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The wedding night

(A/N): I’m in dire need of Bucky fluff so 

 Summary: The telling of (Y/N)’s and Bucky’s big night

 Warnings: fluff? 

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   Bucky Barnes couldn’t believe it, he was officially married. After years, many, many years of waiting he finally got the happy ending he wanted; a family, a home, stability. Not only that but he got to experience it with the most beautiful human in the galaxy, (Y/N). Truthfully, had it been anyone else Bucky wouldn’t be we’re he was right now, holding his spouse’s hand as they chatted merrily with their table and graciously ate food. But (Y/N) had enraptured him the moment he set eyes on them, from those dazzling eyes to that shy smile and with their more than beautiful personality. He would have been crazy not to fall in love, he’d have been crazy not to get down on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage but he had and he could never, ever regret it- 

    “Buck,” (Y/N) smiles at him, nudging his side gently. That snapped Bucky out of his momentary reverie as he jolted forward in his seat, looking at (Y/N) earnestly.

    “Yeah? Hmm?” (Y/N) smiles at him as they take his hand, pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles. 

   "First dance, remember?“ Bucky looks at them, looks at their lips and their gorgeous smile, he looks at them as though he’s looking at them for the first time. He notices the way their eyes shine under the beautiful lights, or the way their teeth nearly glitter against their lips, or the way their nose scrunched up as they smiled beautifully, he notices the way their hair is styled, so beautiful and meticulous, and then he notices their hands, one of them with a plain silver band across it, showing the world that (Y/N) was Bucky’s just as much as Bucky was (Y/N)’s. 

   "Yeah,” Bucky breathes out softly, unable to tear his eyes away from (Y/N)’s gorgeous face. “Yeah our first dance,” (Y/N) smiles at him as they run their thumb along his knuckle, and even though Bucky was unable to feel it he could only guess how amazing it felt against the cold metal plates. A soft tune fills the air and that’s when it hits him, the song, the old lively tune, a song he once used to know all the words to. "Glenn miller?“ Bucky questions, his eyes glued to the blush that dusted (Y/N)’s cheeks. 

   "Yeah, Steve said you used to love him,” Bucky chuckles as he squeezes (Y/N)’s hand gently, pressing a kiss of his own to their knuckles

   . “I still do sweetcheeks,” Bucky stands, bringing his beautiful spouse with him. “Live band and everything?”

     "Recordings don’t do it justice,“ Bucky smiles as they make their way to the dance floor, the band all playing their tune and glancing up from their work to eye the newlyweds every now and then. With a gentle smile Bucky pulls (Y/N) close, his hands settled on their waist comfortably. 

   "I haven’t danced in years,” (Y/N) smiles at him as they snake their arms around his neck, running their fingers through the strands at the nape of his neck.

    “Neither have I,” (Y/N) smiles as the two glide around almost effortlessly, as though they had already done this a million times.

    “70 years (Y/N), how long has it been for you?” (Y/N) laughs as they rest their forehead against Bucky’s, their noses barely touching. 

   "Not that long old man,“ Bucky chuckles as he holds (Y/N) a little closer, wanting every part of their body to be touching his. 

   "Says the kid who married me," 

   "says the man who asked,”

    “hmm, touché,” (Y/N) smirks as they close their eyes, swaying with Bucky smoothly across the floor, making their way about the dance floor slowly but surely.

    “Isn’t this supposed to be all serious and sentimental?” (Y/N) asks after a bit of silence. Bucky laughs as he rubs his nose against (Y/N)’s causing the latter to giggle softly. 

   "This is perfectly sentimental thank you very much. Would you rather I stare at you intently and say nothing?“

    "God no,” (Y/N) laughs, “that’d be creepy," 

   "my point proved,” Bucky whispers as the song slowly draws to a quiet murmur, slowly but surely starting to come to and end. Bucky smiles gently as he closes the distance between (Y/N) and himself, sealing their lips together gently, much to the delight of their wedding guests. Everyone claps and cheers, making the two newlywed a giggle with delight. "See, perfectly sentimental,“ Bucky whispers as the two go back and take their seats, smiling at each other breathlessly, with eyes full Of such love and adoration. (Y/N) hums as they nod, their eyes practically glued to Bucky. 

   "Yeah, perfectly sentimental," 

    The rest of the wedding was spent drinking and eating and chatting amongst friends and family. At one point every single avenger had gotten up and danced to some god awful contemporary song ( (Y/N) included) and danced their merry little hearts out while Bucky sat back and watched his friends and his spouse dance together. 

   God- (Y/N) was so beautiful. It didn’t matter how many times he saw them, every time he laid eyes on them his heart swelled with so much joy and happiness. How could someone like (Y/N) have ever picked him? He was a mess, he had much more emotional baggage than was healthy, he was broken and damaged, for fucks sake sometimes he couldn’t even shower without proper help but (Y/N) came along and accepted him despite his flaws- in fact they embraced them, they made Bucky feel like a normal person for the first time in years. They knew all about his past and problems, they knew what he had done and yet here they were, dancing at their wedding.

   “Hey Soldier,” (Y/N) smiles at him breathlessly, little beads of sweat decorating their forehead. “You gonna come dance with me or what?”

   “Not like that I’m not,” Bucky snorts, folding his arms over his chest as he leans back into his chair, content to just look and stare at (Y/N). 

   “What’s wrong with my dancing?” (Y/N) asks as they give a little shimmy, making the supersoldier laugh loudly. 

   “Exactly that,” 

   “Come on,” (Y/N) shimmied closer to him, smirking as he laughed some more. “I know you want to,”

   “I really don’t,” 

   “You really do,” (Y/N) shimmied some more, only a few inches away from Bucky. 

   “Oh my god, if you stop with that god awful shimmy I’ll come dance with you,” (Y/N) stopped immediately, smiling at Bucky happily. With a sigh of resignation Bucky clambered from his seat, gratefully taking (Y/N)’s hand as they guided him to the dance floor and that’s when (Y/N) began to dance again, at least ten times worse than before. 

   “No,” Bucky laughed, as (Y/N) danced horribly, one leg up here, an arm there, some shimmying there. “Oh my god it’s so bad,” 

   “Dance with me,” (Y/N) manages to state before their own smile overpowers them, making them halt in their dancing. 

   “I can’t possibly compare to whatever that was-” 

   “Come on- I’ll show you,” Bucky laughed as (Y/N) danced again, only much slower this time. 

   “Okay, okay, I think I got it,” Bucky began to follow along (Y/N)’s ‘dance’ moves, laughing so hard he could barely keep his balance but before he knew it (Y/N) had joined back in with him and they were dancing, if one could even call it that. Alongside the couple the dance floor was packed, each square inch covered in dancing bodies. 

   “God we look like idiots,” Bucky laughs as the song ends, leaving everyone to still and pant to regain their breath and energy. 

   “Yeah, but we’re each other’s idiots,” Bucky smiles at (Y/N) as he takes their hand, pressing a soft kiss to their knuckles. 

   “Yeah we are,” 

   The rest of the night had gone by in a blur, there was food and drinks, there was some delicious desert, but most of all there had been (Y/N), Bucky’s sweet, beautiful (Y/N). Even if everything else that night had been a bit of a haze (Y/N) was always there, always so vibrant against the blurred memories. And now (Y/N) was beside Bucky, smiling at him as Tony’s limo drove them to some mysterious honeymoon get away. It was obvious in the way their eyes dropped that they were getting tired, or the way they started to slowly lean on Bucky for support but Bucky didn’t mind, having (Y/N) fall asleep on him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

   “You can go to sleep,” Bucky whispers as he reaches over to tuck a strand of hair behind (Y/N)’s ear, smiling when they yawned just a bit. 

   “What about-” 

   “What about nothing. You danced that cute little ass of yours off tonight, no wonder you’re so tired,” (Y/N) smiled sleepily as they leaned on Bucky, smacking their lips as they curl up against him. 

   “Wake me up when we get to the hotel?” Bucky hums as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead. 

   “Of course doll,” 

    Bucky was lying when he said he’d wake (Y/N) up, they looked far too peaceful like this, it’d be a shame to disrupt it. So instead of wake sleeping beauty Bucky managed to slide his arms around them as maneuver them out of the car, intact might he add. He even made it up 12 floors and managed to open the hotel room before (Y/N) finally jostled awake, groaning softly as Bucky set them down on the luxurious bed Tony had booked for them. 


   “Yeah baby?”

   "What are you doing?" 

   "I’m gonna change really quick, that okay with you?”

    “Can you help me too?” Bucky smiles at (Y/N)’s sleepy tone as he nods, giving their hand a gentle squeeze, 

   "of course doll,“ (Y/N) hums softly as they smile at Bucky, allowing themself to snuggle down into the sheets as Bucky trudged to the bathroom to change. 

   He’d worn a complex Black suit with so many layers and buttons that Bucky could barely figure out how to get it off much less put it on but with a bit of struggling Bucky managed to shrug the suit off and place it on the counter, leaving it for later. He would take care of it tomorrow but for now all he wanted to do was curl up with (Y/N) and sleep for 12 hours. So with sudden heavy limbs and a warm smile Bucky waddled back to the bedroom, to where (Y/N) Barnes lay. 

   ”(Y/N),“ Bucky whispered as he gently shook (Y/N)’s shoulder. ”(Y/N), I gotta help you outta your clothes doll,“ (Y/N) grumbles softly as they shifted their position, slowly sitting up to allow Bucky to help them out of their complicated outfit. Bucky wiggled them out of their clothes, eyeing their body as he did. They were so beautiful- every part of them, from their collarbones, to their hips, down the faint stretchmarks that marked their thighs but Bucky loved it all, every single piece of them.

    "You’re so beautiful,” Bucky whispered as he leaned forward, gently kissing along (Y/N)’s neck. It wasn’t full of hunger and lust like it usually was rather full of sheer love and adoration for the human before him. (Y/N) sighed softly as Bucky wiggled their clothes down their legs, leaving them at the foot of the bed. 

   "Shouldn’t we pick those up-“ (Y/N) began but Bucky cut them short when he dragged them down, pulling a blanket over them in the process. 

   "We can take care of that stuff later,” Bucky murmured as he kissed (Y/N)’s neck gently. There was once again no hunger or lust to it, not tonight, Tonight was different. Usually Bucky would be dying to bury himself deep within (Y/N), to suckle on that neck until it was bruised purple but tonight all he wanted to do was kiss (Y/N) and hold them, show them how much he loved them.

    “I love you,” Bucky whispers as he kisses (Y/N)’s collarbones, only breaking long enough to murmur to them. 

    “I love you too Buck,”

    “Gonna buy you a nice house, something cute and small, I’ll fix up the lights, mow the lawn, you can buy a dog,”

    “Mh,” (Y/N) hums, smiling sleepily as Bucky kissed his way along their body. “Let me guess, you’ll fix the plumbing too?" 

    "I would, I’d fix up the flooring and the walls, we could paint together,”

    “We both know nothing would get done if we tried to paint together," 

    "We could learn how to bake," 

    "Bucky Barnes, I’d like to see you try to cook ramen-" 

    "We could go to bookstores and parks, we could walk our 3 dogs and-”

    “And then ever night we’d fall into bed together, hold each other all night long and talk about our future?” Bucky smiles as he looks at (Y/N), sweet, beautiful, sleepy (Y/N). He’d never been more in love than he was right now, tangled up with the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, talking about the life he had always wanted. With soft lips Bucky kisses them, conveying his every emotion in one gesture.

    “Damn straight,”

Good for me C.H.

Another Calum one shot. After this one I am going to write something but it won’t be about Calum. If you have some requests, leave them here 

By the way, this is my first ever requested imagine so I’m so happy. I hope you like it, babes. Also, I’m not so good writing smut so I’m sorry for that. 

Summary Could you do an imagine please of where you and calum go to an interview and you’re a popular singer long before 5SOS were around and the interviewer keeps saying things like “you’re here because of y/n” ect and then he’s grumpy all the time you get home and you guys just like get into a bad argument and make up sex with is v steamy thank youuu xxx

Requested: yassss

Trigger Warning: smut 

Word count: 1,5k

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Camera flashes were the only thing I could see all along the red carpet. People were screaming our names as we were walking down, pausing every second to pose for the cameras.

Calum had his arm resting on my waist, his finger brushing the skin that my backless dress showed. He was dressed in an amazing suit that made me drool over him. A smile was plastered on his face the whole evening, even in the red carpet, a place I knew he didn’t like that much. But he had told me that he wanted to be there with me, supporting me in what could be the most important night of my career. I had been nominated for two Grammys: best R&B singer and best album of the year and I couldn’t be more nervous. Of course, I wanted to win but I also adored the other artists who were also nominated. So having Calum by my side, made me feel calmer.

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Hey Bee, I'm just feeling really crummy and worthless- like nothing I do is enough. And had an argument with my family that makes me feel like they think the same. So I came to your blog for a smile. Thanks for such a lovely blog. I was thinking that the things I'm going through sound like something shy!sid might also have gone through. If that sparks any creativity in you or the other anons that would rock

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way!!! :(( I know that feeling and it’s definitely really rough. Here’s some shy sidney, if that helps a little:

Sidney doesn’t date. Spending effort to go out to impress a guy who may or may not be as interested in him in the end is draining, and Sidney’s been on enough awkward encounters to kill enough of his self-esteem. He likes his routines a certain way, he likes quiet Friday nights to himself at the rink, when all the players are gone and he can practice without the memories of the terrifying jeers and boys trying to break his neck surging back. He likes the stability of knowing the sameness of his schedule.

Sidney had a long term boyfriend before, and his parents made such a big fuss about it, telling Sidney how happy they were that Sidney found such a nice person. And he was nice. Nice enough before finally throwing in the towel and saying, kindly but quite honestly, “I can’t imagine living with you forever. You’re…boring.” It’d hurt more than any hockey injury, because exactly a month ago, the same man had held him close and told him warmly, “I love how there’s no surprises with you. You’re one in a million, Sid.”

Sidney believed him.

His parents ask him why his boyfriend isn’t coming over for Christmas, and Sidney tells them why, hoping the Skype call would conceal his throaty voice.

“Well, he’s not…wrong,” his father says.

Without hockey, Sidney’s always been less than enough for his father. It stings just a bit more today to hear it.

“Troy!” his mother says, smacking him on the arm before turning to Sidney. “He wasn’t worth your time, sweetheart.”

(He doesn’t tell his parents about his later boyfriends, or lack thereof, anymore.)

He keeps himself busy with work, running to and fro to keep things running in the Pens PR team, making calls and not thinking of much at all. Retweeting the player’s Cup days when he’s bored (it’s intern work, but Sarah had called in sick that week) and staring at happy families gathered around the Stanley Cup. Evgeni Malkin, the team’s captain, holds up the Cup triumphantly in one photo. There’s real penguins waddling around, flowers and streams and expensive champagne along the table, and so, so many people, all the people who love and adore Geno. A beautiful woman kisses Geno’s cheek in another photo, and Geno looks so happy.

Sidney is a little bit in love with Geno. Geno always puts on a big smile for Sidney’s cameras, strikes a silly pose and points in his direction so Sidney’s little team always gets the perfect shot. He always stays to chat with Sidney after he showers and changes out of his sweaty jersey, if Geno can find him, asking cheekily, “You see hat trick? Do for you.” And Sidney would laugh that embarrassing honking noise and tell Geno’s that he’s so full of shit when really his heart is bursting with hope.

“Have to go out with team now, you come too?” Geno asks. “Celebrate?”

“I have work left to do, have to go home,” Sidney says. It’s a Friday night. “I really can’t.”

“One day I’m find your house, make you go with us,” Geno teases, grinning. For a moment, Sidney dreams of Geno coming to his house and saying sheepishly, ‘I’m keep you company? I’m little bit tired tonight, maybe we keep talk.’ It makes Sidney’s chest flutter, but then Geno adds, “Know you really not that boring!”

And that’s all it comes down to. They’re different people, after all. Maybe Sidney’s just in love with an idea of Geno. Maybe Geno had just been amusing Sidney when Sidney ramble-mocks the latest bizarre concept he saw on the History channel, telling him, “No, no, is interesting. I’m want to know. Keep going.” It’s not the first time he’s been lied to. Maybe Sidney had just become so unwittingly lonely that anyone who could stand him for more than five minutes would do.

“Geno, the rookies say they’re going to find you someone tonight for sure!” someone yells. “Hurry the fuck up!”

Sidney smiles tightly. “Good night, Geno. Great job out there.”

He leaves, down the hallway, and Geno doesn’t stop him.

He ends up staying at the rink until he’s sure that everyone else is gone.

He skates until his knees hurt. And practices.

And practices.

And practices.

And practices.


He’s getting ready to go home for real when Geno’s voice says from behind, “You lie about go home.”

Sidney whips around. Geno’s in skates too, gliding over slowly.

“You didn’t go out,” Sidney says.

Geno shrugs. “You play good,” Geno says. “Really good. I watch.”

“Oh.” Sidney fiddles with his stick and pushes at the puck a little. “I used to play.”

“You not play anymore?”

“Not with people.”


Sidney bites his lip.

“Why?” Geno asks, again.

“I like boys,” Sidney says, looking at the ground. Might as well break his own heart completely, there and then, so he stops hoping for something so impossible and dumb. “Got my leg broken by someone in peewee. Mom got scared.” He exhales through his nose, as quietly as possible. “I got scared.”

Geno doesn’t say anything for a long time. Sidney can feel the tears welling up already.  

“Hey, I should go home,” Sidney starts.

Geno reaches out a little. “Wait.”

Sidney waits.

“We practice? Little bit?” Geno asks. “More fun two people.”

“I’m really tired,” Sidney says.

“Next time?”

“Maybe,” Sidney says. “I don’t know.”

Geno shuffles a bit. “You want eat? Know great place nearby. I’m treat.”

Sidney could eat. He braves a smile. “I have to warn you, though, I’m really as boring as you think I am. I just watched an entire season of Planet Earth, so you’re going to be hearing a lot of that.”

“You not boring,” Geno says, sounding pained as he shakes his head so earnestly. He covers Sidney’s hand that’s resting on the stick with his. “You kind of amazing.”

Geno’s hand is warm and gentle against his, and Sidney doesn’t pull away.

It’s kind of amazing.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 11

This chapter happened a lot faster than @outlandishchridhe and I anticipated. It’s a lot of fun! We’re loving where this story is going!

Catch up on the previous chapter HERE or find the whole story HERE

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 5

Exhausted, Claire opened the apartment door and took a deep breath. Amongst the aromas of food cooking, she thought she smelled something fainter, sweeter. Eyes springing open, she locked her eyes on the vase and saw five fresh roses in it.

“Welcome home, Sassenach,” Jamie called from the kitchen.

Grinning, she walked in and kissed him.

“Thank you for the roses, Jamie. They’re lovely.”

“Five roses for five months gone. Only a few left for me to thank ye for carrying our bairn.”

Leaning on him this way, she was acutely aware of her rounding stomach as it pressed against Jamie’s.

“You’re welcome,” she said before pulling away from him.

They ate their dinner at the table and, for once, nothing made her sick. Before they went to bed, she did a little homework at her desk, though she couldn’t sit as close to it as she used to.

Tomorrow was to be their 20 week ultrasound and Claire had been waiting for this day for weeks. They’d finally be able to see the baby look, well, more like a baby.

“You know, we can find out tomorrow if this little one is a boy or a girl.”

“I dinna want to find out,” he said, turning a page in his book.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at him. It took a minute before he realized what she was doing.

“But I want to know the sex of the baby!”

“Weel, I dinna want to know. Don’t ye want to be surprised?”

“I think this baby was a surprise enough, Jamie. Don’t you want to get prepared?”

“Sassenach, people have been having bairns for centuries without knowing what they are and they seemed to do just fine getting ready.”

“Why can’t I just find out and you not? You can still be surprised then.”

Jamie fixed her with a flat look and closed his book with a sigh.

“Sassenach, have ye ever seen yerself try to keep a secret? I love ye, but yer face canna keep a secret from me. If you find out, ye won’t be able to keep it from showing all over your face.” He reached out and stroked her cheek and she leaned into him instinctively.

The pleading look on his face made Claire’s resolve waiver. She really did want to know, but finding out together would mean much more than having to carry it around with her for the next few months by herself.

“Oh, alright you bloody Scot. We won’t find out until this little peanut decides to make its debut,” she huffed, placing her hand on her belly.

Jamie twined their fingers together, resting over her wee bump. She suppressed flinching away from it and when she finally looked up at him, she saw that heartbreaking smile spread across his face as his hand moved theirs back and forth over her stomach.

“I love ye, mo nighean donn. I ken it makes ye a little disappointed,” he started, but was halted by her rising up on tiptoe to give him a peck on the lips that, as always, turned into something a little deeper.

“Compromise, right?” she whispered. “You and I have done a lot of it so far. It won’t kill me and at least I’ll know that you’re suffering right along with me.” She laughed, a soft, tinkling sound that Jamie loved. He lived for that laugh, the smile making her whole face crinkle in happiness.

He rested his head against hers for a moment, basking in the warmth of her smile. Leaning in, he kissed her softly, letting his hands wander over her. After he squeezed her arse, he began to pull her closer. But she pulled back and took a breath.

“Are ye alright, mo chridhe?”

“Yes, I’m… I’m alright. I’m a little tired though, could we maybe just snuggle a bit tonight?”

Watching her face for a moment, he thought he understood why she was hesitating. Her stomach was getting larger by the day and it made her uncomfortable.

“Ye dinna have to get naked, Sassenach. Leave yer shirt on, it doesna matter to me.”

She gave him a weak smile before pulling out of his arms.

“That’s alright. Perhaps another time.”

Leaning over the side of the couch, she gave his cheek a light peck and left to change for bed. When he joined her, he saw she wore the nightgown she’d been favoring lately. It covered her and gave her body little shape, which was likely what she wanted it to do.

As she lay on her side, the sheets tucked up around her, he gently eased in behind her, careful to not fully cup the wee swell of her belly. Instead, he opted for reaching for her hand, entwining their fingers together..



“Ye ken I love ye, right?”

“Of course I do.”

He nodded, taking a moment before continuing.

“And ye ken I think yer beautiful, right?”

“I… yes, I do.”

“And that I dinna think yer fat or ugly? That seeing ye carry my child is the most amazing blessing ye could ever give me?”

She paused before answering, and gently brought their hands down to rest near her stomach.

“Yes, Jamie. I do. I’m sorry, I really am just tired tonight.”

“Aye, it’s fine, mo nighean donn. I just want ye to ken that I love ye verra much.”

She turned around, searching for a kiss.

“I love you, too, Jamie. So much.”


Sitting in the waiting room with so many pregnant women felt strange, but Claire was comfortable. He held her hand, his thumb rubbing the back of hers constantly. A door opened and the nurse called them back. He was excited for this, to see their child again. The last time it hadn’t looked like much more than a fuzzy blur on the screen. Claire had assured him it would look more like an actual human being now. His little human being.

Claire sat on the exam table fidgeting nervously. Jamie put a hand on her knee to keep her leg from bouncing.

“Alright Miss Beauchamp, how are we feeling today?” the nurse asked.

“Very well, thank you.”

They launched into the barrage of questions he couldn’t answer, so he just waited. As the ultrasound machine booted up, the nurse smiled at them.

“So are we going to learn the sex of your baby today?”

Claire shot him a dark glare before turning back to the kind woman.

“No. We’d like it to be a surprise, apparently.”

The nurse laughed at the scorned look on Claire’s face and patted her hand.

“Alright then, I won’t tell you,” she continued to chuckle and looked at Jamie as if to wish him luck with the decision they made.

Then she stage whispered to Claire, “The doctor will know, you know, just in case you decide to change your mind.”

Claire finally broke a real smile and sighed, looking back at Jamie again.

“No, no. I’ll wait,” she said, grinning at Jamie.

Hearing the heartbeat of their child never ceased to enchant them. Each little lub-dub brought tears to both their eyes. Blinking them back, Jamie tried to clear his vision. He wanted to see their wee bairn completely, wanted to commit this moment to his memory forever, and he didn’t want the memory to be blurry.

“Here’s your baby!” the nurse exclaimed, pointing out the head, feet and bottom of their baby.

“He looks like a wee person now,” Jamie said softly, staring in awe at the black and white screen. “I can actually see which end is his head now.”

Claire swatted at him playfully and giggled at his awestruck face.

“Well it’s a good thing that you didn’t want to know the sex of your baby, Miss Beauchamp, because this little one isn’t showing me anything! Turned away and legs crossed. This one is going to be a stubborn one for sure,” he joked as Claire chuckled.

“Well between her father and I, I’m not really surprised by that assessment.”

“He’s protectin’ his virtue is all. I wouldna want my baws splayed all over a screen for anyone to look at either,” Jamie said, seriousness coloring his tone but smiling nonetheless.

“Would you both like a printout to take with you?” the nurse asked, cleaning the gel off of Claire’s belly. As soon as it was clean, Jamie noticed she pulled the shirt she had on down as fast as she could.

“Can we have a couple please? Maybe 3?” Claire turned to look at him. “I thought maybe we could frame one and I know you like to keep one at work.”

“Aye, mo chridhe, whatever you wish.”

She grinned and reached for him, pulling him down to kiss her soundly.


“Jamie?” Claire asked, softly.

He turned his head away from the ultrasound picture to her, the sound of her voice alarming him.

“What is it, Sassenach? Are ye feelin’ alright? Ye look… concerned.”

She took a deep breath and met his gaze.

“I think we need to talk about something.”

He raised his eyebrow at her and she continued, trying to keep eye contact with him.

“I was wondering… well… at the ultrasound today, the nurse called me ‘Miss Beauchamp’ and it got me thinking. I was wondering if… if you wanted to stay married. To me.” She kept her eyes on his, and saw his face mask over. The last time they had talked about this, she had brushed him off. She didn’t want to do that now..

“We haven’t really talked about it and…” she trailed off, unable to finish her thought, too scared of what might come from this to be the one to go first.

He held her gaze, but didn’t answer. Several tense moments passed between them, but his lips stayed sealed shut. He simply looked at her and she knew that she would have to be the one to break the silence. She reached into her bag and pulled something small out of it.

“Because,” she started hoarsely. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Because I… I want to stay married to you.”

She opened her palm and in it was a titanium band. She was staring hard at the band in her hands, not risking looking up at Jamie. A finger under her chin lifted her face to his; he was much closer than before. His face had a broad smile across it right before he leaned in and took her lips against his.

“Wait right here, mo graidh,” he whispered against her lips.

He got up and made a beeline for their bedroom and returned almost as quickly as he left, a small box in his hand. When he opened it, Claire gasped.

“I bought this for ye, before we left for Colorado. I thought,” he paused, voice breaking just slightly. “I thought ye might make a choice then, but then, weel…then ye didna. But I kept it anyway, if only for the chance that I might be able to woo ye properly if we decided to go another way.”

He took the small ring out, a solid band with thistle and interlace overlay on top of the solid metal.

“Oh, Jamie,” she sighed. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Will ye wear it?”

“Will you wear yours?”

He smiled at the glint in her eyes, the need to mark him showing strong on her face.

“Aye, I’ll wear it and gladly. I’m completely under yer power and happy to be there, Claire.”

“I am too,” she breathed. “I wouldn’t change it. I don’t want to change it.”

“Well that’s good to hear, Sassenach. Perhaps, as we dinna really remember our own vows, we could do a wee thing now?”

Taking her left hand in his own, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it softly. He took a deep breath and prepared to slide the ring onto her finger. The light caught the inside and glinted, hinting that something was inside it.

“Wait, what’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Inside the ring. Is it engraved?”

Her eyes darted up to his and his ears turned a little pink.

“Oh, ah… Aye. It’s Gaelic, ken?”

Turning the ring slowly, she tried to read the foreign language.

“What does it say?”

“Mo graidh, mo chridhe fuil.”

“And what does that mean? For those of us who don’t speak Gaelic?”

“It means ‘my love, my heart’s blood’.”

The smile on her face grew as she stared at it for a long moment.

“I, um… I had something put into yours too…”

Taking the larger ring from her hand, he turned it to the light.

“My knight,” he said softly. “The keeper of my heart. Claire, that’s beautiful.”

“So,” she cleared her throat before she broke out into tears again. “Did you have something in mind for our sober vows?”

“Aye, it’s an old Scottish tradition, if ye dinna mind it.”

“I don’t mind.”

He stared down at her hand for a moment before sliding the ring onto it slowly. She did the same with his, pleased that the ring fit him well.

“You’ll have to repeat the words after me. They’re in Gaelic.”


Claire stumbled over the foreign words, her lips and tongue making the unfamiliar sounds. But he could see in her face just how hard she was concentrating to say them correctly. Or, as correctly as she could.

When she finished repeating him, he leaned in to kiss her gently.

“So,” she asked, searching his face. “What exactly did I just commit to? What did I say?”

“It rhymes a bit, in English. But what we said was ‘ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone. I give ye my body, that we two might be one. I give ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.”

“I think I like that better than regular vows.”

His eyes moved down to her rounding belly, but he made no move to touch it. She could see the longing in his eyes, but he didn’t reach out toward her. He placed a tender kiss on her forehead before standing up and holding out a hand to her. On some level, she wanted to grab his hand and put it on her belly. But she couldn’t. Not yet.

Once again, Jamie proved to her that he wasn’t like any other man. As much as he wanted to feel their child, to touch her and hold her, he would never force that on her. He recognized and understood that she was uncomfortable with the changes in her body. She also understood that he wasn’t asking her to talk about it either; just let her feel what she was feeling.


She was dressed in the nightgown again, but he said nothing about it. He had no right to, it wasn’t his body that was changing. All he could do was give her the space she needed and support her however he could.

When she snuggled close to him, he did all he could to keep from touching her belly. It took her some time to fall asleep, constantly moving around to find a comfortable position.

They lay in bed, Claire sleeping soundly in his arms. He looked down at her stomach, bulging a little through the night dress. If he touched the bairn now, she wouldn’t know, wouldn’t shy away from him. But it wouldn’t be fair to her. Perhaps she didn’t want his touch right now, what right did he have to force that on her unconscious body?

Then she did something that surprised him. Still completely asleep, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. He froze in place, afraid she’d wake and find him touching her and be angry. Carefully, he tried to slip his hand away from her, but her grip tightened. She mumbled incoherently, sleepily patting his hand on her stomach and snuggling closer, a look of complete contentment covering her face. The stern lines that had been carved in her brow as she tried to get comfortable and fell asleep melted away as she nuzzled against him even closer.

He looked down at her, careful not to jar her and moved slowly to kiss the top of her head. She mumbled again, her grip on his hand slacking, but he didn’t move it. He couldn’t. He was so happy to feel her and the bairn, feel close to them both like this, that he would steal the moments that she gave him.


Claire woke suddenly, feeling a ravenous hunger surge through her. These damned cravings would kill her one of these days.

“Jamie,” she said softly, nudging him awake. “Jamie?”

His eyes opened slowly.

“…’s the bairn…”

“We’re both fine, but…”

One eye snapped fully open.

“Do ye need hot wings again?”

She shook her head, a guilty look crossing her face.

“No, I just… Doesn’t chili sound really good?”

“Canna say it does just at the moment.”

Biting her bottom lip, she looked up at him.

“I could kill for some chili right now…”

With a sigh, he started pushing himself up.

“Alright. I’ll go and see if someone’s open and selling chili.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“Ye dinna have to do that, Sassenach. I’m pleased to fetch ye chili if ye wish.”

Swinging her legs out of bed, she fumbled in the dark for something to put on her feet and a sweater.

“No, I’d like to come. I feel terrible, sending you out at odd hours like my personal servant.”

“Are ye sure?”

“Yes,” she said with a nod. “And this way I won’t be eating it in our bed. Won’t be finding bits of nachos in our sheets for the next week.”

“Ye make a verra fine point, Sassenach. Let’s go, then.”

Luckily, the chili wasn’t as difficult to find as the hot wings had been. They had her small bowl of chili within fifteen minutes.

“You know what else sounds good?” she asked as Jamie pulled out of the parking lot.

“Ye mean besides sleep?”

“Ice cream.”

“I didna ken pregnancy would give a woman such strange tastes.”

“Do you think we can find someone who does ice cream all night?”

“The place we just left does.”

Licking the spoon, she looked over to him sheepishly.

“I’ll split it with you.”

“No, no. I’ll no’ take any of it. I canna really eat at three in the morning.”

Making a U-turn, he pulled back into the drive through and ordered one chocolate frosty for his pregnant wife. The young man at the window gave them an odd look, which Jamie ignored.

“Thank you,” she said quietly as they headed home.

“I put ye in this position, gettin’ ye wi’ child and all. The least I can do is feed whatever bizarre cravings our bairn has.”

She grinned as she finished her strange combination of chili and ice cream.


The following afternoon, Jamie was sitting on the couch doing a little reading while Claire worked on some things for her classes. Just as he stretched, he glanced over to her and saw her flinch hard. She stared down at her belly in complete shock, her hand almost went to touch it, but stopped. He looked away from her before she could see him watching. Wondering what had caught her so off guard, he forced his attention back to his book, but continued to glance at her under hooded eyelids.

That night, they lay curled up together as they usually did. Once she settled and fell into deep sleep, she moved his hand onto her stomach. It was the only time she was comfortable having him touch her and he cherished the feeling. As he began relaxing into sleep, he thought he felt something. A faint flutter against his hand made his eyes snap open. Surely it was too soon to feel the bairn move.

With bated breath, he waited to see if it would happen again. When it didn’t, he was sure he’d imagined the feeling. He felt Claire softly push his hand against her, burrowing farther into his neck and pulling him with her down into their dreams.


Claire woke up in the morning snuggled warmly into Jamie’s side. She didn’t want to disturb him, she’d done enough of that the night before. Slowly, her eyes drank in her sleeping husband’s face.

Husband, he was her husband.

He had been since that first night together, of course, but now that they’d made the decision to stay together and married to boot, that word felt so important. She glanced down at his hand and saw the ring that marked him as hers. She smiled, but inside her emotions ran rampant with worry about what could be.

No. No, she wouldn’t let her thoughts travel down that road. Jamie was a good man, a man who loved her, a man who did everything in his power so she was happy and well cared for. A man who she wanted to be hers for always.

A need rose up in her so quickly and so strongly she couldn’t completely stifle the sound of distress that came out of her throat. Jamie stirred and she froze, still wanting to watch him sleep. He readjusted and pulled her closer, hand drifting towards her abdomen.

Suddenly, she felt it. A soft push from the inside of her belly. It had startled her the day before, the feeling foreign and somewhat frightening. Truly there was a child in there. Of course she’d seen their little one on the ultrasound screen, but it was another to feel her. To know she was in there and moving around. It was a different kind of knowing. And it amazed her.

She willed the wee one to do it again, to prove that it wasn’t just a gas bubble. She was concentrating so hard that she didn’t realize Jamie’s hand was on her stomach, cupping the small swell lovingly. He hadn’t woken, but a pure smile crept over his face; the same smile that came over him when she brushed his hair back while he slept. It simultaneous melted and broke her heart.

She knew she was being unfair to him, not letting him touch her, but she couldn’t wrap her head around the changes her body was going through. She had to make the effort, she thought to herself. She had to do this for him, as he did all these things for her.

At that thought, another idea sprung to her mind. Another way to show Jamie that she truly understood and was thankful for everything he did for her. As if in agreement with her thoughts, the little peanut gave another soft kick to her abdomen. She smiled and snuggled back into him, letting herself drift back to sleep for a little while longer.

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Epilogue.

now this is really the end.

word count: 2208

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7| PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11 | PART 12 |

Turning off the stove, I wipe sweat off my forehead and lean on the counter finally catching breath. It’s only four in the afternoon but I can already feel how uncontrollable the day will be. I can already see how the time I work my shifts without feeling exhausted are getting smaller and smaller. Placing the dirty dishes in the sink I hear laughter from the dining area already knowing which costumers just arrived.

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Power (6/?) - Kim Jongin

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / PART 6 Part 7

Summary: Jongin, the son of a wealthy CEO, and a few of his friends end up interning at the company of an attractive young businesswoman’s company, and you don’t mind having him visit your office occasionally.

Genre: Smut (finally)

Length: 2.8k+

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Masterlist / Request

(Somewhat mature content)

- Not Requested -

*In which things are starting to get a little heated…*

“Alright, lets get you to your room, bud. Its way past your bedtime.” You hear your husband as he prompts your five year old son, Tanner, to get into bed. It was about 9:00 at night and his normal bedtime would usually be around 8:00 but Zayn had let him stay up a little longer so he could watch Toy Story 3 with the two of you. Now you were about half way through the movie and he was already snuggled up close into your side getting ready to drift right off.

“Go with dad, sweetie. Ill see you in the morning.” You coo and place a kiss on the top of his head.

“Okay..” He murmurs sweetly before sleepily rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms. Pretty soon Zayn was lifting him up into his arms so he could carry him back into his bedroom. 

 Minutes later Zayn was back inside of your shared room already starting to discard the clothes off of his body until he was in nothing but a pair of boxers. You then felt as his inked arms pulled you into his bare, shirtless chest. He then lets out a sudden yawn.

“Im exhausted.” He chuckles raspily against the back of your neck, his warm breath giving you chills as he places a gentle open mouthed kiss there. You sigh in content as he continues to leave a trail soft kisses down your neck until he eventually reaches your collar bone. You lift your hand up to run it through his thick, messy hair and he uses his elbows for support to hover above you, his lips barely grazing yours.

“You don’t seem that tired to me.” You tease before eventually letting his soft lips connect with your awaiting ones, finally closing off any space that was left in between the two of you. He hums contently as you deepen the kiss and his tongue soon starts to peak out of his mouth to slide along your bottom lip, but before things started to get a little too heated you pulled away.

“Not tonight, Zayn. I’m tired and on top of that I don’t want Tanner to wake up…” You confess and soothingly run the tips of your fingers up and down his bare back. 

He groans and buries his head in the crook of your neck , “C’mon baby, please.” He breathes against your skin and places a couple more kisses there. “We haven’t done anything in so long..”

That was the truth. You guys had just been so busy with work and on top of that raising a child together wasn’t the easiest thing to do. It was like you never got time to yourselves anymore and you weren’t gonna lie, It was tempting, it really was, but you couldn’t risk it. Not with your child being fast asleep in the other room. 

“Love, hes not going to wake up, I promise. The doors locked, anyway.” He urges once more as his hands travel up your shirt and begin to roam up and down your sides. You sigh at the soothing feeling of his warm hands contrasting with your freezing cold skin and pretty soon it was becoming harder and harder to resist him.

Within seconds his lips were connecting against yours once again, but this time the kiss was even deeper. Immediately you felt as you started to get lost in the kiss and everything around you went blank. Your hands travel up his back and your fingers tangle all through his hair, earning a slight, pleasureful groan from the back of his throat.

“Alright, fine,” You give in, “you win…” 

And you were able to feel as a smirk started to form on his lips, “like always.” He chuckles lowly. 

You sigh as he makes his way down your neck again and nips lightly at your bare skin. Soon he was leaving a trail of tiny love bites from your neck to the beginning of your collar bone while you soothingly tugged on the roots of his dark hair.

“I love you so much…” His hot, shaky breath murmurs against your neck. His lips soon find their way down your chest making sure to kiss every single inch of your exposed skin that wasn’t covered by your shirt. His fingers then begin to toy with the hem of your cotton tank top, but everything came to a sudden stop when the door handle began to rattle.

“Mommy?” You hear your son’s sweet voice through the other end of the bedroom door which causes Zayn to let out a deep sigh.

“Shit..” He mutters out and starts to uncover himself so he could get up from off of you to let him inside.

Soon Zayn opens the door only to reveal your little boy standing on the other end, “Whats wrong, baby?” You coo as he runs over to you, his tiny feet padding against the cool, hardwood floor.

“Tummy ache.” Is all he manages to mumble out and then begins to climb up the edge of the bed so he could lay right next to you again.

 Immediately Zayn was walking over to the medicine cabinet to grab some children’s motrine to give to him and then climbed into bed with Tanner in between the two of you.

“What did i tell you.” You whisper and try to hold back a giggle being careful not to disturb your five year old that was nearly asleep by now. 

He chuckles lowly and extents his arm so that he could place your head onto his chest, “You just want me to admit that you’re always right…” He teases and presses a soft kiss onto your temple.

 “And that’s because i am always right..” You correct looking up at your husband In admiration. He was practically already half asleep, and you smile as you run your fingers through his hair and place a small kiss on the side of his cheek.

He lets out a slight laugh and pulls you a little closer to him, “Alright, you win this time, Y/N…”

- I feel like i could’ve made this way better but i didn’t want to write anything too mature. if you like it then great! Feel free to also request anything in my inbox also.

Cookies (Youtuber!Taehyung)

Plot: Youtuber!Taehyung baking cookies with his daughter

Word Count: 1233

A/N: so ik I’m supposed to write werewolf!Tae, I really genuinely meant to and I will tonight I promise tomorrow, it’ll be out but this past hour or two, I’ve just been swimming in father!Tae feels and this exact scenario was playing in my head and I had to write it or it was gonna make me scream from being so fucking cute sounding, this got pretty long bc it’s been stuck in my head for a good few hours, the links for this post are youtuber!Taehyung (here) and father!Taehyung (all of the father related posts are here)

He wasn’t expecting his video to turn out like this. What had started as him trying to film a video on him attempting to cook lunch had somehow turned into him baking cookies with his daughter. He had gone to the store especially for the video, buying all the ingredients for his lunch, only to have to go back to the store and buy ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. He had gotten dressed just for the video, ending up switching his jeans and button up shirt for baggy plaid pajama pants and an old t-shirt because his daughter had wanted to wear matching outfits.

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So a little sad/tired tonight, and looking to be distracted.  If you’ve got questions or prompts for mini fics (like seriously, a couple of paragraphs is what I’m capable of), now’s a good time. 8)

Reminisce | 4

Park Jimin
“I found myself falling more in love with you as I grew older.”
You and Jimin were childhood best friends until you had to move away. As years passed and you both aged, the separation between your friendship deepen and you never heard from him again. More than a decade passed and you suddenly stumble upon the man who you never stopped thinking about.
Word Count: 3,314
Italics = flashback
(Y/F/N) = Your Full Name

Prologue | 1 | 23 | 4

thank you to everyone who reads my horrible writing )): im really sorry i haven’t been updating, my life has just been so hectic !! pls give me feedback bc im always looking to improve ((: this is NOT the last chapter !!

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Dad!” You yelled as the familiar man stepped out of his car. He looked tired, eyes heavy with dark circles that rimmed the bottom. His face sagged and his posture was bent. However, the sound of your voice instantly lit his sulky face.

“My dear!” He whispered as you quickly jumped onto him for a hug, like a small child would do. He laughed, hoarse and deep. He had grown older and weak, so he stumbled back to maintain his balance.

“Dad, I missed you!” You squealed, giddy and eager to see your parent after several years. 

“Honey, when did you get back?” He set you down and tried to take in your grown face.

You went on to explain how you were to be in town for the next couple of days. “Did you not hear my voicemail?”

He lightly knocked his knuckles against his temples and groaned, “I forgot to check my machine these past couple of days. I’m sorry, my love. Where are you staying?” 

“Dad, have you been well lately? I slept at Jimin’s apartment last night.” Your father looked behind your shoulder to see the cool Jimin leaning against his door frame, observing the daughter-father reunion. 

He smiled lightly, “I’ve been a little tired recently. You are staying for dinner tonight, right?” 

“Yes. I was planning on staying here now that you know I’m back—”

“–No, no, my dear. Your room is no longer here. I don’t have your bed anymore. You should go and stay with Jimin.” Your dad began walking towards your home. Confused, you followed after him.

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Time for a story - The cool dad

Felicity woke up to two little hands gently slapping her cheeks. For the break of a second, she wondered if maybe she had passed out and people were now trying to make her regain consciousness. As soon as the thought had come to her mind, she pushed it away again. With a slight frown, Felicity opened her eyes and smiled when she found Millie sitting on the mattress next to her, smiling at her mommy happily.

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When the blond opened the door, Tobias reached over & pulled him into a tight embrace, kissing him sweetly on the cheek. Though he hoped that Levi was around to witness it, this was how he always greeted his husband these days. It wasn’t ideal but he hoped that it helped the man know he still cared deeply for him. 

How was your day, gorgeous? he asked brightly as they stepped into the living room. He looked down & immediately his daughter’s face lit up, causing his heart to swell. She was the only joy he had since his unfortunate admission to the man he loved. 

It was fine, Archer whispered sheepishly, running his fingers through the child’s soft hair as she rushed past him & to her other father. 

The older man nodded, smiling at the child as she approached. Looking again towards his husband who was now slowly backing further away, he sighed. How about the princess? Did she have a good day?

Of course, Archer returned, his tone a little lighter than before. If nothing else, Tobias was an amazing father & it had always made him that much more attractive in his eyes. She didn’t take much of a nap & she has been playing with Lathan nonstop so she’ll probably be tired a little early tonight. 

Tobias could feel the other man observing them quietly from the couch. Finally acknowledging his presence, he plastered a fake smile across his face. Hello, Levi. To what do we owe this pleasure?

Considering you don’t live here, the pleasure of my presence isn’t for you, Levi chortled in response. But if you must know, I came to check on Archer of course. 

Of course, Tobias sneered. 

Body moves.

A/N: New fic! Based on the song Body Moves - DNCE. I was thinking maybe in a second part? I would really appreciate your thought about this. Hope you like it!

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Series: Supernatural

Warnings: little mentions of blood maybe?

Word count: 630

Summary: Y/N has been hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester for 3 years, and that’s the exact same time the reader’s been in love with Sam Winchester. He thinks it’s just physical and always tease the reader about it. But that’s about to change. 

Originally posted by onscreenkisses

Originally posted by hunterchesters

After a successful hunt, you were heading towards the motel where you were staying. You were slowly falling asleep in Baby’s backseat thanks to its soft humming. Moments later you were awoken by a smiley Dean.

You and the boys have been hunting together for almost 3 years now. You met them in Iowa while you were hunting a shape shifter. You heard two more hunters were in town and you agreed in teaming up. After that, you bumped into them 2 more times, and as people say, third time’s the charm. They asked you to move in with them to the bunker and you gladly agreed. Dean and you hit it off instantly, you both loved cars and burning liquors. He was the brother you never had and you were grateful to have him by your side. But Sam, Sam was another story. You knew you loved him the minute you laid eyes on him. And he seems to know you are, at least, attracted to him physically because he won’t stop teasing about it.

“C’mon kiddo, we’re going to a bar I saw a few blocks away. Are you down?” Dean asked you, as he took all the weapons from the trunk.

“Are you seriously asking me? Of course I’m down” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Okay, let’s get cleaned up. I can’t wait to take this werewolf’s blood off” he said, disgusted.

You entered to your shared bedroom, being greeting by a half naked Sam Winchester, he only had a towel around his hips in a way you were able to see his deep V and his happy trial. He noticed the way you were looking at him, checking him out and laughed at you.

“I know you would prefer me without this towel, but you’ll have to earn it sweetheart” he said shameless.

“You wish, jerk” you said getting past him, heading to the shower.  You were tired of his little tease, so tonight you were going to be all in. You took with you your black, laced lingerie and your tightest and shortest black dress you had in your bag. You weren’t the one to get drunk at a bar, but tonight… tonight you were getting wasted.

You took your time in the shower, making sure you were completely clean. You dried your hair, making a few waves at the end of it; put your lingerie on and the dress after that. It was zipped in the back, and you had an idea. Game on, Sam.

“Sammy!” you yelled from the bathroom “can you come here and help me?”

Next thing you see is a broad shouldered hunter in the door frame, with a little smile growing in his lips, immediately knowing why you called him.

“Would you zip it?” you asked in the more innocently way possible, moving the hair that was falling on your back, over your left shoulder, leaving your naked back as you weren’t wearing a bra. You saw Sam tensed up over your right shoulder and smiled to your inside. Strike!

He never answered your question; instead he came right behind you, placing one big hand in your waist as the other grabbed the zipper. It was torture, he was backfiring. Sam was zipping your dress in the slowest way possible. When he ended, Sam placed a kiss in your naked shoulder and went back to the room and you let go the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

The boys were ready when you were putting your deep red matte lipstick on, overdrawing your lips a little to make them look even better. You smiled in the little motel room mirror, knowing what was coming. Tonight’s the night Y/N.

Just Like Fire

Originally posted by sugutie

Jungkook is tired of you treating him like a little kid.

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: some profanity but you’ll survive

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff, slight angst, implied smut

A/N: this was written in memory of fetus kookie, rip you will be missed

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Apollo pt.4

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 5 // Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Slight angst, or not so slight e.e

Words: 2120

A/N: PLOT TWIST 4 U. Also, I’m sorry this chapter turned out boring af, It’s like the link between the development and the end. @buchananbarnestrash THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, MAÑA. Check her writing, she’s good as hell.

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

“(y/n) honey, can you come here?” You heard Pietro’s voice through your phone. You left your cup of coffee next to your partner, who was revising your work thoroughly. 

“Where are you, Maximoff?” You asked, knowing that something occurred again.

“The printer room, please come quickly.” He sounded frightened, like a little kid that did something bad and could tell that he was going to be grounded without TV cartoons the whole week. Sighing, you went to the rescue, making sure your boss was not around, checking on her workers.

The whole place was a chaos. You could picture thousands of dead trees claiming revenge, as the ground was filled with blank papers with only a few words typed in them, making them useless for the purpose they were created for in a book editorial.

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anonymous asked:

I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ I feel like this would be Connor hitting on Oliver lmao

hope you see this anon, I know you sent this to me months ago, sorry I didn’t finish it until now, hope you like it. 

Today was an appalling day for Oliver Hampton.

Actually the day went rather smoothly, he got all of his work done by lunch, caught up on a few interesting code works that he didn’t have to have done for a while and looked forward to the weekend that was right around the corner.

He’d gone home at the regular time, pausing to chat happily to the receptionist on the way out before strolling home.

He was just settling down at 7 o clock with a take away menu for the new restaurant around the corner, ready to relax and have a night in that Friday night when his phone buzzed with four messages from his panicked co-worker. Something about a virus on the system and he needed to get back to work as soon as possible.

And now it’s half ten and Oliver is back in his tiny office, his hair is a wreck from the numerous times he’s tugged on it from frustration and he’s been muttering curses under his breath for the past two hours without noticing.

His eyes have been continuously drooping for the past half hour and he’s heard rumours of this coffee shop around the corner that stays open until 11 pm so knowing he can’t continue working like this, Oliver grabs his coat and leaves his too-bright office with a heart full of hopes that these rumours are true.

He could really do with a damn good cup of coffee right about now.

Five minutes later, he’s pushing open the door to a quaint little coffee shop, their lights dimmed and the place is practically deserted except for two teenagers in the corner, leaning so close that their foreheads are touching.

There’s no sound except for the faint hum of music from the stereo but the sound is clearly on its lowest setting and Oliver can’t even hear what the lyrics are let alone be able to distinguish a singer or band.

Oliver trudges up to the counter trying to snap himself awake to greet the barista leaning with his forearms under his chin on the countertop looking as bored as Oliver feels.

Oliver swallows with each step he takes as it gives him the chance to see how good-looking this guy is.

The man may be bored but his brown eyes don’t match Oliver’s exhausted ones. In fact when he spots Oliver standing in front of him he’s almost eager as he shoots up to stand straighter and smiles so wide that his white teeth shine, bringing his forearms off the glass and down by his sides.


Oliver can’t help but wonder how one word can sound so sexy when spoken in that low tone but he quickly berates himself silently and blames his inappropriate thoughts on the late time and his exhaustion.

“Eh hi; you still open?”

The nameless barista cocks an eyebrow at him and his smile tilts upwards into a smirk and fuck Oliver’s such an idiot.

“Yeah, yeah pretty sure that’s what the glowing green light on the door says.”

Despite Oliver’s increasing embarrassment, he can’t help but laugh a little.

“Yeah of course, sorry, bit tired tonight that’s all.”

The pretty boy barista’s brown eyes slowly flit down Oliver’s body before meeting his eyes again,

“Well you certainly don’t look it.”

Oliver swallows. He’s 90% sure that this guy isn’t being sarcastic but…how could he not be?

“I…well yes it’s a skill.”

The barista snorts, “One you’ve clearly mastered. So what can I get you?”

“Coffee. Some…some form of coffee with lots of caffeine in it. To go please.”

“Wow you’re so fussy. I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage all that; let me write it all down.”

Oliver rolls his eyes and wishes he was awake enough to come up with a better comeback than the soft ‘Whatever’ that leaves his lips but he can’t.

Barista boy’s smirk softens and he turns to make what Oliver assumes to be his coffee so Oliver turns and sits on a chair that’s as far away from the teenagers who are now making out in the corner. It’s rather pointless as his drink won’t take long but he just needs to sit down.

Closing his eyes, he relishes in the quiet darkness, void of any computer humming or bright overbearing office lights. It’s so nice.

Oliver’s surprised by how peaceful it is here. It’s been a few years since he bothered going out so late at night for something to drink or eat. He and his friends usually prefer to go to lunch or dinner now rather than staying out until the early hours of the morning, going from bar to bar before getting take out on the way home.

Oliver opens his eyes at the sound of a machine being turned on or off; he watches as the tall man cleans up the counter and puts some stuff away, surely getting ready to close up soon.

He seems like the type of guy who still goes out a lot though Oliver doesn’t like to assume.

The barista has dark brown hair that is somehow still styled perfectly at this time of night. His skin’s very pale, Oliver doubts he tans easily and his shoulders and arms appear naturally built, Oliver feels a spark of envy run through him at the thought that this guy doesn’t have to work to look acceptable by society’s standards like he does.

Said barista unexpectedly turns around, Oliver instantly looks away and tries to pretend he wasn’t staring but it’s too late.

A minute later, Oliver hears a cough above him and sure enough there’s the barista with his cup of coffee to go.

“Eh, thanks” Oliver says genuinely, standing up and pushing his chair under the table “How much?”

“Oh it’s on the house.” He says with an easy smile

Oliver frowns, “But-“

“I lied before” The barista says simply and completely unapologetically “You do look exhausted. You still look good; great really but exhausted. Drink your coffee, I added a few of my favourite ingredients, it’s bound to make you feel better. Try and get some sleep whenever you can though yeah?”

Oliver opens his mouth to protest more but the boy turns away before he can say anything.

Smiling to himself, Oliver wraps his scarf tighter around his neck, grabs his cup and heads out into the bitter night air.

Taking a sip of the coffee, Oliver can’t help but sigh calmly at the taste. He’s not sure what extra additive the barista put in but it sure tastes good.

Pushing the door open to his building, Oliver’s just reflecting on how kind that guy was when he catches sight of the black marker scrawl on the side of his cup.

‘Come back soon, I’d love to help you wake up using some other methods ;)’

Oliver’s eyes widen and he stands staring at the coffee cup for a few minutes in the empty lobby and then he realises a smile has unconsciously spread over his face.

Making his way up the stairs and into his stuffy office, Oliver can’t seem to wipe that smile from his face and even as he sits down at his desk to file through a hundred different codes, dread or boredom doesn’t suffocate him as it did before.

Maybe it’s because he can’t seem to get that brown haired smirking boy out of his head.

He finally leaves the office two hours later, the smile on his face is smaller now but still clearly there and when he walks by the now closed coffee shop, Oliver makes a mental note to pop in there the next day and maybe if he’s brave enough, he’ll give his number to that cute barista or leave it with one of his colleagues.

Being called in to work late sucked but maybe this one time it was worth it.

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#39 w/ kleinsen for the otp quotes challenge!!

I’m sorry if this sucks but I just realized this is my first ever writing anything that i’m sharing to the internet. So here ya go!

It was the middle of the winter and Jared had invited Evan over to his house to play video games and what not. Jared just wanted to spend some quality time with his friend but to be honest he was just bored and no one else to talk to. The door bell rang signaling that Evan was here. Jared opened the door, swiftly Evan ran inside, breathing heavily. “It’s freezing out there! Evan breathed as he let his body fall on the couch. “Hello to you too, Evan” Jared sighed shutting the door and meeting him on the couch. “Uh huh” Evan replied tiredly still trying to catch his breath. The room was quiet for a moment of just a cosy atmosphere, until Jared broke the silence “Well are you ready for me to kick your ass at Mario Kart” Jared challenged not wanting to feel anymore of the pleasant tension. “Bring it on”


p>After hours of countless losses on Jared part, and the sounds of teenagers screaming bloody murder if they ran over a banana peel, the boys started getting a little tired. “Is it ok if I just stay here tonight” Evan yawned laying his head down on Jared’s shoulder. “Yeah I guess so. Want to sleep on my bed or the couch?” “Can’t I just sleep here with you, you’re very warm…it’s nice” Evan had to already be half-asleep, he wasn’t even making any sense. “What?” Jared laughed trying to clear away the tension that entered the room. “I was just wondering if, ya know, cuddle or s-something like that?” Jared was confused to the situation that’s happening around him. “I-I mean, you’re just so warm and It’s really really cold in here, a-and…” Evan’s voice drifted off. Jared was frozen in place, not knowing how to react, Did Evan like him? Was he just joking? Jared justed looked away trying to hide his tomato red face. “I’ll just go. S-Sorry for m-making everything weird. See you later, Jared” Evan got up and made his way to the door. At that Jared snapped back to reality. “Evan, wait” Evan turned back to face him his face a beautiful dark pink color. “It’s totally fine. Just come back over here” Evan’s face lit up before he ran and basically jumped on Jared. “Don’t get ahead of yourself” Jared giggled “So what’s even happening, right now?” Evan asked nuzzling his head into the other’s chest. “We’re just two totally straight dudes getting heat from their best friend” Jared replied “yep” Then Evan whispered something just barely loud enough for Jared to hear “I love you” Jared smiled “Yeah I love you too”