a little spy baby i just


I am terrible at keeping any sort of consistency with uploading these,so apologies!

So here we have the flashback scene of Hitomi as a child. And can I just say how frickin adorable baby Hitomi is? I love how she’s designed as her T.V. counterpart is.

Also going through this book I’ve come up with a theory that the character baby Hitomi sees here isn’t Van but Folken. The scene itself was always a little confusing on that part, but given the ages of the characters, it makes sense, though why Folken is spying on Hitmoi here is a mystery. Another factor that makes me believe this is Folken is that at the end of the book there are character sheets with concept and finalized designs. On Folken’s page there is a sketch of the design of the character we see here. So that’s my thoughts.

Kingsman Fighting Styles
  • James Spencer, Lancelot: gaudy, pure showmanship, playful and fun, his own gloriously melodramatic spin on James Bond. Revels in being the ridiculous epitome of the gentleman spy, he knows he's just too much - and owns it.
  • Harry Hart, Galahad: tries at being unassuming and polite, smooth and respectable, but is actually a fucking bulldozer, brutal and relentless, fights like a tank. Not at all averse to showing off. Also much too keen on picking fights, i.e. Harry is a little shit.
  • Merlin: away from all the hacking, cardigans and agent babysitting, Merlin uses a beefy Heckler & Koch 416 D assault rifle, his favourite baby. Personalises everything, is a complete geek about it, all his firearms and programs are customised within an inch of their lives, so he's a bit protective since they all contain a part of him.
  • Percival: modern, straightforward, pragmatic, nominated a girl for the position of Lancelot, uses sniper rifles, doesn't miss a beat when missions go straight to hell, coolly efficient and gorgeously clinical with none of the overly rich trappings of the old guard.
  • Roxy Morton, Lancelot: neat and steady, rock-solid and steely in all her takedowns, unflinchingly brave, uses the Kingsman-issued modified Tokarev TT-30 pistols, content to play by the book, but she will mow you down with no hesitation if you mess with her.
  • Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: gymnastic flexibility with barely any respect for gravity, dual-wields pistols, shoots them upside-down, runs along walls and forgets whoops that's not the ground, happily breaks apart any semblance of convention. Heart of gold, but he tries to balance that out by being unbearably cocky.

OH MY GOD I just had the thought that little baby Frodo, being a hobbit, would be able to sneak around Erebor with no one noticing him. This brought up three things:

1. The kitchens would always have to make extra sweets: Enough for Frodo, Fili, and Kili, who would most definitely take advantage of their little cousin’s special abilities.

2. SPYING. As Frodo grows up NO ONE can hide anything from him EVER. If he’s not supposed to know it, he knows it. Always. As a quiet child, he usually doesn’t gossip, but a bribe of sweets from two certain older cousins has the mountain’s greatest secrets filtered right through Fili and Kili.

3. You know Fili and Kili would use Frodo’s sneakiness for evil. The dark hair, the big blue eyes, the silent footsteps? Fili and Kili only have to hand him a beheaded doll and let him loose at midnight. The Mountain rings with Dwarven screams that night, including Thorin’s. The only one who isn’t affected is Bilbo, who rolls his eyes and picks up his baby nephew, carrying him back to bed.

Kim Possible Spin-off Idea:

But with Hana Stoppable (Ron’s adopted little sister) as the main character. 

Because hello, obviously she is meant for greater things. Also can you imagine over protective, big brother Ron when he finally realizes his baby sister is old enough to date?! And Kim is just off to side and rolling her eyes in exasperation?

And just…all the old characters with new characters!!! 

And Hana kicking butt while constantly bragging to all her spy friends that her brother is the Ron Stoppable and her sister-in-law is the Kim Possible. And with her own tiny pocket pet?! Like, a, I don’t gerbil or tiny hedgehog or something? Or a possum?