a little taste of home

Where Angels Fear To Tread

I had a lot of trouble with the third prompt but here it is.

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Keith scrubbed at his lips with the back of his hand and crouched low, shifting his weight forward and waiting for another shot.  His jaw ached where Lance had punched him with a closed fist and the metallic taste smacked a little too close to home.

“What the fuck was that for?”

Lance boggled.

“What… What the fuck was that for?!”  He shouted, shaking out the cramp in his hand and blowing on his fingers.  His knuckles were going to bruise.  “You punched me first!”

“You kissed me,” Keith hissed.

“I tried!”

They glared at each other.

“… Why?”

“… I just wanted to kiss you,” Lance lowered his hand to his side and relaxed his posture.  Keith did not.  “I don’t know.  It just felt right at the time.”

They had been sprawled out in the lounge, reliving their most recent battle, when Keith had thrown his legs into his lap and Lance had pulled him closer instead of pushing him off.  He had started fiddling with the straps on his boots.  He started blushing.  And when Keith opened his mouth to argue with something Lance had said…

Lance had pressed their lips together instead.  

So he punched him.

And Lance punched back.

“Why?” He repeated, softer this time.  

Lance shrugged.  He looked a bit sheepish.

“I like you.  Sometimes.  When you’re not being a jerk.”

Keith wanted to scoff but the truth was that he kind of, sort of, sometimes liked Lance too.  Which baffled him because the Blue Paladin could make his life a living hell; he was loud and obnoxious and he had a terrible sense of humour.  He was crass and he had no concept of personal space.  He challenged Keith to inane competitions.  

He rushed into, well, everything without thinking about the consequences.


He made him laugh and Keith could never tell if he was in hell or heaven when Lance was leaning on him.

“You have to warn me next time.”


“You have to warn me before you kiss me.  You…  Surprised me.”

Lance blinked once, twice, before a sly smile spread across his face.

“So, uh, next time, huh?”

Keith was not sure if this was hell or heaven but, see, that was the thing about space…

You could never tell which way you were falling.

There’s a little crook to Jimin’s front teeth–it tastes like rightness and home (the smooth-soft-hard-sweet-sour trickling across Jungkook’s lips; not waterfalls but falls of something, maybe fall, or falling, or fell-ed like Jungkook feels with Jimin’s smiles against his lips) whenever Jungkook runs his tongue along the back of Jimin’s teeth when they kiss, long and proper, like Jungkook likes, with both his palms cupping Jimin’s cheeks, like the world is resting between his hands and he can’t get enough, pulling Jimin in till he’s giggling, pulling away with his hands on Jungkook’s chest.
“Needy today?”
“Just love you,” Jungkook says, but the just is never just.

little things written by wordcouture

18/endless favorite quote from my favorite stories of all time

Look It’s a BittyMelon! 
Name: Mini Melon ( FruitTale )
Keep in mind: He might teleport all over the place since he had no control over it! ( He glitch a bit when it comes to teleporting. )
🍈 Needs attention  🍈 loves to sit on your shoulder 🍈 really sensitive 🍈 kind of flirty 🍈 blush a lot 🍈 adore cuddling 🍈 love all kinds of jam 🍈 taste like fresh watermelon 🍈   

This little Melon needs a sweet and loving home where the person who adopt him can keep a good eye on him. So please take good care of him <3
Anyone can adopt! <3

Caught red handed

(( mechanicaldaughter ))

During her visit at the Yokohama base Kako wandered a bit, following along with her little destroyer’s request to check on the flower bed they set up just off to the side in the courtyard. Though it wasn’t truly theirs they had planted some Hokkaido based flowers they found in the countryside before coming. A little taste of home for the cruiser who frequented the base.

Rounding the corner she spotted a displeasing sight made by a pretty woman, their flowers had just had one picked and the others were at risk. Thus Kako jumped into action….ungracefully at that.

“Ahhh what are you doinggg!” She shouted running over and nabbing the girl’s hand, “no no you can’t pick these, my friend planted them for me.” She whimpered, only becoming aware of the girl’s size as she pushed against her to reach for her hand.



Thank you for a little taste of ♥home♥. This reminds me of Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. Along with the infamously known Waffle House, in Texas ((hugs)). Jaxon asked the waitress for waffles. Unfortunately, they only had Chicken & Hot Cakes. =)

I found it comical that the Chef’s name was, Kody Burnham. Our bacon and Canadian ham was just fine. Matter of fact, Mr. Smith gave compliments AND a tip to the Chef. (Not too common on his part if I’m not the one cooking, lol)