Yeah, that’s fine and dandy, but know and blues? Rock'n'roll?”

Faireline Hills Estates:

“A little too quiet for my liking…”

“Wait, weren’t there people here at one point?”



Christmas break

(Blaise x Reader)

Christmas break was always great. Normally you liked spending your time at hogwarts during the holidays but this year you decided to go home for a change.

It was Christmas Eve, already pretty late at night. You sat in the living room and read a book. Dinner had ended hours ago and most of your family was asleep already. You hadn’t been home in a while so you enjoyed staying up late, when everything was quiet and relaxing.

You heard a noise coming from the fireplace and when you turned around you saw your boyfriend.

“Blaise!” You say in a hushed voice, “What are you doing here?”

“Visiting my beautiful girlfriend of course.” He says, smirking at you.

“Have you looked at the time, my friend?” You reply with a smile.

“I have, it’s pretty late, that’s why I bring gifts. There’s no way you’ll be mad at me now.”

If there was one thing Blaise didn’t lack it was confidence. His attitude had really pissed you off at first but when you had gotten to know him better you saw that it wasn’t just arrogance. No, actually he was an arrogant prick. But he was nice and funny, too. Even if he didn’t agree with quite a lot of opinions others had, including you, he was, most of the time, polite enough to keep quiet about it. That’s why you liked him. There was more to him than people realized. Your family hadn’t been too pleased that you’d go out with a Slytherin. That was probably the real reason Blaise hadn’t shown up earlier.

“Your Christmas decorations are a bit too blue for my taste."He says, looking around the room.

"Well, we are all Ravenclaws here, so you’ll have to get used to it.”

“Or I’ll just take you to my house next Christmas.”

“I think it’s a little too green over there for me.” You joke.

You walk over to the Christmas tree and look for Blaise present. When you hand it to him, he puts it down on the table next to him.

“You’re not going to open it?” You ask.

“There’s something I’d rather open first.” He says with a smirk. You look a little confused at first but when you realize what he meant you begin to blush.


He lets out a low laugh and walks over to you. Taking your cheeks into his hand, he leans down and kisses you softly.

“Wait. I want to see my present first. Maybe you have a horrible taste, there’s no way I’m gonna make out with you then.” You say and laugh.

“I’m your boyfriend don’t you think it’s a little too late for that? Besides I have excellent taste.” He says and chuckles. Blaise opens your present and puts a beautiful necklace around your neck. It looks way too expensive, and knowing Blaise it probably is.

“It’s beautiful.” You gasp.

“Of course it is. What did you expect.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a picture with your autograph on it or something.” You say with a smirk.

“You little…” He grabs you and pulls you into his lap, making it unable for you to move away. You look at him and pout. Blaise lats out a laugh but keeps you in place nontheless. He lets his hand wander down your back  and begins to kiss your neck, making goosebumps appear on your arms. he flips you over onto the couch and towers over you with a grin.

“I missed you.” You say and smile up at him.

“I missed you, too.”

Game of Hearts


Can I get an angst Jimin scenario where you’re being used as a bet?? You can decide the ending & thank you so much!!!

Originally posted by bangthebae

A/N: Okay I haven’t really angst-ed in a while and the anon from the other day (I wish you had given me your name) suggested I filter some of my negative thoughts and feelings through more angst. So, taking her suggestion, I’m going to go back to my angst-ing ways Warning, Bangtan is portrayed as complete assholes here. Sorry :P 

Also, on a much more serious note, warnings of violence, abuse and other triggering content.  

Game of Hearts  pt. 1

Jimin saw her everyday.
She was a small, timid little thing. She was shy, nervous and quiet.
She was the first thing he saw in the mornings when they both came to grab the morning paper off the welcome mat, and every night when she stepped out to throw out the trash.
She wasn’t that interesting to be honest.
Too quiet for Jimin’s taste.
She was plain and almost boring and her level of shy was strange. She constantly wore oversized turtle necks, no matter what the weather, and pulled at the material to cover any and all skin that was exposed.
Quite strange if anyone asked him.
And then there was her douchebag boyfriend.
Every once in a while Jimin would hear arguments through the dry wall, from who he assumed was her boyfriend. There would be shouts and screams, mostly from his part, but Jimin never bothered to interfere. It wasn’t any of his business, right? So why bother?
Jimin always steered clear of his next door neighbor and paid her no mind.

That being said, Jimin had the cruelest friends.  

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Wet by jooyoung, taehyung

Sweet Tooth- V(Requested Smut)

Wet- Jooyoung ft. Superbee(Audio)

//who’s says a good boy can’t go bad? all he needs is a little teasing//

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Taehyung holds my hand down the street, smiling at the children that pass innocently and licking his lips at the sweet candy in their hands.

“I want something sweet, jagiya.” He whines, giving me puppy eyes.

“My earlier offer still stands.” I compromise, unwilling to bend until he gives me what I want first.

“But baby.” He drags out the y, pulling on my hand in plea. “Please.”

“No.” I smirk into my hand, struggling to not burst out as he gives me a dark look, pulling away from me to cross his arms.

I lead him down a side street to avoid the busy crosswalk, a cacophony of horns and yells as j-walkers run to get on time.

“Fine.” Taehyung growls, pinning me against the stone alley wall once we are enveloped in the shadows. “I’ll take you right here then.”

“Tae!” I scold, trying to push against him, even even though the prospect of getting naughty in public has me getting drenched.

“Come on, babe. You’ve been pouring since this morning, just let it go.”

His intense mood swings take me aback every time, how easily he can slip into his ultra dominant demeanor with just a little teasing.

“Why can’t we just go home really quick?”

“Is that what you want?” His fingers find their way under the waistband of my panties, running circles along my mound. “For me to just give you a quickie? Why not here then babe? You feel so ready for me that I don’t know if you can wait.”

A strangled sound escapes my throat, fisting the fabric as his hands skate along my clit, fingering the wet nun with nimble movements.

The stones are sharp against my back as I arch into him, relishing in the feeling is wanted all day and rolling in the excitement of getting caught, absolutely loving the feral possessive gaze he bores into me.

“Tae, ngghhh, fuck I love you.”

He gives me a smirk, completely drowning me in arousal. “You’re such a dirty girl.” He mutters, a single digit stretching my tight walls as he pushes in.

Painful friction is minimal, the wetness I’d been feeling all day from my fantasies lubricating his long index finger. I moan again, digging my nails into his strong shoulders as he pinches my clit, struggling to keep quiet so passerby don’t notice.

“Tae, I’m gonna come.” I whisper into his neck, feeling the knot tighten and knees weaken with his ministrations.

“So fast? I must’ve worked you up a little too much.”

My cum slides over his fingers as my orgasm hit me, grasping desperately onto the senses he’s feeding me. My legs falter, Taehyung pushing me harder against the wall in order to keep me up as I release in waves around him. 

I can taste blood as I sink my teeth into my lower lip, biting back all my moans and cries as his fingers work their sinful magic. Prayers and curses run rampant in my mind, compensating for my lack of vocality.

Once I begin to calm down, Taehyung pulls his hand out of its rather precarious position, watching me try and piece my senses back together. One of his long fingers goes to his lips, slipping past the flesh to taste the fantastic orgasm he’d given me.

 “Just the thing I needed.” His licks his finger, now coated in saliva instead of cum. “You were just the thing I was craving, jagiya. So sweet.”  

//literally wrote this in class, lmao//

~Admin Eggplant

“Y/n”. You turned around as your boyfriend, Jimin called your name. You were watching your favorite show that always caught your attention, and whenever you get interrupted you get mad. “Jimin, how many times have I told you! Not when I’m watching TV!”. Jimin playful loosened up his tie when you looked at him and when he looked into your eyes he bit his lip. But even if your boyfriend was making such a scene you couldn’t take you eyes off of the TV, even though you could feel some excitement bubbling inside of you. Almost as in slow motion Jimin made his way behind you, his fingers gently dancing on your skin. And as you jumped at the sudden contact Jimin let a chuckle escape his lips. “Y/n~ play with me~” He whispered close to your ear. “Not now Jimin, my favorite scene comes now!” You said and breathed out the excitement that you had. “My favorite scene comes now too~” Jimin’s hot breath got in contact with your neck. He bit your ear gently and gave your ass a little squeeze. “J-Jimin..” A quiet moan made it’s way out of your lips and you could feel how he was smiling. Jimin’s hand made it’s way to your bra and he quickly threw it across the room. “Don’t need that shit.” He chuckled and got on top of you like a sneaky fox. Jimin leaned close to your face and looked at how you were biting your lip until traces of blood could be tasted. “Baby how wet are you~” He started grinding on you, which you were very sensitive about but still found it enjoyable as long as it was Jimin and nobody else. “I’m so fucking wet” You moaned out, you always knew how it turned him on when you cursed for some reason. “Little baby, who’s your daddy” He started to rip off your shirt and oh, how you couldn’t hold it in anymore. “P-Park Jimin” Your hands roamed around his back, leaving a few scratches here and there maybe but Jimin didn’t care. Instead of ‘scratches’ he would call them 'love marks’ for yet another reason that you didn’t know why. “Say it again, louder this time” Jimin started to leave marks on your stomach which left this wet feeling behind. “Park Jimin!” You shouted as he maybe took a little too much of your stomach.

Suddenly the tone when you get a call was heard and you both stopped what you were doing. Jimin sat on your stomach, answering the call. “Hello?” He said and looked at you, a hot mess right in front of him. “Yes is this Park Jimin?” The caller’s voice could be heard, you were all focused on what he was going to say until Jimin started to grind on you again but slowly as if the world was going in a slow motion movie. He saw that you were about to let something escape your lips but before you let anything out he quickly put a hand over your mouth, making you leave a muffled moan. “Yes that’s me” Jimin’s eyes were still on you as he answered this guy on the phone. His hand was still over your mouth as he put the phone on speaker so that he could get some of his work done. “Ah, I have been searching for you!”. Jimin was grabbing your ass and you were moving your fingers around his back. “Oh, you must be the guy that was looking for an interview with me” Jimin said and mouthed 'I’m gonna eat you up’.

Naming Problems

Hide, dear, behind the given not-name
That leaves a bad taste in your mouth
Listen to the memories, as they came,
From when your heart felt like it was carved out

because, my dear, you hide and hide
your paranoia makes you weak
so you must swallow all your pride
and let the memories leak

your problems are too small, my dear
do not try to make them large
youre just lookng for attention, and i fear
there is a punishment for that chare

Quiet, hush little girl, now,
Don’t spill yourself to strangers
Dont know them, dont trust them. How
could they be anything but dangers?

So hide once more and pull away
From connections that could run deep
Now isolate yourself and pay
By whispers when you should sleep.

Stay the Night

I saw this prompt the other day and was just really inspired to write my own version after reading @ofstagsanddoes version which you can find here.

It was stupid really. How it all went down. He’d never had any problems with interviews before. After all, he was James Potter, and James Potter had a way with words. Except for that one day, that one day he made a big mistake.

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I have little doubt you’ll approve of my music tastes. It’s all catchy trash and my most played playlist is 300+ pop punk covers.

But I think you’ll humor me when I dance around in my underwear while getting ready or doing dishes or folding laundry like I tend to. I think you’ll be sweet when I sing along too loud and try to dance up on you when you pass me (don’t worry, I would never block the TV when trying to give you an over dramatic lap dance).

I think when I tell you a song made me think of you or has been stuck in my head, you’ll listen to it.

I think on bad days you’ll pull out a sharpie and write my favorite mewithoutyou lyrics on my skin. I think you’ll notice my moods before I identify them based on what playlists I build.

And I’ll know it’s you when you go to shows with me even if you hate the noise so you can hold my hands in crowds and keep the high from crushing me. I’ll know it’s you when you let me share my favorite things with you- this one especially. It’s something I’ve saved for you.

You’re my safe place for more than just play or bad days. I want to keep good things and joys safe in you, too.

I’ll know it’s you when you let me feel excited and bouncy and stupidly happy without worry.

Way Too Much (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Way Too Much

A/N: This imagine is based upon this post , which gave me the idea. So part of the credit is to the imaginesofeveryfandom blog. Check it out here, it’s really good ^_^ Enjoy my imagine! :)

Summary: During a bonfire, Newt gets drunk and walks up to Y/N. What he confesses will change their relationship.

It was a strange occasion in the Glade. Everyone was extremely stressed over work and over the whole situation at hand. Those boys were hard-working, that was for sure. 

But someone suggested that we should have a bonfire so everyone could take the day off and basically enjoy ourselves with no worries. And surprisingly, Alby gave us the permission. He must have been stressed as well, probably even more than anyone else.

Making the fire meant work too, but it was different, it was the closest thing we had to a party, and we all worked together to make it instead of each one doing the job that the Keepers told them to.

The excitement vibrated in the air as we finished gathering the wood we needed and built the bonfire. It started to get dark by the time everything was done, so we started with the fun already.

A while had passed since the bonfire began. I chatted a little with Frypan and Alby and watched Gally wrestling an unfortunate guy before I went on my own.

I was sitting in the floor, leaning my back against a log, smiling like crazy as I watched everyone in silence in the light of the blazing fire. They all seemed so happy, wrestling, drinking, laughing, yelling in joy even. The wild screams of the Gladers could be heard all over the place, and it was such a nice feeling, because their voices were filled with cheerfulness.

“What are you doing here alone?” Minho gracefully jumped over the log to stand next to me, looking down to me for a moment as he towered over me.

“I’m just enjoying the euphoria” I answered, smiling at him.

He sat down and placed a friendly arm over my shoulders, a glass of Gally’s moonshine held in his free hand.

“Well, you can enjoy it while talking to me” He grinned, taking a sip of the liquid. He was a little tipsy already.

He offered the jar to me, and I shrugged.

“Why not?” I took it and gulped down the last of it, earning a cheering from Minho. I must have made a funny face, because he started to laugh.

“Way to go, Y/N!”

“Shut up, it tastes terrible” I was still making faces, trying to get over the strong and bitter taste of the moonshine. It was burning my throat, and it made me cough.

“You just have to get used to it” He slurred his words, which made me grin.

“I just can’t get used to it”

He patted my shoulder and stood up, muttering that he was going to get more of it.

Eventually, he came back and we hung out for a while, along with Thomas, who joined us.

When Minho was too drunk to even talk and left, Thomas following him like a lost puppy, I found myself alone again. I enjoyed the quiet, I felt too thoughtful tasting the beauty of the moment to be actually talking to anyone, really.

“Hi, Y/N” I slightly turned to see who was talking to me.

“Hi, Chuck!” I greeted him, glad he was finally with me.

Out of all the Gladers, I surprisingly got along best with him. He was the youngest, the last Greenie before Thomas and even could be the most annoying. But he had such a pure heart and he was so adorable! He was like my little brother, we were really close.

“I was looking for you” He hugged me, and I hugged back with a big smile on my face.

“Where were you before?” I hadn’t seen him during the whole bonfire.

“I was talking to Thomas”

“Making friends with the Greenie?” I joked, friendly ruffling his hair. He laughed and shoved my hands away from his head.

“I know what it feels like, so I just want to make him feel better” When he saw the way I was looking at him, like a loving  mother who was proud of her son, he added: “And I just want to be friends with him”

“Awww, you’re so sweet, Chuckie” I was about to jokingly pinch his chubby cheeks when someone plopped down next to me, startling me. He fell more than casually plopped down.

“Chuckie, can I talk to Y/N alone?” It was Newt, but he sounded a little drunk. He stuck his head out so I wasn’t blocking his view and so he could look at the kid.

“Sure” Chuck stood up. “See you later”

I waved goodbye at him and turned to Newt when he left.

“Hi, Newtie” I was wondering where he was. I had seen him from time from time walking around the fire, talking to Alby mostly. But I had lost track of him until now.

“Hi, love” His accent was so thick I could hardly understand him. That was probably the moonshine’s doing.

“Are you okay there?” I placed a hand on his arm, chuckling. 

He looked very drunk, his hair messy, his lips chapped and his eyes heavy. Not to mention the strong smell of alcohol.

He giggled and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah” He took another swig of the drink. “Come here, love, I wanna tell ya a secret”

“A secret?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise and amusement.

He giggled again, driving his index finger to his lips in a secretive way, and nodded again. I had never seen him so drunk before, and it was kind of funny to see Newt like that.

He motioned for me to get closer, so I did. He put his lips close to my ear and started whispering. His hot breath tickled my ear and sent a shiver down my neck.

“I fancy you, Y/N”

I frowned and looked at him, so confused about what he had just said.

“You what? You-” I couldn’t finish my sentence, as he passed out.

His head fell on my lap heavily.

“Newt?” I gently shook his shoulder, but he didn’t move.

Concerned, I looked up seeking help. But the boys were too immersed in the celebration to actually notice us.

I looked down at Newt once again, and he softly snored, his chest calmly going up and down with his breathing.

I smiled at his sleeping form and started to sweetly stroke his head, feeling his soft disheveled hair. I didn’t notice I was staring at him fondly until I realized the thoughts passing my head.

Did I… like him?

I had never seen him as more than a friend. A very close friend, but still. 

Of course I felt truly comfortable around him, like I had known him all my life. And he was kind and smart and funny, and a little bit of a rascal. And to be honest, he was really attractive, his eyes and his… Woah, what’s gotten into me?

I’ve always liked Newt, but I didn’t know I did in that way. Did I?

Truth to be told, I felt something when I looked at him. His mere presence reassured me, knowing that he was there with me in the Glade, that he was alive and well, made me so happy.

And those words replayed in my head ‘I fancy you, Y/N’. Did he really? Or did he just say that because he was drunk?

I sighed, considering the situation. I could just ask him tomorrow, when he would be sober. Although he might not even remember it happening. But it was worth a try, I couldn’t just ignore what happened.

“Here’s one who drank too much” Alby’s voice violently dragged me away from my reflection.

“Yeah” I smiled while looking up at the leader.

“Let’s take him to the Homestead” Alby lifted Newt up and freed me from his dead weight over me so I could stand up.

I did so and took a look around. Everyone was leaving; the bonfire was over. How long was I absent for?

“Y/N” Alby called me.

“Yeah, sorry” I grabbed Newt’s arm and put it over my shoulders, supporting him with Alby’s help.

“How much did he have?” He was surprised to find out Newt overdid the mix as well.

“Way too much” I just answered as we carried Newt to his bed, his head swaying from side to side as we walked.

When I woke up the next morning, I immediately walked to Newt’s room. I was one of the few wise people in the Glade that didn’t get drunk, so I figured no one would be working today.

I walked in to find him sleeping, sprawled over the bed as he lied face down on it. I hesitated, not really wanting to wake him up.

“Mmm…” He stirred in the bed, turning around to face me. “Which one of you bloody shanks is it?”

He didn’t even bother to open his eyes, but he was awake.

“It’s me, Y/N”

He flashed his eyes open and stood up quickly. Too quickly.

He swayed dangerously, so I rushed to his side to support him. He had shut his eyes tight, he was most likely very dizzy.

“Newt, you okay?”

“I’m not bloody drinking any of that bugging moonshine ever again” He complained with a scowl.

He wasn’t in the best of moods. No wonder, he probably had the worst hangover ever.

When he felt steady enough, he let go of my arm and put his shoes on.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?” I timidly asked him, already feeling butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous to ask him about last night.

“Sure, love, just give me a moment” He went into the bathroom to wash up a bit, and I took that time to calm down before he was back. “What is it?”

“I, uh…” I started biting my nails, but he softly took my hands away from my mouth. He knew I always did that whenever I was nervous, and he’d always keep me from picking at my old bad habit.

“You can tell me, yeah?” He fixed his eyes on mine and I felt the calmness he was trying to pass on to me. How come I never noticed how lovely his eyes were?

I bit my lip, denying it. I couldn’t fancy him, no way! I could not like my best friend in that kind of way.

“Y/N” He urged me, squeezing my hand a little. He was still holding it, oh no…

“Alright, it’s just that…” I took a second to breathe and build up the courage to ask him. “Do you remember what happened last night?”

He slightly frowned and stared off in the distance trying to remember. But soon looked back at me and shook his head.

“Can’t say I do, love. It’s all a bloody blur” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Why? What did I do?”

“In that case forget it…” I turned around and started to walk to the door, but he firmly grasped my hand.

“Bloody hell, Y/N, just tell me” Newt insisted as I slowly turned back to face him. “What did I do? Was it something bad?”

In his eyes I could see that he was afraid he’d done something he shouldn’t have while he was intoxicated. I could always read his feelings through his eyes.

“You told me you…” I gulped, and he was intently staring at me, waiting. “That you fancied me”

His eyes grew wide with realization and he dropped my hand from the shock. Was it coming back to him?

“I actually did that then…”

I nodded, letting out a heavy sigh.

“Do you remember doing it? Why did you do it? Did you mean it?”

Newt just stared at me. I wished I knew what was going through his head. I tried reading his eyes, but they seemed blank of emotions for the first time.

Of a sudden, he put his tender hands at either side of my face and pulled it towards him. To be more specific, towards his lips. Until they collided with mine.

I gawked at him, too shocked to act like a functional human being.

“I’m sorry…” He began to say when he watched my reaction. “I’m so bloody sorry, Y/N… I didn’t have the right to…”

“You like…, and I… and you…” Newt looked at me, trying to make sense out of my words. “Oh, shuck it”

I grabbed his face and kissed him as well, expressing myself through actions since I couldn’t through words.

When we pulled away, he grinned charmingly.

“I take it as you like me too” He mumbled, taking my hand.

“Yeah…” I whispered, looking at our interwined fingers. “Way too much”

He then pulled me into a warm hug, which I gladly melted in. Newt snuggled his face in the crook of my neck and I giggled in content when he squeezed me against his chest.

“Ha!” Someone yelled, slamming the door open.

We broke the hug quickly and looked to see Minho.

“Ha! We got two lovebirds in here!” His face was priceless, the biggest smirk on his face and his attitude showing pride, like he knew all along.

“Don’t bloody scream, Minho” Newt asked him, holding his head in pain.

We stood there awkwardly and quietly, but Minho didn’t move. At least he wasn’t saying anything else to embarrass us more.

“Leave already, will you, shank?” Newt ordered, acting like the second in command for a moment.

“Can’t wait for the wedding” Minho said out loud, making sure we both heard, before walking out the door.

I stood there, finding a new interest on the floor, blushing and feeling so ashamed. That slinthead Minho…

But Newt seemed to find my behavior adorable, because he chuckled and put the hair away from my face and behind my back.

“Aw, love…” He still laughed, leaving a soft kiss in my cheek.

I was the one that engulfed him in a hug that time, feeling so cozy in his arms that I couldn’t conceal a big smile.

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I love omega Cas so can you do a rec with great abo fics with omega Cas and alpha Dean

I’m going to combine these two asks because I really haven’t been reading a lot of abo fics lately and we also have another ABO/Wing kink rec coming up this month. All of these fics will be omega Cas and alpha Dean so if that’s not your thing, I’m sorry. Here’s also few tags that you may want to take a look at:

Alpha Dean & Omega Cas: 1, 2, 3

Alpha Cas & Omega Dean: 1, 2, 3, 4

Sunday smut:
Alpha Dean & Omega Cas

Alpha Cas & Omega Dean

It might take you forever to scroll through those, but I’m trying not to rec the same fics over and over again so I’d suggest you’ll check them out also. Here’s a few “new” fics that I’ve read. - Admin A

Title: Surprise

Author: thelonelywriter

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,379 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This writer never dissapoints me with her smut. It’s the best, every single time.

Summary: Once Castiel has fallen from Grace, Dean suspects him to present like everyone else does. But, after a few weeks with no result, Dean figures that he just won’t present. He’s proven very very wrong when Castiel goes into heat.

(Read here)

Title: Tempest of Oblivion

Author: thepinupchemist

Rating: Explicit

Words: 17,539 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Everything she writes is awesome, even the plots that I wouldn’t normally enjoy turn into pure gold.

Summary:  It is the responsibility of the alpha to take care of their pack. On a hunt, Dean finds an omega in pain in his packlands. His territory. He could toss the omega out of his land. Instead, he takes Castiel in. Once Castiel is pack, Dean will do anything for him.

(Read here)

Title: Eucalyptus

Author: xHaruka17x

Rating: Explicit

Words: 101,289 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’ve recced this before in Officer Dean list but it fits here as well so why not. It’s a pretty decent ABO fic if you are into major Cas whumpage, if not then I suggest you skip this fic entirely.

Summary:  On a cold Autumn night, the last thing Officer Winchester ever thought of seeing were two stunning and pain filled blue eyes he could drown into.

(Read here)

Title: Little Drop of Poison

Author: Amazonia_8

Rating: Explicit

Words: 63,275 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This fic was waiting to be read on my file like forever because the summary just kind of didn’t click with me, but boy was I glad that I finally gave this fic a chance. Seriously it’s amazing!

Summary: Castiel doesn’t know how to explain what happened to him a year ago, only that something killed his friend and a mysterious Alpha appeared out of the blue to make it all go away.

Now he spends his days running a small holistic health shop in LA, unaware that a looming political decision will throw him back into the path of the stranger he’s never been able to forget. But how are they supposed to navigate monsters, conspiracies, violent pasts and family secrets when the only thing their instincts care about is making them mates?

(Read here)

Title: Every Proper Alpha is Always Fashionably Late

Author: SillyBlue

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,967 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Where is the rest of the story?! The first date? The moving in together? Wedding? Mpreg? I need it all. Seriously this is way too adorable for me to handle.

Summary:  Alphas weren’t exactly known for their punctuality, but every morning at 7:45 Dean would come into Castiel’s place of work with a smile just for him. They clearly liked each other. It was just a shame that no matter how great Dean was, he didn’t seem to be able to overcome his proverbial alpha stalling tendencies when it came to asking Castiel out.

(Read here)

Title: Reach Out Your Hands

Author: Tarash

Rating: Explicit

Words: 7,255 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This fic was awesome but for some reason Gabe was a little too much of an asshole for my taste. I mean scammer Gabe I can take, prankster gabe sure but downright douchey just doesn’t fit his character.

Summary: Dean just wanted a quiet night out, but Gabriel had to ruin that.

Castiel just wanted some suppressor pills to deal with his heat, but Gabriel had to ruin that.

Good thing they also want each other.

(Read here)

Title: If You Were Here

Author: MooseFeels

Rating: Explicit

Words: 25,317 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I wanted to love this fic and at first I almost did but something about the way it was written irked me, lol I can’t explain it well. The drama was just too Twilighty and Cas was too out of character for me. But it does have a lot of kudos so I’d imagine some of you will enjoy it despite my overly negative comments about it :’D

Summary: Castiel is an omega, a position that leaves him subject to the whims of the social order and the caprices of his parents. His betrothed is shipped off to the Norman front the day after their arrangement is reached, and he is left to live in the empty manor by himself, with his sister and the single servant they have kept on to cook and clean.

Castiel has begun to adjust to the fact that he will die here, a trophy on a rich man’s arm, when he decides that he really should do something about the house gardens.

(Read here)

loving you:
the fire beneath my skin when I feel your body against mine, the satisfying crunch of freshly fallen leaves under my boots, quiet sighs shared as your fingers get tangled in my hair, playful sips stolen from your favorite drink, and the aroma of fresh coffee brewed in the morning

missing you:
the faint scent of rain that trickles into the room when it’s drizzling, the little shivers down my back when I feel the ghost of your hands brushing against mine, the bittersweet taste of chocolate left on my tongue, and too big sweaters for days when loneliness and sorrow take over 

getting over you:
long walks on the beach all alone, smiling shyly at strangers, winged eyeliner and bold lip colors, curling up on the bed with sunlight on my skin, the smell of new books and iced tea, and lots and lots of genuine smiles and laughter

—  the three stages of love
Deerperfalls, Chapter 8: Of Stars and Shadows

Hello, Hello, Hello!
Up to a new chapter of Deerperfalls!
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Chapter 8: Of Stars and Shadows

The house was rather quiet this morning.
A little too quiet for someone who was used to two lively twelve year olds, sticking Fruit-Loops in their noses, or building a castle out of Stan-cakes. The old man swallowed, the black and bitter taste of his too strong coffee burned down his throat. Not that he could blame them for sleeping so long, he would have stayed in bed longer himself, but Bill’s words still echoed in his ears.
Stan Pines gritted his teeth.
Bill truly offered them a way out of Dipper’s predicament.
A contract.
A contract that involved every single citizen of Gravity Falls. The terms of the contract were as simple as they were nasty. Everyone need agree to change back to the form bestowed upon them by the cursed river, and Cipher would turn everyone back to the point before Dipper made the Deal with him; the whole town needed to sign that damn paper.
All of them need willfully agree to become monsters again in order to save Dipper.

Stan bit his lips, a grumble bubbled in his throat. Bill’s laughter resounded in his ears when the triangle reached eye level with Dipper one last time before he disappeared.  His single eye was stretched into a hidden gleeful smile.
“We´ll see if your beloved town will return your fawn-vor, Pine Tree. You know why people are so easy to manipulate? They do care a lot about people close to them, but if they have to decide… they´ll always chose their own fate before others. But I´m sure you already know about that, right my deer `puppet`?”  
He flushed another gulp of coffee down his throat, while his mirror image looked up to him out of the bottom of the cup, swimming on the dark surface of the bitter liquid.

The Demon was right.
There was no guarantee that they would choose right.
And for sure it would need a lot of persuading to get this damn paper filled and it needed to be filled fast. Grunkle sighed, looking out of the window where the dark branches of the forest were swinging in the light summer breeze.
His eyes darkened as he remembered Dippers temper when Bill let them out of their grip, when the world faded back to normal, for everyone except his nephew.

The wood filled itself back up with colors, Stan´s gaze was still fixed on the golden contract laying in the grass below, when two hard stumps bumped him in the back of is a-
“What the-!” But the curse died on his lips as he turned around to meet the angry face of his nephew who had just pumped him with his tiny antlers. The boy´s face was red all over, little tears were hidden in the corners of his eyes and a small hint of blood was still visible in the corner of his mouth. But that wasn´t what made Stan rigid, it was the look in Dippers eyes that made his heart jump in his throat. The watery, brown eyes of the boy glittered with anger and bewilderment, his voice echoed in the forest behind them.
“WHY! Why the hell would you do something like that? Do you have any idea what Bill could do to you owning your soul?!” But his Grunkle just swallowed and avoided Dipper’s gaze to pick up the contract that lay by his feet. His voice was nothing but a raspy whisper.
“I do know about that Dipper, and maybe you´re right and it would have been a dumb decision after all. Though I fear making wrong decisions runs in the family… Now calm down kid, he didn´t take it anyway, so let´s go home before it gets too dark.”  Dipper bit his lips, he still wanted to know why his Grunkle would do something like that, but Stan´s comment about heading home left him with a brand new question.
“How? We are still in the Mindscape, we would just get lost if we started walking around here.”  But the question just earned him confused glances from his family and friends. Mabel carefully made a step towards him; tilting her head, brown curls wiggled as she questioned.
“What are you talking about bro-bro? Bill´s gone, the world is back to normal, see?” She pointed to the forest behind, the sparkling crystal water and the darkening green trees, but Dipper didn´t more than blink at her statement. An unspoken fear crawled beneath his fur, making his question tremble on his tongue.
“But, it´s- everything is still all black and white!”  Dipper looked around the clearing before he finally faced his friends and family again, and then it hit him.
Not only were his surroundings still like an old panchromatic film, but the faces and bodies of Mabel and the others too. Why didn´t he recognized this earlier, why hadn’t he seen his sister’s dark grey eyes as she looked at him with worry.
Their colors were gone… he was color blind.

“No! Please no!” He rubbed his eyes with his furry fist but the world stayed monochrome. Mabel stepped up to him to lay her hand on his shoulders, asking him what was wrong. But the missing color on his sister’s grey face made him sick all over again and his weak knees finally gave in to the pressure of the past hours and days; his world finally faded from grey to black.

The employer of the Mystery Shack sighed, gulping down the rest of his now cold coffee with a shudder. He had to carry Dipper home afterwards, not that he could blame the boy; a reaction like that was to be expected after such a restless night and stressful day. The fact that Dipper had lost the ability to see in color didn´t surprise him that much to be honest, most animals were colorblind after all, but he had to admit that the timing was rather cruel. No wonder Dipper flipped when his field of view stayed black and white.    

Stan groaned, rubbing his stubbly chin and scraped his chair back. Standing up to put his cup into the sink, he heard two tiny feet padding down the stairs. The old man sensed his unconscious frown, moving his tired muscles into a halfhearted grin.
“Morning sweetie, did you sleep well?”  
But Mabel only yawned, seating herself in front of her bowl of cereal before her head slumped on the table, her ruffled hair curling down her cheek.  Stan chuckled, filling her bowl with milk while his eyes drifted suspiciously up the stairs.
“I see… what about your brother?”  The answer to his question came somewhere out of this mop of dark brown hair.
“He´s awake and in the bathroom, he is…” But Mabel bit her lips, looking up to her Grunkle before she spoke up again.
“His face changed… he´s all deer-y now. He is a super-duper sweet fur ball now but- it´s weird seeing him like that somehow.” She swallowed, her gaze drifted from Stan back down to the table, or rather to the golden glowing contract laying there. Her heart did a heavy beat in her chest and her usually cheerful voice was a little too low, so that Stan´s brows knitted together the moment her words reached his ears.
“Grunkle Stan… we- we will change him back, right?” Her Grunkle´s eyes went wide for a second, before a triumphant grin made it underneath his winkled nose.
“Ha! Of course we will! We’re the Pines after all! So stop worrying now, you should enjoy your brothers furriness while you can kid, once puberty hit´s him the hair that will grow on his body won´t be so fluffy anymore, you know because-“  He didn´t saw Mabel`s face going from white to green, before she jumped up, to stop her Grunkle´s speech.  
“Irgs! Stop, I got it, no further information needed. I’ll go up to check on him.” With that she fled out of the kitchen,  just to come back in once more, hugging her Grunkle´s spine, earning a surprised yelp before he looked down to Mabel .
“Thank you Grunkle Stan.” She whispered, before she finally let go heading for the stairway. Stan just smiled, shaking his head while he looked after her, but the chuckle died in his throat once his niece was out of sight.
He really hoped that he had told her the truth, just this one time. 

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Can u do one where Y/N's being eaten out for the first time ever by harreh plss??

You start shaking before his kisses even reach your navel, and his eyes flash up to you.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this?” You peek down at him, fists still clenched in the sheets out of nerves.

“What? Yeah. Of course. I just-” you wet your dry lips, trying not to squirm away from him at the sight of him hovering so close to where you’ve never let him put his mouth before. “I’m just a little nervous.” Harry nods understandingly, sweeping one large hand over your belly in a soothing motion.

“I know, but you don’t have to be. It’s just me,” he gives you a sweet, lopsided smile before his voice deepens even further. “You know I already love what’s down there.”

You can’t help the little squeak you let out at just his mention of you, and you clap your hands over your face, feeling utterly ridiculous. 

You weren’t a virgin when you met him, but you’ve never been eaten out before. Something about it always felt off, and while your previous lovers never opposed to requesting you go down on them, once you told them you weren’t sure about receiving, that was the end of it. Harry is different in many ways, oral sex being one of them. He loves eating pussy, so he says. He loves to make a girl cum with his mouth, feel her softness and heat on his lips, taste her sweetness on his tongue. He loves making her shake and writhe on the bed, and letting her ride his tongue until she’s a babbling mess above him. Nothing makes him harder, he says. 

All of this he revealed to you during a particularly intense phone sex session one night, in the middle of tour when both of you were frustrated and yearning for each other. You had told him how much you wanted to get down on your knees for him and suck him dry, and Harry, breathing heavily and sounding desperate already, broached the subject that hadn’t been discussed since the first time you stopped him from heading south.

“I wish you’d let me eat you out, love,” he’d groaned into the phone, setting your blood on fire like no one ever had before. “I’d make it so good, you’d be begging for more.”

“Is that right?” You’d struggled to keep your voice from shaking, intrigued by the way he made something you’d never before been interested in sound suddenly so appealing.

“Yeah,” his voice broke in the way you knew meant he was stroking himself. “I’ve tasted you on my fingers and you taste so good.” He let out a shuddering breath. “But I wanna taste you from the source.”


“Want you to sit on my face. Wanna suck on that pretty little clit.” You’d whimpered at that, flopping back against the pillows. Harry wasn’t always into dirty talk, but when he went there there was no turning back.“You want that, don’t you?” He waited for you to breathe out quiet ‘yes’ before he moaned your name. “I want it too. You don’t know how bad I want it." 

By the time Harry had finished telling you how much he loves eating pussy and exactly how he would go about eating yours, you’d trembled through a powerful orgasm that had you gasping out his name, and Harry was only a few quick strokes away from his own. You hung up the phone shortly afterwards, fully convinced that you wanted his mouth between your legs, but once he got home and he was preparing to put his words into actions, all of your hangups about it came rushing back. It’s been two weeks now, and it took that whole time for him to coax the idea back into the realm of possibility. 

You hear Harry sigh, and feel the rush of air against your thigh, and then he shifts up to sit on the bed beside you. 

"How about we forget about it tonight, hmm?” You glance at him in surprise.

“But….this is what you wanted. You’ve been bugging me about it for weeks.”

“I do want it, but not if it’s making you this uncomfortable.” He leans down and kisses you, one hand gripping your waist comfortingly. “We can try again another time.”

Relief rushes through you, but at the same time you feel unsatisfied. You do want Harry to do all the wonderful things he described on the phone with you, really you do, and the only thing standing between you and getting it is yourself.

“No,” you struggle to keep your voice even. “I…I want you to do it now.” Harry looks skeptical at best, watching your face warily. “Please. Unless…you don’t want to anymore.” His brows furrow together.

“You know I do.” His wet, pink tongue darts out to lick his lips, eyes taking a quick peek down your body and lingering on where only a thin piece of cotton stands between him and the object of his current lust. “So badly…”

“Then do it,” you’re whispering now, forcing your trembling hands to grip the sides of your panties and pull them down. You can see his eyes dilate as you kick them off and spread your legs in invitation, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows hard. “It’s okay, Harry.”

“A-are…are you-”

“Yes. I’m sure.” You pull him down to kiss him, feeling his hand grip you tighter around your waist. “Just…make it good enough that I can’t freak myself out?” Harry’s grin is all teeth and no innocence as he makes his way back down to settle between your legs, hands wrapping securely around your thighs.

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll make it so good you won’t be able to think.”


#there was a time when emma could barely stand to have him within her personal space #playing with her hair #breathing words across her mouth #a time when she was afraid to get too close to this man that just had something #something that felt like home #something that could make her smile when all she’d been doing was frowning #and that time my friends is gone #she doesn’t fear him any longer because he’s everything she wants #it’s why she can get a little closer now #taste his devotion in the quiet, mindless moments #i think all emma fears now is just how much killian jones can and does love her

‘You’re too quiet.’
No, I’ve just come to enjoy my solitude. There are times where I feel the pangs of loneliness, itching for those little moments where laughs would intermingle or I would be able to cross a physical threshold and hold someone close.
However, I have come to find the beauty in privacy and silence. I no longer find oddness in the quietness of my breathing alone, accompanied by the turning of dog-eared book pages or the gliding of pen against paper.
I have tasted the sweetness in being alone, and though there are points when my thoughts are too loud, it’s that sweetness that strengthens me enough to keep to myself.
There is bliss in independence.
—  maxwelldpoetry, “Solitude”