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Shigezane’s tweets [5/5 end]

Genya: Did you all have fun yesterday? Let’s put Shigezane’s birthday aside for a bit. It seems like the ongoing event is doing really well too. The bonuses this time are pretty cute, so why don’t you take a look?

Shigezane: Don’t toss people’s birthdays aside so casually!

(event preview) Masamune: Besides, I have a strong ally with me. 

Shigezane: Masamune’s ally… Could it be me!?

Shigezane: My twitter stint is ending now… It’s lonely, but I had a lot of fun. I’ll come again, so wait for me~!

Outtakes (from replies to other users):

  • Shigezane has dreamed of turning into taiyaki before.
  • Shigezane is open to trying ogura cheese taiyaki (coarse red bean paste and cream cheese), but he would like someone to crush the coarse beans for him.
  • He has tried edamame flavored taiyaki???
little adhd things
  • verbal filters are a myth invented by the government
  • i went on wikipedia to look up sources for an essay but somehow i ended up reading about the history of meridian cannons
  • “did i eat dinner tonight?” *checks bin* *finds empty microwave meal packet* “wait is this from today or yesterday” 
  • always needing something in your hands to play with
  • okay i know you’re talking to me about something important but i can’t stop staring at that woman’s weird hat and now it’s leading me on a train of thought that has occupied my entire attention span
  • talking so fast you literally forget to breathe
  • i just read three pages of this book and i know i was paying attention but somehow i remember absolutely none of it
  • whoops i don’t have any plans for today so i guess i’ll just Die
  • being unable to remember the names of people you’ve known for months and talk to every day
  • panic attacks
  • “adhd was made up by millenials to justify kids with behavioural problems and underachievers”
  • did i do that thing yesterday? or the day before? or last week? did i do it at all?

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

SKAM: 4.01 - Am I Late?

Am I late?

 Prayer reminder app: [It’s time for Duhr]

 [Join the theme night in the mosque on Friday, about the woman’s role in Islam]

 [Is Jamilla coming?]


[I don’t think so]

[I’ll be there <3]

EVAK: [incomprehensible, cute mumbling]

EVEN: Oh, now you’re here?

SANA: Am I late?  

ISAK: We’re done.

SANA: Noooo, sorry, took the tram the wrong way and -

MADHI: Heard that one before.

MAGNUS: Heard what?

MADHI: Took the tram the wrong way.


ISAK: Isn’t that what you usually do?

MADHI: Yeah, that’s what I usually do, when I can’t be assed to come to yours.

ISAK: Well, then you can come join me and Even, and help us unpack.

SANA: That sounds like a ton of fun, but I am super busy with the girls.

ISAK: Go on.

MAGNUS: Uh, Sana can you tell Vilde that I miss her? Already.


MAGNUS: No, what I meant was, you tell them you miss them and they go aww.

EVEN: Only with girls.

ISAK: You’re cute together.

EVEN: Yeah.  

MAGNUS: Cuter than the two of you.

EVAK: Ohhhhhhhh.

EVEN: You wish.

VILDE: … No, there’s something about the ocean blue color… Yeah.

CHRIS: Ocean blue? Like is it called that blue?

NOORA: Royal blue? No, royal blue is like - [points at Chris’s jacket]

VILDE: No, it’s like Marbella Beach.  

CHRIS: This is royal blue.

NOORA: Marbella beach?

VILDE: Yeah, it’s the kind of beach you see in Marbella.

NOORA: Have you been there a lot?

SANA: Halla.


SANA: What’s up?

EVA: Noora has her room back!

VILDE: But what I was going to say was that -

EVA: Pizza?

VILDE: - yesterday we tried a new position that we found on a website -

EVA: We have beef too!

VILDE: - where I sit myself over him just like Cowgirl, but I reverse so it’s reverse Cowgirl, so he sits. It’s a little uncomfortable in the beginning, because I felt like he saw right up, because like his head is like - if we did it right anyway. And that just felt so so good, because it hit something, it hit the g-spot.

CHRIS: There’s no g-spot on the top side.

VILDE: No, I heard that the g-spot is in the anus.

EVA: Isn’t that with guys?

VILDE: It’s pretty normal that you have multiple g-spots. But anyway the point is I’ve never had it so good with anyone before, I’ve never come as much as I do when I’m with Magnus. I just come and come and come and come and come -

SANA: Don’t you have any boundaries for what it’s okay to share?

VILDE: What do you mean?

SANA: Do you have to share every detail of your sex life with Magnus?

VILDE: I understand that it’s difficult for you to listen to because you can’t have sex -

SANA: I can have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to.

VILDE: Yeah, I’m just saying that it’s okay if you get sexually frustrated.

SANA: I’m not sexually frustrated! It’s not as if I go around thinking about boys and sex all the time and feel like I’m missing out. I just think that sex should be something nice between you and Magnus, and not the whole world.

NOORA: Would anyone like some tea?


VILDE: Yes, let’s do that.

EVA: Okay, I have to tell you something, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s true. But I heard William has a new girlfriend in London.

VILDE: What? Are you kidding?

EVA: Chris told me. Should I say something to her?

SANA: Of course you should say something.

EVA: But shouldn’t William be the one to tell her?

SANA: Well, yeah, but he obviously hasn’t.

EVA: And I don’t know for sure that it’s true. And I just don’t understand the thing between William and Noora. Are they like together? Or not?

NOORA: What’s up? What are you talking about?

VILDE: Anal sex. Magnus and I are considering trying it. Have you tried it?


VILDE: So you and William never -

NOORA: Vilde! No.

EVA: Apropos William, how is he?

NOORA: Good.  

CHRIS: Yeah, we’ve never really understood the thing between you. Like if you’re together or not?

NOORA: I mean, it’ll always be me and William.

A Sunday Morning with Tom:

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- Tom snoring really loudly and it waking you up earlier than you wanted to

-Being angry about it on the low because you wanted to sleep in but also not because you know at least he’s getting a decent rest after travelling so much

-The little sliver of sunlight that’s peaking through the blinds illuminating his peaceful face

- You just watch him snoring and his whole body expanding with each breath

-Deciding to mess around with him and pinch his nostrils together to see how long it’ll take him to wake up

-After a little while he starts to wake up, swatting his hand at your grip on his nose

-”What ARE you doing?!”

-You start laughing hysterically, gripping your stomach, “I guess you could say I take your breath away Tommy.”

-”That’s bloody hilarious of you, too bad if I had DIED”

-Tom laughing at you laughing because he thinks it’s adorable how much you amuse yourself

-”Isn’t that my sweater love?”

-”It got cold last night, not all of us have abs of steel to keep us warm”

-”Well it’s morning now love, c’mon, give it here”






-Him pulling you back, so you’re sitting between his legs, and tickling you to get you to give the sweater back 


- You finally give in and give him the sweater back, and he has a shit eating grin on his face as he slips it over his head, leaving you with just your old t-shirt on

-”Pleased with yourself Thomas?” 

-”I certainly am”

-Him bending down and kissing the top of your head so softly 

-Just taking the time to sit their together for a few moments

-Tom combing his fingers through your hair slowly, because he loves your hair so much, he always has

-Tom tracing the outline of your ear while you close your eyes just to take in his touch

-Him moving his fingers down to your nose, moving his thumb along the bridge because he knows it relaxes you

-”If you keep doing that, I’m going to fall back to sleep”

-”Best we get up then hey darling? Why don’t you go put the kettle on while I make the bed?”

-Going to make coffee then coming back to find him standing on top of the bed holding either corners of the comforter 

-”Have you finished making the bed? The coffee is ready its in the kitch- Tom,  I thought you were going to make the bed? Not jump on it???!”

-”It’s the only way I can make it! I get tuckered out if I keep walking around either side of the bed”

-Just rolling your eyes at him because he’s an actual child

-Making him a runny eggs and toast solider’s because that’s what he asked for because he’s a fucKING CHILD

-”Can you make it really runny please love? You know I like it really runny”

-”Don’t I always Tom”?

-Boiling his stupid child eggs and jumping a little when he creeps his arms around your waist, his face in the nook of your neck, placing sweet pecks on you

-”How do you smell this nice when you’ve just woken up?”

-Bringing his plate of child’s breakfast to him at the dining table and sitting it in front of him, then sitting in his lap 

-”What are you having darling? You have to eat something.”

-”Didn’t I tell you Tommy? We’re sharing” you say as you steal one of his toast soliders

-Kissing his eggy lips with your buttery lips

-”You taste like egg.”

-”You are what you eat”


-Getting ready to go out into Kingston for the day and Tom just watching everything you do

-“What’s that love?”

-“It’s rose water spray.”

-“What does it do?”

-“It tones your face.”

-“What does that mean?”

-“It’s kind of like cleansing but different.”

-“…..what’s cleansing?”

-Doing your eyebrows and him paying very close attention to this particular step in your routine

-Tom actually being really impressed by how nicely you shape and fill them 

-”That looks really cool darling.”

-”Thank you Tommy.”

-”I just love how you do anything you do, you’re amazing”

-Getting into Kingston and taking Tessa with you guys, and just walking around looking at the different little shops and market stalls

-Finding a really cute cafe that looks so cosy and not even having to say anything just exchanging a look between one another that says ‘we need to fucking go in here’

-”We should get juices or something Tom, we’ve already had a pot of coffee this morning”

-”But…with great latte comes great responsibility,”

-”Did you just quote yourself misquoting Uncle Ben? I hate you omg”

-Ordering Tom and yourself green juices anyway and him frowning like a CHiLD

-Sitting outside with Tessa curled up in between both of your feet

-”This is nice. A nice Sunday with my two favorite ladies”

-Holding his hand across the table and just talking about every little thing and losing track of time, content with each other’s company





I just had a good Sunday yesterday so I thought of this and idk lmao, let me know if you like it xx

I’ve always loved writing since I was little. I love writing stories, articles, poems, but I never kept a diary because I think it made me feel obligated to write everyday. Every time I started one, the entry would turn out something like “went to the market today. I really wanted to buy a toy but just did yesterday. Anyway, I think Brittany lied to me about her dating Jem”

Then I started high school and, well, let’s just say I needed to get things out somewhere before I become my own version of 2007’s Britney Spears. A journal is actually a really great getaway from all the sickening routines. You get to be entirely you, and nobody will say anything about what you think and what you write. Not to mention it’s very therapeutic and helps keeping your sanity.

I know a lot of people who want to start a journal but are not sure what to write or where to start from. So that is why, ladies and gents, I’m here to give you a lil help on that matter.

1.       Be As Blunt, Angry, or Happy

You’re fighting with your friend and you think they’re stupid? Jot that down. You think your math score doesn’t do you justice? Write about it. You got a new set of Crayolas and are very excited about it? Write it down too. It does feel a little weird at first, I did feel that too, but trust me you would feel a lot better and relieved after you finish an entry. Remember, nobody’s going to read it so if you didn’t have the chance to punch that one friend in the face, do it now. Mentally. Better to stay out of jail, right?

2.       No Schedule Needed

You don’t need to write an entry every single day. I never do mine regularly, but I try to keep it at least once or twice a week to make sure that I don’t leave it way behind. However, DO NOT go through 2 weeks without a single entry, the longer you don’t write, the more you feel like you can go miles without touching it. This would beat the purpose of starting a journal in the first place.

3.       Get Creative

You can be as creative and wild in your journal! Find some inspiration from youtube, tumblr, or pinterest and splatter some paints. It doesn’t have to be neat or have a deep meaning, just do some art when you DO feel inspired. You can also attach some memories like amusement park tickets, postcards, stamps, and many other things.

4.       It’s Not Meant to be “Photogenic”

Or you can make it as photogenic as you want it to be. Just remember that not every single page has to be colorful, has lots of drawings and Shakespeare’s poems on it. You see these journaling accounts all around tumblr and think “how do they make it so artsy?”. I’m pretty sure even those accounts have silly drawings and memes somewhere between those pages. When you start a journal, some pages might only have words upon words on white paper, some pages might have unfinished sketches. Don’t (just) do it for aesthetic. Do it because it takes off your negative vibes and brings positivity toward you.

5. Just Start.

Seriously. The more you procrastinate, the more you’ll think ‘nah I don’t need it anyway’. The ultimate guide is to start somewhere.

Whatever you write down, they don’t have to be interesting or mind-blowing. Some people think their lives are boring and not journal-worthy. Well, I write about Starbucks’ caramel frappe and trips to the nearest market while all these people are writing about their freaking road trip to another planet. No lives are boring. There will always be something to write about. If you’re still having a writer’s block, then I gotcha. Here’s a list of things you can put on your journal:

-Dream you had last night
-Letters to somebody
-A letter to your younger/future self
- Songs you need to download
- Answer your own questions
- 13 reasons why. Ex: Why you should get over that one ex, Why you love your best friend, etc
- Things you’ve learned today ( I do this a lot. It’s a great way to self-exam)
- Favorite things
-Things you regret buying (also a great self-examination)
- New words + definitions
- Morning/midnight ramblings
- Reviews of books/movies
- What would you be doing in 10 years
- Write about your Hogwarts’ house or MBTI personality

This might not be a huge help, but I love sharing things and I find journaling to be very helpful for a lot of things.

Do you guys keep a journal? If so, what do you usually write about?

The Storm That Was Promised

“I hope I deserve it.”

“You do.”


When he reached the door to Daenerys’ cabin, the last thing Jon expected was to find an argument inside.

“Please, not that again…” Dany’s voice rang muffled. “All this talk of love is ruining everything… What is it you want from me?”

“Daenerys, please,” Jorah insisted, quieter than her. “Allow me to prove-“

“You’ve proven enough to me, Ser Jorah… Now, if you please forgive me, I must ask you to leave. I am expecting someone.”

“… it’s Jon Snow, isn’t it?”

“You object?”

Before Jorah could say any more, Jon was compelled to finally knock on the door - dangerously on cue.

There was incoherent muttering inside the cabin, and then Jorah’s footsteps grew nearer to greet him at the door.

“Mormont.” Jon feigned surprise, but the friendly gesture was not returned in kind. Jorah coldly stared him down, gave his queen a last fleeting look, and briskly brushed past him.

Cautiously, Jon came into Dany’s cabin, closing the door behind him as gently as he could.

He stood rooted to the spot for a moment, nervously searching the room with his eyes and looking around at anything but at Dany.

“Why are you still standing back there?” She smiled curiously. “Come into the light.”

“You’ll have to forgive me, Your Grace.” Said Jon. “I’m afraid I’m still a little achy from the Eastwatch incident.”

His body groaned like an old man’s, but with every step he took closer to her, he found himself growing younger and younger again.

She stood leaning ever so slightly against the side of a table, hands neatly clasped, and wore dark blue robes and fur draped over her shoulders - it was unlike anything Jon had seen her wear before. The winter is truly here if even the mother of dragons must wrap herself in furs to keep warm. It beautifully complimented her snow-white locks of hair, he thought, but brushed the thought aside after he realized his smile grew a little too wide for comfort. Stop gawking at her like a complete idiot, he mentally scolded himself, disgusted by his awkwardness.

Meanwhile, Daenerys was quite obviously grazing her eyes up and down his body as he emerged from the shadows. “You look stronger than you did yesterday, my lord.” She sighed softly. “It appears you heal faster than most men, wouldn’t you say?”

“Well- yeah. I suppose I am. I mean, I do… I, uh…” Jon fumbled over his words, swallowing back something that was making it increasingly harder for him to breathe. “Listen, Dany - all this - this curtsying crap – what say you we move on from that already? You don’t have to call me ‘my lord’ anymore. I owe you my life. I think that makes us a little better acquainted by now.”

Now it was Dany’s turn to look away.

She focused on her fingers, fiddling them shyly, the thoughts in her mind having seemed to lose their graceful flow.

Dany. Only one man has ever called her that - a man whose very name haunts her like last meal’s bile. But when Jon said it… it was as though all those memories were never real afterall. She felt comforted – so much so that she wanted to hear this gruff, northern boy to say it to her again and again.

Please, say it again, she returned her eyes to his. But the pause between them was too unbearable for her to stretch it any longer.

“You’re right.” She smiled at him. “There are no strangers left between us.”

There was something in the glance they shared at that moment that reminded them both of dragons. Regal. Entrancing. Searching… And above all, mysteriously familiar. Jon cleared his throat.

“Remember at Dragonstone - after you came back from The Reach?” He began.

“What about it?” Daenerys frowned at him, unsure as to where this was going.

“I remember standing up there next to you, just as I am now… I remember watching you, watching the dragons.” He stepped a little closer to her as he said this, and his words grew quieter as the air left him. “And I felt like… All of my fears and responsibilities were somehow lifted from my shoulders, light as a feather. There was nothing else in the world that I wanted more than to…” Jon’s voice caught in his throat, afraid to end that sentence, afraid of her reaction.

“Jon? To what?”

Oh, fuck it. He gulped. “…To kiss you.”

He looked at her like a frozen deer would - wide-eyed and ready to run. Jon recalled her earlier conversation with Jorah – a man who knew her since the beginning, who has been through hell with her, has made her happy in a way Jon’s brooding could never hope to. A man who is always ready to lay down his life for her, the same man she turned away a moment ago. Jon could not bear the thought of going through the same dismissal, after only months of having met her. But winter is coming, and he had to take risks.

Daenerys couldn’t believe her ears. I summoned you to my cabin to discuss our plans against the Night King, not to hear another confession of love. She was almost angry with him. She wasted all this time trying to persuade him to bend the knee for her, but had he made it known to her earlier about his intentions, she would have accepted a marriage proposal without a second thought.

But she couldn’t be angry with him. She wanted to, but instead her heart was enveloped with his sweetness and it made her feel vulnerable, which frightened her. She felt her cheeks blush against her will, and could only hope that the dim glow of the lanterns could conceal it at least a little.

“Forgive me, Dany.” Jon said finally, sounding tired and flustered. “I know it’s unexpected…”

There he said that name again. Daenerys shook her head, unable to look at him. “No, don’t apologize.”

She thought for a moment how much of her feelings for him she kept repressed. Love both the venom and the antidote, she knew. If she had never come to feel anything for Jon, perhaps Viserion might still be roaming the skies with his brothers. But just like she dismissed the legend of the White Walkers, Dany was skeptical of the subtle efforts Jon had made to hint at his feelings towards her. She needed to see the Army of the Dead first to know they were real, and she needed Jon Snow to prove her he really did love her. She trusted him before, she wanted to trust him with this too. Everyone wants to fuck the queen, but how many would care for her naked heart?

She looked back up at Jon to read his expression, but his eyes were lost beneath the shadows of his brows. He sensed she didn’t believe how much this meant to him – how much she meant to him. I cannot leave this room the way Jorah did. He clenched his fists.

To his surprise, Daenerys made a move to approach him. Although she looked rather serious, her eyes were glistening with emotion.

What is she thinking? Jon wondered, parting his lips absent-mindedly. She was now so close to him he could almost feel the heat of her glowing, silver-gold image. She seemed like something out of a heavenly vision, her long hair was styled in a loose Westerosi fashion, and her gentle face was as perplexing and graceful as the moon.

Daenerys took his hand. He’s so cold… She took it in both of her hands, warming it up before lifting it to her face and holding it there. She closed her eyes for a moment and deeply inhaled the small of his wrist. He smells of leather and cold steel and pinewood, she smiled fondly.

Jon could only stare at her in disbelief, for his heart was so incredibly moved. As she pressed his hand closer to her cheek, intertwining her fingers with his, he realized just how warm she really was. She reminded him of summers at Winterfell so many years ago.

His thumb moved lightly over Dany’s lips, as she parted them to speak.

“Are you sure you want this?” Daenerys spoke so sadly, so quietly, Jon almost thought he imagined it, but her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “I am a monster, Jon Snow. My children are monsters - and they’re all I could ever offer you… You deserve better than this - you deserve a future - a happy, peaceful future…”

“No, don’t you say that.” Jon shook his head, upset over the mere suggestion. He took her face in both hands, steadying her gaze into his. “Listen to me - I don’t care about that. I never have. And just because they call me the King in the North, it doesn’t make me any less of a bastard… I am a bastard, my love.” He sighed after he failed to stop himself from calling her that, but he continued, hoping she’d forgive him. “You know the dead are coming – you’ve seen them, and that means none of us can have the future we want… But you know what I believe?” He inched closer to her, closing any space that was left between them. “I believe that together, you and I, we can create history.”

Daenerys could only gaze at him in wonder, then at his lips as she watched him lean into her. And like a moth to a flame, his lips found hers, and she felt all of her fears and worries melt into nothing but pleasure. In fact, their mutual hunger was so fierce that it startled them, and they had to tear eachother’s lips apart just to gasp for air. Both believed the other was a dream, and that kissing too hard might frighten them awake.

And yet, they kissed again anyway, a little bolder this time. And kissed again, and bolder again, and with each kiss they grew surer and surer that this was indeed real and it was happening.

Daenerys Targaryen did not kiss the way Wildlings or teenage girls kiss, according to Jon’s experience. She did not bite him until he bled, nor leak her drool all over his beard. She did not stink of manure or sweat or blood. No… this creature was delicate, clean and perfumed with warm and sweet spices from lands of eternal summer. Her lips were softer than the ripest peaches he ever ate. And when his tongue pierced into the contents within her mouth, he found more juice than could ever quench his thirst.

But her mouth wasn’t enough.

She was an entire royal feast of exotic dishes, that much Jon Snow knew. He yearned to taste all of her - to burn her into himself until he no longer was himself.

But no sooner had his lips set forth to the nape of her neck that he had already lost his senses in its depths. He pulled the furs away in search of that warm, pulsing curve, suckled hard on her skin and then bit her rather sharply, playful as a wolf.

But the dragon, instead of growling in kind, gasped with pleasure, and buried her fingers in his lush, black hair.

Jon couldn’t believe his ears and snapped out of it, looking back at her to make sure he didn’t just imagine it.

Dany, however, was equally as senseless now, and wouldn’t stand for pointless pauses like these. She tugged at his hair, and kissed him with a hunger that pushed him back. Surprised and intoxicated by her sudden show of force on him, he reacted by pushing her right back and then seated her up on the table. He squeezed her even harder against his body, and moved to kiss her neck again, where her perfumes plunged him even deeper into what was already a sensuous overload.

She felt his hand wrap around her neck and direct her back into his dark gaze - a gaze that was now burning with a strange, hypnotic defiance.

“You will be mine Daenerys Targaryen - even if your dragons burn me to a crisp.”

Daenerys felt something else burn between her legs, and her breath was heavy and irregular between their hungry kisses, and her voice was rendered delicate as gossamer. “I am all yours Jon Snow…” She promised.

Perhaps Dany had wanted to add something more, but the thought evaporated when she felt Jon’s cold hands sliding up her thighs, lifting the fabric of her dress along.

Why does his touch make me tremble like this? She clung to him helplessly as they kissed.

Dany’s own hands restlessly moved about him – squeezing his arms, pulling his hair, caressing his face, his neck, his back… She yearned to feel his naked skin - to dig her nails and teeth in him – to prove that she is a dragon not just in name.

But Jon Snow was not like the others. Not like her late Khal Drogo, not like Daario Naharis. He was nothing like the self-assured slave girl who taught her the ways of seduction, and he sure as hell was not like her critical, psychotic brother had been.

She has never made love like this.

Ever since she learned how to mountDrogo, she has never been the submissive one - she was always the one in control with all of her partners. She didn’t know any other way, and yet here she was - ghostly and drunk with the desire to be used in any which way to please Jon Snow.

But her pride protested, and old habits nudged her to take control.

She was torn between wanting to untie Jon’s breeches or his shirt.

She wanted to see those scars of his up close - she wanted to kiss them all - to feel the bumps and the ridges, the hills and the valleys of his lean chest.

But her old self would have only cared for the cock in her grip, at her mercy, where she was comfortable and powerful and knew what to do. Where she could set out to prove again and again that she was not a little girl, that not even a mighty Khal could be above her.

She had to make the decision and fast - but she couldn’t do it. She was utterly disarmed when underneath her dress she felt Jon’s hands cup around her buttocks and squeeze her so deliciously, that she couldn’t help but curve her back like a cat stretching in the sun.

“Dany…” Jon pulled away nervously. “The scars… ”

“Show them to me.” Dany almost begged him.

Jon took a deep breath before he withdrew his hands away from her to undo the buttons of his black shirt. Dany could only watch in anticipation as he parted his shirt to reveal his chest. Wordlessly, she moved her hands over to inspect the scars up close. Endless questions began swirling in her head.

“Who..?” Her voice trembled with pain and shock, as if she could still see the blood.

“Doesn’t matter now.” Jon assured her, gently stroking her hair.

The small, affectionate pause they shared was enough to encourage Daenerys to act; she seized his shirt and made him take it off entirely. Hungrily, her hands climbed up his strong, veiny arms and he stroke her thighs again, and her desire for him became unbearable.

The ship began swaying more violently, but neither of them were really aware of it until things started falling and shattering to the floor. The lanterns on the ceiling swung wildly, the ship groaned, but that didn’t stop the bastard from tearing off the queen’s dress.

There were men yelling and running around somewhere on the deck, but that didn’t frighten the Southern Invader from luring the Northern Fool to her bed, which she knew was nailed into the floor.

The sky flashed and rumbled outside the small windows, but Jon Snow has seen and heard it all before, but not what he’d see between the legs of Daenerys Targaryen, or what sound she would make if he were to enter in.

The wind howled, flapped the sails and banged the doors, but Dany only heard his voice, his breath, his force banging against her body.

The sea raged and sprayed and licked the boat’s paint until it was raw. But it wasn’t the rain the storm brought down that night – it was snow. 

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Shipping classmates-imagine your OTP
  • so yesterday my class and me went on a schooltrip to Paris to go to some kind of museum about the french monarchie and what they did in their freetime. At one point of our vistit, the guide lead us into big and classy looking ballroom or something, dimmed the lights, started playing music and said we should get a partner and dance. And during that little ball i heard two of the boyd
  • s, who are like best friends, say to each other
  • Dudebro 1: Bro, should we dance?
  • Dudebro 2: Only if I get to dance with you, Bro
  • Dudebro 1: Of course, Bro. Anything for you!
  • Dudebro 1 & 2: start to slowdance to the music.
  • Me: -sees and films the whole thing- That's so cute! I can totally imagine my OTP doing that! But i still have no one to dance with.
  • In the end i just kept on watching these two guys and two girls slowdancing with each other in a #nohomo way and was lonly for the rest of the ball in the corner of losers, losing my shit over OTP-feels
bts reacts: you’re more quiet than usual

anon asked:  ok ok I KNOW requests are closed, but when they are open can you PLEASEEE do bts reactions to you being really quiet because your minds just blank? idk, that’s me rn so …but anyway PLEASEEEE 💕💕💕

sure, my love, i gotchu :)

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a specific pronoun, let me know so i can change it! 💕

yoongi:  the two of you are usually quiet- not so much in a bad way, but in a peaceful, serene way. quiet in such a way, where it’s just the two of you enjoying each other’s company; just enjoying the fact that they’re actually there. it was something that a lot of the people you knew couldn’t understand, how the two of you could just sit there, but in a way, it made sense in your head. however, i feel like yoongi would know the difference between you being quiet and you being spaced out, and would pick up on it quite quickly.

“hey, what’s on your mind?”

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hoseok: "are you okay? you seem.. distant?“ he’d cock his head as if wondering if distant was the right word to use.  "i don’t know, you just seem a lot quieter than usual, is everything alright?”

“i’m fine, just… drained?” you’d mirror his actions from before, wondering if drained was the way to describe how you felt. “or not drained, but just… blank? like, i don’t know if it’s just because i’m tired, or-”

“i understand.” he’d nod. there’d be a soft sigh, and the two of you would close your eyes, leaning back into the sofa simultaneously. “do you want to try getting some sleep? i don’t know if it’ll help, but it seems like a good place to start.”

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namjoon: he’d notice, and then sit back to think about it for a while. he’d weigh up the things he could say, wondering whether it was best to say them, and voice his concern, or keep it in his head, just in case there was nothing wrong in the first place. he might not decide to bring it up until late at night when you’re about to sleep, and he just turns over and whispers, despite there being no one else there but the two of you.

“if there’s something up, i’ll be here to talk- you know that, right?”

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seokjin:  would be concerned that you weren’t your usual self,  and would pick up on it really quickly, talking to you with little sentences to show his worry, like “do you think space will help? i can go into the next room if that’s what you’d like,” or even “maybe just talking to me would help- like, just talking about anything. it doesn’t have to be important, you could just tell me what you had for dinner yesterday, or about something cute or mildly horrific your friend’s cat did the other day. i’m here to listen- and if you can’t think of anything, you know what? that’s fine too. we can just sit here, i can put some music on, and see what’ll happen.”

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jungkook:  i feel like he’d wonder if he’d done anything wrong at first; y'know, like that feeling you get when you’re around someone and they’re usually a certain way, and then they suddenly change, and you feel like it’s because you’ve done something that upset them? i feel like he’d be a little bit like that, and be quite quick to act on it.

“hey, did i do something wrong? you seem a little different today…”

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jimin “i can’t.”

“you can’t?” he’d look up from his phone, confused at your sudden words, especially since you’d said nothing all day. “what can’t you do?” there were lots of words flying through your head, the most prominent of which being, anything. i can’t do anything. i can’t seem to think, and- he’d see the look on your face change and for a moment he’d probably fool you into thinking telepathy existed, with the way he responded.

“i don’t know any way to help, but i can promise you, whatever it is, it’s not worth worrying over. i promise.”

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taehyung: would probably unknowingly tease you about it at first when he didn’t know what was up with little nudges here and there,  saying things like “yesterday i couldn’t get you to be quiet, and today i’ve barely even heard you talk!” and “i never thought you’d run out of things to say!”, but as soon as he realized that you weren’t playing along, he’d stop.

“hey, are you okay? seriously, this time.”

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i mean i’m not really sure if i like how this turned out, but i hope you liked it, anon! :) take a shot every time i said “the two of you” in this post

here’s my masterlist, in case you liked this! i’m here if you wanna be friends because i’m lonely.

(also how would you feel about a youtuber!taekook au because i wAs tHinKing aBoUt a ThINg)

last react: when you’re ill

thanks for reading!

-tash 💕


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Reader x Cole Sprouse, Reader x Daddy!Jared

Warnings: None (i think)

Notes: Hey guys, another cast crossover for you! I recently watched Riverdale and my crush on Cole came back in full force, yeah, he was my first crush ever when i was only 8 years old. So i decided to write this, i hope you like it!

Summary: The reader is feeling a bit sad from having her boyfriend and her dad away.

‘Hey bae, I won’t be able to go to your house this weekend. It’s Camila’s birthday….’

You read your boyfriend’s message with a sigh. You wouldn’t be able to see each other. Again. You were so tired of all of this, you missed him, you missed your dad, you missed your friends and you had to be alone just because of their stupid career. Okay, maybe you were overreacting, but you were angry! It Was hard to live surrounded by actors and famous people, when you just wanted to be a photographer with a normal life. 

 "(Y/N)! The pizza is here!“ You heard your mom screaming from the kitchen in the first floor of the house and you rolled your eyes. 

 "Coming!” You shouted back, leaving your phone behind, you really weren’t in the mood to talk to Cole right now. You got out of the stairs seeing your little brothers running around with dinosaurs toys in their hands. 

 "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Come play with us!“ Tom, the middle child, cried stopping in front of you and you bend down to be on his level. 

 "Maybe later okay? I will help mommy with the table.” You said and he slowly nodded. “Now give me a kiss.” You demanded and he denied making you push him and place a wet kiss on his cheek. 

 "Eww, gross.“ Tom said running the back of his hand over the place you’d kissed before running back to Shep to continue the game. Kids. 

 "Hey darling, when is Cole arriving?” Your mom, who was worth mentioning was Genevieve Padalecki, said when you entered the kitchen, stopping doing what she was doing to listen to your answer. 

 "He is not coming mom.“ You said twisting your lip, putting two colorful plates to your brothers in front of the places they usually sat. 

 "What! Why?” She asked surprised and you just shrugged. This situation was starting to get usual, unfortunately. “Oh (Y/N)… God knows how much I know what you’re going through.” Your mom said and you knew exactly what she was talking about. 

 Genevieve Padalecki was married to your father, Jared Padalecki, the great Sam Winchester from Supernatural. They had you accidentally in the beginning of their relationship and when you were 14, Tom was born and a year after this, they had Shep. When it was just you, both of them could work out having a child and continuing their career as actors, but after your brothers, things started to get harder; so hard that your mother had to stop working in order to take care of you. Supernatural was shot in Vancouver so your father had to travel a lot, and for you, it seemed like he was never home. Jared stood his family up numerous times because of a convention, last minute interviews or something unexpected in the set. You understood and you knew it wasn’t his fault but…. It didn’t make it less painful. 

 You started to date Cole Sprouse, the famous twin from Suit Life of Zack and Cody, a relatively old Disney series. You two met when you went to New York to do a photograph course. You recognized him from the television and he recognized your last name, but this never interfered in your relationship or in the way you saw each other. And although your relationship with him was everything you ever dreamed of, he was an actor too and at this moment he was working on a new series, Riverdale. Surprisingly, Cole’s series were filmed in Vancouver too, the same place Supernatural was. He and you father  could see each other more often than you could see them both. Wonderful. It fucking hurt. You were tired of the people you loved living away, you were tired of the people you loved standing you up, so fucking tired. 

 "I… I don’t really want to talk about it now.“ You said softly to your mom and she gave you a sympathetic look, kissing your temple. 

 "Whenever you’re ready honey… do you want to eat in your room?” Genevieve asked and you nodded. She put a slice of pizza in a plate and gave it to you, who quietly took it with a 'thank you’. She really was the best mom in the world.  

Entering your room you saw your phone lighting up in your bed with messages of Cole. 

 'I would ask you to come, but you said you were so busy with your college things.' 

 The first message after you ignored his text about not being able to see you this weekend. Yes, he may be 24 years old, but you were only 19 and still in photography college. 

 'Hey don’t be mad at me.’

 'Please bae??’

 'Answer meeeeeee' 

 ’(Y/N), talk to me, please, I’m starting to get worried. I thought you would understand, she is one of my best friends.' 

 You and Camila, the one who played Veronica in Riverdale, actually were really good friends, but she was a really good friend of Cole too, and she was a sweetheart but… 

 You were interrupted by your thoughts when your phone rang in your hands, scaring you a little. The name Cole was shinning in the screen. 

 "Hey" You answered with a sigh, you were still mad, but he didn’t deserve to be ignored. 

 "Hey babe.“ Cole started. "Is everything okay? You ignored my texts.” He stated in a worried voice.

 "Hm… Yeah.“ You lied.  "I was having dinner, sorry." 


 ”(Y/N) I know when you’re lying to me.“ He said firmly. Cole, just like his twin brother, Dylan, was a clown 24 hours a day, he was the most funny guy in the world and there were only two things that got him in a serious mode. Photography and you. 

 "I’m…” You said trying to keep up with your lie that everything was okay but you knew that he wouldn’t believe you. “I’m not okay." 

 "You want to tell me why?” He said sounding calm, but the truth was he was preoccupied with you. 

 "I miss you, I miss dad….“ You admitted falling on your back in you bed. "It has been a while since we saw each other and now you’re not coming anymore." 

 "I miss you too princess.” Cole said. “But… We will be together soon. I promise." 

 "Hmm…” You said not really buying it, always the same empty promises, you were used to it. “I have to go, still got some pictures to print for my essay.”

 "Dark times.“ He said referring to when he was still in college making you laugh a little. "Good luck. I love you”

 "Thanks.“ You said with a tired sigh. "I love you too.” And with that, you hung off the phone and started to eat and do your job.

 At the end of the night, you were so tired that you didn’t even had time to think about how much you missed the men in your life before you fell asleep.

 Lucky you. 


 What the fuck. 

 This was your first thought when you woke up with a big heavy something jumping on top of you. 

 "Dad!“ You cried when you realized who it was messing with you, he started to tickle you. "Dad stop!” You cried again laughing and trying to push him. You started a little war when he finally stopped because you both were laughing so much. You may be 19 years old, but you sure acted like a child sometimes.

 "Okay, okay, I give up!“ Jared said laughing, laying down again in your bed when sat and looked at him.

 "Why didn’t you tell me you were going to come?” You said with a smile and he smiled too, pulling you to his chest. 

 "It was a surprise!“ He said caressing your back with his hand. "I was actually going to arrive later but a little bird told me that… You’re a little sad.” He carefully said, afraid that you would immediately shut him down, but you sighed. “You want to tell me what’s bothering you?" 

 "It’s just the distance… You and Cole filming away, I don’t know what happened but it got me a bit down these days.” You admitted to your dad, you always had a really open relationship with your parents. 

 "I’m sorry sweetheart.“ Jared said feeling guilt wash all over his body. 

 "It isn’t your fault dad” You said with a sad smile looking up at him but before you could say anything else, your bedroom door opened and Tom and Shep entered running and jumped in your bed. 

 "Heey buddies.“ Jared said laughing trying to hold them so they wouldn’t fall. 

"Tom!” You said laughing too when he stepped on your belo. 

 "Mommy said lunch was ready!“ Shep said after you all calmed down a little. 

"Wait, lunch?” You asked confused. 

 "What time do you think it is, young lady?“ Your father said getting up from your bed with Shep on his shoulders, making the little one laugh. 

"It’s almost one in the afternoon, c'mon.” You got up with Tom on your back because he insisted to, otherwise you wouldn’t have carried him, he was starting to get too big, grabbed your phone and followed your dad. 

 "Hey you all, morning sleeping beauty.“ Genevieve said kissing you cheek, when you all got to the table in the yard that you usually had lunch. She gave Jared a chaste kiss and like it was tradition, you and your brothers made sick noises, making your parents roll their eyes.

 "Something wrong in there?” Gen asked when she saw you looking with a strange face to your phone, there were a few missed calls from Cole. 

 "Uhm, it’s Cole, excuse me.“ You said getting out of the table going inside of the house to call him. It ringed a few times before he answered. 

 ”(Y/N), finally!“ He said like he was relieved.

 "Hey, I just woke up.” You explained. “My dad got here this morning! I wasn’t expecting him at all and….” Suddenly something clicked in your head making you frown. 

“Wait… Did you know?”

 "Yep.“ Cole answered laughing, of course he knew. "Feeling better now?” He asked referring to the way you were yesterday and you rolled your eyes trying to hide a little smile. 

 "Yeah I’m feeling better.“ You said. "Still missing you though.” You said hearing the doorbell of your house. 

 "It must be uncle Jensen (Y/N)! Can you open it?“ Jared shouted from the yard and you nodded. 

 "Me too, the people around here miss you, you know?” Cole said and you smiled thinking about their co-workers, they were a family even with just one season in their backs, it was beautiful. 

 "Give me a minute.“ You said to Cole in the phone and went to the door, opened it expecting to see Jensen, Danneel, JJ and the twins, their children, but instead it was… 

 "Cole!” You cried when you finally realized who was in front of you. You jumped in his arms still not really believing it, and he dropped his bag on the floor, wrapping his arms strongly around you and letting a relieved sigh escape from his lips. 

“I missed you. So fucking much.” He said in your ear still hugging you.

 "Oh my god… You’re really here.“ You said smiling touching his face and he laughed nodding. 

 "I am full of surprises.” He said with a smart smile making fun pushing your neck with his hand to kiss you, but you were interrupted when someone cleared it throat behind you.

 "Hey there love birds.“ Jared said with a small smile leaning in the door looking at you two. 

 "Hey Jared.” Cole said with a smile and you took one second to realize. Your dad wasn’t surprised to see Cole in his door when it was supposed to be Jensen, his best friend, that only could mean that…. 

 "You two planned this!“ You said surprised and they looked at each other and laughed like they were saying 'mission accomplished’. 

 "It took you long enough, (Y/N)” Jared said opening space for you and Cole to enter the house. 

 "Shut up dad.“ You said rolling your eyes feeling Cole’s arm in your shoulder. 

"We will go upstairs to put Cole’s luggage in my room." 

 "In the guest room.” Your dad corrected. 

 "Yeah sure.“ You answered ironically, your father wasn’t exactly the jealous type or the overprotective type. Sometimes he tried to be, but he would give up minutes after. Because you always had an open relationship with him and Gen, they trusted you 100% and they understood what it was like to be your age. Your uncle Jensen was more overprotective with you than your own father. 

 You closed your bedroom door behind you and smiled at your boyfriend who dropped his bag beside your bed.

 "I still can’t believe you’re here.” You said and Cole smiled pressing your body against the wall with his own, he put his hands in both sides of your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb. 

 "I love you.“ He said giving you a chaste kiss. "So…” He continued starting to kiss your jaw making you shiver. “Fucking.” Another kiss. “Much.” He finished sucking at your pulse and you let a soft moan escape from your mouth. 

 "Wait.“ You said and he stopped kissing your neck to look into your eyes, you took advantage of the moment to put your hand on his brunette hair. "What about Cam’s birthday? You…" 

 "It just next week, I needed a excuse to let you think that I wasn’t coming.” He explained with a smart smile and you rolled your eyes not being able to hide the small smile on your lips. 

 "I hate you, you know that?“ You said messing with him because he left you suffering thinking you wouldn’t see him for another couple of weeks. 

 "Hm, no, you don’t.” He said finally kissing you in the lips, deepening the kiss and firmly evolving your waist with his arms.

 "(Y/N)! Cole! Lunch!“ You heard your father yelling from the yard making you and Cole laugh at interruption. 

 "We’ll continue this later, bae.” He said giving you one last chaste kiss and holding your hand, you got down the stairs. 

 "Hey Gen.“ Cole said hugging your mom, all of your family loved Cole, he was just as funny as Jared and a gentleman with everyone. Even with some wrong habits of him, like smoking, they were all supportive of your relationship.

 "Cole!” Tom and Shep screamed when they saw the brunette, running and jumping in his lap. 

 "Hey buddies, I missed you guys.“ Cole said and he started talking and messing with them. 

 "Liked the surprise?” Your father asked putting his hands on your shoulders and you put yours in his. “It was my idea”

 "I loved it.“ You said honestly looking at the scene. "I… Was needing this.”

 "I know.“ Jared simply said, one day he was talking to his wife and Gen mentioned that you were stressed with college, and she noticed that you were feeling a little bit sad. Jared immediately knew what to do. After all, you were a daddy’s girl. Even though he was in the middle of filming of the next season of Supernatural, family was his priority. Always. He was afraid that some of his kids would develop depression, it was a hereditary disease and he would never forgive himself it that happened, he didn’t want any of the three to feel what he felt one day, so he would do anything in his power to avoid this. 

 "Okay, let’s eat.” Your mother said. You were telling the truth when you said you were needing that, your family reunited and Cole by your side. You were together for six months now but it felt like it was a lot more, in the second you saw him in that class of photography in New York, you knew he was the one, as cliche as it seemed. Your whole life was a little bit cliche, after all. 

 The lunch took all the afternoon, with lots of jokes, stories, laughs and teases, apparently your parents thought it was funny to make sick noises when you and Cole kissed, because you and your brothers did it all the time with them.

 "Finally alone.“ Cole said falling on your bed, putting his tongue out like he was tired and you smiled laying next to him. Your parents and your brothers went to Jensen’s to say hi and you and Cole decided to come back to your room.

 "So you planned all of this with my dad?” You asked staring at his freckles.

 "Yeah, he called me and asked if we could go out some day and I started to freak out because nothing good could come out of a serious talk with my girl’s dad.“ He explained making you laugh. "But I went and he said he wanted to do something special for you and here we are.”

 "Come on! My dad is a teddy bear, why would you ever be afraid of someone like him?“ You cried and Cole drew an ironic sigh.

 "Yeah, a teddy bear that is twice my size and kills people on TV.” Cole said. “And I’m tall!” He exclaimed and you laughed more. “Oh do you think that’s funny hun? I will show you what’s funny.” He said climbing on top of you starting to tickle you and breathe on your neck, he knew that your neck was your soft spot. 

 "Cole stop!“ You said almost without air from laughing. 

 "Say 'Cole is the best badass boyfriend in the whole world’ and I will stop”

 "Co-Cole is the best girly boyfriend in the world.“ You said messing with him and he tickled you harder.

 "You’re gonna pay for this, (Y/N) Padalecki.” He warned, after some seconds he finally stopped but didn’t change his position. “God I missed this.” He breathed out looking at you with heart eyes.

 "Just kiss me already.“ You said and he rolled his eyes. 

 "Miss 'I know how to break the vibe’” Cole said joking and you pulled him by the neck and pressed your lips to his. 

 "Yep, this is better.“ You said breaking the kiss and now it was his turn to be impatient. 

 "Shut up and let me kiss you, woman.” Cole said and you two continued the make out session. And let me just say, it went on for a few hours… 

 Not that you were complaining.


➸  06.24.2017 | I did a post with a bunch of blue yesterday, and decided to do something with red today. Should I continue doing more stuff like this?

distraction | osh [m]

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oh sehun. reader-insert. 3,5k words. roommate!au. smut.

—sometimes you really need a distraction from college life, how lucky that sehun needs one, too

“Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later / Are you down to be a distraction, baby?” —Kehlani, Distraction

requested by @sassyunicorns2 for the drabble game (although this one turned out to become a scenario ;;; the song is great btw!)

“I’ll make it quick—” you breathed out as you broke the kiss, supporting your weight on Sehun’s shoulders, “Unconventional sex, no feelings, no obligations. Are you in or not?” you shoot the question quickly, gazing into his lecherously dark eyes. 

“Babe, you could put all sorts of conditions. Right now I need you to take off your clothes and that quickly,” he spoke in between his panting, running his hands up your back, over to your neck to pull you down for another kiss. 

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Random reminder that you're most excellent and glorious.

“This is a gentle reminder that you’re most excellent and glorious.” 

Derek snorts, looking up from his book, unable to resist smiling. “You know, you don’t have to sweet talk - wait, are you - my face is up here!

Stiles raises his head, a little dazed, from where it had been - what Derek had thought was resting - in his lap. He gives him a look. Him. A look. I wasn’t talking to youasshole.” He rolls his eyes and scoffs, like Derek did something to earn it. “I was talking to your -”


Putting his book down, Derek buries his face in his hands, wondering if it’s still too late to back out of this relationship. The wedding was only yesterday, after all. He’s sure people would understand. 

Especially when Stiles sighs, long an suffering, and pets him. Pets his dick like it’s a d-

“I’m trying to encourage him,” he explains, shaking his head fondly and lying back down, nuzzling back in at his thigh. “Now that we’re married, he’ll need all the encouragement he can get.”

Derek’s eyes widen. This is not happening.


Who is he kidding. 

Of course this is happening.

Derek opens his mouth to speak, thinks better of it, and returns to his book. Where was he - right, Alexander the Great was just about to conquer Egypt.

“Isn’t that right, Miguel?” Stiles whispers - and what.Whose a good boy? Who is it?” 

“Did you name -”

He doesn’t even finish his question before he pushes Stiles off the bed. The groan he receives in return is almost satisfying. Almost because apparently he still cares about this man-child. Derek peers over the side. 

“You good?”

Stiles gives him a thumbs up, coughs. “…yeah.”

“Good,” Derek says, nodding, smiling. “Good.”

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Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Nijimura, Himuro, and Imayoshi domestic headcanons with their married!S/O?


  • He gets super giddy whenever he calls out “Honey, I’m home!” because it’s so cliché and he knows it makes you all blushy and he just loves it
  • Will attempt to cook for your anniversary, burn down the kitchen, call the chef to fix something up, get an entirely new kitchen, and be “Happy anniversary, sweetheart” as if he didn’t just replace the entire kitchen
  • Super awkward around kids at first, tries to be cool about it, but he’s actually reading up on a dozen manuals on how to change a single diaper


  • 10/10 will not do any of the cleaning around the house until you nag him or threaten to divorce his ass
  • Still loves to cuddle with you and have sex on the kitchen table 23434 years into the marriage because “we have to keep the flame alive, baby”
  • Although he acts all #cool and #composed around the baby and acts as if it came naturally to him (and you believed him for a little while), until you saw him watching tutorials online on how to get babies to like him


  • CHILL AF HUSBAND, like you’ll tell him to do something around the house, asking for help and he’s like, “oh i did that yesterday, do you need me to do anything else?” aka the true blessing™
  • Will take you out on date nights at least once a week, be the best kind of gentleman who will treat yo ass right 
  • But tbh he still loves pranking you so you’ll end up sitting on a whoopie cushion one too many times during your marriage


  • sex sex sex Like Aomine, he’d still be down to try out new things with you, even when you’re feeling a little insecure about being older and such
  • Always knows when you’re tired, he’s some kind of freaking psychic, and will always bring home your favorite takeout and movies during those days and give you massages and just be the perfect husband
  • Fights with him aren’t as frequent because he tries to be level-headed about it and he somehow always knows the right things to say


  • Surprises you with the best things you can imagine aka lots of makeup samples from his shoots, a puppy, a dinner date at the best restaurants, carpet sex, and lots of kisses (always)
  • He helps you wash the dishes every night and thinks of it as bonding and will always snuggle up to you “why is this so fun to you” “because you’re stuck standing next to me for at least twenty minutes”
  • “kise we are noT MAKING ANOTHER BABY” “but i want—”


  • Diapers are the bane of his existence. Literally, who in the world thought it was a good idea to make these? Why couldn’t they just strap on diapers with suspenders
  • Is actually a really good cook and on the days he’s back early, he’d be more than happy to whip up a good meal 
  • Can’t do laundry for the life of him, too many of your shirts have turned brown from white. “I might’ve spilled coffee beans in there.” “Why did you have coffee beans.” “…………lucky item.”


  • Honest to God, would marry him again over and over because he’s the sweetest husband who’s always taking care of you; the kind of man who would pop by your workplace to drop off lunch or make sure you were taken care of
  • Keeps everything in the house so tidy (aside from the box of memories from teikō days); like the ult neat freaK BECAUSE HE WON’T EVEN LET YOU EAT ON THE COUCH
  • Has your wedding photo as his wallpaper to show off every time he switches on his phone “yes, that’s my wife” with the shyest smiles

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You confessing to Wonwoo but he doesnt accept it at first because he has his sights on someone else. But then it turns from angst to fluff and idek how it will go (i have faith in you guys!) A long scenario if it's not a bother? Thank u!

Ay this was a really nice request and I hope you like how I went about it! Longer requests are always welcome - I hope this is long enough for you ^^

Note: If you happen to have a cat allergy, let’s agree that you’re taking some good meds in the scenario… 

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

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From the very first time you met him, Wonwoo had held a special place in your heart. There was something captivating, something inviting and something very familiar about him that really appealed to you, and not once did say or do anything that had your heart faltering - quite the opposite, really.

The first time you met, you had raised your eyebrows upon seeing a man randomly crouched in the middle of the street, which wasn’t exactly your everyday sight. When you walked closer, however, you could see that he was playing with a kitten, a small smile on his face as the small cat meowed and tried to reach for his hand.

“Is it yours?” you had found yourself asking him, and the man had turned to look at you in surprise, still smiling, and you had taken note of how you could’ve sworn you’d seen him before.

“No, I just found it from the street. But I’m contemplating…” his voice had trailed off as he had turned back to the kitten, giving it his hand to lean against, which it did while closing its eyes. The man’s smile softened. “I don’t want to leave it here. It won’t live long if I do.”

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Did a little something while I was at school yesterday. Too lazy to digitalize it rn. -.-’
(I’ll come back to discord when I can. Might make more art for you Paul. ;3 I appreciate you and your blog so much still aha. You’re the best so uh. Yeah. -Mod C)
Wilford is so wholesome and I love him, despite all them murders he done did. They were “accidents” anyway.

agent-sapphire  asked:

Gods, that Adamms Family au tho. Do you have more headcanons??? Cause I def need more, lmao. :"))) I can only imagine Keith and Shiro dancing dramatically, Shiro dipping Keith down, gracefully and flawlessly spinning him and after the dance, kissing each other without missing a beat. ♡ :"D

It started as a joke but the more I think about it the funnier it gets and the more I want it to happen HAHAHAAHHHA but yes what you said YES!

Sheith The Addams Family AU PART 02  [PART 01][PART 03]

  • They dine like normal rich people. Four chandeliers in the room, longass obsidian table darker than the human soul with six candelabra, black and red utensils, black goblets, a dead boar’s head hanging on the wall, a guillotine in a corner. Yknow, the usual… stuff.
  • Their car is the 1938 Packard Hearse. Fricking beautiful lmao Of course they get weird looks. Who in the right mind would have a funeral car for family use? Apparently they do. 
    Pidge (Wednesday): Father, kids at school make fun of our car.
    Keith: Oh, they’re just jealous they don’t carry the dead with them wherever they go, my dear. Now run along.
  • Every morning, Pidge would try to do something to Lance (Pugsley) before breakfast when he’s asleep.
    Lance: Father! Pidge tried to suffocate me again in my sleep!
    Shiro: *sighs and turns to Pidge* Pidge, my darling, what did I tell you?
    Pidge: To use a pillowcase with a rope instead of my own hands.
    Shiro: Good. *smiles* We’re not barbarians you know. 
    Pidge: *frowns*
    Keith: Poor thing, she’s lost all her desires to strangle her brother. 
  • When they are receiving visitors, Shiro is usually the first one introduced. And when Keith walks in, Shiro just couldn’t keep his eyes off him, pretty much ignoring everyone else in the room.
    Shiro: Mon amour. *walks up to Keith and pulls him closer* *takes his hand and kisses it* *kisses Keith’s neck*
    Keith: *tilts head to give Shiro more room* *hums in pleasure* *sees the visitors and smiles* Forgive my husband. He’s like a desperate howling demon. Especially when I wear this suit. It brings back memories
    Shiro: *cups Keith’s face* My little bat. I remember that night as if it was only yesterday. 
    Keith: Mon chéri.
    Shiro: Oh, Keith. The things you do to me when you speak French.
    Keith: *whispers and kisses Shiro’s jaw* I know. 
    Visitor: *to the family’s butler* *coughs* S-should we um… come another time? They seem so busy with… each other.
  • They get called to school when one of their kids had done something. Keith would walk in the school hallway and get stared at.
    Kid: *looks at Keith funny* Did someone die?
    Keith: I can only hope. *sighs*
    Kid: You’re weird.
    Keith: *raises an eyebrow* And you’re wearing colours. 
    Teacher: Ah, you must be Lance’s Dad.
    Keith: *nods* I am his father, yes. What did my precious devil do?
    Teacher: He had a fight with one of his classmates.
    Keith: *eyes widens* Did he win?
    Teacher: *shock* Mr. Shirogane, he punched a boy in the face. A boy named Hunk.
    Keith: *sighs* I told him to aim for a bloody nose if he liked someone. Don’t you worry. I’ll have a talk with him.
    Teacher: Mr. Shirogane, Hunk was crying and Lance was pleased.
    Keith: Well, what did you expect? Life if not all lovely thorns and singing vultures you know? They like each other. Give it time.
  • Love declarations all the time! Shiro and Keith doesn’t give a damn about the time and place. If there’s one thing certain about them, it’s the fact they are so in love with each other.
    Shiro: To live without you, only that would be torture. *leans in*
    Keith: A day alone, only that would be death. *leans in*
    Shiro: Someday we’ll be buried here, side by side, six feet under, in matching coffins… *lips almost touching*
    Keith: …our lifeless bodies rotting together for all eternity.
    PTA Meeting head: *clear throat* Umm, Mr. and Mr. Shirogane. If you please, we’re having *cough* a meeting and would like to hear your opinion and not your… *gestures at them* whatever inappropriate thing you are doing in front of us right now. *flushes*
  • They are very very dramatic. Slow dancing with so much kisses here and there, teasing each other that other people at the formal restaurant couldn’t help but just stare at them in awe. They don’t even break a sweat after such intense dancing.
    Person 1: Who the hell invited Dracula?
    Shiro: *perks up* What? Is our cousin around here? *looks around*
    Keith: *caresses Shiro’s face* Oh, my darling. We could only hope he died after what you did to him.
    Shiro: *looks at the person* *grins* Cyanide poisoning.