a little something of evan

Just A Kiss (AU: L/J)

James Potter’s laughter rings out across the aisle of the small church, and Lily can’t help smiling privately to herself at the sound. When she’d first met him she’d thought his near constant bantering a reflection of an inability to be serious, and his brash sense of humor had annoyed more than entertained her. However, as they’d been thrown together more than usual over the last year, she’d come to find that he was quick to laugh simply because he was easily amused—most often by his own terrible jokes, to be sure—and that there was indeed something infectious about his glee.

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The mirror of erised

One night under his invisibility cloak James Potter wandered, it was quite abnormal to find him alone like this. He had been feeling pretty down lately for one reason or another and decided once everyone was quiet in their beds to take a walk. He came across a room with a very large mirror and decided to play the game of having no reflection under the cloak. This always gave him a chuckle for whatever reason. 

However when he stepped in front of the mirror he nearly jumped, for in the mirror was a picture of himself, a little older, and Lily Evans, also older, holding something wrapped in a blanket. Then a little hand reached out and James, in the mirror played with it, and he realized it was him and Lily, together, with a baby. He must have been watching the mirror for at least an hour when something dropped down beside him making him jump. Then worrying him even more he realized it was Lily and with huge eyes asked what she saw. 

“A mirror silly, what are you doing up anyways?”

“oh, couldn’t sleep, but look if I move away…” 

as he did Lily whispered oh so soft he couldn’t be sure that he actually heard it. After a few moments he asked her what she saw, she responded quickly, her cheeks flaming.

“Well I believe from reading it somewhere that its the mirror of Erised, which shows your deepest wants and desires, I see myself working as an auror for the ministry of course…”

James spun a story about the house cup. 

They sat for quiet awhile staring, just far enough away that they could both see their images. However, what neither told the other was that their pictures were the same..


I, how could I describe myself? Sometimes I didn’t feel like I was from this age if I was being honest. I looked at the world in disgust how people were acting towards each other. So much hate, no kindness. And even though I might be just a little change, it was something. I’m Evan Deldicque, I owe some big company after I programmed a thing in high school that turned out more useful than any of us thought it would be and I became on instant rich. But instead of throwing all the money away, I invested.

And there she was sitting, at the table, a beautiful smile covering her face. Just like it covered mine. She was breathtakingly beautiful and I know I had to get to her. I was about to approach her when my sister came up to me to kiss my cheek and wish me a happy new year. I smiled lightly, but when I looked again, she was gone..