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Shoulder To Cry On - KNJ SMUT

W: 2.7k 

PAIR: Namjoon x READER

SUMMARY: You break up with your asshole boyfriend and of course go to your favorite shoulder do cry on - Namjoon - only today you want a little more than a comforting hug from him, feeling needy and all.

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I love the way that he handles it. We end the first episode with people being like, “Oh God, look at this, this is a photo,” and I was so pleasantly surprised to see the next episode. I come in and talk with the reporters, and one of the things that I’m enjoying doing as mayor this year, and Oliver as a character to a certain extent, is I’ve tried to up the charm factor a little bit. He should be a little more comfortable in his shoes as a public figure. He steps in and deals with the press in a very, very relaxed way. Quentin says to him, “You seem pretty good with this,” and Oliver’s like, “I’ve been here before.” In that scene, we get to do the coolest name drop that we’ve ever done on the show, which I was really fired up about. What he hasn’t counted on is the one FBI agent that will just stop at nothing to prove — Special Agent Watson [Sydelle Noel] just thinks I’m full of shit. She is 100 percent sure. If Lance in season 1 was 100 percent sure, Special Agent Watson is like 400 percent sure that he is totally fucking lying and that he is the Green Arrow and she doesn’t care.

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For someone who says they love Rocketshipping, you sure don't draw a lot of it

Hehe tru

I looooove Rocketshipping but there’s a lot of it out there y’know? Plenty talented creators out there writing fics and doing fanart of them. I figure why do what’s been done when you can explore other things?

Also as a queer person, I like to represent queer people in my work. And as a girl who likes other girls, I like to show Jessie liking other girls haha. I still struggle being comfortable with my sexuality a little bit. But I find comfort in drawing one of my all time favorite characters being unapologetically GAY. That’s probably just me projecting what I want to be and the level of confidence I want to have LOL but it makes me happy. Plus it’s Jessie and I’m pretty sure she was my first ever cartoon crush/the reason I like ladies but was in denial about it hahaha

Hmm… that felt like oversharing but whatevs idowhatiwant. So yeah, Rocketshipping’s great and I’m gonna be sO PISSED IF IT DOESN’T BECOME CANON but as for drawing it eeeeh I’ll let the rest of the fandom handle that. Then I’ll drop a couple of rocketshippy drawings here or there.

Besides, I’m pretty sure most of the Rocketshipping side of the fandom… hates me *sweats* …or I made them hate me asdfghgfds. I don’t wanna keep intruding their feed haha. I’ll stay in my lane 👌🏾

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bichie with 13 from the kiss prompts pls >w<

oof i love these boys so much….

13: a kiss followed by a trail of kisses down the neck


It had taken Richie a little while to get comfortable with it all. He loved hugs, everyone knew he loved hugs; he craved having his hand held, getting to rest his head on someone’s shoulder, and any other form of physical contact he could get. He didn’t get a whole lot of that back at home, so hey, he took what he could. Little elbow bumps from Bev, nudges from Eddie, playful shoves from Stan, fist bumps with Ben, tight hugs with Mike… That was how you could describe euphoria to local touch-starvation extraordinaire Richie Tozier. And Bill Denbrough noticed it every single day.

Bill had always seen how Richie melted into hugs. He admitted to himself that, back before he and Richie were dating, he would give him as many subtle brushes of skin as he could just to help take a little tension out of Richie’s frame. (And, okay—maybe it felt amazing to Bill too. Maybe it made his heart race a little. Juuuust maybe.)

But now Richie was his boyfriend. He still wasn’t sure how that had happened. All he knew was that damn, he had been pining quietly after this dude for a really long time, and apparently Richie had felt the same way. They’d kissed for the first time in Bill’s bedroom, three in the morning, almost by accident, but a few weeks and several confused conversations and many, many hours of thinking later, they were boyfriends. And Bill could touch Richie without trying to make it seem like a mistake.

So here they were. Bill’s room. Empty house. Nine o'clock at night. Five months and one week into a relationship.

Kisses started messily still, usually. They were boys, after all, boys without much kissing experience besides bedroom mirrors and classroom fantasies, but they were in love. They were coming to realize that they were in love, at least. Bill was holding Richie’s left hand in his right, his free hand curled in Richie’s hair. They were sitting on Bill’s bed, knees angled towards each other. Their lips were pressed together; slow, sweet, wordless, only the sound of light sighs breaking the silence.

Bill pulled back first, just a little. Richie let out a tiny sound of mild annoyance as his eyes opened. His lips parted as if he were going to say something when Bill’s lips moved lightly to his neck; quiet, slow, hopeful for a positive reaction.

Richie’s eyes closed again, fluttering, as Bill’s affection continued. “You’re gonna kill me someday, Denbrough,” he said quietly, “I swear to fuckin’ God you are.”

“H-hopefully not anytime—anytime soon,” came the muffled reply against his neck.

Richie grinned, the smile turning into a light bite of the lower lip. “Be careful, ah, you’ll hit an artery or something, give me a heart attack–”

“Beep beep.”

Richie sighed and adjusted himself so his arms were around Bill. And Bill smiled, just a little, against his boyfriend’s skin.

The room was quiet.


Requested: By anonymous: Request for what a jealous Uma would be like, please & thank you.
I feel like Uma needs more love, could I have jealousy headcanons for Uma, please?

Warnings: none

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by butterflywingednight

Uma does get jealous, but it’s rare that she will actually show it in front of others.
That is, unless someone is getting a little too close for comfort with her s/o.

There’s two ways this particular situation could go.

The first, she sends Harry to scare the person, that she’s jealous of, off.
Then she’ll walk up and pull her s/o away, effectively grabbing their attention.

The second, she’ll be the one to walk up and scare the person off.
Anyone who would flirt or get to close to her s/o must be stupid, as everyone knows (both on the Isle and in Auradon) what is and isn’t Uma’s.

In Auradon, Uma will just wrap her arm around her s/o and pull their attention away from the person she’s jealous of.
She’ll probably kiss them hard or at least kiss their cheek to show that their her s/o.

On the Isle, if she didn’t send Harry to scare the person off, she’d go up and glare at them or shout, effectively getting rid of the person.
She wouldn’t openly show affection right then and there because everyone is watching, but you can be sure that she’ll keep her s/o nearby.

Honestly though, most aren’t going to try and flirt, touch, etc Uma’s s/o because no one wants to piss her off.
But it’s pretty funny to her s/o, because they know that Uma is jealous. They’ll make sure she knows that they don’t want anyone but her though.

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Hi...I don’t want to be a downer but I was fired yesterday and I really need a pick me up and I was hoping that you could maybe do a little comfort drabble about one of the Kylux boys going through the same thing? You don’t have to though, it’s okay if you don’t want to

I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough time, darling. I hope new opportunities spring your way soon! Lots of love! 💛

In the pouring rain on a dull Monday evening, Kylo slams his car door shut and stomps up the path to the front door of his home, uncaring of the fact that he’s soaked or that he’s forgotten to lock his car.

He’s lost his job. His contract terminated, his desk cleared out, his future looking uncertain.

It’s the third one in five months, another kick to his confidence and happiness, though this one has made him want to sit on the porch until the rain drowns him. Alas, he can see the warm light of the living room lamp shining through the curtains and Kylo craves to feel it so he unlocks the door and enters, but finds himself unable to move from the welcome matt.

“Ren.” Hux’s voice comes from the living room, where Kylo can hear the television playing the theme tune of a game show. “I thought you were working late–oh, look at you. Kylo? What’s happened?”

Kylo drops his bag to the floor, feeling the rain droplets fall from his coat and from his hair and face to drip onto the matt. He shivers, clothes sodden from the rain, though he’s sure the shaking is the strong culmination of his emotions surging together.

“I got fired,” he says through gritted teeth. “I’m fucking useless. I’m–”

“Stop right there,” Hux jumps in, hand on Kylo’s cheek. “I’ll hear none of that nonsense. You give your all in everything you do and if an employer can’t see that then that’s their loss. I’m certain they’re idiots.”

Kylo scoffs. “But you don’t even know why they fired me.”

“And I don’t need to know,” Hux says. “Whatever the reason, it’s happened. And it’s up to you where you go from here, but for now, let’s get you comfy. Come on.”

He takes Kylo’s hand and leads him upstairs to the bathroom, running the warm water in the bath and dropping a little purple bath bomb into it, making it fizz and turning the water a light shade of purple.

“I’m sorry,” Kylo says as he stands still whilst Hux undressed him, peeling off his layers of wet clothes until he’s nude, skin red in some places from the cold & damp clothes.

“Kylo,” Hux warns, raising his eyebrow. “Get in. You’ll catch your death otherwise. Careful, now.”

Kylo steps into the purple-coloured water, sitting down amongst the fluffy, lilac bubbles as a fresh lavender smell fills their small bathroom. He relaxes almost immediately, melting back as the hot water soothes his aching body and warms his freezing core. But then he remembers why he’s here in the first place.

“I feel useless,” Kylo mutters. “I’ve got some money left from last payday but then what? We can’t survive on just your wages.”

“You’ll find something else,” Hux says, rolling his sleeves up and sitting down on the floor, arm reaching over the side of the bath to brush Kylo’s wet hair out of his face. “I can ask my boss about working more hours if necessary but worry not, Ren. You may feel this is a knock but losing your job does not diminish your abilities or your worth. You’re down but you’re certainly not out.”

Kylo smiles, allowing himself to feel positive about the future for the first time since he was called into the office to be delivered the news about his sacking.

Hux is right, he thinks, sighing and closing his eyes as he lets the calmness wash over him, smelling the lavender and concentrating on the feeling of his body warming and Hux’s hand stroking through his hair.

This is not the end.

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Headcanon prompt? Fenris 40. Anders 5. 😙

Fenris - 40: Scent, and Anders - 5: Crying. (this one was really difficult except for ‘Fenris smells nice and Anders cries’, so here goes. Hope you like it!)

When Fenris saw a flower he saw more than just petals. After 10 years of working at ‘Fen’s Flowers’, he knew flowers were more than just pretty, they told stories, shared secrets, apologized, celebrated moments, and comforted in a loss.

He built his little business up from the ground, starting with just two buckets of roses he picked in his stepdad’s garden that he sold on the corner of the street when he was 16 to the booming little flower shop in the heart of Kirkwall. 

During this time he had gotten to know many of the townsfolk by watching what they bought for who and on what occasion. All of them he regarded as nothing more than a casual interest - all except for Anders.

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I feel like the brevity and dearth of MSR in the cancer arc needs redressing, can you write Mulder comforting an emotional and scared Scully through chemo that makes her really sick (as Scanlon said, it would make her feel like dying) maybe have her ask for him instead of Maggie in Memento Mori. I’d love it if he had/would leave the Gunmen to find Scanlon and refuse to leave her. There is way too little hurt/comfort and sickfic in X Files! Keep em coming please

i dunno if this fits the prompt, but i did write a version of memento mori where mulder stays with scully: anchor. it follows the episode p closely, but there’s a few new scenes of mulder by scully’s side. 

i also have roaring like the ocean, which deals with mulder’s actions in elegy through demons from scully’s perspective. it’s not really hurt/comfort (more angsty than anything), but it’s entirely from scully’s perspective and an underlying theme is her working through the fact that she needs mulder to be there and be supportive of her–even if she won’t admit it–and how said episodes don’t super have that, and how they went from the tension of late s4 to the sweetness of redux ii. 

i also wrote a memento mori au where the deleted kiss actually happened, and there’s definite support from mulder in that one. i also wrote this one, which does feature mulder taking care of scully. 

… i had not realized how much cancer arc i’d written, lol. there’s a few other ones on my ao3, but they aren’t specifically hurt/comfort (two of them are more redux ii focused, and one is mostly a synchrony post ep)

hope this was what you were looking for!! 💕

David Lucky is one of my favorite people in the world, He is also my favorite kind of artist. He has no self-serving agenda, no angle to feed his ego. What he has is just a genuine, involuntary need to manifest his personality, his passion and compassion, his undying optimism and humor — and to share those manifestations in a simple, sacred endeavor to uplift and comfort anyone who likes a little laugh in their cry.” ~ Fiona Apple

Boys aren't the only ones told they can't cry

I remember when I was small , even to this day I am a very sensitive person. I’ve gotten better but when I was little the most comforting worda I received from my parental figures were , “Stop crying. Or I’ll give you somthing to cry about.” “Stop crying you’re not a baby” “stop crying you’re embarssing me.” “Big girls don’t cry.”

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What do you like to do for fun ? Are you good at reading people ?

I like to travel and daydream about other places. I like watching movies and tv shows. I like to write and I sometimes attempt to draw. I like to go adventuring and take pictures of everything. I love music- playing and listening. I like planning out my future ever if my goals are far fetched. I think I am pretty good at reading people. The thing is, I’m really shy around people I don’t know, so if I see someone hurting I don’t know how to comfort them. It’ll break me a little bit to watch them hurt but not know how to help them.

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1, 7 and 8 from the romance asks for Nis and Krem, pretty please?

1. What drew your character to their LI and vice versa?

So their first meeting was actually pretty unpleasant. Nis thought Krem was one of the slavers who’d just taken her clan (even though the Chargers had just sort of stumbled into the clan campsite and were looking for survivors to help), and she attacked him.

When Dalish and Skinner calmed her down, Krem (injured but not mortally) got a good look at this girl who kicked his ass and his heart was gone. She was so strong, so fierce, so small, so beautiful, and he just lost it. He loves her spirit.

It took Nis a lot longer to feel drawn to Krem (for obvious reasons), but the first thing was his kindness and respect for her. He never pushed for more than she was comfortable with (which, at first, was very little). As he proved she could trust him and she got to know him a little better, that’s when she really started to fall.

7. Favorite date activity?

They like sparring, reading together, and doing it.

8. What are their most prominent memories of each other?

Krem’s most prominent memories are of the first time they met (wild clouds of red hair with knives trying to kill him) and the first time he heard her say his name.

Her most prominent memories of him are of the first time she realizes she’s safe around him, and the look on his face when she sat next to him to eat. It was so open and hopeful and it made him look so handsome.

romance asks

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You're the nicest MLP fan I've ever seen and reading your blog made me a little more comfortable with the idea of dipping a toe into the fandom. Thank you. <3

aw, thank you! if you do, though, be seriously careful. i have my own pocket of friends in the fandom that i find safe and y’know… not gross, but i won’t lie, bronies got the reputation they did for a reason. the show is great, (even if i haven’t adored the recent seasons,) and it’s awesome that you’re thinking of getting into it, but please be careful, especially if you’re a minor 

okay so.. i wrote out one part of an upcoming character death (it’s happened today story wise but i won’t take the pictures until tomorrow maybe) i wasn’t going to post it here so i posted it on my inspo blog because i always feel too insecure about posting my writing on this blog but.. i might share it on here too so you can get that perspective on things. i’ll probably end up regretting it but i’m trying to step out of my comfort zone a little so we’ll see what comes of posting it here too i guess.

Tfw you’re just trying to have a good time with your friends and a temperamental, water-dwelling deity ruins your only umbrella


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ugh..... lance slipping keith little cartoon-y cutesy drawings of hippos saying motivational things like "you got this!" or "you're doing better than you think!" when keith is feeling down? that just sounds canon to me

ANON LISTEN ……………………………


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.