a little star can be a big star

Okay but you guys know what this all means in Sci-Fi right now? 

The latest Star Trek Captain and First Officer are women of colour. 

The main leads in Star Wars are women, and men of colour. 

Wonder Woman and her tribe of Amazonians (many of whom are woc too) are on the big screen breaking all the records. 

The Ghostbusters are all brilliant women who ain’t afraid of nothing. 

And now the Doctor is female too! 

Women are taking Sci-Fi back! It’s ours again, we created it and now we get to have it! Little girls can dress up as all their heroes and be excited by that!

White Men are going out! They’re no longer always centre stage and it’s fucking fantastic

It’s such a good new move and I’m like…. I’m so happy to be alive to see this happen!!

gardenpeach  asked:

I really love your art!! I have a little little wish, can u draw how Marco or Star explain to Cressie, "how baby's come to Mewni"?please, please! I send you a big hug.

have something very half-assed since i still have work to do lol, sorry

You’re too eager, Star.

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This is kinda random but this idea has been stuck in my head: what if mc just liked to go out and sit on the roof at night to look at the stars and one night their s/o catches them (I'd imagine Jumin would flip his Shit tbh)

need some cute ass fluff in my life so im doing this sorry


  • when he first finds MC, he doesnt say anything
  • he just stares at them, smiling
  • god, i am so lucky
  • how can just the mere sight of someone make me so, so happy?
  • i swear to god, i’ll never get tired of this view…
  • “hey there, cutie. you looked cold”
  • Yoosung sits down beside MC, wrapping his arms around them along with a blanket
  • they’re both inside the blanket together, snuggling on the roof while MC stares up at the stars and Yoosung looks mostly at them
  • he rests his head on MC’s shoulders and closes his eyes, soaking up the moment with them
  • “Yoosung? you’re not gonna fall asleep, are you?”
  • as Yoosung answers he wraps both arms around MC, smiling and breathing in the night air deeply
  • “so what if i do? even sleeping on the roof is warm with you~”
  • MC giggles a little and pulls the blanket over him more, resting their head on his


  • he sees MC and instantly has to join them
  • “hey baby, whatchya doin?”
  • he would catch them by surprise and talk in a cute voice
  • “oh, Zen! i was just looking up at the stars…”
  • “do you care if i join you?”
  • MC scoots over and pats the space next to them
  • “of course not!”
  • so Zen climbs out to the roof and sits next to MC, putting an arm around them and rubbing their arm in an attempt to warm em up
  • him and MC look up at the sky together in silence for some time before Zen decides to turn his attention to MC
  • after a few seconds of staring, they turn to look at Zen, too
  • “what is it?”
  • Zen looks into their eyes for a second of two, smiling, and leans forward to kiss them
  • MC can feel the smile in his kiss, and shudders a little when his hand touches their face
  • “nothing, i just wanted to do that” Zen says almost mater-of-factly through his smile, then turns back to the night sky
  • MC gets all flustered even though kissing Zen is something they do all the time, and he pulls them closer, running his fingers through their hair


  • as soon as she sees MC, she runs into her room to grab a jacket
  • “MC, what are you doing on the roof? do you need a jacket?”
  • Jaehee awkwardly climbs on the roof and drapes the jacket over their shoulders
  • “i was just looking at the stars, Jaehee! sorry if i worried you…”
  • “im just worried about you getting sick”
  • “i know, i know…”
  • they sit in silence for a few moments before Jaehee speaks up again
  • “you know, they way you look at the night sky is quite endearing”
  • MC feels warm suddenly
  • “r-really?”
  • Jaehee scoots closer to MC, wrapping an arm around them
  • she quickly pecks their cheek before looking up at the stars again
  • “really”


  • oh my god, what is MC doing out there?!
  • they’re going to catch a cold like that!
  • “darling? why are you on the roof at this time of night? and in your pajamas?”
  • when MC turns their face is red, and they nervously pushing some loose hairs behind their ear
  • “oh, J-Jumin! i was just looking up at the starts…they’re so pretty tonight”
  • Jumin’s heart softens with MC’s words, and his concerned look instantly melts into a smile
  • “well if they’re as pretty as you say, i’d like to see them myself”
  • this is where Jumin Han, still wearing his suit, awkwardly climbs onto the roof through the window
  • MC giggles as they watch him
  • “okay, im here”
  • “finally”
  • Jumin tries to fix his hair, smirking at MC in response to their joke
  • he takes off his suit jacket and drapes it over MC’s shoulders
  • he sits next to MC, hugging his knees as they stare up at the night sky
  • as much as he wants to join them, he just cant take his eyes off of MC for even a second
  • “Jumin! you arent even looking up!”
  • “hmm?”
  • he hadnt even realized he was staring
  • he reaches out, pulling MC close to him and wrapping an arm around their shoulder
  • “i guess i just love the way the stars look reflected in your eyes”
  • as Jumin pulls MC in, he places a soft, warm kiss on their cheek, then nestles his head into their neck
  • the sensation tickles MC a bit, but they just kiss his head and continue to look up at the stars


  • “come here often?”
  • when MC turns toward the window they see Seven leaning out of it, his arm resting on the window sill
  • “only when there arent any clouds”
  • Seven climbs onto the roof as if he’s done it a million times
  • “i like to come out here too, but mostly just to get away from you”
  • MC smiles and playfully pushes on Seven’s arm 
  • Seven responds by wrapping both arms around MC and pulling them in between his legs
  • he unzippes his jacket, then zips it back up around the both of them, hugging MC from behind inside the big hoodie
  • “what the heck are you doing?”
  • “you looked cold! what else was i supposed to do?”
  • Seven rests his chin on MC’s shoulder, looking up with them
  • he points out stars, planets, and constellations
  • he even has this cute trick where he knows where all the letters of the alphabet are in the sky, so he can spell MC’s name in the stars
  • after taking about stars and space and aliens for awhile, Seven decides to end the conversation by littering MC’s cheek, neck, and shoulder with little kisses
  • “love you so, so much. you know that, right?”
  • MC awkwardly cranes their neck so they can look at Seven
  • “i love you too, more than anything”
  • Seven places a small, uncomfortable kiss on MC’s lips before they turn around again, and he wraps his arms around them even tighter and pulls then closer as he returns to resting his chin on their shoulder

can u tell how much a crave physical affection? lol

#Make Trek Not War

The event! 

Because we all need some positivity, I’m suggesting we do an event together designed to demonstrate how amazing we are as a fandom. We’ll call it: Make Trek Not War and the idea is to add a little piece of positivity to the fandom. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be much, but your contribution will help make everyone’s day a little brighter.

Some examples of things you could do:

  • Write a fluffy drabble!
  • Draw some cute art!
  • Give a shoutout to a kind blog you follow!
  • Make a post recommending some of your favorite fic!
  • Share a story about something the Star Trek fandom has given you!
  • Give compliments to people! 
  • Send fluffy headcanon asks!

The only requirement is to be kind to your fellow fan. Tag things #Make Trek Not War so we can easily find them.

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can you do the tyler boyfriend thingy with tyler seguin? thankssss 💗


Originally posted by tsegss

  • obviously really handsy and touchy
  • no problem whatsoever with pda
  • meaning you gotta slow him down just a little
  • maybe grabbing your butt isn’t appropriate when kids are around
  • oh and he loves teasing you in public
  • will absolutely lean in and whisper in your ear about what he wants to do when you get home
  • and smiles so big when you grab his thigh and squeeze it when youre sexually frustrated
  • he’s also really romantic
  • puts in an effort, believe me
  • will give you jewelry and flowers and everything
  • your favorite is the necklace with a T (for titties) for Tyler
  • it might be for titties who knows with this guy
  • he’s a big party guy so you spend a lot of time with friends and there’s a bunch of get togethers
  • but the longer you’ve been together the more Tyler realizes he’s much happier just alone with you watching Ellen or SNL or whatever
  • doesnt mean you cant have parties too
  • its how you met after all
  • he was shitfaced and so were you and you both had the time of your life stealing someone’s mailbox and running down the street
  • you spent the night at his place but left before he woke up
  • but he’d been mesmerized by you and when he woke up he went through probably 300 profiles on instagram trying to find you
  • with no luck
  • two months later he saw you at a party and couldn’t believe his eyes
  • neither one of you were that drunk this time
  • you hadn’t seen him yet so he walked up behind you and whispered in your ear
  • “not a big fan of mornings, eh?”
  • that night before you fell asleep he wrapped you up in his arms and held you so close and it was really boyfriendy
  • “dont run away this time, okay?”
  • he made you breakfast and then asked you out
  • you were surprised but said yes
  • and here you are
  • now you wake up every morning with his hand grasping you boob in his sleep and his head’s in the crook of your neck and sometimes its resting by your boobs
  • when you have time to sleep in he sometimes rolls over on top of you and settles in between your legs and motorboats your boobs
  • yes he likes boobs are you surprised
  • when you try to get out of bed he wraps his arms around you holds you back so you cant move
  • only lets you go if you promise to shower with him
  • you do that a lot
  • sometimes its sexual but sometimes you really do just shower
  • most of the time its foreplay
  • which is weird because then you have to shower again after when you’re all sweaty from sex
  • there’s a lot of washing each others hair and bodies and he usually spends a little extra time on your boobs and legs
  • and he ends it with one single stroke between your legs which makes you jump each time
  • and that fucking grin 
  • asshole
  • he’s also the kind of ass who’ll put groceries and plates and what not on high shelves where you cant reach
  • so you have to climb and give him a nice view or ask him for help so he feels real domestic
  • and he cooks
  • and when he cooks he accidentally spills on your clothes
  • a lot
  • all the fucking time
  • so you have to go change
  • and he’ll keep spilling until you come back in one of his shirts
  • so you usually just change when he starts cooking so laundry’s easier for the both of you
  • but he really loves it when you wear his clothes

i wonder what it would be like to fall asleep under the stars with calum… cuddling close under a huge mass of big fluffy blankets, talking about life and death and everything in between. he’d probably point out certain constellations and say stuff like “did you know that cassiopeia can’t be seen in australia? apparently some constellations only appear in the northern hemisphere” and he’d shuffle around under the covers, pulling you closer before muttering “at least that’s what the documentary said” with a cute little huff. and you’d squeal excitedly when he pointed out a shooting star and ask him what he wished for, to which he’d smile softly and whisper “if you tell someone your wish it won’t come true and i don’t want to not have you forever” and basically i think sleeping under the stars with calum would be hella cute and his body would be warm and soft and you’d both be engulfed in a feeling of pure bliss and happiness


i dont take requests but this concept was just so cute that i had to! just messy sketches tho!

If you’d like me to draw anything for you, please please please consider commissioning me instead! That way I can make you more quality art, and youre helping me earn some money! You can check out my commission page here.

anyway i think marco is fit to be the big bad wolf since he had this thing for being a “bad” boy lol

I created Raven x Blue Print child (sorry, I’m not good at English ;^;) name: Stellar (cute name as Stellie)(thanks @arialcloud for helpin me to find a name for him ;×; thank you so much) , Age: about 14-16
Pronouns: He/Him

💜His life: He was borned by love (and some sin too //w//) of his parents, Raven and Blue Print. Both of them can’t take care of him so he grown up with Ink and Blueberry (his grandparents), they trains him to become one of Star Sanses and against evil. He loves both of his parents and his family too, he really want to become a part of Star Sanses and be cool just like his grandparents

💜Power: He can makes a lot of water balloons with color( he calls it Color Bomb (@arialcloud suggests it name) to freezes and beats his enemies , when he lays his scarf on the ground, he can goes to every timelines that he wants to go

💜Persionality: He’s a happy skeleton, always know how to cheers up everyone, sometimes he misses his parents and cries a little but then he draws and do stuff to cheer up quickly. He really likes cooking, every foods or drinks he makes taste very good. His dream is become a Star Sanses someday

Raven belongs to @ask-the-gothfamily
Blue print belongs to @pepper-mint
His big brother is BlueBird belongs to @drawingerror
Stellar belongs to me

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if you're feeling alive and well, how about a fic where Lance is talking to Pidge but suddenly he freezes up because she looks so much like his younger sibling that he get teary eyes and runs towards blue. there, he talks about his feelings in Spanish. Pidge finds it weird but thinks nothing of it until when shes looking over the video footage in the castle she hears Spanish coming from the blue hanger from hours ago. She then translates it after an hour and freaks out

Hope you enjoy!
This was the most detailed of my remaining asks, and also one I was excited to do, so I had to make sure to take my time with this one.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever been out somewhere, whether it be school, the grocery market, or just hanging out in general public, and you see that person?

That person that looks so much like or sounds so much like someone you knew, but under whatever circumstance you just knew that it wasn’t who you thought?

A voice.
A facial expression.
Maybe the way they walk or hold themself.

It reminds you of someone and for a split second your brain believes it and you go into either good or bad panic.

‘Oh shit, it’s them.’
‘It’s them!’

A sister, a brother, a crush, a parent, they trick you out for the slightest moment and leaves your heart racing.

In this situation, Lance went into bad panic. His heart racing with anxiety and the pain of his mind tricking him like that.

Pidge looked at Lance, scrunching her nose and tilting her head, “Dude, are you okay?”

They had only been talking, Pidge was tinkering a little bit they had just been having a fine conversation until.


She looked to much like his little sister for a split second, just the way she had smiled and the angle Lance was at.

He froze up and the ‘Fight or Flight’ instinct took over his system. Bad Panic.

His breath caught, he teared up and stood, shaking his head quickly and leaving Pidge to sit alone in the room.

Lance just ran.

The blue paladin knew it couldn’t have been his sister, it was Pidge clearly, but this stupid head of his let him believe for a split second.

Just one sec was all it took.
He hadn’t even seen his sister in over a year now.

As he did when everything went wrong, Lance ran to Blue and hid himself away inside her.

The blue eyed boy took a moment to let his tears fall, and succumb to the wave of homesickness that left him shaking.

He missed them so much.

An unpracticed language slipped past his tongue as he murmured to Blue, letting his thoughts and feelings out.

He only spoke Spanish to blue.
Occasionally he’d let out a Spanglish phrase around the team, but no fluent talk.

It was relaxing.
Lances didn’t have to think about translations or if he was making sense or speaking correctly.

“Se veía igual que ella. A veces me asusta cuando veo a mi familia en el equipo.” Lance murmured, feeling comforted by Blues purring despite his words.

He went on to explain what had happened, why he was here and why he had ran. Pidge was probably back there now, worried.

Lance had made her worried.

A shaky sob left him, and he wiped his eyes as he talked to Blue and emotion took over.

“A veces quiero dejar. Ir a casa. Pero sé que el universo necesita ser salvado, y…” Tears slipped and he took a breath, “…a veces pienso que no soy apto para el trabajo.”

His heart clenched and Lance let his words sink into the two of them. Blue hated to have her cub so distressed, willing him to sleep.

Pidge sighed, laying on her bed in her room and messing with her computer.

“Lance was acting weird earlier…” She stated to open air, flipping through camera feed from over the past few hours.

Lance got upset sometimes, which was fine and completely human, but today was something different.

She just had to ignore it, check the feed and then get some rest. Pidge could talk to Lance about it in the morning.

The green paladin flippe through some more footage, silence and just dull clicking as noise, until she stopped at the camera on the Blue lion and heard noise.

Who was talking?
It was definitely Lance but it’s nothing she could understand, and he had an accent to him, speaking different.

She blinked, staring.
Lance had been in Blue, nothing wrong with that, but why was he saying to her?

Pidges nosiness got the est of her and she cropped the audio from the camera and into the personal translator she used for when she was learning Altean.

He was talking about Earth mostly, describing his family and things of the like, but it got darker as Pidge listened on.

'She looks just like her, sometimes it scares me when I see my family in the team.’ The translator spoke back to her in choppy English.

Pidge frowned. Who was 'she’?

'Sometimes I want to leave. To go home. But I know that the universe needs saving and…’

The green paladin felt her heart drop, and her hands shook as she continued the translation.

’…sometimes I think I’m not the right person for the job.’

She shook her head, hopping up and closing her laptop. How could Lance be thinking such a thing?

Was he going to leave?!
He couldn’t!

The smallest paladin was at Lances door in minutes, knocking loudly before allowing herself in.

Lance was sitting up in bed, a bag of some of his things packed. The boy looked up quickly, trying to hide the bag.


She was frozen to the spot, tears in her eyes now and eyes big. He really was leaving.

The green paladin ran over and tackle hugged Lance, holding tight and started to cry.

“Lance, I heard what you said. I’m sorry you miss home and I’m sorry I reminded you of someone, but please. You can’t leave!” She had figured out who 'she’ had been.

It was her.

Lance stood in absolute shock, looking down at the younger girl and he felt his tears returning.

“Lan! Lan! Pwease don’ leave, what if aliens get you?”

His little sister cried as he stood in the door way with his family and bag of things to take to the Garrison with him.

Lance smiled and crouched in front of her, wiping her tears. His look was loving.

“Then I’ll have to kick their butts, and tell them I have the best little sister waiting for me back home.”

The little girl smiled, seemingly happier hearing that. “Can you bring me back a star?”

Lance grinned, “I’ll bring you a whole sky full of stars! Promise.”

Back in the present, Lance ad sunk to the ground with Pidge, holding her and rocking her.

How could he have thought so selfishly?
Pidge was just as much as his little sister as his sisters back on Earth were.

He could never give let them face the pain of his departure again. What sort of big brother did that?

The blue paladin hugged Pidge close, keeping her safe in his arms and calming her.

“I won’t, I promise.”

craft time !! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) .。.:*♡

how to: make your own fairy wand!!

here’s what you’ll need:

-a hot glue gun
-one cute pencil (sparkly or with cute designs are best!!)
-a big star (mine is wood with felt glued one, but you can use cardboard or foam or anything else!!)

you might want a big person’s help with gluing! be careful!

here’s what you do: 

1. glue the star (or heart or anything else) to the top of the pencil (not the eraser end!)
2. glue the end of your ribbon over the little metal part of your pencil, the one that holds the eraser
3. wrap the ribbon around tight until the bottom is covered, then snip it and glue the end in place!

4. put a little dot of glue right under your star and press the middle of your remaining ribbon to it. then, you can either tie the ribbon there and have a couple streamers or, if you’re feeling fancy, wrap the ribbon around the pencil a bit and then tie it off and glue it.

and then, poof! you’ve got your own little fairy wand!

Stars -- Fionn Whitehead x Reader

Request:  Omg i loved ur fionn imagine it was so cute. I was hoping you could do one about moving into fionn’s apartment & he knows the reader been “successful” pretty much her whole life so he’s all nervous showing her his little apartment she’ll now be living in with him & he’s like “it’s probably not what your use to.” but she’s all happy & says something like “it’s cute” and drops her bags and just wraps her arms around his waist being giggling and it makes him feel better and ugh just lots of fluff ?

I did my best and I made it short and sweet and I’m sorry if you hate it, anon.x 

Originally posted by moncoeurdcoeurs

“I’m sorry,” Fionn started. “This probably isn’t what you’re used to,” he rubbed his hands together, “but it’s mine– ours, really.”

You smile, dropping your duffel bag to the ground. You glance around the room, taking in the interior – what little it is. You smile grows as you glance at the photos hanging on the wall – a couple of shots of the two of you, some photos of Fionn’s family and some of Fionn with his cast mates.

You take in the mugs sitting in the cupboard, behind the glass cover. You smile at the way the plates are stacked, in an order that doesn’t care for their size. You laugh when you notice that Fionn still has that one chipped mug you told him to get rid of months ago.

But your eyes begin to water when you begin to think about your stuff getting intermingled with Fionn’s – even more than they already are. Now your shoes by the door belong there. Your jacket hanging from the hook doesn’t seem out of place anymore. That one drawer that “belonged” to you, really does belong to you.

“I’m sorry it’s not what you expected,” he said, his voice a bit croaky – as if he’s nervous. You can always tell when he’s nervous. “It’s comfortable – or at least I think it is…”

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Wrong Team - Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by gfhockey

Ok, so I already did this prompt for another player but I took it in a different direction so hopefully you guys still like it!  Also, absolutely no hate to the Canucks, they’re just the team that’s closest to me haha!  I love love love me some Segs (I think he’s one of my faves!) so let me know what you think!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 813

Warnings: none!

Request: “35 Tyler seguin?” - @penguinxii

Prompt: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Up next: Zach Werenski


You were sitting with the other wives and girlfriends watching the Dallas Stars play the Vancouver Canucks.  Yea you were dating Tyler Seguin, but you had also grown up in Vancouver so you had a pretty big soft spot for the Canucks.  You were wearing a Canucks t-shirt and a Stars hat and you were sure you looked a little ridiculous to everyone else but you liked both teams so what can you do!

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santa’s elf || dave hodgman (smut)

word count: 5,687

warnings: smut, protected sex, oral (male receiving), male and female masturbation, girl on top, dirty talk

author’s note: day 4 of smutmas is here! first of all, this is my first ever dave fic and i hope i did it justice, i’ve only ever seen the first time once, so he’s not my best character. i actually had so much fun with this and i did not expect it to be so dirty… whoops! anyway, here’s some dave! happy holidays! 

pairing: dave hodgman x reader

holiday masterlist.


Dave stumbled over his own feet as he was dragged through the mall by none other than his little sister, Stella. He head his mother chuckle as she followed close behind. “We have to get there fast. The line’s going to super long if we don’t get there in time!” The little girl exclaimed.

“Stella, calm down. It’ll be fine.” Dave’s mother called from behind her children, but the child only ignored her and continued running with her brother in tow, not caring if she bumped into anyone. She stopped suddenly, causing her older brother to almost stumble over her small height, but he caught himself just in time.

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“I’m an actor not a movie star. I prefer it that way. I think when you watch big stars on screen, it’s really difficult to look beyond that very familiar persona. As an actor, you can play different characters and not be recognized. I know I’ve got parts that other bigger, more famous actors wanted. I think in some cases their fame is a hindrance because they’re too identifiable.”

Happy Birthday, Toni Collette!


5 Facts We Can Learn If LIGO Detects Merging Neutron Stars

“We have already entered a new age in astronomy, where we’re not just using telescopes, but interferometers. We’re not just using light, but gravitational waves, to view and understand the Universe. If merging neutron stars reveal themselves to LIGO, even if the events are rare and the detection rate is low, it’s means we’ll have crossed that next frontier. The gravitational sky and the light-based sky will no longer be strangers to one another. Instead, we’ll be one step closer to understanding how the most extreme objects in the Universe actually work, and we’ll have a window into our cosmos that no human has ever had before.”

Two years ago, advanced LIGO turned on, and in that brief time, it’s already revealed a number of gravitational wave events. All of them, to no one’s surprise, have been merging black holes, since those are the easiest class of events for LIGO to detect. But beyond black holes, LIGO should also be sensitive to merging neutron stars. Even though the range over which LIGO can see them is much smaller, if there are enough neutron star-neutron star mergers happening, we might have a chance. A little over a week ago, a rumor broke that LIGO may have seen one, which would be a phenomenal occurrence. Not only would we have a new type of event that we detected in gravitational waves, we would, for the first time, have the capability of correlating the gravitational and electromagnetic skies. Astronomy, for the first time ever, could view the very same object in gravitational waves and through telescopes.

This is a big deal, and there are four more facts we’ll learn if LIGO sees it! Come find out what they are!

Imagine video chatting with your and Chris’s family. You followed him halfway across the world to be with him filming the new Star Trek movie, but that means you won’t be able to tell your families the big news in person. As soon as the call connects, it’s Chris that blurts it out - you’re expecting your first child together. Everyone screams and cheers, completely thrilled and excited to meet the little baby. Chris is over the moon about being a father, and is just so relieved to have you nearby so he can dote on you during the pregnancy.

Star Trek Discovery S01E14 ‘The War Without, The War Within’

Travel aboard the mycelial network is, in itself, a sort of advanced detection system of geophysical imaging. I can easily identify the waves of energy that would represent chasms versus solid mass.

werewolf-kylo-ren  asked:

Listen. If Hux dies off screen and our beloved General’s demise is merely MENTIONED in passing, I will implode. I can see him being the big bad of episode IX, seeing as he blew the shit out of entire planetary system. Give this little ginger shit some coffee and maybe a good dicking from Supreme Leader II, and we can have the new and improved star killer base built in a jiffy

tumblr user @werewolf-kylo-ren just leaked the plot of star wars ep. IX


Guysssss I’m crying look what I got in the mail today. I never wanna take it off. It’s a little too new looking, but it’ll weather well I think. I’ve considered buying this for over a year and honestly best Christmas present I’ve bought myself ever. I think I have to go see Star Wars again simply so I can wear this to see it xD

Also a big thing for me is like, this size would have never fit this well before? But being healthier and watching what I eat apparently has paid off because I took a risk and ordered this size anyways and while it’s still a little weird around the hips, otherwise it’s great and I’m proud of myself <3